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So now we go back to the mighty Islam and other money salam, as we said all of these angels are in front of him. They've made such that to him and Adam alayhis salam is just waking up to this to this magnificent creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala last panel tada after showing automatically you know the angels making such that to him, as well as at least refusing to make such an Adam knowing that this creature hates him for nothing that he's done on his own out of money. His salon is then told by a loss of Hannah Montana, go to those angels and there was a gathering of them that were sitting as the profit slice and I'm sad and say to them as salaam already so Adam it is Salaam is taught to

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say Salaam to them. So he goes to this group of angels as they're sitting and they're worshiping Allah Subhana Allah and he says to the angels SLM or an eagle, and they respond and they say why because salam wa rahmatullah and may the peace of a Lost Planet Allah be upon you as well and they added the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala on you. If you realize this is a consistent theme, with the conversations that are the mighty Salaam is having in Paradise, a last panel it's out of the first thing he told them it was your hammock or book, may your Lord have mercy on you. And the angels increased upon the salon by saying what a metal and then the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah to

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Allah be upon you as well. And this is something that that when we enter Paradise by the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala the angels are constantly coming to the children of Adam and Eve Salaam and saying Salaam Alaikum be Moussa bottom, peace beyond to you for the patience that you that you carried yourselves with in this world because they saw the sacrifices that we've been through at this point. When they constantly as a last pentesters you had the Hulu una alikum, including the Bab Salam aleikum cliver to him and another iOS. Pattaya says they say salaam aleikum delivered to them you've been purified. So they're entering upon you mean Cooley Bab every gate in Paradise, you just

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have angels coming upon you saying Salaam Alaikum Salaam Aleykum Selam Aleykum Selam Aleykum. So this is the first conversation now between Adam and the angels. And that's a proof that the angels actually love us. They don't feel any form of jealousy from us and in the previous conversation they had with a loss of Hannah to Ireland when they questioned, you know, whether whether the son of Adam or whether the children of Adam would be able to maintain the earth properly. They didn't do that out of any form of jealousy or any form of envy. Rather, they love this creation of a last panel, it's Allah. So as Salam Alikum walaikum salam wa rahmatullah May the peace of Allah be upon you as

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well as mercy. Adam alayhis salam comes back to us Lord and the prophets lie Selim says that Allah tells Adam alayhis salam in the how the heater here to care what to hear to Banneker been the home that this is going to be your greeting and the greeting of your children amongst each other. Now the thing is out of it Salaam still has no idea who his children are, he hasn't even been told yet that he's going to have an offspring that he's going to have children. So when Allah subhana wa tada tells Adam it Salaam that this is going to be your greeting and the greeting that you would have between one another automatically Salaam doesn't know what what a loss penalty is talking about in

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regards to his children. So the Prophet slicin um says that a loss of hundreds out of them extracted the children of Adam it his Salaam from his back, and a lot presented to Adam alayhis salaam, all of his children from the first of them to the last of them meaning as an ambassador, the law and who said, the last person that the our beat would be established upon Can you imagine Subhana Allah Adam is seeing how many you know how many billions and billions of years of human beings is Adam alayhis salaam seeing in front of him and also last I saw them says that when Adam it slump sees this all of the souls out of it his Salaam says no you're not Bhima Oh my Lord, what are all of these not who

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are all of these not men? how Allah What are these? And Allah Subhana Allah says hat without either Ria took that these are your children. These are your offspring, that either kulu and son the prophets licenses. So at that point, each and every single human being is standing before before Adam it is Salam. Maktoum bonorong Rahu beignet and his age are the years that he will live are written is written between his two eyes, and Adam and he Salaam as he sees all of these children, and some of them have 60 between their eyes. Some of them have, you know, some of them are in the 100. Some of them are our 20 at MIT, his Salaam at that point sees that one particular person lights

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up is illuminating. As the profits license I'm satisfied either fee him Roger and men of lucky him that there was a man amongst them who was from the most illuminated of them. So Adam, it is

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Ham says era B men have as he sees this light shining he says Oh my Lord, who is this? The Prophet slicin um says that Allah said to Adam it his Salah has been Okada woods. This is your Sun Devil Daddy, his Salah Khattab Tula who are buying the sun and I've written for him 40 years out of it he said I'm seeing how beautiful that would be his Salam is and the news that he has the light that he has he says he out of these into Oh Allah add to his age and Allah subhanaw taala says that can lead the cat up to the whole look that's what I've written for him so out of it his Salaam says a Rob be in need cazale Tula whom in Hungary certina sana look Oh Allah oh my lord, I've given him 60 of my

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years you can take from my lifespan and give to that would be his Salah. So I lost parents assets and back then if that's the case, then so it will be now this story has a continuation which we'll get to inshallah tada later on when Adam or Islam is reminded of that. But Adam gifted the Buddha and he set up 60 of his years. Now the question is why would why would Adam and Eve some particularly choose to give that to that would Allah His Salah, because the mission of Adam alayhis salaam was his stepmother as we said it was to build and there would be salon would build on this earth better than anyone else. So Adam and his salon wanted him to have a longer life where he could

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establish himself more and establish the call of Allah subhana wa tada in a greater fashion also, that would be his salon is a profit that's recognized for his worship even by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and nor here is what's particularly being particularly being mentioned light and the Prophet slicin I mentioned that on the Day of Judgment light we would have light from the effects of our will will think about that would that Islam the Prophet slicin um says that there is no pm there is no standing up at night that is greater than the pm of their whoo daddy Islam. He used to stand up for the last third of the night in prayer and the Prophet slicin I'm also used to

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stand up for the last third of the night and prayer and there is no fasting better than the fasting of though that is Salah. That would be nice lamb used to fast alternate days so eat fast one day and break his fast the next day fast one day and break his fast the next day. And he continued this tradition so that would be his salon is a profit that combines you know great ibadah great individual worship as well as establishing the data of Allah subhanaw taala on this earth now what about the profits licensing didn't add them and he said I'm see the profits license that he recognized the greatness of the profits license I'm being from his children of what I don't know the

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Allahu anhu says that the Sahaba actually asked the Prophet size of them yada sola Mehta was a bit like a Nevada Oh messenger of God. When was Prophethood written for you? muscle loss Isom says Well, our demo bainer Rohit, well adjusted when Adam and his Salaam was still between the phase of being body and soul, so that that particular process of the soul being breathed into other money, his Salah, between that happening between atoms creation and between the spirit coming into other monies and arms body, that's when Allah subhanaw taala wrote down Prophethood for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so before Adam even breeds masala sly Selim has Prophethood established for him,

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and also loss isonem also says birth to men Heidi koroni Benny Adama perelandra karna that I have been sent as an apostle as a messenger in the best of all of the generations of Adam's offspring, since their creation had to come to me no coronella de cuenta de until a loss of Hannah to Allah placed me in this generation that I am in meaning the Sahaba as well, when Adam rtcm was looking at all of his offspring, he didn't just see the profit slice of them. He sees this generation of the Sahaba, right, the best generation that's ever walked the face of the earth that includes people like Rebecca and Ahmad and Isa and Hades and these people, and they are just lit up. And this is

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something that that's very powerful to take, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not just the greatest prophet, but he was placed within the greatest generation of the children of Adam, it is set up. And we asked the last panel, it's added to make us from the greatest of Adam, it is sometimes children, and to join us with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the great prophets of God in the city. And in the Shahada, the truthful ones, the martyrs, the companions, and all of those that are beloved to Allah subhanaw taala and we ask Allah to grant us that far reaching light on the Day of Judgment.

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