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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of finding a way to be present in a culture that is not the norm. They emphasize the importance of finding a way to be present in a culture that is not the norm and discuss the impact of recent "processs" and "slow the difference" programs on the community. They also mention a new program called " refusal to be a boring person" that addresses issues related to culture.
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sulamani calm Welcome to law here with the cats everyone welcome back to on 3431 did a lot of bromine tonight we have our new research director actually have put out Anik studies it's a real pleasure to have with us come to the ship use of web pack Lysa he's How are you? limited compared from Allah? Allah? Are you a comic Allah hamdulillah chef Yusuf mussar or Canada?

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tried to catch him off guard like are you going to pro Egypt or pro Canada? Both inshallah

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to be what it had to be or it's like, are you Muslim or American? Like?

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Are you gonna have you mix? Have you? Have you experimented with a mix of any Egyptian and Canadian Food? I know it's all blonde. We're fasting. But have you liked what familia and protein yet? Yeah, but I've decided recently to read some of these recipes. So I might,

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but not yet no.

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So so for the benefit of everyone chef Yusuf and handler as we said, He's our research director actually have a department on Quranic studies and they are going to be published in quite a bit inshallah tie this year, there's a lot of research coming from his department from that at all. But I mean, very happy to have him joined the team in this capacity. And I remember meeting chef Yusuf, in Canada, in fact, and somehow a lot immediately was struck by your character and the way that you know, you, you you really have a lot of rhyming carry the garb of nostalgia and the garb of that and very proudly of him that a lot of time you may have lost pounds out loud to manifest in your lap and

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your character always and in your in your vision and in your work with the community. A llama I mean, hey,

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Chef Abdullah hamdulillah we're still here man, my style we're making it 100 another time. He hasn't given up just yet come to the national handle that was still part of the program. We're not very happy to have you as always chef.

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Play Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, inshallah Tada. Now we are getting into just eight. And I just want to say Subhana Allah that I'm already I don't want to jump the gun but I'm already excited about just nine which is going to be heavily focused on the Battle of beddit. So inshallah to Allah make sure that you, you know, follow the trend as we're going through but in the lion Tyler, and enjoy, you know, Subhana Allah, this nutkin part of the Quran because now we're really alternating between Mackin and Madani or, and so we spent a lot of time with the first few chapters of the Quran, which were exclusively in Medina with the exception of a few iottie are there that may have come in Mecca,

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but exclusively Madani sutras and then we get into now you know, some of the makin for and as well some of the Quran that was revealed in Mecca. And we're still in now sorted out off and, and sorted out off. You know, we talk about many things that have to relate to creed that have to relate to our pizza and you know, the different categories within our pay though Hayden Restylane aka monotheism, the concept of a prophet and the concept of the hereafter. And I think it's important to note here, that when we start to see the introduction of profits that came before, within the capacity of sourcing off, this is not speaking to the people of Medina or the climate in Medina, which was

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familiar with the concept of prophethood. So, you know, when we were talking about the prophets, as they're coming up in the capacity of the first few soldiers of the Quran, keep in mind that the Muslims at this point are interacting with the people of the book, who are very familiar with the concept of prophethood. But when you are speaking to a Mexican climate, they are completely, you know, in denial have anything to do with Prophethood in anything to do with the hereafter. Both of these things, cause them edge up cause them, you know, a feeling of shock, right and like, how is it possible that a profit could be raised amongst us? How's it possible that our bones could be

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assembled and we be raised once again in the hereafter? And so you really see it I think, Pamela in this verse, though, it's not the first verse we'll talk about the verse 63 or last pantai says our Egypt Angelica convict Rama Rob become and allegedly mean come the Indira come What do you tell people what I'm looking for hormone that Do you wonder that admonition should come to you from your Lord through a man from amongst yourselves that he may warn you and that you may avoid that which is evil and that mercy may be shown to you and this is actually you know, plugged right in the middle of the story of new how to his setup so you start to see some of the profits specifically whose

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nations were destroyed right know how to his cinemas nation destroyed, wrote it, his

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Sometimes nation destroyed sure a buddy has saddam and slaughter how he said I'm right so you start to see some profits whose nations were destroyed and the the similarity between the profits of the lines and annuity his Salaam is that what they're about mentioned that was the loss I some received very similar treatment from the people of Mecca that know how to his Salaam received from his people, especially in the early days of Mecca, which was just a sense of mockery, a sense of treating the Prophet slice Allah with you know, with some sort of repulsiveness a sense of mockery of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and you know, belittling the Prophet slice alum and in the

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process only belittling themselves as if like, why would Allah choose you? Right? Why you you know, Oh, sure, this is going to happen Oh, of course, you know, so mocking the Prophet so the lies that um, so it's probably this is verse 63 comes in the middle of these verses about know how to his saddam and that's what they're at about mentioned here, a connection between the Prophet Mohammed so the lies that an already set up then you have some really, really interesting sila tidbits inshallah, Tada. So, you get to verse 28. So let's kind of go back to verse 28. Where I lost parents I says what either he said on Carlo whether they know it or not, although I'm on ob ha, well in

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Allah Allah mobile fascia as a Quran, Allah Allahu Allah tala mod. This is a verse that if you don't know, the theater context can really be lost on you.

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And when such people commit that heisha indecency, they say, look, this is what we found our forefathers doing. And Allah also enjoying this upon us. This is also what God commanded us to do. And the responses, you know, not even like you know, that your forefathers would not commend you with fresh out within decency, because the reality is that you could actually have a shot in decency passed down from generation to generation. And that's one of the ways that it's normalized. But here the responses Allah, God would never enjoy in any type of indecency, right? Because these people, they believe in Allah, but in a spectrum of gods, right. And so, surely, Allah subhanaw taala does

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not enjoy any type of indecency. Are you saying that about Allah subhanaw taala, what you clearly have no knowledge about? So why is it that I say that this is something that can be totally lost upon the reader, if they don't know the seal of the prophets lie somewhere the implications of the car here, this fat e shop, that is being referred to here, this indecency is particularly referring to the jahi practice from the days of ignorance, where they used to do pull off around the cabin without clothes, and they would, you know, the men and the women would go out and they would do pull off around the Kaaba, without clothes. And you can, you know, that's such an inappropriate site,

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right, it's so indecent. And it's particularly By the way, you know, when you start to look into the books of Tafseer, you know, I was reading about the particular tribes because just like when it comes to the, the burial of young girls, it wasn't all the tribes that used to bury the young girls, right, where lost pantai mansions were either Buddha to sue them and put it out when the young girl buried alive will ask for what crime was killed. But the fact that you know, this became Okay, in Mecca, was actually a condemnation of all of the people, right, all of the tribes for allowing this practice amongst themselves. So even if all of the tribes did not actively participate, and female

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infanticide, it is, you know, a condemnation of all of them for allowing it in their midst in that way. And so when it comes to the practice of doing philosophy around the Canada, in nakedness, this is something that particularly it seems Benihana was known for, they used to do pull off around the Kava, without any clothes whatsoever, the men and the women. And so what is it? You know? And what's the reasoning for it? You know, these are people's power, that we're using their gods using the idols to manipulate people, they did not have a sense of the hereafter. It's all traditions, traditions, traditions, this is what our forefathers did. This is what our forefathers did. So

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what's the reasoning for it? Well, you know, we don't know if it's holy or not holy. And, you know, we're just kind of making things up. So they take the practice of their forefathers. And then they embellish it by saying that, well, this is what Allah commands to. And if you think about how cultural innovations happen within theology, that's how it happens, right? It gets passed down, and then you have to preserve the bedarra. So you decorate the innovation. So you decorate the innovation by saying, This is what Allah commanded, as well. And these people just, you know, of course, this is bizarre that a ship can cook food here, right? This is the worst type of innovation

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religion, which is complete polytheism and just adding a very indecent practice to their polytheism. And you know, that they're saying that this is what Allah must have commanded to us as well because otherwise our

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Our forefathers would not have passed this down to us. And so this is the context of the verse 31 where last pantai says, Yeah, Benny Adam, who knows enough to come and call the masjid where kulu wash trouble 1234 in the hula, you have been Mr. Levine. Oh Children of Adam take your adornment with you to the prayer. When you go to the masjid where your adornment make sure that you wear your best clothes and eat and drink without going to excess. For Verily Allah does not like those who who do a slough who go into excess. Now this is actually something I'm going to ask Jeff Yusuf, by the way because I think it's it's something that actually piqued my interest and you know, shift use of

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his martial law when it comes to, you know, the Quran and understanding the meanings of the Quran. I pray that maybe he can he can comment on this, but it's very interesting that last Francis says, you have any Adam here and not yet you either the nominal, oh Children of Adam, as opposed to Oh, you who believe. And one of the wisdoms Allah who item is that the Muslims are living in a Mexican climate where they are not in a place of power, the idols are still there. And so it's a call to all of them to not to not go around the Capitol without their clothes to not go around the cabin naked, like even those of you who are still upon your *can refusing the message of the prophets lie

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Selim Don't, don't bring such you know, such indecency to this place. Allah knows best and maybe chef Yusuf will have something to share there as well. Why is it less pans out of sight and eat and drink without going to excess because they used to say that we will not eat during the times of our pilgrimage, okay, again, because this is what our forefathers used to do. And so they don't eat at that time. Now this is a really interesting departure point.

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They were claiming this as a form of righteousness. And some of the narration say that the Muslims said when they saw that they would fast in their times of pilgrimage National hopko enough out of that era sort of Allah we are you know, we have a greater right and if anything, we should be doing that as well a messenger of Allah because that's a good thing. You know, nakedness we get covered the outer cover your indecency, but

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like fasting is a good thing. So Shouldn't we fast in our days of Hajj as well? Shouldn't we fast when we do our pilgrimage as well because they are fasting. And of course Allah subhana wa tada instead reveals kulu wash Rabu 123 vote now these are days of eating and drinking but don't go to excess. Because Allah subhanaw taala does not like those who are wasteful. This is something that's very interesting because if you contrast this to Medina, when the profit slice on got to Medina, and he found that the People of the Book particularly the the Jewish tribes were fasting a day to honor the victory of musante his Salaam overfit our own

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Ashura right What did the Prophet slice I'm saying Nana, Ola, MIMO, some income that we should strive to do so as well, we're close to most if not, we have more right to most eyes on we also should fast these days. And of course, the revelation comes from a loss, a Yemen McAdoo that, that we fast some days before Ramadan came and rendered those days voluntary. So there's a difference between honoring the legacy of the prophets before and honoring, you know, or seemingly honoring the legacy of the forefathers here when there was no basis to what they did we act upon divine revelation, right? We act upon divine revelation. So whether it is you know, rejecting the the

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indecent practices or rejecting an addition of supposedly good, that is actually a hardship, but that has no basis we reject it. And so, that's an interesting point when you read that if we're lost parents asked us to take your adornment at the time of prayer, and eat and drink without going to excess. Finally, where we move to verse 73, where last pantai mentions what EDA thermowood hardhome sloty her Allah mentions into the mood we set forth there brother slaughter, and a lot of talks about the destruction of the people of the mood. And of course, we are very familiar with you know, JSON code, the best, the most beautiful aha even back skaha were last patch I mentioned the mods

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killing the she camel killing the NACA and their disobedience of a loss of habitat in that sense. Now, there's a very interesting car incident for this, and that is that the mod lived in an area between Medina and tabuk. And they were to add basically what the people thought of word to the people of Mecca, right? So they're only they're very similar, and they are secondary of sorts to the people of ad. And the profit slice alum was once when he was on his way to to book he had the Muslims with them and they they looked around and they said

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saw the ruins of these people, right the people if the mood and and it's known as muda and sila right this the area of the prophet SAW how to use Salaam and the destruction of those people there used to be hundreds of 1000s maybe millions of people that lived in these areas and it's an entire beautiful city of architecture but it is tainted by the destruction that came upon them because of their aggression and their transgression. And when the profit slice on passed by with the Muslims through that area, the profit slice I'm actually pointed to according to some narrations, the well that that the she camel used to drink from the she camel mentioned the story used to drink from and

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they drink from

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that well as as well so they drove also prophets like some passed by the valley that the she camel came from and the Prophet slice alum, he tells them to, you know, to look around and to observe, you know what, what became of this place and then the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he says to move forward hastily because he didn't want to resign for a long time in a place where the destruction of Allah subhanaw taala came. So this is an interesting idea that connected to this incident in the CLR as well. And you know, the last reflection I'll leave with is the verse of 93 we're sure everybody his salon is departing from his people foot so when I'm home, we'll call a call me. Luckily, I'd love to

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come be sadati Robbie, want to come for K for Asada Coleman caffeine. He mentioned that sure. A buddy some departs from his people and says oh my people surely I have conveyed to you the message of my Lord and I gave you sincere advice. How then can I mourn for people who refuse to accept the truth and this of course parallels the end of Mecca where the prophets lie some is leaving due to persecution the people of Makkah and settling in Medina and inshallah tie with that. I'll invite chef Yusuf and Chef Abdullah, Chef use for your any reflections I put a very specific question your way if you had anything but also any reflections about that all the time then she fell in love with

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the nighttime

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unlikely thinking.

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Actually, I I thought about the idea when you just cited it Yeah, Benny added up Louisiana Tech industry.

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And yesterday, I can be actually looked at from multiple perspectives, we can look at it circumstantially talking about the community of Muslims in Mecca at that time, I've been empowered, as you mentioned. And the fact that the top or the address of the plan is still to the universal is still universal to all mankind or people that are living during that time. But what is more interesting is a couple is before this idea, there is another mention of couldn't demonstrate, again, talking that where people do have command and maintain you worship for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala every time or place based on the understanding and the interpretation of the area

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of frustration, which sin policies, the the Salah the prayer. So if we want to look at it from the perspective that those are Muslims living in Mecca, that are not in power yet that the thought is for everybody, this is one angle, but the other angle is one of the beautiful characteristics of the matki Quran specifically is the way it portrays or articulate toppie that in general, is this mix between how to enrich the human mind the human intellect, and at the same time how to address the human spirituality as well. This is the unique combination that we we are trying to study theology or IP than our modern time, we are trying to attain this level, they're trying to mix and combine

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between the the theological concepts, definitions, arguments that we're trying to understand, to conceive and to convey to people to talk about our Deen to refute misconceptions to dismantle doubts to prove points about our religion, one at the same time maintaining a constant reflection to manifestation of these two theological conceptions and arguments in our hearts as well. One of the one of the teachers were the great teachers of theology, Allah be pleased with him, he used to mention all the time that we need to combine between these two concepts of who he was with the heat, there is the duck security those are in the class in which we are studying theology and logic, art

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of argumentation, rational proofs, and all these different disciplines that are very important and needed within certain limits and perspectives. While at the same time we need to understand the whole system and how to implement these concepts in our minds, applying this back to the to these two yet. And again, applying the multilayer meaning phenomena of the plan. Yes, that might be addressing the group of Muslims who are oppressed, who are persecuted in Mecca, while at the same time it had versus everybody who's living there. And this is us people are making a lot around the Kaaba and nakedness or people who are not devoting the worship only and solely for the sake of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala that you need to maintain who would you face is literally for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the same time every time you offer Salah, you need to cover you outward, our which is the bottom one in the same time you need to maintain self

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introspection and self purification of your inward doubt as well covering all the defects of the heart and all the diseases of the heart that occurs.

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And might be afflicted with and dislike. They just add, you know, reflection, I wouldn't call it SEO for sure. But just as a reflection on how to maybe make the link on there, I think it's to add before the ad actually mentioned, where people do end up with dementia, which is a beautiful hire that portrays our old view of devoting our wish to our last panel.

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Vertical off in Morocco hamdulillah from the local army, Mashallah, it's you know, I think we were talking about this before we came on, about how this chapter is to finalize a chapter of, primarily of Akita and as you mentioned, theology, and I like how you mentioned, that your sheer fulfill the law, when you mentioned also horsa, to hate, that it is something that we study, but in the same time, it's supposed to be something that is inculcated within our hearts minds, and you know, our practice, our implementation of what we studying, which is the goal of studying and hamdulillah. One thing I love about the chapter of Al anon is particularly is the concept of Allah subhanaw taala

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talking about guidance, and how to how to Allah, you know, we see the reality of people that come into Islam. I think I mentioned this last year, I mentioned it all the time of coming into Islam is not only phenomenon of people that were not Muslim, but it also is of those that were born Muslim. And they have had an epiphany in their life, whether it's a person, a friend, a teacher, something they've read a near death experience, and then they want to come and do the quote unquote, right thing and get what get right with God, if you will. There are a couple of verses that, particularly in this chapter, are very profound in regards to the Huda of Allah subhanaw taala, in regards to the

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guidance of Allah kind of without and how he shows us a lot the exalted

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in guides us to the right way. And as we, as we know, throughout the text of the Quran and Sunnah through induction of the scholars, some say there are three or two forms of guidance there is he the guidance that he Daya of showing you the way and then he died of going away? I mean, there could be, you know, for example, someone you're trying to you get, you're lost in a city, and you go to the nearest coffee shop, the nearest convenience store gas station, and you ask them for directions, you ask them to show you the way. So they show you the way but it's still upon you to make that choice to go that way. And that's where we understand these two types of forms of guidance. Allah subhanho

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wa Taala mentions in a chapter, you know, in this chapter where he talks about in verse number 122, where you ask a rhetorical question and this rhetorical question is asked what is very interesting is he asked this question after talking about the the meat, the Hello, hello livestock are what are the forms of meat that are allowed for you to eat and pronouncing the name of Allah over these animals? Or if it's a dead animal, that which you cannot eat, if you find it in this already dead? And what is the process of that which is particularly halal or kosher, for lack of better words, if you will, in regards to our meat, but then after that, he talks about the dead heart. And he asked

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the question, the rhetorical question he says after other than damage apology, a woman can maintain a net which are anala, who Nolan young Sheba, he fineness, a portion of this verse, he says, is the dead person that is brought back to life by us and given life in which to walk among people, comparable to someone that is trapped in deep darkness, who cannot escape. And he says, Come on, mentally, he come in method who feels a little mad, he needs to be hydrogen minha. So he makes this comparison, firstly, of the one that was kinda maintien, the one that was dead, but the death here is primarily the death of the heart. It is a dead heart. And you find this in Islam Subhanallah

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numerous times talking about the dead heart and the heart is something that is paramount to the guidance of a person, as you mentioned, in numerous genocides, and numerous gatherings before that we talked about, it is important for the listener to be prepared, or to be diligent on the situation of their heart. And the name of the heart is difficult, but some scholars say because it is constantly in motion, it's 100 of it is constantly in motion and needs to have the bet. And that's where the promise a lot and the bet is to be firm and to be solid on something. And to make sure when you were solid on that, you asked a lot to keep you and solidify you within that belief that

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you have whatever your heart is content are trying to be content upon. Hence we had to do our the promise of Allah and it was something Yama kalibo kulu, sub bit en de allogeneic makhanda localu sabots, lb allergenic. All the one that flips to hearts, make my heart firm upon your deen your religion, your the way of life, which is Islam. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is asking the rhetorical question is the one that is has the dead heart that we have brought back to life

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that walks amongst the people yes, she behaved in this. So here it is. Firstly,

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And acknowledging that there were people that had dead hearts. And the dead heart is ultimately as was mentioned a couple of days ago, of the one that is distracted by the ultimate distraction by turning to other than Allah subhana wa Donna or turning to Allah and others along with Allah at the level of Allah. And that is what is very important here because Allah subhanaw taala addresses this heart as made because the thing that what brings a heart to life is the one that gave you life is the tau he is the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala the belief that there is nothing like him and everything else is subordinate to him, is subordinate to him. Subhana Lords him. So lots of kinda

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what Don is asking this question of the one that has the dead heart, and we have brought it to life. And he walks with it, which I know who Norton we have put inside of it nor a light, young Shiva, he fineness, with this light, you are walking amongst the people, you're not walking away from them. So in other words, when you have this light of guidance, this light of truth, this light of integrity, this light of love, all the aspects of a bed of servitude, that are manifest in different ways, in our hearts, ultimately and shown throughout our actions, this should be given to other people. But the question is the nor that you have in your heart, are you allowing that nor to illuminate in

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front of others to where they can get from this light, they can take from this light and inshallah have their own lights in their heart. Because as we see on media, and even in person, online and offline, that there are people with dead hearts, they don't have any direction. They don't have anything that brings them serenity, anything that brings in security, anything that brings them certainty. So when we understand that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the only one that can bring you this light, you constantly ask him for the north as a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned the beautiful long do that when he would leave from his house and go to the masjid, which I didn't

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ignore on the variances and make me nor he mentioned certain body parts of his into place, ignore the very good image and make me nor make me someone that is illuminated, allow this illumination to be of that which people see and are affected by. So emcpe fineness amongst the people are we people that is spreading the norm to everyone else, that is something that we have to consistently ask ourselves, and then he makes it he makes the comparison can method command method goofy little magic Lisa cottage and minha is this person that has the nor that has his heart has been given life with the nor and is amongst the people as surprised a lot, you know, by a small tidbit that even obey Him

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Subhanallah in his book, why it'll say he mentioned around 72 benefits of Vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then from this you mentioned within the 51st point that he mentioned is on this benefits of liquor, that it is normally zacher that remembering a lot of liquor is remembrance, you're remembering him in your heart, you're remembering his names, Beautiful Names and attributes and those and how it manifests on you. And you're remembering the vicar by your tongue. And as we spoke about a couple of days will shift or hear about the saying the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala saying his name Cipolla, what hamdulillah we learned a lot a lot for mentioning the name of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala does something to the psyche, and it does something to the heart and that is where the nor is maintained. inshallah so that's a beautiful point here when even Okay, you mentioned the importance of remembering Allah subhanaw taala and how that gives nor to any human being, spiritually inshallah to Allah and other than that, there are lots of kind of data when he continues on making the comparison command method who fula matches less than 200 men What is it like the one that is trapped in deep darkness and there is no way out if I was to turn the lights off? No, I think I made this comparison last year, I would know within my gym slash studio slash library, I

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would definitely trip over some cords and knock over some lights because there is darkness. So if we make that comparison as Allah subhanaw taala is making this comparison. feel a little Mati lace and the hydrogen minha. The little mat is plural, as some scholars say. Then the look of the eyes the loom of the heart, you learn a different part of body parts. Just as a prophet SAW Allah Allah was asked for nor are these particular parts of our body. So the little mat is in different forms, as opposed to someone said that the darkness is in different forms a little a little mat, Yama theme, but when understanding for us now that the prophets of Allah Allah subhana wa tada is talking about

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these little mats, laser be hydrogen minha because sometimes Subhanallah it is layers.

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Darkness that we see people upon. It is layers of darkness, that when we stop and learn ourselves, we realize that Subhan Allah, I didn't know I had this bad of an anger problem and anger issue Subhanallah I didn't know that my heart was so attached to that person that has passed away. To the degree, this righteous person that has passed away to the degree that I may worship them along with Allah. I didn't know that there were layers of darkness when it came to the level of appreciation that I gave to a form of creation. That was at the level of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's why Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala pluraleyes it here we're saying lumads laceby hydrogen minha

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because it is very hard at times for a person to look in the mirror and to ask themselves to kind of love what am I really doing in regards to showing a lot my gratitude and learning who he is and who he is not. There are lots of kind of $1 concludes and he says, In this way, the evil deeds of the disbelievers are made to seem alluring to them. Because Attica zucchini, and caffeine and I can be I don't, particularly as we see this verse was particularly talking about those that had not yet embraced the faith of the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then embracing that faith, as some as mentioned, about remember the whole topic of the Allahu anhu. But particularly as we see, as they

00:31:24--> 00:32:02

say, the the the lesson is with the generality of the mentioning of the verse, or the goal diverse not be this specific reason, although we know that verse of the Quran have been revealed as consequential, but we see that the generality of this is paramount that we understand that there is darkness that can take place within the hearts of people in the last month, Allah will guide them. And we should look at the northern Allah has given us and be thankful for the virtue of this, this beautiful, beautiful, complete religion of Islam and allow that to spread and understand the danger of darkness and its manifestations. And unless one data continues on later, and he talks about the

00:32:02--> 00:32:40

guidance of Allah, when he mentioned that Allah opens the heart of someone shutter Hello, so that is snap. And he mentioned versus, you know, if you have the opportunity to read a couple of verses later, and this verse kind of Allah, this verse as well. And the verses that follow upon law are very, very important in regards to those, as I mentioned earlier, that have come to the faith of Islam, or those that have come to the faith of Islam, and they have been Muslim their whole life, but they decided to try their best and that attempt that you make, Allah is not negligent of Allah is not negligent of the fact that you are looking for that nor to take to keep and allow it to be

00:32:40--> 00:32:49

illuminated for others and Charlottetown is my last month Allah make us of those that have nor and allow this nor to illuminate and affect others beating the lights on.

00:32:50--> 00:33:02

means it's like having a cola, Chef Yusuf, I'm just gonna pass it on to you with the nighttime like Mahabharata, the chef he's like a lot of people who share the love for the beautiful reflections mesh online

00:33:04--> 00:33:08

drawing from the major RP that theme and consultant and I'm

00:33:10--> 00:33:48

the surah as as was touching on multiple times versus a lot about the the issues and engages in multiple levels with so many different polytheistic and Vedic notions and beliefs and the same time to documents a lot of the false practices that the Arabs used to offer before Islam to the Mongolian rhombus nobody pleased with him he said as a member he reported that if you want to know and learn about the influence of the Arabs read from area 130 from sort of dynamic onwards towards the end of the school right where Allah Subhana Allah documents so many different practices and the false fake which was they were offering for their fake Gods when we

00:33:50--> 00:33:55

look at the very first if the ages the ages number 111 loves to panel what the other cool

00:33:58--> 00:34:02

he gotta work on lemme homie Mota Hashanah, Allah include luxury in hula Mecca and

00:34:04--> 00:34:42

so the surah in the same context of it that often a lot of different arguments and engage in a multiple levels and at the same time, the surah is always reminding people that you have a lot of signs around you. You have a lot of different agenda. You have a lot of different arguments around you. If those arguments are not enough for your rational mind, and they're not enough to conquer your heart and open and widen your spiritual horizon to receive and accept the guidance and the Huda from Allah subhana wa Tada. No matter how many it didn't matter how many arguments and signs and ayaats and miracles we bring up to you, there is no way you will be guided. And this is exactly what

00:34:42--> 00:34:59

this area is saying. And the idea is very unique because Allah subhanho wa Taala is including in this area. Most of the requests that those people made to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam use request. Some of them are in the Quran, some of them are in the student and the seal of the prophets of Allah. Allah Subhana Allah says, and even if we had sinned

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

To them the angels what can lemma home note even if the dead spoke to them were Hashana Allah even cooler shaking, even if we gathered all things in front of them, you wouldn't have believed in the last panel without it. And I want to highlight specifically the word tabula. Because when we look into the killer app, the different modes of presentation from the client, there is actually more than one color in this world, there is a color that maybe we are familiar with, it's a common color that we know from house for example, kulesza in kubelet, home and the path on the home and the bat, and then there is another killer that says female with a cursor underneath both the path and the

00:35:35--> 00:36:16

bat. And so Panama today, credit marks add a lot new different meanings to the eye. And as we know about the beauty of color, it always emphasizes the this this phenomenon of the poor and the multilayer meanings of the same word could be pronounced differently, but it adds more and more meanings that are not contradictory. But the thing which the meanings and the interpretations of the is so cool, and the first one that we actually know means if we bring all of these things right from all the different kinds we're Hashana, even cooler, shaking formula if we gather all different kinds of things in front of them. This is this is basically the direct meaning that when you recite it

00:36:16--> 00:36:54

with the other people and it adds actually two other meanings to this meaning. The first meaning as was suggested by a lot of this causes them to feel it said people actually also means a kind of plebeian or being means Kafeel which means if we bring all of these things to guarantee to them, that the prophets of Allah, why do you still have them is the truth. They will not believe step two, even all the questions that Allah Subhana wants to bring in and keep in mind, the universality of the word coolessay all things and the depth of the scholars if they're serious that Kula Shakespeare includes living and living beings. So imagine Allah Subhana, WA tada is bringing all the creatures

00:36:54--> 00:37:32

Allah Subhana, Allah is bringing all the nonliving things that walks, the mountains, that that everything around those people would actually speak, will talk to those people the polity is telling them, what the prophet is telling you is truth. This message is coming from Allah subhanho wa Taala, they will still believe in, in Allah subhanho wa Taala This is another layer of the meaning a third layer of the meaning people and also means more iron, which means something that is right in front of you, something that you can sensibly and physically interact with and see by your own eyes. So you can see all these different signs in front of you. But those people are still unwilling to

00:37:32--> 00:38:06

believe in Allah subhana wa at that. That's why Allah subhana wa Jalla concluded the idea with saying, Well, I can act on your genuine but most of them are actually ignorant. When meaning of that will be most of them, most of them are not equal and that you do need to ask for more than what if one sign is a miracle from Allah subhanho wa Taala is not enough for you. If we give you all different ideas and miracles and science, they will not be enough of you. This is the level of spiritual blindness that those people fill it and this is what the Quran is trying to trigger our minds and spirituality that Be careful because the hidayah of the Quran and the message of Allah

00:38:06--> 00:38:41

subhana wa Taala is based on your spiritual readiness or willingness to receive the guidance from Allah subhanaw taala the same Quran was revealed to all those different people from the same community and societal, but the same time they did not receive it in the same way they did not interact with the plan in the same way because it it's all dependent on your spiritual willingness to receive the guidance from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Another idea from the same that I would also like to share reflection on to include us as in the same context of engaging with the policy as is and we should have enough grace of Mecca. Allah Subhana Allah talks about the people who would say

00:38:41--> 00:38:46

we will not believe until we are given that which the prophets of Allah were given as well then

00:38:49--> 00:39:26

a number 124 so Allah subhana wa tada response to this in a very unique matter of saying Allah who are Nemo hi you highest we are already Salat Allah subhanho wa Taala is the most knowing where he places his message to panda with that, and it's a beautiful response because also again, applying the same multilayer meanings. You can look at this same idea from different perspectives as well. The day of reckoning meaning is Allah subhana wa tada choose Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for this message and he knows best Who is the most fit for this mission of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's why he's and Mustafa and the meaning of but most of us on the line, why do you select is the

00:39:26--> 00:39:32

chosen one Allah subhanho wa Taala stuff that the government reported in his wisdom from the wife minister or the alarm

00:39:34--> 00:39:59

that the prophets of Allah when you send them said in Allah, number of people who believe that that Allah subhana wa Allah has looked into the hearts of people and he found that Hammonds heart, somebody who is the best part of all mankind. So Allah subhana wa Allah has chosen him for himself and has chosen him to deliver and convey his message. So this is a first direct meaning we understand that how Allah subhana wa

00:40:00--> 00:40:33

As the Samaritan, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, but you want you can also extend this meaning to understand that Allah subhana wa Taala chooses this particular community, to, to send the message to, and to choose the prophets of Allah when you select and the companions, the Sahaba will be allowed to be around him from the same community because he places his message, whatever he wrote subhana wa tada and the continuation of the same How do you says that Allah subhanho wa Taala also then looked into the hearts of the servants and the people after the hearts of the prophets of Allah who are using them. And he chose the hearts of the Sahaba to be the assistance of the prophets of

00:40:33--> 00:40:40

Allah wa to send them to be the people who fight and defend the profits of the Senate and fight for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:40:41--> 00:41:15

one of the beautiful stories that was reported about the Sahaba is one man was in the masjid later on after the prophets of Allah were to send them and he saw Abdullah who are best the prophets cousin, some of all right send them a love of your loved one. Why can in the masjid and he didn't know him? He didn't recognize that this sample but he knew that so he asked people he said Who was this person because the folks in himself in all of the presidents have applied to they said had Abdullah hypno ambassador and we're assuming that someone like Ray said, this is Abdullah if not best because of the Prophet sallallahu it said the man just a spontaneously under spot said in his

00:41:15--> 00:41:54

still odd that he was an Allahu animal hatred. He said that Allah knows Allah is the most knowing, or when and where and who to give his message to subhanho wa Taala. And keep in mind that our best here represents both the fact that he's one of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu radiocentre and one member of the family of the Prophet, the household of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a third layer that we should also reflect under Hey threa jollibee Sen where to place his message is, how can we look deeply on the entire society of the of the Arab society at that time, because if you look at this idea that we just understood and derived from it, that Allah subhanho wa

00:41:54--> 00:42:30

Taala is praising the Sahaba as a possible meaning, that those who had that were from the same community that denied all these signs earlier, those who have that came from the same city and community were those people Allah said, if we give them everything, if we bring all the science, if we make the depth talk to them, they will not believe but yet that was the same community that basically produced this the best duration of this from the Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Thus, this should make us also reflect on this should make us reflect on the different social and and even religious characteristics that characteristics that those people had before

00:42:30--> 00:43:07

Islam. How did they receive the message? What was the exact problem with the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam? How come the sin community gives me Abuja and gives me over on the top of your lungs? How can we understand that both come from the same social, political and religious dynamics of the same community? This makes us reflect deeply on however without our journey, understanding that that the community of Arabs before it's time to give us more ability and insight of understanding. These people had a lot of meals and had a lot of good luck in the same time at a lot of bad clap and had a lot of different, fake and false which was that the offer for their fake

00:43:07--> 00:43:42

gods, but at the same time, Allah subhanho wa Taala knew that they had something unique in their hearts. They had some beautiful characteristics that if the spiritual power of Islam would trigger it was people would be the best of this oma after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Those are three different layers of meaning that we can understand from a local animal, Patria geography seletar one last point I will conclude with is something that a mammal Razia himolla mentioned about this particular idea. Talking about that, there is a replica as he as he said, the paper means a deep set of meaning that we can derive from this guy. He said that those people were envious of the

00:43:42--> 00:44:19

prophets. He said the novena hatanaka, Mr. Matteo Zuma, we will not believe until we are given what the prophets will give him and their response was a long history or geography salad. He said we should derive from this that the minimum characteristics of the prophets and the messengers of Allah Azza wa salatu wa sallam is that they are pure, completely from any kind of evil feeling hatred, or envy. Because those people when they asked for this that was out of their envy and Allah subhanho data response saying, No, you are not worthy of being messengers and prophets. He was worthy of being a prophet or a messenger of someone not rotting within them. Why? Because his heart is

00:44:19--> 00:44:45

completely pure from all these evil feelings of hatred, envy, and wishing for the detriment of the the detriments of the blessings of other people that Allah Subhana Allah has bestowed upon them. We asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to teach us the Quran and asked him to pan over to Allah to enable us to act upon the meanings of the Quran. And we asked him to pan out with Allah to accept our fasting, our prayers, and our Eva that cha has an

00:44:48--> 00:44:59

arsenal of extra effusive absolutely beautiful spotlight and a perfect tie in, I think, to what she was talking about. The difference was the light coming into the heart of Amara hospital, the Alon

00:45:00--> 00:45:29

And then the light collectively coming to that community and that's where you saw the potential and the possibilities that came out of that community monocle Alfie Kohn feels beautiful reflections shaqab della if you have a minute Shall we so we have a research directors we go we go far into a shift I had we went like almost an hour shift yussuf to baltica law we went we're nearing it on that mark so we but but such a blessing blessing it's not because you shift us it was because us

00:45:31--> 00:45:36

or me I went long with your reflections were absolutely beautiful inshallah

00:45:37--> 00:45:55

shape from the left if you have any, any, you know, reflection on that. No, no, I'm the law Mashallah is very, very, very beautiful Mashallah, one thing that was just constantly in my head when he was talking about the the two different narrations or, you know, readings of coal in Chinese is just

00:45:57--> 00:46:31

that you you have no ultimate control, you know, Allahu Allah subhanho wa Taala is in ultimate control. But at the same time, it is not for you to give up on people. Right, because this is versio You know, it was a no last month I was talking about his color he knows he knows if there will be ultimately guided or not, but that's not an excuse for us to say you know, Allah said it so I'm going to give up on my my father or mother this person that I've tried and it's not working and this is a message again, to those that have embraced Islam as well don't give up on your family you know, and always try means to call out to them it doesn't have to be in person it could be a letter it

00:46:31--> 00:47:04

could be something but don't give up on people and know that a loss Madonna has ultimate control and a huge sign if you haven't please read on the story of it. I've been hooked up conversion to Islam because I mean you see who I am and who you know, you see him and then you realize that Allah isn't hadn't which is one of his names and looking up the name of had the the ultimate guide or the manifestation of that is far beyond our understanding. But it's something that is so profound for us to trust in and to rely on and I'll stop there

00:47:06--> 00:47:06

right on

00:47:08--> 00:47:44

Hello so much so much to benefit from honestly and shed husa for looking forward to all the papers and all the work that's going to be coming out of your departments the newest department but somehow a lot of the establishing the miraculous nature of the poor and sometimes they're just appreciating its many layers of beauty and this is a part of it. And you know I'm very excited to see but in the nighttime the effect of that on the community and just like a low height and we're very grateful to you for joining the team and the non for the work that you all are doing right now on the research side of that unlimited second Lafayette and again for having me must have an accent

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So one more time shift Canada Egypt

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I'll say Toronto or Cairo

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does that basically reference Canada Egypt as well or

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whatever I'm trying I'm trying to get deeper me if I can,

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you know, get to it. Okay, I'll give you one one last thing do you say process or process

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the word process or process

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you say process Mashallah.

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How do you say not messed up how you say process in

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English so I'm not sure.

00:48:34--> 00:48:43

Not a lot of people everyone will see all inshallah tomorrow we'll be getting into just nine shall on the Battle of better particle offie coma sound like what I have to live cattle.

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