Ramadan 2021 Suhoor Boost – Justice for Women

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of justice in surah and the importance of developing deeds. They stress the need to be mindful of one's own actions and emotions to see how they react. The speaker also discusses the importance of protecting one's love for his wife and avoiding being too emotional. They stress the need to correct bad ways and avoid professionalism in marriage, and emphasize the historical precedent of abuse and marriage. listeners are advised to seek guidance and help from others.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah, he was happy at mine. My brothers and sisters this evening we read Surah Nisa, which is obviously dedicated to the women. One thing that is clear in the surah. Allah has repeated the issue of justice several times in the surah. Now, it is never a coincidence for Allah subhanho wa Taala. Many of us are guilty for not being just when it comes to our women folk, be it our wives, be it our mothers, our sisters, sometimes our daughters, and even our in laws and so on. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us a sense of justice. I want to remind you that when you came onto the earth, you came

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without any clothing, you were born with nothing, you owned, nothing, you had nothing, you brought nothing, and you came with nothing. And when you will leave, you will leave in fact, with two pieces of cloth, which is a bonus from what you actually came with. When you go into your grave, they will give you an honorary two pieces of cloth Subhan Allah or three, perhaps, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us an understanding that when we came, we brought nothing, when we are going to leave, we will leave with nothing besides our deeds. So this whole world is actually there for us to do as many good deeds as we can allow, will throw into your examination, women, wives, children, parents,

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siblings, in law's business partners, whoever else, Allah throws them into your test, in order to see what do you do. We know what's going to happen in your life. But we want to see how you react, how you retaliate, what you do, how you are how you develop. And this is why when it comes to laws of money, there is no other act of worship that Allah has mentioned in such great detail, then that of the wealth that you leave behind, when you die Subhan Allah, the detail is so so fine, that you cannot go wrong. There are very few minor differences of opinion when it comes to inheritance. So I call on you, my brothers and sisters, to learn the rules of inheritance, to learn that the money is

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not yours and malamala the wealth that you found on earth belongs to Allah, you will leave in the wealth will continue. But you might lose sometimes people say, I have got five sons one was not so nice to me. So when I leave, I want to block him. Now that's a very interesting statement because you feel perhaps that this one son was not so nice to me. Or maybe his wife wasn't a choice of mine, La ilaha illa Allah, when did Allah say a wife of your son should be your choice? Once someone told me Well, at the time of Ibrahim Alayhi, salam, he came to the door, and he told that woman tell your husband to change the doorstep. And that meant that the father was instructing his son to divorce

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the wife, therefore, fathers are allowed to instruct their sons to divorce their wives. I said, No way. You are not Ibrahim alayhis salam, and that instruction was not revelation from Allah Subhana Allah, the day someone claiming to be well, you know, you and I know Prophethood is over. But when the Prophet said Ibrahim alayhis salam, it was something different today, for some petty reasons your father could tell you divorce your wife. What is right for you to do? You need to ask yourself is my father right? Or is my wife right? Yeah, I you

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I mean, I've been

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amazing verse. Allah says, all you who believe stand steadfast for justice, for the sake of Allah, whether it be against your own parents, or your relatives, your children, whoever it may be the rich or the poor. Sometimes people side with the rich Have you noticed that? The rich man is always right, because you know, if I say he's wrong, I'm going to have a problem here. Allah says in yakun, honey and opha, Kira for love hula being eema. Allah comes before both of them that wealth, what is it? Allah says rich or poor? you side with who is right, your father, your mother? Recently, I released a little lecture where I said who is right, your mother or your wife? The answer is or who

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do you love more? The answer is when it comes to who is right. You've got to look at what the issue is. If your mother is wrong, respectfully very kindly. You can actually call

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Rector or you can move away in order to portray your dissatisfaction. Ibrahim alayhis salam beautifully told his father, yeah, Bertie in de cada Nieminen me, mala Mia tick for me dicalcium

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Oh my father, I have some knowledge that did not come to you follow me, I will guide you to the right path. SubhanAllah if we were to tell that to our fathers, we'd be kicked out of our house. Right? That's what happened to Ibrahim alayhis salam, he was kicked out of the whole community. They threatened him. But he said it's so beautifully. You know what he says? Yeah, but it in me. I

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oh, my father, I fear that perhaps the punishment of the Most Merciful will get to you. Look at the look at the contrast. On one hand he's describing Allah is Allah man, the Most Merciful, right? And on the other hand, he's saying the punishment of the Most Merciful, it goes to show that Allah won't punish you in a rush. You have a chance to turn that's what it means. You have a chance you and I have millions of chances to turn to Allah, you did something wrong, make amends. So this is what we mean when we say you look at who is right who is wrong, be it your father or your mother. Here is the verse of the Quran. We read it tonight in Surah Nisa, where Allah subhanho wa Taala addressing

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the matter says that Oh, you who believe stand firm for what is right for justice, even if it's against your own parents, who are a lowly Dane, mother and father. Some people mix up the Hadith of the prophets of Salaam wherein he says, Who is the question was asked, obviously, who is more deserving of my good companionship? What was the answer? My mother, your mother, basically? Who next your mother who next your mother, we've even heard some songs made in that regard, right? It's true. Is that talking of obedience? No. Is that talking of when she is wrong? No. It's talking of your kindness, man. How can NASA be whose name is Betty, who is the most deserving of my goodness, my

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kindness, my good companionship, your mother and your mother and your mother and then your father, your father will probably slap you Subhanallah if you are mischievious, I don't think in this generation that would work because the son would come up and roll his sleeves and show his dad, the result of all the protein has been pushing Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us protection. By the way, it may not be so healthy.

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But the point being raised is you need to know that what is right is right, be it your mom or your dad or whoever it is. This is sure to Nisa. Many people have a problem between their wives and their mothers because they don't know how to.

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I was about to say play the politics, but they don't know how exactly to manage it. It's something to manage, your love of your mother will never change, it will increase. It's a different type of love. You can never say I don't love my mother, or you are not allowed to be unkind to her, even if she is unkind or even if she is wrong, you can respectfully let her know that. But your love for your wife is very different. And you need to understand this, you need to know it. And you need to be able to juggle the two in a beautiful way. Sometimes you might have to protect your wife from the harm of your own mother. And sometimes you might have to protect your mother from the harm of your

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own wife. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us beautifully regarding the wealth that we leave when we pass away to be just to be fair, especially to the women and the orphans. The widows are cheated. A lot of the times, the orphans are cheated. A lot of the times people want to change the wealth. People want to shortchange them. People want to say no, no, no, you don't have a share anymore. Because you know what dad gave you when he was alive? Subhanallah that's a statement that you need to throw out of the window. Because Allah tells you, whatever you gave when you were alive, you gave what was yours. The minute you close your eyes,

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it's ours. We decide what's going to happen with this.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us an understanding? And there's no question. There's no doubt what's the point of me failing in the last moments when I'm about to meet with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And my will is totally upside down completely an Islamic totally in the opposite direction of the instruction of Allah. And that's the last thing I needed to do as I left, you're not going to take your wealth with you. Let's go back to those five sons. Imagine you didn't block any of them and you followed what Allah told you. And it so happens that 20 years later

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There's only one son who always makes two out for you. Who is he? He's the one who regretted that he was a bad son when you were alive, the other four they forgot you Subhan Allah, that was a good man. That was a good man is not going to get him into Jana. Oh ALLAH forgive my father. That's what's going to get him into Jana Subhana Allah so don't underestimate who's going to be closer to you later on, you don't know, be fair, be just you passed your test in the eyes of Allah, whether you got along or didn't get along with that particular child, it is your child. Some people want to block their brothers and sisters in the case where they don't have children or they don't have male

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children sometimes. My brother, my sister, you cannot do that. It's not up to you. This is Allah telling you it's justice. This money was ours. This wealth was ours. You came onto the earth zero, you're gonna go back zero. Don't worry about what's gonna happen. Do it the way we told you and that's it, you will succeed with Gen natural filters. That is Allah. So these are the verses that Allah has repeated. There are other verses that I want to report to you about. In what we read tonight in Surah, Nisa, Allah speaks about marital Discord. It's normal and natural that you might have a few misunderstandings in marriage, because you are two totally different people. It doesn't

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mean I want a divorce. I want out, I want to get out and you were only married, you need to make an effort sacrifice, adjust and change on both sides, not just on one. You can't say you're a woman, you need to adjust Well, if you are wrong, you also need to adjust. You need to correct your bad ways and habits, all the pornography all the bad friends you have all the drugs that you've been taking, even if it is weed. Some people think it's okay, it's just we just weed. The only weed we know that's permissible is Tajweed. I'm sure you know that right? Otherwise, you can't say just weed weed is weed come what may?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us? Yes, some people speak of the medicinal properties of it, of the cannabis and so on. We're talking of the social smoking of it is totally prohibited in Islam. You need to remember this.

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Oh, I see people looking at me as though I'm saying something wrong here. May Allah subhanho wa Taala. Forgive us, it is so common today that we become wrong to talk about it in the eyes of some, but we will still say it because we have to. So if you have these bad habits, you need to change them. You cannot think to yourself that I don't need to change, you must change. You're the woman who are you to say that when the bad habits are yours. You have all relations with all women in the earth on the earth and you tell her to turn a blind eye? Imagine if she were to do that with males, it would be unforgivable. Why the double standards? you correct yourself and you will see what will

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happen this side as well. May Allah subhanho wa Taala strengthen us what I've said is fair, and it is just because Allah speaks about justice. So Allah says, when you have marital discord, do you know what you need to make sure both of you want to solve the problem? Listen to what Allah says,

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a god

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a Filipina

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when there is a problem and the two parties get together, both of them want a solution. If they both want to solve the problem, Allah will grant them the acceptance to solve the problem. Why? Because both of them want to solve it. I am ready to say I'm sorry. She is ready to say I'm sorry. No one is here to try and prove who was right and who was wrong. This is the reality. Let's apologize to each other. Let's never repeat this again. And let's move forward. Those are champions Mashallah. But if you are here to prove who was right and wrong, you're not going to solve the problem.

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Allah says if both of you want to solve it, you will solve it. But if one wants to prove who's right and wrong, you're not going to solve the problem here. Remember this, that's Allah solution in the Quran. So my brothers and sisters, if you think that you just should get out of a marriage, because of a small issue you've had, then you may get into another marriage with worse issues. And you might get into our third marriage with disaster, and you might get into our fourth marriage with even bigger disaster. But who knows, the fifth one might just come right? May Allah subhanho wa Taala, grant us ease. It's not wrong to be married again and again. But the point I'm raising is don't just

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give up out of a small matter if it is a major matter. You're being abused and there is something serious that's happening in all meaning with all honesty, and by all means you have the right to seek help to get out of that abusive situation that is unbearable, or something that you feel is really beyond the line. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us all happiness, goodness. May Allah grant us bliss, contentment solution to our problems, the ability to

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Listen, the ability to say I'm sorry, truthfully,

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and the ability to solve our matters and problems may Allah subhanho wa Taala use us as a role model for others when they see us they will actually be able to learn a lesson such that we get a free reward for it. May Allah grant us origin nettle Fidelis akula Kohli was Allah Allah who was a llama Baraka ala nabina Muhammad wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.