Ebrahim Bham – Purification Of The Heart #12

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of pride and how it is not a substitute for human superiority. They stress the responsibility of knowing and fulfilling the Arabic responsibility, including the belief that one is born without knowledge. The speakers also touch on the confusion surrounding the role of Islam in America and the importance of showing one's own weaknesses to avoid becoming a liability. The speakers end with a mention of a Mahabharata program and a team involved in the program.
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hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala Mulana v Ababa mavado Villa humanus shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in Namah yaksha la homina Heba de la serda callowhill Azim respected viewers and listeners, we begin by placing Almighty Allah sending salutations upon our beloved nivia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing with our series purification of the heart and we are speaking about the disease of pride thus far we had looked at the definition. Then we had looked at the two types of pride concealed and open pride. Then we had also looked upon the reasons why people take pride in an Imam ghazali Rahmatullah Lee has identified some of them. Yesterday, you would recall,

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we spoke on two reasons why people take pride, one is on the basis of race, lineage and tribe and one is on the basis of wealth and how both of these are not worthy of regarding yourself superior to another person. Now, a third one, which remember is Allah Allah, Allah has also made mention is that of knowledge. Many times people will have knowledge they tend to look down upon people whom they feel do not have knowledge, and you'll find that they normally treat them with disdain and dismiss them. And this happens and although this is not justified, but it happens and let us look at why it is not justified. Firstly, let us look at the definition of knowledge which Allah subhanho wa Taala

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in the Holy Quran, has made mentioned in Surah Fateha in the 22nd use of the Holy Quran, in Nevada yaksha la homina evadne Hello Allah, that Allah ma are those who fear Allah subhanho wa Taala. The greater the fear of Almighty Allah the greater peace, a person's element knowledge, what a remarkable definition of knowledge, knowledge is not regarding yourself superior, the one who has the fear of Almighty Allah is that person, because knowledge in Islam is a means towards an end, not an end in itself. Then secondly, although knowledge has been emphasized in our Sharia, polyester will live in a moon, Our Lady in Allah, Allah

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say that those who have knowledge are not equal to those who do not have now knowledge, the one who has knowledge, he has superiority in the eyes of Almighty Allah. But, and this is a very important but and that responsibility that comes with knowledge is so great that it does not behoove one who has knowledge that he must be proud with regard to it. The Arabic you know saying goes in controllato de facto kamasi button, that if you do not know and you are ignorant is a calamity. But if you are aware and you have knowledge, the calamity is greater because of the responsibility that comes with that. And therefore throughout our history, the real alama and the learner at once. They

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realize a tremendous responsibility that came with knowledge that when they spoke of a statement that said Kala Wakata Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they realized that responsibility because that particular calling cannot be of human beings. Why not? Apolo Li Mata sifu alsina to Kamikaze says Allah in the Holy Quran had a Halawa haram to not worth your tongue, twisting your tongue say this is Allah. This is haram and falsely attributing it towards Almighty Allah in the Medina of Corona Allah Allah he'll carry him he will falsely attribute something to Almighty Allah will never ever be successful. And we know of the very famous hydrated Nivea cream sauce limited,

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who ever refers something to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala fall asleep, he must prepare his abode in the fire of Jana. So one who has knowledge especially Dini knowledge, because of that responsibility will never ever have pride will always be worried with regard to fulfilling that responsibility. Because in a way, he speaks on behalf of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. When he says this is Hello, this is haram. He is saying that Allah has from Allah commands. This is what is meant. Therefore, Abdullah bin Massoud raviolo, tron who, when he used to say any Quranic diet, or Hadith, he used to shudder he used to shake and he used to shiver. Malik been dinar, Rama to lolly,

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one of our great saintly people, as mentioned by his shareholders at Manasa. Korea sobre la la in his pocket, he says on the authority of hustle and bustle Rahmatullah Lee, whoever delivers a sermon. He will be questioned by Allah subhanho wa Taala with regard to the motif of his sermon, and the students of Malik bundeena says when he used

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to coat this, he used to weep until his beard used to get wet. Therefore, you know, people who have this they have to worry with regard to the responsibility that comes with knowledge in America. Hopefully, one day a person came from, you know, far away, you know, North Africa. from Morocco, Shani came to Medina, hearing about the fame of Mr. Malik's knowledge. And he came and asked him and he said, the people of my village have asked me to come and ask you a question. He asked the question. Mr. Malik said I don't know the answer. The person said What should I go back and tell the people said Go and tell them that Mr. Malik doesn't know the answer. Therefore, this always has been

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humility in knowledge. In fact, there is arrogance if there is not in knowledge, but in ignorance, so therefore, the person who has knowledge, it is not does not behoove him to be proud and arrogant and he will not be proud and arrogant. Another reason why people take pride and arrogance is he's on the basis of taqwa and piety, people who are pious and do righteous deeds, sometimes they look down upon people who they think are sinners. So, is this justified? It is not justified at all. And the reasons with regard to it will make mentioned Firstly, yes, we know in Chroma calling the law here, right? Yes, and the pious, they are the ones who are close to Almighty Allah, it is the basis of

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superiority. But the question we have to ask, Who makes that call for that was a coup enforcer whom don't praise yourself? He knows who he is pious, and then piety and goodness only becomes valuable, if it is accepted to Allah. And we don't know whether it is accepted by Allah subhana wa Taala or not. Therefore after every salat, we are told to make a stefarr and also to thank Allah because we do not know whether it has been worth your presenting before mighty Allah. None. You know, other than Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. After such great sacrifices he made what Almighty Allah

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Allah, Allah, Allah you accept from me because you are all knowing, and you are all URI. Now the point that we have to keep in mind is that if you buy Melissa to a salon, despite all your sacrifices, are speeding to allow for acceptance, who are we, with regard to our business to feel that our righteousness is the basis of regarding ourself as superior to other people. And then a very important point which which I will conclude today's program is in the Mahabharata will have a team that in Islam, our abode, is dependent upon the final moments of our life. And many times a person can lead a life of righteousness and Allah tala can take away his diet. Therefore, it comes

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in a hottie that Nivea cream sauce limited. Sometimes a person has done so much good deeds, that is only one speck between him and Jenna and attalla removes his trophy for him to do good deeds and he turns towards evil deeds and he becomes among the inmates or the fire of Jannah and similarly vice versa. Sometimes a person does evil teach almost to a point that there is one spend between him and Jana

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diet. So therefore, a person who is pious because he doesn't know what is the final final abode and final time will be in because he doesn't know whether Allah subhanaw taala will accept or not, he cannot be he cannot be proud and arrogant. Therefore this is also not the basis of pride and arrogance. And we will continue with us inshallah tomorrow

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