The Good Deeds That Cause Duas To Be Answered

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I wanted to first and foremost take the opportunity to just say desert malachite on to all of you who attended or webathon. Last week and I hope inshallah tada you enjoyed it as much as I did, we had a chance to look at what your team has accomplished in 2020 and inshallah tada will accomplish in 2021 with less help and your continued support, but we really appreciate everyone that attended. And that gave and as you know, there's an ongoing end of year campaign, and I hope inshallah tada you'll you'll consider giving to yaqeen, as well as some of the other wonderful efforts that are out there in their end of year campaigns as well inshallah top so you can support us in our end of your

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campaign and shout outs on the link in the status. And also I wanted to remind you all that we're going to be pausing the first for the month of January, because there is something else that just came up in the last few weeks that inshallah tada we were trying to put together as quickly as possible and released in January which is very personal to me and I think it's very relatable to the times that we are in right now. So I pray it will be a series that will benefit inshallah, tada, all of you. And I'm going to be working on the Ramadan series this month as well inshallah Tada, so stay tuned for that inshallah Tada, and you can catch up on the 31 episodes of the first that we have, so

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far. Hopefully we'll get started back in February and Shaolin will complete 40 episodes before Ramadan bitten the night Allah that won't be the end of the series, but at least inshallah we'll get past 40 before we get to this Ramadan and may last pantile allow us all to live to see Llama Llama I mean, like, I think everyone is logged on now. Bhisma now 100 and are Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah, while only he was happy heat women well, so this is a subject typically when we talk about do as and the acceptance of giraffes, we talk about the deeds that caused us to not be answered right the deeds that caused our due asked to not be answered and the deeds that cause

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trials, but that to descend upon us. And there are numerous ahadeeth in that regard and sayings and traditions that we can find from the prophets lie Selim and from the seller and from the pious predecessors. Of course, the most famous one where the profits of the law are you sort of mentioned to us a person who goes out and calls out to a loss of penalty and desperation says, Yeah, I'll be out of oh my lord, oh my lord. But as food is prohibited, his food is hot on his drink is hot on his clothes are hot on he sustained and hot on the end, I used to Jabba the profit slice and I'm set on what basis is this person to be responded to? So that is a Hadeeth that is frequently quoted for

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good reason. Because we have to make sure that as we call upon Allah subhanaw taala felt yesterday, Bulli Will you know, be not alone, we are still doing that we also answer the call of Allah subhanho wa Taala. If Allah if you want Allah to persist in doing the things in another human law says, if you want a lot to persist in doing the things that you asked him to do, then persist in doing the things that he commands you to do. So this is a very important concept. And we cannot emphasize this enough. I was thinking about the other side of this, and this is what I want to talk about in sha Allah Tada. Tonight, which is what causes our data to be answered, what are the deeds that cause our

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drought to be answered? Of course, there are certain things that we say in our dryness that caused them to be answered, there's sincerity, which is the essential ingredient to everything that we do not just there that would cause it to be accepted inshallah, to Allah. But what is it that we can do in terms of deeds that cause our dogs to be answered, just like we avoid deeds that cause our drives to be rejected. And there's a famous Hadeeth that meant a lot to me after, particularly after I heard a way that a great scholar had interacted with this heavies, and it's the Hadeeth, about three men that go to a cave, and then a huge boulder covers the entrance to that cave, and they're stuck

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in that cave. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says, All three of them came together. And they said, Call upon Allah subhana wa tada with the deed that you did only for his sake, so that Allah subhanaw taala may grant us relief. So all three of them come together, and they offer a deed that they did only for Allah sake, as a means of having their door answered. And so the first person calls out and he mentions how he used to take milk to his parents, every single night, he would go out, he would work, he would milk what he had, and then he would take that milk to his parents before he would even go to his own family to his own children. He would always go to his parents

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first. And this is, of course, a crucial lesson. And the honor of the parents something that, you know, we've been trying to stress over the last few weeks in particular, so he would go to his parents every single night, and he would serve the milk and they'd be waiting for him to arrive so that he could serve them that milk but this time

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Particular when he got to the house, they were sleeping. So what did he do? He didn't want to disturb them. He stood with the bowl of milk next to their bed side while they slept. He let them sleep in peace. His children wanted that milk. Others wanted that milk. He waited for his parents, as he always did to serve them first. And once they woke up, he gave them that milk. And he said, Oh Allah, if you know that I did this only for your sake. And this is the common thing that all three of them are going to say and some version in Quinta, Alamo, and nifa alto de la chick, if you know that I did this seeking your pleasure, then

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relieve us of this hardship. Okay, give us relief from this hardship. And so he calls out to allow with that, and Allah subhanaw taala causes the boulder to move. Another man, the second man calls out to a loss of Hannah Montana. And he gives this instance where he says that I had a cousin who I desired greatly. And she was obviously someone that would protect herself from Xena from fornication. And there was a year of famine where she became very vulnerable, and she needed money. So he kept on approaching her and she got so desperate that she said if he gives her 100 dinars, then she will give him what he wants. So he gave her the money. And just as he gave her the money in

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her vulnerability, and he was about to take advantage of the situation, he was right about to commit that act of fornication. She reminds him she says, Fear Allah subhana wa Tada, and do not break the seal unlawfully. So he said, At that moment, I got up and I left her an O Allah, if you know that I did that only seeking your pleasure, then relieve us of this hardship. So the boulder moved again. And there was just a little bit more left so that they could escape from the cave. So the third man calls out, and he says to Allah subhanho, wa Taala, that I was a person that hired laborers to, to go out and to, to work on my farm to work in my field. And he said that there was one men that I did

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not get to pay, he disappeared, and I didn't get to pay him his wages. So he said, I took that money. And I invested that money, because I couldn't find the men to pay him what I owed him. And as I invested that money, there was so much blessing in that money that it grew my farm tremendously, I was able to purchase all sorts of cow and cattle and urge herds of sheep with that money. And the man shows up a time later, long after, and he asks me to repay him. Now, obviously, he could have just sent him off. But he doesn't do that. He says, Take all of them all of what your money earned. He didn't just pay him what he owed him back then. But he offered to give him everything that that

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money ended up being invested to and producing. So Pamela, so take it all everything. And the man says to him, you know, are you making fun of me, Don't mock me fear Allah subhanaw taala and don't mock me. And he says, last as it will be, I'm not making fun of you, I'm not mocking you. I mean, it take everything that that money earned, not just the money that you were owed them. But what that money was invested into and what it ended up producing, they said, Oh, Allah, if you know that I did this, only seeking your pleasure, then relieve us of this anxiety of this trial. And when he said that the profit slice I mentioned that the boulder was completely moved, and that those three months

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were safe. Now, this had teeth is a beautiful, rich Hadeeth. And honestly speaking, a proper shutter have this heavy, the proper explanation of this Hadeeth could go on for over an hour. So I'm just going to say that there are many beautiful explanations of this Hadeeth in detail, that look at the various layers of this heavy, the way that each men not only, you know, encountered a situation that was similar to the other but also encountered a situation that was very unique, and that involves, you know, parents and on one hand, it involves the topic of Zina and adultery. On the other hand, and one of them involves, you know, principled business. So all of their situations in and of

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themselves require a shot require proper explanation. But what I want to talk about it from the perspective of is what causes do out to be answered, what are the consistent threads between the three of them as far as deeds that caused your ad to be answered? And is there something that relates particularly to do two supplication in the situations that they were in? So the first one is what the first one is obviously sincerity, deeds that were done only for a loss panna Matan deeds that were done for Allah, you're making dua to Allah, so make sure that you're making dua to Allah with the deed that you did for Allah and you know, that you purely did it for a loss of Hannah

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Montana and no one else no one else it was done for Allah subhanho wa Taala. So sincerity, the ultimate ingredients.

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Have an accepted euro and hear sincerity in a deed being translated into a sincere do app. Right? They are communicating, articulating and they know that Allah knows what's in the heart that yellow when I did that deed, you know that there was no one in my heart but you that it was for you alone. So yeah, a lot as I'm calling upon you alone again with a heart in which there is no one but you Yeah, Allah grant me the answer to this. So sincerity in the deed is an ingredient for success and communicated sincerely into as well. So that's the first thing I did these deeds only seeking your pleasure of Allah. So any deed that is done only seeking the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala is the

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means of an accepted that is a means by which your supplications are going to be accepted, as well. But there are two other things to derive from these three situations that particularly relate to do. And that is that all three of these men were in a position of power, meaning they could have taken advantage of the situation, they did not have to show the generosity or the mercy that they showed in those situations, they could have found a way out of those situations, the man could have easily taken the milk to his children. And his parents wake up the next day. And they say, where's the milk? It says Too bad I came home you were sleeping, what are they going to do? What are his parents

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capable of doing to him, the second man could have taken advantage of the girl. And you know, again, there was a deal, they had a deal. He had the strength to overpower her, he had the leverage to overpower her because he paid her the money and she was vulnerable. He could have done that, who was going to hold him accountable. The third man could have, you know, said to the man, you know, look, time is up, you can't come years later and ask for your money. There was no way for me to know that you were going to come back later I assumed you were gone. And I had to move on with my life, you should move on with yours as well what was going to happen in that situation. So all three of them

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had the power to disobey Allah subhanaw taala, but they chose not to disobey Allah subhanaw taala, all of them were in a position of strength in those moments. And they chose not to disobey Allah subhanaw taala with that strength, okay. And the last The second thing. So the first one is that they weren't in a position of ability, they were in a position of power. The second thing is that they had people that were completely in need of their mercy and generosity in those moments or in need of their generosity and mercy in those moments, those people's vulnerability depended on in those moments, the the person that was in a position to take advantage of them, not taking advantage

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of them, the person that was in a position to harm them, not harming them, the person that was in a position to give them giving them, okay, so all three of those people on the other side of the equation, needed that mercy needed that generosity, that generosity needed that compassion from those three men. And they all showed that mercy, that generosity, that compassion, somehow there's something very powerful here, that when you call upon a loss of Hannah Montana, Allah has full power and capability over us at all times. And we are always completely in need of Allah subhanaw taala and dependent upon him, and vulnerable, right. And that is the spirit of which the deeds were

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committed, that is also the spirit of which the data is made and supplicated to a loss of time. So it's sincerity. And it's also that I do deeds, even when I don't, quote unquote, have to when I'm in a position of power in a position of strength. And at the same time, I don't take advantage of people that are vulnerable, that depend upon me, just because I, you know, I can just because they, they can't hold me accountable, they can't do anything about it, that they're basically at the mercy of my orientation. In those moments, you're calling upon a loss of Hannah Montana as well to do for you. And you always need a loss of Hannah Montana, and a loss of Hannah horchata always has power

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over you and you are always dependent upon a loss of Hannah Montana. So when it comes to deeds of good good deeds that you do towards others, you know, there are numerous studies that speak to the blessing of the deed that is done in a position where most people would be heatless most people would be heatless or diluted when they're in a position of power and access and privilege and desire. But this is a person that fears Allah subhanaw taala and that knows just like the man who gave water to the dog or the the zania the adultery

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Woman, the prophet sighs I mentioned who gave water to that dog that I was thirsty, and a lot provided for me and that dog is thirsty. And so I should also provide for that dog. Okay? That's the mindset of a deed that causes a drop to be accepted of a good deed being accepted that causes a deer to be accepted. I mentioned to you all that there is a very particular way that I really came to appreciate this Hadeeth from from a scholar who encountered this hadith in a very unique way, there was a scholar who was passing away, or he was he was about to pass away, he had a harsh disease. And as he was fighting this disease, he saw this dream while he was unconscious. And he,

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you know, in this dream sees these three men, and these three men, he is the fourth of them, basically. And some of you might know, Chef Ibrahim, they're very happy the whole time. So he was struggling with, you know, a very severe liver issue needed liver transplants went through all sorts of hardships. So he's calling upon Allah subhanaw taala in the dream, or he's with these three men in the dream, and the Hadeeth is playing out in front of him, where these three men are in the cave with him, they're all stuck as for and they're all, you know, saying to one another, make a drop with a deed that you only did for a loss of habitat of sake. So each one of each one of them starts

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to make their out to Allah subhanaw taala with the deed that they only did for his sake. And, you know, he memorizes, the Hadees, he had, he knows I had a hottie and he's watching it play out. And then the difference in the dream is that he's the fourth person, and that he is now told by the other three men, now you make a do with a deed that you only did for a loss of habitat of sake. And the the boulder is dependent upon him. So he as the fourth person in the dream is basically like the third person in the Hadeeth, the last person who needs to think of a deed that he only did for a lot to cause the boulder to move to have that accepted into cause the boulder to move. So he remember

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him sharing with me some kind of law, that he actually had to sit there and think like, Okay, what deed in the dream, right? What deed, do I know that I only did for a loss of Hannah Montana, seeking His pleasure in the spirit of that which we know from the other three months communicated to us by the prophets lie Selim, what deed did I do, to a wedgie? He subhanho wa Taala, seeking His pleasure alone. And he thought about it, and he made that do that, and the boulder moved, and that's when he woke up and Subhanallah he recovered from that horrific illness that he was suffering from. And that, that experience, if you think about it, like what if you were in that position? What if you

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were the third person or the fourth person in that cave, and you have to make a deal with a deed that you only did for a loss of Hannah Montana? What would that deed be? And if you can't think of deeds in the past, think of deeds that you will do between you and Allah subhanaw taala even if you can think of deeds in the past, you never know if your intention was taken or part of it was taken by the shape on what will I do only for Allah only for his sake, to cause him to be pleased with me to seek His pleasure subhanho wa Taala and to cause my Darius to be accepted, may Allah subhanaw taala accept our deeds and our do is keep us sincere in our deeds and our Diaz. A lot. I mean, does

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Arkham low height on with cinema