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So Allah Allah and he was talking to Manuela, so first of all just quickly inshallah Tata tomorrow there will not be any class. It will resume next week inshallah so chef Yes, yes it will resume this class next week inshallah Tada we resumed our classes like a hottie this week. So it will be between Salatin McRib and salatu narration and Sharla China so that's going to be from next week onwards.

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Tuesday, Wednesday nights everything will be between Muslim and Russia inshallah Tada.

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I'll just share a couple of reflections further reflections on what we spoke about in the Halacha. And I won't be repetitive and shallow. So for those that attended, we talked about the Hadith of the Prophet, slice alum, or an incident that took place where two men argued, were arguing in the masjid of the prophets lie Selim in Ramadan, and the messenger SallAllahu Sallam he came out. And he saw that, that argument taking place and Allah subhanaw taala took the date of later two other from him, meaning he knew the date of latest quarter Allah gave him the night of little cutter. And because of that argument, Allah subhanaw taala took it away from the prophets, I send him and he said, it might

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be better for you.

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Because this way, you obviously spend the entire last 10 Nights looking for Leila, to cuddle. So we talked about the benefits of that we talked about obviously, the different types of raising our voices in the masjid and you know, what's permissible to speak about in the masjid, what's not permissible.

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You know, why we should keep our voices down in the masjid, and so on, so forth. But really that last part of the Hadith, which is the Allahu Allah, it might be better for you anyway.

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There is a great lesson in that, especially considering our times and so on, so forth with the entire election cycle and whatever it is, a lot of times things appear to be very bad, and even things that are provoked by other people. So we have this understanding in our religion that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is in control of everything, and a las Panatela is in charge of everything. So that even when someone is guilty of the of a sin or guilty of something that provokes a hardship to the people, or provokes what appears to be a hardship to the people or tragedy to the people, Allah Subhana Allah Tada remains in control in a way that that person is still responsible for their

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actions, but they will not escape the ultimate plan of Allah subhanho wa taala. And there will be benefit in everything. So this idea that no ultimate evil, or no absolute evil rather exists, there's absolutely no such thing in our religion as something that is absolutely evil, the person might be absolutely evil, the thing might be absolutely evil. But the reason for the existence of that person or that thing, or that apparent tragedy, or hardship cannot be absolutely evil, because Allah subhanho wa Taala will bring some sort of nefarious, some sort of benefit out of the existence of that thing. So we see a lot of adversities, and we see things that we're going through, and we

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see the rising Islamophobia and we see sometimes fitna that's caused within the community, someone starts something, someone harms someone else, a community is put to test or trial either by something internal or external. It still is within the plan of Allah subhanaw taala, that does not absolve the person of the wrong that they did. Nor does it mean that there was no deprivation or things of that sort. But something good still will come out of it, whether we, whether we pursue it or not. And that's why we don't worry ourselves too much about who provoked what was provoked, but instead how to deal with the circumstances at hand in a way that Allah subhanaw taala is pleased

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with. So if it was not Trump, it would be someone other than Trump. Right? If it wasn't Cruz, it would be someone other than Cruz, okay, if it wasn't, you know, this person that caused fitna it'd be another person. But at the end of the day, instead of focusing so much and saying is this person that person that we obviously call out evil as evil and we take a stand against it, we say what does Allah subhanaw taala want from you know, because surely there is some good that can come out of this, there is something good that will come out of this, in this last, you know, this recent cycle and so on, so forth. Obviously, we were targeted by the Irving mayor, though our you know, though

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our voter turnout was still not ideal, it still was not optimal by any means, but the engagement was higher than it had ever been. So it wakes up the community does something for us. And likewise, in this entire election cycle, even if the outcome is not what we're pleased with, then hamdulillah hopefully, it encourages more people to get involved in a way that they can hopefully persuade that process or change it in a way that's beneficial. So as I said, in my hotbar, a few months ago, adversity forces us as a community to get organized to put aside our differences and to get organized and to start cooperating with one another. And inshallah Tada, I hope that there's some

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height that comes out of this, this entire episode that we're, we're living right now. It is a very interesting time to be in this country and to be Muslim in this country in particular, but inshallah Tada there will be some height from it. So I just

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I want to just remind everyone, you know, just don't lose optimism seriously, don't lose optimism. If you meet people that have been persecuted or people that have been a victim of what's what seemingly America's inherent racism or a large populations, inherent racism towards a certain group of people or minority, people always made it out. And they always they always came up stronger. So don't lose optimism and shallow tie, don't lose sight of that. We don't need to resign ourselves to this, you know, apocalyptic version, that this is the end of the world and this is, you know, your middle gliomas around the corner. And if Donald Trump becomes elected president then it's the end of

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the world it might be you know, it might be the end of a serious political process in this country but it's not the end of the world right? Allah subhanaw taala still has an expectation of us and we should not view it that way. And we should continue inshallah Tada to move forward and to try to see the bright side of everything. There's always a silver lining, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us to that which is most pleasing to Him. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect this community to protect the Muslim ummah and to and to allow it to see its reformation and it's better days soon. In the night Tana Lama, I mean, Zach from Ohio, and I want to cancel