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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of not apologizing for actions that do not belong to them is emphasized, along with the need to be mindful of one's actions and not become the victim of others. The presence of evil people in one's own actions is also discussed, along with the importance of showing one's face to others and engaging in prayer. The culture of sharing secret information and the use of "has been" in the language are also discussed, along with the reward of showing one's face to others and becoming the greatest reward for the believer.
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Mr. Farrell want to study up he wanted to like it already. He went through the we learned our Lean inventory and fusina on an SI RTR Medina and you have the LA Jota Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah former New England fella heard the Allah Chateau La ilaha illAllah wa hidoe la sharika lah Nicola hemmed up will you meet to Ohio nya Motability Hill higher Wahoo Isla aqualisa in Cardiff, Shadow Anna Mohammed and Abdullah rasuluh wasafi You who were a little at the Manitoba lover risotto Manasa Halima Wakasa Luma what's rockin Ireland heads it'll be like legal How can I hurry her leg as Yvonne her Illa Halleck Valley he often the masala to automata slim while early he was so happy women are

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standing ovation at your Medina Alok Medina minimum one minute Lilina am and warm you know Sliney how to Ottawa so we'll have the Ottawa sub asop Mirabilia and Amin will see come when FCB tuck Walla wa Amara Anna will help Wirkkala Tara you Alladhina Amira? Tapachula haka, Ducati here what are temotu nila into musli moon you and asked to talk a little bit Kamala D Hello Kakuma nevsun Wahida well hello come in has Jaha weboth Amin humare JAL and Kathy are on one isa What's up hola hola de Tessa I don't want to be with our ham in Allah who can add equal Marathi Eva Johanna Dena Hammond would topple la Kulu colon sadita Yo Nakamura, Malcolm Wellford luck on xinova calm when they also

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allow what are pseudo fucka furs are frozen are Lima berries we begin by praising Allah subhana wa Tada and bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final messenger. We ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, those that follow his Western path until the day of judgment and we ask Allah to make us monks them Allahumma Amin, their brothers and sisters in Allah who can add equal and Akiva. Verily Allah is Ever observing of you. It's something that we say

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every single Friday in Allah Cana Alikum, rocky Abba, verily, Allah is Ever observing of you. And if I was to ask each and every single person in here, what does the permanent sight of Allah subhanaw taala upon you do for you? Does it cause you a sense of apprehension? Does it give you a greater sense of motivation? When someone says In a sentence, Allah is always watching?

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Does it cause you to live off sin? Does it cause you to want to do more good? Or does it do both? And subhanAllah there's a hadith that I want to start with inshallah to Allah today because the beauty of the advice of the prophets lie Selim is that he could say in one sentence, what we try to say in 30 minutes, a man went to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam by the name of serried magazine as the small authentic hadith. And he said, I said to the Prophet, so I said, I'm el Sunni, give me some advice. And we know that when a companion would go to the Prophet slice, I'm gonna say, give me advice. It would usually be a sentence or two that you could live by for the rest of your life. And

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it was something that is specially applied to the person in front of him, but not exclusively to the person in front of him. salAllahu alayhi wasallam. So he said, el cine, he said, give me some advice for Karla sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who will seek and tester him in Allah, He isoa John cannot assist him in a Roger asylum

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seeker, I advise you to be shy of Allah, the way that you would be shy of a righteous person, I advise you to be shy of Allah, the way you would be shy of a righteous person. Now, obviously, the idea of being watched in and of itself, if someone is looking at you, there are certain things that you would not be able to do, no matter what the status of that person is. If that person is wicked, if that person is righteous, if that person is someone you care about, even a complete stranger has some bearing on your actions, if they're watching you, that's why you don't do certain things in public, right? Because you naturally feel a sense of shame in the sight of complete strangers. But

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the prophets lie, some of them did not stop there. Because we know that evil people can find complete shamelessness in the presence of other shameless people. And even people that are at a low can find themselves no longer caring, especially when those that are looking at them are people of a similar standard. But how do you act when someone who is righteous is around you? You know, I'm not even righteous and some of you apologize when your ringtone goes off. Okay? Or when you know I'm listening to something or I know we have to stop talking in a certain way or, and I am who I am, right? And you might see your uncle or your your father or your mother or a parent or someone that

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you deem to be from the religious class just from the observable part and ALLAH knows our hearts. But immediately when that person comes into your

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presence, you automatically feel like you have to watch everything that you say. And you almost feel like you might have even have to apologize, right? I'm not trying to back by here. Oh, wait, excuse me. I didn't mean to say that that way. Because something happens to us in the presence of a righteous person or someone we think is righteous because only Allah knows was was righteous enough. But the prophet slice and I'm saying, Be shy of Allah, the way you would be shy, in the presence of a righteous man and of course, even more that the prophets lie some is giving you something to measure yourself by not Subhanallah if you just took that advice, and you started to think about the

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way that you consider the sight of Allah subhanaw taala upon you at all times, the temporary states that we enter into that are to make us hyper aware of Allah subhanho wa Taala are meant to do so so that we realize that he is always watching us whether we're fasting or not, whether we're sending or doing good deeds, whether we are in complete privacy or completely in front of the public, Allah is always watching us. Hence, the element mentioned the scholars mentioned, there is no greater protection and there is no greater motivation in the life of a believer than connecting themselves deeply to the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. Even Jana, and now even paradise and hellfire have a

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consequential sense to them. And yes, the Sahaba were motivated by the fear of hellfire, and they were motivated by their desire for Jana. But the greatest reward and Jana to them was getting to see Allah subhanaw taala and their greatest fear of the punishment of the fire was being completely disconnected from ALLAH SubhanA which I had. It was personal. Because knowing that Allah is watching you at all times, allows you to be connected. No matter what your state of being is, no matter how incentivise the particular moment is a man went to war Haven world, Rahim Allah, one of the Salaf and he said to him, give me advice. He said it tequila and you're calling Allah Elena. Now the Rena

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Be mindful of Allah fear Allah that Allah become reduced to the lowest of your observers. This is a powerful sentiment because the prophets I sent him is saying, consider Allah sight upon you like the sight of the most righteous person that you know.

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And consider in this situation, would you be willing to do things when only Allah is watching you that you wouldn't even do in the presence of a stranger?

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And Taqwa is mindfulness. It's mindfulness that has a certain bearing, but it's mindfulness at the end of the day, to become aware of Allah sights upon you. So are there things that you would do in the sight of Allah alone, that you wouldn't even do in the sight of a stranger so don't reduce Allah to the lowest of your observers and half of the Mirage Ibrahim of Allah he says that some of the pious predecessors used to say half Allah Allah Kadri Kurata here lake was Steffi Minho, Allah Kadri curvy mink, it's a powerful statement in Arabic, I'll do my best to translate it. He said half Allah, Allah Kadri Quadra de adic fear Allah to the extent of the control that he has over you, you

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fear authority, right? So fear Allah to the extent of the authority that you know that he has over you was Steffi min who, Allah Kadri, curvy, mink, and be shy of him to the extent of his closeness to you. Because you don't just want this to be a relationship of fear. Allah did not create you to only have a relationship of fear in relation to him. Therefore, it should not just be a relationship of fear to his site. His sites has to be a protector for you. And it has to be a motivator for you. And that's why Muhammad Rahim Allah used to say either Mr. Pilar de Robbie and Mr. Hater Tasini, were tough for them, but I'm filthy. What? biliteracy Anita teeny he heard a poem that I'm afraid

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that my Lord will say to me, weren't you shy of disobeying me? You hide the sin from my creation, but you can proudly with it. When you're in front of me. Why would you hide it from the creation and then feel proud of it in front of me. Now granted here the Prophet salallahu Salam prohibited us from what from making public our since He prohibited us from boasting about our sense of Allah Azza wa sallam, and we have that entire narration and set of a hadith where Allah calls a person on the day of judgment. And he puts the sitter he puts that curtain over you and Allah subhana wa Tada forgives you for the secret sins. You were struggling with the secret sins you were struggling with.

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Not the ones who became complacent with not the ones where he said okay, and hamdulillah no one's watching now I'm okay now know the ones that you were struggling with, that you genuinely did not like being a part of

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your private life and you wanted to get rid of them. Allah Subhana Allah Allah will do sitter Allah azza wa jal will conceal that person who was struggling with something and sought forgiveness for it. But at the same time,

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how do you turn this into a loving relationship with the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala one of the people that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned, on the Day of Judgment, that is under the Throne of Allah is not someone who did something great. You see, you go through the list of these people, and their accomplishments, their qualities that yield accomplishments, they're people that did things starting with the righteous judge, right, the person who was a just ruler, a person who led a nation perhaps, but did it with justice, a person who led at whatever level and imagine standing right next to that person, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned Rajon Zacher

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Allah Mahalia Falbo time bowtie. Now, a person who remembered Allah in private, and then their eyes welled with tears. That person is developing a different type of relationship with Allah subhanaw taala sites, even when they are in a state of privacy. And when Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran was called rub the caffeine F seeker to run Workiva

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remember your Lord to yourself? The Lord run Wahiba

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broadly, you would say this is hope and fear, with a specific connotation here. But remember Allah even to yourself. Now I want you to think about how we struggle in Salah, to try to protect our thoughts from other than Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. What if you weren't just striving against your thoughts to protect them from other than Allah Subhana Allah, Allah when you were in Salah? What if you were actively engaging Allah in your thinking and in your internal thoughts, even outside of your prayer, where you're actually sitting with yourself where you're taking a walk, and you're speaking to yourself and you are actively aware that Allah is listening to what is in my head

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right now. Allah knows what is in my heart right now. And you start to actually engage that on the inside.

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How much easier would it be to develop axon and Salah a sense of excellence I'm talking to Allah and prayer now I'm coming to a time that belongs only to Allah which is prayer all of my time belongs to Allah. But this Solana now I'm standing before you, Oh Allah, in the most loving act of devotion, where I am engaging your site upon me as if I can see you

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have the Bannerghatta Rahim Allah. He described that hadith where the prophets I said I'm said the greatest reward of Gemini as the site upon Allah subhanaw taala. It is zyada it's the extra of Jana. It's not an extra palace. It's not an extra River. It's not an extra tree. It's getting to see Allah more. That's the greatest reward for the believer getting to look at Allah more often. Getting to engage with Allah directly more often. While you can see him imagine the person who tastes the sweetness of dua, especially in a desperate moment in this life. Imagine the sweetness of an instant conversation whenever you want it with Allah and Jana and you're looking at him. And binotto Rahim

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Allah, He said, The reason why this is the reward for the people of Exxon the people of excellence, the annual Exxon who were an ER moodlemoot mineral mineral robber who for dunya, Allah wedge Hill, Laurie, one maraca Anna who Yara will be will be while young girl Eli he had he revealed that he he, he said, Because excellence in this dunya axon is that a person worships ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala with this complete presence, understanding that he is in the Presence of Allah, and Allah subhanaw taala is in His presence. And it becomes to a point where it says if he can see Allah with his heart, while he's in a state of worship, it's as if he can see Allah with his heart while he's in a state

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of worship. That's why That's why the Salah was the Quran terrain was the coolness of the eyes of the prophets, Elijah and that's why it was sweeter than anything in this world. Because it gets to a point if you engage that site to an extent, it says if you can see Allah Subhana Allah to Allah with your heart while you're in a state of worship for Kana desert with Alec another eat Allah He Orion and Phil Acura and that's why the reward of that is that a person can see Allah subhanaw taala directly in the Hereafter. And he went on to say and this is very powerful, he said and that's why the greatest punishment in the homeland lobby him Yama, even the manager born

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the greatest punishment may Allah is was not make us amongst those people are the people enter fire and Allah subhanaw taala says they have a job between them and Allah subhanaw taala they're disconnected from Allah at that point. And he said because they put up an imaginary hijab between them and Allah and

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This world Therefore Allah subhana wa Tada seals them off in the next Allah was watching you the whole time but you put up something between you and him. You told yourself just like if you tell a kid close your eyes and no one can see you, you told yourself that he's not watching me right now. Therefore you're not able to see him then. But that's not the state of the believer. The state of the believer actually develops a relationship with that site where it motivates them and I'll end with this. It's a beautiful saying from an imam Sahib no Abdullah to study Rahim Allah. He says that my uncle taught me something every night before I would go to sleep when I was seven years old. He

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said to me, Listen, I'm gonna tell you to say something every night. And I want you to say it until the day that you die until you go into your grave. He said, Say Allah humeri Allahu naledi Allah Who Shahidi there are different narrations to this. Allah is with me, Allah subhanaw taala witnesses me, Allah sees me. So he said, I'm a seven year old and you're telling someone who's that young. I want you to say this when you're by yourself. When you're alone, when you're going to sleep. Allah sees me right now. Allah is witnessing me. Allah is with me and his knowledge and in His sight, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is present, I have to be present. And he said, for work if he can be Halawa, until

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the sweetness of that actually came into my heart. So it wasn't a paranoia, as much as it became a sweetness at that point where it went from being a protection to motivation. The believer starts at the level of trying to make it a protection and keeping it a protection but hopes to get to a level where it becomes a motivation. May Allah subhanaw taala let our secrets be good secrets. May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to be amongst those that honor his sights in private and in public while we are fasting and while we are not fasting, while we are alone, or while we are around others, while we are at our highs or while we are in our lows, may Allah Subhana Allah Allah allow us to always be

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connected to a site and to be observant of it. And may Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for our shortcomings, the private ones and the public ones. The past ones, the present ones, the future ones Allahumma I mean, if you recall they had there was talking about the welcome reception with some infrastructural renewal of all right.

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hamdulillah Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Ali he was so happy when and why that alarm

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went women listening you know, well Muslim out here in the normal market and SME or in the Caribbean wajib with their work along with Finland, our Hana wife one hour to our Dibner Robin alumna and Fuson our inland tefilin out of Hammond I don't know who Nana middle class serene Allah Magna Carta for winter Hibbeler 451 Hola. Hola, familia Wadena Robert Hamanaka Malibu messy la Robyn a heavy dynamin as well as you know the reaction of Kurata Aryan but Jana in with subpoena in mama llama so this one on masala Athena famous article or the one MongoDB Allah Malika while Amina with lighting in Washington out with one and the Binyam said immediately about Allah and Allah here I'm robbing it

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with their sandwich eater in quarterback while young her and in fascia you wouldn't want to carry Well, buddy you're either Camilla come to the Coronavirus Corolla I have croquembouche crew and then there is luck on one of the crew Allahu Akbar Allahu yanwen, Matheson our own welcome masala

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