The Productive Muslim Podcast – Season 2 Ep 15

The Productive Muslim Podcast
AI: Summary © The host of a productive Muslim online course provides practical advice on managing energy levels during a crisis, with eight modules covering topics such as productivity, nutrition, and fitness. The course is designed for mobile users and offers lifetime access for 30 days, with a money-back guarantee. The course is a success for those in need and is a win-win investment for those who need it. The course is a success for those in need and is a win-win investment for those who need it.
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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast to season two episode 15.

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Assalamu Aleikum productive Muslims. Welcome to the show. I'm your host me for my roof and I'm here with day 15 of the pre Ramadan boot camp. So I'm going to keep this episode short so that you can be able to get the time to catch up on the previous episodes if you're falling behind. And also, I want to take the time today to invite you all to the productive Ramadan online course. So this is our flagship course, which has been growing for the past five years, and has helped hundreds of people understand how to manage their energy, focus and time during Ramadan. So I'm going to hand this over to our founder of productive Muslim Mohammed virus, and He will speak to you about what this

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productive Muslim course is all about.

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Santa Monica, my name is Matthias, the founder of productive I'm very excited to launch our product Amazon online course. This course has been running for the past few years, and helping people lead great lifestyle by our last mission. Before I tell you about the course, I just want to share with you why we have this course. And who's it for? Firstly, I want to clarify something this course is not a religious course, I won't teach you about how to pray or how to fast and the logo quiz cause and I'm teaching that to you this course by the practical stuff, stuff that nobody tells you. For example, how do you manage your energy levels? When you fasting all day and you praying in

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the night? How do you focus at work when you're really hungry and feeling sleepy? How do you balance your time between your family your work your spirituality and your community? I mean, as a Muslim, where do you find this advice? In one simple course? Where do you find an A to Z explanation about leaving leading a productive lifestyle and where to find a community for learning with you and learning techniques from the Quran from the Sunnah, and from the latest technology and latest Protea techniques? This will correct modan course comes in. Now you might say handler and only survive Ramadan. And I mean, I made it through past few years. But really my question for you, which is

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better to survive Ramadan? Or to make the most of a model answer is a transformative experience for you. How many Muslims do you have in your life? 30 4050 if each of those are mobiles, you're barely surviving them. Which model would have the intended effect upon you and really transform your life? What if you could try something different? What if you could try practical advice that helps manage your energy, your focus your time so that you lead a productive life, so do Milan and Milan becomes a transformative experience? If you're interested? Let me tell you about the course. The production model an online course is a video based training packed with practical actionable steps you can take

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to overcome your Ramadan challenges. entire course is designed from start to finish to help you prepare physically socially, spiritually, so that you can make the most of Ramadan and earn the buttock and rewards we'll also tailor the course is divided into eight modules that covers the following topics module one, the basics of productivity, module two, how to master your thinking to boost your productivity. Module Three, how can spirituality boost your productivity module four, how to manage your sleep nutrition and fitness Junebug module five, how to be socially productive general done module six, how to be productive at work module seven, how to be a productive Muslim

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and Ramadan and module eight how to maintain consistency with the habits you develop in Ramadan. In addition to the above modules, each module comes with doodles, infographics that gives visual summaries of each module. Also you have transcripts as well as worksheets to help you keep track of your progress. Also, I want to sign you up and have you go through the course alone. I'll be there personally, along with instructors and ex students to explain things in detail and make sure that you understand all the concepts clearly you can apply them practically in your life. This course is also built for mobile users you can watch in your PC, your Mac, a tablet, smartphone, and any device

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can play video. So you're not stuck trying to finish a course your desktop was even better if you start a video on any of the devices but then had to stop and you can pick it up from anywhere else on any other device. My mission in life and I pray the Lord Allah bless them to achieve this is to help them become more productive. And I feel that Ramadan is the perfect opportunity to train the unmatch become more productive, because we can succeed Ramadan, then we can succeed beyond Ramadan. The key concept to note here is that the way we define productivity and productive Muslim is not about getting things done or you know making getting taking off your tasks. It's about leading

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holistic lifestyle spiritually, physically, socially. This is what I dream every member of the oma Cheves during and after Ramadan. Now you might wonder if this is my mission in life, why am I selling this course? This course such has such good information and knowledge. Why can I make this course for free so I can reach more people known. Let me be frank and honest Okay, and I'll just be only saying this. Number one, you probably sign up to hundreds of free courses online and webinars about Ramadan other topics, but honestly tell me how many of those have you taken

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can seriously or really impact your life. Of course, there are exceptions. But normally when we invest now learning, we take it seriously the same thing on make sure that you invest in learning and take it seriously. I want to make this course as affordable as possible. But the same time, I want you to feel a little bit of pinch in your wallet when you pay for this course, because that will force you to take this course seriously, make the most of it and ask all your questions. Number two, I personally believe in this course. And I personally believe that it actually far exceeds the value of the field many times over. We've worked hard to get quality, practical content as

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applicable to as many Muslims globally as possible. We work with instructors, designers, transcribers, copywriters, and bought and well online learning infrastructure to make sure this course is delivered the highest standard, we've interviewed students before and after the course and incorporate their feedback. So rest assured, you're really investing in a quality course with quality production, I'm sure you'll find it beneficial. Number three, when you purchase this course, you're actually helping three people, you're helping yourself by investing your learning and development and learning the practical knowledge. They'll help you boost your personal bond, you

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help a productive Muslim by helping us fund further projects we offer to the global community. And you're helping those who are in need because every year we take 10% of our proceeds, and help those who need in many parts of the world. So it's a win win win investment, it's a win for you. It's a win for us, and it's a win for those who are in need. And just in case you're still not convinced, hey, my two final points. The course comes with lifetime access guarantee. What this means that if you sign up today, you'll have access to the course in all feature upgrades to the course for free. Number two, the course comes with 30 day money back guarantee. This means you can sign up, take a

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test drive the course watch all the videos, try the material ask all your questions. If you really don't like it, just send us an email and we'll refund your money within 30 days no questions asked. I'm incredibly grateful for your support and opportunity to create what I believe is a transformative course for Muslims worldwide. Let's make this model a transformative Launchpad for more productive life inshallah can wait inside my head salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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