Aisha’s (RA) Informant

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Bismillah you know my mother I shadowed the laquan ha used to do something unbelievable when she would give someone something she would send a person after them to report back to her. If they praised her, she would praise them back and if they made it for her, she'd make a similar art for them. That way she did not get her award yet they offset each other except from Allah. Try to do that when you give someone something or educate someone about something or you forgive someone for something, try to forget it, try to bury it so that Allah is the only one that extracts it on the Day of Judgment. Allah is the only one repaying you for it. These are the people of Paradise Allah

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said about them in mn or Mo, Camila g la de la Nori domain comm Jessa. And well I should koora that when they do their deed, they say to themselves, we're only feeding you seeking by that the face of God, we don't want any repayment. We don't want any thanks even even though I applies the scholar said and so be that person. May Allah gather us and deal with it in general. How about your loved one