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Okay, send out hamdulillah Salatu Salam on absolutely no and he was so happy woman while I wanted to talk about something a little bit more serious though, and this is, you know,

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one thing that it's extremely important for us to be able to address current affairs and things that are going on in the world, in our religious discourse as well as panela I was reading in the salon sorta Rama wasn't my intention to read swords, man, actually, Powell just some reason I thought of swords, man. And we came across the aisle where Allah subhanaw taala says, Could Illuminati have fun?

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Does anyone know what Kuhlman alley how fun means?

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Everyone will die and fun is not just melt. Fun is cease to exist. Yes. Sorry if that if n is when you cease to exist altogether. Right? Everything will cease existence. Can you imagine that moment? When Allah subhanho wa Taala takes each and every single soul including the Angel of Death, The angel of death, ALLAH SubhanA which Allah will tell the Angel of Death to hand over his own life. Can you imagine and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will speak to this earth and to everyone that is in it as it is crumbled up in his right hand as Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, without any tisby Allahu ILM how that would look or how that would be. But Allah subhana wa Tada would have the

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earth crumbled up in his right hand and Allah subhanho wa Taala would speak to all of us as we are done. And Al Malik and Al Malik, I Am the King. I am the king. And I'm going to kill Arnold, where are the people that claim to be kings in this world? Where are they? Where are the Bashar Al acids? Where are the CCS? Where are the fees? Where are these people? Where are the Netanyahu is where are these la Lemina? Where are you today? Where are the Faroe Islands? Where are the cartoons? Where are all of these little? I mean, now, what can you do for yourself now? This panel that's a momentous occasion and the loss of Hannah Montana says couldn't O'Malley have done everything and everyone is

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done? Well, I have the power which would be Kendall Jenner. Unicron. But Allah subhanho wa Taala and all of his glory and all of his honor, will still be there. Allah azza wa jal does not die. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not become affected. And he might be thinking to yourself, you know, you say to yourself, well, that's fine. I know on the Day of Judgment, everything will happen. And you know, the law I mean, the transgressors and the oppressors they'll all be lined up and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will ask them one by one and so on so forth. I know all these ayat and Hadith, but what about now? Right, what's going on now? And what's the next I guess? Elohim and for some it will,

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couldn't lay young men who officia last panel, Anton says, By the way, every single day, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah Allah is planning and decree every single day, don't you think? That it's just like Allah azza wa jal is doing to Hadith and just warning these people one day, I'm gonna get you know, every single day, Allah subhanho wa Taala is in his divine planning, nothing is happening away from his power. And you know, subhanAllah had a very emotional conversation, honestly, with outcome yesterday, honestly, at a very emotional conversation with him.

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All of us, I mean, really, I mean, I know a lot of people are very emotionally distraught over what's happening in the moment right now. It is very, it's just so tasking, I mean, SubhanAllah. To follow, the news is so depressing. It's like, it drains you emotionally, you feel like after you've watched the news, or after you've read the news, you feel like you've worked. That's the way to describe, you know, subhanAllah, it's, you know, those of us who are used to, if you're used to physical exercise, or doing something physically, that ties you to a different type of tiredness, it's you read that stuff, and you see those videos, and you look at that stuff for 1015 minutes, and

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you're just drained. You feel like you've been running a marathon, you feel like you've been working and lifting weights, it's and you know, subhanAllah that's how we are as believers, right? We're supposed to be that way we're supposed to, if you're not feeling affected by there's a problem with your heart, it's a problem with your email. And actually, I don't mean I can do come out to somebody at my home. But enough See, no, one of you truly believes until he loves his brother when he loves himself. It's a crisis of EMA. And honestly, if it doesn't affect you anymore, in our entitled gathering in our entitled, entitled society, if you don't shut a tear, if you don't, at least, if

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you're not deeply moved on the inside. There's a problem with you. And so I was having this conversation, you know, I mean, this because

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this is

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I'm trying to decide how much of this conversation I'll share. But what I will tell you is that as imams in particular, and as do art and people that speak to the public, we always have to kind of have that confidence and we always have to reassure people, but sometimes we need our own reassurances. So when we speak to our own teachers, and when we speak to our own Earlimart we do the same thing that people do with their emails, say share what's going on. Help us help us understand this. Help us put it in perspective, and check chakra Masha. Allah is a thinker. Again, you know, he's not an orator. He's not someone that's known for speaking he's a thinker. He's a muhfucka. He

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really is I mean, And subhanAllah he spent many years with with

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likes to say hello dolly. And Bill has an anatomy who is one of the greatest thinkers that this OMA has produced really in the last 500 years even Subhan Allah a great thinker Rahim Allah to Allah. So I asked him, I said, you know, how do we make sense out of this I understand called the Kabbalah. I want to hear something that will suit my heart. And he said, as long as when you look at these people, you realize that they're like, little pins being played. It's like a pawn on a chessboard, that they think they rule but Allah rules them, that they're not actually rulers. They're not actually kings. They're not actually presidents. They're not actually Prime Minister's their pawns,

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right. They're puppets to other governments. And they act like puppets for other lon Amin and Allah subhanho wa Taala eventually causes them to butt heads and kill each other, which is just the Sunnah of Allah, we have no doubt about it. No doubt about it. You know, these people that are honoring each other and putting metals on each other and giving billions of dollars to support each other and Lord, and one day they will kill each other one day they will fight each other because they are filthy, corrupt people, they will plan and plot against each other. This is the son of Allah and how he deals with a volume in heat destroys them with each other. But he said as long as you look at

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them and you realize Allah rules them.

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I said every time you see them say Allah rules you

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say that to yourself. Allah rules you, what do you think you are? Who do you think you are Allah rules? Do you think you have power? You think you figured it out? How many violent mean in the past? How many oppressors and transgressors in the past thought they had it figured out, thought that they outsmarted the world thought that they finally established an empire that would not fall that they finally you know, figured out the equation to become firmly established in power. And Allah subhanaw taala in a matter of a day, flipped everything on them. Why? Because Allah rolled them the whole way. We just forgot about that. Right? And subhanAllah today is what is one year after law, one of

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the what Human Rights Watch calls the the greatest single massacre of demonstrations in recent history of a dump of demonstrators in recent history. Over 1000 peaceful demonstrators massacred this is this is very unique to our recent times, right you'll often see a few guilty parties here and there. Whenever they're dealing with demonstrators. Rarely do you find an army that is so arrogant that it would burn down a message it as people are inside of it, and burn the people to death burn down the hospital. One year later, it's Powell speaking to

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one of the one of the widows from Canada, apologists, just hearing the power and the strength in her voice. And actually, her husband was killed two days later, and Alexandria protesting the massacre of robots. So he was actually killed on August 16. And anyone who's ever lost a loved one, when the one year mark comes around, and you see that date on the calendar again, it really, really, really strikes you. Right, even though it doesn't mean anything, you know, whether it's 11 months, or one year or 13 months, but there's just something about seeing the date, knowing that one year ago this happened. So we want to comfort our sisters obviously and our brothers that are going through that

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because you know, I remember the first time the date of my mom's death, the anniversary came, we don't do anything. We don't read Quran we don't celebrate, we don't mourn. It's just knowing that that date you just see that date. Right. And so I know the trauma. And of course for them, it's so much more it's Pilar, her husband

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was seeing the the people that were killed. And she was telling the story said her husband actually Subhanallah as he saw the people of Rob killed his the tears were running down his eyes. And you know, he was he was saying that, you know, that's not right. We should be out there. We can't let that happen to them. And she said she saw a dream where she saw him standing in law. As Pamela he goes out two days later, and she was telling him that I see your face on those when I see those dead bodies. I see your face on those protesters. I see your face on those people. And you know, he goes out for salata, Jamar one day, and then they go out to protest in the streets of Alexandria and he's

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And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept him and all of our brothers and sisters are shahada, Lama Amin, but the brothers and sisters really to hear the strength in that sisters voice. It's really inspiring And subhanAllah to see, you know, just these images that come out of Gaza, and Syria, and Burma and Central African Republic as we mourn for these people. Some of them are just refusing to let their spirit be broken. I mean, you see images of these people brings a lot to the gym or even in the rubble, even as they will bury their families the night before. They still pray a lot to Juma they still refuse to not celebrate eighth, I saw pictures of some of you may have seen it a wedding

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in the plaza that was being held in one of the UN shelters like we refuse. We refuse to let you destroy our lives. We refuse to let you destroy our spirits that comes from a strong belief that Allah subhanho wa Taala is greater than them. And that Allah subhanaw taala isn't

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and control not that one day Allah will be in control. There's a difference in our al Qaeda in our creative saying one day Allah will be in control in one day Allah will do away with them. But you know what, even the 200,000 people that have been killed in Syria, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Allah knows, and Eliza is in control, and a Shahada. They don't wish to come back. They don't wish to come back. The shahada are fine. And actually, this is what happened. You know, the context of the eye on the prophets lie Selim, whenever he you know, whenever the Sahaba lost, they incurred heavy losses and are hurt, and they were sad. And also loss I send and receive the revelation to be that Islam

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came to the Prophet slice, I'm actually so he gave him some encouragement before the revelation. He said that I went and I checked up on your brothers that I want to come I saw your brothers, and then we'll attack Subhanallah Dino political feasibility and what ended up being Musa Khan don't think that they're dead, they're still alive, they're with Allah subhanaw taala being provided for Allah azza wa jal took them from this cruel world and Allah subhanaw taala put them in a better place. We believe that our upgrade they wouldn't wish to come back. So Allah azza wa jal is always in control. And Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will not one day be in control, he's not losing control, as chaotic

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as the world becomes Allah azza wa jal is in control, we have to remember that and we have to have firm faith in that and we have to do our part, to better this world around us like Allah subhana, which Allah will call us to task. It's just a fact it's inconvenient for us to think about, but Allah azza wa jal will call you to task and you can do something Allah has given you some means to do something and I talked about this in Joomla, you've been given something you need to figure out what it is that you've been given and do something about it. Yes, the salah has to be there to do and that is the ammo that is the foundation, but whatever you can, do not be little it and do it,

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keep on doing it and Charlottetown and use what a lost parents that has given you to be in the cause of your brothers and sisters and Allah will be in our cost so long as we're in the cause of our brothers and sisters. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah,

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to have mercy on those that have departed and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to restore this ummah to its to its glory. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to send us Nostrum Corrib to send us victory soon as an ummah. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to do away with the transgressors and the traders and the oppressors that hold us back and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to replace them with righteous rulers that will rule righteous people. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to allow us to see this victory in our lifetime. And to see this this these changes in our lifetime alumna I mean, questions.

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I knew you were going to ask the first question.

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totally radical Africa

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remember this from some, some of us might not know what to do, and you know, build it.

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So as as Islamic centers, as leaders, we have a leader in this community. We have Islamic centers that are present the Muslim ummah, in America, what they are doing, as Islamic centers have talked about this Islamic center and Metroplex? Are we doing something in the name of the Hispanic centers to support our brothers all over? We find always you need to do to see how you can help as individual

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well, number one, there's a limit to what you can do as an Islamic Center. You can use the Islamic center to encourage people towards good you can use the Assam and actually were you here for multiple three Jamar last week. You were okay, so we talked about practical things that we can do and things that we can do in our own lives. I think our National Islamic organizations have to take the lead on this and Hamdulillah I see them taking the lead on this now. A lot of our Islamic organizations are moving in a way that they're actually starting to, to mobilize people towards these practical things in sha Allah to on the march on the State Capitol in Austin was actually

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organized by economic mass care and other national Muslim organizations that have local chapters here. So I think that what the massage didn't have to do obviously is make sure that their that their efforts, that the efforts of our national organizations inshallah Tada are promoted, they find grounding here in our masjid and inshallah Tada, we will make sure that we do that in Shaolin. We communicate that and if you have any suggestions, look one thing that I will say about our Masjid that hamdulillah our community is that we will not shut down any effort. If you have an effort if you have something that you can do to mobilize people to do good inshallah you know, we will welcome

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in sha Allah and I'm speaking on behalf of the administration that I don't belong to the administration part of it. I'm speaking more from but but from a religious aspect I know our brothers inshallah to Allah will welcome Inshallah, we will welcome people that will come together and put together organized, reasonable practical efforts in sha Allah to Allah suggest things be a part of it, and take the lead. We need people to take the lead

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Don't these things, it's it's not practical because everyone's a volunteer on the administration as well. So it's not practical to expect the administration to do everything about everything. So obviously there's a lot on everyone's plate, but Inshallah, if you're very passionate about a cause, please you know, organize inshallah Tada and you will have our support in sha Allah as the religious voice. And I speak for Chef, I'm wearing shifty acids Juba today. So

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I hope he's not watching.

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Chef I took your permission with but as the religious voices, we will help and we will be 110% behind and shall I think we're moving into a time where the Maasai have to speak up, they always had to speak up but we all have to speak up Inshallah, and we will Inshallah, and we will help you inshallah Tada with it for the najem. Is that all accurate? You approve? No comment. Okay.

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Anyone else? Questions?

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What's happening?

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as you mentioned,

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that we have seen a loan or

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a loan or respected

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that we look over the years or four years, and we've seen all that.

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And now with social media, a lot of things that we see things are not like us before. Nobody is immune. Nobody's particularly

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our, you know, like cutting and pasting things about them and you cannot even access to see what's their situation. What is theirs? And why do my speaking of Ozzy are really letting go on the on the Muslim Omar, what we have we really just very, very saddening, and therefore very hard to try to defend somebody that we can even see them. And I really appreciate that we are every man looking at very,

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very encouraging moving from the Western world to talk about the issues that have been in our countries, which I will see that happening over there. I've seen weakening, hearing anything to the point that we would think that or

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having second thoughts about we have to be their voice in the spotlight. It's a unique situation, things have shifted. We're in the West we have that voice and believe it or not, people look to the Imams people in the East look to the imams in the west now for guidance and a lot of these things. It's it's it's a strange paradigm shift. But it's happened, where we have to as Imams, and just as people in general, we have to become their voice because they can't do anything. Subhan Allah, I mean, look, we have to also appreciate the situation where we're allowed in this country, as much as we are disgusted by the foreign policy, we're allowed in this country to take to the streets, and

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they will provide police protection for us to basically now Ferguson's a different story. And that's something we also need to be engaged in, as a community be concerned with the National dynamics and the local dynamics. And that's a disgusting situation where you have peaceful protesters being confronted by military style, police and SWAT teams, which again, the national organizations due to pressure, I can't say due to pressure, they are speaking. But the pressure is there from the Muslims like, Hey, where are you guys on on Mike Brown? And where are you guys on what's going on in Ferguson. But for the most part, we're allowed to effectively demonstrate and raise our voices in

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this country and the police will provide protection for us. You can heckle a politician, I'm not saying I recommend that and nothing will happen to you.

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You know, subhanAllah This is a unique situation, it's a unique opportunity for us to speak to be their voice. And it does embolden them, it does mean something to them.

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You know, I get messages all the time from people that are actually in the USA, for example. And they will say you know exactly what her from posting these pictures of the demonstrations around the world. It's really lightening to the heart, it means a lot to us that you guys are are demonstrating that you guys are are talking about our situation. We're not neglecting us. I mean, how can you imagine this palace some of these people, and I actually read this an article, there are some people that right after a bombing, they're holding their phones, and they're going on Facebook and Twitter and reading the news and reading about what's going on in the world and how people are reacting to

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it instantly posting Twitter updates as a bomb falls on the house next to them. It's a very unique situation, we have to be their voice. We have to and we have to as well, we can't we can't let the media dictate where our emotions go. Meaning if people aren't talking about Syria right now, we don't talk about Syria. We talk about Syria as well. People aren't talking about Egypt. It's a lost cause. Nobody's gone anywhere. Now we talk about that as well. And of course, the conflicts that don't really have the big, the big, more the big support around the world. Burma is ethnic cleansing and genocide as well. We have to talk about these things and we have to do something and we have to

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be the voice of the

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As people in sha Allah time, and I see hope for that, and really we're moving into a different world as for the Messiah aspect of it, look, it's, I would say that silence, absolute 100% silence from some of the Messiah that choose to stick to their theology and stick to teaching Tafseer and those types of things, though it is not ideal, and though it's disappointing.

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You know, I think what we need to really focus on are the machines that are actually being the religious authority and validation of these oppressive regimes. Those scholars that people used to respect that actually became voices of these oppressors and these dictators on the religious level and as a means of manipulating the masses, there is no defense for them whatsoever. Not Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah to Allah when he was told,

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as he was imprisoned,

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to just make a statement that came out they told him well, I've talked to Lou and fossa, calm, don't kill yourself. Allah Azza just says, Don't kill yourself. So you're going to be killed, for taking your stance for being, you know, insistent and firm upon your stance. And many of the teachers remember him and he felt very betrayed by the way, they let go of their stances on the basis that hey, you know, we're in a situation where if we don't give up on this idea of the Quran being the word of Allah, and that we say it's a creation, which is deviant ideology, if we don't give up on this will be killed. So we have the excuse from Allah, we have another, you know, Muhammad Rahim,

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Allah when they really went and approached him, he was so upset, he said, look outside, said, Look outside myself. And when they looked outside, they had 1000s of people there waiting to write.

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So do you think I'm gonna give them that said, I don't have an excuse, talent. And really, when I think about that image, I say, look, look at what we have now. You have millions of people waiting to see what the chef is going to say, and what he's going to write, and in a matter of two minutes, it will be shared hundreds of 1000s of times. What does that tell you, that tells you that the that it's an era that requires great responsibility, and you know, we have to be willing to put our necks on the line, to speak for our brothers and sisters. We're not encouraging terrorism, we're not encouraging violence against innocent to the contrary, we're actually speaking against that. Right,

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we're actually speaking against it. So you know, that's, that's the point that you know, we have to be willing to sacrifice, to write and to and to speak, and to be a voice for those people and not be afraid. So I think Insha Allah, I ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us off the bat, and ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to not let us buckle and not let us become weak and not let us become afraid. We have to show to work Allah within Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, as we speak to what's important in our Muslim world today, we cannot afford it anymore. We cannot afford this mentality of don't say anything, because they might come to your house, and they might harass you. You're not saying

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anything wrong, you're not saying anything illegal, speak, speak, do what you have to do in your own capacity in your own circles. You know, we're not we have we have insha Allah to the protection of Allah subhanaw taala. And we're not encouraging anything illegal. Speak. So I encourage everyone don't belittle your efforts to speak, talk,

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demonstrate, participate, be in whatever capacity you can in sha Allah Tiana. And I ask Allah to grasp the baton that llama I mean,

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I'm holding you guys for a long time. Anyone else? Yeah, the situation with my system.

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And what's going on there, as far as I mean, you see a lot of social media. You see a lot about Syria. But this is Muslims against Muslims and severely bad situations, but specifically on minorities like using these and Christians. And you hear a lot about that specifically on certain, you know, news channels. But you don't see the same level of coverage among,

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you know, our community, as it is on the west side or the Syria site. We have to be consistent. So yes, we have to speak out against crimes against Christians in Iraq as well and the Aziz and whatever they are, we have to we and we should speak out against that. I will say though, that we are the only community in the world that is expected to to take responsibility for all of its lunatics. The clergy, Muslim clergy are the only clergy that are expected to do that. You know, I don't see Rabbi as being pressured to take responsibility for the crimes of Israel. I don't see Christians being pressured Christian clergy to be pressured to take responsibility for genocide and

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ethnic cleansing and all of the crimes that have been committed in the name under the banner of Christianity around the world. So unfortunately, this is our we've kind of been cornered to where we are expected, particularly to claim our lunatics so for example, just the case in Sudan, what would happen in Sudan with the with the woman, you know, all of these emails like why are you not speaking about this? Sir, that's not my business to be honest with you. That's, I will issue a statement about it. And I will say say something about it one time, but no, I'm not going to take to social media.

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and spent, you know, and right 30 times why this doesn't represent me. It's not my responsibility. It's not my job. So with what's going on in Syria and Iraq, and and with the entire situation, yes, we have to be consistent. So we do speak out against the violence that's taking place there against other Muslims against Christians and against the Yazidis. and things of that sort. But what I will say is this, one of the reasons why a group like that is able to attract people from around the world, is because we fail to provide a platform, a healthy platform for people to take their energy and frustration, and turn it into practical and positive action. And so it's, it's that frustration

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that energy grows, and it's not an excuse. But what I'm saying is that it's all connected in the grand scheme of things when we provide people a platform, and we show people how to be active in a non violent way, in a way that's still Islamic route, you know, and also respects human rights and the laws of the world. When we show people that way, and sha Allah to honor to be effective, then our youth are not pulled towards those types of movements as well towards those types of groups. Because the way that those groups manipulate young people is that they say, look, all these people are quiet. They're not talking about anything in the world. They're afraid. We're not afraid. We

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don't we don't believe in the legality of killing innocent people. And we don't believe that your method is effective, it's causing destruction. And I don't want to get into all the conspiracies, but I have my own my own views about where that organization was created from in the first place. It's called Snowdens WikiLeaks so

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so that's that's another thing but yes, we condemned it we have to condemn it we have to take we own up and we take we condemn everything that takes place around the world and the killing of innocent people period. Whether it's under a banner that says like that Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah or whether it's under across the banner with a cross we do take responsibility for it as human beings to speak out against it not that they are we have to speak because they're Muslims.

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Alright Zachman la Haydens panic Lama hum decrescendo, Allah Ilana TestoFuel going to will take us now

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