Angels in your Presence #2

Omar Suleiman


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In Episode #2, our respected Imam Omar Suleiman introduces the two angels, Raqib and Atid. Whatever we do or say is recorded by either of the angels on our right and left. When a sin is committed the angel on the left is to record it. However, did you know that the angel does not record it the instant it is committed?

No. Rather the angel is instructed by Allah s.w.t. to hold back, hold off the recording for a certain time. How long is that time? And why is the time prescribed? What is the effect of this holding off?

These answers lie towards the end of this 5 minute episode.


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In that moment where you're just about to commit that sin, where you've been tempted, where you have made up your mind that you're going to do it, and you've been struck by the whisper shape on and just as you're about to commit that sin you wake up Okay, so those are the people that are lost panna cotta, Anna says to the cattle feed on mobile so you learn that after they've been touched by the whisper of the devil, they wake up and then suddenly they can see they're completely you know, tuned out of that sin and they're turning back to a lost parents on repentance. That's the best case scenario that you were about to commit the sin and then you stopped where the prophets lie. Some

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said, either the keratin Villa Santa's who, that when you're about to commit a sin if you're reminded of a lot. Don't ignore your contents. Don't ignore your taqwa. Don't ignore those thoughts about God, stop right then and there. Don't say, Alright, well, I'm already halfway through the sinner. I'm already I'm already at the point of committing it, I might as well commit it and then worry about repentance later, stop yourself then. But what about when a person just commits the sin and you commit that sin, especially the first time you commit that sin before you become desensitized to it, you feel so dirty, you feel impure, you feel a great sense of remorse and

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regrets. And what you do in those moments, is going to decide whether that sin becomes a means of bringing you back to Allah subhanaw taala or that sin becomes a habit that takes you down the path of shape on perpetual.

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That's where the prophets Allah license talks about a very unique way that we interact with these angels that are on our right and our left when they come the half Ilene killam and Caribbean you have these noble angels that are recording on your right and on your left everything that you do anything that you say anything that you do, Allah subhana wa tada has commanded them to write. And there is not a single word now young film in Poland Illallah de aqui, when it is not a single word that you utter, not a single expression that you utter, except that those angels write it down readily. Now, as those angels write down, they have a sense when you're about to commit a good deed

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or you're about to commit a sin. Because a soufiane Rahim Allah said that when a person is about to commit a good deed, they emit the soul emits the sense of Musk, this beautiful sense. And when you're about to commit a sin, the soul emits a nasty stench. And so there's a sense that a sin is coming. But then after you commit that good deed, or that sin, and those angels write down everything, there's one exception, and that is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that when a person first commits a sin, Allah commands the angel on the left to hold his pen for six hours now six hours here an hour not being 60 minutes, but six periods of time, there's a time where

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Allah subhanaw taala says hold off, and if that person repents within those six hours, then Allah subhana wa tada does not have that Angel write down that sin. But instead, Allah subhana wa tada has a good deed written for you. Instead, if a person goes forth and commits that sin, the prophets license that one sin is written down. Now to speak to that for a moment, you know, if you're thinking about that Angel that's on your left side that's being told to withhold their pen and not to write it down. We know that the prophets lie sometimes that even if the sin was written down, a tacky woman have them come under the umbrella, the one who repents from a sin is like one who never

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committed sin in the first place. That good deeds wipe out sins, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has always left the door of repentance open to you. But in this unique situation where the angel is told not even to document the sin, what is the effect of that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that a sin is written down as one sin if a person actually commits it. But a good deed at the minimum is written at 10 good deeds up to 700 up to whatever loss of hundreds I decrease it. So from the mercy of your Lord, if you turn back to a loss of hundreds out of immediately after committing a sin, this isn't a person that intended to commit a sin and say, I'm going to repent within six

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hours, I'll be okay. So it's not going to get there. It's someone who, you know, fell into it and woke up right away and said, I can't believe I did that stuff that a lot, I turned back to a loss of how to add on your records. Not only will you not have the sin ever recorded, but you'll have the good deed of his default, the good deed of seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala recorded which is at minimum 10 Times up to 700 Times up to whatever loss decrees and so that's the mercy of your Lord, that even as these two are recording on your right and your left at all times, a loss of Hannah Montana shows leniency through the one on the left and says hold your pen, see if my servant

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will turn back to me. See if he'll wake up in the midst of that moment. See if my servant will decide that this is not something I ever want to do again, see if this will be the means by which my servant turns back to me and barely a sin that brings a person back to a loss of

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Hello Todd is better than a good deed that takes them away.