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Salam Alaikum everyone and welcome back to our weekly q&a with Chef aka magwe. Every Thursday 6pm GMT. Inshallah I hope more of you can join us soon.

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Let's get started without any further ado, inshallah the first question that we have is actually I think the question that I've had before as well

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probably many of us for him Han and his question is if one performance of if one performs allsole Will they automatically attain model as well? Or would although need to be performed separately?

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Yeah, Miss one load off Manjula.

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You know, whoa either no doubt really very important for all the prayers and in and sometimes touching the Quran and pop off

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by people do Masilela that was really the major taharah big game in purity to diet includes everything so after the most left people don't need to do anymore do I agree people do proper or mostly in crews will do anyway? That you know, first you do and then you do awesome. But anyway flips up. So for some reason, people don't do they just wash themselves completely. So then that also will be enough for for whoever.

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So sorry, sure. Even if they didn't make it, they didn't make the intention to do although it still counts. Yeah, wasn't enough, what's left Leeds more than what will the people have done? Also with that also, they can pray they can touch the Quran, they can do tawaf, you know, they don't need any more than 10 shadow.

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So on that basis, does that mean that if you're having a shower, or I don't know you hypothetically fall into a pond or some in that scenario, will that still count? Yeah, you know, if we're walking and the rain comes and you've got all of it and all your body is most likely to become Wardwell

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in hannifin, whatever you make don't have intention for or do anyway. So if somebody you know, pushes you in the water and you will convert all your body then 100 feet whatever to the hosel you know do is fine you can pray you can do anything

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amazing, I absolutely no idea. Okay, let's go on to the next question by SR Take*a. Assam FA hijabi woman sings in front of people will will it nullify her hijab? We see we see nowadays hijab a woman are singing Islamic songs. Is this permissible?

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Most people, you know, do something good. They get rewarded for that if they do something wrong to Allah subhanaw taala can forgive it or can you know write for them? In some bite it's but nobody did. Secondly, nullify good deeds, they are separate all these assessor for the woman who wears hijab, she will get reward for wearing hijab by she's since we have to seriously that was Song sorry, the songs are Islamic.

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done proper manner, I don't think they'll be sin. Sin will be when people you know, show off in the body in front of the men. Oh intention is wrong or something like that intention not wrong and they do properly with the proper covering.

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I don't see any problem in singing.

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Okay, let's go on to our next question. Naziha

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what is the best way to explain to others who say that they had practice some well denied such as readings as specific sorts of gaining favor in which they said

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that did get that. But as far as we're concerned, it's not a it's not an authentic practice, or should we just keep quiet to avoid quarrels?

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I'm not sure that maybe it's just a long, long sentence, that some time people do something is turning rewards. But those practices actually are not authentic. Like foreigner poor people. Wake up on the 15th Night of Shabaan out there do some other things like that which has no foundation in the sunart parcela seldom

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so our way that we should explain to the people if you think they will not listen to you or they won't fight then don't do this thing with the get a reward or would they get centers and the metal really, if they have got all the arguments properly. And they still did not want to listen and they're more likely going to get seen, but they don't know any

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And they think there is a reward in this maybe Alyssa masala gives them some reward for their intention but people should learn we don't know really we have not just like the judge so we should not make any ruling our ways to teach people

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okay let's move on inshallah

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in Mecca when doing nothing so is it compulsory to do seven rounds. Now nothing needs to be done on the first floor, each round takes around 10 minutes

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yeah did not evolve without saving results. So you can't just do one round two rounds, either you do seven rounds. So don't do you know like prayer, you know, when you pray, at least you pray to the cause of whatever you can't just make you know half the prayer and say that by the time I got no you have to do a proper prayer same way you have to do proper tough, tough never can be less than seven rounds, seven out is same routes count for one of there should be like that if for some reason, you know, people are forced or something like that. They have done more than six something like that. Some people allow that. But generally if you have time, you must do seven

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Okay, inshallah. And Nasser is asking, can we combine prayers as a Hanafy in one time, for example, oh, and also

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during our time, yeah, if you're traveling, if you're traveling, then you're in holiday mother strictly they are not loud, but there are many, many honeybees, they have been fatawa that it can be done a chef of many people I know really, and I myself before that, while traveling you can combine with Finisar rasa in the time of the surah Omari Venetia in the time Maharaja,

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that you can do while traveling.

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You also can combine between two prayers when you are not feeling well. So you know, difficulty and ill. So not very easy to do and pray.

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The if you pray Sarasa together does I know motivation to weather, and they will find and also you know when it is raining, and the Imam realized that it would be difficult for the people to comfort the next player in the masjid. So he can announce to combine that people can fall over too much rain, or maybe it's no fault. So much very difficult for the people to come. So then he should combine between the roster. So it look easier for the people to in a condition like that rain or snow fall or something like that. Imams should combine between the roster motivation to make life easier for the believers.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's take the next question from our safe.

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If a husband feels resentment towards his wife, and it is affecting his mental well being, at which point should he consider divorce.

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The thing that really is,

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in our time, people become tired of something very quickly. And you know,

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the wife is start hating the Husband Husband has started hating the husband, they don't like each other, it all happens very, very quickly. And the divorce reasons people don't understand the purpose to life. In this life, you don't get what you like to people think that wants to marry, they're all be happy. If that's your intention that you're ever going to get happiness, you know, the Alibaba, you have to think that you know, this marriage will result into family life will raise children and, and worship Allah subhanaw taala. To even if you don't like something, forgive and you know, ignore and move on. Don't make yourself either center things in the world, everybody has to go

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around your desire in order to think how can I make other person happy, you know, that is sacrifice, and sacrifice and patience. Important? Well, if you think everybody has to make you happy, then you will never be happy with your friends, with your wife or husband, with your parents with anybody, because you think you are more important. But when you make intention, no, it is my duty to police people, to serve them to help them to please my Lord. You know, so then you can do the once you understand the marriages for a big purpose of family life.

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Then if something goes wrong from your wife or husband, you know, you have to be accepted. You have to respect them by and they still, you know, don't don't express any dislike in this, you know, make the family move on. That's the best thing. But otherwise, you know, if somehow you cannot manage your divorce allowed, but you think it will not want to solve this problem? Because if you don't change yourself, then how long you keep divorcing the woman you might say as a personal therapist and a fourth person. It All we like that always seem you know nobody is going to fit in your thinking and idea the Man nobody to

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People that to people. So the each one of them have to respect each other. And you know, I do suffer. Patients that are less ohata will help with Alibaba, you don't want to pray maybe in a very cold night or, you know, wake up very early mister you do, because it is a command of Allah subhanaw taala to similarly raising the family, and having patience, it's all commands of Allah subhanaw taala Allah Who commanded people to pray, and he said, have a slightly bigger pray for you, Lord, He's the one who commanded wherever possible. And for your Lord, you do sovereign, the sovereign prayer, both are his commands. And in love, really, when you are a family life, when you get a

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reward for that, when you accept when you you know,

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respect everybody, you get reward for that. It's not a lot, don't lose anything. Either one of you are rewarded to worship Allah and other ways, the sovereign the patients.

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Okay, let's take it quite an interesting question. I don't think we've ever in any of the q&a, as we've had had a question about mental disorders. And so Fatima is asking bipolar disorder and schizophrenia both are complex mental disorders. If someone commits suicide, because of from them into disorder, or commit suicide without sense, will he or she be punished the same as if any normal person? It sir?

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Yeah, you know, if something, you know, somebody has got a madness, where they don't actually know what they're saying, they don't have any sense of what are they doing, I don't know, the mental illnesses to doctors know best. So hope Allah will forgive that people like that, because they don't control you know, last commands are only to the people who can understand the command and they're able to implement it, but mentally they are not able to understand it.

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And to follow it, then olive smarta will forgive them because he said the Quran like living in LA Nasoni loves Allah, Allah never burdens anybody other than their capacity to whatever they have capacity, whatever they can do, that were they are, you know, commanded. So, at the end of the day, judgment is in the hands of Allah, not me not in verticals. We can do mistakes, whether the person actually had, you know, any freedom or not, but Allah, Allah, Allah knows he cannot do any mistake, he has got all the arguments and evidences properly. So we hope Inshallah, if there is or something like that, Allah will forgive the people.

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Chef, just one more question on this topic. Um, I mean, I've heard many other questions before, from Muslims and non Muslims are like, questioning,

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like the judgment of God and okay, if God is so just how comes this happens with X Y, Zed as Muslims, is it okay for us to kind of

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dig into these kind of questions, when at the end of the day, we know that Allah is the most the most just,

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we just kind of have to put our hands up there we

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just, but what does it mean? It doesn't mean really, that judgment go to happen. This one judge has made a de facto judgment. No, Molly Kiyomi. Dean on the day of judgment, He will never be unfair, or do any injustice. This was not justice. This will, Allah is testing everybody testing different way. He makes someone poor, he makes someone rich. Do you can't so why that person is rich, and I'm not rich. You know, I'm as qualified as him either. I might have some idea why this person got married, I'm not married, why this person has no illness, and I've got cancer or something like that. You've got to make any discussion, because it is your testing. And he's testing everybody differently. So

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judgment is in danger limited people forget, people think what happened this world and that they can judge about God, whether he's, you know, good or not, no, this is a test. You know, he had metaphoric purple. You know, the word is not run by kind to your desire, it's run by his commands on the day of judgment that he will judge that you know, and justice will be fully deliver in this world. He allows even, you know, people to do injustice because they're tested to people can kill other people are unfairly. People can wrong people can harm so many wars happening in Middle East. There are so many children, women are in wronged and killed and raped and all this thing happening.

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But that's not justice. They're certainly distinct from Allah, for everybody. To justice will be an under death judgment. This one is not judgment. This one is just testing purpose. Everybody is test tested. So Allah is in here and just no doubt about that. No, actually, he is

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I want to merge justice. He's the one who created justice either don't come March justice to how he can do injustice, and on their judgment, He will ask people, you know, whatever I did, you know, I happy he will do thinking why did anything wrong? Everybody accept will accept that, you know, there was no injustice done in this world it could be, you know, they just don't do justice properly because they don't know or maybe sometimes they're not fair. But Allah Allah has released in relation with everybody to the no injustice on behalf but a problem is for the people they don't understand they think in this world everything should be either fair either think, no, this word

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testing place here could be possible good people are around and bad people actually get all the advantage it possible in this world, there are many, many women they are suffering on the head or the hand of their husbands there can happen but in the Day of Judgment, they have to pay work all the you know, a lot of water make it full, proper judgment. So understand this word is not the place of judgment, judgment will happen in the Day of Judgment.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's take

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a look at the next question.

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Okay, um, I've heard of a fair to allowing Muslims to conduct the fight their Friday prayers, including the hotbar before so why is this such a precedence before? Has there been?

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Yeah, I know there are some narrations of the Avant being before as well. I don't know about the delay prayer. But other beings have all before the VA before the day there's 100 Humbly position, but I am not sure if they allow the prayer as well if they're allowed to testimony is too hard. You know, they can do because you know, if Allah ma they make effort and deduce the heart, if they are right, they get double reward and they're wrong. They still get one reward. I don't know about this sativa is somebody given where it is coming from

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some writings move teeth and you know, the elephant but what I know is that Adana Juma can be done before is our to that position humbly people but can they pray before

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that I never heard? But if it is there a call to find out? Who says this whose opinion is this I don't remember until I get

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Okay, in Sharla let's take a question from Polly. Is it permissible to pray in a room with images from children's toys and nappy packaging? It's hard to avoid or IDs and do angels not enter the room because of them

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you know these types of pictures with people humiliate and play with I don't think they are you know, so important. The pictures that people used to respect enough are human beings like you're shy of your own for to your parents for tools and something like that. And they hang on the wall. These things are dangerous, but there are some advertisements in one day somewhere some pictures on nappies and this and that you know that is not because nobody respect them nothing is just people know really what to do. And Toys make effort not not to keep you in front of you when you're playing. But if they're in the same room this does not affect you, but just make sure they are not

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in front of you when you play

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Okay, let's have a look at

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okay, we have a question from also there for luck here. How do we understand the verse where all the lamrim income which con which context does this apply to only with the site leaders or with any group or organization where you have a leader manager Amir for example.

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The way Salam is that people have to obey Allah

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and His Messenger, but they no messenger the man who can obey the people the commodified message, the messenger is the one who explained to the people the commodify Allah, these two things are absolute for all the time you know, the professors and the way he played it absolutely all the time. But in this worldly matter, World, world sometime you organize matter some organizations like you know, you have

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Qaeda state, sometimes you're traveling and you made one meal one leader while traveling. So five people tend to enter one person the leader

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or the family has got a leader. So people have leader in every unity. The motto of the people cannot be solved unless they follow the leader. So indoor the miter saw that all Americans every matter. It has got someone who is a leader, like an organization or a classroom, the teacher class teacher is the number for that.

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Bula salami shoot has got a director to he's the leader of a team maybe deter somebody sometimes could be a whole team to, then everybody else had to listen to them. But if you think they are not right or something's wrong, then you can Toplin explain to them you know, but if people start explaining the load themselves and the rebel, then nothing can be done. So old armor means the people who are responsible for any matter, they should be obeyed in that area, not anything else. If an apple if you're working in a salon, you listen to the doctor fasula But you know, for your family matter, for your anything in the world, you don't listen to him, you just only in that area.

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Similarly in my classroom, if I'm teaching and you are there, to when I'm teaching, whatever is connected to the classroom, you have to listen to me, but once you leave the class, you have no obligation to listen to me then you could be another Amir for something else. So there are people need left an apple in her in the house husband could be a leader to the wife listen to her you know when the differences but could we same wife teaching in the classroom and husband, the student then the husband had to send to her because she now number two or number keeps changing it is anybody who responsible for any matter, people who lead the prayer, people who run the mosque, people who run

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the madrasa and school people who run any organization that all

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people should listen and generally Islamic matters. After the Prophet Allah rule number two people should listen to all of us first of all, the call to make their own fatwas.

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Okay, let's take a I will not be able to pronounce his name let's take the next question as it comes Yeah, hi miss my prayers for three years because I was far from the Dean and I have been fulfilling them for five years but I missed a lot of other advisor should I keep fulfilling the order of answer for Is this enough

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you know, whatever your Mr. An account on and then do it Allah Sahaja will love you because then you think that you're making effort to that a writer repentance when you repent it make effort to show that you really sincerely repenting. So if you have done other for Miss prayer for three years. So with each prayer, do one extra one. So in three years, you have done all of them.

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In the two weeks, if you do two extra one, then within a half hour you can do all of them. But take easy just and we also allow people not to play sooner in this time to insert sooner player do your other player.

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So that will make it easier. everybody prays for a costume now whatever sooner for Zohar, in that time you do other others or you similarly before us in establishing any sunnah. Just do cada the answer to Inshallah, after three years you have done all your credit, but whatever you missed it, repent to Allah and make effort to do it again to Allah will love you. And he will see really very clearly that was so sincere in your repentance.

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Okay, let's take a question from Osama.

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This is a question I think a lot of us have, actually. And his question is in surah, in Surah Surah, Allah says, Whatever affliction befalls you is because of what your own hands have committed. Does this mean that every difficulty we face in life is because of our own sins?

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Yeah, you know, no doubt really, that when Allah subhanaw taala brings something it is testing, but at the same time, it is also resulting from something like for example, when you don't work properly, you sleep, you fall down to it because you're not very careful. But it still is test if you're patient and if you don't pass anybody, Allah will reward you the same thing it could happen like people don't pray, and denial doesn't matter. Because punishment comes in this world, not punishment, as a reminder, to awaken you. Do you realize sometimes people you know husband and wife, they don't respect each other to some problems happen in the house and Baraka goes away all those to

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remind him. So, you can see an ugly thing either a lot of not punished for everything.

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Only for little, he said If you punish him for everything, nobody will survive. So you know he only a little bit just remind us and understand really that how much force we have got, how much force or Rogan's jealousy here to read injustice, unfairness, cheating in all the time we do all the if Allah punishes for everything, nobody can survive, to he has a little punishment to remind us to make us to come back

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the most difficult pieces of this world, they are good for the people. Can they help them to improve their life to come back to Allah subhanaw taala like when you walk and sleep, you know, then it reminds you that no you have to

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Be careful. Similarly in the life you know, when people do mistakes

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in One Lesson hotel, bring some punishment at all. You know, that is a good reminder for the people who collide mercy for a man. Rahimi does not want to punish you. He just wants to save you, to remind you to become careful. But the reward or punishment rarely will happen in the Day of Judgment. In this world, everything that you see all the difficulties, there are not really a punishment, they're more a reminder, to save you to protect you to help you to become a better person.

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So Sorry, chef, on this topic, what do you say?

00:25:41--> 00:25:50

What do you say to people that they look at atrocities that are happening around the world, for example, in East Turkistan in Kashmir, Palestine, Yemen,

00:25:52--> 00:26:29

all the things that are happening around the world that are awful to our OMA and they say that this is all happening because of our sins, and therefore we need to focus on ourselves. What do you say to people that say this, clearly that we don't know? You know, sometime what happens? The whole nation is suffering, not necessarily mean that every individual has committed sin, no, kill nation as a whole, maybe they had done something wrong, too. But some people will be very, very pious, nothing, but they're tested. So you know, the whole people are being suffering. But that test is supply for for some one percenter that mistake in the house, the whole house in trouble, not to buy

00:26:29--> 00:26:46

the whole house had done something wrong, but because of one person, but now we'll be tested, how they help each other, how to cooperate, how they make effort to come out from distance. So we are not here to judge but certainly or another, people should know really, you know, the suffering not only

00:26:48--> 00:27:28

physical and material. People think that people are Syria, and Iraq, they're suffering. Because, you know, there's so many people have been killed and so many people have been expelled from the house, but they don't understand really those countries, where people live in the peace like most Western countries, they are also suffering, because if your life becomes the if you come far away from Allah, people do Zina people do all since because Allah has given us so much, this is worse than that, this punishment was done that because this punishment will result into the punishment of hereafter. So people should not think really only the people who are suffering physically, they are

00:27:28--> 00:28:15

suffering know people who are suffering, you know, mentally or in their spirit spiritually and they don't fall over Lasala that is much much bigger sin much, much bigger punishment. There are white people in the past used to say that you know, if I get my suffering in my body, there's a much better that I get a suffering in my email and Dean, my piety because the piety one is more than just so we are not here just think that's only Syrian people are suffering all over the world. Everybody has every nation is problem but only thing Allah has made I know this suffering differently not everybody is suffering same way in so when people do Fisk for jewel go for shirk. That was then what

00:28:15--> 00:28:16

happened to Syria and Iraq

00:28:22--> 00:28:25

okay, I was going to take question but I feel like

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the answer may be quite long but I'm going to note this down because it's a very interesting question. Let's see if we can take one more inshallah

00:28:36--> 00:28:38

give me one moment

00:28:39--> 00:28:45

can a woman read from the must have in a class when she's on her period

00:28:47--> 00:29:26

you know, this matter people have differently with Opia that I follow is the woman in this condition should not touch the Quran, they touch with the paper but they can read they can read and reading absolutely fine and and that is open it on Molly Kinnaman bahaya mirror people and I think that is a strong opinion. So the women in any condition, they can read the Quran, you know, touching is a different matter, they should not touch it directly, but that was something else. But reading understanding actually because people should not be deprived of the current any moment of their life. We need a Quran all the time. So how can you stop the women seven dead from the Quran? So they

00:29:26--> 00:29:34

should read this you understand? They shouldn't be able to ponder so there's no follow we can do the Quran anytime any condition

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okay, I think we will end it there inshallah just magnify chef for your time. And similarly JazakAllah for and everyone else for your time and for joining us and always coming with interesting questions that I've never thought of. And just a quick announcement in sha Allah before we go off and we speak to you next week in sha Allah, we are having we

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just announced a few days ago that we are holding our graduation ceremony on the third of March which is just maybe three weeks away inshallah it is of course open for our students our graduates and their family but also just it's just open to the followers and supporters and supporters of SLM Institute's and she'll come that we shall come will be there our teachers will be there our students, it will be an evening where we can have reminders, celebrate knowledge, celebrate how far students have come.

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So please do join us Inshallah, if you go on to our Facebook page, which I'm assuming half of

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you are on our Instagram page as salam Institute's al Sal am Institute's

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generally any of our social media you will find our graduation graphic and if you go into LC Nando's ac.uk forward slash grad 22 inshallah you can register and we would love for you to join us in sha Allah. And maybe then you can get an insight into what we do at SLM Institute you can see how we work the teachers and the student dynamic

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and perhaps maybe next year you can study with us inshallah.

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Other than that, we will leave this here and you can join us again, same time, same day next week and shall less than I want to come