Omar Suleiman – The Beginning And The End – EP 35 War Between Angels And Jinn

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the reflection people are surrounding with " Yoana-ish" causing them to feel disempowered and associate with Yoana-ish. The story of the Bible is discussed, including the rise of Islam in the Middle East and the loss of the first of Islam's followers. The story also touches on the origins of the name Jesus and the various religious groups associated with it. A recommendation is made to visit a YouTube channel for more content.
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So now that we've covered the jinn and we've covered the angels, you know, somehow there's, there's a reflection that I'd like to share, which is that a lot of times when you talk to people, there's this overwhelming paranoia that there are jinn everywhere, right? They're surrounding us here, they're surrounding us there. I mean, we have to even be conscious of them as we're entering into the restroom, and when we're exiting, and so on, so forth, and with everything that we do, there are jinn everywhere. And we just assume that we're constantly being surrounded by these demons, and that paranoia can grow and grow and grow, to where a person not only doesn't enjoy life, but they don't

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even enjoy, they're a bother, they don't even enjoy their worship anymore. However, it's important to recognize here as a means of personal one and Allah as a means of good expectation and a lot. Not only is it that Allah will protect you, when you do the things that you're supposed to do and avoid the things that you're supposed to avoid. But also that the number of angels is far greater than the number of jinn. And that's something very profound if you think about it, right? If Allah has mentioned angels, that that literally crowd the heavens to a point that the heavens are shaking, because there isn't a handspun except that there's an angel there. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions

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the power of the angels over the power of the jinn, then you should be confident that those angels are around you all the time. And instead of being paranoid all the time and saying jinn all around, say, Alhamdulillah, there are angels around I'm reading, and they're angels around, I'm doing wicked I'm remembering a lot. They're angels around, I'm praying their angels around I'm calling up a brother or sister doing something good for someone, there's an angel around, I'm going to visit someone for the sake of Allah. An angel is there I'm going to this I'm going to the masjid and angels there, I'm going to halaqa an angel is there. Don't always think about Jin Jin Jin Jin Jin,

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instead think about the angels the melodica that Allah subhanaw taala surrounds us with and that will give you a far more positive outlook on life. Now on top of that, you read about in lb die when you die and all other works in essence of Tafseer in particular, the war between the angels and the jinn that there was an actual how to a war that broke out between them. And then you know, the background of that is that we know that Allah subhana wa tada he sent the jinn to this earth and a loss of Hannah hoods Allah allowed them to be settled on this earth. And that's why it explains to us later on why the angels objected initially, or they asked the last panel to Allah why he's

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creating human beings and putting them on earth again, knowing that their nature is also that they have freewill and so on so forth, because of the fear that they will be corrupt just like the first the other creation that's like them, that was given the earth and they were corrupt. And the jinn came here and amongst them were believers. Amongst them were disbelievers, you know, there's there there are several narrations here and none of them can actually be confirmed, but it gives us an overall picture. So you'll find even Kathy had mentioning the narrations that say that there were other creations and hen will been and the jinn were given power over them. So there are a lot tells

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us in the Koran way, local mela to Allah moon, he creates things that you don't know. So what animals were there, what other species or creations were on Earth as the jinn were there, whatever it is, the jinn were given control over them. And the jinn became corrupt, they started to kill those that were under them, they started to oppress, they started to commit major sins, they started to disobey Allah, they started to bring shit again. So they started to worship besides Allah subhana wa Tada, they started to do the things that a lot prohibited them from doing and this was, you know, this became the vast the overwhelming majority of them. And some had a lot, you know, the end of

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human beings on this earth as well, at the very end of the day, you know, the day of judgment will not be established, except as the profits license on the worst of people. So by the time this incident that I'm about to mention happen, this was the worst of the gin that were left the good gin had passed away. And the evil gin you know, had had taken you know, control of this earth. And so Allah subhana wa tada sent the angels and the angels destroyed them and the angels pushed them to desire to be heard, which means the corners of the oceans, they were pushed to the water, and they were they were taken off of the land, and they were really, you know, put into pockets. And for the

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most part, they were killed even because of their corruption. Allah subhanaw taala allowed that destruction to come upon them. Now amongst them was a jinn by the name, whose name can't really be established. We know him as a police. But his name blease did not become or his name did not become at least until he disobeyed a loss of power to add the devil the shape on obliques. Now some narrations would say his name was as jazzy.

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But none of that can really be established. The point is that there was a righteous Qian amongst them, according to some of their enema, he's the father of the jinn, just as admati his Salaam is the father of human beings. Okay? So he's the first of them or he's one of the earliest of them and Allah subhanaw taala gave him a very long life because he used to worship Allah subhanaw taala consistently, and he was someone that was very clear

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. And when the angels destroyed the jinn on this earth, they took a blease up whatever his name was before it leaves, and some had a lot he was allowed to even worship amongst the angels amongst some of the highest ranked angels in fact, and according to the amendments, Emile Rahim Allah He was even given the shape of an angel, and also handle so that when he enters into gender, he enters in a beautiful way. And at that time, there were only melodica there, there were only angels there. So he was even given a shape of an angel, though it was understood that he was not actually an angel. And so this is where things start to take root. Now, this gives us a

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background to what is to come when Adam alayhis salam is created and why this question even takes place, because you read the I initially, you know, when a lot talks about Adam Isom coming to earth and you say, Well, why did the angels know that something bad would happen and that corruption would spread amongst them? Because they had already experienced that amongst the jinn. And so now at least is settled in Paradise and he's worshipping Allah subhana wa tada and he has the shape of the angel, and that's where things start to go sour afterwards.

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