Surah An-Najm #11 – The Magnificent Encounter with Angel Gibreel

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The Prophet's story is a complex and insightful story, including the transition from man to woman, the gap between sky and ground, and the discrepancies in narrations. The story's real-life moments include a woman who takes over her own body and a man who describes himself as a creature. The speakers discuss the importance of learning English literature in high school and college, particularly in writing a poetry or art class, and the use of language in writing and expressing frustration or happiness. They also mention a new concept called "bravery," which is being taught by a speaker.

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Allah is now describing this as how close he came to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, the distance between the string of the both when Neji meet either

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male oneness or he will come women of our

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We left off at Bismillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he was only he was actually his main do Milnerton first of all, first of all means he became upright. He became even, but it's the what means for something to be, you know, to even to stand up can be STR like first of all, Allah Suki in the Quran, when the when the stock stands up, when he stands tall Festiva a first Tacoma and la ciudad de el Hachiya. And let the Halacha Allahu Allah Allah and a festival here means Gibreel stood up and took his original form, the way Allah actually created him, because when gibril came to the Prophet sites, I mean the angel in the in the in the cave, he wasn't in his true form, because he

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had to be able to fit inside the cave. But now Allah is describing an incident where Gibreel took his actual full form, incomplete, incomplete, full form, then with Africa in the hara team Abadi in the war war Canada who was set up this was in the early stages of prophethood. There's a disagreement about when this happened. I'm more inclined to think this is the second meeting after the spirit of bloody Haluk. This is a second meeting, there was a gap in Revelation. And then also salam saw him again. And when he saw him again, he had taken over the entire sky. That's when he went and he said, cover me and all of that happened. So there are some discrepancies in the

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narrations. But it seems to me that this is when the full viewing happened, not the original meeting where the aircraft is made up because of the color because that was that first hour, and he wasn't on the horizon then Okay. Anyway, Qaddafi Hadith in Accra Halima Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah homemade Wajima on RDBMS Road, Syd Mead said to me at the Jana Han Kulu Jana has been higher so don't focus. So he says when he took his true form, that those are some names of the narrator's it was 600 wings and each one of them was covering horizon after horizon Felicity wha hoo ha gonna be mine and be mana daddy shape fee that he can call around him. So this means that he was actually he

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took his place in one narration that even describes he sat on a chair above the horizon, and his wings just spanned over the entire day you couldn't see the sky anymore. All you could see was your green light the entire sky the entire horizon was just taken over by debris lollies. Okay.

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So what World War II ballistic armor now that is the original so it's the one here means standing up write a summary The novel is this actually linguistic commentary? So now

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let me see if I want to read the rest of the story or just explain it to you.

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Yeah, okay. I'll explain it to you. Allah will now describe how the Prophet experience seeing Gibreel nowadays around.

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And he already described this, you know, the mind of him, the traveling ability of him now the meeting itself, the viewing himself itself of this mighty angel, and when he took his form, well who have been overlooking Allah, he was on the highest horizon and offical Allah would mean, right above the head. Some say this could mean on the right side. But actually, the more the offical movie, the clear sky is the one right above your head, the east and the west, the North and the South. There's some discrepancy in your view, buildings are in the way or, you know, the trees are in the way mountains are in the way, but the sky that is uninterrupted is one that's right above you or

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football arena. So Gibreel is being described as right above. I just, we can't even imagine this but also Salam is looking up and he's just seeing the horizon taken over by this magnificent being and he recognizes him so well who I will also kill Allah for my dinner. Then he started coming down now can you imagine the level of intimidation then the GBI Sam starts coming descending. Then he says further than law, that the law actually means then he started hovering low. That then comes from the Arabic word then one. This is one of those words that I will remind you of tomorrow, you're going to need it tomorrow. He descended then he became he was hanging like a bucket. dulu actually means a

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well bucket.

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The one that has a rope on it, by the way, interesting the rope is coming back again. You see that? So anyway, so he was hanging like a rope. Now the thing with the with the bucket is something is holding it from above right? The imagery almost describes dibela and Islam is hovering, and Allah is holding him up. You know, like Allah describes about anything that flies that Allah is the 1 million Seco Nanda Rahman right. Birds are not being held in the sky except by a rock man. Gibreel Ali Salam is being the namesake of him is being done in the sky. He's dangling in the sky being held by a Russian beautiful language, then, I mean, actually slightly talking about this in his old YouTube

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series that the Quran said something beautiful. It's as if he says it says if when a teacher

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lovingly leans over the student to see his work, or to teach him or to whisper something to him or to tell him something that he doesn't want anybody else to hear that then he hovered over. So this closeness to the prophets Isilon is being described in these words, then Tukana callback Hosseini, this is where things get really beautiful, then he was about the distance of the arch of the arrow of the of the bow and arrow, this is going to be a little bit tough to explain. I'll allow me to take my time with this. You guys know what a bow and arrow is? Right? Okay. So kavakos sane, could mean one of two things. There's two ways you can look at it. They both have to do with the bow and

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arrow. One of those meanings is so the bow is like the letter D, right? Everybody knows that. Okay, half of the arch, not the whole D half of the arch is a car. That's a car. The other half is the other arm, the handle, the grip is in the middle. So when you grip the ball, one side is one club and the other side is the other club, you get it. Okay? So that's one meaning of the word club.

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And when he says Kabak Hosseini, one bowl of two, one arch of tubos

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which is weird, you would say you would expect him to say two arches of one bow. Right, this is a cob and this is a cob. So kabe cosin to tubos are two arches of one bow, but Allah didn't say that he said Kaaba Hosseini, one bow of two artists and strange expression. So So one arch of two bows, then the other meaning you have to understand of cob is okay, so imagine the this is my ugly bow and arrow, but his bow and arrow, there's a string, and then there's the arch. You know, that distance between the string and the arch, the middle of the grip, and the string. If you draw a straight line in the middle of that D, that distance is called a cobble. So that's another call saying, Okay, so

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once again, you've got the bow and arrow, imagine the middle of the string, and the grip of the bow, the distance between the middle of the string and the grip of the bow, that's the part you're going to pull right? That distance is called a cop. I prefer I lean over this meaning some of the orlimar lean on this meaning also, but it will go to the second meaning to Allah is now describing this as how close he came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the distance between the string and the bow.

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That's how close Gibreel and Islam came to also allah sallallahu alayhi salam, but then he said, and this was an expression used for people that are very close to each other. Man, this guy these two guys are like other co saying, they're like so close to each other. He says he came so incredibly close to the Prophet. But then he says no, either now or even closer than that.

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Or even closer than that. It's describing this really deep connection between Jabril Allahi Salaam and the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam, and it's also describing this relationship, not as a relationship of intimidation, because when you first read these ayat mighty taking over the horizon, powerful, intelligent, you know, the highest horizon he took his full form, but now he is this close to the prophets. I said them, but even that doesn't describe close enough. So he says, Can I Can acaba call Senio Adena the closeness is also important because the word what he means to whisper something to someone that nobody else can hear. So it was important to describe how close

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Gibreel is to a suit allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so that when he speaks to him, it's just him and Rasul Allah Alayhi Salatu, salam, ala Masato, salaam, you understand. So this is the the encounter of meeting with Djibouti Donna his Salam but now

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We're gonna dig into Kaaba Hussein and you'll learn something really epic from it. One of the weirder meaning was half the arch belonging to two bows. You know what that could mean? Half of arch from one bowl and the half the arch from another bow, Sakaba co sin. So it's actually two bows, but they're the two of them are turning into one. Now listen to this one Mujahid. Well Hassan and Acaba hosts not been our three one naka de la hija in Colombia he even for in Havana collars capacity, that's actually something already described, we'd have to translate that shout out to an Elan mechanical arm soldier here of Hulu. This is actually talking about something the Arabs used to do

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in ancient times. So this expression, Baba Kasane has to do with Arabian culture. Let's see what it has to do with their culture is at the height of woofer in the home country of Regina Kasane will see Hoonah Da Hua will okra. So when two tribe leaders made a pact that we are going to fight as one we are now united, a band of brothers etc. So, this is like a pact between two different tribes. They will take a bow from this tribe and a bow from this tribe and they will put them on top of each other like stack them this stacking tubos on top of each other then what would they what would they do after that failure? Kunal Cabo Molossia Candela, aka, so the arches are now on top of each other.

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Okay, then, Mohammed Cobbin, we're heading as if it's one arch. So my n zero winner haha, man, we are gonna be Hema salmon who are head and then they would hold, they will grab both the grips together, then they will grab both the strings together, they will pull and they would shoot an arrow and the arrow is being shot not from one bow and arrow. It's simultaneously being shot from two bows and arrows. Okay, for your dedication written in another human readable aha, this used to represent that now the happiness of one of these people is the happiness of the other was Susta who sought to who now young can cater for who and what makes him upset makes him upset. We have now

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become one. So the idea of tubos becoming one was actually now what pleases you pleases me what hurts you hurts me. We are an NS inseparable band. Together. We are quite literally tied together. We are knotted to get rope imagery, right. And by the way, interestingly, cob is also rope because there's a string in it. Right Subhanallah the imagery keeps building on top of each other. You guys, high school students here, one of the most boring classes you take in high school is English literature, where the professor is like, notice the imagery in this poem, write an essay about the imagery and that's when you're like, Hi. Can I just give did somebody do a YouTube short video on

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this? Can I use AI now to write this imagery on this poem? That's what you guys are doing now.

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But you know what? I'm telling you English literature. It's going to help you a lot with Quran study.

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Take literature class seriously. Take poetry study seriously. Even take Shakespeare seriously. One of my favorite Arabic teachers in the world, advanced Arabic teachers in the world. I love him to death is Sheikh Hamza Karmali. Some of you might know him. He lives in Istanbul now.

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And he's teachers. I've learned so much about Bulaga from him. And you know from his work, and often he'll just quote a speech by Abraham Lincoln. Also talking about Shakespeare, and tie it together to linguistics and Arabic And Allah. That's a boss. That is makes me feel like a village idiot. But that's the boss, shell. When you guys are studying English lit in high school, or you're taking when you have electives in college, or like I don't know what to do further. Take literature, take anthropology, take sociology, take things that help you understand the human mind, art, artistic language, because the Quran is incredibly artistic language. And it'll it'll prepare you for it.

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Some of my best students, Quran students, or linguistics students and literature students. Like they just they get things at a level that they helped me appreciate things I didn't appreciate. So don't undermine the value of those things. And whatever your aspirations are, by the way, if you aspire to become a medical student, because it's funny when you because your parents are doctors, or you

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or you know, you aspire to go into tech or whatever else, do study literature, because whatever these other fields, they're making you skilled laborers, but study of literature that's going to make you a thoughtful human being. Right I want you to be thoughtful human being and study of Quran makes you thoughtful, spiritually thoughtful, but it will be enhanced by your study of these other things. If we didn't

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Understand Baba consignee like that we wouldn't understand the fusion being made between Allah's Messenger Gibreel and Allah's Messenger Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam Wa alayhi salam, right? This is inseparability that's being captured here in Fontana Arbuckle. SANY Oh, and then he says, Follow her Isla de ma Aha.

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And then he revealed he inspired to his slave, whatever he inspired

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but he could have just said for Oh ha la he had an Quran. Allah Allah Abdi he had an Quran, he revealed the Quran to him. He didn't. He said, He revealed to him, he inspired to him, he communicated secretly to him, whatever it is that he communicated to him. Ma, there's an ambiguity mentioned here. Why is there an ambiguity? It's quite beautiful. There's deliberate ambiguity and whatever he mentioned, is actually for us to wonder, what is it that he revealed?

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What is it that he gave? I want to know more. And you know what, even if you've heard the Quran your whole life, Ramadan is coming soon. You're gonna listen to the Quran and prayer. But have we really understood have? Do we really know what we're hearing?

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Is it still ambiguous to us? You know, there's this deliberate, you don't know anything about the Quran.

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You don't you just have these drops from this endless ocean. And that's inside ma Oh Ha. What it is that he inspired to him. I can spend my life studying Quran Allah drops from it just drops. I was studying a surah. We saw him and I was studying solid use of for a year, whole year we studied reducer two years ago. And then last month, C and I decided to translate so that users and when we sat the translated, were like, We didn't understand it the whole year.

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New things occurred to us that didn't occur to us the entire year, we were studying it. And I bet you if we started studying, so use of again today.

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Man, we got to start all over again.

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That's this Quran is there's this mystery to its wisdom, it keeps unlocking and keeps unlocking and keeps unfolding and keeps unfolding. It's incredible.

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And that's really the difference between Tafseer and what

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doesn't work. Because when you become a person of the field with the double, then you come back and there's more to double, then you come back and there's even more to double. And then you come and there's no end to the

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and then you keep and then you find joy in finding other people that are doing terrible. Because you're like, can you share your turnover? I share mine.

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And then I share my terrible with someone and they say you're terrible made me have another terrible.

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And that's what my group does all the time. We're like, they have a thought that I have. Like, oh my God that made me think of this and I'm like, Whoa, we're both we're all just like Quran dude. Okay, I need a break. I gotta go eat a slice of pizza or something because I need to process this. I literally have to hang up on the group sometimes. Because it's just me Ah ha. Then there's another ambiguity here. That's amazing. He inspired

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it could be Jibreel inspired, because Allah inspired Jibreel and Jibreel inspired the prophets, Allah communicated to Jibreel they will communicate it to the prophet, but he says he inspired to his slave. The his slave clearly means the slave of who? Allah Allah Abdullahi. So Gibreel is being conflated here as any connection is being made, where you can read this as Allah inspired it to his slave, or Jibreel, inspired to Allah slave.

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multiple things can happen at the same time, because there's now an inseparability between Allah Gibreel and the Messenger of Allah Islam or rope is being drawn between them. And the ambiguity of the pronouns is capturing that. Then there's the word mal one one more aspect of the word man that I want to share with you. Or highlight the HEMA or MA is used for Abraham in Arabic when something is not explicitly clear. When something there's more to be discovered, part of the Ashara here and the idea is the Quran will keep on giving more and more and more and it will always there will never be a time where we can say we've exhausted the Quran. Now we know everything the Quran has to offer,

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because it will always be Malka. There will always be more to learn from it. There will never be another the Oh ha because the alternative to MMA is what? I love the PA Oh ha Isla de la de Aha, but it's actually my own. So this is actually an inspiration for all of us to continue

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To explore the word of Allah and to bring ourselves to bring light to ourselves and to coming generations to continue this tradition of the dabbler in the ummah.

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Now, this is what's gonna I'm gonna keep track of time because 11 and 12 is where it's at.

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Okay, I have a little bit of time

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to understand this idea. First, I'm going to take a sidestep and tell you something about the Word lying in Arabic. Kesava Khabib is a liar. Easy translation, right? But now you know, nothing is easy. In Arabic. There's a primary meaning and there's what secondary means I'm going to teach you some secondary meanings of lying in Arabic. Because in Arabic, okay. Because about Hooroo they say the heat did Kevin.

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When the heat breaks and the temperature gets nicer.

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So when it breaks, the temperature breaks, that's called Kevin. cannibal. I know Honda has Suha when the eye sees a mirage, and it thinks it's something the eye did, Kevin it was diluted, or it can't see straight anymore. It's not seeing clear vision anymore. Cannabis say you either LM aged. When the animal is wobbling, and the person is wobbling, and they're not walking firmly. Then their walk has gathered in it.

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Then cannibal washy you Jarrah Shelton from our cafe Leon, Leon Brahma whare, who, when the animal walks, but stops and sees if anybody's coming, then walks a little bit than hesitates, that's called the animal is doing COVID

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weird. What does this have to do with anything? Well, cancer will call Massara and the P group of people they couldn't travel anymore, because let me actually do it. He, they didn't have the money for it. They were too tired for it from Canada. And they say about a person. This guy did not do tech leave. They say that when this person didn't give up, and he didn't become a coward, and he fulfilled his job. So in other words, Canada also means to be a coward and to be a quitter. So Canada has to do with these things, and I'll give you the English notes soon. And so the memory means the overall theme is knucklehead that was shipped the Algeria for che when something is no

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longer as intense as it used to be. When something weakens, breaks, softens. That's actually called together. So the meanings are declined in intensity or sharpness. The meanings of cursive have to do with inability, losing toughness, or stamina is not one word. I was about to read that as one word or stamina,

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weakness, cowardice, misconception and underestimation. Also convenience.

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You know what that has to do with lying? This is the Arab saying ancient or even before Islam, the Arab understood something about the truth. The truth is the opposite of all of these things. The truth is intense. The truth requires ability, the truth and it requires toughness and stamina. The truth requires bravery. The truth requires that you under you conceptualize properly, the truth is inconvenient.

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And when you will run after convenience when you're running after when you're given to your cowardice. When you do all of these things, that's when lying becomes easy.

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People that are looking for the easy way become liars. That's correct.

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And by the way, so when he says my kettlebell Fuad O'Meara now you know, when you when you hear the word lying in Arabic, the associations they make are so powerful, they're actually almost as if they did a psychological profile online. Right? Where does mine come from? Comes from convenience, ease cowardice. I'm too brave to tell you the truth. Like for the guys, here, your wife asks you what you're thinking.

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Not one of you will tell her the truth.

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This is work really stressful right now.

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And in your head, you're giving a whole sidebar, if you knew what I was thinking.

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I don't know when judgment is coming, but mine would start today.

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Just tell me what you're thinking No, too cowardly, too scary. Also, if I say the truth, life is going to become very inconvenient.

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I was not gonna become here anymore. So it's better to just

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not say anything. This is this is kind of, you know, so the idea of marketable. This is a side note then whenever you read the word lying in the Quran, just I want you to have some thoughts about what's what's behind it, right. Isn't this really beneficial like this to know the richness of the word, right? It just changes everything.

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Hey, guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing.

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And that's only meant for scholars our job at Vienna is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you so take us up on that challenge join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section