Suleiman Hani – 4 Lessons from Karbala for All Muslims

Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © The recent incident at Kar direction has had a negative impact on Muslims, including the loss of their father and the division of their faith. The importance of teaching children to be true to their father's teachings and showing their true theology in every prayer is emphasized. The negative impact of the recent protests on people's health and personal relationships is also discussed. The importance of not feeling sad and not rethinking the past is emphasized, and the use of artificial intelligence and fitness is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the need to be mindful of one's own actions and not to distract oneself from important events.
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In last week's hotbar, we addressed the topic of the month of Muharram. And its virtues its following that were mentioned at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And that chapter is closed.

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And the reality is many times when we talk about mojado ROM, and we talk about specifically the 10th, the day in which was obligated to fast the day in which it is virtuous, for the one who is fasting, a year of sins are forgiven. But of course, as we mentioned last week, there are many things that happen during this month historically. And amongst the things that took place six decades after the hit on your 61, after the migration from Mecca to Medina, is the tragic incidents at Karbala, and the healing the martyrdom of Al Hussein rolling along run. And it's important to mention that when people talk about this incident, this tragedy

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theologically, many things took place after this moment. And we are not here to talk about those things. When people talk about the Battle of Kabbalah, when people talk about the killing of an Hussein wielding a loved one. Oftentimes, it is very heated, it is very emotional. And oftentimes, there's a lot of sensitivity when this issue is brought up. There's a time and there's a place for academic discussions and lectures and a historical analysis. And I don't personally feel that the member today that this is the place for it. Rather, what I feel would serve us chughtai A lot of benefits. What brings us closer to Allah subhanaw taala is to take some lessons that are beneficial

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for all Muslims. And we will talk about four things in particular, that are beneficial for all Muslims, and don't misunderstand me, the incident itself should be discussed. There are gatherings there are places there are times, we've had many hamdulillah academic discussions and gatherings with Sunnis and Shia talking about our approach our perspective, talking about the fact that really you don't reach a resolution when you're debating someone about something that they have different historical sources for we have a different approach when it comes to Hadith authentication. And we have a very rigorous authentication process that we care about. And we also have different sources.

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So it doesn't bring us much benefit to debate something with someone of any background, if the foundation the source, the epistemology itself, varies. And so let's talk about the lessons in sha Allah Tala that we can take from the incident itself. And just to summarize, I'm not going into the history of my going into the story. I'm not going to the narrative itself, it is sufficient to know that the grandson of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Hussain rolled the long run, that the Prophet sallallahu Alisyn loved with much love. The prophets Allah has been referred to Al Hassan and Al Hussain Radi Allahu Anhu Ummah, as being amongst the leaders of the youth of Jannah.

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And there are many virtues for the family of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam in general. So it is sufficient to know that he was killed and there was a great injustice, that there was a great bloodshed, and it caused a great division, and a great problem for them from that moment onward for a number of reasons beyond the scope of this whole lesson number one of four. When we talk about the family of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there is, of course, an important theological statement, which is that as a sunnah, we love all of the family of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and that includes his wives, that includes his children, that includes his grandchildren, and

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the prophets. Allah Allah has his family is important to mention in the Quran, and we pray for them in every summer, every single prayer before you the Tasleem, you have to send Salawat upon the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam and his family. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us for amongst those who have true love for them. In addition, we also love all of the companions, and we do not make exceptions. Allah subhanaw taala spoke about the virtues of the companions testify to their goodness, gave them many blessings and a status in Islam and the Prophet SAW loss and love them as well. So we love all of the companions and all of the family of the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam. And it's important that we teach our children, the stories of these great companions, it is important that we teach our children rather than stories that are fictional or inappropriate, or movies and TV shows that include a number of liberal and secular agendas behind them, that we teach them and show them and have demonstrations and classes and so on and so forth. So they can learn the legacy of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the way that he taught the Companions, the turtle via of the Prophet sallallahu. I send them towards the companions. Lesson number two. Anytime you talk about an emotional issue, and you talk about something like the

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history, and the tragic incidents and the killing of Al Hussein, and all the long run, we have a principle in Islam as a sunnah that we must be people

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of justice consistently, which means what? In your personal life, whether you're older, young, married or not whatever you're doing in your life right now that you're always looking for what's true, not what's bias, not what your group says your family, your gender, your ethnicity, you know what is true, because at the end of the day, the believers are required to be people of Clyst people of justice. And even if you are required to be testifying against your family, testifying against yourself, the concept of justice in Islam, is the reason that the scholars of her new sunnah can look at what's happened historically, and analyze it and say that this is good or this is bad. This

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is the reason that we don't base Islam off of what a random Muslims are saying, maybe from a motion or ignorance, but rather what is actually true. And so an example of this with the killing of Al Hussein in the long run, you have many scholars, like even Timmy Muhammad Allah, when he spoke about this matter, he said, the murder of and Hussein was one of the greatest catastrophes in our history like the assassination of Earth man, or the Allah one. There was great bloodshed after this moment and division for the OMA Mini. This is a very serious moment in which there's a lot of tragedy that follows. There were many tragedies as well that took place before this one. And as well. He said,

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Rahim Allah, He said, Al Hussein Radi Allahu anhu, a 14th of lumen Shahidi was killed or pressed a martyr. And he said those who killed him while the more they are oppressors, there is no doubt regarding this. He said in Memorial fatawa as well when Fatah Al Hussein oh and partly hit Oh, the epidemic. Finally he learned from law he will equal to NASCIO Jemaine said, Whoever killed Al Hussein and only Allah one or supported that, and whoever is is happy with that. Because there were some people who went to other extremes. Again, this is what politics does to people, they avoid what is true and they start to become very sectarian.

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He said, Then may Allah subhana does curse me upon those people? And interestingly, Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah was asked about a specific person, he said, I do not curse people, unless they are mentioned in the Quran is being cursed. Have you ever heard me curse anyone? This is what he said to him, Allah. However, anyone with iman, anyone with faith would not love so and so. And he gave some examples. And one of the stories actually was about Yazeed. And some of the things that he did during his time that sinner generally have condemned and criticized my point behind this as what, when you look at an issue that is very controversial, and obviously, it is a reason one of many

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reasons that there is a division, and there was a group that splintered off. Politically, that became theological as well, later on. We say that the scholars of Islam or scholars of justice must be scholars of justice, consistently, regardless of who's on the other side. And the personal application, once again, something happens where there's a dispute in your family, a dispute in your community, an issue happening nationally or politically, that you look at what is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. And if you don't have the knowledge and you are not sure, then turn to the scholars who understand and leave and defer the matter to them, rather than getting into something

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unnecessary. Let's get into something a little more personal and emotional. Lesson number three, from this incident, is the concept of sadness. Now we know is that a sunnah, that this is not a day in which we turn into a day of mourning. This is a day of fasting and it was prescribed as such at the time of Revelation. This is a day in which we should look for acts of worship in general. This is a day like many other days, that was very important to the time of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, later on historically, some things happen, and this is one of them. As we know, the Shia Muslims generally turned us into a day of mourning, again, something that was political became

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theological. It's not to debate whether or not it is a day of mourning that is beyond the scope of what we have said it is not a day of mourning for us in general, we mourn for the death of an Hussein's only a long run, just as we mourn for the death of Earth, Manuel de la Juan, just as we mourn for the assassination of a role model, the loved one and it in the long run, just says we are sad at the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam the greatest human beings, however, we do not turn the death of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam or Omar on Earth man or ally, or anyone else may Allah be pleased with all of them into a day in which morning now becomes an act of worship.

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Why? Because you look in the Quran and you find with all the references to grief to sadness, Allah subhanho wa Taala never commands us to be sad, but rather commands us not to be sad. Allah subhana wa gives us the opposite command. You are not supposed to be a person who is looking to turn grief into an act of worship. This does not mean you do not experience grief or sadness. We think of what happened to the companions to the grandson of the Prophet sallallaahu son when we are sad, what do you do with grief? And what do we mean by this? Let's clarify

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by with a few examples. One time the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he comes to the masjid at a time in which there was no salah. He washed into the masala and he found the companion there. I will model the long run. He sees this companion so he says to him for Kalia about mama Malley, raka jellies and Finn muciniphila. And what the salah why is it that I see you in the masjid and it's not a time for prayer meaning what's going on? Why are you here?

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Are the human loves emetine What do you want on your rasool Allah? Anxiety worries have overtaken me I'm compelled by anxieties and deaths as well. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said find a fella or Lemo Kellerman either unterhalb to add them along wasa Lucha Kawagoe Anka Inaka on a hunt to Bella rasool Allah, Shayla not teach you a few words meaning dua that if you were to say it's a loss of Hannah what Allah will remove your worry and complete your doubt he will help you for your debt to be alleviated. And the companion responded yes of course. Oh messenger of Allah.

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Allah call either of Sparta with the unsaved in the morning and in the evening Allahumma inni will be coming and him me well hasn't. This is one of the most important dua every Muslim should know. Oh Allah I seek refuge in You from worry and sadness. Allahumma inni rudo becoming an HMI will hasn't. In an era today in which we have a skyrocketing amount of reported self reported undiagnosed depression and sadness, anxiety and worry, we cannot as Muslims look for every solution except dua, we start with Allah subhanaw taala, we start with this, the second part of the DUA well do we can logically Well, Luca, sir, in an era in which people are talking about maximizing their

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productivity, utilizing artificial intelligence to make life as easy as possible, and overcoming laziness with as many supplements as possible. Exercising and fitness becomes for some people, an obsession and over obsession, I should say.

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You're asking Allah subhanaw taala to protect you from a LODs from weakness and Castle laziness. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us? Why would you be criminal Gibney one book, I seek refuge in You from being cowardly and stingy. In which there are many people who mentioned that their families are holding back not spending even the basic things on their wives or their kids. And other times it's the opposite extreme. And in cases in which many people are cowardly, afraid, many Muslims look around and they see people who don't like Islam so automatically start to hide their faith. Many Muslims who are influenced by secularism and liberalism in different forms start to hide their

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Islamic identity thinking that there's someone who is superior so they have an inferiority complex, they are like to give him the foundations of courage that you are upon the truth, you should be proud of what you have. And if you hide everything of Islam, if you are cowardly, when it comes to standing up for the truth and defending the truth, who do you expect will defend the truth? Who do you expect will represent Islam? If all Muslims in America started to change Islam and imitate everyone else in this society, what's left of Islam for other people to imitate and look up to and gravitate towards? When in fact, there has been the reason that so many people have converted to

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Islam at hamdulillah the courage of Muslims, young and old men and women in all walks of life. So ask Allah subhanaw taala for protection against being cowardly and stingy. While we do become an elevated Dany accreditedl And we seek refuge in You from being overwhelmed by debt, and the tyranny of men tyranny of people in general. This door is the door every Muslim should learn we should be teaching our families as well. It is a very comprehensive drawn one time in a gathering one of the young Muslims a student, he was quieter than usual. He was very talkative, and this time he was quiet. So we noticed he was quiet. Is everything okay? Said I'm just thinking about some stuff that

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I'm going through, but I'll be okay. So what's going on? He's like, I don't really want to talk about it. But I heard that if I'm trying to overcome something, and I was sad for a moment or affected by something or worried about something. Is there a reward for it? We know there is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the believer may you'll see when Muslim I mean nossob in Walla Walla sabihin Willa Han, meanwhile, are hosting in Walla other whenever Manhattan show Katyusha Chua. The believer the Muslim is not afflicted by a hardship or illness, anxiety or sorrow, or harm or distress. Or even the pricking of a thorn, you accidentally hit your finger on

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something you accidentally stubbed your toe on, somebody accidentally got hurt and you tripped in law aka federal law, who behind katanya except that ALLAH subhanaw taala will forgive you for some of your sins, meaning you know what you've done, you know, your sins, you know, your shortcomings with Allah. Sometimes, that to worry, that thought that sadness in the moment about something you're going through, it might be the reason that some of your sins are erased. So when you leave this world, you have less to be held accountable for me

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Allah subhanaw taala protect us. By the way, this does not mean you should look for hardship. No the believer does not look for hardship. Rather this is one means of purification, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he was distressed, how did he cope? What did he do? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to make dua and we have so many dua on Earth cards that I mentioned authentically that he would make in times of distress, like the DUA that we mentioned here. In another report, for the for all the Allahu unreported for that kernen Nabil sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either husband who Imran Salah if something distressed him, he prayed he turned to Salah. Why

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Salah contrary to what some Muslims think it's not just a physical act of worship or you're flying through motions, checking it off your list thinking well, I prayed. I'm gonna go back to where I prayed. I'm back to school, back to video games back to chilling. No prayer is an experience for the believer. Prayer when it's done right, protects your heart. alleviate some of your worries, prayers, forgiveness of your sins sila Salah comes from sin of a link. It is a divine link between you and Allah. How can you not be paying attention? When you're conversing with Allah How can you be rushing to something else and you think that that other thing will take care of your worries when it is this

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Salah that you are in, engaged in with Allah subhanho wa Taala that will alleviate your affairs, the one who probably provided you with your risk that you're going back to your wealth your job, your children, your family, your chilling your entertainment, your house your food, it is a loss of Hannah Tada. So when you speak to him, take advantage of that moment, spill your heart out into ah and know that Allah subhana listens know that Allah subhanaw taala here's what you're going through. Sometimes, some people when they're going through hardships or certain moments in life, in which they're extremely sun, they'll turn to certain worldly things to alleviate that sadness. Now we know

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beyond the scope of Islam. Unfortunately, some people turn to drugs and alcohol thinking this will numb them and solve their problems and it causes more depression and suicide and problems as well. The believer what do they do, some people will turn to social media, they'll start venting to the world. Some people start venting to their friends and they'll start complaining about all of their problems. And I'm not talking about counseling or seeking advice. Some people will find that they are looking for fulfillment. So the start to eat more or sleep or look for their desires to be fulfilled. The believer utilizes the things that benefit them psychologically so long as they are

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pleasing to Allah and you cannot do everything except dua you cannot go to everything else looking for a solution and skipping the foundation of Salah and your art and Quran.

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One reason this lesson is included in a hooked on the topic of Kabbalah of all things is that there is a lesson for us because in the Quranic instruction, you find a teta BIA for the believer for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well. By the way when he was sad, Allah subhanaw taala will tell him when to has an Allah him Don't be sad over them. Don't let that affect you emotionally, the prophets Allah is and why was he said? Because he was worried about people's afterlife? What are you going to do if you're rejecting the message that I'm giving you? It's your wellbeing, it's your salvation, it's your success. So he worried about people with regards to their athletes. The Prophet sallallahu

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Christendom was commanded in the Quran not to be sad. We were commanded as well what are telling you what doesn't you do not have a one a type of worrying which you think there's absolutely no way to change your situation. A type of pessimism in fact, and do not also be sad. Lata Hasan in the La Hermana Do not be sad, Allah is with us. We have so many examples of this. When we look at the history, we find the saddest day for the almost all the companions and our Halal beta report. It is the day the Prophet sallallahu wasallam passed away. We find the incident in which on what amaro the Allah one Earth man, they were assassinated. These were very tragic days for the Ummah, you find the

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incident in which 7570 of those who memorize the Quran the companions were killed in one incident one moment, that is a very tragic Dean's indeed, you look at so many yet only along on her, in which the Prophet slicin could not help her and her husband except to say sobre la Asad find them all right there Camilla Jana be patient or family of acid. It's a very tragic day the first martyr in Islam, the death of Khadija the Lohana. The year I'm in host is a day a year of sadness in which the Prophet lost a lot of his support sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the incident part if in which he was bleeding, they threw rocks at him. The incident in which Hamza or the long run was killed the Battle

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of word and many of the great companions as well. In other words, we do not take as a * of sunnah a day in which we say this is a day to make sadness, an act of worship. No, rather we look at the teaching that was given from Allah subhanaw taala. This cannot be disputed from the Lord of the heavens, the one who knows our emotions and knows what helps us to overcome grief. That's one of the stations of the believers in this life. One of the stations of experiences is happiness and sadness. Now you will experience sadness in different forms. You cannot

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Not always avoid it, but what do you do when you are sad? So if you play him Rahimullah writes at length about this in Modesto Sadie Keene and he gives these examples that we mentioned, such as one time as an ally him Ferrazzano Coleman fasciae clean, or he mentioned to overthrow the long run and this is mentioned in the Quran. If you're holding the Sahibi Allah toxin in Allah hermana and Allah subhanaw taala uses the negation in the Quran, that when believers die, now HoH finale him Allah homea has shown that on the Day of Judgment, they won't be sad. Yeah, anybody Alladhina Oh, My believers, Oh, those are all my servants who believed that this is the day in which you will succeed

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the believers will be safe, there is no sadness for you. What to enter into has unknown and you will not be sad on this day meaning what you will only experience happiness, there is no grief for the believer. So there is the affirmation of what you are supposed to do. The command Do not be sad, even though sadness is inevitable. And then there is also the negation for the believers and Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran, about the trick of Shavon one of the tricks in nama Najwa Amina shaytani, Leah husband, Alladhina, Amanu, and Najwa. private counsel when people are basically meeting and also an example of this is in the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam says, if

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there are three of you, if there are three of you in a gathering, two of you should not be whispering at the exclusion of the third because that will grieve him or her why? Because now they feel that maybe you are talking about them, you're not good enough for them, you are talking about something secret. So it's not a good thing for the believers to do. It's not permissible. In Islam, the shape on the devil likes for Muslims, for people to be experiencing sadness to a great degree, meaning there is the normal type of sadness that a person will experience in life. But the devil would like for people to live in sadness and upon sadness, and to take days and weeks and months of

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sadness and to make grief the default state rather than happiness and contentment with life and to live in the past rather than dealing with the present and the future. This is very important for us to keep in mind that sadness is a test in this life. Grief is a test in this life. May Allah protect us all. We are supposed to ask Allah to relieve us of it. We are supposed to look for the things like DUA and Salah and help if needed for trauma, that you are looking for things that will help you to overcome it. And this is why the people of Ghana are not just safe on the Day of Judgment. When they enter Jannah they are so happy that they will never experience the sadness of this life again,

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we'll call it will hamdulillah Hilda the other Habana has been praised me to the one who saved us from difficulty and sadness and hasn't put me in both sadness or difficulty in this case. So excessive extreme sadness can be problematic in helping the human being move forward and thinking about the next chapter of your life. And there are many reminders we can take from this amongst them is that you may be worried about something you're going through right now. Someone around the world might be making dua for you because of a sadaqa that you gave someone from your community, someone of the past someone later on, could be making dua for and you have no idea because you help them

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when they were going through hardship because you give charity for their cause. Because you were kind to them in that one moment because you said something, you defended them, you help them you protected them. You raise them as a parent as a guardian as a friend. You don't know where the DUA is coming from where the help is coming from. And there are many reminders of this, but one of them is not if you're sad about the future, remember that Allah subhanaw taala is pleasure and his paradise They're waiting for you if you are faithful, and patient. If you are sad about loss turn to Allah al Jabbar, the one who mends the broken heart. Allah subhanaw taala is the one who helps the

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one who alleviates and know that Jana is waiting for the believers. If you are sad because of a past abuse that you experienced, may Allah protect us and our loved ones, and make us a people of justice. Remember that Allah subhanaw taala has saved the day of judgment as a day in which all rights will be restored, and those who are hurt and that child, the infant girl that was buried alive, and that many children who are killed every year through abortions and through Xena in general, that children will speak on the Day of Judgment were either low or too soon to be a them been put in at the victim will be able to speak in the court of Allah. And this is something that

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terrifies the oppressors. If you are sad about losing something worldly material last turn to Allah Zack. He provides you and trust in Him knowing that what comes to you, it is not permanent, it fluctuates. But when you put your trust in Him, and you know that that one door closed for you, perhaps another door will open, but turn to Allah and DUA and stay optimistic. And if you are sad because of sins that you've committed in the past, know that there is no room in Islam for being hopeless, know that there's no room in Islam for saying there's no hope for me. Rather turn to Allah subhanaw taala and know that your sadness should be channeled into good deeds, your regret another

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another kotoba as the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, should turn into an act of worship, increase your prayers, your charity, your kindness to other people. And finally, lesson number four. Sometimes people speak at length about things that happened in the past and they don't

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Focus at all on their own Africa. They don't prepare for their meeting with Allah. Focus on your accountability with Allah. Don't distract yourself to the extent that you think you're going to be questioned about a civil war that took place between Muslims or the martyred Imam Hussein's all the Allahu on you and I won't be asked about that it's important to know what the truth is Don't misunderstand. But if you spend an excessive amount of time on contentious issues of the past, and you are not doing anything for your athlete or what's waiting for you in the next life, so make sure that you are taking care of yourself has anyone who's gone public and to hassle. There's a report

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attributed to her model, the long run it's Moncada, there's a cut off in the chain, but it's reported that I'm going to Lila Han who said which is in accordance with your Quran. hold yourselves accountable. Before you are held accountable. Think about what you're doing every day. Think about your good deeds and your sins and whatever you don't want to find in your record when you die get rid of it today. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us ask Allah for forgiveness he's the author giving the Ever Merciful a funeral quality how that will stop funeral on you and a confessed fetal in a hula hula hula Rahim.

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hamdulillah was salatu salam ala Rasulillah while early or Sufi woman who Allah Allah subhanaw taala commands us in the Quran Yeah, you will let you know who all believers it took Allah be mindful of Allah worship Allah properly worship Allah with a boundary between you and everything that is prohibited, while tumbled enough somehow fundamentally like every soul reflect on what you have sent ahead for your afterlife. When we leave this world today or in 100 years when we leave this world and our souls leave our bodies, our opportunities will cut off the ability to increase in your Salah, you're a bad you're wicked, your kindness to other people, it ends over there. So do as much

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as you can with the time that you have and focus on the things that you are doing right now that need improvement rather than procrastinating for a day that is not guaranteed. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us and elevate our ranks. The topic itself of Qatar betta and the topic of handle the long run, it cannot be summarized in a 30 minute hardware cannot be addressed to satisfy all people in all audiences everyone who will want to add one thing or disagree with one thing. The point is for us in a place like this to look for lessons that bring us closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. And once again, we love all of the companions, we love all of our new debate. And we are amongst those

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who in fact encourage our children and adults as well to learn their stories, their legacy so we can be inspired by them. The second lesson mentioned is to be a person of justice. So wherever you are consistently side with justice and be honest, the third is to understand that sadness is not commanded by Allah is an act of worship. He commands us not to be sad meaning even though you're going to experience sadness, look for ways to overcome that sadness turn to Allah and dua starting nuber somebody will Salah turn to help turn to Salah turn to the thicken on the DUA that we mentioned as well. But it's not encouraged as an act of worship, to romanticize or make special a

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day or a moment of grief and sadness. There's a way to mourn in Islam according to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that is what we follow. And the last focus on yourself and your record with Allah. Focus on where you are. And of course, if you have family, your family as well, one full circle, Leonardo, may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those who benefit from what here and forgive us for our sins and make us amongst those who follow in the footsteps of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the family of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and the Companions, all of them may Allah be pleased with them. May Allah Subhana Allah was to be reunited with him the highest ranks of

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