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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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we're here to Al Hamdulillah welcome our dear esteemed neighbor, not too far away, but he rarely comes but Alhamdulillah our neighbor, Chef, Dr. Omar Suleiman, he doesn't need any introduction hamdulillah Shah Hamid is the founder of European Institute, and Alhamdulillah. He has done so much work in the last few years to represent us the American Muslim community, at national levels in the media, and so many international conferences, and we really, really thank Allah subhanho wa taala. For people like Chef Omar, who is now making inroads in the public arena, who is able to represent us mainstream Muslims not compromising our values, being firm and where it needs to be firm and

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showing the face of Islam to a broader community. We really thank Allah azza wa jal for the presence of people like Shia farmer and we ask Allah azza wa jal to grant him and us if lost and tofield and hedaya and Sadat and without Inshallah, wanna ask Chicago to come up with Elvis Mila so now I come around to live in a castle.

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Before I start just like a local sheriff, yes it for your brotherhood in that wonderful introduction. We lost pounds I bless you. undeserving introduction, my last points are blessing and elevate you shaking the Diem May Allah reward you and bless you and elevate you have as a dad, it's been a long time since I heard your voice Alhamdulillah Brahmin and it's really a treat and hamdulillah I've heard on YouTube but get to pray behind Halford Sajad and of course, stop Mohammed who is not here but who actually invited me to give the Hatha tonight in the first place. And I know there's this rivalry between epic and Valley Ranch. It's never in numbers.

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But just to show you how Mr. Kane we are you my two year old, had deja she walks around, she yells at other people in the house and she says masking the messages from that video that started Murad made with with you also, we couldn't get a video team at VRSC to make a rival video So

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may Allah bless you all and your capabilities are way up. But hamdulillah our brotherhood and sisterhood in sha Allah for the sake of Allah. And I pray that Allah subhana wa Tada allow us to work together as masajid as communities for the greater good and Hamdulillah you have a wonderful team of scholars here, a wonderful administration, a wonderful group of volunteers, a wonderful media team, and everything that we would want to see an imager that hamdulillah you're leading the way So may Allah preserve this community. May Allah preserve this masjid, and everyone that's involved with it, and continue to grow it in height along the I mean,

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I was thinking about a few words to share. And, of course, this is listening to half a soldier that said half of Sajad will give me the half era based on what he reads. I'm gonna listen to it, because I knew that he would pick something that's fitting, it's how it Rokita Buck Kefar been FC Kaleo Malika Seba,

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read your own book,

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this is enough of a testimony against you, on this day, you are enough of a witness against yourself. And I was thinking about the qualities that we have of good Bismillahi Tao that we hope to carry into the hereafter, and to find an hour book, and the qualities that we would hate to have associated with us, and hate to find in our book, you see, there are things that are one off deeds. And then there are qualities that you develop, that continue to bear a certain genre of deeds, whether they're good or bad. And so that's why you have these stations man, as

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they call it, a song, right? A state a station, that you wish to have a calm you wish to have a station that continues to yield in a certain way for you and not against you on the Day of Judgment. key topic. What do you want to see on your book on the day of judgment, and you can look at the deeds and the qualities in the Quran and the Sunnah. In two ways, you could read them as they are in the sense that when Allah subhanaw taala talks about the good qualities, you measure yourself against those good qualities and Allah Subhana Allah talks about the negative qualities and you measure yourself against the negative qualities but you could also do another thing, which is

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anytime Allah or his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned a negative quality. You think about what the opposite of that is, and that is a beneficial exercise for you to think about what the opposite of those negative qualities are, so that you can manifest the exact opposite, not just stay away from them, but fill the void in your life with the positive qualities that will effectively save that will effectively serve as a fortress and a safeguard against developing those qualities of hypocrisy or those calls

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oddities of evil. And when you see a positive quality, you ask yourself, not just if you are implementing the outward reality of that positive quality, but how you don't let some of the qualities of hypocrisy undermine those causes of qualities and those positive deeds and take you away from their essence. And so for example, the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, where he mentioned the traits of hypocrisy. And what are the traits of hypocrisy?

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Said he Asad Imam Nadeem can answer, what are the traits of hypocrisy.

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When he speaks he lies.

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When he makes a promise, he breaks his promise.

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When he's entrusted, he abuses that trust, he breaks the trust. And of course, we also await the house on a fragile when he argues or when he when he gets into an argument that he transgresses, I'd love to model the a lot of time on who said that those are four branches of hypocrisy. And so he said, Therefore, when a person is so you have your share of hypocrisy on the basis of that. So if you speak in line, that's 1/4 of hypocrisy. If you speak and lie and make promises and break promises. That's half of hypocrisy. If you do three out of 470 5% of hypocrisy, and if you have all four of them, then you are completely a hypocrite. May Allah protect us from all of hypocrisy.

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Allahumma Amin, and he said, the opposite of that, is that if when you speak, you speak truthfully.

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Then you have 1/4 of sick 1/4 of truthfulness. And if when you make promises, you keep those promises. You know what, it's a very scary, by the way,

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saying from Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah for me, because I'm particularly not good at this when he was asked how do you know the liars? And he said, with with their appointments with their times, if they keep to time, if they're on time, then you know them, right. But there's a bit he said, you know, almost to say it nurtures a quality of hypocrisy, when someone doesn't even keep to the times they tell you that they're going to call you or they're going to meet you at this place. And that's something that we need to get better at. Obviously, I'm not saying if you're late, that you're a hypocrite. But I'm saying that that's how, that's how precise the setup were the predecessors were

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to make sure they don't nurture any of these qualities. So if you speak and you tell the truth, you have 1/4 of truthfulness. And if you make promises and you keep your promises, as well as that, then you have half of truthfulness. And that goes on and on. Right. So if you keep your contracts, the secrets of people, your trusts, then you have three forts of silk. And if when you get into an argument, then you maintain the boundaries of Allah and His Messenger Salallahu Salam, then you are completely a person of truthfulness. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst the Sadiq Khan Allahumma Amin. So you look at the opposite side, right? So there's this idea

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where Allah azza wa jal is talking about the people that are going into hellfire and Soto cough

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ltfu Jehan, NAMA couldn't look afar and I need men now in Lille higher, more uttered in Mareep. So I'm gonna talk about these three qualities. Allah talks about a person being cast into hellfire, every stubborn disbeliever and then Allah gives three qualities now these three qualities as the elements say, are not present in every single person that is constantly hellfire, but they represent the worst of the worst and the dominant majority the ethos of the people of hell. The ethos is like when multiple ahaadeeth were algebra bureaux, peep tyrants and arrogant people. Hellfire is made up of a lot of arrogant people, right so kefan and eat stubborn disbeliever and then these three

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qualities and Allah mentions them very quickly. And so I want you from now on when you hear them to know the deep meanings of these these words in the Quran, and how to manifest the opposite. Allah Azza just says Munna and Newlife

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one who forbids good stands, hinders goodness hinders good, more attending Mareep I'm going to go through the the the meanings of this, but Mark is someone who exceeds the boundaries. It's like a fragile, you know, a fragile is someone who exceeds the boundaries more than most of the scholars say means either about someone who exceeds the boundaries with people. So there there's an element of tyranny, not only are they disobeying Allah subhanaw taala, but they're disobeying Allah in their treatment of people too. So there's an element of tyranny and transgression. And that comes with a level of arrogance with Allah subhanaw taala as well, that is not just with the personal sinner, or

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you don't find that necessarily with a personal sin. So mana annual higher hinders the pathways to Good Morning sudden, Woody and then they transgress all boundaries with the servants of Allah subhanaw taala Mareep Mareeba someone who induces doubt causes doubt in people. Okay, so let's go through these things. The first one is very interesting Munna.

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And they'll hide forbids good steps in the way or stands in the way of height. And there are three ways that they're intimate spoke about Munna and the first one they said Munna and new hire Lena FSI forbids good for himself, meaning what the why that comes to him, the revelation that comes to him that could transform this person. And he puts a barrier between himself and that revelation.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala was not the one that turned their hearts away, they turned or was not the one that induced or forced them to turn away, they turned away. So Allah subhanaw taala turned their hearts away. Right, they turned away, so Allah turned their hearts away. Allah did not wronged them, but they wronged themselves. This is the theme in the Quran, right? Allah did not wrong them, they wrong themselves. Allah did not, did not force their hearts away, they turned away, so Allah turned their hearts away. And so they put a barrier between themselves and the goodness of the revelation that could have come to them and transformed them, they put barriers for themselves. And

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah turn them away as a result of that. So that's the first, the first understanding of that, the second understanding of that, and then we'll get to the primary understanding the second understanding when that will hide the goodness that Allah gave to them,

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of things that are not necessarily revelation. But if Allah gave them blessings of this world, then they forbid the people from that height that was given to them. So this for example, their element mentioned a person who has wealth, and he hoards that wealth, cords that wealth, he doesn't give that wealth to his family or to the people that are around him or to the football or to the the downtrodden and the poor, he forbids the people around him from that height, and he did not own that height in the first place. Because we know that everything Allah has given to us of good is not really ours. It's not ours in the first place. And when a person has entitlement, they have a false

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sense of ownership,

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where they think they own their blessings. You do not own your blink of an eye, you do not own your heartbeat, you do not own your home, you do not own the wealth in your bank account. All of that is for Allah subhanho Asad because how you earned it is from Allah subhanahu ATOD. And the circumstances and everything, the entire existence of the blessing that became your blessing in your possession was never actually owned by you. And so the one that hoards and the one that takes it, that tries to hold back all of those blessings and of course, one of the first examples in the Quran, other people were the people of the garden, right? That tried to, you know, pick all of the

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fruits and pick all of the crops of their trees before the poor people could come in and take from it and Allah is was to punish them with the destruction of the garden altogether. They didn't follow the example of their their father and letting it go so that the people could come and take and pick from it and the scholars say some highlights the first method for Quraysh that came down in the Quran the first analogy to Quraysh hoarders they were selfish, greedy, trying to hold on to it, we can't give them a share of these blessings that have been given to us. The last few Qureshi laffy him relata schita it was safe. Well, yeah, I will do rob the huddle bait, Lady Obama home endure.

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And while I'm at home and home, where did you get your sense of security from? Where did you get your civilization from? Oh Christ. If it wasn't for Allah responding to the Dr. Ibrahim on Islam, everything that comes about here, you would not have benefited from and now you're trying to hoard it and keep people out and not let anyone have a share of your authority and your blessing seminar and new hire also has a connotation of hoarding and those that hoard what has been given to them. And then the third one, which is the most obvious meaning and the primary meaning of it, is standing in the way of good things as in the dour, as in the Revelation reaching the people in penetrating

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society, being barriers to good things in society and this is the worst type, the worst type of hindrance when a person stands in the way of the doubt a person stands in the way of good things of good efforts. And there is nothing now I know the ultimate Munna angle higher or the kuffar that oppose the Prophet, slice Allah and that stood in the face of Ambia and Salah hain. And these people that we know represent a certain prototype.

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But also when you think about the least productive times in the community, it's when they're embroiled in fitna.

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Right, we're so unproductive. When there's Pfitzner

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it takes all of the energy out of a community. It takes all the energy out of people, they waste themselves on this fitna, and it's the plot of Shavon Shavon has given up hope on

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disconnecting us from Salah. So it makes the people have solidified each other. And sometimes a person doesn't even realize how they're they're becoming a hindrance to good things, but sucking the positive energy out of a space and depleting good efforts. That doesn't mean that good efforts can't be criticized, can't be refined can't be made better. That doesn't mean you have to. But have it in good faith and always make sure that you're a part of propelling good efforts forward, not deflating them and then not putting forth an alternative or refinement or something that is good that is hired. Don't replace hired with sharp, make, hire better life. Don't replace good with evil, make

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the good even better. Right? That should be the mindset of the believer, whether that's community work or when you see data wherever you see any type of initiative, especially from people that are volunteering their time to do any type of good seminar and they'll hire the ultimate meaning of care for that I need the stubborn disbelievers they stand in the way of that data. Right the Prophet SAW Salem faced fierce opposition. They killed family of his they boycotted him they ran him out they ran out believers to Abyssinia and then to add Medina they oppose the prophets lie Selim and Medina of course the hypocrites as well every single period of the Prophet it has thought that Islam was

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there. He had these opposers right, that made it difficult for him and for the message, Munna and new life for himself with the blessings that have been given to him and hindering the good of the data with the goodness in society. More to

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transgressing upon the people. transgressing the boundaries of Allah, especially with the people tyranny. And tyranny comes in multiple ways. It's probably one of them. He mentioned this example, that how hated a tyrant was, would be in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala, that he already has so much wealth, but he still oppresses the poor person in society, and shakes him down for every single penny

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and oppresses and abuses, your bank account is already this big, and you're still you're still abusing this person whose bank account is this big, and taking every single little thing out of him. Right, sucking them dry, while you grow your bank account, how arrogant and how arrogant in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala, employing all sorts of haram and unethical means to harm and to abuse, and grow, grow, grow, grow, grow, and you're picking on the poorest of society in that regard. And by the way, you know,

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I share this it's a very different example. But you know, when you're privileged, when Allah azza wa jal has given to you

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it's not just the sadaqa you have to get out of the mindset of trying to get everything you can out of people. And so let me give you an example. You go for Umrah, Hajj, mashallah you afforded your whatever $1,000 package, and you're there, and you are fighting with a guy over five videos bargaining? Like it's some sort of game and some sort of competition like, Hey, I'm gonna get this job for add ons and not at five, I'm gonna make them think I'm walking out the store. Right? I'm gonna fight him because I want to teach them a lesson. I know, the guy across there, he sold this for at 75. Five, he has like, seriously $1 and a half, and you're proud of yourself? No,

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I'm not talking about haram him just talk about like a mindset.

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Let it go. Right now, don't don't get fooled and you know, put 200 years on a 780 I think it's okay to kind of think through a little bit of this and be a little bit you know, judicious with this stuff, but at the same time, like that idea of like, I'm going to in my privilege, and I'm going to suck everyone dry and make sure I get this bargain. That's not a good mindset to have. And obviously, I'm talking about a far benefit from the I'm not saying that you are, you know, not a little higher, more intense for that reason. I'm just saying, like, get that mindset out. So a person who is the opposite of manera and a little higher, is someone who always tries to make good

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better, someone who always tries to facilitate the means of good in society, someone who is freely giving what Allah gives them, they give that good as well. And when they see good, they try to propel that good. They don't try to hinder it. How can I make this good? Even better? How can I make it farther reaching? How can I spread that hate wide and in a deep way, and they're not aggressive with people, not with the boundaries of Allah of halal and haram and especially not with their vocabulary, but as it relates to how haram the rights of people, so they don't like pushing No, very generous spirits as well. Generous with the people around them as well. So they adopt the

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revelation, that revelation expands their chest, it expands their blessings, and it expands the way they deal with the people. And Allah subhana wa mantains Marieb

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And Marie, of course, has the connotation of a person and doubt themselves but a person who induces doubt and people, a person who induces doubt and people, puts it in people's minds puts it in people's hearts. And you know, subhanAllah, noisy, noisy, noisy.

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Souls disturbed people try to disrupt and disturb other people as well.

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And you have to, you have to ask yourself, you know, what is the effect of what I'm saying to this person to mind this brother of mine, the sister of mine, this childhood mind, because the opposite of moody is what? Someone who affirms who gives them Yaqeen set, right just the UK who really affirms their faith, gives them confidence with their faith, right pushes them towards certainty. It's the opposite of someone who induces right doubt in people. But if you realize and of course I'm gonna conclude with this inshallah Tada. This prototype of an individual

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is someone who at the core has not found peace in themselves.

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And so they ruin everything around them.

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And when you finish your Salah, what do you say? Allahumma Anta Sinha, woman Casella, Tabata, Tia Delta electron.

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I think about that, like I just immersed myself in a bother to Allah and worship to Allah. Which is the first you know, this this primary commandment of the deen a Salah. I pushed myself to it, and then the salah I absorbed, that worship of Allah and the sweetness of that worshipped to Allah subhanaw taala Salam or Aleikum, wa Rahmatullah Salam or Aleikum, wa Rahmatullah sending salam to what is on my right and salam to what is on my left and then Allama Anta Sana, oh Allah you are a salon you are peace. Minkus, salam, peace comes from you. Right to Barak to journey with a chrome you praise and glorify Allah subhana, Allah to Allah. And so these people that were causing a lot of

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disruption, very empty on the inside, right? They say the empty vessels make the loudest noises. Whereas a person who has Salam in their heart wants to spread that epsilon. They want to spread that. And the first effect of that is they want the deen to spread because this Dean, this Dean is beautiful. And this Dean can do so much for people outside, you know, when you see people that are struggling, empty, looking for something to fill a void, you should want this Dean to reach them.

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Because you know what it's done for you. Allah, I wish, I wish that person has La ilaha illallah because I know what it will do for them as well. You have Neerim blessings and you feel hamdulillah you're taught as a Muslim to constantly say Alhamdulillah for what you have. And to be grateful to Allah that will the chakra to act acts of gratitude. You see other people that don't have those near them? Yeah, I want them to have that higher too because I know Allah gave it to me that I don't deserve it.

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So I can't just write off people that don't have that height and say they don't deserve it. How do I get that to them as well? You know that Allah subhanaw taala has been merciful with you so you are merciful with others as well.

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And as you become affirmed and certain in your faith, you want to give that certainty and that confidence and that affirmation to others around you as well.

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And so we ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill us, fill us with this Deen to fill us with His love to fill us with the love of the Prophet size. To fill us with certainty in this deen and then to make us carriers of this Deen. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to guide us and to guide through us to rectify us and to rectify through us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us far away from the qualities that are despised by him. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us far away from the qualities that distance us from him in this life and distance us from His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the gathering and the next time we ask Allah Subhana Allah to guide us towards

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the traits that make us more beloved to him and make us closer to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask Allah subhanaw taala for his love, and the love of those that he loves and the love of every action that brings us closer to his love. Allah Amin does not allow Haytham wa Salam wa salam Baraka mabena Muhammad Juan

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said I'm

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Luna Island

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swallow water he wants to label this NEMA

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Nadine you know no one wants to hold on

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to Nia or laughing or auntie

00:25:10--> 00:25:21

mother Molina well levena You do meanie know what it means to be a Well Ed man MK DESA Boo.

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Boo Boo. Oh, man movie