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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh everyone welcome back to the first shorts where we are covering some of the early biographies in Islam that only have a paragraph or two about them but we want to relive their memory and revive their memory in sha Allah to Allah. And the person we are speaking about today is Tikka bin Zayed bin Ahmed, even no fail. May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with her and her father alumna amin, and before I talk about her and what she encountered in this life, I want to talk about the name Attica because I know that a lot of people like to take these names, and then Chatelet Sana consider them for names of their children, as this is a tradition that

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we have in our cinda from the Prophet sly, some to give good names and to consider the names of the Sahaba. Attica is an interesting name, it technically means a person who puts on a lot of perfume and there are other usages for it. And it was a common name for women at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And there's a narration when the Prophet slice of them was in her name that the Prophet sly Psalm says, and ignore our Tikka Min sulayem I am the son of the Artic, meaning the articles the plural of women named Attica, I am the son of the erotic. And in one narration, the prophets lie some says, webinar and follow our Thema inquiries and the son of the faulty mas of

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grace. So I am the son of the articles from Sudan and from the faulty mass of grace, and that is because when you look at the lineage of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, there were so many women named the Attica, so you have Attica, the mother of abim. Enough, Attica, the mother of Hashem artica his grandmother slice I'm from Venezuela. So this is a name that was quite common amongst the Arabs at the time. And here you have ad t cat bint Zaid, all the Allahu taala on him. And when we talk about artica bronzite, I want you to go way back to probably one of the most definitive stories in the first, and that is the man who embraced the way of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, and the man who

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lived in accordance with the way of Ibrahim on Islam, before it was formalized through the revelation to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the man who the Prophet slicin said, will stand on the day of judgment as an oma by himself with two gardens they throw the Allahu taala and who, even Ahmed even though failed, and they are the alongside and who, you know, we covered him in detail than we covered his desire for his son to be a companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and that, of course, was saved in ziet. So when Zaid binominal, failed, passed away. Remember, this was a man who was removed from the ways of ignorance, who you know, gave his kids the

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best tarbiyah the best mentorship the best guide, and that is that he would not only reject idol worship at his time, but he rejected alcohol. He rejected the burial of young daughters at the time, and he would take those girls that were to be buried in female infanticide, and he'd bring them into his own home or the Aloha and raise them to a point where they could get married and stuff. And with a little yellow, I know he leaves behind only two children and that is either benzene we have already covered extensively, may Allah be pleased with him, who of course is one of the 10 promise paradise, and this noble woman artica are the Allahu taala on her. Now, when we talk about Attica,

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she is known for a few things. She's known for her beauty. She is known for being an exceedingly beautiful woman. She is known for being an exceedingly eloquence woman, so she was a poet. And this is where you see her. You know, her biography is full of poetry, lamenting the situation that she was put in, and multiple cases. She was known for her religion, her worshiper, he bothers him. And Kathy rahimullah narrates that she was a woman of great about the great devotions. He was known for a complete character, just a beautiful, well rounded character as well. So she's everything that you could want in a woman. And she is everything that you could aspire to as a human being, right. I

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mean, she has character, she has religion, she has devotion, she's intelligent, she's wise she has all of these things will be alone to add on. And so we start to get to her story, we find that the first person that she married is a villa in the backyard. So they are the Allahu tada and Homer. Now, I can't tell you how many times I've been corrected in a lecture. When I say I'm the love in me back in and they say, Are you sure? Do you mean the love and drama? No, I mean, I'm the love and Becca, who is a son of a Beckett, who is not well known, but he did play a role in Islam. Okay, and in fact, he played a role in the hidrive if you remember when we spoke about a snap into the bucket,

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while the Allahu tada and she was the one who would bring the food and the drink to the profit slice on the bucket. May Allah be pleased with him as they were on their way to Medina.

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It was her brother Abdullah, who was the one that would, you know, hear the news of Mecca and then relate to the Prophet sly summonable back to this vehicle of the a lot of time on their way. So the lobby Beckett is also one of the first Muslims, but he was very young at the time. Okay, so Abdullah is the first husband of artica, Vint Zayed. And the story of Abdullah and Atticus that Abdullah fell madly in love with her to a point that he held back from doing any good deeds, because he just wanted to be with his wife. That's not a bad thing altogether. Right. But it was excessive, it was excessive to the point that he you know, is holding back from serving alongside the profit slice on

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he's holding back from the masjid. He's virtually unseen in the community. So the honeymoon phase was going way too long. And because of how madly in love He was, and how he was holding back, well back, it'll be a lot, no one in his family be a family of service. So we're back in all the Lauren who eventually pushed him to divorce her. And I want to make a serious disclaimer here, that those of you that are parents in laws, you are not a victim. This is a very unique situation, you are not a bucket, nor is your son Abdullah, this is a very different scenario, a very different situation. We don't extract from this that anyone can force their children to get divorced or things of that

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sort. This is a very unique situation or I will reconcile the alonside

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saw that this was an unhealthy attachment that he had. And this was to teach him a you know, a sense of detachment from dunya and attachment to the dean, when that happens, when Rebecca will be allowed to and who told him that he should part ways because his attachment is too much. He authors this parliament, so you have all of this love poetry, he says, Article law and saqi mavado shadie 100, German this summer in Mahalia artica and I have to paraphrase but he says I will never forget you, so long as anything appears in the sky during the date meaning the sunrises or any or any star or any bird flies through the sky at night. I will never forget you day or night. I will always think

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about you Oh atika. La Harlequin jesslyn what are you on monsoon and he praises her flock her character he praises her intelligence he praises her status her her her nobility right so he says she's a woman of character a woman of intelligence a woman of character, when I'm out on mithali de la polyoma mithila her and I don't see that someone like me would divorce someone like her.

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on any day when I missed it a happy lady Satan tala Co. And I don't see that her that she would be divorced in anything that she would be

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parted from in any situation, right? So somehow that's this the serious love poetry, the serious attachment that he has. So Becca will the lower and who says Go ahead, take her back. You know, I'm not going to keep you away. I'm not going to break your heart. But he wanted him to be more active and more involved in the service that was expected of the family of abubaker acidic or the Allahu taala. And indeed, Abdullah would serve and it was in the seeds of thought of later on, that I'd love not be back. May Allah be pleased with him and his father was struck by an arrow. And that arrow eventually took his life and he passed away you know, sometime after in Medina due to that

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arrow striking him all the time on Hawaiian obese also one of the first when he passed away so he was martyred. He's a Shahid Attica also loved him dearly. So she said, early to lerton fact grainy has eaten Anika, I promise I take an oath that my eyes will never stop crying for you. While I in fact Google the algebra and that my skin will never touch. My skin will always remain in dust meaning I'll never touch any sweet sense it will never touch other than you. So basically, I'm going to spend the rest of my life mourning you okay. And so Pamela he passes away and sometime after that

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xid no hop up a lot the Allahu tada Ando. Zaid being the brother of Alma and the brother of fall tema, pintle, hop up now think about the tree for a moment. Okay. Bob was the one who persecuted z innominate interface to the point that Zed or the allow on who could not be in Mecca anymore because of the persecution he faced at the hands up and hop up when he would call to monotheism and hop Bob would beat him and would persecute him. Now you have serried the son of Zaid who is married to who fall Thema bentyl hopper fathima being the famous sister of Arma will be a lot of time and one who of course, you know, was was instrumental to his initial embracing of Islam and we spoke about her

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They didn't hop up at some point, marries her and then z the hubbub passes away as a Shaheed in what in India mama remember all the Alon who said that you proceeded me to Islam and you proceeded me to martyrdom as well. So both fall tema and zayde, the brother and sister of all model the Allahu anhu while at home became Muslim before him, and here you have Zayed passing away. So now she has been married to the lobby Beckett, she has been married to date them in a kebab. She is once again taking an oath that she will not get married at all model the Allahu taala and who says to her do not make her long for yourself with Allah has made Hello remember, widows in particular, especially the

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widows of Shahada, the widows of martyrs would get married multiple times. And this is something that we've already covered multiple times with people like a smart man of your mace, or the Allahu tada who married Jaffa and then apobec it and then it so here you have Amato, the alongside I'm who who is proposing to the widow of her brother. And she is, you know, in a situation where, you know, she she's unsure about her oath, but she doesn't want to turn down a person like almost all the time. I know. So I said what the Aloha comes to her on her wedding night. And reminds her of the poem that she wants said about Abdullah, who is the brother of AXA, right reminds her of the poem

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and changes the words for her, okay, and says, lead to Latin for any career or to Nautica. What are you fact codility asala that I have taken an oath I have promised that my I will rest after you that it'll be pleased that you know that I will be able to get there. And instead of Alibaba, that my skin will never touch dust as follows a very particular type of yellow perfume. And so there's some wisdom in that that basically she's saying, look, you have a way out, this was an oath that you didn't have to take upon yourself, and that it's okay to be married once again. So here she was now Attica bint z. They've been almond roofie she has married now, Abdullah the son of above Beckett,

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she has married Zaid, they're gonna hop up and she has married Alma, we're gonna hop up all the time on her as well. So I just want you to think about this for a moment

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and hop up to both of his sons. Okay. Both of his sons marry the daughter of Zaid and his his daughter called him up into the hopper marries the son of ziet. Right so sorry, the bin Zayed and, and here Attica bin Zayed, both of them will be married to the children and hop up. And in the case of Attica, two sons of hotdog Amaro Viola hotel, and who and they have a lot of talent. And that just shows you the wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to prohibit the spread of Eon to prohibit the spread of faith through the preaching of a little the alongside, and instead what ended up happening his own children. So Pamela would be a part of baring the seed and the fruit of a man

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for generations to come after him. So here you have now Arctic America.

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There are multiple stories, obviously of her being married to a model the last time that we spoke about some of them of how I'll model the law and who feared the preference to his family, and some of the goods that would come to his home and our model the longtime, who not wanting his family to in any way benefits from his position as the halifa of the Muslims. You also find that almost all the allowance at home was was jealous of her going out to the masjid but he didn't prohibit her because the profit slice on prohibited that the women be prohibited from the masjid and so it was someone who insisted on going to the masjid in the evenings on a regular basis. Then armadyl the

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Allah Han who was killed Okay, so she has now lived to see three of her husband's become sure that Abdullah and Abby Beckett Shaheed, they didn't hop up Shahid Amato, the Allahu tada and Shaheed and she cried, and she authored poetry about about Omar will the Allahu taala. And as well. So how at this point, I mean, who else is going to marry you? Right? I mean, you've been married to those three people who comes next zubayr or the Allahu taala. And one of the ashram, Augustine, one of the 10 promised paradise. And if you go back to the personality was obeyed, and his stature, and you compare it to almost all the law and how his stature and his personality were very similar, as

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obeying all the law of town hall was also a huge man grew up under very rough circumstances, and had a very similar personality to our model, the Alonzo and shared with him and being from Russia and MOBA. shaleen being from the 10 that were promised the paradise. So it's available the long time and hope Mary's artica will the Aloha as well, and then as the battle the Alon is martyred in the Battle of the gentlemen Okay, actually, he left the battlefield and if you go back and you watch the biography of Israel, the law

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I know that he was killed in his salah

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and martyred in his Salah. Although the Allahu taala on him so now she has married a beloved Abby Beckett she has married zayday when a cop up, she has married on the hop up, she has married a surveyor, while the Allahu taala and Jemaine and they all died assured that they all die to Shahada. So you have to imagine them what people are saying, did they attach a bad omen to her Did they say okay, don't touch her number one, she's been a widow four times now. Number two, everyone that marries her seems to die. No, they actually said men, Allah this Shahada Federal Reserve would be article. If a person wants to be a Shaheed let them marry artica because that's clearly the

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trajectory here that Allah has given Shahada to every single person that she was married to. So Subhana Allah, Who is the last person she got married again, who is the fifth husband of Attica, none other than an Hussein all the alongside on panela whose martyrdom whose Shahada is one of the most tragic in history but of course, at the same time, one of the one of the ways that a person leaves this earth while they are pleased her saying it'll be a long time No, of course left this earth in a way that he is pleased. He is pleasing to Allah subhana wa Tada. And may Allah be pleased with him. But she did not live to see an Hussein all the time and who martyred rather, she died

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before and her saying will be a lot of time I know. So all five of this woman's husbands Subhana Allah were Shahada, and they were considered from the greatest of the companions of the Prophet salallahu it he was still in the most beloved people to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. She lived her life about 72 years and passed away in the khilafah of Maria and she was known for her eloquence. She was known for her poetry she was known for her knowledge she was known for her father she was known for her character, and this is a woman will be alongside and her that you can imagine Subhanallah what passed through her home was was truly precious may Allah be pleased with her. And

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on her father who Subhanallah wanted to see his children become companions and wanted to see the seed of Islam thrive and look what came through his offspring. All the Allahu taala on both sides of NZ and erotica, may Allah be pleased with them all Allah I mean, just a little fight and inshallah to Allah. We'll see you next time. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh