Nouman Ali Khan – The Ayah of Ramadan – Part 10

Nouman Ali Khan
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The final phrase of this ayah is well, I look into Sharon.

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And hopefully, all of you will become grateful. And another translation of this is also, and you might become grateful. And another translation is also so that you become grateful. I'll say those three again, hopefully, you'll become grateful, you might become grateful

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so that you become grateful. I'll take that third translation first because lambda can be for

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the goal of Ramadan was three things. One, you complete, perfect account. Two, you declare a lot of greatness over yourself in the way that he guided you. And the third, so that you become grateful, so that you become grateful, you become appreciative. You may have started Ramadan thinking this religion is hard, you may have started Ramadan thinking the Quran is too difficult for me. By the end of it, you have developed a new attitude towards the book, the religion, your mindset has changed, you've become appreciative, you've become grateful, meaning a lot changes how you feel a lot changes your emotions. And that's one of the goals you know, you can't just make yourself

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grateful. You can't make someone feel anything. I can't make you happy or make you angry or make you sad, or you have to have a few genuinely don't feel something I can't tell much. Okay, be happy that I give them a toy they don't really care for I say, hey, why aren't you happy, be happy. And they're like he does not happiness. But Allah says you become grateful, you become appreciative that that hope that Allah has that this exercise is going to put something in your heart, a feeling in your heart, that is very difficult to put inside. And that is you and I become grateful and what are we becoming grateful for? Whenever somebody whenever someone says I'm grateful, or I'm appreciative,

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obviously they're appreciative for something that was given to them? What are the two things that are being given to us here, the two things being given to us, one of them is of course, the Quran itself. You become grateful for the Quran, you no longer think of the Quran as a burden. You no longer think of the Quran as something hard or less anger, like less words are always angry. No, you become you fall in love with this book, you become appreciative of this book. And the other thing is this training, you become grateful that you were able to go through this training and experience that change of heart like you become grateful for the institution of Ramadan itself. It makes you

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grateful. Others have added other commentaries on this gratitude, that law so that so that you become the Quran, so that you become grateful. It's as if the fundamental quality that gives rise to all the good in our life as a believer is actually gratitude. Like the Quran began with Alhamdulillah. Right? Praise and Gratitude belongs to Allah. When the servant becomes grateful, they learn to look at the positive, even when they're going through a bad experience. They're like, What's the good that I can learn from this? How is this strengthening me? What is this teaching me that I can avoid future mistakes? How could have this been much worse than what it is now? No

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problem in life becomes something you can find gratitude in you, your mindset becomes positive, entire from beginning to end, your mindset changes and you become a positive person. That's one powerful quality that leads to all it makes it easier to trust a lie after that, it's easier to have patience after that, it's easier to avail after that, everything else becomes easy. Because Allah you know, because you've developed gratitude, and allies saying that the end that Ramadan, one of its goals is for us to develop gratitude. Of course, when you experience hunger and thirst and deprivation, then you develop gratitude for what Allah has given you, that he hasn't, there's so

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many experiences that hunger, and so many that experience that thirst and they don't have, there is no breaking of their fast because they can't find clean water. And you and I can it makes us grateful. So it makes us grateful for the Quran. It makes us grateful for this guidance, and makes us grateful in general, generally, overall, the most fundamental quality that I look into Sharon, the remarkable thing about this phrase to me, is that the you know, I translated a so that right? So he says so that you can perfect the count, so that you can declare last greatness, and then I translate it so that you can be grateful. But that last one is not Lita guru. It's La La Quinta,

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Sharon, which means it's not just so that it also means hopefully, or you might In other words, this is the hardest one is no guarantee that it's easy to finish the count. It might be even easier to declare less greatness that might be easier comparatively to developing real gratitude. That's the hardest one and was hoping not guaranteed. He's hoping that you might develop that gratitude because that's, you know, part of the ultimate purpose of you know, the month of Ramadan. So we realize oh, it'll make us grateful people by the end of Ramadan instead of constantly thinking about the

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problems we're having in our life who is making us miserable. You know what experiences keep recurring in our mind and we start reliving them. Instead of that our mind starts experiencing a change and even those negative experiences, we start looking at them in a positive way. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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