Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #06 – Two Faces and One Tongue

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The Prophet ﷺ and his Companions warned us many times to beware the follies of the tongue. A heedless word or a biting insult could result in the worst punishments in the hereafter because they hurt other people so deeply. But a believer who guards their tongue and speaks well of others will have glad tidings on the Day of Judgment.

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Honorable Cotabato the Allahu Tada Anholt once said la Combi Vickery la for inner who shifa, well he come with a Cronus. For now who doubt, the meaning of which is basically to make mention frequently of people is a disease and to make mention frequently of Allah is the cure. You can use your tongue for thicket and elevate yourself or you can use it to debase others and yourself. And if you talk too much about the business of other people, you're going to fall. That's why our model Viola Han, who also said, Men, Castle Rock had Amahoro cathode us up at all. He said, If you talk too much, you're going to mess up too much, which means you're going to have too many sins and you're going to

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have a greater likelihood of entering into the fire. This Tang can do so much damage here, you can ruin the reputation of someone else, you could paralyze an entire community, with gossip and with slander. And now with the internet you can spread lies throughout the entire world. But as much chaos as your tongue does hear to others, it damages your hereafter far more. Now, the flip side of that is that a tongue can speak a small word of goodness that Allah subhanaw taala loves, and the person who's speaking it doesn't realize the weight of their praise or how they help someone with a simple word of kindness or with a simple word of gratitude. People are raised ranks by the praises

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and pious use of their tongues or they're thrown into the depths of hellfire by the harvest of the tongue.

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Most of the Hadith about tongues and faces on the day of judgment are actually pretty frightening. But it's important to hear them to avoid the very deeds that weren't those punishments. And there's a connection to the tongues and faces on the day of judgment and what the Prophet salallahu it was an assault on the night of an assault when Mirage, he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I saw a group of people. Yeah, me Shona, Buju Homosassa Dora, they were scratching their chests in their faces with copper nails. And I asked, Jubilee Laurie is serrania Djibouti and who are these people, these people literally scratching their faces off. And he said, these are the people who ate the flesh of

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others by backbiting and they trampled people's honor. The scholars mentioned that the connection here is that when you humiliate someone in this life by damaging their reputation, you make it harder for them to show their faces in public, which means you're effectively removing them from society. So here the people that do so are literally removing their own faces as a punishment. And that's just the beginning of the Prophet slicin have said, the worst people in the sight of Allah on the day of resurrection will be to face people a leather Yeti, how will it be watch? Well, how will that be watch people who appear to some with this face, and to another group of people with another

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face. And another narration the prophets lie Selim said, the worst person on the Day of Judgment is a man who shares his wife's secret the precious secrets of the spouse. And then in another narration, the prophets lie some said the worst person is the one who people stop correcting, because they don't want to deal with his foul mouth. So what's the common trend here with all these a hadith about the worst person on the Day of Judgment, the worst person is the one who uses their tongue to abuse or betray, and that person is going to be miserable on that date for the misery that they caused others in this life. So what does that look like? I'm not only Awesome, well, the allot

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of time I know he said, I heard the Prophet slice I'm say, the person who has two faces in this world will have two tongues of fire on the Day of Judgment. SubhanAllah. Notice here the emphasis on fire, because the secrets and honor of people are so sacred to Allah, that when you violate those boundaries, you're pouring fire in your ears and on your tongue. And that's why the prophets lie. Some said whoever spies on people's conversations will have lava poured into their ears on the Day of Judgment. So what is the flip side of this grievious punishment that leaves people on the Day of Judgment, scratching their faces off, walking around with two tongues of fire hanging from their

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mouths, the prophets I send him said, Men love that. And it'll be as he he be laid around the law, who and what she Hinata, Yeoman, Yama, whoever defends the reputation of his brother in his absence, Allah will defend his face from the fire on the Day of Resurrection. So it's the complete opposite. The people that are so rare to find or not those who freeze up and don't participate when Backbiting is taking place in their presence. They're those special people who check it even when it's their own closest friends doing it. And they may be doing it about someone that they don't particularly like, and that's why the special reward So while one has a face of fire on the Day of Judgment, the

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other has a face completely protected from the fire on the day of judgment. And that's not just true in regards to this

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issue of how you interacted with others in this life. But it's the shine of righteousness or gloom of wickedness that's made obvious on the faces on the Day of Judgment. The faces of the believers are radiant and their content on that day. And Allah tells us so beautifully what it is that's making them that way on the Day of Judgment. So look at these ayat will join Yama in Nerima faces that Day that are glowing, Lisa he had all the they're pleased with their deeds. And then Allah says in another place will join Yama in must Viola ba HCA tomo establish that they will have bright laughing faces receiving Glad Tidings so they're pleased with what the reward of those deeds and

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then Allah says, will join Yoma he then now he won't be here now we know that some faces will be glowing on that day. Why? Because they're staring at their Lord so the face is pleased with its deeds. It's pleased with the reward and it's pleased with its Lord. And you know, the faces of these believers are not just brightened they're not Hassan Rasul Rahim Allah was asked why do we find that the people of tahajjud they have faces that shine so bright even though they sleepless and he suddenly unknown Hello Rama for Alba Sahami naughty it's because they secluded themselves with a little man the Most Merciful. So he dressed them in this light. That's now so what will it be on

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that day when those worshipers are actually looking at a man and he's smiling back at them dressing them in his light?

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Um, man

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pool at my was seen for whoever variation to roll with