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Quran 30 for 30 – Day 23 – Yaseen – Zumar

June 28, 2016

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All right, so I'm like when I can select accounts, everyone, sorry, we're running a little late, as usual. So thanks, I think that we're gonna get started usually everyday sometime between three and 320 my time. So just depends on how quickly we can get the kids distracted. And I can make it to my office if I'm running some sort of errand or something of that sort. So I apologize for being late once again,

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smoothed out him the Los Altos de la vida, and he was a happy woman, why not? So we're on day 23 and just 23 and so Pamela you know, it's it's amazing because we just came out of the 23rd night of Ramadan I don't know about you all, but it was a very peaceful night pascalis pinata that that it was if it was later through other than a loss of habitat accepted from all of us, and that if anyone fell asleep or did not get to observe the night as they hope to have observed it, that a loss of contact, grasp them the full reward for their intention, of course, we've still got the 25th night and the 27th night in the 29th night ahead of us and all of these other nights. So in any case,

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inshallah title will catch it, and will be rewarded for it. So in the 23rd Jews, we're continuing now in sort of yes scene. And it particularly starts

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at verse 28, of surah. Yaseen. Now we left off obviously with the messenger of the messengers, who was killed, who called his people to guidance, and he was killed because they did not find his message to be appealing and they got sick of him preaching essentially and Allah subhanaw taala mentioning to us, this man as he's killed being raised up the ladder for the job not being told to enter Paradise and saying he later Connie Jarmon Oh, how I wish my people would know beam of authority, Robbie, which are Amina micromine, how Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven me, and how Allah subhana wa tada has made me from amongst those that were honored, that were given that great

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reward. So the care that he had for his people, you know, even as they killed him, and this is basically the character of a messenger and the character of a messenger of a messenger, ie a Dahlia, that they care, they care for their people, they want goodness for their people. And they hate to see their people in pain or suffering in this world or in the next. So guidance is for their own good, right you see yourself as, as a caretaker of society, as a caretaker of mankind. And obviously, that comes in various capacities, it comes in the capacity of providing, you know, you know, care, in the physical sense, and in the emotional sense and so on, so forth, and being there

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for people and being of service to mankind. But also we see that, you know, delivering a message, you know, which which gives hope in the hereafter and which gives a, a sense of longing for a loss of Hamlet and connecting people to their Lord, that's also a means of service to mankind, there is service to mankind as well. So in one sense, you are to serve people in the worldly sense, in another sense, you are to serve them in the academic sense, right, by connecting them to that which will give them happiness in the hereafter as well and in this world, by giving a sense of purpose, and so on, so forth. So that's the way that the last Jews ended. The rest of sutiya scene and in

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fact, this just focuses on the resurrection. So it's my kin core on everything here that that's in this Joseph just 23 is Mexican Koran, and it's focusing on the people being resurrected. And it's focusing on the the magnificence of Allah subhana wa Tada. So it's very typical.

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It's one of the downfalls of going live is that you're going to hear me sneeze and cough most types of things. So anyway,

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this is typical mechi called and to focus on the hereafter and the resurrection. But here you know, this just has a very regretful tone

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it's a tone or you know of remorse it's a tone of if only they would have listened to their profits if only they would have listened to their to their messengers you had the noise, the amount of comments If only they would have listened to their messengers falling they would have listened to their profits then they would not have been in a miserable situation so they should have listened to those that cared for them that that called them to follow a loss of Hannah Tyler's guidance and they asked nothing of them in return in this world. So the waste what is the way that this just starts off one that ends and Nana call me him and bury him in June the Amina Sana you Mr. Quinn amanzi

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Dean, and we did not send down upon his people after him and he soldiers from the heaven, nor would we have done so in Canada, it looks like Hatton wahida but he doesn't harm me doing so you're going to see a slight high it was not but one shout and immediately they were all extinguished. Say Huh, which is the the shouts right which is the sudden shock the sudden blow is going

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To be mentioned a few times in Somalia scene, right, this idea of a site where the shouts that would that would cause all of us to die a shout that would cause us to be resurrected the blowing in the horn and so on so forth. This is something that's going to be repeated throughout the rest of Somalia scene and in the beginning of of this just so last pantai says yeah hasta la tonight is a bad night to him the lawsuit in in LA can OBE Yes Does he own? You know, so in the previous shows, we had the messenger expressing regret Yeah, later told me I won't I wish my people would know, the goodness that Allah subhanaw taala has showered upon me and the way that Allah subhana wa tada has,

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has given me, you know, has given me what, you know, everything that I that I expected from him and he fulfilled his promise to me. And I wish my people would also attain salvation here a lost parent, I says in verse 30, yeah, has gotten out of eba What a shame for mankind. What a shame for the people, my T human lawsuit and in lakanto be here says you never did a messenger come to them, except that they used to mock that messenger. So what a shame for mankind, what regret for mankind that they did not pay attention holistically collectively, To the Messengers that were sent to them by their Lord Subhana hotel. So once again, you have in verse 49. Now young, llorona, ilsley,

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Hatton, wahida, they are not you know, they await only but a single Say hi, once again, a shout out right to hold the home. mahonia has the moon, it will take them, it will overtake them while they're disputing. So while people are still disputing over the nature of the hour, while people are still disputing with their messenger, while people are still disputing over, you know, whether this message is true or not. Las panatela mentions that it will just be one slight hot, one shout and then suddenly, everyone will be seized even as they're in the middle of their disputes. So obviously, what this refers to is that the resurrection comes on comes without any warning, right?

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We have warning signs, but once the resurrection comes, it comes and it takes people by surprise. So it's just like that, and somehow to love the people are arguing, the people are disputing and so on, so forth. And Allah subhanaw taala allows it all to end. And you can imagine, you know, Subhana Allah when there are people that are, you know, that die of sudden death, sometimes in the middle of conversation, and so on, so forth. So it's a quick, you know, a quick overtaking from a loss of Hannah Montana that Allah mentions here. And so in verse 51, will also notice as one new piece of the story that either home you know, as death either Bahamians, Iran and suddenly the Trumpet will

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be blown. So Allah mentions the second lo and behold from the graves, they will come out quickly to their Lord. So last time he mentions now that the blow came, and suddenly everyone was taken away. And now another blow and everyone rises from their graves and imagine the sight of everyone rising from their graves to be resurrected. And to come back to a loss of Hannah, which add on who Yeah, wasteland an American army more Kadena had one i don't know why i go back Nana was sort of a more serene, and they will say, Woe to us who woke us up from our sleeping place. And the reply will be to them, that this is what the Most Merciful had promised. And the messengers told the truth was

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more subtle. So somehow a lot, you know, you can combine these two scenes together. On one hand, people are overtaken by the blow, when they're they're still disputing over whether or not this was the truth, and they're still arguing and so on, so forth. So on one hand, it's there in the middle of that argument, and they're taken, then they go into that realm of abundance. They go into that, that middle realm, that transition, where the people live between this junior and between the mafia, and the experience of the Africa, what Allah subhanaw taala allows them to experience so some people's graves are chambers of Hellfire, and some people's graves are guardians of paradise. So

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they are in their punishment, they're being punished, and that will cover and a loss of Hannah Montana mentions that with this blow, they suddenly rise up from their graves. And when they see the horror of the Day of Judgment, they would think they were sleeping, you know, Subhanallah they would suddenly forget all of the punishments that they were going through in their graves, and they see the horror of the day of judgment and they say Wait, and I'm back then I'm in Makati know how the suddenly they're standing up out of their graves. And they're looking around and they're seeing the scene and they're saying who woke us up from our sleep. And the response comes have wandered off

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man, this is what the Most Merciful was promising you the entire time was Southern California Sedona and the messengers were truthful. So the blow took them while they were disputing. And when the blow came and they rose back up to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is it is said to them that this is what was promised to you all along and allows

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pantalla once again says incarnate ilsley hattan wahida. It is just one shout out for either one Jamia and Edina Mahabharat on and suddenly they are all brought up before us they are all standing in front of us Pamela law mentions to us and certain wisdom and phakisa, Elijah jamara. Now only only now they Buffy, or I'm sorry, Los Santos does for Keifa to tap on it, and the only other I would have done a Shiva, that a young baby, right, a baby would see the scene of the day of judgment and the hair of that baby would turn gray. So you can imagine a person who knows that they were, you know, away from Allah subhanaw taala. They know that they did not follow the guidance of the

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messenger that came to them, they know that they did not believe. And they know that they were aggressive, in fact, towards the messengers that came to them with the truth. You can imagine them what they have to fear if the baby if the baby's hair turns gray. Because, you know, because of the horror, even though the baby has nothing to worry about, right in terms of its own accountability, what about the person who has something to worry about because they did not follow the guidance that came from a loss of Hannah Montana, so encountered in law, sleep at 10 wahida is only one shout and then suddenly, they are all standing up in front of a loss of Hannah Montana. And you know, and

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everyone meets their

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everyone meets their meets their Creator. And that sounds, the next sort of sort of soft, that is the lines. So what was the last time I mentioned to us, by the way, on the day of judgment, that even the angels would be arranged install fat, so even the angels who do not, you know, have anything to worry about? Right, because the angels did not disobey last time. In fact, they were incapable of disobeying the last pound out of the scene of the Day of Judgment. When the people come and they line up in front of a loss of Hannah Horta. They are arranged in their rows, human beings, animals, angels, jinn and so on, so forth. So here, a loss of Hannah Montana mentions to us, the

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angels and the angels who are busy in their worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala, busy in their glorification of Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah. And Allah mentions the jinn, who are trying to you know, the gyms that try to steal the news from the heavens. So everyone is trying to figure out, you know, the angels just prepare themselves by worshipping a last kind of Allah as do the writers, believers, and some are trying to steal the news from the heavens and so on, so forth. And then Allah subhanaw taala discussion discusses, you know, just some of the various aspects of, of resurrection, this idea that it is not difficult for a loss of habitat to resurrect mankind once

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again. And Allah mentions to us that the conversations of the people of Hellfire, the conversations of the people of Paradise, so the people of Paradise being on their thrones, facing one another, and drinking from their drinking from the wine that's being passed around in general, and so on, so forth. So a lot mentions to us now the conversations now sort of seen the last panel, I mentioned that the hour comes while people are arguing with one another, and disputing the truth, and then they stand up and they're brought back and resurrected. And this is the promise of a loss penalty manifest now. So now this is post the Day of Judgment, the people in paradise speaking with one

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another, the people in Hellfire speaking with one another. And so Pamela, you have one of the most interesting conversations in the ad in verse 50. last panel and Allah mentions for Acquavella Barack Obama babbling at US alone, that people you know, they go around you go looking for your relatives, you go looking for your friends, you go looking for your family members and gender. Everyone's trying to find their their companions to celebrate in gender, right that we made it and hamdulillah and so people go around approaching one another inquiring of one another. And of course, there's no hardship and there's no sadness and genda but you know, you're just trying to find out who's here,

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right who's here. So some had a lot you ask about one another and you and you start looking for one another you start looking for your friends, you start looking for your parents, and so on so forth. So last contacts us for alphabet bottling into sat alone. So they start to meet with one another on a call, you know, Minh home in new Canada, Corinne. So one of them says, You know, I remember I had a friend on Earth. I remember I had a friend in the previous life. Yeah, Polo in NACA, laminal Muslim, and he said to me, are you really amongst those that think this is true that take this seriously? Are you really taking this stuff Seriously? That's Pamela Surya seen the disputes are

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taking place and then they rise up and have them what are the retina or SATA kamasan. So the prophets were truthful all along, so Jacobo in that kind of minimal sub the clean now, this this man in general is remembering his friends and

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The world saying to him Do you really think he's telling the truth somehow? The same words are used either myths now I couldn't hold on them or Ivana and Ella Medina, do you think that once we die and we become Dustin bones, that we will be brought back to life and nobody knows that we will be given a sense of permanence? Got a hell Anton matale own so the man said

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would you care to come look with me? Would you care to come find this friend with me so he's telling his his company in paradise? Do you want to come look for this person in Hellfire or you want to go see where this person is? So that we can find him this person that used to argue with me and dispute with me fell flat on a follow up so as James so this man goes looking for his friends, and there is a place in paradise where a person could see some of the inhabitants of Hellfire so the oppressed could see their oppressors for example, in Hellfire, so this person goes for half an hour to him in some way. last panel to Allah shows him this man that used to mock him and argue with him and so on

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so forth. In the middle of Hellfire on a tele he in kittila total Deen and he says, you know by Allah you almost got me. You almost got me. meanings of Hello, here I am and gender there you are in hellfire. I almost fell for your argument. And I almost ended up in the same place that you are right now. Tell la he in good territory. You almost ruined me You almost got me. Well, no, never meant to be like winter no more flooding and had it not been for the grace of my Lord. I would have certainly been amongst those who are in Hellfire as well. So somehow it's the narrative of a loss of time the blessing of Allah that He guided me that he chose to guide me even though you were arguing

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with me and even though you were putting forth you know, a convincing argument that this is not the truth. So Allah subhana wa tada teaches us I'm having to de la isla de Hidalgo, Li haga lahmacun, Alina Dahlia Lola and hold on Allah that we praise and we think Allah subhanaw taala who guided us to this and had he not guided us to this then then we would have been an absolute destruction. So this person, he says, you know, had it not been for the grace of my Lord that I certainly would have been in the same situation as you then he says FM Ananda we may you team you know, are we really not going to die anymore? Are we really had a lot it's a it's a it's a beautiful? You know, it's a

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beautiful realization or recognition in paradise. Like, is the test really over? Do we really not have to go through this anymore? Do we really not have to go through the mockery anymore? Or the uncertainty? or whatever it may be? Are we really not going to die anymore? Lm o tattnall Ola Mama nanobeam I've been except for our first death and we're not going to be punished because once you get to Gemini you don't get out. It's not like you can party too hard. and gentlemen gets thrown out agenda Telfair, what's your agenda, your agenda? Right? So you know, is this really happening right now is really the only death that we're going to have? Am I really not ever going to have to worry

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about any uncertainty anymore or ever being punished anymore. So in level one, fellows are lean. So the man says, verily, this is supreme success. This is the ultimate success. This is the great attainment, the myth, we have a phenomenon in the last panel data sets for that ending, let those who work but those who wants to seek salvation, seek salvation. So that's what you're working for. You're asking yourself, is it worth it, to be putting myself through all this sacrifice and prayer and worship and whatever it may be in selflessness for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala in this world, it absolutely is. So you should be working for it and you should be seeking it as well. And

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and this is the the crux of sort of the spa fat and Allah Subhana Allah mentions to us new highly his seller, he mentions to us Ibrahim alayhis salam.

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And he mentioned to us the sacrifices and particularly while he might have his setup so Subhana Allah the mystery however for the Ottoman larvae known for that ending let those who work work you see it with a below him It has Salaam Allah mentions his sacrifice and how he lost a parent and made his sacrifice

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worth it. And a last minute Allah mentions to us that the Prophet ilias at his salon, look at his salon Eunice it, his salon and so on so forth. And the way that sort of the soft, the way that sort of stuff at ends, it tells the profits by selling out of the home that's to leave the mockery of the disbelievers and instead to glorify a last kind of hotel, because you are not in delusion. So what you are calling to is real and it will come to pass. So don't pay too much attention to the insults into the mockery of those that are that are that are mocking you but instead focus on what Allah subhanho wa Taala has promised for the believers and indeed it will come

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The deck sort of a pseudo slot. So pseudo sob continues and this entire in this in the same

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you know in the same rhetoric and a loss of control time mentions the destruction of the arrogance and a loss of Hannah Montana then tells us about the tests of the profits. So a lot of tests in two different ways a lot of tests with hardship or a test with ease Allah mentions the test of that whoo daddy is Salim and Sulaiman alayhis salam with the Greek kingdom. So there's quite a bit of details little songs of the Kingdom of Solomon at his Salaam, his fine horses, the Djinn under his command, the palaces when Sulaiman Iceland asked the last panel into one of the 30 were heavily Malcolm Nyan, but he hadn't been better do Allah forgive me and give me a kingdom that will not that did not

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belong to anyone before and will not belong to anyone after me. So last time I mentioned these things and then we find the story of a human body is Allah Subhana Allah it's a human body, his salon one of the descendants of the ecovadis so he's one of the prophets of Bani Israel he

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you know, he has a different story than Sulayman so the manner in Salaam was given the kingdom and the kingdom stayed with him you've already his salon was given the kink was given Kingdom as well though not to the level of Solomon not to the level of Solomon it cetera, but he was given you know, the wealth he was given, you know, mansions he was given lots of children, lots of servants, lots of livestock, all types of things. So, there you have it, the seller was a prophet that also lived in in use of he lived in East but then Allah subhana wa tada tested him severely, which shows you that that for some people, some had a lot, you know, the the netatmo will stay for them. And for some

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people, the Naira would be taken away. But the ending is the same if they both turn back to Allah subhanaw taala. So if the one who who maintains that narrow who maintains that blessing remains grateful, then the ending is the same. And if the one who's never met is taken away from him whose blessing is taken away from him, turns back in patience then the handling is also the same. So last contact says well, could I have a dinner you remember our servant you have it his salon job is not there. In Nina Sonia shavon will be no spin. Why not? When he called upon a loss of Hannah Montana and he said indeed the say farm has afflicted me with hardship and torment, meaning I'm going

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through a lot a lot of distress.

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The Skylar, the tough side of this I Oh, by the way, be no spin, which is which is hardship or distress. The element mentioned that that's the loss of health. So a lot so a UVA stone was tested with the loss of health. And then what that what he meant by torment he meant by the loss of his wealth. So I've been tested with loss of health. I've been tested with the loss of wealth. I've been tested with the loss of children, his entire family was taking all of his children's and how long were taken away from him. So you've already his salon job, who was tested with mighty mighty mighty tribulations and tests. And then Allah subhana wa Taala told him to call the village lick that to

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strike the ground with your foot. And that a spring a cool bath and drink would come out for you. And Allah subhana wa tada says, what will happen Allahu Allahu, and we granted him back his family, when mithila home met our home, and we and we doubled the amount of children that he had before or after Martin Minh was a karate

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as a mercy from Us and a reminder for those of understanding. So last kind of time inventions, the the, the the blessing of a UBI or the way that the last 100 times slogging through this difficult time, and the patience that a human body has maintained only calling upon a loss of Hannah Montana, in the Messiah book, that I have been struck with, with with affliction, or until Halloween and you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy that is shaped bond that afflicted me and so on, so forth. So the way that a person is to respond, when they are struck with affliction, and the way that a person has to respond when they are on the last panel, it blesses them with ease. So you have

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the comparison between Sulaiman and he his salon and a unibody his salon, both of them extremely, you know, relevant to us. And then finally, you have at the end of surah slot, interestingly enough Subhana Allah so obviously, there are a lot of profits that are still being mentioned. But you have almost a response of sorts to sort of your scene which is in the same juice, where Allah subhana wa tada mentions in verse 86, quoted not as ethical man, a human agent when I mean animals attack elfin say oh Mohammed slay some that I do not ask you have a wait for this. Nor am I of the academy for mazzucchelli free mazzucchelli thing those who are

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fabricate things are those who are pretentious. This, this Subhanallah this this particular ayah. If you remember, in Surah Yaseen last penance Allah mentions to us the messenger of the messengers meaning of the day that's calling to the messengers and he says it Toby, Roman Elias alikum, Angela, follow those who are not asking you for a wage, well, what they're doing and they are guiding the prophets lie. Some is being told here to say no, not only human, I'm not asking you for a wage. I'm not asking you for kingdom. I'm not asking you for money. I'm not asking you for fame. I'm not asking you for anything. Right? I'm not fabricating for the sake of gaining anything in this world.

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And one of the proofs of the of the of the prophethood of Rasulullah sallallahu. wasallam is that the prophets lie some of them did not get richer by this message. He did not gain anything from a loss and how to avoid to either that or he did not gain anything from the people that would have compromised his message and the profit slice on with anything with the message that came to him. He he lost wealth, he lost family, he lost health. So the prophets lie Selim is likened more to you Barney his center. Right? That I did not ask you for anything. Look, I was already a respected nobleman in Mecca. I had money I had family I had the Mexican dream, right? I'm not asking you for

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anything. The fact that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam maintain a consistency throughout those 23 years of only getting you know only suffering more and sacrificing more is a proof of his prophethood. Now you could say that in Mecca, the Prophet slicin and maybe had this plan, but in Mecca, the prophets lysozyme was offered wealth and he was offered the kingdom in return for sacrificing his message. But he still maintained that diligence with a loss of hunter hoods Allah and he still maintains that integrity and did not accept anything that would compromise his message. So you could say, well, in Mecca, he was still poor, he was still trying to prove himself but what

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about Medina? in Medina, the prophets lie Selim only up poor and his his living circumstances only became more difficult. So even at the height, I need to salatu salam of his rule. And when he had the entire region under him, he still did not have two meals a day he still lived in his tiny home gerat. He's still lived the life of asceticism and his salatu salam, and the prophets, I some still exercised patience. So he so he's being told to say, I never asked you for anything. I'm not asking you to sacrifice anything for me. I'm not asking you to give me anything. I'm not trying to get rich off of this message. I'm not trying to get famous off of this message. This is from a loss of Hannah

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hautala. This is my mission. So somehow, it's just like, what comes to us in Surah. Yaseen, the mention of those, the mention of those men,

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or the mention of that messenger of the messenger saying, Listen, these people are not asking you for anything. They're only asking you to come to Allah subhanaw taala for your own good. Lastly, sort of Azuma, and we're going to talk more about sort of to Zuma tomorrow. But sort of the Zuma, you know, speaks about the creation of a loss of habitat, it reminds us of a loss of Hannah Montana, bringing us from our humble roots. So it sort of maintains that theme of remember when Allah subhanaw taala created you from nothing. And we'll see in the end of sorts to zoom out Allah subhanaw taala, focusing on the believers taking their place in paradise. And,

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and on the other hand, unfortunately, those taking their place in Hellfire, Allah subhanaw taala calls to us with a message of hope and a message of repentance, showing us that it's not too late. And that's very powerful as part of the transition is going to be that way because this Jews in particular, just 23 is talking about the after effects. So the next jers will focus on the fact that it's never too late to repent to a loss of cryptotab. So inshallah Tada, we'll go ahead and we'll stop there for today. And tomorrow, inshallah Tada, we'll get into the details as soon as the zoom up, which which, which continues into juice 24 does that come a little higher on the charity that I

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