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spinomenal Haman hamdulillah salatu salam I obviously did not want to only he was happy he will Manuela. So a few things inshallah to start this lecture off for tonight. One of them is that

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this is a particular subject that has been a fascination of mine for a very long time studying the life of every size and the life, the life of Jesus peace be upon him. And one of the things that I like to do with a prophet, as similar to what we do with one of the companions of the Prophet peace be upon him, which is to create first and foremost or to try to recreate an image of what the world looked like before the person came into it, so that you can more properly appreciate the role of that person in society. And one of the problems that we have as Muslims is that we often talk about these profits only in the context of the theological debate, not in the way that the Prophet Sly

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Stone taught us when we were talking about musante salaam, Moses peace be upon him national Ola removed some income, we love moosari, some we are closer to Messiah, some even more than you, meaning we claim these profits, we love these profits. And if you truly love these profits and claim these profits, then you have to know more about are you scientists know more about Jesus peace be upon them, then our theological stance on a Saudi system, we also have to gain an appreciation for the life and the mission of our society is set up. So a few things to start this off. Number one, the Koran calls us to begin our dialogue with other people on the basis of commonality and then get

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to the differences. That's a prophetic approach to Darrow. So you don't start with the difference, you work up to the difference. First, you mentioned the commonality to Allah Kenny metzen. So come to a common word between us and you, we worship only one God. Now let's talk about the implications of that. Okay, let's talk about the implications of that monotheism. So Muslims have a very specific way of approaching dialogue with Jews and Muslims have a very specific way of approaching dialogue with Christians. How so? When it comes to Jewish people,

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you know, any interfaith dialogue that I've ever taken part in, as far as the creed is concerned issues of theology, issues of how we view liturgy and how we view our shut er versus how luffa and halal and kosher and the idea of the covenant and tawheed and monotheism, Muslims and Jews will align on those issues, even more than Jews and Christians will align on those issues, meaning the theology of Islam and Judaism is closer than the theology of Judaism and Christianity, and closer than Islam and Christianity. And so often you'll find that when we talk things like scripture and and Covenants and law and the implications of toe heathen monotheism, and what it means to be

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observant of those things, that will often have a lot of similarities between Muslims and Jews, moreso than Muslims and Christians or Jews and Christians even. And that's an admission that I've had many rabbis actually make as well, that this is a starting point for us when we're talking to Jewish people. Now, a very specific connection between Muslims and Christians is some level of reverence and admiration for the person of a Saudi, some the person of Jesus peace be upon him. It's special. And if you think about it, the fact that the two largest religious groups in the world both hold this men in all and respect and admiration is special. And it's not something we should take

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for granted. It's something that surprises a lot of people. I actually did a podcast today with an evangelical Christian, about what evangelicals can do better with Muslims. As you can imagine, it was a very long podcast. It took a very long time, about what evangelicals and Muslims have in common evangelical Christians, and then what evangelicals could do better in how they do outreach towards the Muslim community. And you'd be shocked that many Christians have no idea they have no clue that we have any regard whatsoever for Jesus peace be upon them. The idea that reciting Islam means anything to us, is a shock to many Christians, especially when you say yeah, we actually

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believe in the return of Jesus peace be upon we believe every Sunday Islam is coming back. It's like Wait, what? What are you talking about? Because the assumption is that we are Mohammed ins just as they are Christians. And so we replace a Saudi Islam with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and so all of the implications of what Jesus peace be upon him means to Christians, Mohammed slicer means to us which we know is not true. In fact, a very easy look at that would be that Jesus peace be upon him is mentioned more by name in the Quran, then Mohammed Salah lohani with Salaam Jesus, salaam si Sam as mentioned 25 times the Prophet slicin mentioned by name five times, that doesn't

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mean that a size num is greater than 100 slice on them. That means that there is a heavy emphasis on the person have a sorry some the story of resize the mission of the size of the mess

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Have a Saudi Islam, and a lot of talks about Jesus peace be upon him in a very holistic way in the poor. And it's not just that he's not the Begotten Son of God, there's so much more to the story of a side Islam in the foreground. And so as a starting point, when we reach out to our Christian neighbors, we have to start with the person of Christ that look, we have something in common here. Now let's talk about what we have in common, then let's talk about where our paths now differ. And what the implications of that are. That's the way that that alarm taught us to, to reach out to different people to reach out to different communities. And many of you attended the the four week

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class that we had with Reverend Andy Stoker at First United Methodist four weeks where we talked about birth life, Crucifixion and Resurrection, over four weeks, and you can see what a loving dialogue looks like between Muslims and Christians about the person of any size now, without shying away from the differences, but instead stating them. After stating the commonalities, after stating the commonalities, then you establish that look, Jesus peace be upon him to us is not just to win an argument. We don't just try to fit him into some broader picture. He is a central figure in our Dean, his birth, his life and his return our central parts of the Quran, and the Sunnah of the

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Prophet peace be upon him, and they mean something to us. And I'll just point to before now getting into the life of the Saudis. Now, I'll point you to the to the final moment of that class, that four week class that we had at First United Methodist, when I mentioned that, as it is now that in our tradition, according to an Arizona Timothy and others, that Jesus peace be upon him after he returns and after he dies, will be buried next to Muhammad Sallallahu, wasallam and aboubaker and Omar in Medina. And I said to the Christians in the church, I said, Listen, even I want you to just separate for a moment. Everything we believe about Jesus and everything you believe about Jesus and just

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think about what reverence this community must have for that man that they would save a spot in the most special place. You know, to us as Muslims for this man when he comes back, that he would be buried next to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said that the prophets are stepbrothers. They are they are they share a message. They are stepbrothers and that they share a message. And in that sharing of that message, they are close to each other. And so he says that I am the closest person the prophets lie. Some says I am the closest person to resign Islam. So think about the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says I am the closest

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person to the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him, because there is no nebby between me and him. There is no prophet that came between me and him. He was the last prophet before the last prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So let's talk about the life in the context of a Saudi psalm of Jesus peace be upon what does it look like in Philistine in Palestine, in Judea before Jesus peace be upon him comes? Well, you have to understand the political state first because the politics influence the religion. So since Julius Caesar, the Romans practiced what's called syncretism, where you had clients kingdoms, so in semi independent kingdoms, so people that ruled, but they really were ruled,

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okay, similar to our Muslim countries today, their client kingdoms, you know, they don't actually have autonomy, right? That's kind of a joke, but it's not really a joke.

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So back then you had Herod who's known as the King of the Jews who operates under the Roman Empire, but it's a semi independent kingdom, it still has to pay taxes, they still have to answer to a higher Roman authority. And that's something that causes a lot of a lot of hatred, a lot of resentment amongst the children of Israel, amongst many Israelis, that we are still ruled from an outside power, that the temple has been destroyed that we don't have autonomy. And this Herod who rules from 37, before Christ, up until four BCE, before Christ, he's a successful King, but he's brutal. He targets political opponents, he murders anyone that he even senses threatens his rule.

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And he's really taking away the, the, the, the Jewish character, if you will, the, the Abrahamic character, away from Jerusalem, away from Palestine away from all you know, these ideas of tohave and monotheism, he's removing all of that character, and instead, he's really focused on turning Philistine into Palestine into a tourist destination. So he's the one to introduce sculptures and statues in that area. Even though these were people that believed in the oneness of

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God and everything in that context becomes about to the to Bani Israel, who is the Messiah that's going to come and liberate us from this humiliation from this rule. So the focus becomes on a Messiah that will liberate us from this domination that comes from outside and the wait is for particularly at the mercy of New Delhi would not be in the woods and Hajj and Umrah the Messiah, the Son of David meaning a Messiah that is a child, a descendant of King David at his Salaam and there are many messiahs in the Bible. And messiahs are not necessarily prophets. There are messiahs that are kings, prophets, rabbis. In fact, there's a huge debate in Judaism about whether there would be

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Islam as a prophet or just the kink. Right. So a messiah means someone who's anointed. And when it is stripped of its political and when it's stripped of its religious implications, what it what the focus of that Messiah becomes, is establishing the kingdom of God establishing the rule of God on earth, particularly establishing the temple, the Temple of Solomon at his Salaam, re establishing Jerusalem upholding the Telstra, ruling by that and the specifications of, of this mercy.

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You know, really speak to that, right. So he's a leader, he's well oriented with the laws that are followed in Judaism. And Orthodox Jews hold the Messiah, the belief in a Messiah is one of the 13 principles of faith. So it's a big deal to believe in this Messiah, this messianic figure that comes back and that reestablishes the law and restores the dignity of of the law, and particularly restores the temple. He's a great military leader. He's someone that brings everyone to the worship of the God of Abraham, and he restores the temple. Now the emphasis in that time becomes on just the restoration of the temple, who's going to come and restore the temple, right? And you have to

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understand in that context, that there were many messiahs are many people that were looked at as being the potential Messiah, the potential Messiah. So the Messiah was never meant to be a child that a child of God or someone that brings about this new concept of salvation, or that dies for the sins of men, the Messiah was looked at as a powerful, authoritative figure that really brings the political rule back to any Islam in and because theology now was missing from them. Deen was missing from them, spirituality was missing from them, corruption was rampant. The focus was all on that political power once again, and that political autonomy. So for example, biblically speaking, the

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Persian King Cyrus, who is called a Messiah, he's called the Messiah because he defeated the Babylonians and he restored the temple way before he started his Salah. And if you read in Psalm 137, verse eight, oh Babylon, you will be destroyed happy as the one who pays you back for what you have done to us. Move on to 137 verse nine, Blessed is the one who grabs your babies and smashes them against the rock. That's the passion of the restoration of the of the temple and a Messiah that comes back and gives us back our power. And because Persian, the Persian King Cyrus, who's not even from Venezuela, it defeats Babylon and restores the temple. He's given that title of a messianic

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Judas maccabeus, 160 years before Christ leads a successful revolt against the seleucid Empire of the time, purifies the Temple of Jerusalem. And that's where Hanukkah commemorates because again, the idea is the restoration of the temple, the restoration of autonomy, the ability to practice, and to rule it really gives a lot of context to a lot of what happens now as far as the, the arguments and the claims that are made to and quotes that are made to Jerusalem in the time of reciting Islam. So there's a documentary by National Geographic called the first Jesus watch. It's really, really interesting. It's fascinating. It's called the first Jesus. It's about a man by the name of Simon of

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parian. He was only four years before the birth of Christ. He was one of the slaves of Herod. And he's a strong man. He's very cunning. He burned down Herod's palace and Jericho, he burned down a lot of his other palaces. So he staves this huge revolt against terror. And a lot of people thought he was him. People thought that must be the Messiah, because he was succeeding in doing a lot of things to hair it that had not been done by others, but he was caught and beheaded. And that was the end of him. So there's this idea of anytime a finger rises. You know, it's just like now by the way, every every day on Twitter, someone else claims to be the Messiah and the Maddy. And, you know, they

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tweet at us and say, I just want to let you know, I'm the Messiah. I didn't know Jesus would sign up on Twitter. Now.

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would be his first actions but I'm the melody. I'm the Messiah. I'm a little codename recently as well. So people rise up but in that situation it's like who's it going to be? Who's it going to be right? So there is a desperate wait that's on for a mercy, really for political reasons at that time. Now skip to De Santis Jesus peace be upon him.

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Am Rahim Allah says Benny is thrown in the righteous amongst them as a small community, a small rights as practicing community. That's where the family of Emraan is a careone. His Salaam mother Yamani has Salaam, this is a small group of people under 100 people according to NumPy you are still holding on to the original laws of the Torah and righteous and practicing it according to its greatest

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commands and that are full of faith.

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nagamani has saddam gives birth to restart a solo a virgin birth of Jesus peace be upon

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without any human intervention. And Muslims affirm the virgin birth and Allah subhanaw taala says that the creation of Jesus peace be upon him is like the creation of Adam it his Salaam he said to be and it was just like Adam had no mother or father or Hasani Salaam was created without father. And so this was a testimony to the to the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala and there is no need for any human intervention in the creation of the special child or Isa it is set up. And as it is Salaam Mariam brings reciting his Salaam to that area of the temple and she's holding a Sati his Salaam in her hands, she is scorned, she is mocked. Allah has honored this woman in the most beautiful of ways

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an entire chapter in the course on named after her. It was really interesting. There's a chapter in the Quran named after her. There's not a chapter in the Quran named after Isa Islam after Jesus peace be upon him. He Sai psalms mentioned 25 times she's mentioned 30 times. And Allah says about her and source of suffering can that's mean upon a team that she was from the devout using Connie teen rather than Pawnee talks, which means she is a leader for men and women. She is the best woman of women created and she is an example for all of us to look towards as a person of devotion a person of ibadah she's not just the footnote in the story of our societies. She's not just the chain

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between the daughter of the wife of Enron and a Saudi saddam she herself is a woman deserving of much recognition and much love and much respect. Now she's holding her inside he's

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an ISA and he his Salam speaks from the cradle Jesus peace we want to speaks from the cradle. And the first thing he says is in the Abdullah, he declares that he is here in servitude to Allah subhanaw taala by doing so he immediately clarifies he's not God and he clears the name of Mati I'm already has set up so in the Abdullah

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so he is here as a servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala Tawny Al Kitab what Jana Nina via then he speaks to the future. Tanya Kitab, you will give me a book and he will make me into a prophet so he's speaking to a future context. What giannone Movado can aim Mr. Quinn's and he made me blessed wherever I may be not just blessed in Jerusalem, not just blessed in Egypt blessed wherever I may be in both Cummings both the first coming of Christ, and the second coming of Christ while signing the Salatu was the karate margem to higher and he has entrusted me with the prayer and with the arms giving with the sucker as long as he is alive, and he certainly has Salam in both Cummings, in both

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Cummings will uphold the law of the prophets before him. If you think about it, the first coming aisa upholds the law of Moses, the Second Coming to upholds the law of Mohammed Ali Kamal salatu salam. So it's interesting because he comes with a mandate to uphold the laws that came before him as well.

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Well, not on Diwali, that he will American Ninja Bell and Shakira and he has made me dutiful to my mother and he has not made me one who is wicked, or one who, who brings about some sort of deprivation to the one he is born to. And now am says that one of the signs is very powerful. He says one of the signs of the wickedness of Venezuela at that time was the disrespect to the parents was a disrespect to the parents. And he said that this is also one of the signs of the Day of Judgment. Right one of the interpretations of the Hadith that I'm going to tell you that a woman would give birth to her own master is speaking to the idea of children treating their parents like

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slaves. So he said that that's sort of the end of the road for people when they reach a point where their parents are treated like slaves to the children, then you know that corruption has become entirely rampant amongst those people. So as it is set up

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upholds his duty to his mother that I have been sons. And it's really powerful, because it speaks again to the virtue of Nottingham. That one of the reasons for his sending was to honor his mother. Madame was afraid that she would be cursed and would become looked at in a certain way and forsaken in history. But essentially, his salon will always testify to the honor of his mother mother, whom it has set up and as a part of fulfilling that honor, so we'll double on BYD that he will let me know Johnny jubbaland. Shaquille.

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There are other prophets that came before eSATA his Salaam that raised the debt. There are other props so you can actually read about some of the Old Testament prophets that raised the dead that raised 700 people at a time. You can read about old prophets that cured the blind that cured the lepers, but he sadly Islam is the first baby ever. And the only prophet to ever speak from the cradle. So this is actually his first miracle. And

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it's interesting because the prophets lie Selim said that there are three times that a baby spoke from the cradle. And all three times that was to clear a slender, so it's actually a clear someone's name. The first one is the story of a Sati his setup when he spoke to clear his mother's name. The second one was the worshiper Geraint jurij was a worshipper of Benny slow Ian who would worship a lot. And his mother called him

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to come and to to serve her to do some housework. And juries said I'm too busy in my worship of Allah, she made you out to Allah, she supplicated to Allah, that he would not die until he met the adulterous. He didn't know what that meant. Allah answered her sense, an adulterous to gerade clit holding a baby saying that that's the father of this child.

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And then Allah inspired the baby to speak in defense of Judah age and say Actually, that's not the father. So a lot both answered the door of the mother while still honoring the worship of that man, so it clear to slender the third time and this is a this is a head Ethan Bahati, as I said, from who it's a very powerful story. The prophets lie Some said a lady from Venezuela so all three times from the children of Israel and the prophets lie Some said had the throat and bunnies life and even when strange things used to happen to the children of Israel, so you should recount those stories. But there was a lady from Benny Islami that was nursing her child, when a handsome rider passed by her

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and she's nursing her child and that handsome rider passed by her. She said, Oh Allah make my child like that man. She looked at that man riding by stallion knights and said, Oh Allah, make my child like that man. The child spoke and said, Allah mulata Johnny Mr. Home, Oh Allah Don't make me like that man.

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So, she then then he went back to suckling from his mother. Then another,

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you know, this woman is she's a slave, she's downtrodden. She is one of the outcasts of society, another person walks by, and this person is humiliated. He doesn't look as brave and courageous as the other writer, he doesn't have those characteristics. And as this woman is holding this this child of hers and then the child sees a slave girl. So I'm sorry, it's not a man Actually, this time it's a woman sees a slave girl.

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The child, she sees that slave girl and she says, oh, a lot. Don't make my child like that slave girl. Like, you know, for some reason the child spoke and didn't want to be this great warrior or stallion. So don't make my child like that slave girl. And then the child said allama john name is Ola making me like her because she was a righteous woman. And when she asked why the child

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responded at rakibul jobelan ninja Barbie doll that the one who was riding the night is an arrogant man. He's one of the tyrants amongst the tyrants. Well, Emma to Yoko lunella. Saraki is an 80 and the slave girl they blame her for stealing and committing adultery, but she is one of the righteous ones. So basically, the child was clear what was was was expressing

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the difference between righteousness and wickedness that is completely free from any worldly attachment. So sorry, Islam is the first of these three babies to clear the mother, the only prophet who has a miracle as such, he faced the slander of his mother and himself. And the scholars say that the that every one of the prophets was slandered but the slander of a side Islam the slander of Jesus peace be upon him is the worst of slanders because they didn't just slander him. They slandered his mother as well.

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With the worst types of slander, and it's really powerful because that same spot that a sunny snom gave that holdover from, if you go to the Dome of the Rock today, which is part of an upside compound, inscribed on the Dome of the Rock, or these verses of sort of the medium, where a sign is Salam will return once again where Jesus peace be upon him will return once again and it says on the Dome of the Rock Allahumma salli, ala Asuka, wherever the case of pneumonia or Allah sends your peace and blessings upon your prophet and servant, Jesus the son of Mary so this still stands in that same spot. It is part of the inscription on the Dome of the Rock. Madame was told as she gave

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birth to this child that he was the Messiah, that he was the Messiah that everyone was waiting for. If Carla till melodica to Jamar Yama, Yama, Yama and Allahumma shiraki be Kelly Mateen Minho, small is small merci Hungary's of new millennium, wedgie. Hunter dunia will Afro woman and we'll talk about that Allah gives her the glad tidings of eSATA. His Salah is smooth and messy, recent pneumonia, his name is the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary. So Madame is basically told that this child of yours is that child that poses a threat to the empire that people are waiting for, but also poses a major threat. Right? And that this is that awaited prophet that awaited Messiah. And Allah

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mentioned roof Minho, meaning a soul from Allah, that doesn't mean that he's a part of Allah physically. Instead, that is when a lot of scribes something to himself, Allah glorifies that. That thing just as when a Lost Planet Allah mentions, you know, the character as beta love the house of Allah, or other things, when a lot of scribes something to himself, it's assigning a particular virtue to it. So a particular soul from Allah subhanaw taala Kelly, mental love the word of God, the Word of God. The implication of that in Islam is that he was created from the word be couldn't say a coin,

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the name of Isa it is Salaam.

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What language that he says speak

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Hebrew, but his first language was actually automedia, Aramaic, the word of of a Sati, his Salaam, the name of a Sati, salaam and oromia and Aramaic is ischl II show. So it sounds very similar to Isa. I know that a lot of people would be surprised but the letter J is less than 400 years old and it doesn't exist in Hebrew or Aramaic. Okay, it's one of those the gene and equivalent of gene doesn't exist. So there was no name Jesus until very recently, and it also wasn't Hey, Seuss, okay. It's a very specific name that was given. On a Sunday, Sam did not speak with a British accent. And a sigh Islam did not look like like, like Mel Gibson or whoever it was that was portrayed and

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Passion of the Christ, I forget the name of the actor who was struck by lightning twice, by the way, on the set. That's a different story. You can read about that. But the guy who played Jesus and Passion of the Christ got struck by lightning twice on the set. So he didn't look like that guy. Just like Musashi. Sam doesn't look like Christian Bale, Batman, or any of those things. His name was Isha Aramaic is very similar to Arabic in Arabic. It's an ISA. Does anyone know what Arab Christians call him?

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Anybody? Yes, sir. So it's really interesting because Arab Christians call him Yes, sir. Whereas we call him Isa. And there's a book that I'm not gonna go into detail with now from an author by the name of Dr. Jamal Dean a shout out he wrote a book called the sewer and Marisa and Arabic. And basically he talks about how Christian Arabs basically Arab eyes, the Greek translation of Eco, Yeshua, turned it into your sewer. But in the Arabic language, it would mean he parishes as opposed to switching it into Isa, which means he has saved Subhan Allah. So it's a really interesting debate. I'm not going to go into all the implications of it. It's a very, it's a very interesting

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book. A lot of the early mufa studying the early scholars when they talked about the names, they tried their best to derive what his name actually meant. So you'll find for example, a quote to be who, who says that moose Isa, he says that sir, his shrubs are like tree. So Musa alayhis salaam was tied to the trunk of a tree and put into my into water. So Moosa, and he Sati, his Salaam.

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Sa is again the tree or Isa was born under a tree and their East refers to light. So a light came out of the womb of Narayan when he was born, and that's why he's there. So all of these things are

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at the end of the day, ha, ha, they're not factual. The scholars did their best to try to reason with it, but we can say pretty confidently that his name and Eric

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make at least one issue. Now why is your Isa threatening just like most is not because Herod had a dream. This is in the Gospel of Matthew, by the way in the New Testament as well, that Herod had a dream that a young man from Bethlehem was going to overthrow him similar to fit our own having the dream about Moosa going to overthrow him, and like Musashi his Salaam, for their own decided, Well, hey, if a child was born, that's going to overthrow me, I might as well kill all the children. And so that's where you have the massacre of the innocence. And that's where you have the fleeing of a very sorry, his Salon of Milan with Isa to muscle to Egypt for some time. And then eventually she

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comes back from Egypt and she goes to Nazareth. Nazareth, is about 100 miles from Jerusalem, to interesting city and Philistine. It's poor, in the time of Sati, salaam, its port, it's overpopulated. It's dirty. It has a lot. It has dirty water, lots of disease, and free of the Roman influence of Herod and a very religious place. So they were very strong to following the total. And that's important because it's usually the poor people that follow the religion more seriously. So it wasn't like Jerusalem, which was a tourist destination and had been had more Roman influence. It really stayed very true to rabbinic law and to the Torah and things of that sort. So Isa grew up in

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a very religious place, and his childhood

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speaks to them. So number one, Jesus peace be upon him was circumcised. Why is that significant? Because that shows that mangium and Isa still saw themselves as being bound by the laws of Musan Islam, the law of the Torah, and practicing the law of Moses. And when Jesus peace be upon him, says, even as quoted in the New Testament is saying, I have not come to abrogate or replace the law of Moses, but to uphold it in its truest sense, then that speaks to it from the very early childhood that they did not see themselves departing, or forming a new religion, but instead, continuing the tradition of Mussolini into the history of Islam would show that he went to local schools where they

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study the Torah. But he was more knowledgeable than the rabbis that were teaching the total. So he shocked the people. By His knowledge of the Torah, he challenged the people with his knowledge of the total. The first miracle of Islam in Islam is what?

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Speaking from the cradle, the first miracle of reciting his Salaam in Christianity does not include speaking from the cradle, if you remember, the Reverend Andy Stoker was mentioning some of the Gospels that were left out that mentioned some of the miracles that Islam mentions, but they're not considered part of the corpus of gospels today. So the first miracle to to Christians of Jesus peace be upon them is turning water into wine. It's not speaking from the cradle, speaking from the cradle, is unique to Islam. And its most mainstream sense. why the Buddha mentions that the first miracle after that was what when a bit can be matched up coluna won't matter if you don't have a

00:33:11--> 00:33:51

beautiful that I inform you of the things that you conceal, and that what you eat and hide in your homes. And so some, you know, basically irisa Islam was given knowledge, he was able to tell people what they were hiding in their homes, he was able to tell people of some of the secrets that they spoke amongst themselves. So you have this child that challenges people with the total challenges the the established rabbis and scholars of the total at a young age as a child, and he's also been given a miracle now, of being able to say these things and of course that made people very paranoid about him. What is this physical description, the most debated physical description and politicized

00:33:51--> 00:34:18

political, the most politicized physical description in history is the image of reciting Salaam. And no other prophet is described by the prophets lie some of them physically more than any sign Islam. Why? Because it's important to distinguish him from the Antichrist from unless he had the job. So when the prophets lie, some describe the system and his physical being. It was that we would know him from unless he had the job,

00:34:19--> 00:34:23

who also has his distinct physical

00:34:24--> 00:34:59

look, and Qatada Rahim, Allah says, number 11. To be in touch Allah has knowledge he has an assault that Allah never sent a prophet except that they had a beautiful appearance and a beautiful voice. The prophets lie some describes him as neither too tall nor too short. Can Anahata German demons It was as if he just took a bath if you saw him his his, his hair was long it was as if pearls were falling from his hair, beautiful skin, and beautiful hair. And then this is where it gets interesting. Now, the one detail where there's difference in his description is his skin color.

00:35:01--> 00:35:33

All right, even in the Hadith, so even abus describes him as just having a reddish complexion. Even Omar says, can I send him a euro? An ordinary jar? The most beautiful of what you would see of a person with dark skin. And then all the Allahu anhu says, Well, lahemaa Khalid irisa Ahmad, I swear the Prophet slicin did not say he sorry, Islam had reddish, reddish complexion, but rather he said that about the gel having a reddish complexion. So there was debate, even amongst them about what size Sam's complexion, the end of it is, what the end of it is that it doesn't matter.

00:35:34--> 00:36:06

So he was politicized, obviously, wherever you go, Jesus looks like in his imagery, he looks like that population. So I went to Xavier University, where the first time you know I went to Xavier for some time in New Orleans, which is a historically black college. And the first time I saw a picture of a slum, I thought it was Bob Marley. Um, so I was like, why do they have a picture of Bob Marley on the wall? But then you go to churches, and you see the European Jesus. And it's just like when Megyn Kelly on Fox News a few years ago said, of course, everyone knows Santa was white. You know?

00:36:07--> 00:36:47

What's the real and he saw it so well. He definitely wasn't European. And that image was used to, to cause slaves to submit to say, this is the image of your God, and certainly used against them. And it is a heresy in the way that it was used against people obviously. But the prophets lie. Some says that he looked the most like our other weapon. Mr. Rhodes, and other weapon Massoud was the ambassador of Croatia should they be who accepted Islam eventually. And his description according to the mamas Laconia is that he was brown with a reddish complexion so it kind of mixes the two heads in that regard. At the end of the day, as Reverend Jeremiah writes that Jesus was a Palestinian so

00:36:47--> 00:37:08

we can just move on from that we don't even have to think about it any further. Who was the Prophet first? And he says, time, the life of a signing is Salaam first was actually following the death of Yeah, it is set up as a loyal follower to john. Okay. Yeah, he already has some Yeah, he was born a few months before a Saudi so

00:37:10--> 00:37:43

as you as you learn in the story of zecharia, being given the glad tidings, and then shortly after being given the glad tidings, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam suddenly hadn't been had done, and it has anyone who's saying to you that Shabaab and agenda illa yahia, or Isa, that it has been with her saying, may Allah be pleased with them are the masters of the youth of Paradise, except for Yeah, here an ISA. And when the Prophet peace be upon him, ascended on the night of a slotland Mirage, he found them together, right, even in the heavens, together. So these were two brothers that are

00:37:44--> 00:37:50

together. Hasani, his Salaam supports the Dharma of yahia, ali his Salaam. And

00:37:51--> 00:38:30

yeah, here it is. Salaam is a person who has a story in and of itself, a fascinating story. But yeah, he is really the scholar of the Scripture, the scholar of the Torah. So at that point, yeah, here is merely preaching the Torah. But he's preaching the toa in a way that really threatens the authorities in Jerusalem. It really threatens the Empire. It threatens the theology and threatens the corruption. It's very, it's very unlikable to people in power. So yeah, he has a person with a lot of compassion, but he's a person who Allah has given, as he mentioned in the Quran, and hookman slobby. Allah gave him wisdom and authority early on in life, and he was the greatest scholar of the

00:38:30--> 00:39:10

total resource supports him in the Dharma. And yet he had generally avoided inputs he avoided Jerusalem because Jerusalem was where the Roman influence and the politics were at. So yeah, he was, you know, if you look in history, yeah, he has called the scholar in the wilderness, the rabbi in the wilderness, in Jewish tradition, too, because he really stayed away from it all. He saw, he said, um, studies with him, follows him, emboldens him. And then yeah, he was given the beshara was given the glad tidings that he saw was the awaited Messiah, that he certainly is Salaam, himself, is the awaited mercy. And he pointed him out to the people as such, and yet here

00:39:12--> 00:39:24

then was murdered. Why was yahia murdered? Yeah, he was murdered in brief because he refused to give a fatwa permitting incest to the son of Herod on T plus

00:39:25--> 00:39:29

two, basically, because he wanted you know, they had their their their,

00:39:30--> 00:40:00

their government scholars back then to write so he wanted someone he wanted. Yeah, here who has authority to tell him that it was okay for him to marry the wife of Philip, which would be incest. And yeah, he rejected that as a result of Yeah, here rejecting that, yeah. was assassinated, he was beheaded, because he refused to give that fatwa. And, you know, first there was an attempt to seduce him, but he was saying then what Hassan he was actually

00:40:00--> 00:40:45

Chief of his people a master. And at the same time he was hustler he was guarded in his chastity so he didn't fall for the seduction of empire money, or in the case where a woman was sent him to seduce him to give the ruling that would give legitimacy to that incest. He rejected all of that as a result of that. He was martyred and that's why some of the scholars mentioned that Allah gave him the name yeah here that he lives. He was given life by the word of Allah, in the womb of the wife of Zachary Ali Hassan, and then once again the Shaheed the martyr has eternal life. So yeah, he already his Salaam, was martyred after that, reciting his Salam was given the prophethood the mission to

00:40:45--> 00:40:54

lead at the age of 30 years old. Her significant to understand that the first 30 years of a Sati Salaam was supporting Yeah, he and his mission it is slow.

00:40:55--> 00:41:40

But now he said he has Salaam was given the, the duty to to lead as a messenger and as a prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala as scholars mentioned that he saw Islam was sitting in another box at the age of 30 and gibreel already his Salaam filled the mustard with his light and said that Allah subhanaw taala in the light worker bibliographie Salah that Allah commands you to now to now spread the message that a Saudi some stood up and said you have any slide or the lobby of the commode children of Israel worship my Lord and worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord. And this is where Allah mentions what Tina? He said no, Miriam, and in Jean houden one neuron, one will suddenly call him

00:41:40--> 00:42:27

Albania demon atolla. Well known were able to limit suffering. So a lot of describes giving a Sati his Salaam, the gospel. Keep in mind gospel here does not mean Matthew, Mark, Luke and john are the testimonies of those that came after gospel simply means here be Shahada a glad tidings write a gospel means a big shout out glad tidings. So that which was given to Isa and his Salaam, as an addendum to the Torah, confirm that which is which was in the Torah with slight modifications, reminders, and a light, not contradicting its creed, but slight modifications, particularly to the innovations that came after the revelation of the Torah and its purest form. And the prophets lie

00:42:27--> 00:42:40

Selim mentioned that a Saudi is Salaam, was given the NGO or the NGO was revealed on the 18th nights of Ramadan. So in Jade here is in the singular, the glad tidings of reciting his Salah.

00:42:41--> 00:42:51

And, again, the idea here was that it removed all of the prohibitions that the children of Israel brought upon themselves, relaxed, some of the laws that were being abused,

00:42:52--> 00:43:34

to manipulate others. And then and you find here and this is really an important point when you talk about the person that he saw it his setup that recently his Salaam, his, you know, he was circumcised as a child, he followed the Torah. He was a scholar of the tota he upheld the mission of Yahoo and he his Salaam, so he's coming with the same message at its core of Musa alayhis salaam. His prayer is described as standing kneeling, falling on his face in prostration. So standing record salute in the Bible, as it exists today. So you'll find him constantly falling on his face and prostration. And when the Council of Nicea some of you took the class on some minor fantasy, all the

00:43:34--> 00:44:17

Aloha on the Council of Nicea forbade, the kneeling and the prostration. But some of the Eastern churches refused. And so they maintained the sujood in the record the kneeling and the prostration. And salon saw the people in Persia, the Christians in Persia, still doing the record and salute so he says described still as retreating from the people falling on his face in prayer, in such the in record in dialing in kneeling. And what was his data like? Well, the moment he saw the the call of Jesus peace be upon him was to people of conscience was to people of piety and taqwa that the message has been spoiled some mocassin glucomannan Bertie dareka here Can he Jara to a shadow

00:44:17--> 00:44:59

customer that the hearts have been hardened and they have been hardened even more so than stone so a lot of his dry a lot of his call focused on softening the hearts a lot of his his his examples were unfound were parables as we see and there are many parables of SRT Salaam, that are narrated by the prophet sallallahu wasallam in authentic hadith as well as some of the Sunnah as well as some of the pious predecessors, that focus on good character that focus on piety that focus on sincerity, that focus on the spirit of that which Musa alayhis salaam brought rather than the the law of what the letter of the law that Musashi has said

00:45:00--> 00:45:09

Brought. Now what were his miracles? Isa is the last prophet, of a line of prophets of any slide.

00:45:10--> 00:45:56

And then he is like he was a nation of miracles. Female Angel, right? So you find prophets that raised the dead, you find prophets that cured people you find prophets that that did many of these, these incredible things. And here in the last prophet to Benny, Islam, he Allah combines those adjectives in one men combines those miracles, and one minute. So Allah says, what a tsunami in agony slightly need to come the iron and wobbly come and meet us local nakoma Clinic at play D for un*able fee for your corner played on the evening law, he mentioned and make him a messenger to the children of Israel, who will say Indeed, I have come to you with a sign from your Lord, I

00:45:56--> 00:46:40

designed for you from clay, that which is like the form of a bird that I breathe into it and it becomes it becomes a flying bird by the permission of Allah. And I cure the blind and the leper and I give life to the dead the isn't the law by the permission of Allah. And I inform you of that which you eat, and you store in your homes indeed in that is assigned for you, if you are believers. So all of a says miracles are mentioned Bismillah by the permission of Allah, that's the first thing. The second thing, look at the sequence. It's profound. The first miracle that's mentioned is giving life to something that did not have life by the permission of Allah. Why is that important? Because,

00:46:40--> 00:47:18

remember, now under Herod, there was Roman influence in the city of Jerusalem. So for the first time, there, you have sculptures, and what does the last day on the day of judgment to sculpture makers, that they will be challenged to give life to that which they made. So when he saw mold something and blows into it, and shows that it's only a law that gives life it's a challenge First, the entirety of people that only Allah gives like, the second one which is healing is repairing life. So something had life but lost its quality, repairing life, by the permission of Allah, the third one, giving life to the dead Bismillah by the permission of Allah, so something that lived and

00:47:18--> 00:47:23

then died and giving life to it. Be isn't Allah.

00:47:24--> 00:48:02

And who raised you know, and you might see that and you go, how do you Muslims, affirm all those miracles and still not believe he was God or the Son of God? Well, in the Bible, Elijah raised 700 people from the dead, entire nations from the dead healed the blind, called for rain and stopped, brought fire from the sky. But we don't say he's got right, all of these profits operated with miracles that they attributed back to Allah subhana wa, tada at the end of at the end of the day. So you have a Saudi Salaam and his miracles, and then you have reciting his Salaam, with the mission that he brings of obviously bringing people back to to Hades, bringing them back to the law, and

00:48:02--> 00:48:44

calling them out on their corruption. So what is the corruption look like? He says, a small group of disciples and what is the corruption look like? Number one, you have to understand the politics of a society. So okay. There are three classes of people that you need to understand that exist in the time of SRT. So number one, you have a people called the Sadducees. These are the high class people that have secularized the total. They are attached to the temple only. They're the tax collectors, they steal money from the people. All they do is maintain the temple. They don't care about anything else from the religion. In fact, they even reject resurrection. So think about flourish with the

00:48:44--> 00:49:22

Kava, it's a very appropriate example. They're corrupt, they make use of the temple of God, they have nothing to do with God or God's law. Aside from that, then you have a group called the Pharisees, the Pharisees is the rabbinic continuation of any Israelite, right. So this is technically the class they would have belonged to those that were supposed to be upholding the integrity of the text, and the law of the Torah. And what our Eastern Islam saw is that those who belong to that tradition, many of them were abusing the law, to exploit the poor. And we're defeating the purpose of the law, in the process, so silent in the face of transgression. It's

00:49:22--> 00:49:59

extremely selective in the application of the law only against poor people, and people that could be taken advantage of. And that's one of the prophets license of the benissa used to use the law to only punish the weak that at the end with corruption, they use the law to only punish the weak. And so you find for example, in Matthew 2323, Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites. You practice your religion very well. But you have neglected the weightier matters of the law, justice and mercy and faith. it'll pay in Rahim Allah says that he Sani some chastise the right amount of money Islamic scholars have been he saw it and he said to them, yeah

00:50:00--> 00:50:09

JOHN Tillman Jr. A lot of Lucy come with acid attack to Danny campolo. Come Shiva, well, I'm going to come down. It's a beautiful saying. He said, Oh scholars of

00:50:10--> 00:50:55

evil, you place the material world over your head, the hereafter under your feet, your words are cured, but your actions are a disease. Then you have the zealots. So some of you might have seen the, the picture or the book by Reza Aslan called zealots, the zealots were the rebels against the Romans, and the Jewish collaborators to the Romans. And we're staging a revolution to overthrow the Roman influence and all of its forms. And so there are some historians that say Jesus was a zealot that he belonged to that group where he was anti Roman, and he was anti corruption amongst many so that you can have a five minute extension show us I'll wrap up and sell the time. So he was both

00:50:55--> 00:51:35

against both of these things. Right. And the best opinion on a study Islam is that he was not a zealot himself, but that he started Islam was not that the zealots respected him, because they knew he wasn't a hypocrite. So he was trying a different way, if you will of rectifying the people. But he did not become violent himself against the Romans or against those from Benny slightly that collaborated with the Romans, but rather preached truly in the law. You know, maybe Coleman had to, you know, maybe unfussy him, that God does not change the condition of the people until they change the condition of themselves. So is it his Salaam, this Messiah that was supposed to come bring

00:51:35--> 00:52:15

victory, political victory said, Actually we have to clean up our mess and victory only comes when we attach ourselves to the way that Allah has taught us to be attached to his words, that was not a friendly message. So that makes him an outcast, and someone that is hated by all groups of people except for the righteous. And keep in mind, there were always righteous people for money, I saw YouTube, they had a bad they had worshipers they had righteous people. But in this situation, now the wicked have overcome the righteous. And I want to read this because it's very powerful in Matthew 2329, to 36, that when Jesus came to Jerusalem, this is what he said, Woe to you, scribes

00:52:15--> 00:52:48

and Pharisees, hypocrites for you build the tombs of the prophets and decorate the graves of the righteous. And you say, if we had lived in the days of our ancestors, we have not, we would not have taken part with them in the shedding of the blood of profits. Thus you testify against yourselves that you are descendants of those who murdered the profits fill up then the measure of your ancestors, snakes, brood of vibrant vipers, how can you escape being sentenced to hell, therefore I send you prophets, sages, and scribes, some of whom you will kill and crucify some of whom you flog in your synagogues, and pursue from town to town. So that upon you may come all of the righteous

00:52:48--> 00:53:25

bloodshed on earth and the blood of the righteous able to the blood of Zechariah, whom you murdered between the sanctuary and the altar, truly, I tell you that this will come upon this generation. So as it is very aggressive towards the keepers of the temple, the Sadducees, and those who are selectively applying the Scripture, and the Romans as well. So everybody hates Jesus peace be upon. And that image of Saudi Islam, the social being of a Saudi Islam, some of you might have seen, they said, GOP, Jesus, they had a Jesus that rejects people from the border and turns away, someone comes to him for healing. And he says, Well, you don't have health insurance. So sorry, I gotta send you

00:53:25--> 00:53:26


00:53:27--> 00:54:08

The social element of a sign is not as what He really hates corruption, comes into the temple flips tables, right whips, the people that are stealing the money of the people in the temple eSATA, his Salaam really, really, really upset people. So he was a man of mercy. And he preached goodness, but at the same time, he was a threat to the corruption that existed at the time, my 15 minutes just ended. So how do we understand them? Well, now you understand why there is an attempt to kill him, why there is an attempt to crucify him because he really doesn't benefit anyone in the political scheme of things. He's calling people to the purity of theology, and the purity of applying that

00:54:08--> 00:54:55

theology and upholding the law and spirit and letter. And, and, you know, really doesn't bring any material benefit to anybody. Right? So he can't be a Roman tool. He also is not someone that will apply the law selectively. He's extremely honest, as a prophet of Allah. And so you have a small group of followers that stay with him. And this is where Allah subhanaw taala save the Saudis, from the crucifixion. And this is where you find the story of the man either the story of the the table spread, and the story of a side is not being saved from those that wanted to kill him. And instead of an image being placed there or a person in his place, and there are narrations in that regard, as

00:54:55--> 00:54:59

a man, one of the followers of the of the hell out of the disciples who

00:55:00--> 00:55:40

Who took on the image of various artists that are on the condition on the ask that he will be joined with as artists in general, either way, the likeness of various artists was placed on the cross. And that's what was crucified, Allah says one Cthulhu, who were masala what can shouldn't be held at home, they did not kill him, they did not crucify him. Rather, it was made to appear as such that Allah would honor a Saudi Islam, that when a so called upon the law, he would be honored and saved from the plot of those who wished him harm and raised to the heavens until he would come back to establish justice on Earth as the law of a law as the mercy was always supposed to do. What's the

00:55:40--> 00:56:20

last point here that's important? Who gets to claim a story? There's a BBC documentary that came out a few years ago, probably a decade ago called the hidden story of Jesus. And it really ruffled a lot of feathers, because looking into Jesus, from a historical perspective, fit all of the descriptions of a prophet from Venezuela, who upheld the law, the theology, the creed, the same concepts of salvation, as the prophets that came before him. And if you watch that documentary, it's fascinating because it basically talks about how everyone claimed a size and I'm in a different way. So who gets to tell the story of a Saudi saddam and who gets to attach themselves to him objectively. The

00:56:20--> 00:57:02

problem is that one Hasani Islam left this earth was razed to the heavens, there was no authority to establish an Orthodox Christianity and authoritative understanding of racism, I need you to just understand that point, that it was up to all of those that witnessed him on earth. And those that were hearing of his story and then telling his story in different ways outside to tell the story the way they wanted to, there was no one to actually establish a uniform orthodox authoritative version of the life of Christ. So he was everything from God to an imposter, right to a false prophet. And that's the value of a bucket to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam,

00:57:03--> 00:57:44

that when a prophet leaves this earth, there is an attempt always to switch them in too many directions. And in that time, Rahim, Allah says, imagine had a worker on the line, who not shut down will say lemma and all the attempts to take the message of the Prophet slicin them to await it would not have been recognizable to us. So objectively, while Jesus is the central focus of Christianity, the founder of Christianity in any religion book is who is Paul, because the version of Jesus that survived was not the version of the people around him. It was the version of Paul Paul, who lived after a Saudi Salaam, who was who never met Jesus peace be upon him, and who said he saw a vision of

00:57:44--> 00:58:24

Jesus on his way to Damascus, and Jesus told him to preach in this way, and then went around the world spreading the gospel as he understood it from his own revelation of Christ. So Paul is the Prophet here, right, the one who's receiving his own revelation, who preaches a gospel of Christ who preaches a version of Christ. And you don't have to look too far in history to see that the disciples of Jesus peace be upon him did not appreciate what Paul was doing, that Paul thought when they heard about what Paul was doing those that were leftovers from the actual followers of Christ, if Peter and others, they argued with Paul, that this was not the Christianity of Christ, and you

00:58:24--> 00:59:06

had other Christian groups that arose. So followers of Jesus was very fluid, there was no authoritative version. The version that became authoritative would be the version of Constantine, which is the Roman conception, which is Pauline Christianity. That does not mean it was the most accurate or authentic understanding of a Saudi. So now, if you really want to dig into a Saudi salaams life, you got to go historically. And you have to see that Islam poses a version of a Saudi Salaam that fulfills what the Messiah was supposed to be from a biblical conception is true to the Abrahamic concept of salvation doesn't uproot salvation in the Abrahamic conception, it stays true

00:59:06--> 00:59:24

to the creed. It stays true to the law of Moses it Islam with certain modifications, and it upholds his honor and the most beautiful and dignified of ways so yes, we make a claim to where he started his Salah. We believe in Jesus peace be upon him. We love Jesus peace be upon him. We love ship yasir bridges

00:59:27--> 00:59:28

and his phone

00:59:30--> 00:59:59

book recommendation the so yaqeen is going to be releasing a few papers, inshallah, the week of Christmas about the Muslim claim to Jesus, so please keep a lookout for him. One of them is by an Oxford Professor on the New Testament about the Muslim version of Jesus peace be upon him. And we also have a longer paper on a Saudi saddam and again starting off with our commonalities with Christians because we can unite around the person of a Sati Salaam and then we can go into the theological differences. Lastly, a book recommendation the Abrahamic faiths

01:00:00--> 01:00:29

Dr. Gerald dirt, Dr. Gerald Dirk was a deacon of the Methodist Church from Harvard University who became Muslim and wrote a book called the Abrahamic faiths which is beautifully ties it all together. And then there's a book called Jesus was Jesus, the Muslim by Dr. Robert sheninger was actually just a religion professor who basically says that the Muslim interpretation of Christ's life actually stays true, most true to his person. And then inshallah Tada. We'll do the rest of the q&a, Zack Malone.