$100,001 dowry mahr

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The transcript describes a confusing and embarrassing story involving a dad and a brother who caused a chaos at a chocolate bar. The situation is described as embarrassing and embarrassing for the participants, including the dad's MaHA and the brother's MaHA. The segment also includes a brief advertisement for a program called "verbal smile" and a mention of a "verbal smile" from a brother's pocket.

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Is it true that my head was a million dollars? No, no, no, my whole story all mixed up.

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Correct it for our

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My Maha. So my wife tried to play a trick on me. All right. So she so you know, I,

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I went into the NUCCA

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you know, thinking,

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you know, look, you know, she's her dad's my shear, this can't be bad. So we didn't even talk about my heart beforehand.

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You know, it was just like, I'm just gonna go into can't be done. Rookie mistake. And I brought my, my, you know, my dad was my, you know, my dad asked me about it. I said, I said, you know, I don't really know. But it's okay. Whatever they ask is fine. So we get it, we get to the car. And the MaHA was 100 grand and $1.

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So my father in law says he was the one conducting the car. He says, she wants it now. Today. 100 grand and $1. And so I was like, I'm looking at him. And he's got that, you know, at that point, you know, we were like, boys, you know, he is he's, he's a teacher, but he's someone that I loved. And I

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and, you know, I kind of I could see that he had a little little bit of a, there was a joke somewhere there. My dad's kind of looking at my dad's a professor, very respectable human being, you know, like, I'm just looks at me, like, I You should have talked to me first.

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Time and as we'd say, sister in law's husband, who's very close to me in Arabic, ideally, right? So my sister in law's husband. I don't know what the word for it is called my brother in law, but he was like, we have something on it. Like, oh man, like, like, like, is this like a way that you've turned someone away, like, set them up too high. So you set all this up, and then you like, put them out of that's too high. So I'm like talking I'm like, 100 grand and dollar. He's like, 100 grand and $1 I'm like, 100 grand and $1 so 100 grand, I said 100,001 So going back and forth. It's all on camera, never to be released online inshallah. So I'm like, 100,001 he's like 100 grand than $1. I'm

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telling you exactly what it is. So then I realized he was talking about the chocolate bar 100 grand.

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Okay, she will get her chocolate bar and her dollar tonight and shuttler her 100 grand chocolate bar and her dollar tonight inshallah. So then huge smile on your face off the bar from his pocket.

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And, you know, we're laughing and the people that were there, a lot of them still have no idea what happened. So we're laughing and celebrating and you know, and there's there's one brother who's like, really upset. And he's like, What a horrible example for the community. You know, one because at that point, I was already I just become a mom in New Orleans. He was the man in Baton Rouge was like at that. So he was like, he was like, this is a horrible example. You know, any man marrying his daughter to another Imam and their Mahara is 100,006 figure, my husband, what type of example so we had to sit there and actually explain to the people like this is what happened. It was 100 grand

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and $1