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handed me what sort of luck.

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But early he was off to celebrate the steam and get some another, remember nothing

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other than the other studies in the book have good manners from the other side. In other

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words, probably he would have

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a chapter on the excellence of China's carnavon. He said you could read all the above and upon gamma Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I said, Allah is Allah, the higher end

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if you

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have non future.

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In this Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam fully regrets that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he was even shy, she's basically more shot than made him behind her Well, that's basically a unique characteristics. And perhaps maybe we live in the Western culture here. In women getting into the Western culture, it seems to be very unique even even to comprehend understand what does that mean, in the traditional societies, women, they're known to be very shy, they're also they don't intermingle a lot with men. So they keep their various and their distance from the opposite gender. And that's why in the presence of another man who's not related to them, they feel very shy, they

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blush, they turn red, same thing with many, because they're not used to that kind of, you know, close encounter with the opposite gender out of respect,

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not out of whatever actually looking down at the opposite gender out of respect people, they knew their space. So women, they have their own domain, when they have their own domain, and they keep perspective in our society, even in the United States. Actually, yesterday, I was really interested in United States, specifically the history of the religious movement in America in the 1980s, early actually 1989 1800s, all the way up. So through the movements, religious movements of how I mean, it's very unbelievable how the society shifted so far, from the religious values that they had in a pill to back then, and those years, and in terms of an interaction between men and women, the

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subject of higher shyness of lab manners and so on, completely, completely changed. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, in that society, traditional Muslim society, they kept those values, they keep their distance, and they keep the values, you know, men and women, you know, separate from each other. So therefore, they were describing the prophets of Allah, Masha, Allah and another idea, he was shy, and he wouldn't be very shy, more than a made him in your own house behind a job.

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You know, if a man has a daughter, and someone proposes to her, again, in the traditional society, when a father comes to his daughter, and he tells her, this man is proposing you'd like for example, to you know, he wants to get married to marry the lady back then the good old days, she used to blush. She's the fisheye, and then she will tell her father, it's your choice decision. I trust you invasively, you know, you just the guy.

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Now, the life course is much different.

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Of course, now the society completely shifted, the culture shifts in completely different direction. That's why, for people who never really experienced that level of shyness and manners and law, to read this headache, for them, this head is like, I don't know, what does that mean? They exactly, they have no comprehension of the meaning how much the professor was very sharp, like porcelain money. And it continues when he saw something which is like, we could perceive that on this space to analyze, you can tell, he doesn't like. Let's see some of these examples of the shadows of the prophets of Aladdin.

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Some of these are added a woman one day come came to her, she offered herself and manage and imagine yourself in this position, a woman out of nowhere she stops in front of you. She says, You know what? I see martial art. I just got i i've seen in them as a few times. I'm interested I would like to marry. I don't know about Gods today. But yeah, also the traditional society that God will also blush. It's unusual encounter for them. So the prophets have us in a Monday, a woman came to them and she said of, well, he was in a gathering. So she stood in front of him, and she said, jasola that she was interested in marrying him. And she was offering her second marriage. The prophet SAW,

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so we looked at her and then he just eventually pushes the site down. kind of feel shy, didn't know what to tell. I mean, it's very awkward moment right now. He didn't know what to say. So he kept quiet he couldn't even tell it. I'm sorry. I'm not interested. He could even say those words on a lot of stuff. So he remained quiet. The

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Lady instead of running away or going away or whatever, she just, you know, she she was frustrated she sat down

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she just sat down right there somehow I mean a man was there with the profits or loss alone and he goes

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if you have no interest in hair care

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so the prophet SAW said returns to the lady, basically, what do you want to say? Okay with that, so the woman should give approval this sort of approval. So the property we told him, okay, then go and look for something to get harassed, or anything like that. So the manager after his house, whatever it is, and he came back with nothing caught our soul I had nothing which means I'm broke, I have nothing to give. Now alongside the property he said, Okay, go ahead and look for anything what

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he will even just an iron brain, just anything.

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So the man went looking everywhere, he couldn't find anything the home he came back thought a lot of us alive, nothing except for this piece of cloth or myself. This is the one that he was used around himself. So the proper tone of what she's gonna do with this, if she takes us for me, then walk around naked.

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So the man himself he was frustrated so much, he sat down.

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Here's the profit some of us in such an awkward situation. A woman sitting there frustrated, the guy's gonna get frustrated. They want to get by they cannot get man. Then the property one three looked at the guy says, Hello, magazine on one. Do you know anything from the phone? Have you memorized anything from the Karana? Yes, I do. I have memorized this Surah Surah Surah. So you can't use all of that. He said, Son, listen to her color. Her focus was to be my mother, the West.

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I get her you in marriage, by memory by helping him and when

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you marry her, and her mom is to help her memorize this. And I hope that didn't happen.

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I don't know about that part. But eventually they get married. So that was one of these occasions where the profit or loss could not even respond. He was so shy. Some of them are so that he couldn't respond. Another example a woman came in the prophets of Allah, Allah asking Allah, I mean, the men have taken all designator taken or taken over. We can't, we don't have any access to you. They're gone to the gym, our gym, our art and all these activities, we can't do that much with you. So it's up to them just make us one day so we can get together with you so we can ask our question. So the process of Allah Salah maga, he gave them one day a week. So this is your thing. You got him in the

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house of one of these ladies and he will come to their house, and he will address them with a specific subject

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for the visa lasala one of these occasions, he was there, I showed him and when he finished talking, ladies are asking the question, no, they're always so happy. Are they allowed to I'm not the one who was reading a story. She said caught Mara eight minutes in a certain song. She's I've never seen women lie down sorry. Let me um, now I'm not here at the forefront of anything. Not even shyness would prevent them from seeking knowledge to learn their di D they won't shy away from asking serious question to learn their thing. So she said that one of those one of the process or one of the rare is asked the prophets of Allah, some Yasser Allah in regard to women's period. How would

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they clean themselves from the blood? Now that's a very specific question. So the prophet SAW us and he told her he says color Yes or No? Then it just basically cotton piece of cotton or cat photo of a harmonica, and they should play themselves.

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Is that enough for a demo? I guess it's enough for the woman. Was it enough? Karachi, Rasul Allah, okay.

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How are they going to clean themselves with that?

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I mean, even the prophet SAW said they don't know what to say more than this.

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And you let him play themselves with them. She said, but ha, console, Erica rica Harmon, just as clean as clean. So for that, when she came to the rescue, she pulled her to the side, she's just go and follow them through the blood. Which means that said, you know how to do that don't embarrass the prophet SAW someone honest. So at this at this position, the profits or loss and I felt very sharp, as well. So I have so there are a few examples when the prophet SAW what the lie was that he would feel so shy. Some a lot of other people said, and when it comes to shyness is one of these as we said earlier, it's one of the sign of good, good faith. A person who doesn't really feel shy like

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some people deserve a nice day.

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Some people they come on frog with themselves, and I'm honest, I'm not. I don't fish for money, but well, there is a difference.

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being brave in the heart, which is true. And being so young and reckless, when it comes to dealing with people without giving respect to anybody, that's not a sign of, of courage.

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So therefore, when it comes to shyness or higher, it's that modesty, it would not prevent you from doing that which is right and would not prevent you from that from dealing with that which is right it would not prevent you from doing that, I would not let you go and do that which is wrong.

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modesty will stop you from doing that which is wrong. And would encourage you to that to do that which is like regardless of the situation, in many cases, where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when he was asked to help an assist with something, he would go straight and

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he said so a lot of stuff or actually, he was it was thought about the prophets of Allah salam, that even the old woman and women, the old women of Medina, they would come and they stopped the Prophet sallallahu Salah they will stop him in the middle of the street, and they asked him for things. And also I saw someone that he was stopped by one of those ladies, they all there is a Medina. And he told her he said Potala Houdini, in Madrid, the city of the Haddock, take me anywhere, he wanted Medina untruthfully.

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So she took the profits of a lot of seller. And he went with her. And it helped her do whatever she wanted to do. And then he finished and he came back again to deal with the stress. So a lot of seven. So you might feel that, you know, she's a lady and so but she's an older lady. And in this case, the professor's want to help her. So he went and he helped us all alone. And he was so one of there is a position of performance. That is right. Sometimes half shyness should not prevent you from doing that. If you feel that, you know you're too shy to do it does not hire us bashfulness

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has a Bachelor's is a weakness. and higher and modesty is indeed a great sign of email with a lot of data. And in question

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Don't be shy don't

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pull up.

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man who's going to have a a

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who you'll think of as having that

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immediately come to mind.

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By now Wow, what's the difference between people like

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us man, that the angels will feel shy from us man, but not necessarily as much from

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now, I don't know why the end is in particular, but who knows man and cannot dude and

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he was also a very shy man.

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You know,

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on the line, I mean, it was almost there is a very strong public speaker is so strong on the line. And he goes always, you know, with strong statements as men on the other hand, he was very strong. internally in particular, it was very strong that when it became a free for the allotted time, does not extend that expanded actually and was if you saw prosperity has never been seen before, during the reign of Admiralty law, to the extent that unfortunately, some of these will not

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survive, kings have the time. And they they found that the claws of the halifa the freedom speech, time and so on. They took advantage of that and they assassinated

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as man was hiding even the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was very shy from into the story of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam one day was in his house. And I she saw that he was sitting and he was inclined in the planning. So as an aside, and somehow he's still in Hassan. Basically, he still was he was very casual. So he still be went all the way up over his his knee. So part of his tie came up, overflow. So they came in, he sought permission, the prover allowed him to come in, he did not move. Then on top, sometime later, he came asking permission the programmer to come in. He did remove salsa. But then when they said, Man, second permission to come in, the prophet SAW 70 setup,

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covered himself. And then he allowed him to come and

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then when they all depart, I said jasola I mean, a worker came in and what came at you do anything? Man, can you just, you know just changed your position.

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Last time, Manchester, Heyman in America shouldn't be shy from that man on the angels. The angels didn't shy from

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Can anyone can anyone see someone that they can say? The angels will be shot on this map?

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Could you be that person? Can you put yourself in that position you put yourself in a position the angels want to charge from you

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I don't have that level of

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So severes

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basically the shackles of love and manners. You know how many times you came up with favorites in front of a man, like a great alum or scar? And when it is presidents, you couldn't look him in the eye. You could not let say even ask the question because if I'm too shy, you know, besides that there's haber, they are becoming a slave. It's just like an arm around this person that causes people to feel you know, shy sometimes. And that's exactly how

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they feel humble. Because of a person with metal they're louder and more

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narrow it's not a bigger disclose. Those

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are lower