In Love With The Quran #29 – Who Are The Scholars Of Quran

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When it comes to pop culture, we often see the someone's passion in their field stems from a deep admiration of people who came before them in the same field. And maybe the started when they were still children. For example, some children look up to basketball players or soccer players, football players, or an actor or singer. And so now they're thinking their entire lives, I want to achieve the same thing. However, what is often sought and admired is a dunya. The person's fame, a person's wealth, a person's status, a worldly skill. And similarly, learning about the scholars who came before us can help us to develop our motivation and our passion when it comes to seeking Islamic

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knowledge or wanting to get closer to the Quran. So we learned from those who came before us when it comes to their dedication, specifically, their efforts or the knowledge that they left behind. Also, we learned from the effect that their pursuits their journeys had connecting with the Quran or tea or learning or anything else that affects that this knowledge has had on their lives and their communities were motivated not by what they had in dunya, but by their dedication working for the athlete. And when we look at the lives of the scholars of Quran, Quran recitation specifically, who came before us, we see that there is a Baraka blessing that was brought to their lives because of

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it. And indeed, they were special people to a loss of Hannah Montana. They all came from different walks of life, different backgrounds. The majority of the Quran recitation scholars were, in fact, non Arab, originally. And they were all extraordinary in their own way. And there are a number of stories a number of examples we can share, just to demonstrate this point, amongst them, an extraordinary teacher and his extraordinary student, Imam naffaa Mola, he lived in Medina, and he was born in the 70th, year after the Hyjal. So he's from the third generation of the Sahaba, not the tambourine but the followers.

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And he was known as someone who had amazing character and a very playful disposition. He took his re citation of the Quran from 70 Different Tabby line. And when he would recite it's as though you could smell a good smell like a perfume or a MISC. And it's seemed like he would always put on perfume when he was teaching or something like that. When he was asked about this, he responded by saying he would only touch what is pure and everything was pure, and it's all about purity. And one time he had a dream, in which he saw that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was reciting into his mouth. And he said, since then, that was the smell, he could smell coming out from his mouth

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whenever he recited the Quran. He led so on the mission of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe salam for 60 years. And he was known to have never recited a verse or listened to someone reading the plan to him as a student, except that he was in a state of purification. And when he taught, who would listen to whoever came to him first, regardless of who it was, and everyone knew this about him, so this was his practice. Therefore, if the rich or a noble or a politician would come to him, they would have to learn from him like anyone else, and they would not expect any kind of special treatment.

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If I'm not for him, Allah used to give nicknames playfully and lovingly to his students like falloon Jade, Welsh, which refer to a bird because he had a beautiful voice, and you have not failed him a lot. He live actually a really long life and died at the age of 99. Now we mentioned the polygon who is called when he was born in year 120, after the digital is actual name is Risa Ben Meena and he was nicknamed Kowloon by his teacher, the same teacher, we just mentioned, Imam naffaa, which is the Roman word for good. His great, great grandfather was actually sold as a Roman slave at the time of our model the Aloha after he was captured, and then he was purchased by the unsought. The Muslims

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were in Medina, and he became Muslim. So he was given this nickname Kowloon due to his beautiful re citation as well, in a way his Roman background. And he was asked one day, how long did you study with Nafa? He said, I cannot count how many times I completed the Quran with him and stayed with him reading as much as I could, for 20 years after I finished the hum of the Quran. And he continued reciting to his teacher to the point that Imam knafeh said to him, how long are you going to read to me? And he asked him to sit near a pillar in the machine. And then he started to send students to him as well. So the students basically grow

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adulated enough to now start to teach and he was given this authority. He was also known to be mostly deaf so he could not hear something strong being blown near his ear, but you could hear the Quran when it was being recited and he would correct his students. He was also of course, an editor of Hadith. He passed away in the city of Medina in year 220, after the hedgerow, so how long did he live 100 years. He lived for 100 years. And you know what's interesting about the scholars who are known for their Quran are citation specifically.

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It's amazing to see what they did with their devotion towards the Quran and what came to them later on in their lives. It seems like some of them one of the rewards or blessings they were given is that their lives maybe were extended because of the Quran. And you know, some of the famous names like Imam Abu Hanifa Imam, Malik Imam, Shafi

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or you maybe you know, some of the scholars of Hadith as well, you know, Behati Imam Muslim, you are telling me the Nyssa II, I would, I would and others, but lesser known to most people are the Imams of the Quran, recitations. And what's less observed than that, and what's amazing is looking at the ages at which they passed away.

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Imam naffaa passed away at the age of 99 Imam Ali and passed away at the age of 100. And I'm watching at the age of 87. The amount of duty age 96 If I'm awesome at age 107 mm house at age 90, when you look at all these ages, and these are not the only scholars of Quran recitation of Imam Honnef as well. He died at 79, which is still an old age, relatively speaking, and especially at that time, when life expectancy was shorter than it is today. Now, there are no guarantees for any individual. Some scholars die young and some students of Quran die while they're in their early stages of resuscitation. But for sure, this is something that inspires us and we don't know what

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Baraka will come to our lives because of the Quran. It may be through one's wealth, health, through one's life so they can continue to do good for the world and Allah knows best. Here's my question to you. Have you heard of these Imams of the Quran? And let us know if you'd like to hear more about them and which of these two stories inspired