Omar Suleiman – Forbidden From Qiyam For Questioning His Sincerity

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various football incidents in Ghana that are being addressed by media. They emphasize the need for caution and avoiding assumptions in Islam, as well as avoiding seeking pleasure from exposed individuals. The importance of high standards and forgiveness for one's actions is emphasized, along with the need for caution when verbalizing intentions and setting boundaries between individuals. The segment ends with a discussion on the importance of being realistic and avoiding negative thoughts.
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Do brothers and sisters, I'm going to preface this by saying that because I'm in so many Mashallah of the community, Whatsapp groups and social things, please do not feel targeted by what I'm going to say. But if what I'm going to say in this football makes you cautious than him that inaudible I mean, I hope that it makes me more cautious than anyone else. What I'm going to say today has nothing to do with any recent event that triggers this. So it is merely a nausea and advice that we pick up on from the last week. Last week we talked about this idea of interrogating your own intentions more than anyone else, interrogate your intentions, you should be more questioning of

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your own motives, your own intentions, your own loss, your own sincerity, then the harshest person in the world to you.

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And this week, we're going to flip it in sha Allah to Anna, and there's a direct connection, which is the danger of assuming the intention of someone else or insinuating that someone else has a motive or an intention that is not purely for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. And I want to start off with this incident, and then we'll build up in Charlottetown, just a few minutes, back with our imams of Ghana. thodi Rahim Allah to Allah who we spent time with last week with some of his things with some of news aid or the Allahu taala and the beloved one of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the son of the Beloved One of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. If you wanted to get

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close to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, you got close to San Jose, I'll be alongside. People thought that maybe if they could sneak in an intercession, they would go through some avenues aid. Me McCann here and rasulillah he's from Allah horizon, and because of the place he had with the Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But of course, the profit slice alum was always just and merciful and did not allow for that type of maneuvering. But that's how close to San Jose was to the Prophet sallallahu it was Salah, and San Jose says, I'm in the battlefield. And I'm about to take my opponents life. You're in a battlefield and a person is trying to kill you and you're trying to kill

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them. And just as I disarmed him, as I'm about to kill him, he says, La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah.

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Is there any doubt?

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To anyone from the exterior of this? What might be going on here? Right? Wouldn't it be reasonable for us to make an assumption? He just said that to get himself out of the situation that he was in.

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But a standard news aide felt something inside of him. It's natural. What he did. He goes to the prophets lie Selim, he tells us a little slice on what happened. The prophets lie Selim was so angry, said flr sakata and calbee he did you check his heart to know that he said La ilaha illAllah just to escape a dangerous situation. He said the other sola, he only started hold on Mina, sila, it's clear he was saying it just to escape death. The prophets lie Selim said, Did you check his heart Oh, Osama, so that you could know that his repentance, his submission was insincere. And those moments were solid news. He said he kept repeating it over and over and over again. He said I wished

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I had not become Muslim before that day, meaning the only thing that would have given me comfort

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would be taking Shahada all over again and becoming Muslim on that day, because of the gravity of the sin that I felt in those moments. And I asked you this question, dear brothers and sisters, is there any person who would be less deserving of personal one less deserving of a good assumption of their intentions than that man in those moments? And is there any person that is closer to the Prophet sallallahu it was something that the prophets lie some would lighten up his anger because the boundaries of allow were transgressed. Then assignment Museo de la tada and humor, yet look at what the prophets lie some responded. The brothers and sisters, the questioning of someone else's

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intention is a severe matter in Islam. And it does not always come through a direct question. Just like with slander, the slander of an E several the Allahu taala. And I came through a suggestion. Someone just threw something out there without saying explicitly what they meant. But it's the same thing as saying, Hmm, this is fishy. Oh, now that person is there. Okay. It makes sense. Okay. Yeah, they always show up. When this happens. Now that there are people around there there, you didn't express you did not explicitly accuse the person of having bad intentions, but you insinuated it

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and in insinuating it it's just as bad as the slander and SubhanAllah. Just like when you go and you search out people's faults, Allah says the core problem of a person who does liba anonima, who backbiting God

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And slanders is what one that's just saasu first start with so oven, a person has a bad feeling and then you over expose yourself to people. Why are you looking at everybody else's faults. If you're looking at everybody else's faults and spying and following, of course, you're going to end up saying something. Because you would have allowed it to enter your eyes to a point that it must penetrate your heart. And then once it penetrates your heart, then the thoughts just stay there. And then eventually you slip with your tongue or with your fingers, or it's so much easier because it's so dehumanizing and so easy. Just throw something out there that insinuates gossip or backbiting or

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slander. This one is the same thing. When you're so over exposed to other people, and you start to say, Oh, they only show up when this happens. They speak when this happens. Did you notice how Mashallah this person was acting and that could be insinuating something about their intentions? And before I say what are moms of Yana 30 rahimullah said, just like with any other thing, you know, they say that a person who believes everyone else around them is always lying, probably believes that because they lie a lot. A thief assumes everybody else's a thief, a crook, assumes everybody else is a crook. The most corrupt people in Christ, they assume the prophets lie some had a price

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tag but he didn't have a price tag. So the lights on but they had sold themselves and sold the religion bought and sold their gods so they thought maybe if we give them the right price, so Allah Hardy was selling, he'll give in because they didn't understand his integrity. They didn't get a blowback in a syndicate on the Allahu anhu freeing binotto the law I know they said, There's got to be something behind him being benign, it can't just be seeking the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. Maybe he owed him something. Maybe they had something that took place before because they didn't get integrity because their hearts were not in the right places. And so you have to ask yourself, if you

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always assume other people are insincere, and cast judgment on their intentions, what does that say about the lens of your heart? Is that because you know that your insincerity overcomes you a lot, and that you don't do things purely for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. So you never can see someone doing good just because it's for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, what is the consequence of this? Obviously, there's a sinful version of this. There's Hitman have an agenda and that's the worst to be forbidden from Paradise because of casting that type of a judgment. But let's go back to our imams to Fianna 30 okay Mahalo to Allah. Who is a leader for us in His teachings on

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sincerity, as much as he is in the Islamic sciences nomsa Fianna 30 to him Allah to Allah He said, Allah He put her rent, he said, I swear by Allah, that I was forbidden month Yama, Lael, Sita, Tasha. I was forbidden from praying the night prayer for six months for a sin that I committed. I said, What sin did you commit? For you to feel like you couldn't get up and break the omelette at night? You think the aim is a given? Allah wakes you up? If you're waking up? You think it's a given?

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Monster namsa Fianna thery Rahim Allah said I committed a sin, and I couldn't pray qiyamah live for six months. What is the sin that you committed that forbade you from Pamela for six months? said what a to Roger and Yaki. I saw this man cry

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will pull to feed FC and the hula hoop Killa.

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I said to myself, he's not crying for Allah

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Subhana Allah, do you understand the implications of this? I said to myself, he's not crying for a loss. If you had a thought he didn't tweet it. He didn't put it in a whatsapp group. He didn't say oh, now he's crying inside himself. He said he's not crying for Allah. And because of that it led to direct deprivation for him. For what was beloved to him by him Allah tala and first Fianna 30 not being able to break down Berlin is deprivation, its deprivation. Now you might be thinking to yourself now you can live for long enough and Allah was Allah does not burden the soul beyond its scope. And you'd be right. Well, for Allah holy Almighty matter had to be emphasized Madame tokoto

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Turkmenbashi and Allah has forgiven me, forgiven my oma for what they say what a person says to himself. mylanta cool. Oh time I'll be here, what you don't actually verbalize and don't actually act upon and you would be right. But we're talking about holding yourself to higher standards. And so if IANA thodi started with the heart, because Allah started with the heart. When a person gets to the point of backbiting and gossiping and slandering, it's because the heart was messed up before the tongue got messed up. The eyes were overexposed, and the heart was not exposed enough to Allah. And so Fianna 32 Kamala is blaming himself because he holds himself to a higher standard. And so do

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your brothers and sisters. When we interrogate our own intentions, be careful. Be careful from suggesting that someone's Toba is not sincere. Someone's repentance is not sincere. Oh yeah, whatever.

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We know why they're doing that. Be careful when you suggest Oh, here they go again. Be careful when you make those types of insinuations about people. Be careful when you verbalize it to a friend and you and him know what you're talking about because it's just like any amount of desire him a lot of talks about compounded of E but compounded via backbiting, you know, compounded backbiting is where it's LIBOR times two, it's when you bring up someone's name, knowing that the other person is going to back bite them. You know, you have someone and you know, the other person doesn't like that person. And you know, if you just bring up their name, you get that smirk on your face. Or who

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knows. Now we don't talk to each other in person, we don't see each other's faces on a group run it, but you know that if you plug it in there, the other person is going to wipe the floor with that person's reputation who caused the backbiting you did so you have the sin of it and you caused your brother to sin. You have the sin of that brother's honor and the sin of the one who actually took away his honor. The same thing is with intentions. Questioning people's intentions. Be careful, be careful, and interrogate your heart and be so busy. Worried about your own sincerity, that you don't even have the time of day or the lens or the thought to think about whether someone else's sincere

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or not be so afraid and so careful and cautious that you know Am I sincere and I need to keep on refining my own sincerity. I can't look at other people's sincerity or question their intention. Their hearts are between them and Allah subhana wa tada at no point dear brothers and sisters Is this making how long Hello? Right The prohibited lawful at no point does cousin oven mean that we lose the standards of Islam? No has no one good expectations and assumptions of people simply means that we relegate every excuse when we watch our tongues and we watch your eyes and we watch our hearts. We focus on Allah subhana wa tada and the month of Shabbat is coming upon us and chatburn is

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a month to empty out the heart of everything so that when Ramadan comes you can fill it with Allah subhana wa tada May Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah allow our hearts to be free of that which is displeasing to them to him, so that he can fill our hearts with that which is pleasing to Him. subhanho to Allah. May Allah forgive us when we slip with our eyes, with our tongues with our ears and with our hearts? May Allah Subhana Allah forgive us for our negative thoughts. And when those negative thoughts transpire and negative words may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from being deprived. For reasons that we are aware of, and reasons that we are not aware of. Just like the

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profit slice of them said, taught us to say I will be an oshika cache and an atom was the federal kolomela atom that I seek refuge in You Allah for knowingly associating a partner with you. And I seek forgiveness when I don't know. May Allah subhanho wa Taala remove the things that deprive us of closeness to him that we are aware of and the ones that we are not aware of. And let us be completely sincere and truthful with him. subhanho wa Taala I mean a political Yeah, there was stuff Why do you recommend a certain list? I mean, first off, he wrote in a hoard of affordable him

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from the Rila habla alameen salatu salam ala rasulillah his Karim Allah and he was off to be here to marine Lama didn't want me in order for me not well Muslim in our Muslim out here even Hmong, Mr. Tanaka semi on caribou Buddha, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and our Hamner wa for an hour to our dibner what Donna Whelan and fuson our inlanta furlanetto Hamner nanoco Nana middle ha serene Allah hum in the castle when Kareem went to Herbalife of

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Allah hum in the Capital One Kareem went to head with Africa for an alarm in Newcastle when Kareem went to Africa for an alarm on the level now Ramadan Allah on another level now Ramadan, Allah mother living out on my bond, a llama fiddley Valentina of the Hmong I came out of buena Silverado, I've been a HUBZone I mean as far as you know, I was ready to go to pour water on water under the subpoena imama law on sort of one mustafina fee Masada could order Mojave Allahumma adequate lighting in avoiding in water isn't always one and then beating him certainly mean everybody will lighten the load a little bit I agree with Exxon why eater then quarterback Leonhard an infection

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you will one carry well Barry here the Camila Allah come to the corona Coronavirus Corolla here scooter commerce guru Juan in Atlanta he is it luck on what are the crolla he akbar Allahu Yana Mamata snare own Martina Sala.

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