Does Backbiting Break Your Fast?

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I'm going to talk about sort of use of but I did actually just want to mention to everyone's Pamela Today we had a session with Jeff Biddle asides from Australia May Allah subhana, Allah bless him reflecting in Quran 30 for 30. If you go to just 12 on Europeans YouTube channel, he was actually reflecting on Sudha Yusuf and the tragic death of his own son, and his brother in a tragic accident may last Penetang have mercy on them and make it easy for their family and for all of those that have suffered these devastating losses Allah him I mean, so I highly want to recommend everyone to please take the time to watch that with your family in sha Allah, Allah, really the chef was

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extremely vulnerable and open. And it's very clarifying. And it shows you what a personal connection with the Quran can look like, in these times. What I wanted to talk about today was actually the basis of a question that you'll find in the early books that the seller would debate. An even if there's a minor opinion, the fact that it's even a discussion is something to be considered. Does backbiting break your fast? Does backbiting break your fast? And if it breaks your fast does it break your fast spiritually? Or do you actually have to make the day up? So I want to start actually, from the scene of the Day of Judgment, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us

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that we will be asked about our deeds and categories. So the first deeds that you will be asked about are your Salawat, your prayers. And the prophets lie. Some mentioned that the next thing you'll be asked about is you're fasting, you're asleep. And I want you to think about a person who receives their book on that day. And let's say they fasted 20 years, so 20 years, approximately 30 days of Ramadan. So we're talking about about 600 days if my math is correct, you're expecting for your book to say, All right, well, let's start from this place. The first thing that you expect is that's going to come through is how many days of Ramadan Did you fast? Then we'll talk about

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different things. And imagine if you're standing there and you're expecting the books to come back, just like a person waiting for an exam results to come back. And it comes back and it says you fasted for 22 days,

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your entire lifetime.

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And you think to yourself, there must be a mistake.

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Yeah, Allah this only says 22 days.

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I fasted two decades, three decades for decades. How does it only see 22 days in it? What happens? Yeah, Allah. This is the scenario that an imam Rahim Allah Rahim Allah to Allah paints for us, when we're thinking about the invalidation of the fast through particularly backbiting.

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Medina says, well, on this day, you forwarded a WhatsApp message and it was backbiting on this day, you made this joke about this person on this day you got on social media and you commented with this on this day, you were talking with your family and you made that slight comments about this brother or the sister on this day this on this day that until there was nothing there. And the terrifying thing and sometimes we actually need to think about the worst case scenario here is this does not even occur yet. At the MISA where the prophets lie some describes the musculus, the bankrupt person who has to pay back the people for the crime. This is just the edges of the fasting the reward of

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the fasting gone, but the people that you backed by to still have to come get their hug from you they stuff to come get there right from you. It's a frightening reality that will occur for many people. Many people will go to hellfire over their social media, many people will go to hellfire over their chests. Many people will go to hellfire over there forwards, many people will go to hellfire over there. If thought conversations it's a reality. And we ask Allah to protect us from that Allah. I mean, it's not a possibility. It's a reality for many, many, many, many people. Now, let's get to that question. Does it invalidate my fast like if I backed by in a day, do I do I

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stopped fasting at that point? And do I make it up most of the elements the vast majority of the elements said no, you still physically maintain your fast, but they're basing it on the Hadith of the prophets lie Selim COVID Azul remain calm, whoever amongst you does not give up false speech full of speech and argumentation. and acting upon those things. Allah has no need for them, no need for them to give up their food and their drink. So it's a spiritual element of the loss of reward. And there's something here Subhanallah to liken it to so that you can actually have a clear analogy to it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever drinks alcohol, Len took Bella

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Minho, Salatin, Albarino sabaha famous Hadith, the prophet slice and I'm said Whoever drinks alcohol, Allah will not accept their prayer for 40

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Days, whoever drinks alcohol, their Salah is not accepted for 40 days. So do you just stop? You know, may Allah protect us from ever falling to that. But if a person falls and drinks alcohol,

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do they not pray for 40 days? Now they still have to pray. But the reward of those Salawat is gone. So they still have to pray, but they will not have the reward of those 40 prayers realized. And so many of their intimate said, think of your fasting in the exact same way that if a person transgresses with their speech, it's not like food and drink, you still have to fast when you come to the realization if you even come to the realization, but on the day of judgment, a person would not find the reward for those things at all. And that's one way of visualizing it. There's of course another story from Akbar and Muslim Imam Ahmed, that some of their intimate like, Danny said,

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There's a bar if there's a weakness in the chain, but still, the story holds great weight. And it's in mostly Mamet. And it's there for a reason for us to ponder upon, that there are two women in the time of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam, who complains about their stomachs hurting during a day of fasting.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told them to put two bowls in front of them, and they vomited what appeared to be like human flesh.

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And hence the example was given that these two women gave up what was halal, but they consumed what was haram. A you hippo Hadoken? And yeah, could Allah agree he made her *ery two more, the iron certain Hydra Would one of you like to consume the dead flesh of their brother or their sister, you would hate that. But imagine if you actually felt it in your stomach every time you backed by veg, how different we would we would act in our lives if there was an immediate effect and immediate impact. Now in the day and age where the lines get blurred as to what's backbiting and Riba is what is true about a person. Libra is not even Amina. And in our times we live in times of deception.

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Most of what we would think to be riba could actually be an amoeba which is slander, which is a much far You know, we're sin in the sight of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Riba is something that your brother or sister does not like to be said about them. And it is true. The brothers and sisters, I say this, because I want us to recalibrate, Inshallah, to Allah. What Allah wants us to do in this month. Most people who will be in the Hellfire or sulla sai Salam said will be in the Hellfire because of this. Most people will be in the Hellfire because of their tongues. May Allah protect us how sloppy the Lisa, the harvest of the tongue, the things that they store in their tongue. And for

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us as we sort of take a step back and say, well in Ramadan, I'm asking Allah for forgiveness. And I'm asking Allah subhanaw taala to save me from the firewall its gates are shut and to enter me into Jana forever while its gates are open, then we have to think about how we purify our tongues bitten in line to Allah and not find ourselves in a situation where the reward of our fasting is gone, because of these bad habits. And this is the best time for us to purify ourselves from this once and for all. If you come out of Ramadan, and if I come out of Ramadan May Allah azza wa jal allow us to come out of this month, hypersensitive to backbiting from now on, whether it's through here or it's

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on the phone, or whatever it is, I'm not going to engage in this type of rhetoric in this type of talk about a brother or a sister than within la heeta. Allah, your fasting would have been successful in activating that Taqwa activating that God consciousness. Because you don't want to meet Allah azza wa jal with all of this having been a pointless exercise for yourself. You want to meet Allah with your CM interact with your fasting intact. You don't want to meet Allah subhanaw taala bankrupt, you want to meet Allah subhanaw taala in anticipation of a reward that you never even would have thought was possible for you purely out of His mercy. So do not violate the sanctity

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of your brothers and sisters in this month. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us protect our tongues, protect our eyes, protect our ears, protect us from engaging in that which is displeasing to Him, protect us from engaging in that which can take the reward from these acts which are meant to be acts of quarterbacks of closeness to him Allah whom I mean, Zack Manuel Fado said I want to go