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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he Salalah your Sanlam probably surely somebody was silly Emery. What law that Amelia Sandy of our Kali Subhana QCCA. Land ie Mallanna in lamal and Tana in Mecca and Talal even Hakeem, my dear respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam once again, welcome to Lifestyle, a program that is dedicated to revive the concepts, the teachings, the beautiful practices of our beautiful religion Islam, as brought by the prophets Allah Allah is selling the main intention is to make Islam our way of life. Truly in action in sha Allah so that's why we named the program lifestyle before we proceed

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in sha Allah Allah remember we broadcasting or on several pages on Facebook we're at Rahim page live Dean Pakistan connect Institute Karachi and connect Institute global as well as inshallah after the video is recorded in sha Allah will be uploaded on the AWARE Academy of you know the word Academy global on YouTube channel in the light Island. Today in sha Allah Tala, I picked the topic of service al hikma in Arabic, serving humanity at large, serving your family members, serving your neighbors serving the people in who are in desperate need. The orphans, the Messiah Keens, how Allah Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran with 100 meter clock Bani Israel, that we have taken a

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covenant with the children of Israel, that you should not worship other than Allah subhanaw taala were being worried at the center and after after worshipping Allah subhanaw taala after fulfilling your main purpose of existence, and that is to worship Allah subhanaw taala to offer service to Allah through either right after that, what will Why do they need Santa and to your parents, you must do perfectly good, you must serve them to the best of your ability. Well, they will call but then after that you relatives. So first serve Allah through worship, then serve your parents, then serve your relatives with the torba wali uttama and the orphan SubhanAllah. Those orphans who grow

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up or will grow up without their actual parents Subhanallah or, or maybe they have lost one of them. I just came from Turkey, I think two or three weeks ago, and Subhan Allah Ali, one of the things that we have seen and touched our hearts the most, is visiting orphanages, where young children as young as 5678, maximum, I think 12 years of age have lost either their parents, their fathers in Syria, and then they were brought to Turkey, or they have lost their both parents in the earthquake in the damage that took place in Turkey, Hispaniola and part of Syria. And we have looked just into the life of these young men and women Subhan Allah, Allah in our hearts were crying, because these

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children did not want us to leave. They didn't want us to leave Subhan Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala is making it a priority that we should serve those who have lost their parents, the orphans, Parramatta unextended the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said that if you even wipe your hand over the hair of an orphan, all your sins will be forgiven Subhan Allah Allah look at to what extent just wiping out wiping or tapping his head or her head, all your sins will be wiped outs Paola erased completely, while masa keen, and those who are needy, those who are poor and don't have the means to survive on their own Subhan Allah Walco lowly Nasir Husna. And on the top of that, you have

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to also speak to people with SN Husna comes from the same root SN with perfection with beauty to make them feel excellent service is something that is absolutely a lifestyle of a believer. So may Allah subhanaw taala grant is the heart the ability to serve humanity. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said what? How Uranus and Thau home lenez The best of mankind are those who are most beneficial to men.

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Okay, now he had the beef sauce and did not single out the Muslim ummah to be served only, but he said an S HydroMax the rest of mankind.

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Those best could be now either Muslims or non Muslims. Remember

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how you don't nest the best of people are those who are most beneficial to other people. Subhan Allah, it's a very, very general yet profound narration of the Prophet Sawsan. And remember, my brothers and sisters in Sudan, the children of Israel in the eye and that have recited earlier, they did not honor that command, they did not honor the covenant of Allah subhanaw taala by fulfilling this duty of taking care of their own people, in fact, they have killed their own people, the prophets of Allah subhanaw taala so don't do like them do something absolutely better. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the right understanding. In another beautiful narration Hadith Bootsy the

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prophets Allah Allah Assam said that Allah said, Allah said, or Allah would say on the Day of Judgment to some people, that why didn't you visit me? I was sick, and you did not visit me? And such people will answer the Allah You are the Lord of the entire creation, how could you fall sick? You say Didn't you know that my servants such and such was sick? And had you visited them? You would have found me there, you would have found me there. Subhanallah so visit service here includes what visiting those who are ill because when people are sick, they are in the most vulnerable state of the lives. They are the come to our reality that are weak human beings are so we better be humble

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Subhanallah so when you visit them, you become humble like them, you look at them and say yeah, Allah, forgive us for our shortcoming, Ya Allah grant them, you know, cure grant, fast recovery and as those vulnerable people to pray for you in return because one of the donors that most likely to be accepted are the DA is the daughter of those who are sick Subhan Allah Avi, the Hadith continues, Allah will say on the Day of Judgment, oh such and such individual I was hungry, and you didn't feed me.

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Allah speak like that Subhan Allah and the POC Allah you are the provider, the Sustainer the maintainer of the integration, how could you be Finn, he say my servant such and such was hungry, he was in need of food, and he didn't provide that had you visited and provided food Subhanallah you would have found me there and so on and so forth, providing to others food drink, visiting the sick and bring necessity to those who are in desperate need is absolutely a big pillar, or a big part of our lifestyle as believers in fact Subhanallah the one of the pillars of Islam one of the entire you know one of the pillars one of the foundations of our being is based on serving others now I want

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you to guess what is this pillar? I don't look at the comments pile Forgive me I'm bombarded with so many cameras in this little studio. So I cannot see the comments now. I can see it later after the live inshallah but try to post in the comment. What is that one pillar of Islam which is dependent on serving others.

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Now, I will give you 10 seconds inshAllah 10 seconds. One Pillar out of the Philip beers of Islam. Its entire purpose is to serve others. Hello.

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Anyone got it? Right. I hope inshallah we'll read your comments later on. It is Zeca. To take out of your own wealth, and to give to those in need. So one, and entire pillars, Paola relying on serving other people. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, yeah, you and ADINA, m&r Cow are you who believe bow down was Juju and prostrate wa boo Rebecca and worship Allah subhanho wa taala wa follow higher and do good and do good actions meaning through service, but how will you do good actions Yanni you will go and wear clothes and that's a good action No. Doing good actions is always pertaining to helping other people who are in need. You know, when we look as Pamela we mentioned

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this another in another episode that the Prophet SAW Salem encouraged us to look at those who are less fortunate than then ourselves because when we do that we feel for them and reach out to them and support them in whatever capacity Allah subhanaw taala has given us. So Allah Subhana Allah is telling us in this area or follow Hi why, why should we do that? Why should we engage in serving others law

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are lucky to fly home, if you wanted to be successful, if you want to attain success in this dunya and the next, a follow hive, engage in serving humanity through good actions Subhan Allah Adi, let's get a little bit deeper into the topic Insha Allah, sometimes material act of worship like giving Zakah giving sadaqa feeding the poor and the needy becomes a substitute for a physical act of worship, a physical act of worship, like fasting, we we experience hunger, we experienced thirst Subhanallah, as I'm talking to you now, and I believe most of us, when we start talking too much during the day of Ramadan, you start feeling dry, you start feeling like you know, you really want

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it to experience those beautiful sips of cold waters and so on. But physically we get tired Subhanallah we, but sometimes there are sickness that will prevent us from fasting. So there are permanent sicknesses and there are temporary illnesses. Now if you are sick, temporarily, that you know a face and we'll pass in sha Allah, Allah, then the days that you have missed during your fasting can be substituted later. You can make them up later in sha Allah Allah when you gain your strength when you regain your strength. But how about those permanent illnesses that you can't medically it's impossible for you to fast otherwise, you may die on your your health, me become even

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more deteriorated in those situations you are required to do what to feed other people to serve others Subhanallah Amin to serve others by breaking their fast so that you can gain the same reward of those who are faster. So sometimes material, material act of worship like sadaqa, like giving serving others becomes a substitute for a physical act of worship. Look to To what extent Allah is telling us what

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just because you are sick, doesn't mean that you cannot serve others and do good actions. Subhan Allah and Allah Subhana Allah Allah

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you know, in Medina, the man who Allah subhanaw taala revealed,

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Abba, South Allah, He frowned, you know, the Abdullah of the Maktoum, the blind man who came to the processor and the processor and frown, because he interrupted a conversation and important conversations follow this same man, the prophets Allah Allah Selim will assign him to lead Medina, the entire city of Medina when the process is abroad for a war or for some, you know, troubles. Can you imagine? What is the message here that just because Allah subhanaw taala has taken your eyesight, it doesn't mean that you are not an effective member in the community and effective member in the society. And he's not doing that just you know, because the man is blind and that's it. He

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feels he feels pity for him or something. No, he's also qualified, he's intelligent he has a leadership quality so all our all the combinations are there but the point is just because you're blind doesn't mean that you just sit there and wait you know for death, while the other day you must be an effective member of the community you must serve others Allah Akbar Salah cultural fit another act of worship Subhan Allah Tala an act of ADA, based on serving others, you know, last thing days of Ramadan or before I eat, we have to give solid cultural fit to those who are and Spa Salon fit is for every member in the in the family even if they are infants Subhanallah so we are teaching from

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young age our children that hey, serving the community is a lifestyle lifestyle. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said that whosoever whosoever

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and you know whosoever help those people out of the difficulties in this dunya a loss of a hand or to Allah will help them out of their own difficulties on the Day of Judgment Subhan Allah, Jonnie you Allah intervention on the day of judgment to help you out of your difficulties because all of us are in desperate need of Allah subhanaw taala has helped on the Day of Judgment, all of us with no exception. So what is the key What is the secret to that gate is to serve people today and to help them to get out of the difficulty the Prophet saw some said work, their humble woman fell out of the hammock a month, month summer, have mercy on the people in this dunya so that the one in heaven

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Allah subhanaw taala may have mercy in exchange of you helping others and having mercy on them and showing them kindness and, and and showing them that they are also human beings like yourselves, the deserve

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To live with dignity and respect Subhan Allah Allah in return will show you mercy in sha Allah to Allah on the Day of Judgment. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam finally, Allah Subhana Allah azza wa jal asked in El in Santa Luffy who's ill Avena M and balmy two solid had what I was all happy what I was on some Allah's fan per se swing by time by the token of time in L in Santa Fe, whose mankind by default is in a state of loss. We're all doing my brothers and sisters in Islam, no exception, except there are now people who will have an exception to that rule. Who are these people, those who have faith in Alladhina mm Lamelo. Salah had and do righteous actions. What also belhar and exert

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each other to the truth, they call one another for the truth. They help each other and guided one another for the truth and exert each other to patience and perseverance. When things become difficult service as a lifestyle May Allah Subhana Allah grant us a huge heart that will be in sha Allah to Allah capable of providing service to humanity at large. I mean, I mean I mean does that allow heightened May Allah bless your reward you all don't forget my brothers and sisters to share the video with your circles inshallah around Don't forget to visit the AWARE Academy YouTube channel and click subscribe for Allah subhanaw taala sake so that our videos can reach to as many people as

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possible. Does that cool now hi, I will see you tomorrow in sha Allah as Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi over again