Omar Suleiman – Daily Isha Khatirah 08-12-2015

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of signs and favors in religion, including a favor for the person on the last panel who mentioned a sign in the Quran, a favor for a partner, and a love for favors. They also discuss the negative impact of socializing too much and the importance of strong heart to avoid sin. The negative sentiment of people starting to blame each other is also discussed, along with the need to grant love for actions.
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not like normal human handling on banana mean one on one Illallah one I mean when our people to clean law most Hollywood cinema robotic, I'm decoder so they can Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. While only he was like me, he was still him to see him and cathedra

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the idea that we just read were from sort of the baccara we've probably talked about these ions in the past and shallots on it, but it's still good for us to be reminded. last panel of Tana says, Why isla? comida y had that your Lord is only one Lord, law and law when there is no god but him the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. And then Allah subhanaw taala starts to mention all of these things that he's done for you in this world, and all of his signs now, last time when he mentions a sign in the Quran, it's not just an idea for you to contemplate over for you to find, to find reason for introspection, but it's also a favorite favorite to you. So in the alternation of night and day,

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is there a favor for you or not? Of course it is imagine if there was no nighttime, it's a favor for you. Okay, on the last panel who had to add up mentions and you can go through this this beautiful item on the last panel Tada starts to mention, the way that the water moves the different currents in the river the waves in the ocean when he mentions the ships coming together and the winds that blow and allow the sails to set and all of these different things. These aren't just signs for you. These are also favors upon you. Did you do anything to deserve that from Allah? subhanaw taala? No. Okay. Then Allah subhana wa Sana says Amina NASCI Maya taffy, lumen Dooney la he and data you have

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born at home Kabila there are some people that have taken partners besides Allah subhanaw taala because they love those things the way they should love Allah subhanaw taala because there's, you know, because there's nothing that you did to deserve what Allah has given you. At the very least, you should be grateful and usually gratitude bears a sense of love. You know, subhanAllah Imam Kodama Rahim, Allah to Allah He said that people love generous people. You know, even if, if you haven't been touched by their generosity, it's actually an it's a beautiful statement that stuck within the 700 classes mean, people love generous people, even if they haven't been touched by their

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generosity. We just love generous people. What that means is if you hear if someone that's extremely charitable, and extremely generous in some other part of the world, even if they've never done anything for you, you still have a natural appreciation and gratitude and love for that person. But Allah Subhana Allah Allah has done everything for you. And so there should be a natural love and affection towards the loss of habitat it should be reciprocated. But then Allah subhana wa says some people love some things or some people the way they should love Allah subhanaw taala when Medina ammonoid Asha do Hoban Nila and those who believe the way that they love Allah subhana wa Tada

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cannot be matched by the way that any person loves his car or loves another human being or loves their friend or loves their leaders. Allah subhanaw taala says whatever Yatta Ladino Allah mu is the Arona Lada but uncoated Allah in Jamia when Allah Shahidullah either but las Panatela warns them then of the punishment now the punishment is hellfire, obviously, but it's very interesting that the very next day is what if toboa alladhina to Biru Mina Alladhina terbaru whare all the other water corporate behemoth s BAP are called Alladhina terbaru lo Anna Anna kabwata and fenetre Baba Amin home camera Tamara Mina, Allah's parents Allah says Now let's fast forward to the day of judgment,

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these people in these things that you've put, you know as your object of love besides Allah subhanho wa Taala what's happening now? How much do they care for you now? Allah subhana wa Tada says those that used to be followed are leaving those that used to follow them is Tabata Alladhina Toby Rue Mina Alladhina terbaru one oh will adapt. They're all seeing the punishment. In fact, what's a Kata to be human as well but those who are following it's like, okay, Allah azza wa jal warned us that we should love him more than we love anyone else or anything else. And Allah subhanaw taala added in there by the way, when ojala Dena one Mo is your own and add up when you see punishment, it's even

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going to be worse. But now these people they still turned away from Allah subhanaw taala they still chose to connect themselves to different people to different things. And those people and those things are leaving them in the dark. And then suddenly they see the punishments in front of them. They see the fire Well, it's up to him and stuff. And they have no means of bettering their situation they have no one they can reach out to they can't make dua to Allah subhanaw taala at that point to make things better. So what does everyone start to do? They start to blame each other. Well, Carla Dena Tarullo Anna Anna Culbertson Fernanda Barbra mean home came out about La Mina.

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Those that used to follow said that, you know, if we had another chance we would have distanced ourselves from them the way the way they're distancing themselves.

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from us, and that's the idea Subhanallah you you're just, you get pushed into now the state of

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this dunya where you were you were choosing other things to Allah subhanaw taala and attaching yourself to them. And you really should not have been attaching yourself to them to Allah subhanho To Allah putting you in the state where you're actually saying, If only I had a chance, I would have distanced myself before that person before they distance themselves from me. I would have left that thing before it left me. And that's why I lost parents. I says, Can daddy carry him Allahu Allah home has a lot in it. One hung behind a gentleman enough. And just like that Allah subhanaw taala shows them all of their deeds. It's not just the people that you were tied to. It's the things that

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you tied yourself to, besides Allah subhanho wa Taala that you should not have tied yourself to it's the things that you had to add look with the if you remember the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam monumental hammer camera with the weapon the prophets lie Selim says in the Hadith and Muslim Amma duck, the one who is addicted to alcohol is like the one who worships idols, not in the gravity of the sin, because shidduch is not paralleled by anything else in regards to gravity. But by the way I look, the dependency the way that they were attached to that drug, the way they were attached to that alcohol. And likewise, any sin, the way that you become attached to a sin is,

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is very severe, and it's very dangerous. And so with that, you know, we think to ourselves that you know, attach yourself to Allah subhanaw taala what does your heart really longed for? What is your heart really desire? Because one of the main issues with sin when we commit a sin is that it's not just the gravity of the sin, it's the fact that your heart desires other than Allah subhanaw taala and that you're tied to something other than Allah subhanaw taala it's not about the sin itself, the gravity of it, it's about the internal state of your heart when you commit that sin. And so we ask Allah subhanaw taala that our hearts become tied to nothing but him. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada

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that on the day of judgment that he does not distance us from him and that in this dunya we do not distance ourselves from him, or cause him to distance our to distance us from him. Subhana wa Tada and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us His love and the love of those whom he loves, and to grant us the love of every action that would bring this closer to his love Lama Amin questions

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