Omar Suleiman – Isha Khatira 04-05-2015

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the power of technology to connect with oneself and others, citing the example of technology being hidden from one's eyes. They stress the benefits of community relations, including the ability to lead to conflict and create a productive, proactive, and authentic community. The speaker advises people to have a heart-to-head conversation with their friends and avoid giving up their feelings, as it is only temporary fixes. Additionally, the importance of keeping hearts together and avoiding harping on one another is emphasized, as it is only temporary fixes.
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know that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah knows what is between the heavens and the earth when that attacked a thorough everything that you can possibly imagine Eliza not only understands not only knows his creation of a somehow that's what the heavens and the earth and the galaxies and so on so forth, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah knows about all of the intricacies all of the things that are in between the two are unaware of Subhanallah is if it's not enough for Allah subhanaw taala to praise his own knowledge to say that he he created heavens that you can't even see I mean, if we can't see past the summit dunya if we can't even see past the one heaven that we have, then what is the

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benefit of Allah subhanaw taala telling us that he knows what's in the other heavens as well and everything that's in between and the things that you can't see there either. Allah subhanaw taala connects it to something within our daily affairs, Eliza brings it back to us and this is a powerful usage in the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala brings us from the unseen back to ourselves, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says, yeah, and then we're still raw, what?

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Allah knows your secrets, and he knows what's even less than that. And Subhan Allah that's very powerful because he connects it Subhana Allah to Allah in the same sentence as saying that he knows the intricacies the the very detailed things within the heavens. So even if you can see a summit dunya even if you can see the universe and you can see the galaxy that's been presented to you, there are still some things that are concealed from your eyes around us the the objects that are in the air, the chemicals that are in the air, a lot of that obviously, is a contribution of our of our human race, but just the delicacies, the things that that are so technical, the things that are

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beyond us that Subhanallah no microscope can catch that no, no scientists can see Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has put some mechanics and things that are completely hidden from our eyes. And Allah subhanaw taala brings that back to our lives to our individual lives. Allah knows your secrets. And he knows what's even less than that. And it's very powerful because they're intimate they say The Scholars say here that a secret

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could be the you know, you tell someone a secret or you or there's something that's spoken or something that's done a public action, what is less than that is that which has not even come out of the heart, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada knows alliances that knows what you have in your heart, Allah subhanho wa Taala knows what whispers you have in your head. Now Allah subhanaw taala out of his mercy, as the prophet slice and M says Allah, Allah who the Almighty that Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven the members of my OMA each member of my ummah, had this has been the unfortunate MLM to pull out the things that you say to yourself that you don't act upon. Sometimes you might have some

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evil thoughts and so on so forth, but you crush them you say are Lululemon, shaytaan regime, and so on so forth alliances, that would not punish a person for those. Now, why am I bringing this up? And why do I think this is very powerful, particularly in our circumstances? panela. You know,

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we see fit to not take place, we see

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conflicts, and we see communities fall apart and we see things happen at every single level of the community on a it's become normal to us, we've almost become desensitized to it. We've seen it happen in massages, we see it happen between Messiah, we see it happen between two out sometimes that we respect we see it happen all over the place. And may Allah subhanaw taala protect our community. May Allah azza wa jal truly keep the Belka in our community, the blessing in our community. And may Allah allow us to be a productive, proactive, and sincere community, a community of sincere individuals whose hearts are pure, because as I talked about on Friday, I'm loving Obinze

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through how the ego of one person can can destabilize an entire community, I mean, destabilize the household of the Prophet's life. So it doesn't get more severe than that. And somehow, Well, the interesting thing about that is, you know, and the reason why I'm sharing this reflection, obviously, I'm not I'm not going to get into specifics. Those of you who know, you know, and those of you who don't know, you don't know, and it's better for you to not know probably for now, just ask a lot to bless your community and protect your community. I just came from DC just now. And and somehow I was at a conference and in that conference, you had many different machines and many

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different emails and many different that are truly diverse. And I mean diversified in the true sense of the word. I mean, people that you wouldn't expect to be sitting at a table together. And Chef McDonald rawia, who is now local to us happy to Allah to Allah Who lives in Plano now, who is really an extraordinary man and well and was lucky Allah that we don't, we don't praise someone knowing, you know, unconditionally, because we don't know. You know, we don't we don't know what Allah subhanaw taala knows about a person but truly a phenomenal individual from what we see of him and someone

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that truly in the makeup of the of North American Muslim institutions has always been someone that has been able to attract and appeal to the hearts of everyone. I've seen Jeff matar at possibly every single convention that takes place in this country on a consistent basis. And if you ask anyone about him, no matter what camp they come from, they tend to have a very favorable opinion of him doesn't really get involved in speaking ill of other people doesn't really get involved in anything negative focuses on you know, the kid and those types of things and

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you know, and worship and really does a phenomenal job of teaching and teaching mannerisms and teaching everybody and so on so forth. So somehow we're sitting at a table and you've got all of these machines there. And just like everybody else, look, we smile and we say a Salam Alikum to one another. But sometimes there's something going on in here right and it's it's sad because salaam, you're you're giving your brother your sister, a sense of security, like you're telling them I said, Mr. Alikum, like you have peace from me that there is nothing that's going to come to you of harm from here. You're you're giving them a covenant when you say salaam, arnica and him I'm gonna pay

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him Rahim Allah to Allah. He said, If anyone thinks that the reward that Allah subhanaw taala put in the Salaam is because it is a form of vicar, the rongke Salam you know when you say vicar you get rewarded Say Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah Allah Allah Allah Allah Akbar, you get AGID you get Hassan at the the Hassanal that are assigned to the salam or not because it's a form of the

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the Hassanal that the Prophet slice and I'm assigned to the salam the good deeds are because of what you are expressing to your brother to amino Hawk you're giving your brother a sense of security, a sense of stability. And let's face it many times as respectable as we may be, you say Saddam to your brother and you smile in his face, but there's not a smile in your heart. Right? You're not looking at your brother with with with a true smile. You don't care for your brother. And the moment that you have an opportunity to tear your brother up, you will do it when he's not there. And you'll come back tomorrow and you'll say salaam to him again with a big smile on your face. And that is the

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essence of hypocrisy.

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May Allah protect you and I from it. When I go to the UFC, I don't I really don't consider myself free from it. I'm not absolving myself from it. Truly, that is the peak of hypocrisy when I can look you in the eye with a big smile on my face and say so now mighty call them how are you? How are you, brother? How's everything? How have you been on so good to see you. And while I'm saying it's so good to see you inside of myself, I'm saying why are you even here? It's not good to see you. I hope I don't see you tomorrow. Why? Why do we do that to each other, and no one is free from it. And what I found very profound is that Chef matar gave him I'll say hi to all of us to the to the students of

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knowledge and to the scholars in the draft sitting at the table about you know, cleaning our hearts and, and it was very profound and very powerful. Honestly, it was it was spot on that let let don't hold anything in your hearts towards one another. You know, we're not about just to check it out. You know, just everyone come and smile at each other and take pictures together. As brothers and sisters, we have to clean our hearts towards one another. We don't have anything in our hearts towards one another because a diseased heart will eventually lead to a disease Tunc and diseased actions. And one person's disease tongue can disease an entire community it can poison the

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community. And that poisoned community at the end of the day comes from poisoned hearts which is why Allah subhanaw taala says when he remember when he reminds us of his namah upon us when he reminds us of His favor upon us. He says with guru net Matala Alikum is quantum Dan for Aletheia. Been Apollo become for us baton binaire Mati one, remember the favor of Allah subhanaw taala upon you when you were enemies, you are at each other's throats, but Allah subhanaw taala tied your hearts to one another. See Subhan Allah Allah azza wa jal did not say that he tied your covenants to one another he brought your hands together, that He Allah subhanaw taala said LF Avena could all become

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he brought your hearts together for us Batum as a result of that you became by his favorite brothers. Meaning before that you really weren't brothers, even when you had your formalities as tribes even when you were tribesmen because this is not just talking about elves to add husbands or Quraysh to the far or Bani Hashim to beniwal polyp. This is talking about within tribes as well within family members. It was through the neshamah of Islam, that a lot actually tied your hearts together and when he actually tied your hearts together, that's when you became brothers. Before that it was lip service before that it was formalities before that it was courtesies, but Allah

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subhana wa Tada tied your hearts together. He tied your hearts together through the Quran. He tied your hearts together through La Ilaha illa Allah, He tied your hearts together through the messenger SallAllahu ala send them the love of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he brought your heart

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gets together and when the hearts are together, then everything else solves itself. And that's at the end of the day, we have to really, really keep that in mind here and I choose to address that issue crowd here.

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Because at the end of the day, you know, we are as people who are regular in the masjid, we are the either the most its greatest asset or the most his greatest problem. Because either great things happen to a community through their issue crowd, or great diseases and problems and afflictions happen to a community because of their Esha crowd, the people that are regular in the masjid, right, a person who comes just every once in a while, and opens his mouth and says something it's not, you know, it'll be a temporary thing. But when there are when there is deep seated hatred and mistrust and slander, and just poison in our hearts towards one another, things really, really get bad. It's

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only a matter of time before things explode. So really, if you have something against someone, don't just keep saying Saddam to them and smiling in their face. I'm not saying don't say Saddam to them, like instead, you see him tonight, and they've been saying Samsung for the last three years. And you say tonight, sorry, the chef said I shouldn't say salaam to you and I'm cursing you in my heart.

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Now, go to that person and just have a heart to heart conversation with them. Apologize, say you know, I, there's something that happened some time ago. Get over it, bury the hatchet keep the hearts together, those who are involved in the community need to have pure hearts to one towards one another. If you don't, then you're only hurting yourself, you're poisoning your heart and your tongue will be poisoned and everything else will be poisoned. Because the prophets I send them says in FL Jessa the Motorola there is a piece of flesh and in the body. If it is correct, everything else will be correct. And if it is poison, though, if it is faster, if it is corrupted and dirty

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than everything else will be dirty, you'll have a dirty tongue and you'll have dirty actions, you'll start to play dirty in the message you'll start to play dirty in any way possible. purify your hearts towards one another go you know, and really make it a point to always keep your heart clean, not just from not just from the actual crowd, but from the believers as a whole from from, from your brothers and sisters as a whole. But especially you keep seeing people all the time, don't hold harbor grudges or harbor ill feelings or harbor hatred towards your brother harbor any form of mistrust or anything and let that continue to persist or else it's going to eventually spill over

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and ruin a community. It happens. It happened in the community of the Prophet's life. And that was you know, ironically SubhanAllah. My my lecture session was the utopian society of Medina. And I was like, No, it wasn't utopian, because as human beings we're not capable of a utopia.

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Where we are in our nature, we have issues in our nature, we are in sand, we are not capable of a utopia. Even the best community that's ever walked the face of the earth could not have a utopian society because there was still a corrupt heart and a corrupt tongue that destabilized at all. So we have to be careful to make sure that we build as many bonds as we can we connect our hearts as many as much as we can, Inshallah, recognizing that Allah knows what we're harboring. Allah subhanaw taala knows what's here. Allah knows what's here. He knows what's here. He knows what's in your actions and he knows what you're really what you're really thinking and what you're really

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intending. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to rectify our hearts to unite them to bring them together. Whoever parked in my parking spot tonight I forgive you

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know real feelings. I might break a few windows.

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Zack Malachite I'm Snow White.

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