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Here we are Imam. Imam Muslim was at home fee so he and Viharaya are the Allah one who call Ajah Raju, Isla Rasulullah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam have a call in the mud hudl

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Abu Huraira and Eritrea the man came to the messenger messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam and said, O Messenger of Allah I am in need and what he says here, you know, modules Savani will God I'm in a situation where I didn't have anything I'm hungry.

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So he came asking for help.

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For our salah, either abou visa E for coilette

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wala diva Asada will help mine the lemma.

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The Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam asked

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some of his wives if they have anything. And they replied, this particular wife replied, but we only have water we have nothing else. The Umatilla Illa Oakura followed Mr. Dalek at the Punahou Hoonah Miss Ladadika Lawwell Aviva will help mine the dilemma and he asked the next wife and the next until all of them said the same thing we have only water you know we don't have anything for your guest

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to call us Allah Salam Minh you leave who had a Laila Rahima Hola.

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Hi that is like you know who is going to take care of this

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uh, Leila tonight. May Allah have mercy on that person or whoever takes care of this person tonight. Allah will have mercy on them. Okay.

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So called origin mineral source of Allah Anya rasool Allah, a man from the Tsar from the people of Medina stood up and said, I will do so oh messenger of Allah. But Allah kabhi Isla Raha Lee for call liberati he Hi Linda Kishi. So he took this so he so he went back to his to his family with the guest and as is tradition, you know there's like a guest quarter quarter and then there's like the family quarter they kind of separate right so he went to his family quarter and asked his wife do you have anything to serve to our guest

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call it law in law to to Simeoni he says the only thing we have is the meal of our children meal of my children meaning the food that our kids will have to write qualify Lily hem be shaped by the hula by funa for outfit for altfi Suraj or Eddie he and Nana cool. So when he enters oh sorry, he said

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distract the children with something distract them with something that will occupy them and distract them from the food and dim the or or blow out the candles blow the spirits the source of light and

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show our guests that we are sitting eating with him. Okay, here this is to say that pretend that play along as if we're eating but in reality we're not going to eat anything only he's going to be eating

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call as a PA I do one o'clock life. So this the the all sat and the guests ate in the darkness thinking that they're also eating with him. They're gesturing but they're not really eating anything.

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For them. Baha laden, also fallen, ill and the results on them over the island resource I love the color for the IG villa hoomin soneri coma via Wi Fi Kumar Leila. So when it was next morning, he went to the Messenger of Allah in the morning.

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And the messenger messenger of Allah I just said to him, Allah was very impressed with what both of you you and your wife did last night with your guest. And this is Hadith in Sahih Muslim so pilots a long narration, it took me a while to share it with you and translated but

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from the same vein as last time I was here a couple of nights ago. The concept of the three main takeaways number one is the

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disparity that the people of Medina lived in, where they had almost nothing

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survive on a day to day basis. And this was not only the case with messenger will also Salem, not only with the person who came, there was the US House so for the people who lived in the back of the masjid, but also the people of Medina themselves, the unsought they all had tough tough times, financially and economically, but that did not affect. And this is the key takeaway here lesson number two, that did not affect their their graciousness, their generosity, their ability to host their willingness to host you see, the two are not related. It's not the

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You have a lot. So now you can give a lot. It's not that you have a lot, so you can be generous a lot. And frequently, they had almost nothing to the point where the Messenger of Allah his whole household didn't even have the meal for the night. And this Sahabi His name is not even mentioned in this narration, another nurse has mentioned, he didn't have a meal that night, either his wife didn't have a meal that night, either. His kids didn't have a meal either. Despite that their generosity was off the charts.

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But shows us that generosity is you know, to say like you're being poor is a state of mind, right there. If you heard that expression, you're gonna be broke. That means you have no money. But being poor is a state of mind, you think like you're, you're not, you know, you act like you're poor. But in reality, you have a lot, you could have a lot. Being generous as a state of mind as well. Being generous is also a state of mind, you can have a lot and you can be the most stingy person in the world. And you're gonna have almost nothing and you can be the most generous person in the world. Generosity is from Iman. It comes from it stems from Iman. And that's the second lesson for us from

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this hadith. And the final lesson here, just a final thought, here is again, the, the the relate relating it to our situation here, none of us are going to be in the situation described in this hadith. Tonight, we're not going to go sleep without a meal unless you choose to because we tried to like, you know, lose some weight or something right? But no one is going to not eat because they don't have food.

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But do we have that level of generosity and sacrifice where we can give to make ourselves uncomfortable to make ourselves a little less, you know, enjoy ourselves a little less at the expense of our enjoyment, ensure someone else has the basic necessities of life. That's the question and this is the the concept the Quran very clearly says lantana libera hatherton fugu Mima to him Moon you're not going to attain piety until you find in yourself to give something that you love.

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And when you were able to do that, that's in reality that's when piety has been achieved. We ask Allah to make us of the Moroccan those who give the Mossad detain and this particular Hadith was referenced in the Quran as well the street where you see Runa Allah and fusi him the Sahaba of particularly of Medina were described as they were give at the expense of their own well being. So may Allah make use of them as well. I mean was a lobby no Mohammed while early he