Omar Suleiman – Allah Laughs at This Awkward Meeting

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the Hadith in portraying murder in the world and its use for sex, privacy, and justice. They emphasize the need for forgiveness and proper recourse for anyone who refuses to do so. The importance of avoiding harming others and not trying to elevate oneself is emphasized, as well as the need to avoid harming others and not try to get rid of them. The segment also touches on the concept of a "hasha" and how it relates to success and success in one's life.
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Do brothers and sisters, we've all heard the Hadith about the man who killed 99 people. And then he goes and he asks for repentance for forgiveness. And he sees that the person that he's asking forgiveness for he's asking if he has a chance, at the forgiveness and mercy of Allah tells him that how do you expect to meet your Lord having killed 99 people and because he answers him that way, he kills this man two kills 100 people, those two a scholar, the scholar tells him who can stand between you in the mercy of Allah, but you need to change your life. You need to go to this land, resettle and start over with your Lord. And of course, as we know, he dies along the way. And the

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angels are perplexed with whether this man is to be punished or to be shown mercy and Allah subhana wa tada says, measure the distance between his body and the land that he left in the land that he was going to, and treat him in accordance with the land that he's closest to. And Allah in one narration even causes the land to shift him closer to the land that he was going to, so that he could show him His mercy. It is a wonderful narration about the powerful Mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. But imagine being one of those 100 people roaming in paradise.

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And as you are roaming the beautiful gardens of Paradise, you look up and you see the man who murdered you.

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Imagine the thoughts and the way that that person would feel like whoa, this person is engender.

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Imagine being Hamza all the time will say you to shut up. The leader of the martyrs, the leader of the Shahada. And the last thing he saw in this world was watching who threw the spear into his chest, and Hamza pursued him all the allow time, until he collapsed because he no longer had any breath to go after the one who threw the spear. And then after his death would cut him up at the order of hint, and serve his liver to her so that she could chew it. Imagine Hamza about the alongside and who meeting what she engender.

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Imagine all of those who are in fact, seeing how the diviner reads an economic an hourglass, these people that live to become great companions. And seeing them roaming in Geneva and saying Subhana Allah, they made it because as far as they are concerned, they don't read the sword of Allah. And they don't read the glorious story of economic Shahada, and they don't read the story of Ahmed manasse, and Islam spreading throughout the world to places like Egypt, the last thing they saw in this world was them killing them.

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And this is the beautiful Hadith that I wanted us to draw a few lessons from in the short time that we have today is a headache that's narrated in Bukhari and Muslim and narrated in fact through many different books of Hadith that is an agreed upon heavy from above right all of the A lot of times I know that the prophet SAW Allah who I think he was setting them said el hecho la who you know la julaine Allah laughs at two men this interesting to kill your meeting that takes place a lot of laughs at these two men Yup. Two I had

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one of them kills the other killer who may have agenda and then they both enter into agenda.

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And so how does that how is that your rasulillah How is that even possible that a murdered man meets his murder and gentlemen,

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that this man strives in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala and is killed by the other so Allah enters them into paradise and then the one who murdered him returns to Allah subhana wa tada turns back to him and is turned to in mercy from Allah subhana wa tada and dies a similar way and then they meet one another agenda sapan Allah Allah laughs at this meeting this awkward meeting of two people in Jana. Imagine meeting your murder agenda. Now of course at that point, it's not let's continue the battle. Because we enter into a grudge free any ill feelings are removed from our hearts We are purified before we enter into gender if one and add

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a pseudo in with a copy the male's parents are makers amongst them. Brothers and sisters sitting on thrones facing one another the only thing that we have our memories of joy and the only thing that happens in Jamaica is an increase in joy and happiness. So there is no sadness there. There is no yeah, a lot. Can you get this one out?

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It is so

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Panama Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar. What is this? But it's happiness and its joy. And I wanted to talk about this in Charlottetown. Just five quick lessons from this beautiful Hadith, which shows us so many different layers of our Deen. Number one. Think about it from the perspective of the one who carried out such a grievious action, how do you even move on from committing a major sin? And we know that shavonne will go to the one who committed a major sin and tell him you think Allah is going to accept you don't even think about repenting? How are you going to turn back to Allah? In the case of these people you killed Sahaba

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you murdered people close to the prophets, Allah lahardee who was some of you persecuted the prophets line some of them What makes you think Allah would forgive you but just like the man told the man from Venezuela who killed 100 people who is the obstacle between you and allows mercy, who gets to stand between you and Allah's mercy, you have a path back to Allah. So long as you are still breathing in this life, you have a chance to enter into paradise. The door of repentance is open for you, no matter what major sin you have committed, it is still open for you. And so that's something that we take from this but then that person on the other side might think but what about, you know,

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justice? And what about love woman young the Day of Judgment, there's no injustice today? And we're like, not get my rights. Don't we have the Hadith of the prophets like some of them about loveless, the bankrupt person who shows up at the scale with their prayers with their fasting with their charity, but they're backbiting and they're gossiping, and they're harming people and their honor their property or thought about how they're hitting someone? All of that takes away their good deeds? Don't we have that Hadith? Yes, we do. And they've been Mr. Gulati, alongside and who he said that in the mercy of Allah subhana wa, tada, Allah, if he chooses to forgive and show mercy upon

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you, and enters you into his favor by that repentance, he will allow all of the rights to be paid back to that person and Allah would take your good deed and increase it until it covers all of those rights that have been taken

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out of the laws, love and mercy for you that way that person is not wrong, they have their full rights, nor are you excluded from Allah's mercy and forgiveness. This speaks to a person who repents, who turns back to Allah subhanaw taala. So lesson number one, the difference between the unrepentant and the repentance. The unrepentant woman who enters into paradise because she put a cat in a cage and forbade that cat from its sustenance, that woman would be forgiven would be prevented from Paradise because she tortured an animal and did not repent for it. Whereas a person who repented to a law for taking one of his most beloved servants, is completely forgiven and entered

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into paradise. The difference between the two is Toba, it is repentance. That one person even in the harming of an animal is unrepentant. And this person even in the harming of one of the laws, most beloved servants, turns back to Allah subhana wa tada seeking His forgiveness and seeking His mercy. The difference between the two is Toba, not the gravity of the sin, the gravity of the sin dissolves and the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It does not matter how grave the sin is. It's about the sincerity of repentance. And that means that if you are alive, and you have harmed someone, seek forgiveness from Allah subhana wa Tada. This does not say, well, I'll just wait for that person to

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die and then I'll make Toba and then maybe Allah will forgive me No, the prophets I send him said do not sleep. Don't leave this world with a woman on your scale with oppression on your skill. Go and seek forgiveness go and undo, go and reconcile. layer to the agenda. No, ma'am. Don't let don't don't don't be a person who dies a slander and does not seek forgiveness for that does not undo the harm. Go and seek forgiveness seek the proper recourse but as you seek the proper recourse, know that you have a Lord that accepts repentance if it's sincere, no matter how great. So that's number one. The difference between one who is repentance with a major sin and one who is unrepentant with

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what is relatively minor compared to the number two, the vastness of Allah has mercy in this Hadeeth

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that allows mercy encompasses both that person and that person that allows mercy cannot be limited by anyone or by any circumstance and that every single person has a path back to a loss mercy and an hamdulillah Allah did not put us at the mercy of other people, but we are at his mercy ultimately subhanho wa Taala number three, the vastness of Allah as parents

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dies unless Jenna.

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You know, it's not like there's not enough space here that one person has to go and the other person can't go because you're there. How many times do you want to go to a party, but you say if that person is going to be there, I'm not going to be there. Let me know who else is invited, because I don't want to go, that person's there. I don't want to go to this. And of course, now and COVID will take any invitation, right? Any social gathering, but I didn't want to go because that person's there, keep it small and everything is exclusive. This is a lot of agenda, a loss paradise, and a lost should Allah choose to forgive you and forgive the one you dislike.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will not be limited in his gender. And there's space in Jamaica for everyone who qualifies? That's number three. Number four.

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That every hardship in the form of a person or a thing that is sent to us in this life is an opportunity to elevate ourselves in the next life as untuck Rahul shake Well, hello, hello nutcombe you might hate something and it's better for you. You might hate something and it's better for you. No one seeks to be harmed, you should not put yourself in harm's way. No one likes to be harmed. But every person or thing or circumstance that Allah has put in your way in this life is a means of elevating yourself in the next life if you respond in the appropriate way.

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Allah has a path that he crafts for each one of us. Our paths are customized to paradise. And so it may be that that person lived long enough and made repentance and Toba to Allah and they had their path to paradise. But some kind of love that person was the reason for you entering into paradise, the difficulty that came to you through that person was the means by which you entered into paradise, every thing or person hardship that comes in your in your life is a means of elevating yourself in the next bit delay to Allah. And lastly, a mindset. Your success does not depend upon the failure of others. So many of the dunya we diseases, the worldly diseases that we have, are

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based out of this faulty idea

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that our success depends upon the failure of others. And so we try to hurt others to get above whether that is in regards to our worldly affairs or in regards to our affairs of the hereafter. And one of the lessons that we take from this hadith is that our success does not depend on the failure of others. We should never try to bring someone else down in order to bring ourselves up. We should never hurt to elevate because there is no true elevation in that sense of how I love the way Allah says about those that said even about the Prophet slice alum receiving revelation

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that it should have descended upon why not upon one of us instead? I don't know Korea taneous Lee, why not one of the great man why not one of us? Why didn't I become a prophet? And in the process of that they missed out on becoming Sahaba and having the companionship of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in general by following him and obeying Him and by doing good because they were so bent on why him and not me. Your success does not depend upon the failure of others. A lot of men in this life and in the next is vast enough to encompass this all so long as we stay focused on attaining his LACMA, His mercy and attaining his paradise May Allah subhanaw taala allow everything

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that happens to us to direct us to His mercy and to his paradise, everything that comes our way to be either a means of expiation or a means of elevation. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the best of this life and the best of the hereafter and protect us from the punishment of the Fire a lot not I mean a lot of stuff a lot you recommend a certain Muslim infrastop fill in the hole for him?

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu Salam anasuya trimaran Ernie he will be a marine. A lot more Latino and Latina. Well Muslim in all Muslim out here even homeless and white in the Kissimmee area and Caribbean movie but there are a lot along the Caribbean are having a wonderful and that will add to Robin Avalon and personnel in

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an akuna Minal Casa de and allotment nikka and Karina to habitat for fat foreigner. A lot more thoroughly wadena of the hamama Kamara bonus lotto Robin I have a dynamic as well as you know the reality now karate Aryan Jana didn't subpoena Emma La Ilaha anticipate Anika in Khulna may not bother me. La la la untersuchen Okay, I couldn't I mean Oh boy, I mean, La ilaha illa anticipo Monica iniquity I mean a lot I mean, a lot of us. Well if one in Amman Covina is equally McCann Allah azza wa jal if one and then Covina equally McCann llaman so if one mustafina female sharekhan other mahavihara Allah ethnical one I mean a lot I mean, there's no one and endanger himself I mean,

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about a lot and a lot a little bit I do an accent for each

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faction, even when Carrie will barely ever Camila come to the Caribbean

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First quarter last quarter comb wash Kuru and an aroma. Is it ethical, or ethical? Allahu Akbar, Allah Yahweh Matheson our own welcome


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