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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam, ala Holly are seldom Brothers and Sisters in Islam and everyone was watching. This is why I Brahim from the AWARE Academy. And I'm thrilled, very excited to introduce to you after years have been waiting for this moment, the AWARE app Hamdulillah. We've been working with so many people in the past many years to come up with an app that is easy to use, scientifically proven and also suitable for the Muslim community Alhamdulillah the app was launched yesterday. But the system we have used that video system that we have used to meet you live on was a little bit complicated, I

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was not familiar with as well. And many people complained that they couldn't actually join even though they have registered. So I decided to make that video in sha Allah Tala and share it on all our platforms. So you can get an idea about what the app is. And of course, to support us by downloading it into your devices, and share it to everyone in your circle and chart law data. Because really, this is the effort of years of research, years of investing time and money to help Muslims and to help non Muslims as well to free themselves from the shackles of pornography addiction, or any undesirable habit. So that's the beauty about the AWARE app, even though that we

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are Academy specialized in this area of porn addiction education, but this app can actually become can be suitable for any other undesirable habit. So if you have an issue with any undesirable habit, whether it's porn addiction, gaming, addiction, Facebook addiction, whatever behavior addiction you may have, this app in a way can really support you in great ways. So inshallah Tada, I'll switch to this camera, where I can show you the actual app, explain a little bit about it, and then invite you all to download it into your devices inshallah Bismillah. So this is my phone right here, and I'm using Samsung, but the app works perfectly fine on both systems, Apple devices, or Android system.

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So let's get into the app explain a little bit about its functions and then inshallah at the end, I will come back again on the other camera and invite you once again to download it into devices in Charlotta Bismillah. So if you look here in the down bottom corner, this is how the app looks like I hope the camera is clear. Sometimes it's not a little bit clearer. So I will just raise up my phone a little bit here. This is the AWARE Academy it's called our academy you can search it under this name on Apple Store or Google Play, and inshallah tallied find it, it is absolutely free to download there is an in app purchase. I will explain that in a minute. Within the app, there are few things

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that perhaps you can purchase for yourself if you find that it is suitable for you in Charlotta. So let's get into it. And this what happens as soon as you click on the app, and explosion because this is what we are after we want it to create transformational move in sha Allah in your in your life that will destroy anything evil anything really distracting you from reaching your potential and Charlotta few things I want to explain so on the top here is the calendar. So as you can see today is 27th of March over here. And every day you can see the calendar, and every month and so on. And that's basically helps you also regarding the tracker so one of the first one of the first functions

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that I wanted to explain is the AWARE tracker as you can see here, this big icon here is the AWARE tracker and if you swipe

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this is what actually you can see it asks you how's your day to day meaning? Did you do that bad habit or not? So if you if you actually slip if you relapse then you maybe

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it shows you that it's okay. I will do better tomorrow. And if you swipe again, if you want to change that or maybe the next day now you wanted to also log in your tracker, you can check here if you say actually I did well, then it shows you and congratulations you are a champion. A journey of 1000 miles begins

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With a single step, and you have just taken that most important step in your life, some motivational quotes, again, our rays of the phone to see I'm not sure if you can see it clearly, sometimes a little bit blurry. But this is basically about the tracker. So it says that in sha Allah.

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And today's good, the green bottom will light up to tell you that today's is good. So that's the tracker, where I advise you every day to log in. At the end of the day, see how your day went, we have in Islam, this self reflection, where every night you before you sleep, you go through the day and see if you have done something right. Praise Allah for it. Thank Allah subhanaw taala, who enabled you to do that which is right. And if you did something wrong, you repent, if you do something wrong, you ask a lot of forgive you, if you did something wrong, perhaps pray to Allah subhanaw taala to assist you to help you to do that, which is right, so tracker is king can remind

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you at least to turn back to Allah Subhanallah every night if you slip, or if you did something, right Alhamdulillah praise Allah subhanaw taala who enabled you to do this. So that's about the tracker. And there's another brilliant, brilliant function that I love the most actually, is if you can see here on the top, there is a cult. And that code is designed by the way Academy is written by myself written by some of my coaches, the code that is displayed on the screen right now, it says that the ignorant ones are so skillful, they will defeat you with their ignorance in any debate or argument, the best medicine for this sickness is to ignore them completely. So these quotes, we have

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365 of them every day, as soon as you download the app. So immediately after you download the app, actually the app asks you When do you want to receive these codes? And when do you want, which time of the day would you like to receive these codes. So as soon as for example, you register 2pm, or 1am, or whichever time suitable for you to read that code to give you some boost or motivational push to keep going with your plan and to keep going with your goals, then that code will appear on your screen. So if I go here, for example, these are the notifications just like how any other notification you receive from different apps or from different systems. You will see in that form,

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I'm not sure if you can see anything, actually I cannot see. So we just try to the light is too strong. But I hope you can see those are some of the notifications that I have, for example. So yeah, so the code will appear there. So this is something that we love the most. Because every single day, you will have a different code coming to you to inspire you to remind you if you go. So imagine with me, if you spent a year receiving every single day, a different quote, some are general, and some are reminding you of your goals. Nothing specifically about pornography because we don't want people while you are using your phone, a message will appear to you, Hey, have you quit

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porn yet, we don't have anything like that. We are aware that many people who are afflicted with porn addiction are a bit shy or ashamed of actually telling anyone or having that fear in their hearts that maybe someone would know about them, and their sin will be exposed to imagine if you continue receiving these messages for a year to remind you of your goal. Inshallah, we hope that this will build within your personality, that habit of pushing your limits to the max in Charlottetown. Alright, so that's about the pop up messages. And we spoke about the trackers now let's get into the other functions in Charlottetown. So this this phone, as I mentioned, is Android

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a system so on Apple device, you might find a less icon or two and we're still working with Apple reviewers on this inshallah so we will we will get them into the Apple devices very soon very light and I have wonderful team working on this inshallah. So we have within the apps icons that are linked to our website, aware So you can use these functions within your app, or you can use them basically anywhere else on any internet device. So what are these functions for example, let me talk about these functions first, for example, the courses so if you click on the courses items, immediately the app takes you to the courses that we have within the academies we

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have the AWARE course. We have recovered course I hope you can see anything but these are the courses that we have. We have emotional intimacy. We have various courses that are

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very, very helpful for yourself as an individual and also for couples, married couples, as well as for families. And we have other on demand courses that we don't usually promote, we talk and we reach out to schools, universities. So if you are interested to bring these courses, we have them also ready for similarly we have products. So hamdulillah I've written a lot of books, I trained a lot of people handler, so we have the AWARE Academy book, find out who you are the porn, we have the AWARE Academy coaching certification program. So if you want to inshallah join our team and become part of the certified coaches that we have Hamdulillah you can do that we have better me and all

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these products, basically about books, as well as trainings. Then we have what else we have, of course, we have about those who don't know what the AWARE Academy service is about. So you can go on the about side and it will, it will give you a little bit of information that we are, we are handling over 17 years of experience, we have 88% success rate when we have assisted so many people around the world with their porn addiction. So we have according to one survey that we have conducted over 88% Actually success rate, especially with those who have joined the critical alignment model, recovery program, and so on. So this page basically give you a brief introduction

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about the wheel Academy. And then also the website is written there if you want to know more. So this is about about and then we have be a coach. So if you wanted to become part of the aware Academy, as I mentioned earlier, then it will take you to the specific page where you can actually sign in and become part of the coaches. So again, this all these icons that I'm showing you are linked to our website, so you can use it within the app once the app is in your device. Or you can use them also when you are on your device on your laptops or your computers. Then we have videos that takes you to our YouTube channel. So Hamdulillah, we have produced some of the very high

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quality video series, we have pandemic, we have many other series, you can go on YouTube channel, The Academy, and watch videos, share them with others, we have hundreds started a series called Heroes, where we interview those who have been able to break free from porn addiction. So we interview them to perhaps inspire others to follow their path. So this is another I can call videos. Where else I want to show you contact where so many people are complaining ha we can't find you handled Oh, you have WhatsApp, we have email. So you can actually reach me through WhatsApp number by texting by calling and hamdulillah whenever I'm available, many of you can testify to that

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Alhamdulillah answer an entertainer. So a little bit brief about myself. And you can email me or you can get in touch with me directly in sha Allah. What else do we have here? We mentioned Yes. And then the new function, which again will take you to our website is the forum's again. So it's very bright. So you can see exactly what's what's going on. But the waveform and we're still building it, but it's coming very, very soon it's ready actually you can start to registering and start maybe enriching the form by your posts. But this idea of taken to be just honest, I have taken it from gay Diem, the founder of reboot nation, so we have massive forum where people can come in and share tips

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and tricks about how to break free from bad habits, especially of course pornography. So I've taken that idea and I wanted to make it more of an Islamic forum to tackling the same thing. So in sha Allah, Allah, this would be a very, very protected platform. We have start here to introduce yourself. And perhaps if you have a story to share, if you have tips to share, maybe you have porn addiction we have one forum would be specifically for women. And we have also age groups. As I mentioned, I have taken this idea from a beam it will be edited still the title of each of each of these forums will be edited Inshallah, and so on. So I think that's about it. Regard and we have

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coaches we have, if you want to reach out coaches, if you have some issues and you wanted to talk to them. Again, this is a platform you will you can reach we have Felicia Bennett from Sydney strictly for females only we have gay, Dean Mossad. We have an Amina from Malaysia we have so many coaches from Pakistan. We have so many coaches from Norway from Wales, Pakistan, a lot of people from Pakistan mashallah we have from the UAE we have from Perth. We are from Sydney.

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We have so many masala Tabata kala coaches you can pick and choose Email them text them depends on what which contacts are available for you to reach out for help if you need Charlo we have also now this is within the app so this you you cannot see on the website this only within the app we have very famous posters that we used to share designed by our beautiful brother Sam from Pakistan. So these are inspirational quotes from my books from various lectures where you can go from time to time and you know find comfort and find solace within reading these codes are very well designed Masha Allah Baraka Allah, and can give you those boosts as well. So these posters can be shared can

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be copied can be saved as your screensaver whatever, this is all for you now, and we have books free books, so you get here and we will inshallah enrich this library in the light Allah we have so far seven books, and all of them are free, you can download them, you can read them, you can share them, no issues whatsoever, we have 10 indications that your husband is addicted to porn, we have also break the cycle it was a program on YouTube is available on YouTube. And then we convert it into beautiful notebook. Thanks to by Aisha one of our great heroes and volunteer, we have can do and can do is a book that was written by if I'm not mistaken, I think find the new drugs or one of those

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organizations. And again, we have we had copied the idea but we converted to Islam, we make it more suitable for the Muslim community. We have goals hitting 1010 major actions that can help you to achieve your goals in life we have how to quit masturbation, we have what else I protect is a very famous workshop that we had in the past. And we again converted into very interesting and interactive book. And then finally, we have pick and choose, again habits that we have selected, believing that it can affect your behavior in a very, very positive manner. Alhamdulillah. Now I have explained briefly about each app, and I forget, by the way, the tracker, when we're every three

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days, every seven days, every 10 days, it gives you like trophies. So if we go to the trophies here, for example, I have muscle Allah for trophies, since I have downloaded the app. And every day, they tell you that these are your awards for remaining sober. So I forgot to mention that this appear every few days 100 The most important function in this app, what hamdulillah is the 90 days challenge. So the 90 days challenge was very, very well researched. So I want to tell you something that every action that we have advised you to give it a go is very well researched, even even people in in the field of neuroscience, people in the field of habit formations, who have studied the brain

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have actually agreed with us regarding these actions. So we do not just advise you to do anything just to keep your days busy. But actually these actions even though they appear sometimes at some points, they appear as insignificant, they have tremendous impact on your behaviors and habit formations. This is the only app that you need to register for and pay $1.90 per year. So $1.90 per year, if and you can cancel it anytime it's $1.90 Anyway, so when you go inside here, it gives you a brief introduction about what is the 90 days challenge. It tells you that the AWOL Academy 90 Days Challenge is to assist you in building new healthy and desirable habits that will consistently live

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with you for the rest of your life. So it's not about having a habit for a week or two and then you slip back to where you were. It's about having a habit that will stick with you until you meet Allah subhanaw taala when you swipe to the left more information about addiction and and the importance of the 90 days challenge it says there is no cure for addiction. And I always say that once addicted, always addicted, addiction is in the brain. And once you you have formed a bad habit for years, then a pathway in your brain is engraved is already there. What we want it to do is to deactivate that pathway. When you deactivate something, you don't erase it completely, you just make it inactive and

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that which is inactive can be reactive anytime. So the challenge that we have designed that hamdulillah can deactivate your addiction, and you can live and manage that while

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Introducing to your brain more healthier habits that will override your addictive pathways. So it says here that there is no cure for addiction. However, there are hundreds of methods that can assist you to manage it and overpower its negative consequences. One of them is to go hard on yourself in pursuing great habits that will later override the addictive pathways in your brains. So the more good habits you introduced to your life, the better your your chances to override the addictive pathways. It also says that remember, the number 90 days isn't the goal, we don't suggest that 90 days is a magical number that if you live for three months sober, then congratulations,

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you're clean. It is it is not the goal, the goal is to overpower your addiction for the rest of your life. 90 days is just the take off stage, the take off stage where habits may stick for years to come. So don't think twice. Inshallah, that's what we say do not really think twice, give it a go anyway, there are seven days for your free before, you can jump in the whole challenge and pay $1.90 a year. And why a year because so many people may not be able to complete the three months, so they have couple of three months per year. And if you couldn't do it the first year, that's okay, we tell you that no worries, you can give it a go the next year and so on. But if you want to cancel at any

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time, it's all up to you in Charlottetown. So once you say try it for free, they will ask you for name and email. That's it. And then once you do that, it will take you to the payment page, complete your payments and start the challenge right away. This is the AWARE app my brothers and sisters and guess what we are adding to it in sha Allah Tala, there will be another function where you can join audio counseling sessions 10 sessions, we are recording the audio right now. So it will take a bit of time before it appears on your app. And once anything is updated from our end, it will be updated on your app so long as you don't change your device. So if you change your device, whatever you did

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on the device will disappear. But and we are working on this as well inshallah we are building more secured and more protected systems in the back end so that you can have whatever you have designed or written or established on that device to appear anywhere else so long as you have your account. But for now in sha Allah Tala, these are the functions that we have for you. And we believe that if you started with the 360 quotes with the trackers with the journal with the 90 days challenge, I guarantee you a great outcome in the lifetime. So let me switch now to this camera where you can see me in sha Allah, Allah my brothers and sisters, we've been working for years. Well, one. I think the

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17 years that's mentioned here, I think is something that perhaps the people who have written this or my team members, when I saw the 17 years, I said you know what, Lily be 17. And it doesn't matter. But I believe it's way more than that. And it involves a lot of struggle, a lot of challenges. Many people disagreed with me to speak even on the topic until today, people are in the belief that we shouldn't focus on this addiction where I believe that it is one of the source of all evil being committed, and one of the source of our Eman not being practiced or not being felt in our hearts enough. And as a result, it is dragging us away from that which is beneficial and essential.

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So I'll keep focusing on this and may Allah Subhana Allah protect us all and help us to inshallah Tada provide to the community that which is beneficial that which will inshallah remain as sort of kajaria not only for myself, but for my family and everyone who shares that app inshallah with others who download it, and inform people of its benefits in sha Allah. So help me support me and support the academy and support the team that worked really day and night to produce this. A lot of investment been put into this a lot of efforts and sleepless nights and money, a lot of money. Well, I don't want to mention how much money we have spent to bring that into existence. So support us in

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Sharla by all means JazakAllah Hiren. And please send me feedback if you noticed any glitches, kindly contact that way Academy info at our Or as I mentioned within the app, you can text me directly on WhatsApp, Jack. Hello. Hi, Ron. May Allah bless you. Thank you so much. Salaam Alaikum wa

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Live cattle and be aware