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My name

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Ibrahim Oberoi

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along the vertical from anyone

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he brought

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me to MIDI Allah Masan yada

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yada Manning cameras on the roll anymore you brought

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along the vertical Medina

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Ibrahim Ohana

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Philomena in

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along more fun Jana Mohammed the one on many cameras on later even I keep it

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Aloma Sanjana welcome many

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many cameras on Anita Anna

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along kinda

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cover walk down the

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Allah musalia Allah welcome anyone early for formatting camera so late Ibrahim Quran Allah, Ricardo

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Mattila Island

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Allah ma Sanjana Mohammed many

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Allah hola

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Hema Allah

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in Ireland meaning Nick Hamid Majeed Allah masala Allah

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cameras on late

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along with Eric medieval

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combat in

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July Lemina in Normandy, Allah Hola musalia Medina

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canal so Laietana Equilon Alana Ernie O'Brien hola Maberry kinda Medina

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era Hema

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e Bill alanine

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Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad

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Ali Mohamed

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Ibrahim Mallanna brah Allah Mubarak

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earning American kebab on

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me at all We always begin with a solid Salam upon vanity as I said, and especially on this night of Jeremiah Allah, as we begin our day of July this evening Allah We continue with the Salah and pursue them upon the prophets lie Selim. Oh Allah it was taught to us by I wouldn't be here so Allah it was sent him that if we send salah upon him once that it's returned by you for us 10 favors over here Allah

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Oh Allah we ask you for the baraka of masala prophets I send them we asked him for the healing that's it no salah upon the prophets I send them we ask you for the expensive routes

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that is in the solar upon the profits on May 7 We asked you eat the deterrence of harm and protection from evil that is not Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet of

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Allah We asked you for the protection from envy and hazard number an evil is Allah by the sun at the center of the prophets automation. Oh Allah with the salah upon the prophets I send them our needs are met here Allah as we make your app for him, he is with his blessing with your blessing upon him. So Allah already was so live, that our needs can be met that you will make mention of us in the highest of places Yet Allah, Allah join our name with the name of hundreds of Allah when he was sitting there, let him know that we have greeted him Yasuo Satya Allah, let that also tell Allah I will send them know that we have sent us on our way to finding out a lot on the day of judgment then

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recognize us with the markings of our will do a lot of Allah come to allow him to commend the angels to call us forward that we can be near him via how would they contact you Allah. Allah make the Salah nslm upon the prophets of Allah it was sending him our greatest the date of Friday Allah O Allah we search for you we search for our forgiveness in these last 10 minutes of Ramadan Yeah, but Allah make the salah and the salam upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam means for our sins to be forgiven the Allah let it be means for our body to be

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restricted Allah let the Sunnah and the salam upon the prophets I said that the reason for our hearts to be made steadfast there Allah, O Allah we ask you to make us from those who are loving on the prophets of Allah Allah He was seldom fearing of Yuya Allah as he ordered us to fear you yeah Allah that we come closer and nearer to the outcome. I mean, quite as Korea acromial economy to elevate us and not to humiliate us Yeah, but let the means of the salah and the salam upon the prophets I send them the reason for us to be forgiven our sins here Allah that you're maintaining your sutra upon us yes it to your veil over our sins remains until we repent to you yeah Allah and

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that you do not expose us for the wickedness that you know within us. Yeah, Allah Oh Allah we all of us we have our sins before you Allah. Oh Allah all of us we have our mistakes. Yeah, I mean, oh Allah we ask you to grant us emancipation and forgiveness for them from the punishment of Janome Allah. Oh Allah we ask you to shade us with our centerfire Allah Chivas with our charity out from around me. make us from those who are forgiving you Allah protect us from our errors and synthetic karma. cobia when Indian muscle coffee Oh Allah we ask you to make us from those who are blessing our economic economy with the best of characters in the best of manners Allah, Oh Allah we ask you

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to bless us with the faith and the acceptance of truth like Abu Bakr was accepting of the prophets of Allah Marathi was certainly not the language of Allah give us the discernment and the wisdom or the abattoir No, the humility of Earth man and the bravery and wise judgment to value.

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The Allah and humbleness Sahaba th Marine Oh Allah we ask you to grant us the courage of s Allah Hamza for the law. And to give us the knowledge of Abdullah hit us, O O Allah, we ask You to bless us like the wealth of Abdul Rahman alfen Radi Allahu Anhu. And to give us the tune of the beauty of reading the Quran, like obey your car. Oh Allah grant is the memory of Abu Hurayrah

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make us from those who have an insight and an understanding of the Quran like Abdullah and gambusia Allah, Oh Allah we ask you to give us the determination of husana we say that the love of the Prophet for himself Allah or he was LM, O Allah give us that you. That is Mr. Jha like you gave Sadek me it will pass on with your part 101 love. Oh Allah we asked you to grant us a Toba like that it's too bad I mean, and give us the service like that which was given to NSF nomadic, the hardship of the debris Yes, a lot while you were Salam. O Allah beautify us as you beautify in the form of defeat, or Amin grant is the eloquence of John. Paul what we find ourself in debate and needing to

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have a result and answer to the question which was hell will give us the command and the leadership and the guardianship of it will lead you're safe Allah, Allah, Oh Allah give us the zoo and the forsaking of the luxuries of the dunya that lead away from human Allah as was blessed by delta or the Allah and more cohabitate the Allah we ask you to bless us with the friendship of Sandman in fantasy, and the endurance and patience and beloved habit of Allah we ask you to make us fearless and give us the fearlessness of CA. O Allah, we ask you to grant us the regularity of our 200 prayers as you bestowed upon Abdullah who it is

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that we're under celebrity attorney, O Allah we ask you to bless us with multiple heads as you bless up to rock man Abdullah hip near Murthy Allah who will perform 60 Hajj one after another year Allah, Allah we ask you to grant us the adherence to the Sunnah, like the son of a Moroccan Satara but Abdullah hippier Maria Allah, Allah give us the guardianship, and the protection that you gave to have sloth oh man, we need the white for Barnaby Sabarmati yourself. Who is the guardian of the Quran? Oh Allah we ask you to favor us as your favorite Sofia the interior you are the Allahu anha our mother the wife of the Navy is why seldom, oh Allah grant us the nobility and the air of

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legality whom who sell him out of the abattoir and the Mother of the Believers the wife of Burnaby here or the Allah so Allah Allah,

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Allah we ask you to grant us the sharpness and astuteness of Hoonah Amara when the Allah on how we ask you to grant us the resoluteness and the steadfastness of Umar oh man, oh Allah, we get asked you to grant us the poetic eloquence of a sunset and the thankfulness of ismat the tabby book with brandy Allah Wang Wang. We asked you your Allah to beautify our daughters with their great characters to love and to grant us the ability to teach them that which is right and protect them from what that which is wrong. Y'all love

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renters that work call upon us was going to party to Mohamed, the daughter of an abuse I sent him as a Herat, the wife would leave the mother of a reason and ask them what to say him.

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But the Allahu anha one who manage Marine, whichever I know.

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But Allah we asked you to grant us the pipe to your part of

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the amine of the amount of the prophesies and limit the amount of ever thought

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of Allah grant is the diplomacy of

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the last and the chivalry of software of Allah grant us the caution in all of our affairs of that Marathi German? Yeah, Allah grant us the strength of Safina and make us from those who are given the promise that was made or Okasha to be near the prophets I send a genuine Oh Allah, we ask You for the resilience of a civilian worm and the eloquence of slang the preamble of Allah grant us the love of than a VSI Salam, as was bestowed upon the heart of Abu at Yeovil on solidarity Allah.

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Allah grant us the freedom from the dunya as you granted it to Messiah with Naomi, who turn to you when luxury beckon. Oh Allah, we asked you to grant us the prowess and the poetry. And the eloquence of Hassan is Arabic the defender of the prophets of Allah on Salman. Oh Allah we asked you to grant us to be the trusted like Edward beta. For the Allahu Anhu what Allah Oh ALLAH main cause from those who are given the character of these blessings will happen. But most importantly, Allah in this Blissett night, we asked you to grant us

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the great luck and habit and ethics of the best of humanity. Mohammed Abdullah Ali Abdullah Sada, asleep. Oh Allah we ask you to bring us close to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, O Allah make us close to him in this dunya by following a sunnah, preferring it to our own desires, and make us from those who are led to his path led to his way that our heart inclines to what He has called us to. And it is this band's disunited through anything that opposes him solid luck when he was saying all along we asked you to protect us as we walk up on this earth to help us as we are in tuned in our graves and to support us on the day to judgment to Allah. O Allah we ask you to make us from those

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who are fairly easy those who are successful in life successful in the field are successful in genuine

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Oh Allah we ask you to make us from those who are together with our Nabil Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah, you will send them in the best of company in Germany. That was man never, you know, clean our shahada it was solid although we made to you the drought, the Quran, but then alumna who sent our in abducted land I was in them in the house at all I was wrong. They were self and if you don't forgive us and show us your mercy and grant us your compassion, we will always remain as losers Yeah, love. Oh Allah uplift us and don't bring us down Allah. Oh Allah uplift us and don't allow us to be humiliated. Yeah, Allah O Allah uplift us with our Eman Allah majority of Alumina an event all a

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place Eman in our hearts was a Hindu Rubina beautify our hearts with His blessing faith in you Yeah, Allah. Allow us here Allah to face the challenges that we have in life with resilience and with faithfulness, love with reliance upon you in whatever difficulties we find ourselves in Allah. Oh Allah assist us and don't hurt or humiliate us Yeah, Allah by our own sins and our own wayward ways. Yeah, I mean,

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oh Allah we ask you to protect us and to assist us and to help us Yeah. Yeah. I mean, Eliot was still alive he Yemen and double Allah

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you know, he Yeah, he went to India Yeah, man. Yeah, man, you generally will be cropped. Yeah, Hannah and we are madman. We are the kuna crop, how you you have a you studied, Oh Allah, you are the turn of the old living the one who sustains all we seek from you salvation law. We turn to you with these blessings last night so probably not putting forward our sada putting forward our charity and I was putting forward that we're so yeah and reading and listening to the Quran. Allah we put this forward and know that it is not enough to honor you as you deserve to be honored by it's not enough to worship you in this way as you deserve to be worshipped. But, but we seek Your mercy out

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of Hamlet bohemian, you are the one who wrote upon yourself obligated upon yourself that you will deal with us mercifully Allah. Oh Allah shows your mercy. Oh Allah show us Your mercy Allah allow us to feel it in the difficulties that we face in Nevada. So use wherever hardship that we're in. We know that it is the ease that you are promised us. Yeah, Allah. We believe in your word more than we see and witness our circumstances. Yeah, Allah

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Whatever witness whatever difficulty we witness in life we know that you do not burden a soul more than it can withstand your Allah. We know that sometimes the tests in life are a sign of your love to bring us back to you and closer to you to wake us up from our heedlessness and forgetfulness of you Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah allow us to remember you. Yeah, Allah, Allah Allah allow us to remember you that we don't forget you. Allah. Allah allow us to contemplate and to study the Quran and to take it more seriously so that we can change of our life what we need to change our love. Oh Allah made the Quran the spring of our heart, the light of our chest. Yeah Allah make the Quran the

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removal of our sadness and sorrow Yet Allah O Allah Minkus from those who are

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used to is entered in these blessed nights and make us of those who stood before you in light of Allah flay little contracts past counters from those who are witnesses to Allah, O Allah may little contracts with us today or tomorrow or the next day you know, Allah allow us to be from those who stand before you seeking a tail but worshiping you in it as you deserve your Allah O Allah forgive us our neglect to Allah our sinful impulses to Allah help us here Allah against our Eve the evilness that we find within our souls hola que nada phocoena Oh Allah help us against the whisperings of this retype now Allah Oh Allah protect us Yeah, but protect us from our own selves and our own

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wickedness. Allah help us here Allah to become better as we exit Ramadan and when we enter the year Allah O Allah, some of us are struggling with depression. Others are struggling with food security yeah Allah there's some of us who are looking for a job yeah. Well Allah some of us are looking to repair their relationships with those who they're estranged from. Allah. Oh Allah some of us find ourselves in difficult domestic situations. Yeah, Allah. Oh Allah opened for us a gateway out of every hardship and difficulty Allah, Oh Allah we testified that none is worthy of worship. But Juliet Allah we glorify You in a way that no one is deserving. But Yulia Allah Subhana Allah in

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equal to me, nobody we we acknowledge and I acknowledged my mistakes before you Allah. Oh Allah we make the do our Prophet Yunus here above and save them from the darkness and the ocean. Yeah, la to

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200k equal to Bali beep oh Allah save us as you St. Jude Lucia Allah make an exit for us since you saved me out Allah O Allah save us as you save the Brahim from the fire area Allah Oh Allah save us from Jahannam because you saved in a VSI setting them on the Day of Nigeria Allah Allah Allah save us from the punishment of Ghana as you say moves from the touch of Pharaoh. But Allah save us if you saved that wound from Goliath and Zhang Jia BA. O Allah save us Yeah, Allah from the punishment to Gen Nebia Allah as you saved all of those who came before us upon righteousness yeah Allah you say lo tanto. You know Allah instead, you say that whatever your Salah already said that

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passage and make us return to you with faith in our heart Eman upon our lips. And the last words that we say is either Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah wa suddenly Allah.

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Allah Allah we end as we began sending our sada upon the prophets I send them in this night of Friday. In the beginning of this blessing Friday, there is no better to saltwater from nonprofits I Salam.

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O Allah, we are going to make the salah upon the prophets I send them as much as we can all throughout the night yeah, Allah. Here we make it 10 times together Yeah, Allah seeking your help and your and healing your loss seeking Baraka in number originally a lot seeking forgiveness for our sins and a steadfastness of our heart to Allah. Allah Nelson, yada, yada early one can also leave

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early Ibrahim along the vertical and

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the other one

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Nick Hamid Maji Allahu wa Sanjana humbly wanna come so late I

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brought him a lot of my vertical level

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came about Tada gras, Hema

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Me to muddy Allah masala Allah I'm ready one other thing about somebody Tada Raivo early Ibrahim

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along the vertical Mohammed Mohammed Tada Emo, early Ibrahim

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Camino humulene Allah masani Allah Muhammad Anwar Allah aquamarine cabeza later other Rahim Allah, him Allah

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Tala Ibrahim Ibrahim Pillai Lemina Netta heavy you don't need Allah ma Sanjana from Medina river combat in Carmel so later other Rahim Allah Ibrahim Allah

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company can have grown, the raw Pillai LME name in neck hamidou Many Allah ma Sanjana Manu mana

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Rahim Allah, Quran.

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Allah Vaticana wanna

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throw him on early Ibrahim

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Allah ma Sanjana hamady Mwana, earning more money.

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Rahim ohana, Brahim Allah whom Liberty kinda have many early mumbling about growing early humans

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do many Allah musalia them

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Allah Mubarak Allah Muhammad

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Rahim while the Rahim

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Camino Majeed Allah masala

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can also lay Dinah Ibrahima on a liberal

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Nick hamidou Buddy, Allah ma Sanjana am accompanied

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by the canal. So later on

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he, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Ivana early Ra, Finland Amina INEC Hamid Maji. A lot more Saldana, Mohammed Abdullah Ali. Serena was on diversity was it were very equally was

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Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali Malik la

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a lot more Sanjana nabina Mohamed Salah tend to be to be having on camera Maybe

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moly a locked

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into semi auto binding amo la learner in the worldwide Robina

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field and our own individual sauce we are barely get our killing our elite Elite mossy rock Benalla Jana net and little own before we meet along with you now with me now Janice

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Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala say you know when

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he was when he was asleep and Kathy hurrah

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Mr for Allah and all the stuff that Allah and I'll leave that still to the law halali Does that gonna last night? I just I look forward to seeing you again after my treasure prayer maybe your evening then. May Allah subhanaw taala grant your $100 Cat accepted fast accepted. May you remember me as we've remembered each other now. Well suddenly level mausoleum was it Roberta Carlin's even tried to make 100 salah upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before you sleep or if you've just woken up, this is one of the ways for you to increase your productivity, happiness, joy and connection with Allah and love for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Don't forget to orphans

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant you the shelter of your shade of your charity on the Day of Judgment. If you click on my profile page, you can find a way to still send your eat gifts to these young beautiful children and at the same time to also assist in sponsoring some of these orphans for one years, like chulmleigh May Allah grant you it's Baraka alive, ma'am. He was at MIT. My son Linda