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The transcript describes a series of audio clips covering various topics such as the Hadith numbers, the names of companions, and the origin of the Prophet Muhammad sallali's name. The conversation touches on the issue of sex and privacy in sexuality, as well as the importance of finding a man who is loving for oneself and willing to work together to bring the Brotherhood together. The speaker emphasizes the importance of caring for others and finding a person who is willing to work together to bring the Brotherhood together. The message is that everyone is going through hardships and finding the best of good is in the path of Islam.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina

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Wahhabi vena cava Tina vaca Idina Muhammad

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wa ala alihi wa sahbihi be mine.

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Aloha Marina.

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Well bottle about an hour. Mr. Nava,

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alumna and founder and founder of Mr. Linton I was in Alma

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originally means automatic mula crimina binaural. Farm.

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We're under Malina alvim rubbish awfully sorry Why silly Mia? Wanna lock data? melissani

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if Coppola bad,

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old Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and peace be upon His Beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, justify that there's no god except Allah. And I testify that Muhammad is the Prophet and the Messenger of Allah.

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And my brothers and sisters in Islam.

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We continue

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with the photo hadith of Imam in Norway,

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asking Allah azzawajal

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was this

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with this series over this, less of these lessons, that will increase our knowledge and will act upon the knowledge that we seek and learn.

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And we're up to the hadith of 13 Hadith number 13, which is the Brotherhood in Islam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He says, I read in Arabic Then shall log into English, and Avi Hamza, anus, Malik, or the Allahu taala. And who heard me Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a call. Let me know how to comb

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your hair.

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He may have boo Lin FC

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la Salatu was Salam has been this has been narrated by ns, even Malik Abu Hamza,

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the servant of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He says that none of you will become a true believer until the love for the brothers with a love for themselves.

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We start with the narrator of the Hadith, Anna signo Malik

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and as of no Malik Abu Hamza as his nickname, and you realize that most of the companions have Kenya, Kenya is when you name someone after their children by calling them a boo foolin. So I have a son, for example, his name is Omar. So people named me Obama have a son, for example. His name is Muhammad. The name is Abu Mohammed. So that was one of the customs of the Arabs and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam accepted that custom and he made it as a Sunnah, that Allah is salat wa salam, he said, Can you call yourselves after the names of your children? Call your names after either names or call yourselves after the names of your children. And it does not necessarily

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have to be older son doesn't have to be older son, but some companions. There were named after one of the young children, one of the young children so so hard that nobody was named, I was still a man. And Suleiman was one of his children. And Suleiman wasn't the eldest son of Khalid

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for Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recommended us to name ourselves as the father of your children, Abu Fulani of Assam, Mohammed, Khalid Abu Mohammed, Abu Ahmed, a new wife, a Mohammed bin Salman, in the vessel Allahu alayhi wa sallam alestorm he forbade for people to call the same name as the same way the same Konya as his sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Scania was I will cost him because his eldest son was so awesome. He had two boys, one name of possum and the other one was Abdullah

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Abdullah and Otto her a one some people mix up and say this too, so the professor's have had three boys in the Vla salado some had three boys from hadiza and one more boy from Marissa and he named him Ibrahim, his eldest son was al Qasim sanllehi salam was named Abul Qasim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he saw me for

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People to make Konya to nickname though the same as his nickname, his time sallallahu wasallam said some moobus me, call your children and name your children with my name Walla Walla to cannot be Konya T. And do not make Konya do not have the same company as me. The reason behind that is because the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam the scholar said that he was once walking, one companion cold for another companion is now awesome. So now we saw Sam turned around, and the companion told him Sora prophet lamb calling another person, so it was more of a disrespect, sir Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, may Konya have name your children are named after my name. And they're not named

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or do not make Konya like miconia, the scholars say majority of scholars so because some scholars say, let's do the devil gentlemen, no one is allowed to name themselves costumier allowed to name his son and pass him but not to have the cornea as I will cause him. But majority of scholars say that was only at the time of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So the sooner is that people do you have that cornea and that's what we call cornea is someone naming themselves as the father of one of their children and in the visa lottery, or Selim used to call the companions, as that is to call them with the cornea even is to give cornea to some of the companions

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like Abu hurayrah Abu hurayrah, his name is Abdul Rahman,

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Musa Abdul Rahman Musa her son de la semana de saw him playing with killings and playing with the baby cats. So Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam told them what's that? He told them Hila Santa Bissau Sallam said about hell,

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the father of her IRA and any sometimes and when you say the father of something any someone that does a relation or someone that relates or has got some this thing that relates to him. So there is a law salon recommended for the cornea and Anna signo mallex. And as in America, the alota Allah and who is Kenya was Abu Hamza, his kuhnian was Abu Hamza

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and a subdue Malik. As you hear it here. Harding Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he was,

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he was the slave of the Prophet Mohammed or the servant of the profound a salatu wa sallam, not as a slave, as a slave that

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as a slavery like he was under the service, maybe a better word, under the surface of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, when the LA salatu wa sallam are often Medina, the mother of anus, and Ms at that time was only 10 years old, the mother of ns, she wanted to give the prophet SAW Selim a gift, because of a poor condition. So she gave his her son to be under the surface of the problem homosassa them. So she went to the total pro forma is my son is 10 is out, he is under command, he'll take care of you. And he'll take care of what you want to be taken care of. And an assessor of the alota lander that used to take care of the problem homosassa llama bringing the motor to make

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widow by cleaning his civic by bringing his shoes and in the bisazza needs this to be taken there needs to bring this the CIO and us in America at the Alo Thailand who was from among those are the Allahu taala no Anna signo Malik, he learned from the prophet SAW Selim, so 10 years old, he stayed in the household of the prophet SAW Selim, and he saw other companions then get the chance to see. So obviously he learned a lot from the problem of homosassa Lemma for that and as of no Malik became one of the great narrators of the Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed Allah salatu wa sallam, in which he narrates a great number of Hadith. Not only that, but Alison nomadic, lived for long. When the Viva

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La Salaam he may draw for him or Allah bless him and bless his age. So for the annals of nomadic, they say he lived for over 110 years. He lived for over 110 years, and a lot of zawada blessed his offsprings, he had over 99

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children and grandchildren at once. They had over 99 children and grandchildren at once law, the law of Thailand, he says, By Allah, He says, By Allah, I serve the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, 10 years. I served the Prophet Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, 10 years, I have never experienced from him, Allah His Salatu was Salam. That when he asked me to do something, and I didn't do it, why didn't you do it? Or when he I did something that I'm not supposed to do? Why did you do it? He said, But Allah served him 10 years, and I've never heard anything from him. And I've never heard him being harsh to me. But I've never seen men is better than the members of the Prophet

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and by Allah I served him for 10 years, and I've never smelled a better smell than the smell of the Prophet Mohammed Salah.

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Long syllable the fragrance of the profile as a lot was a lab and he said but a lot of never touched, most mover hand and the hand of the profile a salatu wa sallam. This to show you that luck of the Prophet Muhammad Allah salat wa salam and the great mentors of the Prophet Muhammad Allah salat wa salam and what are high status of morals and ethics, la Salatu was Salam had even two young children, even two young children, one of the companions could recall my Abdullah Rama soldier says, But Allah, I see also the profile a salatu salam. And I've experienced the profile a salaatu wa Salaam walking in the middle of the streets of Medina and a young girl, three, four years, she'll

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come to the profilers salado semi, she'll grab his hand and the proper follow whoever she goes. in there, we saw some sexual Colette con was this you know, you send the kids to me, I'm not gonna follow your children. And that's how humble the profile is. Salatu was Salam was the LA Salatu was Salam used to humble himself to anyone he is the humble himself to anyone. So Anna Malik radi Allahu Allah, and who was one of the companions who was under the service. Not early, there was other companions of the Lord. And this was one of those who was under the service of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. And of course, it served him for 10 years because nobody saw Salah was only in

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Medina for 10 years. And then la salaatu wa Salaam passed away speaking about the members of the LA Salatu was Salam. This Hadith emphasizes on that, in which he says, Let me know how to comb your hair. In my humble enough, see, none of you will become a true believer until the love for the brothers with the love for themselves, or the love for the sisters with the love for themselves. Like I mean, I had to come you realize that many times in the VNA. Salatu was Salam. He says in many things, and in many of his ahadith law, you're gonna have to come none of you will become a true believer, or none of you will become a believer, none of you will become a believer. You realize

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that and we saw some said in this Hadith, in other Hadith, in which and I'll be honest, a lot also speaks about the mentors. So what does that mean? Doesn't mean that someone does not have a man at all, say, Father, love my Muslim brother, father, love for him Allah for myself, doesn't mean I've gotten a man. These are Hadith always interpreted to be, it's from the signs of the perfect, amen complete, amen. So in other words, there is a word to be added here, none of you will become a true believer or complete believer, until the love for them for the brothers with a love for themselves. So you don't deny the whole Amen. And if someone that preys on FOSS and he believes in Allah but

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he's got selfishness in him and he doesn't like for his Muslim Brothers while he loves for himself doesn't mean he's out of amen and the T is a catheter enters the hellfire. No, in the VOA salatu wa Salaam, in these are Hadith in which Allah is Salatu was Salam. He is recommending manners and morals and ethics. Here these when the professor says none of you will become a believer, he is saying that none of you will be housed none of you will have the complete amen none of you will have the complete Amen So that person that doesn't love for his brothers while he loves himself but he's a Muslim that prays and fast he's got a man but he lacks a man because he does not love for his

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Muslim brothers and sisters while he loves him. So, so nebulous also says like you may know how to come none of you will have a complete Amen, none of you will have a complete email and as we mentioned, that email stages when a man does it according to

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the email increases and decreases, email increases and decreases were either too late

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zaditor imana. Allah said that when the verses of Allah is recited upon them, the amount increases so the amount increases and the amount decreases. Eman increases with with sacrifice Eman increases with our man with action a man increases with doing a man increases with striving demand increases with experience and also demand decreases with laziness. Demand decreases with not acting upon what you know demand decreases with putting yourself in the wrong environments. But the essential part of the man which is believing in Allah, believing in his profits, believe in his messengers, believe in the Day of Judgment believe in nakada will cover the essential part of the man that does not

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increase or decrease that should be on one level.

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That should be on one level. So that is the essential part of the man the essential part of a man which is believing Allah and believe in the great attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala and there is the man of the man increasing and decreasing from from the point when the increase in our man or decreasing in the Amen. So enemy sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says

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to comb your hair.

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My husband and I say that none of you will come in I will have none of you will have a complete email. And of course the complete amount my brothers and sisters, the more you strive

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The more you sacrifice, and the more the Do you think sincerely from your heart, and the more you turn against your left is the more a man becomes complete. But the less you do that is the list a man becomes so completely good a man is by your striving, the sacrificing and on the low to Allah and on the Sahaba had the 100% complete, remember that at least one of the highest the status of a man that had that high status of a man and the strong a man because of the sacrifice and because of the armel and because of the striving in the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala a big difference between those who sacrifice and those who don't sacrifice. The Vla salado saying that none of you

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will have a complete Eman until their love for them brothers with a love for themselves. So he okay that's the second part of the Hadith that how do we have a complete amen? And what are the songs of the complete of the one of the song What are the songs of having a complete a man is loving for you Muslim Brothers, loving for you Muslim sisters where you love for yourself, which is generosity, which is brotherhood which is sisterhood. These are the qualities then I'll be honest, a lot of Sam came with in LA Salatu was Salam was sent by Allah azza wa jal and Allah sealed the deal Mohammed saw some of the Sharia Mohammed salah and sealed all the rest of the day and all the rest of the

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shadow with the shadow Mohammed Allah salat wa salam. And Allah said Mohammed al anbiya. The Muhammad is the last prophet and messenger and no longer prophets and messengers after the Prophet Muhammad. Allah Salatu was Salam.

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In the vessel, Allahu alayhi wa sallam did not come just to tell people and fix the relationship between them and Alaska's origin. By navionics awesome came and fix the relationship between the creation and the creator Allah subhanaw taala and between the creation and the other creations, and that's what we call a any worship that's between us and Allah who call it a bother any worship that's between us and another person that's involving a third party we call it marmelade dealings.

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And that's why the scholars always devote their books. The first part I bought that which I Lewis ships that relate between Allah azza wa jal and his servants, and that's the Salah the cm and there's a cat on the house. And the second part which is more aminata, which is also worships and you get rewards on but it deals with someone else, like marriage or buying or selling and Jihad and so on.

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But now, Vla Salatu was Salam came to build a society came to build a nation, and that nation can't be built unless that nation work together. And one of the things working together is to bring the Brotherhood between each other. And obviously,

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the human being by the nature of the human being is not selfishness. Every human being has got selfishness in them and ever human beings got love and generosity in them. Allah zodat created the human being that way. Same thing that in every human being this good than bad. This the herd and the evil. And same thing the human being has generosity in him and his selfishness in him with the man you could control that selfishness but we eliminate that selfishness or reduce the selfishness and increase from the generosity or without the Eman, the Eman, that generosity

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that generosity will be reduced. And the selfishness will increase. And that's all he realized. I'm not gonna say 100% all the time. But most of the times does people with a man who have sincerity and treat a better and they really devote themselves to the deen of Allah azza wa jal, he found the more generous he found the more loving or because a man controls controls the selfishness, that reduces and puts it in its lowest level and will make the generosity increase. But when people that have a man in them when people don't have love of Allah czar telling them when people don't have devotion in their Salah, or they don't have diversion in their religion.

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When people are far away from Allah, you find that the generosity is so low, and the sufficiency is so high.

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And you realize that Subhan Allah, you find those people with the Eman you find the people with decoy you find those people with piety and righteousness, the generosity is always high. The generosity is always and the selfishness is always low. Why? Because he man maintains it. He man maintains it. But those people are far far, far away from the deen involved in the harem. their generosity is so low, and their selfishness is so high, or they care about themselves and their desires. And all they care about is what they do and won't get it all they care about is what they get and they don't care about anyone around them. But movement doesn't have this. Why? Because the

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man doesn't allow that. And a man is sharing with others loving others caring about others, and that and that'd be some Allahu alayhi wa sallam he described as people are loving their Muslim brothers and sisters and caring for them what they care for themselves as a perfect and complete Amen. As one of the sons of a perfect and complete Amen. And very rarely people get to that stage.

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Very rarely people get to the stage early with a strong Amen. You find that in you because you are making people share something in your life. You are making people share something in your life. When you start caring about your Muslim Brothers when you start caring about your Muslim sisters. And when you start loving for your Muslim brothers and sisters, what you love for yourself, you are sharing something that belongs to you to others. And that's hard on the knifes but the man comes and makes it easy and allows that to happen. And the man comes in the piety comes in, and we'll make that easy and allow it to happen.

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When Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he emphasizes on those topics so many times, and maybe only saw so many, many, many areas and many, many hobbies, in many, many incidents, and many, many events, at least a lot or some speaker but the Brotherhood and what's the Brotherhood is not just loving a brother for the sake of Allah. It's not just one that I love you for the sake of Allah. This is not only the Brotherhood, but the Brotherhood is caring. The Brotherhood is practice. The brother was showing others that I do care about to the world care about myself. And I'll do love good for you though I love good for myself, and I wish I for you the way I wish cared for myself. So

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the Brotherhood is just let's just stops they will say I love you brother for the sake of Allah. But when it comes time to the crunch, a lot of people only care about things coming to myself and not the animal companions.

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companions not the law of Thailand. A great example when it comes to the Brotherhood Sahaba the Allahu taala No, they were a great example when it comes to the Brotherhood, not to Allah He loved.

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The good for the Muslim brothers and sisters were just loved for themselves, but the extremely loved them for the sake of Allah azza wa jal and the extremely sacrificed even the own things for the sake of Allah azza wa jal for the Muslim brothers. There's a famous story about companions of the low tide Adam in one of the battles

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on I guess the Battle of Yarmouk, where three companions with one of the companions was fighting on the battlefield, and all the Allahu taala and who, he became so thirsty and injured on the ground. So another companion came with water to give it to him. So I told them, brother, Are you thirsty? He said, Yes. So he came to drink that water. He heard another Muslim brother calling for water. So he said, Nana, my Muslim brother needs him more than me. So how long ago this brother is dying. He's dying from thirst, and injuries. And he sacrificed the drop of water for the sake of another Muslim brother. So this companion went to the other Muslim brother, and he told them brother, Are you

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thirsty? He said, Yes. And he came to give him the water. So I heard a third Muslim brother calling for water, said brother, other Muslim brother needs more than me. And this companion is also going about the love of Thailand. So this companion those carrying the water went to the third companion, and they found him dead. He came to the first companion, he found them then he came to the second companion for them, did it this is the example where you say, Liam and I had to come

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up say, No, no, no, we will come a true believer until the love for the brothers were the love for themselves. This is a true example. It's not what my brother who just love your brother, and that's it. But Brotherhood is caring about others, loving others and wishing good for others and sacrificing for what you have in your love for others, sacrificing for what you have in your life for others. And the last panel, after also will judge us and is sometimes this hadith comes to a comes to honor on our heads as a compulsory thing of Allah subhanaw taala. in the hereafter Allah azza wa jal will say to his servant, oh, my servant, I was hungry, I needed to feed me. So the seven

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have a low, say or low? How can I feed you any other Lord of the universe? So Allah xojo say to him, oh, my servant, or my servant, one of my servants, were hungry, I was hungry, and he didn't feed him. One of my servants was hungry, and he didn't feed him. And then I'll tell him all my servant, I was thirsty, and he didn't give me water. So the seven have a low say, Allah, and how could you get thirsty? And how could you need water when you're the Lord of the universe? sunlight xojo say to my son, one of my servants was thirsty, and he didn't give him water. And then a lot of xojo say to him, oh, my servants, I was ill, and he didn't visit me. So So could you get you and the other

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master of this universe sollozzo Joe said, Oh, my servant, one of my servants was ill and need to revisit him. So Subhana Allah realllly salatu wa sallam from this hadith indicates to us that it is our duty, to sacrifice something from what we have for others, to sacrifice something for him for others, and sacrificing what we love most is the son of Amen. Allah subhanaw taala he says, Lenten Allah had

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a bone, they will never obtain the bill. And the bill is the highest quality of the good. The bill is a word that expresses the best of good, I would expresses the best of piety. lanten Allah had that Hata moto Hebron, they will never obtain the bill until you sacrifice your love most. You will never obtain the best of good and the greatest of good until you sacrifice

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We love most. When I'm alone, the majority hit that. He came to the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salim said the proverb, Allah, I have a piece of land but Allah, it is the most beloved. It is the most beloved thing in my heart. And for that it's in the path of Allah azza wa jal. He wants to implement that verse Carlos Lenten Allah,

00:25:19--> 00:25:36

member to a bone, he wants to, he wants to be from those who obtains the greatest of good and the greatest apart and the greatest of righteousness and the greatest of good and for that he want to sacrifice the most beloved thing they had, which was his land, and he said, our profit and loss in the path of our lives over them

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for sacrificing a one a man doesn't come in the Vla. Salatu was Salam from this hadith. He is telling us you want to increase your Eman. You want to strengthen the Eman the love for you Muslim Brothers love for you Muslim sisters were in the face of our brother, love for the Muslim by the way in the face of our sister, loving Muslim sister for what you love yourself, especially at this time. We have a lot of Muslims, especially what's happening in the Middle East. A lot of Muslims who are going through hardships, a lot of Muslims are being oppressed. A lot of Muslims are being

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treated in justly. They're in need to. So the minimum that's required from us and from Allah is to make the gift something in the path of Allah azzawajal August there is a lot of collection taking place here like him but most other places. This is the minimum thing if we're not going to implement this hadith by donating few dollars for the sake of Allah azza wa jal for those brothers and sisters in Lebanon, less brothers and sisters in Palestine as brothers and sisters in Iraq and other places. Then when we're going to implement this Hadith, Valentine Allah Hata fukami motto a boon you will never obtain the best of good until you sacrifice your love most. Liam in

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my humble enough, see, none of you will become a true believer until the love for the Muslim Brothers with the love for themselves. A large animal under Denise demonaco feta Verona Santa, ask Allah azza wa jal to make us from those who hear and act upon what they sow panic alarm fundic shadow Allah Allah Allah