Majed Mahmoud – Prophets Dawood & Suleiman #2 of 4 – Amazing Lifestyle of Dawood

Majed Mahmoud
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Bismillah we will start we will start by learning uduak a tree taught us excuse me, Nam I do a tree Szeged Allah taught us which we know from a dream Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim what kind of intro is this? This is authentic narration Listen to this. It's been abuzz about the Allahu anhu said Gerardo either Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for Kalia rasulillah all prophet of Allah, Allah I, Tony Laila were nnn I was sleeping and I had a dream. Kenny or suddenly hulufish adjara as if I am praying behind the tree for surgery that is Shakira to Lisa Judy. When I made the business in the dream, when I made such that in my dream, the

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tree also made such the luck but then he says what Sameer to her and I heard the tree saying the following Dora the sheduled of next door

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Allahumma shahzada saying Oh Allah oak to believe be higher in deca agora Oh Allah see the search that I'm doing accepted from me give me good deeds Allah has an ad for this such done well by the behalf with Allah and because of this such the erase say ad and bad deeds from Mija Allah wa jal Li in deca the hot Ania Allah this same such duck okay that such that he wants has an ad it once has an ad same such that it wants since to be erased same such that what jalahalli and deca meaning preserve it and don't let any bad did i do ruin it? Yeah Allah that's in the future. What a cappella harmony. Allah accept the such the from me. Can taka belta minab indica, Dawood and yet Allah accept

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my such the the way you accepted it from profit that would dallisa

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Then the man woke up from the dream and he told Mohammed la de Soto Salah of the dream. So guess what brothers and sisters Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in our best says about him for Sameer to who were who were kulu mithila Mahabharata Raja and Kohli shedra this da rasulillah sam learnt it from the dream of the Sahaba of which the tree made that Allahu Akbar, you appreciate that. And we say this drop the such that Attila Excuse me. In the Koran when you read the Quran, you go buy some verses that you should prostrate in out of respect. And in that said that what do you do? Yes, you can say Subhanallah bill Allah, but one of the great derives to say instead that the

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tilava in this sense that when you grow through the Quran, you say what the tree said say one more time Kamara. Okay, Bismillah Allahu Akbar probably be higher in deca Allah, Allah reward me for the sajida while Ba ba ba and the Bihar Wisla and forgive me for my sins. What jail had Lee in DeKalb the fraud and preserve the such that don't make anything ruin it. What cabella hominy kimitaka belta minab de cada with an email accepted from me the way you accepted it from your slave, your servant that would tell him what was his such delight? How was the such the of the old alayhis salam that hundreds of years laters 1000s of years later that sheduled on next door out like that says the

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seller May Allah make you have a sajida that is like the sister of WD solemn this Elijah letter says that Cassidy Deadwood is such that with sincerity loss as such that with the clean sajida with focus and passion, they allow us to experience it and Mirabelle alanine time. Let's recap something really important from the last session we spoke Allah subhana wa Taala said about the word alayhis salaam for has moved from the nilla the wood was a young man and he beat the enemy. And while katella dawu dilute and he killed loot the enemy. As a result after the victory of that war, were terrible law Allah gave that would three things your love Bismillah al smolka kingdom and now the Buddha is a

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king Allahu Akbar when Hickman and Prophethood so for the first time in Venezuela in kingship, and Prophethood in the same person, Phoenix is just what I lemahieu Maya and a lot taught the word Allah is

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selam have that will allow once brothers and sisters, ww Salaam medic and I took some of your advice in sha Allah and I'll be changing my background hopefully it works did it work Bismillah Nam so now that would Allah His Salaam is a king brothers and sisters if Benny surah Eden and though he was a king, and he had so much power, and he has so much money around him that he can utilize because he's pretty much the king and ruling the country. Except there's something all of us need to know about profit dealt with ready? And in epidemiology, Allahu Allah, and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam call Matt Akela a hardened man. No one eight. No one eats food better than the food that you

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get with your own hands. What do I mean with that? The money you earn is something you worked hard for. Then he said we're in Namibia Lucha de wood alayhis salaam, Kenya yet kuruman amellia de and prophet download la San himself used to have the food the meal expenses paid by his own hands. He used to go get his own earning. He did not feel comfortable that though I'm a king running the government for me to take money from it. No, I want to work and earn it with my own hands. There are limits they ask a question. Out of all the profits. Why did Rasool Allah sallallahu alayhi Salaam choose that would list the wood for example, we have Musa alayhis salaam who was known to be Allah

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and let him write. We also famously known your Shahada and Idris, a prophet Idris was a hujjat tailor. We know that Prophet Zakaria famously known as an ajar carpenter. But why did Rasul Allah He

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chose the wood Elisa Lam, because the wood does not need to go get a job. The wood does not need to work with his own hands, he doesn't he's a mechanic. So if then then he came self refused to get the assistance to get that no money from though he's a king, then you and I should also do our best to work hard and not be dependent on others. pavana I understand. There are pandemics there are problems and there's chaos. But this hadith also aligns us and tells us look up to that wood. Because if you are capable, it's not the right thing to do to depend on others Nam because when you are dependent on others or you who is capable, or you has the forest and the opportunity Let's

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activate the aliveness. Listen to our soul ally some Allahu alayhi wa sallam said and in movement he said about the believer, where is he is still not who and in us, your is your dignity, grows, grows, the more you do not depend on people. The more you do not depend on people the more honor and dignity will get Allahu Akbar and we need to look up to these profits in this pandemic that we had many cars many cars have low mileage yes or no so Hola. In this pandemic, you know Coronavirus many people are not driving they just sat in their homes they worked at home they did whatever they can but the car they barely drove it guess what this cost not driving the car will cause the brakes the

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brakes the car to rust to go that I'm not driving the car Yeah, not driving the car will ruin the car. Similarly a Shabaab young men young woman era me not using your body properly will ruin you so panela especially with our brothers you know going to get a job and seek and so on you can be respected so you can enjoy what you're doing in sha Allah May Allah bless you all immutable, Allah mean. So this is something we take from WWE Salaam Yella Bismillah, go apply to jobs, go work on your resume, go do something about it, especially when there are opportunities out there. May Allah increase you and I is a guru. I mean, may Allah increases in a certain dignity and honor Amira

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ballymun Okay, question, what was the woods job? Makana? amygdaloid salam,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says what erlin levelheaded the word Elisa Lam was special when it comes with working with Iran. How is that let me show you really quick Bismillah Allah next picture, Nam what ln levelheaded he was what's known as a blacksmith had dad. Allah says in the Quran, and near Mel sebelah to cut their fist served. A man who saw it

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Have in the bema tatman una bossy. Allah subhanho wa Taala says I gifted the word Elisa Lam with the ability to mold the iron easily for him. I made this as a skill as a gift, a lie that gave the wood what's the gift Allah has given you know, and NT. What's the Heidi Allah has given you the gift, there has to be something I truly believe. I truly believe everyone watching has a skill that is above average, I truly believe in that I might be wrong, but you see it across the world. Someone is excellent at managing someone is excellent at or under citation. There's something we excel at very much. And you have to find, what's the gift that Allah has given you. them? How do I know how try

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going into different

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training classes, for example, especially as students, you go to internship position, see, can you volunteer in this hospital for a week for example, or that even mechanic shop or that engineering office or something that you can do and you can test out and see where do you shine the most. So I pray to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to allow you an eye to realize that we are gifted now. We all have gifts, but not everyone unwrap that gift. So May Allah help you unwrap the gift he has given you. That would at least tell him was gifted especially when it comes to taking care of the iron and doing designs and shapes. Like what did the word Elisa Lam do? And Mel said a lot what the Serbian

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lot mean? Sadly a lot a guru and how to which is body armor. So that would would do body armor, savvy heart full length, body armor, head to toe and designs and all that good stuff. But you know what Allah says life's edgy by mazing amazing. Allah says to the word Elisa will cut their facade. What does that mean? What are their facade? Some say the word subtle means mess me your nails. And what cut their facade is that when you do the armor, there are links right steel links, so they see the links.

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And then the third is the nail that you put between the two links. So a lot is what cut their fists or make sure when you put the nail to connect the links, that the ring that ring where you put the Nayland is not too big, that the thing does not get attached. And don't make it too small. Where the nail doesn't go all the way through their facade.

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Why does the law tell us this?

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Why is the law telling us what cut their facade Alice talking about a nail that goes into a ring that goes into our body armor which a soldier wears. We read the in the Quran which the Quran will last until Allah wills as it gets closer to yarmulke Yama, why? Because Allah teaching us as an excellence in the job that you do. Oh teacher, you will start to establish what God has served, cut their facade. Perfect your craft of teaching your love Bismillah see the timing, see the classes that you're giving? Oh, a man will cut their facade. Make sure you prepare the proper content, proper timing, all that stuff, engineer will cut their facade. Make sure you engineer the product in

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the best way possible for the people keeping the environment in mind. Oh, doctor will cut their facade. Make sure that you don't assign more sub more prescription beyond what's needed to cut their facade or cut their facade is a call for everyone to do an asset, an excellent job that would actually sell and he did have that wonderful job. May Allah protect us And may Allah allow you and I to be excellent in our craft. I mean, your islanding will cut their fists out. You might see how amazing that would be Salah he's a king matava and he also worked with his own hand. Imagine this blacksmith job he comes back home dirty no problem. He works really hard he gets his money. But

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let's go to another dimension. Not necessarily the dounia even though an animal can be seen as a bad with the proper Nia but let's look at his relationship with Allah has a bad his one on one with Allah subhanho wa Taala now let me change the image now. Go a little bit dark go to night pm will lay meditative time some fasting and all the good stuff. May Allah bless you all in Grant's agenda Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now we're going to talk about Deadwood as the abbot. No, no, no, no Misha did what? The word was not a servant, a saver from legends like that. Also, will Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, fair enough who can abandon us? But the nurse he was the best

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worshipper to Allah, the elite. Allahu Akbar. How was that? Let's listen.

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into a hadith to show us the greatness of the Buddha Lisa and abdillahi bin Ahmed and alas radi Allahu and Houma. What happened? Abdullah bin Amara used to fast every single day Kenya Sudan and reads the whole Quran every single night. Whatever was revealed at that night, he would read every single day, every single night. So then there was a complaint to that came guests who complained about Abdullah his father, honorable as a sticker is taken in Ebony Illa Rasul Salah. So, Russell SLM he wants now to talk to Abdullah bin Abdullah. You might wonder what's the complaint for the center Bismillah he said rasulillah salam told hon Abdullah bin unrelaxed he says lm Oba Nikita Suma

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de what Tecla Al Quran akula Laila, I heard that you fast every day and you read the Koran every night. Click to Bella and Abby Allah yes jasola I do that when I'm already be delicate a little higher like I did the only one thing the best and has an art and gentlemen all that stuff. So the prophet SAW Selim tells Abdullah for in the House Speaker enter Suma min Cooley Sharon salata Yeah, it is enough for you to fast three days every month so the month 30 days 29 days or whatever the case may be fast three days from every month so Abdullah says yeah and viola in the article extra mean danek I can do more than this yet also Allah I can trust me I'm I'm young, I'm strong. I'm

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still I still don't have children. I married but no children. I can do this yet also Allah.

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Rasool Allah Sam says for inally zoji colic haka, your wife has a right over you. Yes, because the complaint came from the father in law. amaryllis, he went to his daughter in law, and he asked her how was My son? She said NEMA. Even, you know, he's a great son who every day he's fasting and every night he string to me lately and he is hinting he doesn't pretty much need me and he doesn't approach me whatsoever. So I'm the father the father in law gets upset and he's complaining so Rasulullah sallallahu locati says to Abdullah in Elisa jika Alicia aka your wife has a right over you though. The complaint is about the evader miss my husband playing video games my husband playing

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cards My husband is at the coffee shop every night a bad for in Delhi zoji la haka your wife has a right over you while he zoa rica alayka haka and your visitors guests have a right over you when he just said deca Lake haka your body has a right over you. So then Abdullah been unbalanced, he wants more he also like can do more I can do more. So the Prophet says and here is the focus with the story of the Buddha Salaam. He says if you want to do more than the most you can do for some soulmate that would not be Allah

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say no can Aberdeen nest and fast that style of the woods at least somehow he used to fast so Abdullah says zero so Allah Yana be Allah webinar. So Buddha would and how was the fasting of the wood? Can I assume Yama, Yama, there would be Salamis too fast one day and break his fast the other day hadn't Melek he was the king that would that would have had that one was a blacksmith. He used to fast one day break his fast the other day. So So SLM says in another hadith of usami, some Ada would the best fasting is the fasting of my brother that would Can I assume Wilma, while you're still young man, whether you're federal either aloka and I do and he would never ever run away if he

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saw the enemy. This is how they would Elisa llamas. May Allah make it easy for you to fast Ramadan, of course, but now we need to upgrade a bit in sha Allah, yo la Bismillah add the day of alpha add that to your calendar of fasting Sharla and the day of Ashura, may Allah make it easy for you. And may Allah grant the strength to be able to at least meet Allah make it possible for all of us at least first three days every month. Let me share with you something brothers and sisters we learned from that with Elisa Lam. We don't say these stories and these ahaadeeth just for entertainment. No, but these are mentioned so we can be inspired and inshallah We will do our best.

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Abdullah Ahmed radi Allahu anhu at the same man. He says it also lies as Ellen said, a cm well Quran Yes, Soufan in the lab cm fasting and reading the Quran. They hook up the help they assist the person on the Day of Judgment how

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The first thing comes a cm ye T and cm says fasting Ayub oh my lord, in mnemonic to Tamasha What? Yeah Allah I prevented this brother that sister from their food from fulfilling their desires been hard in the morning, then until they waited till they broke their fast fashion for any fee. Imagine when the sun descends one mile above the heads, and the people start to sweat out of not admissions Yama, Yama, and people are struggling. Whatever. naza SOHCAHTOA homie sakara people look like they're drunk and they're walking awkwardly, but they're not drunk. That's the one Yokoyama and imagine someone comes and tells you Allah, this brother protect me Allah. For sure for any v Allah

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this study looked sama to Allah she fasted today today thursday sama to Allah help make me how pray Allah please fish a fairly v when you're Kudo Quran and the Quran comes and the Quran speaks Yes. Karanja the Kalam Magneto no maybe Lail yeah Allah I stopped that person from sleeping the night because I used to pray the kiambu Lane and they used to read the Quran and keep up with it for sure fairly fee Yeah, lovely is helped me help this person. Yeah, allow me to yes fan. Then Allah permits the fasting to hook those who fasted and Allah permits the Quran to hook up those who read the Quran. May Allah make us of both groups. I mean, there'll be Adam yada, yada. I help us outside and

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assume Europe and May Allah reward those who try. Really try but there are obstacles in their lives. May Allah reward you for your intention and your herbal alanine, Hydra calcium that would add insulin. Thank you. Let's go to pm Tao, and let's talk about his Salah. What's Allah Rasool Ullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, what was seletti illa Allah the Most Beloved Salah to Allah Allah I love this Allah, Allah. So Allah to deal with the prayer of the wood with me is what like the wood is the star. I was leaving a message to one of the Imams today and I told him learning about dealt with Elisa Lam. Make me feel the sky is the limit makes us all feel that we can work hard we can do

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it to be an illusion all strive for greatness. Allah says with a kalinina had Allah Allah says about the NBA they are the ones Allah guided febi who then fabinho down so follow their footsteps May Allah allow us to follow their footsteps era Bala era this hallak was difficult on me. Well I just reading all these things like yeah Allah, I am saying these things that Allah helped me do it and help those who watch how those who listened to it. May Allah make it easy for us, his family. How was it to me, let me share with you how was preamble laid off the word dallisa let me let me let me try to draw okay Rasulullah Selim he says can a Nemo Miss filleted? So let's say this is the night

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How is that? Is that good? Yeah, it looks not too bad. Not too bad. kana enamel innisfil Lane so half of the night. Let's say this is the night Wow, this is bad drawing but still the last half of the night, he would sleep Vietnam

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was sudo Soleil one third this part here he used to pray harder to emulate one third

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was pseudos the one six can a&m so one six, sleeping which is before federal. So he sleeps at night, half.

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Then one third.

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He prays pm will late. This was the night of the word dallisa lamp. So if the night was 12 hours, late, if naturalism after six hours sleeping,

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then one third of that is pmla. And the pseudos the last part here is what is a nap that he takes before fetcher. May Allah bless download that insulin and allow us to do our absolute best, but I will take care of you in sha Allah, and to set up our goals and start growing ready. pm lady like yeah, Tamerlane mean, you know I'm glad smilla Bismillah Bismillah we can do it. We can do it. We can do Pamela insha Allah Yes, Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam listen to what he says. He says, in Allah Allah. Allah has given you now I'm near my gift given to us assisted us with what I met the combi Salatin, he a higher en la come in hungry Nam. It is more an EN Nam. So it's better

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for you this Salah is more rewarding to you than owning the most luxurious of the vehicles No matter if you if you are given the option. Do you want to be given this gift of the Salah which I'll share with you or be given million dollars that this allows

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give you more than a million dollars that was that sorta was this Baraka this blessing and whittle Allah Jalla hola hola como FEMA de la sala tha Ella and yet lol federal swatter Witter is a salad that we do at least one Raka with your one blocker minimum. You can pray it after a shot until before fetcher. That's the whole period you have at least one Raka Mila we can do this in Sharla processor Mr. Pray up to 11 how to 2222 then he does the one rocket to winter. One rocket brother like one rocket Yes, one rocket insulin, then tashahhud obviously before you do the Salah, listen to what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a law with Ron Allah is single art Allah is one

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no shortcut. No partners in the law with Ron. You hate Bulworth. Allah loves witr Allah loves that which is single Allah loves solid yellow Bismillah let's do something with inshallah, even though you might have never done it before. If you do want your love tonight Bismillah because of the Baraka from Allah inshallah, instead of praying one, pray three. If you used to pray through yellow omega five, yo let us do that tonight at least this middle option to be motivated from this session. Now. The Prophet says for otira we analyze Quran,

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Quran or people who love the Quran, or people who believe in the Quran. Make sure you do the Witters Allah May Allah bless your time, your body your health, Yara is not had a Joomla Jamie Dimon has an advisory and has an advisory was asked what what was the question? Please Alan has an MA balluta hygiene What about those who pray family after I said before if I do anything you pray inshallah his family is what's up with them with those who pray the head Jojo camel lane. mean as any NASA will do. Ha. They're the ones that have the most beautiful brightest glowing of faces. You see their face. You feel comfortable. There's a neurologist what's, what's the story here? What's up with

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them? And Hasson Rahim Allah He says, the unknown Hulu, Hulu the rough man, they are the ones who secluded themselves with a lot of man for LSR home machinery he Nura They are the ones who were praying to Allah pantalla they secluded themselves with Allah alone. So Allah closed them from his light Allahu Akbar. May Allah grant us that light amenable Allah mean? So this was what the fasting of the wood and the chaos of the wood and I gotta tell you something

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one of my dreams in gender May Allah granted to all of us Europe. You know what it is? So excited yada yada allow me and all those watching and listening to experience the following hearing the whoo LA is Salaam reading Quran in general. Why Why him? Allah subhanho wa Taala gave Deadwood a sound so a voice Allahumma barik you know what do we say? Use of is the most handsome man in the world. Mohammed Salim is the most handsome man in the world when it comes to the voice assault regiment. So Allah Allah that would Elisa you know how beautiful was the sound of Dawa Salaam misma now will be languishing on regime while al Qaeda in

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the mean in for

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ya g balou. BB ma who will find Allahu Akbar Allah Subhana Allah to Allah We bless the world with thought the blessings What is it? Yeah g balou. Oh will be ma mountains go and do a vicar of Allah with the wood was tired and the birds as well? What does that mean? His voice was so beautiful. The creatures around the wood they pause to listen and read along. Allah says that you are the birds. Let me show you the birds Bismillah Europe, the birds brothers and sisters. They will pause Matura kulula who are trying to hear the voice of the woods Elisa Lam Allahumma barik May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to hear that voice. So Yella you know yes you know anti anti do what Rasul Allah said

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Salah what what should I do rasuwa lesson said they you know Khurana be Swati come Yella authentic narration say i would i would say you know Khurana the Swati come Rasul Allah says beautify the Quran with your voice I do you have an agenda mineral Quran I beautify the Quran and inshallah This is how

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honoring us by the will of Allah subhanaw taala so when you read the Quran, make sure you do the tweet. Make sure you do

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karate make sure you focus on the pronunciation work hard. They you know, call Anna Dr. Swati come, but my voice is not the best. It doesn't matter. Don't be shy Hello Bismillah and we all read the Quran as nice as we possibly can with Tajweed and sha Allah. And actually any thinking about it in sha Allah this via higher, I appreciate when you know sometimes we do our brothers and sisters to encourage them to read the beautiful citation to try to do that and maybe that's the gift Allah has given them. Now we'll let you go read behind an Imam that moves the hearts May Allah accept from our imams on Quora, miserable al Ameen. yo la Bismillah don't say La I will not do it la don't have to

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say I will not say in my voice and make it beautiful. No. You know what Rosa, Sam said. Les Semin menlyn Miata runable core and everybody rasulillah Sam says he is not one of us. The one who does not try to beautify their voice and

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you know what I'm gonna do something can you allow me inshallah dismantled in sha Allah, you allow me bitten Allah, you can put me on mute.

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And if you're alone, I don't do this brother level do it in sha Allah, Allah Bismillah Allah for the son of Francis lm la baddeck when you read it with beautiful voice you try with the tweet. You might feel it more alarming put Baraka Yella next time you read the Salah, read properly, read put put the nice voice as much as you can, whatever Allah gave you put a lot of svidler so you can put me on mute and Sharla and you if you're by yourself, you read this middle of what Surah Al Fatiha. Yola, spend a minute the Quran Fatiha. You read the Fatiha if you're watching with a family, you'll choose one choose one. In fact the whole idea Don't be shy. Don't be shy of the family. Go ahead you'll

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notice that I'm under that fancy hat and I won't be shy inshallah. I will read it. Follow the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he allowed Bismillah

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to build upon your regime. Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen urashima on your Rafi, Maliki Omid Deen in Cana boo he cannot starring in Dino Sarah Palin was stepping so it all led ina and Tawny him on Uriel mo boom beyond him.

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Me BAM you'll unmute me if you put the volume back up if you did, mute me let me spell May Allah bless those who read May Allah grant you Jenna, may Allah make you upon the son of Mombasa Salah Lisa min min Lamia, turnable Quran Allah beautify your voice otherwise the Prophet says you're not following my sadhana les Simon, meaning you're not following my sadhana. The ones who do not read the Quran with as much beautiful voice as they possibly can. Mila and no, as soon as you do that, if you want one last story, one last story. One last one about Musashi about the Levant. Listen to this. What happened? It stemmed out of pseudo lei salallahu alayhi wasallam. The law team in Alain

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Abu Musa says procedural lies as Ellen heard me reading are on at night. So the Prophet perhaps was in domestic abuse was in domestic and he overheard a booster reading Quran

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sort of saw a light as a lamp says to Abba Musa yeah by Musa Oh Abu Musa is tomato Clara ethical Layla. I heard your voice last night. Nakata misma min Meza maryada would you have Moosa you have one of the chords or one of the beautiful types of voices of Ali Salaam Can you imagine that? He says Abu Musa zero Sala lower limb to mechanic if I knew you were listening

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to like Adobe raw, I would have crafted the voice even better, I would make my voice even better and better if I knew you're listening, a lot of work about this comes to show you that it's so nice to beautify your voice, even if there's people around to try your best to impact the people feasibility law, to try your best to make the people enjoy the Quran feasibility law. Or you who Allah gifted you with a beautiful voice. yo la Bismillah. Let the world hear you by the will of Allah and let you and Allah alone also have that part. Try to be as sincere as possible. May Allah bless you all and reward you. I mean, me. All right. Thank you. We spoke about his fasting. We spoke about his Salah.

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I gotta tell you

00:35:00 --> 00:35:22

Something I'm going to talk about his car, his car Nam his car. Let's go back to this beautiful image Bismillah Oh, I can no no no, we're not back yet. Now this one I'm coming back to inshallah, what's the escar brothers and sisters? Allah says in the Quran to Muhammad Rasul Allah tells Mohamed Salah is better Allah po Polo was Cora other than

00:35:24 --> 00:35:27

a lead in who

00:35:28 --> 00:36:18

a lot of Mohammed Assalam Be patient for what the people say to you they criticize you they call you magician sat had imagined noon someone a madman is better and I want to Yamaha moto remember that would then aid the strong man in know a web he used to always go back to a lot how in Sahar Nell g Bell and now who you sat behind. You said the big one is Sha. Allah says the mountains the birds used to do a car the remembrance in the evening and in the day. So there are a car that would never let go of the woods always. I have to do my car, and that's kind of Saba, Ascari Massa. Very important brothers and sisters. You know, I got this laptop. Let me see. Can you guys see my laptop?

00:36:18 --> 00:36:37

I had a laptop shut the laptop. I bought this laptop. Okay. And within one week, one week, what happened? One virus knocked the laptop and one week's a panel law. So I called one of my friends. I learned the system. And he taught me did you download an antivirus software?

00:36:39 --> 00:37:20

No, I did not do it. He's like brother, go ahead for it. This middle and natural antivirus software, download it, install it. And don't worry. So I did have an antivirus software right on this laptop. Alhamdulillah now, and now I'm not really concerned about viruses or any phishing or scams or anything of that sort. What are you sharing this with us? Yes, be concerned very much media buying about has said about Sahara about being harmed here and there in specific ways. But if you say that I've caught up in the morning and in the evening the way that would did, then don't worry inshallah I'll be with you. So make sure you hold tight to the car of the morning and the evening. know what

00:37:20 --> 00:38:02

to say. And when to say there are so many options. One of the most famous booklets to teach you what to say his fortress of the Muslim heslin Muslim is one of the amazing books out there to tell you the color of the Saba such as reading it courtesy, such as saying Bismillah de Lisle duromax me Sharon, Florida whatever semi automatic if you want I have some short videos on YouTube called do a revival. We'll share with you some scar over there but remember that and a lower will reward you know Allah will honor you if you hold tight to that car Allahumma barik the reward that you will get listen to this when they're killing a law ha Cathy law was the key rod a law talks about those who

00:38:02 --> 00:38:10

remember a lot a lot than males with that cannot the females What are you prepared for them at the law hula hoops.

00:38:12 --> 00:38:45

Now the man Allah will bless them and reward them with so much forgiveness and so much reward and what and the group that has this quality of Vicar will earn it may Allah allow us to have this quality and all the qualities that is mentioned in this ayah and brothers and sisters, would we do the vicar of Allah? When we do all of this? Look what Allah says bad Daddy, right after Allah said about Vicar. You know what Allah said? I am number 20 and I said I am 19 Hello, I am number 20 sort of sad. Once you're dead in Malacca.

00:38:47 --> 00:39:34

hijk metamorphose lol Hippo, Allah says we strengthen this kingship. We protected him we helped him in managing his life. We protected his money his dunya is under protection. This is when the Elisa Lam did this balance. This is when the Elisa Lam the diabetic to Allah subhanho wa Taala worked with his own hand. Remember, remember this, that a bad does not ruin your time. Man as I walked in a bad day insha Allah, our middle habit. It died with balance and allopathic in you. And this was the key word of Deadwood Dai Li Salaam success, Silla Naja, that would mean a lot that he is Baraka that's the word can you make the Baraka Baraka excess in goodness as Mohammed Hadith is the beautiful

00:39:34 --> 00:39:45

Hadith May Allah bless you lay back from Europe. Also la Sol Allahu alayhi wa sallam said whoa FIFA Allah whoo de la his Salam Al Quran.

00:39:46 --> 00:39:59

Allah made the Quran easy on profit devil he can read so much in so little time how Baraka Baraka, then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gives you an example, for Canada, yet more

00:40:00 --> 00:40:22

Be there well be fair to Sergio firepro Khurana cobbler and to Raja da boo Yanni. I mean it makes sense in Arabic a little bit like and who will be had the shadow the remote start to say Yara by the time Sierra Tucson holosun Quran. So the word Salaam he wants his ride to be prepared. Okay, put the

00:40:23 --> 00:40:44

Is it the saddle over the camel for example, or the seat over the horse get everything ready, clean up the horse. By that time they finish that he finished reading the entire Quran, which is Zaboo at his time, this is the Baraka have dealt with le celeb May Allah Baraka in our lives you want Baraka to read the Baraka Okay, so,

00:40:45 --> 00:41:36

Allah says, Hello and overall, what if the people of the city of the village truly believed in Allah and had one Allah amen what Aqua Eman what Aqua and what Choco Lava Tana Ali Baba Kathy minister in one hour. Allah says with Eman and taqwa it will rain Baraka, Baraka, Sachiko, Baraka, Malik, Barack and your health and your money and your children and your eyes and your ears and your mind and your muscles and you're a bad and you're angry. cytation Baraka La, la in Baraka, tehmina, samat, wamena out, you have a farm, you want your stocks to go up high, whatever the case is, what out whatever from Earth, there's buttock and sha Allah, but there's people that disbelieve, there are people that

00:41:36 --> 00:42:24

doubt we're lacking camdeboo for 100 now whom Bhima can we actually born, but some people they doubt it, they don't take it seriously. As a result, they don't get what Allah is promising of Baraka May Allah protect us and you know, by me, so the Baraka comes, must have wanted to do some homework now, because brothers and sisters, Baraka can be in certain places now, for example, praying in mercy to Harlem, 101, Salah in Harlem, in Mecca in Harlem and in Matthew one Salah is like you prayed 100,000 Salah elsewhere, and there's Baraka in certain times of the day rasulillah salam says there is a Sarah an hour in Joomla. On Friday, if you make dua to Allah, Allah accepts some element they say

00:42:24 --> 00:43:04

it's between the onset and negative on Friday and Allah knows best. And there's some Baraka in sayings that you say so we said places times, and then things that you're saying. So for example, like that you make can have so much Baraka in Nam Bismillah he lady liable Roma as me shameful all the well after summer. Well, who was sending it, Mrs. De? You mentioned a law. You say I mentioned the name of Allah. When his name is mentioned, nothing can harm me, the one who can hear me the one who can see me as Allah, nothing can harm Besides, if Allah wills it, this will protect you. There's Baraka All right, so you need to learn shala where are the bottlecap? Perhaps we can dedicate a

00:43:04 --> 00:43:48

specific talk about that. May Allah put Baraka in your life but the main thing Eman and duck wa have them and Allah will grant you Baraka amenable al amin brothers and sisters is that with any Salaam, Yanni How is he doing? How is his family How is everything? Let me share with you really quick inshallah we have few minutes left the wood Elisa brothers and sisters, Allah blesses him with a beautiful child now it is a boy and who is that child it is Suleiman alayhis salaam. Listen to a lot of panel what to Allah says Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Allah says while I have been a leader who the sola Eman near Malibu in who

00:43:50 --> 00:44:35

Allah gave the with a righteous child and amazing child His name is Suleiman alayhis salaam, near Milan. milab a great labor for law he is in now a web, he always returns back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Brothers and sisters, I want to share with you one last thing if you don't mind, before we go to the end of that session, what's that thing? Every person has imperfections coolin and we all do mistakes, right? But the prophets are mousumi minicabco they are free from major major sins. You may think is the Word Perfect. He's not perfect. He's a human being at the end of the day. And a lot of panels are gives us an example. When he says well attack never asked me if the salt water drop.

00:44:36 --> 00:45:00

Allah says there were two people okay, there's or there's a dispute between two groups of people in which they went and they climbed the salt water and Rob and they jumped into the house of Deadwood le Salaam. They want to be the judge. Yeah. combiner home is the Hello Elijah Wood professor. I mean home when the wood saw them coming. He was connected.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:40

And he was scared, what's going on? What's happening? It was nighttime. And the wood was in his jaw praying to Allah Subhana Allah and they jumped him what's going on not jumped up as in fighting him. They have an issue. They said to him let to have that wood Don't be scared. has money. Bah bah bah and about two people fought with each other have a dispute. Fair, convenient. I will help you no judge. Truthfully, yeah, that would please want to stop and don't you know, don't sway to one direction or the other. Stick to the truth. wadena Isla Silva is a lot just tell us what's right and we will listen to you. So what's the story? One guy says in the hierarchy, my brother right here

00:45:40 --> 00:46:25

says to people, my brother right here he has disowned what is Sona nyjah he has 99 sheep when he and I didn't watch it and I have only one sheep for Allah My brother is telling me actually my brother is pressuring me Give me that ship that you have at finia Give it to me the one that the South is saying you have 99 and he wants mine yeah that would well as any fill it up and he's making arguments and stalking so strong and trying to convince me you know he's putting so much pressure on me that would supreme so much pressure. So that would I salon. He responds, says Latvala MK your brother oppressed you like a volunteer can be so energetic alien. Yeah, this is wrong. This is not

00:46:25 --> 00:46:50

right. And many of the partners they wronged each other except few, except you were in the Catherine middle hualapai liability Bell boom all about Elon larina Avenue. When this partnership, there's a lot of oppression, except very few people will call in on mom. Luckily, you know, Mom, may Allah make you and I have the courage pulu me, may Allah make us of the few. But then

00:46:51 --> 00:47:36

the wood Allison realized I made a mistake, made a mistake. Why? Some are lemma they said the mistake the wood did one night that nema fatahna that he made a mistake and this was a test that he may not have passed did not pass well Why? Because some elements said that Elisa Lam did not hear the other side of the story. So one guy says Leanna I didn't want everyone cheap and he wants it. They would send it not hear the other side. And you have to hear both sides that the proper judgment so maybe he was fuzzy I mean when he was scared he was not in the best shape at that moment. Allah knows best. We all do mistakes but that would Elisa Lam right away brothers ally abetik sisters

00:47:36 --> 00:48:25

please do what that would did. That would when he realized he messed up he did something wrong. Hey perhaps should have heard both sides. For still for Rocky and right away he may Toba to Allah emits is still far to Allah subhana wa jal. So your love is similar for all the mistakes that we've done make Toba to Allah. The moment you make something haram the moment a lie but if you can no attack jail, do not procrastinate. Do not postpone right now before the heart stops make Toba to Allah. Rasool Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Ma'am in Aberdeen youth nimbu them but no slave of Allah commits a sin. So you say no to who? And he does proper will do you make a sin for what it is

00:48:25 --> 00:48:39

you made a sin towards the goodwill do very good from my home for you suddenly rock attain then you stand up and you pray to rock at some Estelle Pharaoh law then you seek Allah's forgiveness. Yep.

00:48:40 --> 00:49:22

See, but it's a way to Allah. Allah forgive me for that calamity they have done yet Allah, what I touched what I saw what I heard what I bought, what I sold, whatever the case is, in love for Allah, Allah, Allah promises to forgive you. And that's what a lot to do would fall in love with Alec and we have forgiven him for what he has done. We're in the lower end denilla zolfo has them at the wood is the highest of status with Allah subhanaw taala. Brothers and sisters, when he would come to the end, the end of any human being in the world, what's the matter? That would Elisa Lam used to love his sanity very much. And he used to be very protective in a balanced way and jealous over his

00:49:22 --> 00:49:41

family over his wife and children and so on. So when he needs to leave, he needs to make sure you know what things are safe, you know, camera system, for example, doors are locked. This is the legal adelboden center. And when all of a sudden, someone shows up now what someone shows up in the middle of the house geography was a debate

00:49:43 --> 00:49:59

show the wife of Elisa Lam. She said who brought this man here Lehman's debate when Elena de la has orajel How did this man come to the house? mahalo aka The house is locked up what law he left today Hannah Buddha Buddha live there.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:03

comes, this is going to be pretty bad. It was gonna be pretty bad.

00:50:04 --> 00:50:31

And the wood came from the wood. And he saw the man right there, the man doesn't seem to care. Doesn't seem scared for Carla who dealt with the wood said, Men and who are you to call and let the law have one more look. I am the one who is not scared of any King. While our own nominal hijab, nothing can stop me No one can block me.

00:50:33 --> 00:50:43

That would lie in salon and voila even then for sure by Allah, you are medical Mt. You are the Angel of Death Merhaba and the umbrella

00:50:44 --> 00:51:22

might have been the umbrella. This is the time for me to go. It's a time for me to go and welcome to whatever Allah under some mimickers when the Angel of Death took the soul of the Wu the Elisa Lam and the wood la Salaam, Aberdeen as the best worshiper returned back to Allah and all of us watching will return back to Allah. In 100 years or so Allah knows best Not a single one watching and Allah knows will be alive in 100 years. I will most likely not be here you will not be here my wife watching will not be here my kids. Everyone watching no one will be here allow me 100 years and other people will come

00:51:23 --> 00:51:46

kulu has seen the cartoon mo coluna seen the cartoon mo every soul shall taste death. We're in to a phone or Judo comio malkia and you'll be rewarded Yokoyama for what you did, feminists ziani

00:51:47 --> 00:52:38

Hillel Jana Takada. If you've been shifted away from how and you enter gender, then you are a winner for God if women hire to do Nia Illa Mata for this dunya there's a lot of ego in it. There's a lot of focus on dunya and it and pledgers May Allah protect us that will delete Salaam brothers and sisters. He goes back to Allah subhanho wa Taala his janazah comes and then Sulaiman Ali Salaam sees the sun very strong Shams komiya social a man tells the birds to open it swings allegedly had to cover that shade from that Jenna's Allahu Akbar ruvati day in respect to parents, and that's what so they manually Salam did but the question is, how was still a man? How did he communicate with the

00:52:38 --> 00:53:19

birds? And who is how root and who is Maru? And what's sad? And who are the things that people say about should a man at a salon and does money help you become better or make you worse? All these things we'll talk about soon a man and his salon in the next session is sha Allah. May Allah bless you. May Allah protect you look up to profit that would I said, I'm gonna upgrade your solar, upgrade your CRM, upgrade your car and upgrade your citation of the Quran. May Allah bless you, protect you and allow you to hear the word Elisa, Marina Orion and Jenna I mean Robben Island in desert Willow halen, and I'll pass the mic back to my dear brother Billa saramonic

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