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Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi​ divulges details on the tangent of the story of the brothers of Prophet Yusuf AS and the crimes they committed such as lying to their father, kidnapping their brother Yusuf AS, selling their blood brother into slavery,attempting to murder him and falsifying evidence.

These crimes made the brothers guilty eventually as they repent for their mistakes and sins and ask Yusuf AS for Allah’s Mercy to obtain His Forgiveness. Hence, the path to forgiveness is lined with first and foremost, to accept the sins that have been committed by us and then beg for Allah’s Mercy to unfold upon us.

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spil Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah de he will be one word.

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As we all understand we are reading sudo use of and so to use with is as per the text of the Quran, the best of all stories s and l cos. And in this very Masjid, I have given a very detailed of sudo sudo use of over I think 20 hours long, we have an entire seat I have I uh, so I'm not going to go over that, in today's short halter. I will take one of the tangents of this surah obviously, the star of the surah is used to value his settlement, the whole story revolves around him. And today's quarter, we're going to take one of the tangents and that tangent is the story of the brothers of use of a story that is often overlooked, because obviously, the main emphasis of the surah is use of

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himself. But let us derive some benefits from the story of the brothers of use of notice the brothers of use of their list of crimes and mistakes gets bigger and bigger. Look at what they are guilty of, from the very beginning of the surah. We know that their jealousy is so much in their hearts, that even their father is worried about them. So their father Yaqoob says to us, don't tell your brothers about your vision, or else they will do something for you. So even the father who loves his children, he knows that these children they have some good no doubt, but they have an evil sight as well. And even without use of telling them the dream what happens that the 10 of them come

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together. Binyamin uses actual blood brother through the mother as well was too young, the 10 older ones. As you know, Youssef and Binyamin were the two actual full brothers, the other 10 were step brothers so that 10 of them came together. And even without telling them the dream, they already felt so jealous. And they came together and they wanted to plot and plan against their own brother, or Cthulhu use of Let's kill use of what type of rage is this? What type of madness what type of jealousy, and this is what our Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam warned us of iya kumal has said, I warn you from jealousy, be careful of jealousy, look, Blood Brothers, and they're so blind in their

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jealousy that they're talking about killing their blood brother or co through the use of or exile him to a foreign land. They're so angry or they're so jealous, they cannot even see the evilness of their crimes, and one of them and it is said he is the eldest of them. And he is the same one who remained an exile in Egypt self imposed exile, one of them said, Look, if you're gonna do something, then at least throw him into a well don't kill him, somebody is going to come and take him away. At least it's not going to be murder. And so they decided to do this. And they then lied to their father blatantly lied. And they said, Let's go out on a picnic. You don't send us stuff with us,

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send us stuff with us. So they're lying to their fathers straight into his face. And their father is worried. I'm confused. I don't I don't know what to say. Maybe a wolf is gonna eat him or something. The most flimsy of excuses, because the father doesn't want to say I'm scared of you. So he says I'm scared of the wolf. And by saying the wolf, he gave them the idea for the excuse. He gave them the idea for the excuse. And they promised him No, no, no, he is our brother, we're gonna take care of him. So notice,

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intent to murder, intend to kidnap intend to sell into slavery, and then lying to their father who happens to be a prophet. You're not just lying to a regular person, he is a prophet of Allah, and you're lying straight to him. So you don't worry, we'll take care of him. Then they take him and the books of Tafseer gave us very pitiful details that they taunted use of they poked him, they threw him in the well. He was trying to climb out and they kept on hitting him. he invoked them one by one so and so how could you do this so and so all 10 of them and imagine how cold their hearts must have been? Well, like a stranger, a stranger. If we were to do this to him, we wouldn't we couldn't have

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a heart. Imagine someone who is your blood brother, you are raised with him in the same household. You know how much your father loves him, yet they're doing this to him. And again, I'm building up to the point to at the end here, look at all of these crimes and they then abandon him. They don't even leave him like that they take the shirt off his back so that he doesn't even have proper clothing in that dank and dark well, and the excuse of the father is used false blood is put so now they are tampering with evidence. They are falsifying evidence and they bring it to their father and they shed their crocodile tears. Imagine well lucky. Where is this coming from? such hatred, such

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animosity such jealous as the jealousness is coming and they go to their father and they're saying, oh, we're so sorry. We really wanted to protect him. We went out to play and lo and behold the wolf that you're worried about happened to attack and took use of and here is his shirt to demonstrate for you. They had taken an animal

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Imola rabbit or something and spilled the blood on it. And they said, Oh, this is the shirt. And of course, they had forgotten to tear the shirt. So how could the wolf eat use of and the shirt is still intact? So yeah, hope knew something is wrong, something is not right. So he said a lot of Mustang, Allah Josephine, and the story goes on that they then go into Egypt. And by the way, imagine the tension of that household. Imagine how difficult it would have been, yeah, who knows something is wrong, but all the children have agreed to lie, and they're all giving their own nothing happened is the story is as we said, but yaku can't get to the bottom of it. He doesn't

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understand and the brothers have agreed to be quiet about this. The years go by and use of becomes the minister then the brothers re enter and use of recognizes them Binyamin is not with them because their father does not trust vineya mean so the 10 entering upon him use of recognizes them How could they possibly recognize their six seven year old brother eight year old brother is now the Minister of Egypt 20 years later, that thought didn't even cross their minds. It couldn't even have come to their minds that that brother that they abandoned is now the Minister of Egypt. So use of through his conversation with them happens to come across this information that Oh, yes, we have one more

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brother so he says next time you come You'd better bring him or else I'm not going to deal with you. I'm diminished These are my conditions bring the blood the blood brother to me bring your youngest brother to me. So they go back they convinced their fathers their fathers is no you already did something to us if I don't know what it was you did something I'm not gonna send his brother with you. They open the bags and they find their merchandise returned. Use of had returned their their goods, their money, whatever it was, they had returned it back. So they said look, the minister was so kind. We're not making a story up. We promise you and Yahoo made them promise by Allah made them

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promise by Allah that they would protect Binyamin, so they gave that promise they went to Egypt use of alayhis salaam through a legitimate tactic manages to keep in Yemen. And when the goblet when the Royal goblet is discovered in the bag of Binyamin, the other brothers immediately sell him off. Basically they say, if he's a thief, his brother was also a thief before him Subhanallah just to like, disconnect that side of the family from their sight, meaning they accused us of being a thief, even though this was not a valid accusation, but they said he is the younger brother of another thing. He had an older brother and he was a thief as well. So parallel till this point in time,

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they're still trying to slander use of and basically get their conscience cleared. Nonetheless, Binyamin remains the the eldest here feels guilty, and he says, I can't go back and see my father. We already did something for you. So now we're gonna have to explain Binyamin I cannot see my father explained to him I have imposed exile on myself so that he knows we're not guilty of plotting for use of so they go back. And yeah, who knows Binyamin is not a thief. Whatever happened, it's not that he stole and he says, I don't know a lot of Stan and in the meanwhile he's gone blind. Now what is the purpose of all of this? The purpose is very simple.

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One of the goals of Ramadan is Toba and repentance. One of the goals of Ramadan is to turn over a new leaf. One of the goals of Ramadan is to repent from previous sins and move on to a better lifestyle. In this tangent of the story of use of the tangent of the brothers, we gain so much hope, so much optimism because the brothers of use of what did they do? attempted murder, actual kidnapping, selling their blood brother into slavery, lying about his honor, lying to their father presenting false evidence to their father hypocrisy in front of their fathers, their list of crimes and sins goes on and on and on. And yet what happens at the end of the story, when use of reveals

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himself to his brothers, they say all in the color and the use of Is it really you? Is it really your use, or the use of who and he brings beniamino this is I am indeed user and this is my brother, and now we see their guilt has gotten the better of them. And they their journey of repentance is coming to an end. And they acknowledge and they say all huhtala Hidaka tharaka La Nina, we're in Puna the hot in I swear by Allah has blessed you above us, because we were the ones who made the mistake. We were the ones who were the criminals we did the wrong. And this shows us that of the most important criterion for repentance is what? To feel guilty and to recognize the sin. I made a

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mistake I messed up. So they admit to use of their sin. And they asked his forgiveness and use of Of course, being the Prophet that he was called Alecia three Avada Komal young, there is no blame at all.

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Forget it. Let the past be the past. Let bygones be bygones Forget about it. Nobody will be criticized today, take my shirt go back to my father and tell him to come and bring the children of Israel basically to Egypt that will begin of course the journey of the Egyptians have they been destroyed in Egypt until the time of Musa so Yaqoob comes and when the children get back to you, they also say to Yahoo now the brothers say to Yahoo, how do we abandon is still feeling a new banner or our Father, you are the Prophet, ask Allah to forgive us. ask Allah to forgive us, we really messed up. So they asked us for forgiveness. They asked Allah for forgiveness. They asked

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their father to forgive them and they asked their father to ask Allah to forgive them and use of forgives them. The father forgives them. And the father says by the sofa Estelle fula Komarov be I will ask Allah to forgive you. Indeed he is a fool he is Rahim so my dear brothers and sisters think about what we learn from this beautiful tangent of the story of use of alayhis salaam imagine and visualize their crimes yet their blood brother being thrown into the well sold into slavery kidnapped, lying all of these things and then compare that with my sins or your sins inshallah nobody's sitting here has sold their brother into slavery shala nobody's sitting here as plotted

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premeditated to actually murder their brothers will after they're a teenager inshallah I mean as an adult, right inshallah nobody has thought to actually murder there I say because I have two teenage teenage sons so when you're a teenager is shirtless, okay, but after you get to an adult age inshallah, right, nobody has done these heinous crimes, whatever our crimes are, well, I think about compare this you throw your blood brother into a well, you sell him into slavery, and yet still at the end of the story, how do they turn out? What is the dream say?

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Are they ever try to I had Ashura cuca. I saw 11 stars was shumsa will come out and the sun and the moon they will prostrating to me. So no matter how low your beginning is, you can end up as a star No matter how much in the gutter your thoughts might be your actions might be because look at how filthy their actions were literally, literally in the gutter in the well literally. How did they end up? They literally ended up as stars in Nero 80 to 100 Ashura coca. So what is important My dear brothers and sisters is not what happened yesterday. It's not the same as you did last year. It's not the lifestyle you had 510 20 years ago. Well, lucky all of this can be eliminated because it's

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not as bad as what the brothers of use have did. What is important is today your attitude, tomorrow your plans and goals. What is important is the forgiveness, the acceptance of guilt, I made a mistake I messed up and then the resolve to be better to do good to turn over a new leaf and that is the goal of this month of Ramadan as well. Dear brothers and sisters, we're still in the first week of Ramadan. We're still in the first week of animal bond and hamdulillah the bulk of Ramadan is still left. Now is the time to perfect our repentance. Now is the time to perfect our Toba to make the resolve to go back to Allah subhana wa tada and to make sure that we take the example from the

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brothers of use of no matter what the past is latter three Bali como el Faro, la hula come out tomorrow. I mean, there is no blame today, Allah will forgive you use have said this and categorically without any maybe he will because Yusuf is the one they did volunteer and if you serve forgive them and he knows they're they're repentant and they're guilty he promised them Allah will forgive them yo fiddle local hammer I mean, my dear brothers and sisters Allah is a for Allah is Rahim Allah is out of hammer rock. I mean, this is the month of Rama This is the month of October let us repent to Allah subhana wa Tada. Turn to him for forgiveness and resolve to be better people

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so that we to insha Allah Allah can aspire to be stars like the brothers of use of was sent on while they can put a hammer to law here bought a gadget