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So when we're talking about the angels, the prophets licensing was asked particularly on the night of an astrotwins. Raj, you know, there were some people that questioned that journey, how he made that journey. There are some people that just wanted to know what it was like. And a group of companions came to the prophets lie Selim and they asked the messenger salallahu alayhi wa sallam, what did it sound like? You know, what did you see? What did it sound like? I mean, as you're traveling through these galaxies with rapid speed, what is it that you heard out there? And the messenger so the lahardee was seldom, he says, in the outer Mellotron, he says, Look, I see things

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that you are incapable of seeing. What else metal malatesta metal, and I hear things that you are incapable of hearing. He says in the summer of pot, said the heavens are creaking outputs means they are shaking violently. Well, hello, Carla, I'm for it. And there's a reason why the sound of it is like it's shaking violently. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, because there isn't a space of four fingers, except that there's an angel that is created that has been created in prostration to Allah subhanho wa Taala, that is doing nothing but declaring his praises. So he described the sound of vibration. Okay, I want you just to listen quickly to what it sounds like in

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outer space, NASA actually had a recording from outer outer space they put up 16 years ago, right before the turn of the millennium. And the name of the research was our universe is not silence, because there was this idea that if you went out to outer space, you wouldn't hear anything, except for the moving objects, just listen to what it sounds like outerspace.

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Obviously, you know, that's good enough, you guys can't hear everything. But if you get a chance to listen to it, it's actually quite breathtaking. And actually one of the researchers who published that research said that it sounds like a billion men doing Gregorian chants all simultaneously at the same time. Subhan Allah, when I heard that I remembered this Hadith of the messenger, sallAllahu wasallam. In the automata, taught on well estimado mellitus mountain Look, I see things that you don't see. And I hear things that you don't hear. And that's a sign of hope for us as well because we're always paranoid about jinn being everywhere and sheltering being everywhere. The number of

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angels compared to the number of jinn is dramatically different. There's a huge difference between how many angels there are out there, and how many jinn and devils there are out there. So this is a magnificent creation, the melodica the, you know, belief in them is the second pillar of our faith, and Subhan Allah, Karim Rahim Allah, He says, the reason why it's the second pillar of our faith is because of God and it has to them. Because the only reason for example, we don't necessarily have what we have to believe in the jinn. But it's not necessarily a pillar of faith, right? Can you be a believer without believing in the gym? No, you can send the answer to the gym. But it's not a

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separate category of the pillars of faith. The reason being that all of the pillars of faith have to do with the integrity of the message. And so the reason why a pillar of faith there's a separate pillar of faith, of belief in the melodica is because of this angel jabril at his salon, that brings the message to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So it clarifies the integrity of the messenger to the messenger, which helps us fully appreciate this message as well. And obviously, you know, Allah Subhana hoods, Allah tells us many things about these angels. And the thing is, is that it's in every culture in every theology, you have some form of belief in the angels, right? In Judeo

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Christian thought, you have a belief in the angels as being a creature of creation, that, you know, can make mistakes, they've been reduced to fallibility, they can fall so you have a concept of dark angels, Lucifer, the devil, and in fact, they don't actually separately believe in a category of jinn, they're simply demons and dark angels. So they do have that category, they do have that belief. And within Christianity, you'll find many different beliefs about who the specific angels are and what their roles are. So for example, in Mormonism, Gabriel is no hiding his stuff. He's actually no, right. So you'll find different beliefs as to who they are within Christianity and

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within Judaism, you'll find that in June in Judeo Christian thought, as well, the angels are created from fire, whereas the prophets lysozyme told us they're created from what from lights and that excludes all forms of impurity. And a CLT Rahim Allah says, Allah chose to create them from the most beautiful creation, which is light because that is the that is what he chose to

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To create his hay job from his Ville, as the Prophet slicin him said, Allah speaks from behind a veil of light. So it's the most beautiful creation and an excludes all forms of impurity. And it's a testimony to their infallibility. Now, do they have physical presences as well? Do they have a physical presence? Or are they just liked? Right? They do have a physical presence, and they have a pretty dominating physical presence. Right? And you know, a lot of times when you see portrayals of angels, because again, you'll find them even in the thought of Confucius, there's a belief in angels, even the pagans of Mecca, believed in angels, but they call them what, that's what the

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daughters of the Most Merciful. So if you looked up a Wikipedia entry of Gabriel, for example, and you saw the portrayal, right, and you see the portrayal of most angels and you know, in drawings and in sculpture, you'll find that they look like babies and diapers, right? They're very weak, small creatures, right? Whereas the portrayal that we find in our religion is that this is a strong creation, a huge creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala, that do as they are commanded that exclude all forms of faults, all forms of flaw, all forms of impurity, just as we testify that the messengers of God all of them, Abraham, no, Jesus Moses, David, peace be upon them all just as we testify that

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they are all infallible and that they do not commit those those mistakes the angels as well are completely infallible and do not disobey Allah subhana wa tada with anything that's been given to them as a lot tells us in the plan, layer Asana, lahoma Amato home alone, and I know that they do not disobey a single command of a loss of Hannah Montana, they do exactly as they are told, however, do they love certain things? Do they hate certain things? Do they have characters? Yes, they do. They're not robots. Right. So you'll find numerous narrations which talk about what offends the angels and what causes them to come near arguments or debates amongst the angels, the angels of

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mercy and the angels of punishment, and gibreel at his salon as well having a character now what do they look like? Alright, a lot tells us they do have wings, not those two little weak, feathery wings that you see. They do have wings, od ABS Neha, Mussina wahoo, lassa, or Obara. Some of them have two wings, some of them have three wings, some of them have four wings, he has either philhealth Timaya, and a lot increases them as He wills. Now, that automatically tells us that they're of different sizes. But what would an average Angel look like? Just an average medic. All right, to give you an idea of just an average Angel

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supportiveness today, while the allow time to Anhui narrates that masala ahead, no one enters into his solar. This is just you praying in your room, thinking that no one's around you thinking that you're all alone. It allows one law who may not matter at all.

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Except that there are angels the size of mountains that are praying there with you. You think you're in a room all by yourself? You've got angels creatures the size of mountains, that are they're praying with you that are they're glorifying the loss of kind of Allah with you. All right, what about an angel that has a bigger task than an angel that that you know, that belongs to a more elite group of angels? How about Hamlet and out of the bearers of the throne? Right? We mentioned them in our supplications allotment in Neil's battle she took well she do Hamlet our sick, you know, we call them to bear witness at times. Allah praises this group of angels. What do they look like the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says I've been given permission to tell you about just one of those angels, one of the angels who bears the throne of Allah subhana wa Tada. He said, in Nabina Shama to Dhoni, Ella Attica, he ma zero to 17. He

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said, The distance between his earlobe and his shoulder is a journey of 700 years, as just from here to here, and the narration of urban cuisine of the prophets. lysozyme said a bird could fly that journey and 700 years so it's not just you walking and taking breaks. If a bird just was flying continuously for 700 years, he'd only make it from here to hear on one of those angels. So how do we even determine who's a bigger Angel and who's a smaller Angel and what does this have to do with Debian? It has set up an enormous lt Rahim Allah says, the greater the task the angel has been given, the greater the size of the angel. So that tells you right away that gibreel alayhis salam is

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even bigger than that. He's the biggest of the angels and the greatest in size because he has the greatest of tasks. Okay. jabril Rani, his Salaam also belongs to what's known as the most elite class of the Malacca. Alamo Cassie Mati Amira, the scholars traditionally called them as they are mentioned in the Quran, those who apportion the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala and they are for the first of them jabril alayhis salaam and he is the angel

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That through him Allah subhanho wa Taala it's very beautiful how the scholars class that they said through him, Hyattsville kulu, the life of the hearts. Why? Because he brings revelation and through revelation, our hearts live. So Allah subhana wa tada apportions through him. And why? Okay, so each and every single prophet that received the revelation received it from Djibouti and Allah, his Salah. What's the other thing that Djibouti and it has Salaam does? What else does he deal with? Every nation that rejects the revelation is also dealt with with Djibouti ladies. So anytime you read about a nation and of course Allah subhana wa tada tells us in the portal, like Nahum landmark

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volume, that we destroyed them when they oppressed when they transgressed. If Iam Rahim, Allah says Allah never set jabril to destroy a nation simply because they disbelieved. Allah sends gibreel to destroy a nation when that nation becomes aggressive with the profit that's been sent to them and the believers. That's when I lost sensitivity. And gibreel deals with them in a mighty way. The entire people of low poly his salon, that entire city was destroyed by the tip of one of his wings. They were lifted up and they were destroyed by the tip of one of his wings. So it shows you the strength of God His setup, and in that a CLT Rahim Allah He says that in that is a sign that these

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angels, you know, that if Allah Subhana Allah commanded him to bring the revelation Jabri it doesn't argue or debate with Allah Subhana Allah when Allah says okay, now these people are done. They respond to Allah subhana wa Tada. So when Allah tells you been enough, then it's enough. All right, but through him Hayato kurobe the life of the heart spiritual life, who's the second angel that you often hear even mentioned? Would you beat it? Mika or Mika Elijah his salon and through Mika le salon. physical life is a portion that's how the scholars describe him how to nurse and that sense, provision or risk or Yeah, well life. Okay, provision, sustenance. Rain wins. Mika Ilana his Salaam

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is the angel that Allah has chosen to move them in certain ways when Allah subhanho wa Taala commands him to do so. So it's a very famous Hadith in Sahih Muslim where a man is walking and he hears a voice coming from the clouds and it says especially headed to Fulani go and water the garden of so and so. And the man follows that cloud and water would not come out of it until it reached a particular garden, and it fell on this man's particular garden. That's me, can I lay his salon? Okay, the third, the next two actually have to do with death. So two of them are in relation to life. Two of them are in relation to death. The next two is Salafi. And it is Sarah, who is Salafi

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deals with the taking of people's souls massively or collectively, okay called the Ottawa taking the souls collectively, how Allah subhanho wa Taala has created this great angel with one task and one task alone, and that is to blow the horn. And the prophets lie send him said I lost my appetite for this world. When I saw His thrillophilia His Salaam with his lips already puckered to it, his eyes gazing at the throne of a loss of Hannah to Allah fixated like stars, waiting for the commands meaning the entire world rests on and that's it. And the profits license that I lost my appetite any appetite I have for this world. I lost it when I saw his law feed it his son. The fourth one deals

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with the taking of the souls individually What's his name?

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Actually that name doesn't exist. Medical milk, the Angel of Death he's only called the Angel of Death a lot of the messengers lifetime referred to him as the Angel of Death medical notes. I love the word killer become has been assigned to you to take care of souls when Allah subhanaw taala decrease. So this group of angels they are and Lucas sumati Amara, those that are pushing the command of Allah. They're the most elite class of the angels. And the most elite of that class is Djibouti la de ser. Now, what's his name? What are How can you say the name of Jabra Islam? What are some of the ways to pronounce his name? Djibouti, Jabra, l Jabra, Jabra, Jabra,

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those are five ways that have been narrated through the various karats Alright, gibreel Jabra, in Jabra, l Jabra L and G. Breen. Okay. Now, obviously, the name is not from an Arabic origin, right? Or it's not something that that you know, you can you can dissect simply by using the Arabic language. So you go to the origin of that name. Now, what do you keep on here? You tell me what you keep on hearing. Djibouti, Mika. He is Salafi is he What do you keep on hearing? He right. In means Allah subhana wa Tada. There's no dispute there about the meaning of Eve. The first part of the name though, has caused a lot of debate.

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Right What does gibler mean? What is Mika? I mean, the traditional opinion which has been traced to the Sahaba tippin Abbas, and Talib Hussain and many others is that Gibran means that means servants, the slave of Allah Subhana hotel, that's the one that you'll find in subscene authority and so on so forth. That Gibran he is Abdullah, okay. And Mika is there obey the law, which would be the smaller abs. You know, in the amongst the companions, you'll see, Abdullah has a younger brother named obey the law, or Abdullah has a son named obey the law. That's the traditional opinion. However, when you study the route of Jabra, it comes from the route of Jabba, which means strength, which also ties

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into another description that Allah Subhana Allah gave him which is the dual Cova The one who Allah gave a massive amount of strength, okay, a lot, a lot, praises his strength two times a lot of calls him shadow Cola, the cola, he possesses a mighty amount of strength. So it could either be that I'm the law, or the one who's been given an amazing amount of strength from a loss of Hannah hotel. All right, so that's his name, and that's the meaning of his name. Now, what are some ways that the prophets lie some and Allah subhanaw taala referred to him this is truly interesting. When I started my research, the very first day my eyes got big, because I started off with a bahaya. So at first

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I'm gonna take all the Hadith about Djibouti from

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the very first idea I pulled from Al Bukhari that mentioned gibreel the Prophet slicin um, said, Djibouti Salalah alayhi wa sallam. I was like what I studied Kitab and Wahid, the book of Revelation a million times, and I never paid attention to that. When the Prophet sallallahu wasallam referred to gibreel he often said, gibreel sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which obviously we usually refer to as Allah, his Salaam, may peace beyond to him, but the Prophet peace be upon him invoked salaat on him as well prayers upon him as well. Literally, we certainly as the scholars say, to show his status amongst those that the prophets lysozyme was referring to the only person that you see the

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profits licensing do that with other other than gibreel are the only creature that you see the profit slice them do that with other than Djibouti, on a frequent basis is Ibrahim Ali, his Salah, which was traditionally understood again to show the position of Ibrahim alayhis salam or some Allahu wa Salaam in our faith. Right. So jabril Salalah, Harding was tell him sometimes the prophets lie, some would say that, all right, another thing the prophets lie some often doesn't even say his name, you know how he refers to him. He says men ended up be the one who's with my Lord, right? To show how close he is to Allah subhanho wa Taala men Enderby a loss of habitat refers to him in

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multiple ways and I can't go through each and every single time a lot of refers to them it's too extensive of a study inshallah to in the future we'll be able to get to it. But just the common themes, the most common theme that you find is the word rule a spirit or soul. Okay, a lot of calls him out rule headquarters, the Holy Spirit's a lot calls in a row. I mean, the trustworthy spirit the truthful spirit, a law calls him rule Hannah, our spirits, right, which is a means of veneration in the Arabic language when you when you attribute something to yourself, it's a means of venerating it. So when Allah says, Baitullah, the house of Allah it's a means of venerating the character.

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Likewise, Allah says about who it is Salaam, our spirit as a means of venerating God and it his slot was set up. Now, what does that mean? Why is jabril constantly being referred to as a rule, the spirits, and there's so much beauty to the explanations that are given? All right, one of them is that God brings what gives a person a soul what settles the hearts, right? In essence, you know, any mammal CLT says a woman can have mates and for the law says, weren't you dead and Allah gave you life. God gives life through what's revelation. So in some of the scholars, they said that he's called that because he brings that which gives you a soul in the first place, which gives you life,

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right, and if you dissect with the root letters of root, then it's the same root as raha, which is to comfort which is to settle just as the soul settles the body gibreel and a Salaam brings that which settles the hearts. So he's called out ruin. Another one is that Roja a Hydra that that the spirit of something means in the Arabic language, the best of something. So a lot praising the purity of God in Iceland, like he's the cream of the crop. He's hired to have a third one, which is the most interesting one. And the one that has to teach chooses and the one that has the greatest evidence to it, and it's quite fascinating is that Djibouti is the first living breathing creature

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of Allah. He is the first creature that's ever been given a soul without any parents without anything without anything to you know any prerequisites to it.

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He was simply brought into existence and he was the first thing brought into existence with a soul. How is he brought into existence? You know, when babies are born, they make all these noises and they figure things out, right? They're cute noises sometimes and they're not so cute noises that other times they make all these noises and they start getting to Baba and mom or whatever it is that they get to write. What about them Annika What about Japan Iceman when he was brought into existence? What did he say? Right. So I will say you are the Allahu anhu narrates man now how about Malecon hat Paul? La hawla wala quwata illa Billah. As the angels are brought into existence, they

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say that Whoa, La quwata illa. Allah there is no power or might except that of God. We have none. So as jabril was brought into existence, this first soul, he said, the hell Noah Porter, Allah Bella, and as these angels are constantly being created, because they're perpetually being created, they have no gender, they have no desires, they have nothing to distract them from worshiping their Creator. They all come into existence saying that Hello, Dakota labella so that's one interpretation is that he's the first and there's some evidence to that inshallah Tada, which hopefully, I'll get I will get a chance to mention Charlottetown in a few minutes. Also, a lot calls him what well, so

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don't kill him, that he's a student can him he's a Noble Messenger, just as the Prophet that's been sent to you as a Noble Messenger. The messenger that's been sent to him is also a Noble Messenger. Allah says the Overton and the lousy, McKeen. Allah says he possesses mighty strength, and why would he needs to possess mighty strength? I mean, think about it. A law speaks to him directly with revelation. And then he has to guard that revelation from anything that tries to interfere. And then he deals with those that reject revelation. So he has to possess a mighty amount of strength and a loss has ended and he McKean he is stable in his position with the Owner of the Throne. The Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Djibouti and it his Salaam resides directly under the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he's stable in his position. Allah says Buddha and some, I mean, he is obeyed lovingly, and he's trustworthy. And somehow some of the scars even connected, multiply and amine together. Okay, what is it that made the profits license so beloved to people before being a messenger of God?

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Assad because I mean, his truthfulness, his trustworthiness. So some of the scholars say likewise, none of the angels you'll find this in the dynamics of the conversations between Sabrina and the rest of the angels, they love him, they obey Him, they trust Him, they don't question him. They recognize that he is their leader, and he's beloved to the rest of the angels, they know his position with Allah. And so they all love him, and they all obey Him. A lot also says about gibreel, Allah, his Salah zu Mira, that he is completely free of fault, and even above the law, and who said if Allah was to praise a certain quality of his salon, then you could still have all of those

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impurities that have been associated to him by other people. So a lot decided to defend jabril in his salon by just simply saying, Zoo milliwatt he is free from all imperfections. So he embodies perfection in body, mind and soul. And I Basile the law and who said it refers to his his size and his beauty, right? And there's absolutely no deficiency in gibreel alayhis, salaam lost pines, Allah has created him with absolute perfection. The last name that I'm going to give you guys and then we'll move on because of time is not necessarily a name from Allah or the messenger sallallahu sallam, it's from Wanaka, the cousin of Khadija, the Allahu Allah, when the messenger sallallaahu it

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was sent and went to her, they went to Khadija and then Khadija said let's go to WhatsApp who knows the Bible and he knows the scriptures before and let's see what he says about this encounter of yours and head up. What aka said this is Anam moose. l now moose who was sent to Musashi his son. Now the word now moose is an interesting word. It's interesting that he chose that word. What is the word just Seuss mean in the Arabic language being a students? None of the bane of students that anything that's that? Alright, just Seuss means spy. Okay? justice means spy. All right. Is there anyone in here who's just who's?

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You know, Chef kiske Rahim Allah. He used to say, May, Allah and the angel send their prayers on the second row, not the first row because all the jealousies all the justices are in the first row. All right. No offense guys in the first row. All right.

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Not just Seuss is a spy. What is the technical meaning of justice? It's a person who carries and evil secrets. All right, Justice is someone who has an evil secret. Why did what I call him now moose? Now moose is someone who carries a beautiful secrets. He's concealing a beautiful secret, which is the secret of Revelation. So those are the ways you be Einstein is referred to in the Quran and the Sunnah. What did he look like now? jabril took on multiple forms, right? He took on a human form. Sometimes he take on an angelic form.

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But it wasn't his full form. So the profits license would see a light and he would hear the voice of Julian. Likewise, the profits before but they weren't seeing jabril in his full form. What does he look like when he's in his full form? The Prophet sallallahu wasallam says 82 jabril I saw Jeffrey Weller, who said to me it Jenna and he had 600 wings, not two or three or four 600 wings. Not only that the Prophet slicin him said he filled up the entire horizon. And he was sitting on a throne that Allah subhanaw taala provided for him and the prophets. lysozyme said not only are those 600 wings spread out, he said, Yes, Tessie, Roman Rishi hit to Hawaii. domina de Rivoli are quotes.

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There are constant rubies and pearls falling from his wings. It's just a plethora of rubies, pearls and all of these precious things falling from the wings of Debian it is set up in a narration of the prophets license that the color of his wings are hollow or green, and the soles of his feet are green. Can you imagine how beautiful of a sight that was for the Prophet's life and I'm gonna Of course, a horrifying sight as well because of how huge Debian is to them was the Prophet slicin I'm only saw jabril in this form twice. It's a very hard sight to grasp, it is a very magnet, you know, it's it's a huge thing to grasp jabril in his original form, that's what he looks like an angelic

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form, all right, unparalleled by any of the angels. Okay, what does he look like in human form? Now jabril can assume multiple human forms, he can look different, okay. But when he came to the Prophet slicin um, he had a consistent human form. And I'm going to give you guys the full had the form in the site because it's beautiful how the Prophet slicin was explaining to the companions after this after Southwood Mirage how they look. He said, I saw Musashi his Salah, and he said Mossad Islam looked like a man from shanmuga or azorult. To tribes shanwa, or assault. What is the Prophet slicin I'm talking about Shinola and azote are two African tribes. Not only are they African tribes, were a

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tribe that had darker skin than anyone else. The prophets lysozyme is speaking to a people who are emerging from one of the most racist societies on the planet. And he's telling them that look Moosa doesn't look like Christian Bale. Alright, Musa alayhis salam looks like one of those people that you guys actually used to look down upon. The man who Allah spoke to Kelly Mola directly, the man who's mentioned more times in the Quran than anyone else is a dark black men. deal with that if you're racist, right? So the prophets lie set him says that's what Moosa looked like. And actually, in one narration, he pointed out a little bad here he pointed to some of the Bedouins said, Look,

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that's what most is done look like. Alright, so that you get a good idea of it. Okay. Secondly, he says, What are a trace of pneumonia when I saw he saw Islam, and he said, he said, it looks like erworben Masood. He pointed to a weapon Masood. And he said that he saw resembles a little the allot of time. And then he said while I draw him, and I saw him and he said, who did Ibrahim look like? He said, I've never seen a man that looked more like me than Ibrahim Artesia, never, and some how to love what's so profound about that. If you go and you look up the physical description of Abraham from purely Judeo Christian sources, here's how he's described. Obviously, this amount of the

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prophets lie Selim. The descriptions of the Prophet peace be upon him are far more extensive. But what did Abraham look like from Judeo Christian sources, broad shoulders, long black hair that almost reached his shoulders, a thick black beard that had gray hair sprinkled throughout it, and deep black eyes. That's a description of Abraham. The prophets lie Selim, he saw it as man with the Allahu anhu and he told the wife of his man who was his daughter, rupiah, he said, no one looks more like your father also lost Islam and your grandfather Ibrahim is louder than your husband or if not, if man look like the prophets license them who looked like Ibrahim right even sir. Okay. And somehow

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actually, you know, if you read in a lot today, the history of a walker the the footprints and maqam Ibrahim, some people actually commented that they match the footprints of the profits licensed so even his foot size would be the same as him at his salon. Okay. Then he said what are he jabril and I saw debris that in his cellar, and inside that jabril looked like the hair, even halifa al Kelby or the allow Thailand. You guys were like, Who is that day here in halifa from Belkin. Now, this here is a very interesting man. How many of you have heard of him before? Right? Not many of you did. He has not a household name, all right, from the companions of the Prophet slicin. But he was

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there and all of us a lot. He served in all of the battles with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He was there at the time that Julian presented himself to a large group of companions, which completely puts to rest anyone saying that detail was posing as debris. He was there

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When jovial came in human form, amongst many of the companions of the Prophet sly, selam gibreel. Islam didn't look exactly like you, but if you saw him up close, all right, he looked almost like him. But you could tell if he was in front of you directly in front of you that he's not detailed all the time. But who is the head? All right. Why is it that jabril chose him? There here was called the uses of Ben Kelley.

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What did you survive Islam? What did the women comment about use of Islam that has American carry? This is a noble, this is a beautiful angel. Right? So the idea was called the use of of benecol women could not keep their hands off of the here. All right, which is why they're here used to stay away from public site for the most part, because women would throw themselves at the handle the law, and the prophets lie. So I'm in his wisdom. You know, if and I happen to come across this actually, I found that he has mentioned the prophets license, I sent him to her miraculous, okay, and even Hadji Rahim Allah said, because of how handsome Dahlia is, when he went to her Oculus in Jerusalem

00:31:01--> 00:31:36

to the Romans, he caused the ruckus in the city, everyone came out to see him. Right, so everyone wanted to know what the messenger of the Muslims look like what the messenger of the messenger sallallahu Sallam looked like. So they're here is a really, really good looking man. All right, and Sabrina Islam, does he have the form of death here? I mean, how close is it? It's so close, that own sentimental the alarm and he says one time I was sitting with the messengers lysosome and all of a sudden, I didn't you know, she didn't even hear the door open and close. She just thought they were sitting next to the province, Isilon so she said how much I just left, right. And then the prophets

00:31:36--> 00:32:14

lie Selim. You know, he came to me and I didn't hear the door opener closed again. So it's not like he left again. He came to me. He says, mother at what did you see? She said, I saw data. So she said that the prophets lie Selim. He smiled. Then he caught then he stood on the on the men but he stood on the pulpit and he said, a tiny debrief, debrief. This came to me. And he said, that's when I realized that that wasn't the head. Right? So he looked strikingly similar to detail all the time. However, how is it Did you always look like their hair. So when he went to medium that he looked like to him when he went to know if now am Rahim Allah said, when jabril was sent to a prophet, he

00:32:14--> 00:32:53

would resemble the most beautiful person of that prophets people. So if he was sent to an African Prophet, he resembled the most beautiful person from that people. When he if he was sent to an Asian Prophet, he resembled the most beautiful Asian man that was amongst those people, he resembled whoever was the most beautiful amongst them Subhan Allah as a sign of his nobility. So it's not a consistent form. But when he was sent to the Prophet slicin, I'm in human form. This is what he looked like just that absolute perfection, the most beautiful man that was amongst the Arabs of that time. Now, how old is God Eisen? What is his age? Right? We said that one of the opinions is that he

00:32:53--> 00:33:34

is the first creature that's been given a spirit. What is the evidence for that statement? It's the authentic Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. lumma Holla Holla Holla Jana when now our Salah jabril iljin when Allah created paradise and Hellfire, he sent gibreel to go look at jungle, which tells you that jB gibreel was there before Jenna or Hellfire even existed? Now obviously, human beings and jinn don't come Don't come into the picture until after the creation of heaven and hell. All right, and obviously jabril is saying Dermalogica he's the chief of the angels. So it makes sense that he's the first of them, that's created. So this is our first encounter now

00:33:34--> 00:34:13

that we see between God and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Allah creates paradise and hellfire. And he sends jabril to go look at paradise and he says, Yeah, jabril says, oh, God is happier Jana, go see Jana wandoor la hora or Isla de to the area, go look at it and see what I've prepared for the inhabitants of it. Now there are no one's been created yet. But a law says we'll go look at it and see what I've prepared for those that will eventually enter into gender as I've had a lot what's profound about that, you know, that new car smell that new house smell right now with gender. Obviously it always has the new gender smell. It always is new, right? It just never gets old,

00:34:13--> 00:34:56

right? But gibreel is the first one to feast his eyes on that place with its rivers and palaces and mansions and spatola everything that he saw. So jabril comes back to Allah subhanho wa Taala with a sense of excitement. And he says February Exotica la yes Moreau be I don't holla Should I swear by your glory Oh Allah. No one's going to hear about this place except that they're going to enter it I don't care who they are. What kind of creation they are. No one's going to know that a place like this exists and miss miss out on it. Right? Then will solaz Isom said Allah surround the gym with obstacles, hardships. It's not that easy. He wanted to show Japan. It's not like that. He sends

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

Djibouti back to Jamaica to look at it again. Djibouti Ronnie said, I'm coming

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

back the first time he was excited the second time he's worried he says February Exotica la Cliff to LA.

00:35:07--> 00:35:44

He said I swear by your glory. Now I'm afraid no one's gonna get into genda right? How are they going to get past these hardships and these obstacles? Then a loss Jubilee and I use them to look at Hellfire and he said look at it and see what I prepared for its inhabitants. jabril came back to Allah subhanho wa Taala and he says February Exotica Laos mera Bihar I hadn't fair Toluca. He said, I swear by your glory, no one's going to hear about Hellfire and enter it. When people know what Hellfire is like, they're going to make sure that they avoid the things that would cause them to enter into it. So no one's going to enter hellfire. Then a law surrounded hellfire. bisha lattes,

00:35:45--> 00:36:00

with desires and ease tests trials in a different way than their aim right? with goodness to breathe goes and he looks at it and he comes back to Allah subhanho to Allah and he said, February Exotica laquered fifth to Allah anjuman

00:36:01--> 00:36:20

said I swear by your glory now I'm afraid No one's going to be saved from hellfire. Now what this shows you right away by the way is that gibreel has a love for the people of email. He has a love for the people of faith before they've even been created. How did Allah put gibeah to ease a loss of cod after Helmut Menon, Allah Dean homefree, Salatin hashirim

00:36:21--> 00:37:00

the believers have succeeded those who have humility in their prayers the secret of your success was already put in the moment that Hellfire and paradise were created before you were created Sala was made the determining factor your prayer a lot tells god no, not everyone will enter into Hellfire the believers who have humility in their prayers they will enter into paradise they will be saved and they will enter into paradise so Pamela it starts from there. But this tells us something about who it is to them from the very start right what he's like his character in that regard. His love for a man now what is the relationship then between a lot in Germany and it his salon number one he

00:37:00--> 00:37:36

is Kelly mala manana melodica. He is the one that Allah speaks to from the angels. Now you might be thinking to yourself, doesn't the law speak to all of the angels know, just as they're a particular human beings that a law speaks to directly? There are particular angels that a law speaks to directly so he speaks to a democracy Matsuyama all four of the angels we mentioned that a portion the command of Allah, there are narrations of direct communication between Allah and them. But a lot always speaks directly to Djibouti. So for the other angels, a lot of my son Djibouti to them, right, even the others of Olympus, the multi camera, those that apportion the command of Allah,

00:37:36--> 00:38:05

Allah never sends another angel to talk to jabril Allah speaks to Djibouti directly, then gibreel goes out and delivers the message to the rest of the angels. So he is Kelly mala, from the angels with the profits. And we see that frequently and many ahadeeth will cover it now. A lot of calls to debrief, right. Whereas never the opposite, where someone else will sensitivity with the other prophets of Allah. There is not a single prophet of Allah, that you study, except that there's a mention of jabril seriously, just go through

00:38:06--> 00:38:48

the stories of the prophets, you'll find the mention of gibreel at his Salaam in some way, shape, or form, he's got to be there, because he has been sent to 124,000 prophets. And the hadith of Muslim Ahmed there are 124,000 ambia. Amongst them 315 were messengers were also he has been sent to each and every single one of them, to teach them to raise them to support them to protect them. He was there, he's got a first hand account. What is another title that he has with them? He is nasutus MBR. He's the one who supports the profits, he aids the profits. He doesn't just aid them by bringing them revelation. He plays a multitude of roles and all of their lives. In fact, if you go

00:38:48--> 00:39:20

through them quickly, like where are the narrations that mentioned Islam I'm not going to go into detail with any particular profits story but just some highlights to get an idea. And then we'll move on to the Prophet Sal alario setup with Adam alayhis salaam, their narrations that mentioned gibreel was the angel that Allah sent to gather the dirt that would be used to create the money his setup or any of them so he in and of themselves, no, but that shows you where the mentions of debris will come that early on in the very Creation of Adam alayhis salam when Adam alayhis salaam was expelled from Paradise that a lot communicate directly with Adam anymore

00:39:21--> 00:39:59

did he know now gibreel becomes the intermediary between a lot of money in Jana Adam and Islam was spoken to directly and remember is that Akashi Rahim Allah says that actually is probably a greater blessing that was taken away from him than Jenna that Adam used to be spoken to directly from Allah. When he left paradise, Allah started to send gibreel to him only jabril became the means of communication to Adam it so that one Adam passes away. They didn't know what to do with his body obviously because human beings have never experienced death before. A loss jabril alayhis salam and a group of angels they

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

Wash the body of Adam it salon. They shouted out the mighty hustler. They buried automatic hustler. So he's there from the very start. Even without the mighty setup, you also find the narrations obviously, that mentioned him with Idris it his setup Idris, who is Enoch, the son of seath, the grandson of the mighty hustler, and at least what you can take from the narrations about him is that he's a man with him. But he's a man with high ambitions that, you know, is very prone to calling people to good and forbidding evil, a woman coupled with a column, the first one to write with a pen and so on so forth. A person who loves della, there's a very famous narration about reciting his

00:40:37--> 00:41:12

Salah that Idris wanted to know how much time he has left. Why did he want to know how much time he has left? Because, you know, you know, for people, for most people, it's that, you know, you want to party it up until the last day, like if you know the date of your death, Well, okay, you know, I'm going to party it up. And then on that day, tilba, right, just have it on your calendar repents than die, right? It doesn't work that way, right? Is that way that he's wanted to know the date of his death? No, this is not wanting to know the date of his death, or he wanted to know how much time he had left because of his aspirations of death. Because it was he wanted to know how to adjust his

00:41:12--> 00:41:48

goals accordingly. So he tells jabril salaam to find out for him. And the reason why I mentioned this narration right now is because one thing to note about Juliet as well, he is the only one that can take a profit through the heavens and bring him down. He's the only one that can ascend or descend with any of the prophets of Allah, through the heavens. He takes Idris Ali Hassan and he ascends with him. And in this, you know, and these are thoughts, which are primarily from the people of the book, he meets the angel of death in the fourth heaven. And in the fourth have injury is known as the angel of that, that this is the servant of Allah Idris and he wants to know how much

00:41:48--> 00:41:54

time he has left. And the angel of that says, You know, I was amazed when Allah told me to take this man's soul in the fourth heaven.

00:41:55--> 00:42:30

So he dies in the fourth heaven had been hotjar Rahim Allah who obviously is the most strict of Hadith. He says that these narrations are strengthened and corroborated by the evidence from the profit slice and um, that when the profit slice and then went on the night of last night, we met Raj where he needed that he's in the fourth Heaven, so at least is the only man that ever died in the heavens. Right and a lot and that's one of the interpretations of what of that natural mccannon earlier that we raised him to a high position and biblically, Enoch dies in the fourth heaven. Okay, so it's corroborated by the evidence from the messenger slice in them as well. So you find that

00:42:30--> 00:43:10

mention of gibreel responding to the request of a prophet, taking him through the heavens to meet Allah, or to meet the angel of death? To help him to answer his requests. The most the most mentions of Djibouti is not with any previous profit or with Ibrahim and his family. So Ibrahim, who is Pamela mentioned so highly by the prophets lie Selim, this is this is the middle of Ibrahim, this is the religion the way of Ibrahim it is set up, you'll find the mention of Djibouti rallies around with Ibrahim on numerous occasions, you find it from the moment that Ibrahim was thrown into that fire. Now above the law and who says when Ibrahim was to be thrown into the fire, all of the angels

00:43:10--> 00:43:32

wanted to help him. Mika he was waiting for a command from Allah subhana wa tada to put the fire out. I mean, a lot could have easily just caused it to storm and the fire goes out. All of the angels are waiting and wondering why there's a delay in the command to do away with the fire or to protect Ibrahim is slow. So jabril comes to Ibrahim alayhis salaam, and he says, Hello.

00:43:33--> 00:43:42

Is there anything you want me to do for you? Ibrahim knows why Jabra is asking that question. He says I'm not elite for that. He said look, if it's from you, I don't want anything from you.

00:43:43--> 00:44:20

He said if it's from Allah then okay. He recognizes that jabril was not given a command from a lot to put the fire out. So if it's from Allah then I'll take it if it's from you, jabril Look, Allah has a plan right? So jabril is telling Ibrahim Lima Rasul Allah, why don't you just ask him just ask Allah. It all be dealt with? Ibrahim alayhis salaam says Elmo be highly caffeinated to Allah. Allah knows my situation, his knowledge of my situation, makes it irrelevant for me to ask now that's not for us. That's for the prophets of Allah, meaning Allah knows God knows what's happening right now. So Abraham knows that you know what Allah is going to make a way out of this. Alright, so Sabrina

00:44:20--> 00:44:58

Islam wants to help them. And that's actually the origin of the words according to the love and Massoud and many of the companions of has to be Allah when they're located. That Ibrahim was the first one in that situation to say Allah is enough for me, and he's the best of protectors and obviously the plan of God the plan of law was what? That the fire wasn't going to burn Abraham Cooney. Both of them was said to be cool and peaceful on Abraham at Islam, so we see it there. Right We see it from that moment in the fire. Well, he might not moves on. He goes to you know how God Islam comes into the picture. This marine is born out of his Salaam, then obviously, a lot of

00:44:58--> 00:45:00

commands Ibrahim to leave them in the desert.

00:45:00--> 00:45:36

Then comes the very long one of the longest ahadeeth actually insulated body is this hadith where the Prophet slicin mentions hotjar running from you know from from Safa tomato while running around carrying her baby Ishmael looking for anyone to help her she's in an abandoned place, there's no one there. Right? And the profits license says for either here be salt all of a sudden she heard it sounds. So I'll call it up bill in Canada and he said come forth if you have anything good to offer. So the profit slice and I'm satisfied either gibreel suddenly it was debrief. Then the profits license said you believe did this.

00:45:38--> 00:46:15

All he did was this. He struck the ground with his heel. This is called Hadeeth Masada son, which means that had teeth that has a signal and it had teeth that has was he just struck the ground. So every narrative this had teeth had to do that, by the way, even Ambassador he just did this and Sharma said he just did this and every single narrator says he just did this. When jabril did that the water obviously started coming from the earth and you know in huge loads, Zamzam comes bursting out of the ground. And the prophets lie. Some said Rahim Allah is married. May Allah have mercy on the mother of his married, what she did was she carved out the well, because she was afraid that the

00:46:15--> 00:46:24

water would go all over the place and nothing would be left and the province licensed that had she not done that, then the entire Earth would have been touched by Samsung.

00:46:25--> 00:47:02

Each and every single part of the earth. Now some Pamela, think about the miracle of Zamzam. Right, you know how big it is, and dimensions, eight by three, it's only eight by three, if any of you have ever seen zum zum ever gotten a chance to actually go down there and see it, it's only eight by three, it's a very small, well, if you see how they fill the coolers now on the bottom, they've got literally they've got hoses that are connected to them, and they're constantly filling up the coolers. All of that till today you are drinking from the foot of God. From that moment that job idiot did this shadow with his strength, Allah has caused that well to constantly produce talk about

00:47:02--> 00:47:13

a wonder of the world. Now scientifically, I need to mention this because this is phenomenal. zum zum is only eight by three. And in an official research that was done on zum zum. It pumps 8000 liters per seconds

00:47:15--> 00:47:21

8000 liters per seconds. That means 691 million litres per day.

00:47:22--> 00:47:58

Zamzam think about how many millions of gallons I mean there, you know, some panel of people are constantly drinking from it, it has never dried up that's just from the strike of junius foot. Okay, you're still drinking from it till now. So that's your connection to God and it is still up until today. Subhana Allah now obviously that's what this man has up so he bails them out. Ibrahim Ali Salaam, on the other hand has settled now with SATA. And they've come to this acceptance that you know what, we're just not going to have kids Brahim on Instagram was 100 years old around that age, how SATA. His wife was 10 years younger than him so it would make her about nine years old. And

00:47:58--> 00:48:34

they've kind of just they've accepted now that we're not going to have kids they've settled. they're okay with it. She's barren. That's, that's it. It's the color of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, obviously, Ibrahim lives a very long life stream. Historically speaking, Ibrahim is now outlived his wives. He outlived his children. He outlived many of his grandchildren, he resettled in Philistine and Khalid, okay, he got married again over there. He had six children, and he's buried there. So if you were to put a timeline on Abraham's life on Abraham's life, it's a very, very, very long life that he lived. Okay. Now, what happens in this situation now as they've kind of settled and gotten

00:48:34--> 00:49:14

used to this, Allah subhanaw taala says, hell, attacca hardeeville LiFi Ibrahim and mocker amin, the noble guests of Ibrahim come to visit him who are the noble guests of Ibrahim Ali Salaam. They definitely included gibreel according to most of the scholars, it included me CAD and medical note the angel of death as well. So it's Elmo, Cassie, Mati Amara minus A Salafi because this law feed has another job to do. But a group of guests some angels come to visit Ibrahim it is to them. They don't announce themselves. They don't say that they're angels, but they just appear to be strangers just walking through wayfarers. Ibrahim alayhis salaam sees them as they come is de la sacado

00:49:14--> 00:49:48

ceramah they say Salaam sobre hemara insula Abraham doesn't say Who are you? Right below him is them says said I'm on Conan Carew. He says Salah moon, which according to embargo is like if someone says to you As salam or any command you say why they come as salaam alaikum wa Taala he greeted them with an enthusiastic setup. Like go ahead Come on in guys have a seat, right? It wasn't like you know, nowadays, you don't say Salaam to someone unless you know them. Right? It's one of the signs of the Day of Judgment. And you know, what's a greater sign of the Day of Judgment is New York where you don't greet someone unless you know them right? You can't even say hi, how are you to someone unless

00:49:48--> 00:50:00

you know them. Okay. But Sam is something that's taken away a lot of showing us the adverb of Ibrahim Anisa he tells these guests come on in to follow Sam already come have a seat, guys from

00:50:00--> 00:50:41

raga era he goes and tell SATA we've got guests the job here is it in semi Yani Jimena will be knifes, he has a scar said he came carrying this huge meal this huge roasted cow, right? cooked done well, you know, a huge portion, he puts it on the table. And you know, this is his his his generosity towards them. But what happens, the true definition of awkward silence, they just look at him. These angels cannot eat, they physically cannot eat even when they appear to be human beings, Allah has completely taken desire away from them completely taken food and drink away from them. So what is about him is, um, do you know in some cultures the appropriate thing to do, there are some

00:50:41--> 00:51:14

parts of the world that where they actually put the food on the table and the hosts leave and they let you finish the food and come back so that you're not shy. And some culture is primarily Arab, they see culture, they open your mouth and just force it down your throat, right? Not to stay you know, to kind of love right, just eat right? And you actually have to like hide or you got to eat at a really slow pace unless you want to eat like four plates and mccluer but Eonni right. It's it's a bit shameful if you don't do that right. And while he is now he has good add up. He has good manners, so he doesn't do that. He just caught up to him. He just pushes the tray closer to them.

00:51:15--> 00:51:49

They still didn't touch the food. It's still an awkward silence. He says a lot Kowloon, aren't you going to eat? Now in that situation? Was there a conversation that took place according to an ambassador, the law and who narrations from him and so he didn't in Japan and others. At that point the angels in order to make an excuse for themselves. They said la Nakuru. shakila be family. Look, we don't eat things unless we pay for them. So Brahim said fine. kulu I do seminar, go ahead and eat it and then pay later. They said, What's the price? How much does it cost? He said that you start Bismillah and the name of Allah, and that you end in the praise of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So

00:51:49--> 00:52:27

there's an apparent way out, right for Ibrahim Iceland that he made. So the angels now say nothing. At that point. What does the law say? I mean, think about if you were in the place of the game is that you just serve the generous meal and they're just kind of looking they're looking at you, like, can't do anything about that, right? Oh, Josephine fctc, for at that point, Ibrahim alayhis salam became scared on the inside notice VFC he didn't say anything. It was inside of him. At that point, the angel said, Okay, fine. Lots of stuff. Don't be afraid. On top of that vessel Ruby Hold on. And they gave him the glad tidings of a knowledgeable young son, this old man and his old wife. By the

00:52:27--> 00:53:04

way, Allah has a knowledgeable young son that's on the way this is something to take place in the future. In fact, many of the scholars say the angels were not going to give him the bush law at that time. They weren't going to give him the glide signs at that time, but to put him to ease vestibulum and Adam. Okay, now Sarah is listening in from the other room, because she's getting scared too. Now because these guys aren't doing anything. So they must be up to no good as soon as they say that. What happens up bandits in Morocco? houfy Salatin for soccer tada she comes screaming hysterically slapping her face. Odds are Jews are knocking he's old has a belly shaker. He can't have kids. I

00:53:04--> 00:53:41

can't have kids. What are you talking about? How is this happening? You know what's going on here? Now Jabra Islam is the one who's speaking now because jabril is the one who gives the Bushra of the child in the first place. So jabril always answers with one word first. ketonic Look, it's just like that. And according to be says, because that's the title of the melodica that's how the angels were raised. They don't ask those types of questions. How is this happening? A lot decided it's gonna happen. It's just gonna happen. chaotic Look, it's just gonna happen that way. And they say to her that your Lord is Hakeem when I mean he's most wise and most knowledgeable. Usually, it's an even

00:53:41--> 00:54:15

hikkim its most knowledgeable, most wise, but it's switched around because the scholars say she wasn't questioning the knowledge of Allah she's questioning the wisdom of why this is happening now why now after all these years has it comes into the picture then she's left behind with this married Why now? Look, it's that's the way it goes. Now notice Ibrahim on Instagram didn't do anything. Right. At the most the narration say said hamdulillah he prays the last time he thanked Allah but there is no flipping out like oh my god, I got the news of the kid. Yes, finally this is happening. None of them nor is there How is this happening? Why is this happening? He's watching his wife argue

00:54:15--> 00:54:53

his video is over why this is happening. Ibrahim is is calm. And how calm is he he noticed is something that you really wouldn't notice in a moment of shock like that. He says, Yeah, but not hot. Welcome. Hello. That's nice. But what are you angels really up to? Because Ibrahim recognize that if this was a bush of a child if this was the glad tidings of a child that would have just been Zubrin. What are the angel of that? What's the Angel of Death doing here? And what's the other Angel doing here? Why the other angels now of course we don't even realize there's something beautiful here. He actually noted why Ibrahim is not did not say anything or did not flip out and you know

00:54:53--> 00:55:00

lose it. He says that Ibrahim alayhis salaam to our other job. He was used to strange things happening

00:55:00--> 00:55:35

I'm in life knows people that sit on rollercoasters and nothing fazes them. Right. They've been on every roller coaster in life anyway. Right. Ibrahim has been thrown into a fire and it didn't burn him. Right? He was to slaughter his son and his son turned into around. He's seen so much in his life that he has this Tilak code and a lot of this trust in Allah, that you know what it is what it isn't hamdulillah and he was used to it. So he simply says My heart will come through it, but what are you really up to? And they said in that order sidna Isla Coleman, what do you mean, we have been sent to a transgressing people we have been sent to the people of loyalty, his solemn lot, his

00:55:35--> 00:56:09

nephew, the only person that believed in the Prophet slicin they believed in the Prophet Ibrahim it his thought was that, um, aside from his wife, who went out and said, how long I mean, he's like, I need all the law and who was when the prophets license called out to his people? And he said, I'll support you, you know, sola Lord supported Ibrahim very early on, and he grew in his own ambitions. And he went out to do Dawa in another town nearby. So when Ibrahim heard that, that they were sent to the people of loot, what did he do he forget about the child right now. He started arguing with the angels on behalf of Islam, and they said, What, look, we know loot is there. We know the

00:56:09--> 00:56:44

believers are there, they're going to be fine. It's those that have transgressed and those that have oppressed, a beautiful lesson we take from this, by the way, as well. Notice that on the way to destroy a nation, they just gave the glad tidings to Ibrahim an incident of a child that's going to produce nations, one of the largest nations on earth bending slavery, right? And in that, as it nullify him says we're in touch over low, common wire comm if you turn away a lot of replaces you, the irony, they're on their way to do away with a nation. And they're giving the glad tidings of one child that's going to produce one of the largest nations on Earth. So panela, a nation of prophets,

00:56:44--> 00:57:23

a nation of NBN, and so on, so forth. Okay. So he plays that role with Ibrahim is now finally, when Abraham and his married finished building the caravan, Ibrahim said erina manasi kana. Oh Allah show us the rituals. The prophets lie Selim said, Allah sent Djibouti la de his salam, and jabril alayhis salam did the Hajj with Ibrahim, step by step he took him through the monastic of Hajj, right. He walked him through it the same hedge that you do the same hedge that was revived by the prophet slice on he walked them through it, and one shape on tempted him from the places where the Jamaat are today. jabril is the one who told the Brahim to throw stones at him. And we do that today in

00:57:23--> 00:57:59

commemoration of that moment that jabril told Ibrahim for those stones that shape. So Subhana Allah look at that tradition, look at that rich legacy that we have from that moment that Djibouti is the one who taught Ibrahim the Hajj in the first place. Now sometimes the mention of Djibouti or IE Salaam is not as prominent, not as pronounced. So for example, in the story of use of Do you ever associate use of alliston? Would you believe it? Sarah? You don't I mean, you don't see you could listen to an entire series on use of adding histogram and jabril never comes into the picture. But he is there. Right? And you know, one of the scholars he pointed out he said somehow if you look at

00:57:59--> 00:58:39

even the way that Allah describes uses, this is a Tafseer tidbit that I can't go into detail with. Allah says about Mossad Islam, Allah Bella should the who was stellar at a now hookman when that when Moses peace be upon him, reached his age of maturity was stellar, which according to Muslim scholars out of Bahrain, 40 years old, meaning at that moment, that's when Allah Subhana Allah gave him knowledge and wisdom. Okay, Allah Subhana Allah gave him those things done his prophethood started when he was at that stage of maturity Yusuf Alayhi Salaam, the ISS alumna Bella should the who attained our hookman when when he reached his age of maturity, we gave him wisdom and knowledge

00:58:39--> 00:59:21

to show that uses Prophethood started at a much earlier age, his journey with Allah And would you believe it starts at a much earlier age. Where is his first encounter with jabril you know where it is, when his brothers threw him into that well, and use of it his Salaam went plunging to the bottom, he landed in the hands of a man that he's never seen before. Believe it his jabril caught him to make sure that the fall was not too harsh on him. And somehow to let you think about that, about him I like comments on that in that is a sign that the creation never catches the ropes except that the creator catches you now you later kilala does not lose you Allah does not let you go to

00:59:21--> 00:59:57

waste from the moment his brother's cut the ropes, he was caught, whether jabril even spoke to him at that point. Whether that's the meaning of oh hey Nikita he lets you know the unknown bmdm however, that you will one day that we revealed to him that you will one day you know inform them of this affair and you will one day This will one day come back to them. Whether that's the meaning of it or why he was just inspiration here allow it it seems to be the latter, but still gibreel caught use of it so them so sometimes it's very subtle, though you don't hear it prominently being mentioned. That's a pretty significant role that use of did not go crashing to the ground instead of

00:59:57--> 01:00:00

loss and W to catch him sometimes.

01:00:00--> 01:00:35

As you see the mention of debris is not necessarily with the Prophet that's being spoken about in the story, but with the enemy of that particular prophet. So with musala his Salah, now realize what aakar said, this is the angel that was sent to musante his son and there are multiple reasons for that. One of them that the Prophet slicin him would challenge a tyrant of our own in his own Abuja, Khalid Abu lahab. And we challenge a regime he would challenge a system of oppression, the politics of that time, just like Mussolini surrounded This wasn't about theology. This was about replacing a system of corruption. And when you do that, you're going to be turned out just like Mossad Islam was

01:00:35--> 01:01:14

another one. If not, Rahim, Allah says, out of all of the prophets and messengers, Moosa received the most extensive revelation, the Torah and its origin, was the most extensive there, it was the greatest revealed in the sense of volume of any book that a lost child ever revealed to a messenger, the Quran was made easy for memorization, it is not as thick as the toad was. Alright, so obviously jabril taught Moosa a lot. He was with Moosa, a lot, but the most of you know the narration that we see an authentic mention of jabril and the story of Musa is actually with his enemy, it's with Pharaoh. And it's authentic, how definitivamente that jabril came to the Prophet slicin them and he

01:01:14--> 01:01:51

told the Prophet slicin them, you should have seen me the day that for their own died. Now, why would you believe you'd be telling him this is it's a, you know, like, you want to know what I did to Fidel and the day he died? No, it's to show the prophets lice. I'm like, Look, Abu jihad is a mini film, wait to see what happens to him. And I wouldn't have it. Don't worry, you should have seen me the David Allen died. prophets lie. Some said, what happens to realize lamb said as he was drowning in the bottom of the sea, he said, I went and I found him and I started kicking dirt into his mouth, for her she to any akula ilaha illAllah Muhammad Allah. So because I was afraid that he

01:01:51--> 01:02:28

would say la ilaha illa Allah that He would repent and allow it Have mercy on him? Who does this have to tell you about more than gibreel arisa? Allah, right, who knows a lot better than jabril. And jabril knows that Allah is so merciful, that even for their own has a chance. And he was afraid that would that one moment of repentance, Allah would void all of those years of corruption and tyranny. And by the way, you know, I know that, you know, we'd like to compare modern day dictators to Pharaoh, rightfully so. But for the owners the worst, right? You've got to understand that, you know, I know. And this is the consensus of the scholars, right, that fit down is the worst human

01:02:28--> 01:03:01

being. I mean, he combines all of the worst qualities in a person that's ever been created, you know, through mankind. He's here, right? And He's the worst of them all. And a lot of times people say, Well, this dictator is worse than Fidel. No, he's not worse than Fidel and sisters come up and like my husband is worse than Fidel. And I'm like, a sister once told me that before and I was like, dude, your husband's gonna cut you up into pieces. You better run away. If your husband's worse than Fidel number one, you need a divorce. Number two, you better be scared. Right? Your husband's not worse than for their own. No tyrants worse than for their own. gibreel is worried that Fatone has a

01:03:01--> 01:03:35

chance with the loss of Hannah Montana. Now did you bleed ruin his fate? The debris and mess it up for him? No, a lot told to be laughter that Yeah, debris. Where is that he was a lady. I swear by my glory and my honor that lowest as often he was stuff or any refer to that. If he would have sought forgiveness from me sincerely, I still would have forgiven him. You're putting dirt in his mouth would not have stopped it. Okay, I still would have forgiven him. Now, here's the thing. You might think well, why the dirt in the mouth when wicked people die? Anyway, the Mirai can do what the angels do what you'll do, the Buddha will do them they're hitting them in the face. jabril just gave

01:03:35--> 01:04:15

an extra kick to Fidel. Like he really hated Fidel. Why did jabril hate fit around so much? Was it because for their own distributor in one day, when he was talking to most of them like you and that angel that comes to is that why? No. Listen to what he says to the prophets license. He said a blob to who Jonas America who you hold another Pokemon Allah. I hated him the day I heard him say I am your Lord the most time when for their own had the audacity to stand up and say I am your Lord the Most High. The hatred that jabril developed turf at home was unprecedented. And somehow a law that shows you something about God and in Hades literature. Sometimes when jabril came to the Prophet

01:04:15--> 01:04:55

slice of them, He did not say Allah says he said Allah, the Most High status the Most High has done which shows the status or the regard that jabril shows for his Lord subhanho wa Taala so sometimes we see it that way. Lastly with the family of Milan sometimes you see it not necessarily with a profit but with the family of prophethood now we know the story of Nadia money his Salaam when Miriam was worshipping Allah subhanaw taala in her in her area in the masjid, and Zachary Ali Salaam would come and visit her. Could nomadic Allah Allah has a Korean Maharaja there they're in the horoscope every time he got in there, he found fruits he found food that was out of out of season

01:04:56--> 01:04:59

and he doesn't know where this is coming from. Right and lucky has young

01:05:00--> 01:05:37

And where are you getting this from? Carla to amend the law. Look, it's from a law in the law. How does the Commedia shop divided a sub A law gives what He wills to whom He wills when he wills. Okay, what happened there? Who not he could, as a carrier of the carrier started to call upon his Lord at that moment and he starts to call upon a law showing his weaknesses and things of that sort. What does the law say happened? Now that's what the law well who are caught in when you're slowly filling up? The angels actually cut them off here. And jabril is the one who gives the bush Raja but he is the one who gives the glad tidings in the law, you must obey Allah gives you the glide tidings of a

01:05:37--> 01:05:49

son Not only that, he's already been named, he has this quality, that quality that quality, a lot starts to mention his character, his qualities. zecharia says, Wait, how is this happening? And nyako? newlyweds? maratea Raka

01:05:51--> 01:06:28

Raka How am I supposed to have a child when I'm old and you know, my wife is barren? How is this happening? What's the answer? Cuz Alec number one, Look, don't ask those types of questions. Allah has decided it. It's going to happen and Allah creates whatever he wills. Okay, and then sort of tomato, Maka kolak toka. I created you in Kabul before when I'm takushi. And you are nothing, nothing is beyond the loss of Hannah without his power. This is what's happened now. You have a child that's going to be born to now Miriam, she goes out and she goes out where mccannon shall clear she withdraws to the east and she would leave that she would when she would leave the masjid

01:06:28--> 01:07:06

once a month. She would go out to the east and many of the scholars they say that was to appreciate the sunrise. She would go and she would watch the sunrise and she would do her thicket and remember Allah subhana wa jal, and she would put up a hijab, a curtain, she put two stakes in the ground, and she put up a curtain so that even when she was out in the open, it was clearly signified that this is my territory. Right? Don't come near. She's a young lady. 14 to 18 years old. You know, that's historically speaking, if you really want to look at it, she's a teenager. Right? And she's worshipping Allah alone, remembering Allah Subhana Allah alone and what is the last say, for Otto

01:07:06--> 01:07:48

sellner Ilaha ro Hannah, we sent to her non other than our spirits. We didn't send her any Angel. We sent to her. Our Djibouti lady his setup, Fatima Allah Bashar Iran, Serbia jabril appeared to her like a completely proportional, beautiful human being, you know, they measure beauty scientifically through what? symmetry right Allah says best Hold on. So we have a completely symmetrical human being jabril was perfect in every sense. He appears in the form of a young man, not as muddy. I'm looking at this young man at law hero, this woman of purity and whatever it is modesty and say, oh, cinema and Ico.

01:07:50--> 01:08:03

You know, I can't believe he's here right now. I don't know who you are. But I'm sorry. You know, I'm worshipping a lot. Can I finish worshiping Allah? Then I'll come talk to you. She doesn't do all that. What does she do before jabril can even open his mouth. She says

01:08:04--> 01:08:27

demon kitten, Quinta Tapia, I seek refuge in the Most Merciful from you if you have any fear of Allah. If you have any decency inside of you. Turn around and go away. And let's not even talk. Let's pretend this never happened for just go seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So sisters have a brother approaches you in the hallway. Try that with them. All right. Watch what happens even if he doesn't understand Arabic. He's gonna be like, Alright, I'm not touching that sister, you know?

01:08:28--> 01:09:04

But seriously, go back to that story. And you wonder well, why did mme start talking to me after that if she just told him go away? And I don't want to talk to you. And if you have any decency inside of you, just let's pretend this never happened. You know why? Because when she answered gibreel, with that statement, gibreel alayhis salam assumed an angelic form. Jabra Islam and topology breed he left his human form and he assumed not his full angelic form. We said this he assumed and angelic form a light with a voice whatever it may be. And he continued the conversation with her in Santa Ana Rasulullah. beaky, we have alakea gulaman zakia I'm a messenger of your Lord

01:09:04--> 01:09:42

that's been let's come to you to give you the glide sightings of a pure sun when she starts to argue and says Annika cannoli wanna, you know, how am I supposed to have a son or mom how am I supposed to have a child? right with me? I'm sesame Rashad Willem aku Bahia. I've never even been touched by a man. I've never been impure. The answer is what Allah has decided. It's already done. Good luck. All right. And last and he gives her you know, what do you know Jana who is in the nostril documents and midnight he will be assigned for the people in a mercy from Us. What can I do and look this is already happening por la means the execution of the decree the execution of other Canon ameron

01:09:42--> 01:09:59

mcdata means what you're already pregnant, it starts now. This is not from the future. It starts now for Hamada to she conceived him fantabulous became McCann and possio. She hides away from her people for a time and she and she stays away from as the pregnancy develops when the pregnancy

01:10:00--> 01:10:34

starts to get to a point where she's going to deliver realize she's a young girl. She doesn't have anyone around her to help her. She's never experienced pregnancy before. When she's driven to the trunk of the tree, what does she say? Yeah, and a tiny mid to Abdullah has our container cmmc I wish I would have died before this and been completely forgotten. Now they're not saved the part about wanting to die, right? Because some of you say, Well, can you ask a lot that you want to die actually the province license that if you're dying, you can ask a lot and you're Agila. A believer can ask a lot to speed it up. That's permissible. And they say that since money I've never

01:10:34--> 01:11:07

experienced pregnancy and pregnancy delivery pushes a woman and the women are like, yeah, we know, right? We have no idea right? We just see how women are when they're giving birth. Okay, since pregnancy delivery pushes a woman to the brink of death. nadiem actually thought she was dying. That's one way of looking at that she was in so much pain. She thought she was dying. Once she says come to Nelson Mandela, I wish I was completely forgotten. Why is she saying that? Because you know, people are going to mock the people of Imam. They're going to mock the people of faith. They're going to mock a family of prophethood. They're going to say look at what she was looking at what she

01:11:07--> 01:11:45

was like, you know, so Maryam calls out just wishing she never existed. who starts to talk to her. Now da Hammond takhti her alerta has any jabril says to her, don't you dare grieve? Don't be sad. Allah destiny. He starts coaching her through her pregnancy. How did Allah buki Tata caesaria you know, you think that you want to you think that you will have a disgraceful mention actually, there's a revelation that's coming that's going to say what's called Phil kitabi Amalia make mentioned in the book of Mario, you have you have something awaiting you and you have no idea what Allah is going to make out of you and not as any. And look Khadija Allah buki Tata Caesarea, Allah

01:11:45--> 01:12:21

has placed beneath you a river will Jose de de que Vegeta inocula shake the palm tree to SAP it's Alec eurotop engineer fresh ripe dates will fall upon you Cooley What shall be recorded in eat, drink, and rejoice. You know, your children, your spouse and your children are supposed to be caught up to rain and luck. They're supposed to be the coolest of your eyes, look at your child, not with not with a feeling of regret, but with a feeling of happiness, then the next test comes to her that you're not allowed to defend yourself when your people approach you. But mottingham had full confidence at that point that Allah was with her. So one mottingham approached her people she didn't

01:12:21--> 01:12:56

know how Allah was going to defend her. She didn't know what Allah was going to do. But she had been coached properly and her Tilak could have kicked in here her trust and allowed that you know what, something's going to happen and Allah subhanaw taala rewarded her with that. That's when he saw it. He said I'm spoken her defense. So jabril assumes here now pregnancy coach with money it has so he coaches her through her pregnancy, reassures her reaffirms her And finally, before we break for us it was their ethos at his Salaam, Allah subhanaw taala mentions numerous allies or just as a dinar habito headquarters, we supported him with the Holy Spirit and Allah even mentions it as a favor to

01:12:56--> 01:13:36

Isa it is to them a year to come, I supported you, with royal goddess with the Holy Spirit. I can't go into detail with that meaning but obviously, are you citing Sam was supported by Sabrina on Instagram throughout his life. Not only that the scholars say the only angel that could take a prophet and ascend and descend through the heavens is who jabril so when the plot was made to crucify him, the angel that was sent to him to take him through the heavens and to place him there until a loss of hundreds or decrees that he returned was God himself. Okay. And that's why Subhana Allah, you know, I kept looking for the meaning of why a lot chooses to mention in sort of medium

01:13:37--> 01:14:11

one, that's an absolutely lovely umbrella, that we do not come down except with the permission of your Lord. What is the ayah the prophets lie Selim would grieve when jabril did not visit him for a long time. And jabril salaam tells the Prophet slicin Look, we only come to you when a loss of Hannah roadside decrees we can't come when we decree on our own, okay, we don't make that decision and it's made very personal like it's dubrio speaking, monotonous, little ellaby. Emily Robic, we don't come unless your Lord decrees. Why ensuited Maria, many of the scholars mentioned because gibreel played a prominent role in every single prophet that's been mentioned there. Think about it

01:14:11--> 01:14:39

is that Korea, North Korea, then it went to Isa, then it went to Ibrahim, right. Then it went to Moosa. Then it went to Idris then it went to Izmir, in all of these people. gibreel played a very prominent role in their lives. And so it said to the Prophet slicin Look, we only come down when Allah subhana wa tada decrees and it's with wisdom. And when jubilees comes down, you will be fulfilled and you will be satisfied. inshallah, to Allah, the rest of the seminar is completed with the prophets license.

01:14:40--> 01:14:59

Okay, smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Karim while Ernie he also he ultramarine. So the rest of the seminar jabril with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and to properly understand this, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, well Lee in an eco gibreel

01:15:00--> 01:15:37

And it's hard to it's difficult to translate Willie in the context of an angel because, you know, it's not our traditional guardian angel. But the the angel that was closest to the Prophet slice that I'm the one who supported the Prophet slice on him his protective friend from the angels is debris in it his son, and the Prophet sly son. He also says in another narration, he says Nabina Bian Illa Allah who was Iranian Atlantis and that was Iran even earlier, although there is no prophet except that Allah gives him two ministers from the inhabitants of the earth and two ministers from the inhabitants of the heavens. He says, was he I am and my two inhabitants from the

01:15:37--> 01:15:45

heavens are gibreel and Miquel. My two ministers from the inhabitants of the heavens are jabril and MCAD. What was the Araya and my two ministers

01:15:46--> 01:16:12

from the inhabitants of the earth are double bucket and Omar, are they allowed to add an Houma so Mika also plays a role in the life of the Prophet slice Allah. We see some some mentions of niqab that we're going to see here as well, but obviously jabril is the closest of them all. Now, how does the first encounter of the Prophet slicin and gibreel go? Does anyone know? Is it Hara? When does the Prophet slicin first CGV

01:16:13--> 01:16:50

as a young child, and a symptomatic of the Allahu anhu narrates that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was running around playing with all of the children just like everyone else, and this is the year that his mother died. So the prophets lie. Selim is a complete orphan at this point, he's lost his mother, and he's lost his father sallallahu wasallam. And he's now switching from hand to hand, I mean, from lap to lap was the last slice that I'm still was a very happy child, and he's running around playing with all the other kids. When suddenly a man came and he grabbed a little soul loss on the law, it was solemn, and he threw him into the ground. So all of the other children

01:16:50--> 01:17:29

went running to their parents and they said in the Mohammedan, got quoted, that Mohammed sallallahu Sallam has been killed, and as they're running to their parents, the prophets lie Selim is watching now what this man is about to do to him. Also la sala LA, he was Selim said, he cuts my chest, he opened my chest, he grabbed the heart of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he took something from the heart of the Prophet slice of them and he said, Have the have little shape on the mink. This is the portion of evil within you the portion of the devil within you, and he threw it. Then the prophets lie Selim said he proceeded to wash my heart in a golden vessel of zum, zum and

01:17:29--> 01:18:06

Subhanallah that what the scholars say about that, number one, gold would be considered the best of metals and Zamzam is the water that Islam opened in the first place. Zamzam is the best of all water, started to purify the heart of the profit slice on he started to wash it with Zamzam and the prophets lie Selim is watching all of this as a child, and his heart was put back sallallahu wasallam. And by the time the kids got back, they found the prophets lie Selim with his chest sewn up, and you know, it's amazing Subhana Allah and it's an amalgam of the law and who said there was a line down the test of the profit slice that um, that had Mohit, Mohit, the stitching, like a perfect

01:18:06--> 01:18:38

line of stitching do they did they used to do open heart surgeries 1400 years ago, in Arabia, perfect stitching on a line on the chest of the Prophet sly seller. And they said his face was blue. The very first time I taught this class. It was in London, there was a cardiologist that came to me and gave me like a 20 minute lecture as to why his face would be blue because circulation is cut off and wouldn't be this color blue. And I'm like, yeah, that's that's really anyone's doing it. Mashallah, you know, and that British accent I'm like, that's great. So I got the point. Now, circulation cut off blue face further proof, right? The profit slices heart was taken out

01:18:38--> 01:19:18

physically. And he was purified it his slot was set up. He got absolutely no explanation from that moment. He was traumatized by the incident. He didn't know what happens. Now, the mushrikeen the pagans were very superstitious people. So they just took this to mean that it's some good omen, right? And they started to celebrate it and so on so forth. Because they thought that this was something that was good for them, obviously wouldn't be so good for them. Right? But the point is no explanation for 34 years. For 34 years, the profit slice on knew that this happened and we know that other miracles happened with him as well. So why sell them with no explanation. 34 years later, at

01:19:18--> 01:19:24

the age of 40 years old, he shuttle the Allahu taala and has said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he started to see

01:19:26--> 01:20:00

a folly half or a Slavica truthful, righteous dreams. For six months, all of a sudden the Prophet sly send them started to see truthful, righteous dreams, good dreams, truthful dreams. He sees in a dream that something is going to happen tomorrow that someone's going to come visit him. The next day that person comes and visits him wearing exactly what he saw him in the dream doing. He sees the janazah in his dream. He wakes up in the morning and he finds out that a person has passed away and that janazah takes place and that continued for six months. Everything that he was seeing in his dream would come true. The next

01:20:00--> 01:20:36

Night. So he already has an idea that something is happening just to sort of understand why the profits licensing would all of a sudden start going to a cave, right? And meditating and praying, right? Something is very strange is happening with him some Allah hardy who is seldom as the seeing these things, it's also been concluded now in his household between him and Khadija all the allow that it's a supernatural experience that someone is communicating with them from the divine some form of creation is communicating with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now this continues for six months and that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that good dreams are

01:20:36--> 01:21:16

146 of revelation because the revelation is 23 years. And this was for six months. All right, that's all he got. Then suddenly, I shadow the law and he says, Allah bestowed the love of seclusion on the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Suddenly he loved to be alone was lost by some would climb up to head off. Now hit up is about a two hour climb. Right, that's with the zigzag stairs now. All right, how many of you have been up to head off? Not many, but it's a pretty long climb, right? It's a pretty long climb to get up there. They didn't have stairs back then head off is not a big cave. You know, in some kind of law. It's not like this deep cave either. And it's you know, it would be pretty

01:21:16--> 01:21:53

unidentifiable. Had we not had the history of Islam, right. I mean, it's way up there like God is very close. You can see God filled pretty easily. You can get there pretty easily. hella is way up there. But if you get up to head up, you have this aerial view of Mecca, is probably you see everything you see the entire city you even see the album even with all those hideous buildings around it. You can still see the Kava, right you see everything from there. The Prophet slicin would go up there for days, weeks, and then finally the entire month of Ramadan. Well, it's a handedness. One narration says you have to have enough which is a Dean hanafy the monotheistic religion of

01:21:53--> 01:22:30

Ibrahim Islam he worshiped a lot in accordance with the monotheistic religion, Ibrahima Islam, which means he just went up there and he prayed in any way that he could. He didn't have an organized Salah. He called upon God and an Abrahamic Wait, that's literally what the narration is saying. But here's the thing, he had no desire to come down. And the beauty of that is that, did the prophets lysozyme have any issues financially? No, he was actually quite wealthy at that time. Okay, so he wasn't going up there because he was suffering a sudden financial crisis. Was the profit slice. I'm suffering from slander, or a poor mentioned in society in any way? Absolutely not. He's as famous as

01:22:30--> 01:23:11

they come. He's a solid. I mean, he's respected the truth, the truthful one, the trustworthy one, everyone knows who he is sly selam. everyone admires him and he attained that status, not by wealth, or by family or lineage because of who he was as a person. Right? Did he have issues with his marriage? Because that would drive a person up to a cave, right? And he has this? No, clearly not because Khadija will be low on his 15 years older than him, a 55 year old woman climbs up to Hill ought to bring him food and drink without him even requesting it. She would go up there out of her love for him, and take food and drink and cloth and clothing to him so that the Prophet slicin would

01:23:11--> 01:23:45

not have to interrupt his prayer. And so somehow the law she recognizes something special is happening with her husband as well. Suddenly, as the profit slice on him Is there one day, he sees gibreel at his salon. Now, the jabrill come to him in the form of an angel, or in the form of a human being in the form of a human being. There's a proof for this, which I'll mention in sha Allah tala in the form of a human being. So you might be thinking to yourself, Why in the world was the profit slice? I'm scared them. Well think about it. Your two hours up there, no one's around you. And then all of a sudden you see a strange man standing at the mouth of the cave and he's just

01:23:45--> 01:24:21

staring you down. He's not saying anything. What might you think is happening? If you're the prophets lie Selim, what might you think is happening? hallucination dreaming? Is this something that I'm seeing? Right? I remember somehow I went to a trivia Camp 2004 it was the year before Katrina and it was in Mexia, Texas was like away from civilization or something like that. And I remember driving after 24 hours of not sleeping, and I started seeing polar bears on the highway in Texas. That to me was I was like, okay, hallucination is real. Okay, after after I was I had to be convinced that they weren't real polar bears on the highway. But

01:24:22--> 01:24:59

you know, you might think something's happening to you, right? To add on to that a future narration gives us an idea of what happened to the prophets lie Selim. What I saw last night somebody told Khadija what happens. He said, Johnny let the attorney filmin am the one who I was seeing in my dreams came to me. So that further establishes that the prophets lysozyme had already seen jabril in his dreams. And so he's thinking that this is strange. I'm not sleeping right now. I'm not dreaming, which explains why jabril grabbed him. He hugged him. This is real. It put up Read, Write read. You are

01:25:00--> 01:25:38

Not hallucinating. This is not a vision. I'm really here. Not only am I really here and I'm squeezing you to show you that in NASA nuclear alayka Conan fajita the words that are going to be revealed to you this revelation that's going to come to it's going to be heavy, right? You need to be ready to acquire this ikura so he commanded him read and he let him go and the profit slice that I'm sad. I don't know how to read. So debris rice lamb grabbed him again harder and said read it. I said I don't know how to read. And gibreel Islam grabbed me the third time he said twice and he grabbed me the third time and he held me so tight that I thought I was going to die jubilees

01:25:38--> 01:26:22

squeezed me and said if crop read so the prophets lifetime said, What shall I read and that's when you read it his Salaam said, If Quran this Mirabella de holla, read in the name of your Lord who creates Holocaust inside them and Allah, Who created man from a suspended clot. It caught up what a book I read, and your Lord is most generous, the one who taught man that which he knew not taught man, the use of the pen. The prophets lie Selim as he receives these words, and that happens jabril didn't grab him again. And jabril didn't go anywhere. The prophets lie Selim left the cave and he went running down. And you can imagine how you know Subhan Allah, how long that way down must have

01:26:22--> 01:26:55

been after what just happened to him. sallallahu wasallam. And you can imagine the sight the relief that the Prophet slicin felt when he finally got home, and he saw her these are the allowed Tyler and her and literally embraced her and hugged her and told her to hold me. Hold me and these are the law and is that what happens? Now when the profit slice I'm told her what happened? Her these are the law and how she could have easily been like, well, maybe you should stop going up to that cave. Maybe we should stay home more often. Let's just pretend this never happens. You know, you can meditate in the corner of the house and we'll leave you alone and inshallah nothing will happen

01:26:55--> 01:27:29

again. She didn't say that. Look at how beautiful Khadija Subhanallah she truly believed in the Prophet slicin before he believed in himself, truly, she tells the prophets lie Selim, while la de la musica la vida, Allah would never disgrace you now Why did she bring a lot into the picture because the Prophet slicin him was going up there, because he was a humanitarian. He's a social justice. I mean, he's an activist before being a messenger. He's trying to solve the problems of the world. It's not happening, corruption still exists. You know, he knows there's more to this world these dreams are happening. He knows that Allah is you know that Allah has given him a greater

01:27:29--> 01:28:05

purpose. So what the prophet sighs I was thinking might have just happened is that you know, a demon disgraced Timur, that this is a form of punishment, or this is a form of trial, like I'm losing my mind and I say, Vaughn is coming to me or something like that. He just says, you. Well, la la de la vida, Allah would never disgrace a person like you. And she starts to give us the last 15 years of the Seal of the Prophets license. In Nikola Tesla Rahim. You're a man who establishes the ties of kinship. You're a man who takes care of the orphans and the poor, you're a man who's generous to his guests and to his neighbors. There is no one who has a cause, except that you take up their costs.

01:28:06--> 01:28:45

Allah would never disgrace you. Khadija says let's go to what aka watercop nanofilm, her cousin, her first cousin, and he's a biblical scholar. He was a monotheists. He refused to worship the idols. He was one of the few people that refuse to worship the idols. He abandoned paganism at a very young age. And he knew the Scripture, so he just says, Let's go to him and see what he thinks. So they go to him. And the Prophet slicin tells what up what he saw. What aka right away, says, have the numbers. now realize these people were waiting for scripture. They were waiting for them. They knew something was about to happen. They knew a messenger was about to come Wanaka made the connection

01:28:45--> 01:29:22

right away here, the messenger that everyone's been waiting for. That's gibreel that came to Musa alayhis salaam. And he said, I wish I was young enough that I could have lived to see and support you. When your people turn you out in the province. It sounds like what knee? Would they turn me? How would my people really turn me out the profit slice them has never disappointed or upset anyone? I mean, he's he's on good terms with everybody, would they really turn me out? Wanaka knows how this goes. When you challenge that system. When you bring this revelation, it's going to cause those who are corrupt to oppress you and to run you out. Now, here's the thing. So parallel, this was probably

01:29:22--> 01:29:59

the most fascinating moment in all of my research, okay, of this class of God. Just out of curiosity, I was like, you know, what, what does a biblical scholar How did he make the connection that this is Jeopardy? And I know that there are remnants of the Bible, so you know, the true Bible. So I said, Well, let me go through the Bible and see if there's any instance that mentions how Gabriel brings revelation. The one instance I found the one incident that's there, it's in Daniel eight, the prophet Danielle it is Sara. Daniel says, Behold, I saw a man before me with a booming voice saying understand, as he touched me and risk

01:30:00--> 01:30:41

Did the word to me, I fell on my face trembling and lost all strength, but I could still hear his words. Then he stood me upright, and said, fear not, oh, beloved one of God, fear not peace beyond to you. It's panela I saw that and I seriously got goosebumps. That was probably, if there was any moment in research that gave me goosebumps that was that how incredibly consistent is that with what the prophets lysozyme experienced. So panela the one instance that makes that mentions jabril it is Salah, coming to a person with revelation. Now what happens after that? I saw the alarm to Allah and her she said that the Prophet sallallahu it was said and after that, there is a Fatah, there is a

01:30:41--> 01:31:16

pause and revelation that pause and revelation was a very long time. Okay, it could have even gotten into years, allow them how long it was, but it was a very, very long time. I mean, you'll find the scholars talk about if the Prophet sly son was making this experience up, he clearly would have just went to the people and say, Hey guys, revelations coming to me now. Instead, the Prophet slicin them waits. He waits for this angel to come back. He doesn't get revelation, but here's what he gets Next, the prophets license starts to walk back into those mountains. And also last line, Selim expresses in his own words, that it was like he wanted to throw himself off because he wanted some

01:31:16--> 01:31:56

sort of clarity What's going on? Every time the prophets lysozyme would get into those mountains, he would hear the voice of gibreel alayhis salam saying, Yeah, Muhammad, in Nikita surah, la haka, or Mohammed, you are the Messenger of Allah in truth, and that calm the Prophet slicin down, and the prophets lie, Selim would go back to his house, then, later on, not only did he say, yeah, Mohammed in a colossal lie, how can he said, Well, Anna jabril, and I am jabril. So he clarifies to the Prophet slicin that he's gibreel but still no call and no revelation, what's going on? The next narration I'm about to share with you is probably going to make you all go like what, okay, Khadija

01:31:56--> 01:32:36

or the Allahu anhu once again, and I guarantee you, you'll leave the seminar with a greater appreciation of Khadija la Viola Han Khadija comes to the prophets lie Selim. And she says to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, either jakka sahiwal kochava. Bernie, if this companion of yours comes back to you, tell me. So the prophets lysozyme was waiting gibreel alayhis salam came, what was the Prophet slicin I'm seeing can as Mara salt or yellow boat, he was hearing the voice and he was seeing the radiance of Gabriel at his center. Khadija will be alone on his third sit on my right side. So he sat on her right side. Khadija said a Tara Do you see him? The prophets lie? Some

01:32:36--> 01:33:14

said Nam? Yes. So she told the prophets lie Selim, sit on my left side. He sat on her left side. She said a Tara, do you see him? The profits license said yes. Holla at him. She took off her female. Now the hijab back then there was no legislation of a job. The women used to wear something on their heads that covered their hair, and it came down but it didn't necessarily cover this area of their body, their necks and so on so forth. So they weren't that sort of it was called him out. It was called to a job back then it was called a female back then already. So the narration is is halachically model. She took it off. she embraced the Prophet sly stem from behind him. She put her

01:33:14--> 01:33:30

chin on his shoulder. And it was and she was holding him so close, that the Prophet slicin was almost in her lap. And she said, Tara, do you see him? The prophets? lysozyme said, No. She said, Let's look for in the Homeric where they said the same one.

01:33:31--> 01:33:37

She said Be firm. That's an angel. That's not a devil. You're reading that narration. You're going like,

01:33:38--> 01:34:14

what just happened here? What is she talking about? I'll tell you what happened. Are these all the allow to study the story of Djibouti. Khadija went out and learned about Djibouti rotting Salaam, one of the characteristics of jabril alayhis salaam is his higher his modesty anytime he saw the allowed time and how later on even in Sierra when I saw the allow on her was not fully dressed jabril would not come inside the house he'd called the profit slice in and out of the house. Khadija figured that out. She went and studied that she's telling the profit slice them if he was in the province, it doesn't know what's going on either. I tell her Do you see him? Do you see him? She's

01:34:14--> 01:34:57

the one telling him once again. That's an angel that is not a devil. Finally then the prophets lie Selim was walking once again and this time it was not Yeah, Mohammed dinagat. Also why happen? Oh, Mohammed, your messenger have a lunch. This is the Hadeeth of Java and other Bahati that the Prophet slicin was walking and suddenly the prophets lie Selim looked up and he saw gibreel alayhis salaam in his full angelic form, covering the space between the heavens and the earth, covering the entire horizon. What does Allah Subhana Allah say, the middle Ratan Festo. He rose at his Salatu Islam. jublia Islam rose to the sky, and he covered the entire horizon. The prophets lie some saw him with

01:34:57--> 01:34:59

all of his wings with his full creation.

01:35:00--> 01:35:42

Not only that what happened next? Right? So Madonna but Adela he started to come close to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was less than two bone lengths away from the prophets lie Selim. Right? He came close to the Prophet sly seller and sort of lost why sell them fell to the ground. He said that I was so scared that I fell to the ground that he came that close to me. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam went back to his home, and he told her these are the Aloha Zim Moroni, that's the Rooney Cover me, embrace me. And that's when the next revelation came. Yeah, you hit him with death cones and there were under cafa camber was here because Allah subhana wa tada

01:35:42--> 01:36:18

said, Oh, you who is covered up somehow think about it. The first revelation, the province liason was in the cave. The second time, the revelation came to him while he was in the arms of Khadija will be allowed time wrapped up, oh, you who is wrapped up, stand up and Warren stand up and call the people and declare the greatness of your Lord, purify your garments, abandon the idols, right? This is the first revelation and Subhanallah from that moment I saw the law and he says the revelation heated up Meaning what? After that long pause after certain madatha came certain Muslim men came sort of the Buddha so on so forth, there are multiple suitors that started to come very

01:36:18--> 01:36:56

quickly to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And that's where it starts. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam now understands what is happening. The prophets lie, some understands. He's a messenger of Allah. The prophets lie some is no longer terrified by the presence of Islam. It's been made clear to him, I think his thought was set up. Now to give you an idea. Now, what happens when jabril comes with a revelation to the Prophet slicin. Now we know for the prophets lie, Selim, it was very heavy on him, right? I mean, he would sweat even on a bitterly cold day. It was rough on him, his body would become physically heavier. I mean, they didn't have it says my leg was under his

01:36:56--> 01:37:34

leg when the poor man came to him one time and I lost feeling in my leg. You know what also lost my son was sitting on a camel when sorts of animals revealed to him and the knees of the camel buckled, and the profits licensing got off as a mercy to that camel. So it was visibly she was visibly visibly rough on the profit slice on when revelation came to him that way, but how does the process go? Okay, and this is truly fascinating. We No, no and zelina hazal or Anna Anna Javelin or ATIA who Hershey and with the sub the admin Harsha Tila, Allah says if we were to reveal this code and onto a mountain, you would have seen that mountain crumble you would see it shake and crumble out of it's

01:37:34--> 01:38:16

all the loss of Hannah hotel. It has to come to the heart of the prophets lysozyme he has to bear that revelation. But how does this all happen? I also lost my son was asked, How does the revelation come? The prophets lie Selim he said that when Allah desires to speak the words of revelation when Allah wills to speak the words of Revelation, he says, there's a loud noise through the heavens. And he said, it's like chains, pulling over mount Safa, like I mean, imagine the severity of chains pulling over a mountain. And he said, the angels of the heavens are overtaken by it, they're overtaken by it. And Allah speaks to jabril at his Salaam, now, can you imagine Allah speaks to

01:38:16--> 01:38:57

jabril directly with the revelation jabril actually gets the Koran from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, he hears the revelation from Allah subhana wa Tada. And when Allah Subhana, Allah finishes with the revelation to gibreel it is set up, the angels regained themselves and as gibreel starts to descend the prophets lysozyme said the angels surround jabril and they say, neither color book, what did your Lord say? And Sabrina says, and how, and how, or who will allow you to Kabir he's spoken the truth, and He is the Most High and the most great, the prophets license that all of those angels start to say, I'll have I'll have or will it will Kabira the truth, the truth is the most high and

01:38:57--> 01:39:02

the most great and they start to descend with jabril alayhis salam as he brings the revelation down.

01:39:03--> 01:39:43

And so little and am the Prophet slicin mentioned certain and I'm of course came in one shot over 20 pages in one shot to the prophets lie Selim 70,000. Angels were escorting sorted and am glorifying a loss of habitat and declaring his priests as it came to the messengers, little law it was Santa. That's the process of that revelation coming to the messenger sallallahu wasallam. Not only that, your brothers and sisters, but you know when you recycle, and that's the easiest way to get angels to surround us to start reading. You know why? Because the angels have not been given the gift of the recitation of the poem. And some of you are like, Wait, what? The angels do not recite the

01:39:43--> 01:39:59

Quran? Yes, the merona la they listened to it. There are only a few angels that Allah subhanho wa Taala has actually given the gift of the recitation of it obviously Djibouti and it has stood up and some angels, but for the most part, the angels they listen to it. So when you start to recite for an answer

01:40:00--> 01:40:37

And I can assure you that the angels witness that the angels surround the people as they recite the Quran because they love to hear it since they don't recite it so hon Allah. So that's how the revelation comes to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Obviously, there are numerous ways as to how gibreel would teach the prophets lie Selim, and even Subhana Allah as who taught the prophets lie Selim and of the multiple ways of recitation, the seven ways of recitation. Why? Because, you know, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam by reciting those seven ways of recitation, people would enter Islam very quickly, because the different dialects were included in the recitation all of them were

01:40:37--> 01:41:16

divine. How did that happen? The prophets license says in the Hadith, in Abu Dawood, that gibreel came to me and told me recite the Quran, and the recitation that's been given to you. So he said, I started to read. He said, gibreel was on my right side, Mika. He was on my left side, left side, Mika said is does it to increase him? So jabril taught me another recitation, Mika looked at the video again and said, it's designed to increase him. So he taught me another recitation, McCann said is does it to increase it until he said it seven times and the Prophet slicin was given seven different modes of recitation of the Quran, that's how it comes down to the Prophet slicin. That's

01:41:16--> 01:41:52

how it was taught to him. And it's truly miraculous and magnificent that the Prophet slicin was able to bear that and remember it by the grace of Allah subhanho to Allah. Now, what are some other ways that video came to the Prophet slicin he did not stop coming to him in his dreams. So just because he was now manifesting himself with revelation, it does not mean that he stopped coming in his dreams. There are some other ways in his dreams, he comes to the prophets lie Selim, sometimes with me can. So sometimes the prophets lie some saw jabril and Miquel together, one time he sees them and gibreel and mcal take him and they show him the punishment and the rewards of the grave. So the long

01:41:52--> 01:42:28

Hadeeth of Allah will cover the punishment of the grave and the rewards of the grave or debris and Miquel pointing out to the Prophet slicin on what is happening. Then he showed him an agenda paradise and Hellfire and the prophets lie Selim was showing his home in Paradise, he actually saw his house in paradise. So the prophets license that at that point, I said to gibreel and Mika, Danny at Holloman zili leave me now to enter my house. I don't want to go back. Let me get in now. And really his Salaam he put his hand on the arm of the province lies on and he said, You still got some time in this world and then you will enter it and sell. Okay, another time the prophets lie Selim

01:42:28--> 01:43:18

said I saw in my dream gibreel and Mika, and McCann said to God, give him an analogy. Give him a method. So gibreel Allah, his Salah, he said, the analogy of the message, or the parable of the message that has been given to you jasola is that of a king who conquered a lens. When the king conquered, conquered that land. He built a house in that lens. And then when he built that house, he constructed that house, he spread a table spread with food on it, and he invited whoever wanted to come into that home. Jabra his Salam said, Allah is the king. The land is Islam. The home is Jana. The food is the food of agenda, what NTR Muhammad Rasul Allah and you owe Mohammed or the Messenger

01:43:18--> 01:43:56

of Allah, whoever responds to you has entered into agenda and will eat whatever they desire of it. So jabril and Mikael are explaining to the prophets lie Selim, who he is, and actually giving him and third of what he represents and what his message represents other times why Sam came to the Prophet slice them with a command from Allah subhanaw taala in his dream, so the Prophet slicin saw an image of a shadow the allow Tyler and her jabril alayhis salaam showed the Prophet sly cinema Isa for three consecutive nights, and he told the Prophet sallallahu wasallam how he's though Jessica for dunya This is your wife and this world and the next an hour so she used to boast used to say

01:43:56--> 01:44:20

jabril proposed on my behalf, like Who else has that distinction? jabril came and asked for my hand, right? So if Hannah allegedly proposed on her behalf, sometimes jabril just showed him gender, random scenes of gender. So one time the prophets lie some such Habib came to me and he took me to a palace in paradise. It was so beautiful that the province licensing was about to go in, as he was about to go into blue said actually that's Bob's house.

01:44:22--> 01:44:58

So the province lies that um, said, I did not go in because I remembered how jealous of a man Omar is. I just stayed back. And he narrated the dream the next day and Omar was there and almost felt bad that also last I saw him was too shy to enter his house in general, like Omar was over the excitement of having a palace agenda. Like he also like, you think I would stop you from coming into my house in general, but also less like Salaam. He also says a tiny jabril jabril came to me he took me by my hands, and he showed me the gates of my alma that will enter or the gates of Jannah that my alma will enter through. So the prophets license as he's narrating that dream. Oh, Becca, starts

01:44:58--> 01:44:59

crying, soulless.

01:45:00--> 01:45:34

Some said Why are you crying out of school? I wish I could have been with you to see that was so lost. My son grabbed the hands of a bubble bucket and he said, Yeah bucket. You and I will enter agenda like this. You're good. It shows you where the Sahaba were as well. They weren't like What did it look like what happened here? They were concerned about themselves they were concerned about their salvation they were concerned about pleasing Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the dreams continued. Okay, now in real life. In what other way did you believe come to the Prophet slice them other than revelation? Jabra Islam you have to understand, taught the

01:45:34--> 01:46:12

prophets Allah lies and I'm the sooner Okay, well, my antico and how are the profits lie? Some doesn't speak out of empty desire. So Hassan have no idea about the law and who says Canada jabril yen zero bas una Tiana B sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fair you are Lima who iya come Are you alum who will jabril used to come to the Prophet slice salon and teach him the sooner the same way that he used to teach him the so every Hadith that you hear is from Jubilee is not teaching the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well. So it still teaches him the Sunnah. Not only that, he stands with the prophets lie Selim. And he even qualifies statements of the prophets lie Selim. So I'm the labia

01:46:12--> 01:46:50

portada rhodiola and who says before the Battle of bedeutet, the prophets lie Selim was was speaking to us he was giving us a sermon. And we said sort of soulless, licenciado soul if we go out in bed and we lose everything. And you know, we die in that situation. Will we be forgiven for all of our sins? The prophets lie Some said Nam? Yes. As soon as he said it, he said have that debri This is jabril yaku Illa and akuna la coding. He says unless you have a debt to pay, you got to pay your debt first. One time the profits liesman was with the companions in the masjid. Suddenly he took his shoes off to pray now realize the message of the Prophet slicin was dirt. Don't go walking into some

01:46:50--> 01:47:26

desert knowledge of shoes and be like hey, so no, it was dirt. Okay, so yeah, they wore their shoes when they prayed. Well, so last night, Sam took off his shoes and started to pray. When he finished praying he realized all the Sahaba took their shoes off. So province I said, Why did you all take your shoes off? They said we saw you take your shoes off. So the prophets lie Selim said the only reason I did that is just is because right before the prayer jabril came to me and told me I stepped in something that he stepped in some and adjusted some impurity. So jabril is with the prophets lie Selim on quite a frequent basis. And even when people ask the Prophet slicin him questions gibreel

01:47:26--> 01:48:02

answers those questions for the Prophet slicin them rapidly, not just any questions or saying they've been Salaam, the chief rabbi in Medina, he comes to the Prophet slice them with some questions. When he asked the prophets lie some of these questions the prophets lie some responded How about only be hidden Annie fungibility really just gave me the answers, which is why a lot tested the messenger slice them with what and so I have to teach him to say insha Allah when Allah wills because the prophets lysozyme became accustomed to getting asked the question jabril gives him the answer. So the prophets lysozyme was taught that it comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And

01:48:02--> 01:48:38

finally, in this regard, had these debri when I told my Messiah, when I told my teachers that I was going to teach jabril they were like, oh, Mashallah, how do you breathe? I'm like, No. jabril like, see it on Djibouti? They're like, Who? What are you talking about? There's no book there's what do you Why would you teach the seat of jabril? I'm like, well, it's different. Because howdy gibreel is the first Hadeeth you learn when you study? It really is it's the most important. How do you finish? It is by consensus of the scholars, the most important hadith of Islam. It's been narrated by multiple companions with greater context from some of the narrations. The most detailed one is from

01:48:38--> 01:49:12

elbows out what the Ola hotel on Abu Dhabi says. We used to sit with the messengers on ally Salah. And when someone came from outside, they didn't know who amongst us was the prophet of God, why he dressed like we dressed, he sat on the ground like we sat on the ground. He distinguished himself only by his manners, even when the Prophet sly son did the his lot when he migrated to Medina. The answer didn't know which one was the Prophet slicin and Was it him rubble bucket, so they're just waiting to see some form of indication as to which ones the prophets lie some, some will back it took something a cloth and he did this. So they all charged the prophets lie Selim. They didn't know

01:49:12--> 01:49:29

who he was when they came. So outsiders would come expecting to see this powerful man, right. That's sitting on a throne while everyone else sits on the ground. They just saw him sitting with everyone else on the ground. Sabo says, we insisted the profits license sits on a chair, he refused. Then,

01:49:30--> 01:49:59

what we did instead was we push the dirt together until we made a mount so that he's still sitting on the ground. But at least when someone comes from outside, they know who he is. He said the province license accepted that when we did that, without Oh says one day we were sitting, and he said, we used to wait for people to come and ask the Prophet sly some questions that we were too shy to ask him and we would listen to the answers. So one day we're sitting, and suddenly a man appears and this is how he describes him. He says this

01:50:00--> 01:50:35

Though was extremely white, not wrinkled. And you know, having an extremely white bow while walking in the desert of Arabia is a pretty tough task. Okay, no wrinkles, no dirt on it, His hair was exceedingly black. And he said that he smelled amazing. He had the best smell that we'd ever seen. He said the most perplexing thing about this man. He wasn't a resident because he didn't live amongst us. But he had no signs of travel on him. I mean, he he looked as fresh as they come, you know, they didn't have first class travel back then you don't get off a plane and look fresh. If you come off with first class and look miserable if you come off of coach, right. This is the desert of

01:50:35--> 01:51:13

Arabia. So like we're looking at this guy, no bags under his eyes. He looks he looks really really clean, really, really good. And we have no idea who he is and elbows out of says he resembled the hair. So it shows you that he didn't look exactly like they're here from close up. He wasn't there yet. He resembled to hear about the Allahu Tada. And so then a Buddha says the man came and he stopped at the entrance. And he said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Assalamu alayka, Mohammed peace we on to Mohammed, the prophets licensor. Why did he come as salaam? He said, adenuga Mohammed, do I have permission to come close to you? Or Mohammed? The prophets? I said, Sure. Now,

01:51:13--> 01:51:41

they weren't used to this as well, because most of the people that came in asked the Prophet slicin questions were bad ones. They didn't have it. They just walked right in and sat in front of the province license and started asking him questions. So the other was also flawless the manners like edmonia Mohammed, should I come close to the province? I said, Yes. jabril came close. He said, should I come closer? The Prophet slicin said yes, until jabril was sitting right in front of the prophets lie Selim. And he put his hands on the knees of the prophets. Why Selim? A Buddha says the Sahaba huddled around

01:51:42--> 01:52:16

what's going to happen here What's he going to ask? So God says to the Prophet slicin Yeah, Mohammed Ahmed Liana Islam, oh Mohammed, tell me about Islam. So the Prophet slicin gives him the proposal of Islam that you bear witness that there is no God but Allah Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, that you establish the prayer that you pay there's a car that you fast Ramadan and do Hajj if you're capable of doing Hajj. Okay. Now, here's the thing. The man says, So docked, you've told the truth. I without a says, we all looked around at each other what uncounted now like we were like, Who do you think you are? To say so luck to the province lifetime, you've told the truth? What is the

01:52:16--> 01:52:35

arrogance? Like we thought this man had good manners, right? He says to the prophets lie, some You're right, you've told the truth. Then he says, as a man, tell me about faith, the prophets lysozyme said to believe in Allah to believe in the angels Subhana Allah swa sitting in front of him to believe in the messengers, the messages the day of judgment and Divine Decree. He says, So blocked, you've told the truth, he said,

01:52:37--> 01:53:12

Tell me about excellence. The prophets lie. Some said on top of the luck and the Qatada that you worship Allah as if you can worship Him. And when you realize or as if you can see him, you worship Allah as if you can see him. And when you realize you can't see him, then you know that he sees you. He says so. Then he asked the Prophet sly some of the frequently most asked question in the Sila matassa bernia, Anissa. When is the hour? This is the frequently most asked question to the Prophet seisen. Everyone wanted to know when the day of judgment was not not because not the same reason that at least wanted to know when he would die. Right? They just want the machine to keep the

01:53:12--> 01:53:45

disbelievers would ask the Prophet slicin on mockingly but with a hint of truth, like when's the day of judgment? When are we going to die? Right? So Bedouins would interrupt the profits license, sometimes even in his hotel and ask the province license meta, sir, what is the hour? And the Prophet slicin? He always gave a productive answer. So he would say and one narration now that what have you prepared for another narration mega dump to the head, the same thing? What have you put forth for another narration, he said, Look, by the time your son has gray hair, you would have already faced your resurrection. So even if the Day of Judgment doesn't come, death will already

01:53:45--> 01:54:19

come to you. Your resurrection has started as far as you're concerned anyway. But when jabril asked him that, what did the Prophet slicin do? He put his head down. So I will notice as we were confused, to make it even more confusing. He said, You have Mohammed barany Anissa Tell me about the hour. The prophets I said nothing. He asked him a third time. Tell me about the hour. Look at the answer of the prophets lie Selim. He said the one who is asking knows very well that the one who's being asked knows no better than the one who's asking. Like you and I both know that we have no idea when the hours you don't know and I don't know. I don't even know why you're asking me that

01:54:19--> 01:54:52

question. And it was to sell the companion something right. So then gibreel said, Well, tell me about it's a SWOT Tell me about its signs and the prophets lie Selim, he mentioned to particular signs of corruption that a woman would give birth to her master, and barefoot Bedouins would start competing to build tall buildings. And he said, saalbach you've told the truth, without in the narration of Amara as well. He said that the man suddenly left so quickly, that we were all confused and the province license said go see if you can find him. So all the Sahaba when around looking for him, they took their horses everywhere trying to find them, they came back to the profit slice arm,

01:54:52--> 01:55:00

they said, He's nowhere. The profit slice them said, Do you know who that was? They said no. He said that was jabril coming to teach you. You're really

01:55:01--> 01:55:36

Even the wording of the prophets lie Selim, he wasn't coming to teach me. He was coming to teach you because he knows how you guys pay attention when questions are being asked. And so he asked the most important and essential questions and he succeeded. Because it's the most successful, it's the most important how to defend Islam. It is the foundations of our faith, the foundations of our religion or creed. Everything is highlighted in that one incidence of handleless. So that's one way that the prophets lie Selim was came to now what are some now how does gibreel act throughout the Sierra? How does he come to the Prophet slice them through the seal? Okay, let's start off in Mecca. The role

01:55:36--> 01:56:13

that he plays with the Prophet slice Allah in supporting him and helping him cannot be exaggerated. I mean, somehow, you can't overstate it it's it's so important. It's crucial. Not only is he with the Prophet sly Simon is low points he's with him in his high points. You know, when honorable hobbit on the law and who became Muslim, it'd been Mr. Trudeau, the law and who says the day of the Islam of Omar was a victory for the Muslims. Why? Because when Omar became Muslim, suddenly they were able to do what publicly declared their their Islam before Omar of no one could publicly declare their son that was the first protest the first time they walked out and said that they are

01:56:13--> 01:56:55

Muslim. So they celebrated that day. The prophets lie Selim said lemma Aslam Omar, when Omar became Muslim attorney jabril jabril came to me and he said yeah, Mohammed laqad established our smrtv Islamic Ummah, is that oh Mohammed, the angels right now the inhabitants of the heavens are celebrating the Islam of Allah Subhana Allah so he's with him in his high points. How about his low points, he's with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in every single incident that and every single hardship the Prophet slicin goes through. For example, Abu Jahan says that if this man puts his face in the dirt again in front of us in front of the camera, he swore by a lot when there is a

01:56:55--> 01:57:27

swear by the idols that I'm gonna step on his neck and I'm gonna kill him. I'll do away with him. It'll be the end of Mohammed slice Allah, prophets. lysozyme he comes out, he starts to pray in front of the cab of Buddha starts walking towards the Prophet slicin suddenly puts his hands on his face, he screams and he runs. And they asked double john, what happened, he said, the ditch of fire and he started saying these things like there was something between me and him. When the Prophet slicin finished his Salah, the companions came to him, they said, What happened? He said loafer Allahu Allahu gibreel. He said, If he would have tried that job, he would have killed him. Like I

01:57:27--> 01:58:07

know, jabril is there and jabril would have done away with our job, but it's also emotional support. And not only did you believe come to support the profits license, emotionally, he also supported his family. Remember how digital the allowed time, the Prophet slicin um, during the boycott, when they were living in those harsh circumstances, they lost everything. Khadija lost her money, he lost his money, they've lost their you know, their status, they're being they're being ridiculed in society. They're, you know, food is not reaching them properly. They barely are surviving and Khadija is an older woman at that point as well. And jabril enters upon the Prophet slice Hello, as Khadija is

01:58:07--> 01:58:16

making whatever food that he has, and jabril says has he Khadija that's Khadija start like the Prophet he's telling the prophets lie sound that

01:58:17--> 01:58:24

he said she's about to come to you with that tray of food when she does give her Salam from Allah.

01:58:26--> 01:59:06

And give her my Salaam woman Islam give her my salon as well. And give her the glad tidings of a home in Jenna. That is made of Casa La Sahaba fee who will and also it's made of pearls and there is no there's not gonna be any noise or exhaustion or fatigue there meaning let her know that she's about to have a place in general, that far out does anything that she sacrificed in this world. So the prophets lie Selim when Khadija comes the prophets licenses how the debris here's Djibouti gives you Salam from Allah, and he gives you Salaam from himself and he gives you the glad tidings of a home in paradise made of pearls and there is no fatigue, no noise there and whatsoever. Khadija will

01:59:06--> 01:59:43

be alone her demonstrating her spiritual maturity she says as for Allah who is Salah, Allah is peace, as for jabril Wiley, hustler and peace be on to him and then she said inshallah, we will be patient. Her these are the Allahu taala and how she died after that she died shortly after that incident took place and the prophets lie some obviously was devastated and when double Paul have died as well Now, obviously the profit slice alone now was ridiculed far harsher, and he was hit far harsher. And somehow there is a narration from NSF nomadic are they allowed to and home and this narration that the Senate is disputable, but the scholars the chain is disputed with the scholars

01:59:43--> 01:59:59

still use it to show that incident what was happening during the McCarthy era during the boycott, that once the prophets lie Selim was hitting the face and there was blood running down his face. This was just a random time someone hit him with an object and blood was running down his face and the prophets lysozyme he just sat down grieving

02:00:00--> 02:00:39

So jabril came to him and debrief said to him, yeah, Mohammed Malik. What's wrong? They said, Look at what my people are doing to me. And gibreel Ali Salaam says, Do you want me to show you an idea? Do you want me to show you a sign? The profit slice I'm such Sure. He said, Oh diluted Khashoggi called that tree to come towards you. Now you might be thinking yeah, whatever trees moving tree. Do you realize that over 100 companions narrated the Hadith that the Prophet sly seldom used to give multiple leaning on a tree, and when we built him a man but when we built him a pulpit and he went to that pulpit, the tree started to cry and shake, and the province lies on when to it and comforted

02:00:39--> 02:01:15

it until it stops crying. Those things happen to the profit slice number. How about the tree that is in the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of Jordan, in the middle of this desert full, its branches are still full, it looks like some annaleigh it's as full as they come. It's green as they come. And there is nothing around that everything around it has died. And that was the tree that the profits lice, and I'm rested under when he went to a shop when he went to the area. So here, when jabril tells the prophets lie, some look audited. Khashoggi will tell that tree to come towards you. It's nothing new. The prophets lie Selim. He calls the tree and the tree comes to him. debrief says, Now

02:01:15--> 02:01:20

tell it to go back. The Prophet sly son tells it to go back debrief says, what leads?

02:01:21--> 02:02:00

Are you happy? Are you pleased now? And the prophets license that has to be Yes, that's enough. Right? So God is coming to the Prophet sly seven, he's reassuring him. Now what's fascinating here and remarkable here is that jabril comes to the prophets lie Selim, at his lowest moment, and then his highest moment, what was the worst moment of the prophets liasons life what was the worst day of his life in his own words, the last day of thought, after two weeks of being humiliated, after two weeks of being rejected in the worst possible way, mocked and slandered. He's made to walk for 30 kilometers, that's 18 miles about 18 miles through a narrow row of people, children and Subhanallah

02:02:00--> 02:02:39

people that had mental issues and they were hitting the prophets lie Selim, cursing him, and the blood was running down his body and the stones were in his sandals and the prophets lie. Selim was in the middle of nowhere, he didn't even know where he was after that. And he calls a loss of Hannah hoods Allah complaining to Allah Subhana Allah who does Allah sent Djibouti? jabril comes to the prophets lysozyme and he has with him medical zhiban an angel that can move mountains, Andrea says, Yeah, Mohammed, we have heard your complaints. And he says with me is an angel, medical jabaal an angel that can move these mountains. The angel says As salam o Allah chaos, Allah peace beyond to

02:02:39--> 02:03:12

messenger of Allah, and he says, You tell me what you want me to do. And he starts to suggest to me he said, if you want I can take an extra vein, the two mountains that are on you know if any of you have ever been had your own run, you know where at geodes. That's where one mountain is the other one on the other side of five said I'll crush them all I'll do away with them all. Whatever you tell me to do the profit slice I'm said even in that moment, he said no, because maybe there will be from their children, people that will worship none but Allah, maybe their children will be different. The children that just stoned him somehow lon hit him, maybe their children will be different and as a

02:03:12--> 02:03:49

result, Allah gifted the Prophet slicin with what the children of his enemies Abuja had a son or a Chroma right? and reasonable era, his son harlots and asked his son armour, what do you love and admire in the greatest some of the greatest companions, their fathers were the greatest enemies of the prophets of Allah Islam, Allah gifted the Prophet slicin them with those people because the Prophet slicin never lost hope in his people. So that was the lowest moment of the prophets lie sounds like that was what he called the worst day of his life. Now here's the thing a law says in the man ersity Islam, with hardship comes ease. Right after the lowest moment of his life, was some

02:03:49--> 02:04:21

last lie Salim says while I was sleeping, a tiny gibreel fee hodin moral law can be hidden jabril came to me wearing green garments with rubies hanging out with rubies hanging from those green garments. And these this is the bustle agenda, the clothes of the people of paradise. So jabril came and it was clearly different. And he said once again jabril opened my chest. He took my heart, he put it into a vessel of zum zum. And he poured into it and he man will hikma more faith and more wisdom,

02:04:22--> 02:04:59

increasing the profit slice on renewing the profits of the Lord. He was thinner. This time the prophets lie some knows what's happening. And he put his heart back and he sewed it up again. And jabril alehissalaam told the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to Mount albayrak there was a particular animal al buraq and there is no animal like that animal that we see. And somehow Allah Allah they are the narrates that Al buraq was shy of the prophets license and jabril told albayrak Look, there is no greater person that has ever mounted you than this man. accepted. And the prophets lie Selim he mounted at a burrup and jabril took him somewhere. Where did you begin to take him

02:05:01--> 02:05:02

Before oxa

02:05:03--> 02:05:37

took him to Medina. Okay, this is actually a long, hard Ethan and aside the profit slice and then says, we got to a place, and jabril told me to descend and to pray. So I descended and I prayed, and the prophets licensors, who said to me, do you know where you've prayed? I said, No. He said, this is by Eva. This is the Pure Land. Why did he say fiber? Because the prophets lie some winter thoughts, because he saw this land with greenery and palm trees. And he thought that was thought it could either be thought or Medina, they look exactly alike. They have the same climate. But it's made more sense to the Prophet slice on them because it was right next time and it had greater

02:05:37--> 02:06:00

people in terms of status and lineage. And jabril is telling him this is where you were supposed to go. And this is the land of your heads of law. This is where your hits was going to be to this is where you're going to migrate to. Then the prophets license amounts it again and he was told to this mountain pray. And gibreel told him Do you know where you've prayed the province license said no, he said, this is a poor, the place where Allah spoke directly to Moses to Masada, his,

02:06:01--> 02:06:37

which is a sign of what that this is about to happen to you to. Then he told him to mount once again and they reached another land, dismount and pray. The prophets lie Selim said that he asked me Do you know where you've prayed? I said, No. He said, this is Bethlehem, the place where he saw it, his son was born Jesus peace be upon him was born, which is a sign that this is a continuation of his message. Then he said, finally we arrived at alloxan Allah subhana wa tada liberated a lot. I mean, we arrived at an ox or the place where even imbecile The law says there isn't a single space. They're not a hand spent, except that an angel or a prophet has prayed. They're not a single

02:06:37--> 02:07:16

handspun. And also last lysozyme says the MBR were gathered for me provids lies I mean, this is a pretty amazing site. He walks in and he sees the MBR gathered in rows waiting for Salah. He says jabril took me and he put me in the front and he said the other sort of law lead them in Salah. So he said, I lead them into law. Then gibreel Islam took my hand and we started to ascend. And he said, Every time we got to one of the gates of the heavens, there is an angel at that gate of the heaven that said, Who is it and he said, Zubrin? And he said, Man, Mark, who's with you? And he would say Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. And the angel would say Odyssey that la has been set for

02:07:17--> 02:07:47

and to read would say now, yes. And the angel would say Mara haven't been nervous while Welcome to you are writers prophet. Welcome to this righteous Prophet, Allah. This is right after the rejection of thought. The angels are welcoming him in the heavens, the prophets are welcoming in the heavens. The prophets license said we continue to ascend. Suddenly. jabril alayhi salam he had two glasses in his hand. One of wine and one of milk or one of milk and one of wine. Okay, one of milk and one of wine. And he presented them to the profits on a lot he was selling. Now his wine had on

02:07:49--> 02:07:51

what? You guys serious?

02:07:53--> 02:07:55

I heard like 20 people just say yes, his wine had

02:07:57--> 02:08:10

his wine. Hello? Are you sure? Okay, good because I'm going to change the topic completely. If you guys say wine is high, then we're gonna we're gonna have a filthy discussion right now as to what Hammad is. Don't give me that grapes and non grapes nonsense. All right? Wine is hot. I'm okay.

02:08:12--> 02:08:16

But here's the thing if gibreel is presenting you wine, is it Hello?

02:08:17--> 02:09:01

Alright, so if you see a dude outside named a buddy, and he's presenting you a glass of wine, Is it hot? Or is it hot? I'm hot on right. Now for the prophets lie Selim wasn't held on. It's 110% via hand cut. Whatever, however you want to slice it. It's held on all right. But did the province license say well, if it's debri ice, I'm gonna take that no, he took the lemon, he took the milk and he drank the milk. jabril made a comment. gibreel said Alhamdulillah he loved he had accurate fatwa All praises be to Allah who guided you to your natural goodness, lo a hostile hum, valid. If you would have drank the wine, your nation would have gone astray, meaning gibreel was happy for us as

02:09:01--> 02:09:36

an oma that the messengers the lysosome chose the pure drink. He chose purity he chose what his fifth law led him to. And that was a good sign for the oma of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam, the province license that we also saw on that day of health of the fountain, that the province is somewhat serve his followers from on the Day of Judgement. And also the last lie Salam he asked you via Islam. What is that who said this is the fountain that you will serve your followers from on the day of adjustment may last time and make us amongst all of them and then we continue to ascend in the prophets why Selim obviously met multiple prophets. He met numerous prophets starting with Adam

02:09:36--> 02:09:59

and his Salaam, ANDing with Ibrahim Ali his Salah when he reached Ibrahim Ali Salaam, he saw another site, he saw an basil map more they to the map more the frequently visited house and he asked jabril what is the and he said this is a beta mode. It's the equivalent of the carrabba on earth, where 70,000 angels enter every day and do fall off and they never return.

02:10:00--> 02:10:42

So that's the base of Memorial. The prophets lie Selim obviously continue to ascend until they reached Sidra Tillman to her and when they reach Sidra Tillman to her, Allah subhanho to Allah tells us what in the Quran effort to Marana who Allah May Allah, are you questioning what the prophet sallallahu Sallam saw? All right, and he says while podra and as Latin Ofra he saw him a second time, who is a lot of talking about gibreel he saw him a second time, he saw the Allahu anhu was very, very harsh with anyone that tried to say otherwise. Okay, ness, Latin Ohara, the second of two times the only two times the prophets lie somewhat seems to be in his full form, whereas in the

02:10:42--> 02:11:18

civil settlement, when they reach the low tree, the low tree is the boundary of Jenna and the rest of the heavens and the earth Meaning what? No one goes beyond the low tree. No one goes beyond Stella Tillman, and the prophets lie. Selim. This time looked at debris rallies around when they resettled in winter and once again sees him in his full form. This time, he sees him from top to bottom the first time he saw him, bottom to top right, in his full form. The prophets lysozyme said that cigarette and winter had describing it. He said the colors of that tree, we're indescribable right now, here in Dallas, Mashallah, we have a lot of places to scuba dive and snorkel. So we've

02:11:18--> 02:11:54

seen the bottom of the ocean, right? Right. No, okay. If you've ever been to the bottom of the ocean, and you've seen the colors at the bottom of the ocean, are those colors describable? Are they not really? Right? They're amazing. They're things that you've never seen before, imagine cigarettes and went to the prophets. I said, Look, I can't describe to you the colors of that tree. But as the prophets lysozyme continued to go forward, and he reads to the little one to her now and they were walking through, he said, Nevada to Isla jabril. So I looked at Djibouti and wide the entire journey goes like this Djibouti, what's not not how they are Djibouti, now how they gotta be. What's that?

02:11:54--> 02:12:35

What's that? Who is that? Yeah, Djibouti. He said, but this time now a lot of to Elijah breed for either who can help elderly men Harsha Tila? He said jabril was like a flattened rug. Out of is all the loss of Hannah Montana. He was looking up and he was flattened meanings of handler who isn't complete all of a loss of hindsight, knowing the closest that he had to Allah subhanaw taala at that point, have said no to the mentor, and the prophets lie Selim entered and Allah subhana wa tada spoke to him directly, the same way he spoke to Musa alayhis salaam to Moses peace be upon him and he gave him the same order that he gave to Musa alayhis salaam to establish the prayer. And the

02:12:35--> 02:13:13

Prophet slicin him on his way down. And obviously I'm skipping some of the details of the sortland mad lives because of time, on his way down the Prophet slicin and said one more site, one more site that he saw, well saw some subtle eight Aloma, suddenly I saw nations of people, they were standing behind their profits. Each prophet had one or two or three or 400, or whatever it is, had someone behind him, right. And he said, there were actually some profits that had no one behind them at all. I just saw all of these nations, all of these profits with their nations behind them. He said, Then suddenly, I saw this huge nation now realize the profits, why sell them at this point of his life?

02:13:13--> 02:13:29

has a very few I mean, he has a very small amount of followers. It's not that many followers, right? This is before Medina before the his law. You're talking about, you know, 100 something followers and the province license that I saw this huge nation and I asked gibreel I said, jabril, is that mine?

02:13:30--> 02:13:43

The police said no. I said, you really took me. And he turned me around. And he said, I saw a nation that was far bigger than that one it dwarf that nation. And jabril said, how would that? Look? That's your

02:13:44--> 02:14:19

How long can you imagine if we were standing there that day, when jabril showed the prophets lie some billions of people and said, that's your own. Those are the amount of people that you're going to have that are going to follow you. The prophets license that then we returned, and Subhana love the next day jabril came to the Prophet slice alum, this time in his human form. And he came to the soulless Lyceum at the time of law to the command of prayer has been given to him. So he came to him at the time of the horror and the profits although I said I'm sad for and money for so late tomorrow, he led me in prayer and I prayed behind him. And he came to me at Austin and did the same

02:14:19--> 02:14:54

thing Muslim arratia and budget and did the same thing. Then he came the next day at the end of those times and led me again, and then told me that the salon is between these two that your window of time is between these two prayers, each Salah is to be prayed between those two timings that we prayed together and somehow like it was, it was common knowledge amongst the companions. Actually, this is an interesting historical fact without going too far into it, that some of the companions thought the prophets lie some lead gibreel and salah and it became a point of contention and all might have been avoided as he settled this debate in his home as the halifa because the other

02:14:54--> 02:15:00

witnesses obeyed was the one narrating all the ahaadeeth he said Aaron I'm not a coder otherwise, you better be sure of what you're saying or otherwise

02:15:00--> 02:15:38

And other one went through all of the different chains of narration where the prophets lie. Some said Johnny, and many he came to me and he led me in Salah for so late tomorrow, the same way that debrief came and showed the prophets lysozyme Hajj and he did Hajj with him. He came to the Prophet sly Salaam, and he taught him the Salah, step by step each and every single step of the prayer. And somehow the prayer would develop gradually over time, obviously, right when the prophets lie Selim was praying towards Al Aqsa for 18 months or so. And then they were switched towards Mecca. And WWII Salaam he came to the Prophet slicin and the prophets lie Selim he said what happened to all the

02:15:38--> 02:16:00

other what happened all the other prayers though, and allow revealed what will not count along the lira in autocom Allah subhanho wa Taala is not going to let your faith go to waste your prayers go to waste. Now as a final note here before we break for mclubbe just something very interesting here very, very cool that you might not have thought of, do you ever mentioned jabril in your Salah? Do you mentioned sibylline in your Salah.

02:16:01--> 02:16:38

All right, let's go through the different ways that you could possibly mention jabril in your Salah. When the prophets lysozyme would start his prayer I saw the a lot of Tatiana she was asked how did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to start his prayer. And she said that one of the things that he used to say especially in his tahajjud, the Prophet slicin, I would say, Allah gibreel amico, he was Rafi far to send it out. And even though he was Shahada until the end of the day, it's a long that you can find it in fortress of the Muslim. In fact, if you go to Google and you search Lord of jabril McCann and Salafi you're only going to get to us, alright, so just search

02:16:38--> 02:17:18

it okay. So the province I some would make a deer out in the beginning of a salon mentioning the lord of Djibouti, me cat Mika, he and his Thrall feed How about and record and Institute bowing and prostrating? This is interesting because we're about to go to Salah right now so I want you guys to try to remember this do you mentioned your breed? In fact, the Prophet slicin mentioned jabril and every single record and in every single salute subu produce rumble mela ekati or row so you glorify Allah, the Lord of the angels and specifically a rule jabril Islam and he says the prophets lie some never did record or sujood except that he said it some of the scholars even considered it legit

02:17:19--> 02:18:00

alright it's a minor opinion but that's how often the prophets lysozyme used to say some considered even mandatory What about near to Charlotte so we've covered starting this law record so dude What about in your head when you're sitting down? Listen to this hadith Abu selama about the allow Tyler angle. He says that the prophets lie Selim. When when he saw us after we were taught the prayer he said we used to say in our to shout when we sat down as salaam or Allah as salam, O Allah debrie As salam o Allah, Mika Assalam wa ala rasulillah salam ala. So they would send Salaam on Allah, debris. Mika and then also de la sala Lahore, it was all right, the Prophet slicin came to us and he said as

02:18:00--> 02:18:35

for Allah, who was Allah, Allah is a seller. So instead say a to hear to de la wa salatu wa Eva so there's there's some people that think that this was a conversation and so there is actually no authentic narration about this being a conversation. It may have been or may not have been, but it's not really established in any Hadith whatsoever. The province license said look, instead say to here to the law, greet Allah with your prayers with your good deeds and greet Allah subhanaw taala In other words, you can't say a Salaam or Allah and you can say Assalamu alayka au had an AVI so you send you send Salaam on the prophets lie Selim. We're not going to lie over cattle as salaam wa Lena

02:18:35--> 02:19:11

Wiener about the last piece beyond to us and on the righteous servants of Allah. You know, it's amazing. The prophets lie Selim said when you say about de la sala him, the writer servants of Allah, it will reach Djibouti. It will reach Mika. It will reach all of the inhabitants of the heavens and all of the inhabitants of the earth who are right servants of Allah. So when you say Allah iva de la sala, and you're actually making draft for gibreel, as well, you're sending Salaam on jabril as well. Finally, when you finish your prayer, he saw the Allah and he says, and this is the second of the two drafts of the prophets lysozyme used to say allegedly, the prophets lie some

02:19:11--> 02:19:33

would say Allah hamara gibreel amico ELO is Salafi Islam and how do they know what other will cover protect me from the punishment of Hellfire and the punishment, the heat of Hellfire and the punishment of the grave? So there is actually a mention of Debian is not in every part of our Salah, and with that, inshallah we'll break for salah and when we come back in Sharla it's the best part of class

02:19:35--> 02:19:37

smilla Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

02:19:40--> 02:19:59

what are the one a lot I mean, what are people to limit Sakina Allahumma salli wa sallam robotica avocado silica Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. While early he was lucky he was seldom to semen kathira so we come now to the last session the final session of this class, and Subhanallah This is truly my favorite session because you can imagine now

02:20:00--> 02:20:35

for 13 years in Mecca the relationship the profits licensing has Would you believe it his setup. Now they're beyond fully acquainted with one another. Now there is pure love between them when the Prophet slicin and made his way up to Medina, there is a particular man and you're going to wonder why I'm bringing him into the picture but inshallah title you'll understand there's a particular companion by the name of Hassan even sabots. Or the alongside on his side have been Sabbath while the alongside his job, he was a poet, and he actually used to get paid for his poetry. You know why? Because his poetry was to diss people, right? He was a professional discern literally, he'd get paid

02:20:35--> 02:21:10

by people to look at you and to tell you how ugly you were and tell you how poor you were, and tell you how low your family was and tell you how raggedy your clothes look. And Hassan literally made a living I know it's an awesome job, right? He literally made a living off of that looking at people and putting them down tearing them up. On behalf of someone else. So Hassan's from Medina. They hired him to go out and see the prophets I send them when they were entering into Medina, so that he could author a poem about him. So all the unsought are waiting in the trees waiting outside waiting for him every day has signs just standing there waiting for him as well. So he could offer that

02:21:10--> 02:21:48

poem. So when the Prophet sly sun enters into Medina, instead of saying anything bad about him has sounds like I've got nothing. He author is one of the most beautiful poems about the prophets lysozyme in history, and he becomes Muslim on the spot. So Hassan accepted Islam, the moment the prophets license entered into Medina. Now here's the thing the prophets lie Selim obviously had his share of naysayers in Medina as well people that would mock him and some people that would come and challenge him in very, you know, conniving ways and things of that sort. But the prophets lysozyme was kind, he was humble, he wouldn't respond on behalf of themselves most of the time. So Hassan him

02:21:48--> 02:22:25

knew that but took it upon himself to basically defend the prophets lie Selim against anyone that said anything about him. So a person says something about the prophets lysozyme walks in the masjid and disrespects him. Hassan stands up and starts going off on him. And his son also stands up and starts saying beautiful things about the profit slice I'm so he authored poetry, in praise of the Prophet slicin and The Hobbit loved it. They loved it to a point that they built him a member in the masjid of the prophets, why Selim there was a member for the prophets why Selim, the companions actually built a pulpit for his son to stand up and respond to people whenever they came and spoke

02:22:25--> 02:23:06

to the prophets lie Selim. So Hassan will the law and who stands up for the first time on that number? The Prophet slicin looks at him and his eyes get really big. So they come to the prophets lie, some of they say yada, so a lot. What is it? He said, jabril is with him right now. gibreel is standing with his son right now. And in fact, every single time his son stood up to speak the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say, Oh, God, Mashallah keenya Hassan for inner gibreel unac respond to them. Oh, Hassan jabril is with you right now. And as Hassan would be about to stand up to speak the profits licensing would make the de la familia tilbyder headquarters. Our last

02:23:06--> 02:23:40

support him with the Holy Spirit with jabril. Allah His setup. So Hassan stands up there jabril automatically comes down and starts helping his son in responding to the things that are said about the prophets. lysozyme. You want to know what's amazing about that? And the amount of little time Rahim Allah to Allah, he said, When anyone responds to insults on behalf of the prophets lie Selim and obviously we've got to qualify, it doesn't mean killing cartoonists, and it doesn't mean Paris and it doesn't mean that stuff. It means when you intellectually defend the prophets lysozyme when you when you remove the doubts about his character, when you respond to the things that are said

02:23:40--> 02:24:18

about him, gibreel alayhis salam would support him is proof, the ayah and certain majority that Allah subhanho wa Taala he says that he do Coleman, you mean una bella, when the Omen acid you are doing a man had the law? What are soula so he said you would not allies are just as you would not find a people who believe in Allah and the Last Day, that love those that show enmity to Allah and the messenger, so I saw them even if it was their families, their fathers, their brothers, whatever it may be. And Allah Subhana hota Allah says at the end of it, what now you can catch up a little bit more. Imagine Allah subhanaw taala has written faith in their hearts. And what does he say at

02:24:18--> 02:24:53

the end of that ayah? What are the home bureau hin mean? And he supports them with the spirit from him. I have no clue him says when anyone responds and somehow like until you ask anyone that's in the field of the hour that speaks when you start talking about the character of the prophets lie Selim. It's different. I've never had a conversation with anyone about the character of the Prophet slicin. I'm responding to anything that was said about him, except that the other person was convinced I've never seen people, you know, not moved by the character of the messenger. So the last element obviously, when you respond to all the terrible lies that are said about him, in the media,

02:24:53--> 02:24:59

and so on, so forth. That's a way to actually bring God into your life practically responds on behalf of the profits of the life.

02:25:00--> 02:25:34

comes into your life. So anyway, that's there. But who was the tribe that put his son up to it? It was a tribe by the name of Benny Cora. Now Benny coryza is a tribe that already hated the messengers Lysander. before he even got to Medina, they already decided that we're going to take him as an enemy. Why? Because they were waiting for a messenger of Allah. And it didn't turn out to be from their people, and they expected that it would be from their people. And there's this thought, because Benny already there happens to be a Jewish tribe. There's the this thought that there was enmity between the Muslims and the Jews, which is utterly untrue. It's completely untrue. In fact,

02:25:34--> 02:26:09

the neighbor of the Prophet slicin them for his entire life was a Jew. It was a Jewish family also lost my son would visit them. He visited the man when his son became sick. His son took Shahada when he died with the approval of his father, the prophet slice that I'm used to be frequent and visiting him there were Jewish. There were there were large groups of Jews that accepted Islam. The two chief rabbis in Medina, Abdullah Abu salam, Rosina bin Salaam, who became Abdullah bin Salaam zeytinburnu sadhana may Allah be pleased with them both both accepted Islam. So Benny Benny coryza, happens to be a tribe that rejects the messenger, sallAllahu wasallam. And they rejected him in nasty ways.

02:26:09--> 02:26:46

Okay. They met they met the prophets lie Selim and they asked him a bunch of questions. He answered all of their questions the way that he was supposed to answer them. So they recognize that someone is giving him the answers, meaning that he has a presence that's giving him the answers. So they say at the end of that conversation, they say, Yeah, I will call him calling him by his Konya, the father of possum as a means of respect, but he gets wider. Right, we have one more question for you. We've asked you all these questions. We have one more question for you. To be Dona men. What do you come in? And then tell us who your guardian who your protector from the angels is? Who is your

02:26:46--> 02:27:24

Willie, from the Metallica in the tabernacle, Mr. farok knack, as a result of that, we will either follow you or we will leave you. The prophets lie Selim said, Well, he Nina mela gibreel my relief from the angels is gibreel you know what their response was? They said how the lead ends a little bit how to be with Peter. Are you talking about that one that comes down with death and destruction? They insulted gibreel at his salon. They said low culture Mika. He had you said Mika in Savannah, we would have followed you we were okay with Michael we're okay with me Can how'd you set him? We would have followed you but we want nothing to do with you or

02:27:25--> 02:28:06

you can turn away we want nothing to do with you or gibreel now Subhana Allah Allah defended gibril alayhis salam, Allah revealed an ayah and sort of Baccarat Coleman Can I do only jabril for in hoonah zela who Allah Appleby cabbie in Allah say whoever is an enemy to Gabriel to Djibouti say that he is the one that Allah subhana wa tada sent to your the revelation with to your heart by his permission and a lot praises Djibouti and it has set up. Interestingly enough, in Judeo Christian thought, by the way, Michael is the only Ark Angel named in the Bible. And Michael by consensus of Judeo Christian his scholars is more it has a higher status than Gabriel. However, they don't

02:28:06--> 02:28:45

necessarily they don't take Gabriel as an enemy. To the contrary, they praise Gabriel and they speak well of him. This tribe took it to an extreme they said, you know what we don't like Djibouti, we're okay with Mikael, we don't like gibreel alayhis salaam and a lot actually revealed an idea in defense of jabril at his salon. Now moving forward, obviously, the people of Mecca decided to pursue the Muslims in Medina, and here they are now a handful of people. They don't have much they don't have much to defend themselves with. They're only 313 at this point. All right. The machinery came from Mecca, they send 1000. They say we'll send three to their one. Not only that, will send plenty

02:28:45--> 02:29:22

of horsemen. They didn't have any horses or camels to fight with. They didn't have horses or camels that would work in battle. The people of Mecca said we'll send multiple horses, and we'll even send extra horses and camels and we'll put wine on them so that when you finish killing them, you can celebrate over their dead bodies to look at the arrogance and the audacity of the people in Mecca. Little did they know it doesn't go that way. It doesn't work that way. So as bad that is coming up well sort of lost on a lot of it. He was seldom gets word from Djibouti and it his Salaam that he's going to have some support on that day. All right. And to give you an idea of how this works,

02:29:22--> 02:30:00

there's actually a biblical mention of this as well. jabril as leading the army of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In Joshua 513 to 15. Joshua 513 to 15. When you shot Joshua alayhis salaam, reached Jericho, he lifted up his eyes and looked and behold, a man was standing before him with his sword drawn in his hands. And Joshua went to him and said, Tim, are you for us? Are you for our enemies? And he said, No, but I am the commander of the army of your Lord. So this is Djibouti and it has setup right the angel who leads also the army of Allah subhana wa tada the

02:30:00--> 02:30:32

Army of the angels now why Islam is always there with the Prophet slice them and all of these battles and in fact has sided with Avatar The Allahu anhu. He used to say before every battle like he used to say this and this isn't why he stayed or sotto la he Faena what often called the CLA Salah hook. He felt like we're fine the Messenger of Allah is amongst us and jabril has no match. It doesn't matter who's coming to fight us. It doesn't matter how many weapons they have, it doesn't matter how many horses they have. Hassan knows how debris his support comes into play. So it's really cool to see Lisa who keeps out debris and will have no match cabinet nomadic or the Allahu

02:30:32--> 02:31:07

taala and he said as they were marching to the to the battlegrounds of bed that he says what below the bed didn't hate a tomb, how would you home jabril which after you are in a war mohammadu he said on the on the day of budget, when their faces were humiliated, the enemies were humiliated. gibreel was standing under our banner and Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam so they start this battle. And before the battle, something interesting happens. Now to put to give you proper context, the Prophet slicin um, said the worst day of the year for shavon shavon hates no day more than what day.

02:31:09--> 02:31:12

Ramadan is not a day, it might be for you. But

02:31:14--> 02:31:16

Ramadan's a month, people come on.

02:31:18--> 02:31:22

What's the worst day of the year for safe on what data safe on hate more than any other day?

02:31:24--> 02:32:01

The day of autofab the profits lies on set, there is no day that shavon is more humiliated and despised than the day of alpha. Right? Why? Because shavon has been working on a person to make him slip and go to hell for 7080 years. He stands up and says stuff we don't go out to the lake. I seek your forgiveness. Oh, along the day of autophagy, Allah forgives him. On that day the prophets lie Selim said more people are forgiven and freed from the fire than any other day of the year. So shavon hates out of it. That's the worst day of his life. Except that the prophets lie Selim says Illa better, except for the day of better. So we said the ATO sort of love what's up with the day of

02:32:01--> 02:32:36

weather. He says Anna in the whole Katara algebra area zalmunna. Didn't he see jeopardy of getting the angels ready for battle? Meaning that it was supposed to be the end of Islam, but it was supposed to be the day we do away with the Muslims and we eliminate this cancer once and for all, and we kill them all and we massacre them and we never have to worry about Islam again. So it's it's a greater prize than just taking one person to how we ruin Islam. We ruin the message shape mom shows up on the day of bed that he sees jabril and he knows how this goes. He knows exactly how this goes. He's seen it go down way too many times in the past to have any hope whatsoever now that his

02:32:36--> 02:33:07

army is going to win that day, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam before the day of bed, he says how the Jubilee here is gibreel he's holding the reins of his horse while he adopted him and he's ready to go. How many of them are the yellow suit? A lot of the prophets license that Allah has sent 3000 of them. Why is that number significant? Allah says in the Quran as well. Why is this significant? Because the believers were outnumbered 321 1002 313 Allah sent 3000 angels for their 1000 This isn't gonna go well for them.

02:33:08--> 02:33:26

muscle loss i said i'm also said that jabril is wearing a golden color turban You know why? Because as obeyed in our model, the Allahu Tada, and who was wearing a golden colored turban and he was leading the believers, the human soldiers of that day, jabril alayhis. Salam can as an author of he was he was following

02:33:27--> 02:33:47

the Battle of the Allahu Tada. And while all the other angels were wearing white servants, they're ready to go. I want him to hop on the line to give you an idea of how this battle goes on under the law says, look, we've seen strange things in our lives call that a job. We've seen strange things, nothing stranger than the day of bedroom. So we didn't have to do anything. We were fighting and people are flying off of their horses.

02:33:49--> 02:34:18

We had absolutely nothing to do. So I want to know, the alarmist says, We even saw a man that was one of one of the believers who who lost his who lost his weapons, and there was a horseman coming after him. So he held himself, you know, because he was going to die. And he was with the prophets lie Selim and a group of companions, they saw the men, and they wouldn't be able to get to them in time. And as he was being charged that by the horsemen, he said, we heard a sound of them how you zoom, go forth, hey, zoom. I said suddenly, that man flew off of his horse and died.

02:34:19--> 02:34:54

And we looked at the profit slice of them. And we were like, what was that was the last slice, sell him said, Hey, zoom is an angel from the third heaven. A zoom is the name of an angel that was sent from the third heaven to protect that man at that moment. I was Sophia, who obviously was an enemy. He was on the other side of blue Sophia. And when he got back to Mecca, and they were soft, because he was a leader said How did you guys lose the battle? He said, We fought men that were the size of mountains. They could hit us we couldn't hit them. They were striking us every time we tried to strike them. It didn't work. In fact, above so the allowed time angle. And Ibis came on the side of

02:34:54--> 02:35:00

the machine. He was concealing his Islam. If he became Muslim, he didn't want to fight so he didn't fight ibises

02:35:00--> 02:35:36

A huge man. He was a huge man. The guy that captured him was a tsunami. While the allowed time I will use it was really, really, really tiny. So when he came holding my bass, they were like, how did that happen? And he's like, yeah, it'll sue the law. There is this man that showed up out of nowhere. I don't know where it came from. He started tying him up with me. And that was easy. The prophets lysozyme says, look, God, Anika Alayhi Malecon Kareem, there was a noble angel that supported you and bringing him forth. I want him to hop out of the alarm and also narrate something beautifully. They did Salah on the day of whether they did prayer, and it was the first time they

02:35:36--> 02:36:14

did so lots of health, the prayer of fear. And he said we could feel the warmth of the hand of gibreel alayhis salam as he was arranging a rose for salon, that they were being arranged in their salon even on the day of radish so that they have better finishes Allah subhanaw taala gives them a victory. But what happened on the day of better that was very sad. It was the day of great joy in the day of great sadness. Okay, here are the Allahu anhu the daughter of the Prophet slicin and passed away on the same day of the of the victory of whether she stayed back with her phenomenal the law and her husband and earth man was watching her and the news that she passed away came at the

02:36:14--> 02:36:50

same time as the news that they won that battle. So it's not the law and became very sad or it's not an okay you may Allah be pleased with them both. They were the ideal couple. They went they made the hijet to habitat together to Abyssinia together and they made it to Medina together. And people you know husbands used to tell their wives I love you like Earth man loves Okay, yeah. That was the amount of love so if man was crushed all the alarm, and he kind of went You know, he avoided people for some time after bed. And the prophets lie some he found that it's not all the alarm and one day standing alone. And he said to him, Yes, ma'am. Malik. He says, Man, what is what's going on? Talk

02:36:50--> 02:37:19

to me. I sounded the alarm on who said the death of Rokia. And he said in something else, the province I said, What is it? He said in Qatar as it were called to remain cabbie Nokia. My connection to you was severed by her death. I'm no longer your son in law. So it's not just losing her. It's losing you as well. As soon as if man said that, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, yeah, it's not how that gibreel jabril is with me? Bharani Ana la Panza. wacka Omen Christian

02:37:20--> 02:37:55

gibreel is here in Abuja, sir married to him your other daughter uncle film with the same solok with the same dowry and other mysteries talking about to her treat her the way that you treated okay. Yeah. jabril was with the profits license as he goes to see it with Manuel de la hotel and who at that moment and by the way, gibreel particularly loved this man. And in fact jabril canning a statement Earth man, his modesty used to show whether it's normal, the allowed side angle, so jabril is very modest. Or if man was the most modest of the companions, and the prophets lie Selim, he used to act a different way in front of Earth man, in a way he wouldn't even act with double bucket and

02:37:55--> 02:38:31

Alma he would sit up straight, he would fix his clothes, he acted in a certain way. And I used to set the auto solo Why do you do that? He said that a statement Rajan shouldn't be shy of Shouldn't I be shy of a men to stab him in one minute. The angels are shy of that man. jabril is shy of that man. Of course, I'm shy around that man. So to be nice, Sam is with the Prophet slicin during beddit after bedeutet and in these very intimate moments as well. Interestingly enough, jabril comes to the profits license after the Battle of bedeutet. In this is in Sahaja, he says to the prophets lie Selim, matter aduna man Shahid, Rafi come, how do you the companions view the veterans of bed that

02:38:31--> 02:39:03

amongst you, the veterans of whether we're very special people, they were very special people. In fact, the way we treat our veterans here in this country as well, we honor them, respect them. Right. They're mentioned before gatherings and things of that sort. The prophets lie some honor the veterans have bettered in any situation he could before gatherings he honored them, you know, even the Hooda afterwards, they honor the veterans of Bedford because of what they you know, how they sacrificed themselves, when really, you know, the prospects were not good. I mean, it didn't look good for them, but they still put it all on the line. And they defended themselves. Right. And as a

02:39:03--> 02:39:43

result of that, look what happened. Okay, so the profits license honor them. So when jabril asked the profits license that question, how do you view the veterans have better amongst you? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he Arana, the best of us gibreel alayhis, salaam, he said, workaholic Homer, Indiana, we are alike. And likewise to us to the best of the angels. We consider the veterans of others amongst us to be the best of us. How not because they were in support of the messenger slice Allah. What about the battle have also lost licenses on the day of the Battle of art? He said I saw myself and there was no one around me illa jabril and Yemeni will call her Annie

02:39:43--> 02:40:00

sorry, he says except Jabri was on my right until I was on my left so Sabrina Islam was there defending him on the day as well, in the Battle of hon duck realize in the Battle of 100. Now we're talking about close to 100,000 people coming from outside to massacred Muslims, and the only way they can

02:40:00--> 02:40:43

protect themselves what they built was they built a trench at the suggestion of salon or the low tide angle, the Persian they built a trench so that they could not come into Medina you know through that trench, so they protected themselves that way, so no actual fighting took place over there. However, what tribe cooperated with the outsiders to attack from inside. Benny horatia the Prophet slicin was unaware of that was sort of lesson why Salaam he went home after they built the trench. He saw the alarm and says, Are soulless Lyceum got home after he built the trench. He took off his armor and he went to wash himself where suddenly we heard a loud noise at the door. So the prophets

02:40:43--> 02:41:18

lie some he put his clothes on. He went to the door he opened the door gibreel Alley his salon was standing there and also last I saw him said he still had his armor on and jabril rally his salon and not his armor he was holding his sword and he said cut well artists that you've put down your stuff. Well I'm I would like to we haven't put hours down the province. I some thinks there is no battle what's going on here. So Russell, as I said, Elaine, were to a shout out either of any holiday that jabril simply pointed in the direction of any arrival, and they foiled a plot that was that was being made from inside to kill people and actually they attack the women and children. If you see

02:41:18--> 02:41:59

the story of Amsterdam on Saturday, she fought them off from the women and children and Anna symptomatic of the alarm and who says that we will never forget in Medina, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam walking towards Benihana walking towards the area of Benny arriva and he said the dirt that was kicking up behind him from the precession of the army of debris and it has some mighty army that walks with the prophets lie Selim of angels and with the believers in this case, now obviously put the battles aside. Well, Solus Isom also has the ability to celebrate him with him and hedgetrimmer there as well. The only has the prophets license. Now you guys know when you go for

02:41:59--> 02:42:11

Hajj and you're getting on the bus and you're leaving, and everyone's really excited when they do it at home. And they say look Bay Kala Hamada bake, love bacolod City Cola, cola bake and they're really into the telomere then like five minutes later, so

02:42:15--> 02:42:40

they got that weird, awkward, you know, phone, phone tunes going off and stuff like that. Right? Everyone stops doing tuttavia now with the prophets lie Selim and the companions, they're walking into Mecca, which which was previously hostile territory, and this is the only time they're doing Hajj and they have no weapons on them and they're in a headlock. They're pretty exposed and vulnerable. Meaning if the people of Mecca want to change their minds and attack them, they will so they were doing Tobia like this because

02:42:43--> 02:43:20

they weren't doing it loud. So the profits license said jabril came to me and jabril said yeah, Mohammed Morris harbor and SWAT hotel via debrief came to me and said, Yeah, Mohammed, tell your companions raise their voices in Tel Aviv. Don't lower your voices in Tokyo, raise your voices in Tel Aviv, we've got your back. Nothing's gonna happen to you guys some handleless. So they started to raise their voices after Julian told the prophets otherwise tell him that. Now move on past that my favorite part of the class is where it gets personal. The personal incidents and discussions with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and jabril alayhi salatu salam gibreel was with the Prophet slice lm

02:43:20--> 02:43:55

in his home many times speaking to him. And in fact, sometimes some people could see him and others could not elaborate. So the Allahu anhu was with his son Abdullah, and they went to visit the prophets lie Selim and an Ibis, he was talking to the prophets lie, some of the Prophet slicin was seemingly ignoring him. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you know, just let them go without saying anything to him and my boss tells his son I'm the love Ambassador The law says you know, why is it that your cousin is not speaking to me? Why do you think I know more than me as if he's pushing me away? I'm the law says Didn't you see the man that was sitting next to him? You know, God speaking

02:43:55--> 02:44:15

to him. So what man What are you talking about? So that bus went back to the Prophet slice lm and said, was there a man that was talking to you and giving you advice right now and giving you you know, you know, and was giving you know, was speaking to and in writing you? And also lost license says, Why are you asking? He says, because Abdullah saw him. The prophets lie, some said Allah.

02:44:17--> 02:44:57

He saw him and Abbas said, Yes, and the prophets lie some data that will be there and he made to a lot to increase him and knowledge. So there are many personal conversations here. And I'm the lagna bustle the Allahu taala and who knows what that what it's like when it comes to the profit slice um, you know what he says, the very famous Hadith you see in Ramadan, to first give you an idea of what this personal relationship is like. He says the prophets lie Selim was always extremely generous. But he said, Hey, in Al Qaeda who gibreel one gibreel would meet him, he would be more generous than what a real masala than a blowing winds and the scholars say he chose Roja. jabril seemed jabril

02:44:57--> 02:45:00

even though it's from a bond he chose particularly to be between

02:45:00--> 02:45:38

As jabril was with the profit slice in a most and normal lawn, and what motivated the prophets lie Selim was what the mama no rahimullah says. To sila hain seen the righteous people. When the Prophet slicin just saw job read he was more motivated to do good. He was motivated by seeing jabril alayhis salaam. So that was the type of effect jabril had on the profit slice on personally. What about the province license to debate? I thought the yard he writes a very famous scene of the prophets lie Selim called a Shiva the cure and he says in that book in the introduction, describing one Mount autosol naka de la Ramadan Elana mean when Allah says that we have not sent you except as a mercy to

02:45:38--> 02:46:15

all of the worlds, he describes a narration incident that took place between the prophets lie Selim and gibreel. When sola seisen, asked Jabri, he says, you know, Allah says in the Quran, Omar said not a lot. I mean, we have not sent you except as a mercy to all of the worlds. He said, Did any of my mercy reach you? I mean, you're part of the world. You're part of your the realm of the Metallica, you're the realm of the angel. Did any of that stuff can I reach you to rerelease Salaam responded and he said yeah, Mohammed will la he in knucklehead will MBI healing. He said, I swear by Allah, you are the most beloved of the prophets to me. I've never been sent to someone that I loved

02:46:15--> 02:46:54

more than I loved you. He said, and it was through you that I gained security. What does he mean by that? He said I used to wonder about my fate until Allah revealed to you and the lousy McKean that he's established in his position with the Owner of the Throne. Before that was revealed to Djibouti it used to wonder what would happen to him at the end of this all. When Allah revealed that to the Prophet slicin of Djibouti, it felt that one of the prophets I said that had never happened before. Until that was revealed to the prophets lie Selim. So there's that that's the effect they have on each other. gibreel continues to reassure the profits license so a multitude of the personal

02:46:54--> 02:47:04

conversations down Medina are constant reassurance Why? Because look, the province license now was reassured that he's safe and the believers are safe, who is the province license? I'm worried about now.

02:47:05--> 02:47:43

us those that come after. So he cries Almighty, Almighty, my nation, my nation, and Allah sends him jabril and jabril says, Yeah, Mohammed, Sonora Lee can be automatic, we will please you with your nation. Why not? So we will not disappoint you. You want your nation we'll be okay. Your oma will be okay. He comes to reassure the Prophet slicin in Medina now because now he's worried about the oma those that will come after they're safe. But what happens afterwards to those that come after another time, I'm gonna hop over the law and who says and this isn't a Bahati says I was actually walking with the Prophet slicin. I'm in Medina. And we reached out to an area in Medina, and he told

02:47:43--> 02:48:19

me to sit down. Suddenly, he started to walk and he was clearly talking to Djibouti and it Islam. I could tell he was talking to Djibouti. And he said, they walked for a while and I just sat there and the Prophet slicin him as he's walking back, he's saying, what in Zen our sadhak? Well, in zen, our sadhak well in Zana, or sadhak. Even if he stole and committed adultery, even if he's stolen, committed adultery, and Omar is not hearing the answer. So I'm gonna say Seattle's little love. What was that? prophesize some says that was gibreel. He came to me to give me the glad tidings that each and every single person of this oma would enter gender would eventually enter Paradise. So the

02:48:19--> 02:48:58

profits license that wins no sadhak. Even if you stole and committed adultery, yes, even if he stole and committed adultery, eventually, he would enter into paradise. Eventually, he would enter into gentlemen, so he eases the profit slice of them in that way. What about when the Prophet slicin becomes physically sick? Do you know that some of the do as of rokeya that we learn to read upon a person are from jabril alayhis? Salaam, how the prophets lie Selim when he became sick? He said, jabril came to me and said to me, yeah, Mohammed, Mohammed this decades, are you feeling ill? Are you sick? And I said, No. I said, Yes. So he said, gibreel started to rub his hands on my face and

02:48:58--> 02:49:42

on my chest and said, Bismillah he erotica, men coldly say, in your vehicle, In the name of Allah, I seek a cure for you from everything that is harming you. Men suddenly colinas in our in our house it from from the evil of any have any evil person or any envious I, Allah is FECA May Allah cure you Bismillah al Qaeda in the name of Allah, I seek a cure for you. So we actually learned that that there are from jabrill reading it over the prophets lie seller. However, the most profound of these conversations are the ones where God is giving advice to the Prophet slicin. New imagine getting access to that conversation. Say your doula, the chief of the angels gives advice to say, what are

02:49:42--> 02:49:59

the other two the chief of mankind gives them advice as to how to allow when you think about how profound that is. I mean, we're blessed to have access to those conversations because it's advice for all of us. And gibreel gives advice the prophets lie some Yes, he does. In fact, the prophets lie some was seen going to his neighbor's house, the Jewish neighbor, by the way. Oh,

02:50:00--> 02:50:30

over and over and over again, taking them big serving them, and also have asked me out, so what we noticed that all of a sudden, you keep going to your neighbor's house, he said, have the gibreel, you will send the bill jar gibreel was coming to me, and advising me take care of your neighbor, take care of your neighbor hat, dial one and two and the house until I thought somebody was gonna say, now you assigned inheritance to him. So jabril kept coming to me and saying go to your neighbor, go to your neighbor, go to your neighbor, take care of your neighbor, you know, somehow serve your neighbor. And this is beautiful, because that's a cornerstone of every religion, right?

02:50:30--> 02:50:55

love thy neighbor, right? This is a part of our faith as well that you believe that's what he says to him over and over and over again. The Prophet slicin him also was one scene saying, I mean, I mean, I mean, and so how was it? Also, why are you saying I mean, they said, Well, gibreel was making their app, and jabril made, they're up against three people, the one whose parents reach old age, and he doesn't honor them to produce a lovely man.

02:50:56--> 02:51:20

You know, Subhan Allah, God, I some may draw against that person may be humiliated, the second person, the one who Ramadan comes and goes and he's not forgiven by his creator, it's such a merciful month, it's a month of mercy. How can Ramadan come upon you and leave you and you're not forgiven by your Lord? The third one, the one who hears the name of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and doesn't say sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

02:51:22--> 02:52:00

to breed is not found that offensive. But what's it like when jabril decides to tell the Prophet slicin them something when he gives him life advice? Now this narration that I'm about to share with you, is towards the end of the life of the prophets lie Selim. We know that because of the age of the Sahaba that narrated it, they were young children that narrated this narration. It happens when the prophets lie some now is established, he's successful, everything is done, right. About eight to Nasir the hula una de de la vida, people are coming into the religion and throng everything is done. gibreel comes to the Prophet sly seller, and he says yeah, Mohammed O Muhammad. Now by the way,

02:52:00--> 02:52:40

there's a lot of respect to the Prophet slicin. Yeah, Mohammed in the Quran, no Joby Allah, Allah, so Allah, oh prophet of God, oh, messenger of God. So why is it that jabril has the audacity to say, yeah, Mohammed. In fact, the scholars say when jabril says, Yeah, Mohammed, he's telling the Prophet slicin this is outside of the capacity of Revelation. What I'm about to say to you, is for me to believe to you Mohammed. So that's the only time he doesn't say yada. sutala is when I want to tell you something just between me and you now. Okay. So it says yeah, Mohammed's five advices here. Irish smash it for intermediates. Live as you will. But know that one day you're going to die. One

02:52:40--> 02:53:05

day you're going to die. He says what? mash it na* for enamel article, love whom you will but know that one day you will be separated from that person. So the first one is don't get attached to this this world. Your purpose lies beyond this world. Don't get attached to people of this world, because eventually they will leave you and you will leave them why Mel mash it for in the command Z and

02:53:06--> 02:53:44

do as you will and know that you will be compensated and rewarded accordingly. The compensation is in the hereafter Meaning what? Everything comes into here After all, the reward comes in the hereafter. Keep doing what you do and know that the reward is in the hereafter. So the first one are you smash it in the comedian's live as you will but know that one day you're going to die. Why big mash it in the camel vertical. love who you will but know that one day you will be separated from that person. Why mash it in the command Z and B, do as you will and know that one day you will be rewarded accordingly. While I'm on the shadowfell movement piano who believe I know that the

02:53:44--> 02:54:25

nobility of the believer is standing up in prayer at night. It's not in being a ruler. It's not in having 1000s of followers. It's not in being a king. It's not in having this or having that the nobility of a person comes from his standing up in prayer at nights invoking his Lord, while I'm in the shadow of a moment, pm who believe where is the hope and ask for his dignity is still not wanting us. It says being independent of people financially, emotionally, mentally, physically, your Iza your dignity as a person is trying not to be dependent on people try to absolve yourself of needing people in any way whatsoever. That's profound life advice right there. So Pamela, that's

02:54:25--> 02:54:59

something that we can all take to ourselves. Now the next incident I'll share with you is actually jabril giving advice in a very subtle way, but it's profound advice as well. This narration that I'm about to share with you is so profound, and how they've been Rajab Rahim Allah. In his famous book alhaja, Salah humility and prayer. The last chapter is just about this heavy even though it has nothing to do with prayer. Because of what it means. The prophets lie Selim. He says in authentic hadith that I was sitting with jabril at his salon for he then Shaka Oh, focus on that and then all of a sudden the sky split when as an American

02:55:00--> 02:55:10

angel came down for Aquila, Elena, and he started to come close to us. Now you want to know what makes this narration so strange? Well, so lost licenses for lemon law who jabril just saw

02:55:11--> 02:55:48

when Jabra saw this angel, he became smaller he held himself there in the meseta Saga. He held himself like bracing for something. The angel came to the Prophet slicin and said Yasuda law O Messenger of Allah Indian all sort of law he like I'm a messenger that's been sent to you from God. Oh, hi, Eureka. I'm giving you a choice Bane and takuna Libyan Abdullah onebyone Malika I'm here to give you a choice. Either you live your a prophet who lives like a king or a prophet that lives like a humble slave who can give me an example of Namibian medica, a prophet that lives like a king said a man is them. The Buddha Islam and a B and medica means that you'll live comfortable look, you can

02:55:48--> 02:56:20

have a great life, live very comfortably, be a king, have the riches of this world, do whatever you want, and you'll still have the hereafter it's not going to decrease from you in any way whatsoever. So you can either be that or you can continue to live like a humble state. I mean, the Prophet slicin them used to go knights and hunger stones tied to a stomach. He suffered from poverty at the very worst, even after success, right. So you have a choice now so the profits I'm set for Nevada to illegibly, I looked at jabril. He said for Asada la until Allah to breed this.

02:56:22--> 02:56:57

So the prophets lie Selim said, I said to him, that in a Vietnam I'll choose to be a prophet that lives like a humble slave. So the angel left, so I looked at debris rally. This was very strange jabril alayhis salam said hazal Malik this angel lamb youngsville cobbler yum he's never been down before this day. So the prophets license so now that look it's a saga why is it that you got smaller and we're afraid he said well, la Hema won't unto Hoon as elaborate elaborately MSR so I swear by Allah I didn't think that he came except to announce the Day of Judgment, who was that angel is Salafi.

02:56:58--> 02:57:37

On debris saw Islam he'll come down. He thought it was all over. So jabril even became afraid at the sight of Israel field and even Raja Rahim Allah, the law, he ends his book with the NaVi and other tools to be a humble servant. And how did this affect the prophets license physically as well? I mean, obviously, he continued to live. very humble means the prophets lie someone he used to eat his food. Sometimes he'd lay back, recline and eat. But after that incident, the province licen would only eat his food sitting up. So the Sahaba asked me out of Silla, why is it that you only eat your food sitting up he said, because this is more befitting for an IBM for a profit that will live like

02:57:37--> 02:58:16

a humble slave. So it affected the profits license that incident actually affected the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Now afterwards, as the prophets lysozyme starts to experience the end of his life, as it starts to go further and further and further, I was sorry, the history or the allot of time and he narrates that the prophets lysozyme was standing amongst us and also to la sala la vida, he was seldom was speaking and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he simply said in the La Jolla, I've done Lena dunya, or Dana Marin that Allah has given a choice to one of the servants between that which is in this world, and that which is with Allah, he said, and that servant chose

02:58:16--> 02:58:50

that which is with Allah. Now the Prophet slicin was completely healthy, nothing was wrong with him. So the Sahaba assumed what this is just some analogy that he's giving. He's just talking about some servant, maybe in the past or something like that. He was given the choice between that of this world and that of the hereafter. But I will say he says, apobec here broke down into tears. And he said, ajibade naliboki, all of us were shocked by his tears. And in one narration even said McCain naliboki, we started to cry because of his crying, not knowing why he was crying. It was just the pain that Rebecca showed through his crying, affected all of us. So we all started crying because we

02:58:50--> 02:59:26

knew something just happened. And he said, later on, we realized that the Prophet slicin was talking about himself who lm, Ohio, he was the one that was given that choice, and Beckett was the only one who caught it. It was this double bucket of that realized that the profit slice and basically just said that I've been given a choice between this life and the hereafter. From that incident onwards, the health of the profits license started to deteriorate rapidly. The fever got to him. And also last sliced them started, you know, slowly, slowly, his mobility was reduced. He couldn't come out as frequently couldn't walk, he couldn't stand when he prayed. It started to affect the prophets lie

02:59:26--> 02:59:59

salon. I started to get to him and also lost my son the last time he prayed with Sahaba. He prayed how he came out of pocket was leading the Salah, and he led the prayer sitting down even he led them in prayer sitting down and the companions were excited about that. But what happens at the end, and the cinematical the law and who says that we were praying in the masjid, and the prophets lysozyme he moved his curtain and when he pulled this curtain to best semi law, HCA He smiled and he laughed. And he says Can I have a water bottle must have said his face

03:00:00--> 03:00:08

was as bright as a page of the most half. I mean, it was he was so happy he laughed and he smiled at what? I'd seen a few 100 people praying

03:00:09--> 03:00:46

because he recognized the accomplishment there. A few 100 people are praying that they accepted this message and they're praying to their Lord. So imagine now, 2 billion people, right? The prophets lie someone he saw that he was happy. He was pleased that they're praying. I did what I had to do so and so the alarm said, we looked at the prophets lie some and we started to get excited in our prayer because we thought he was gonna come out then the prophets lysozyme he signaled to us to keep praying, and he drew his curtain closed once again. And that was the last time we saw the profit slicer. Inside of his home, everyone was crying because they knew that the profits license time was

03:00:46--> 03:01:24

nearing its end. It was getting to it was getting close. faulty model de la Honda particularly was deeply devastated his daughter, Abby had the mother of her father's Paula, Fatima was with the prophets lie Selim. Through it all. And the prophets lie some loved her and adored her. And even though the prophets lie, some could barely speak, he called for Fatima with his hand. So Fatima came and the prophets I sell him. He told her to come close, and he whispered something in her ear, and it caused her to cry even more. And the prophets lie Selim told her comeback, and he whispered something else in her ear and says she just burst into laughter.

03:01:25--> 03:01:54

And I saw the alarm and he was watching all of this he was perplexed why like, why did you cry and then laugh so suddenly? So she kept pushing faulting? Well, what did he tell you? What did he tell you? What did he tell you? So finally faulty my gave in and she said that the first time he told me that God usually reviews the Quran with me once in Ramadan. This year, he did it twice. Which means at timucuan fill ye it means solidifying the revelation. And so I don't think I'm going to make it past the sickness.

03:01:55--> 03:02:34

The second time the prophets lie, Selim. He said to me, that you will be the first one to join me. He just told a young girl, a young lady in her 20s that you're about to die too. And you're going to join me too. And 14 a burst out into hysterical laughter. casinos, that means being with the profits license, and that was an affair that made her happy if it means being with the prophets lie Selim that made her happy. So it shows you how much of a loving father the Prophet slicin was to his daughter. I saw the logo and then she was, you know, moving the profit slice on where he needed to be moved. She held the Prophet slice alum tight and also lost, my son was leaning against her chest,

03:02:34--> 03:02:50

and also la Sai Salaam, his eyes fell to the side on the back yard or the law and her brother and he had a sidewalk in his pocket. And he says the profits lie Sam's eyes fell on it. And so I knew that he wanted it. So I said to us last time you want that that toothbrush,

03:02:51--> 03:03:02

and the prophets lie some He nodded his head. So after that man gave it to her and it still wasn't used. So she chewed it and she softened it and she put it in the mouth of the prophets lie Selim.

03:03:03--> 03:03:45

Now what's so symbolic about that is that the Prophet sly son, he used to brush his teeth before every single prayer, because he wanted to have fresh breath when he met Allah five times a day he said if he can make it mandatory on us, he would, but he knew he knows it would be a hardship. So he always brushes his teeth before he meets a lot. He says as soon as he finished using the seawalk the Hala Elena debris jabril entered upon us now, she looked at the prophets lie Selim and she said the prophets lie slums face lit up, huge smile on his face. panela he was so happy to see you, buddy. You know what I think about this palette 23 years before this incident. How traumatized was the

03:03:45--> 03:04:14

profits lessened by the sight of gibreel and he didn't even know who Allah was or what Allah wanted from the clock. This Mirabella Decalogue in just 23 years, the most beloved cite to the Prophet slicin almost seem to believe it his center, and gibreel is ceram said to the Prophet slicin, I'm the one who gave him all those advices we talked about, he said to him, Look, I'm here to give you a choice. Either you can choose to remain amongst your companions and live well. Or you can have the companionship of the most time and

03:04:15--> 03:04:44

Allah gibreel or Islam when he said that the Prophet slicin and responded better to fulfill Allah, a little thicker than a lot of people Allah, Oh Allah, the companionship of the most I want the companionship of the most time I want the companionship of the Most High, he shall the Allah and she says that the prophets lie some soul left his body as he was saying, I don't know if you call Allah the Most time, the companionship of the most had his hand fell, and the prophets lie slam died.

03:04:45--> 03:05:00

He saw the law and when that happened, she screamed, and everyone when they heard the scream of it, so they knew that they knew that the prophets license hostel, a faulty model the Ola and when she was sitting in the hedgerow she was sitting in the room next door and when she heard that she offered

03:05:00--> 03:05:45

So she said some of the most beautiful words, she knew that she was about to die as well. By the way, somehow the prophecy was fulfilled because Fatima got sick four months later and died out of nowhere. Fancy model the 11 when she heard her scream, she looked up and she said, Yeah, I better then lobby him at dinner. Oh my dear father, how close you are now. To your Lord. Yeah, avatar, Elijah breeland. And oh, my dear father to jabril we announced your death. Yeah, about genitive pseudo Sima. Oh, my dear father, Paradise is now your abode. And she recited it over and over and over again. That how close you are now to Allah to jabril we announced that you've departed and

03:05:45--> 03:06:22

genital hurdles is now your place. Now the prophets lie some he left this world and Subhanallah everyone will leave this world and the prophets license said even gibreel will die. Can you imagine that? Even gibreel allihies salaam will die. The Prophet Sly Stone said that after the horn is blown. And the only ones that stand alone and shot are the ones who your Lord willed Allah subhana wa tada will have in front of him to breed, his fluffy niqab and the angel of death, Alamo personality Umbra. Those who are portion the command of a lot and a lot asks the Angel of Death who remains

03:06:23--> 03:07:15

and the angel of that says watch will callback Hill Karim Allah your noble face. You're here. I've Duka, me, abdicate Jabri, your servant gibreel Your servant niqab and your servant is Salafi. Allah says take the soul of niqab and because soul is taken from him. Then he says who remains? He said, Yeah, Allah you, me gibreel and it's Rafi. It says take the soul of Islam. And its lafiya soul is taken from him. And he says who remains? And he says watch who can carry your noble face or Allah. Abdul kochava the servant of yours. What abdicated believe were the last two standing. Allah says take the soul of Djibouti, the province license of Djibouti and would fall on his face as his wings

03:07:15--> 03:07:43

spread out glorifying the loss of Hannah hota Hana he would die into Spears panela his face hits the ground as he makes us back to Allah. Then a lost pet. Then he says who remains an angel that says yeah, it's just you and me. And Allah subhana wa tada says, to the angel of death to die, and the Angel of Death dies. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, could Illuminati have every single person parishes? Whatever college will rob beaker, little jewelry will

03:07:45--> 03:08:23

and only the noble face of your Lord remains. And Allah subhanho its Adam would ask himself, the manual McWilliam To Whom belongs the dominion today, where are the oppressors? Where are the dictators? Where are the oppressors? Where are those that used to kill innocent people and harm people? Were those that stuck through that had pride in this world and that thought that they own things and thought that they were kings and thought that they had unquestioned authority. Where are they today? Am I looking up? Where are they? Allah subhana wa tada says the man in Mongolian To Whom belongs the dominion today. Allah says to himself, the law Hill we're headed to Allah, the One the

03:08:23--> 03:09:02

sub duer Allah subhanho wa Taala it's only him. Now on the Day of Judgment, the prophets lie Selim says that someone will outdo the other man to Ronnie emiliana as we all come back, the Prophet slicin him says the earth is flattened out of the glory of all in obedience to Allah subhanho wa Tada. And he says, each and every single person will not be able to move from the spot that they are standing in the place of assembly. And he says that a lot of it was sudden, some bitterness and I would be called the first of people I would be the first person to be called to Allah. And he says so I would enter upon a loss of Hannah hoods Allah, what are her Russa, Geeta and I would fall in

03:09:02--> 03:09:13

prostration. He says the modifier Roxy and I would raise my head for either gibreel and you mean or Lana and suddenly I'll see gibreel on the right side of the Most Merciful.

03:09:14--> 03:09:19

So and you know what he says in this hadith Subhana Allah says, Well law him out I hope.

03:09:20--> 03:10:00

I swear by Allah he never saw him before that day. gibreel has never seen a loss of habitat. The vision of a law cannot be grasped on the Day of Judgment, that would be the first time to be would actually be able to look at a loss of Hannah hota Allah, Allah hemara will call her so on the prophets lie some season. He points to him and he says, Yeah, Rob in the Harvard Bharani America center who la he says, oh my lord, this one told me that you sent him to me. They are called Allah, Allah. Allah says, You've told the truth. The same way. jubilees said to the Prophet slice Allah Sadat, you've told the truth, why does the Prophet slicin him choose to

03:10:00--> 03:10:36

Do that on the Day of Judgment. Why does he feel that inclination because on the Day of Judgment, every messenger is being asked whether he delivered the message or not. The prophets licensed vouches for gibreel before he's even asked, Oh Allah, he said you sent him to me. He did his job last us sadhaks now the brothers and sisters, what's our relationship? Would you be writing his salon right now? You know, one of my favorite things about teaching this class in particular, as well one of my favorite things about talking about jewelry as opposed to talking about some of the companions of the messenger sallallahu wasallam is that you can actually interact with jabril right

03:10:36--> 03:11:17

now you know how you know how the Prophet slicin um, he says and authentic hadith and actually Anasazi Allah and who says, and I will tell her says one time the Prophet slicin I'm all of a sudden His face was just full of joy. So he said to me, Allah, so Allah, what is it May Allah keep you happy? He said, Johnny jabril gibreel just came to me for call Anna ulica Mohammed Abdullah Yusuf Ali alayka ahead, min o Matic. Illa. So later Allah He Ashleigh? Aren't you pleased though Mohammed's otherwise tell him that no one says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, except that I send solo ads upon them 10 times gibreel alayhis salam as well in the level of malaria, Qatar you're following

03:11:17--> 03:11:51

Allah NaVi Allah and the angels send their Salawat on the Prophet slice Ellen. And when you send the sort of work on the prophets lie Selim gibreel alayhis salaam responds to you as well a lot of response you end up writing his Salaam response to you so you want to be Islam to say your name right now. Salalah Juan, he was a lot more slowly was Salam ala nabina Mohammed, what about now this he stopped coming to the earth now? Is he gone? Do we does he never come down anymore? Actually, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam one time he came out and this is a hadith narrated by Maria on the other hand, when we were just sitting in the muslin, we were talking and suddenly the Prophet slicin came

03:11:51--> 03:12:29

out to us and the prophets why Selim he said to us, what are you talking about? And he said, Yana sola. We're just talking about how lucky we are, how blessed we are to be guided to Islam. The Prophet slicin said Is that all you were talking about? They said, the auto sola all we were talking about our days of ignorance and how we're blessed to be guided to Islam, the prophets lightstorm said don't worry. He said, I just wanted to come to you because attorney jabril jabril just came to me and he said, Those companions of yours that are sitting out in the masjid Bharani anila Yuba, he recommended erotica jabril just came to me and said Allah is bragging about them to the angels right

03:12:29--> 03:12:29


03:12:30--> 03:13:08

We're in the LA either have the abdom now that you breed when Allah loves someone he calls to breed and he says yeah to breed in the head bufala oh jabril I love so and so I have the love of that person as well. For your neighborhood every job really loves you to be doesn't need to know anything else about you. He just needs to know a lot loves you. And if a lot loves you, that's enough for somebody to love you as well. So gibreel goes in calls all of the angels and the inhabitants of the heavens and says Yamanaka yeah Santa in Allah, how you have befallen Allah loves this person, so love him as well. So all of the inhabitants of the heavens left in this panel, I think about your

03:13:08--> 03:13:44

name being said in this conversation between a law and religion and the angels and think about how many likes that is right. You're talking about trillions of angels that love you. They don't just like you, they love you while you're watching that whole caboodle fill out and a lot of places acceptance for that person in the hearts of the people. That's gibreel Allah His Salaam, he continues to be amongst the angels that come down to the gatherings that remember Allah subhanho wa Taala and we asked a lot that he be amongst us right now. That's the question I asked myself every time I teach this class I'm like, how amazing would it be if gibreel was actually here right now? If

03:13:44--> 03:14:23

tiberian Sun is actually amongst us reporting our name to Allah subhana wa Tada. And in Ramadan, what does Allah subhanaw taala say? tenez Lula mala aka to what roofie her, the angels come down and none other than jabril is amongst them. This is in the Arabic language and Hassan al I'm specifying someone amongst them, they came and gibreel was amongst them Subhana Allah so when you're praying total we on that night or you're reading Quran or doing Likud? How do you know God is not the one coming to your house and reporting your name to Allah subhana wa Tada. That's something to aim for, that you believe comes to my house and reports My name to Allah subhanho wa Taala on that night of

03:14:23--> 03:14:59

later to the president we should have that person have done and Allah, that good expectation of Allah Subhana inside that that's very possible and that yes, a lowly person like me. jabril alehissalaam could be sent to report My name back to my creators of Hana hotel. How even you know, every time you see a rule well Malik and Monica row the angels and Gabriella specified amongst them, you know, even in some cultures, they there's there's a special mention of Derrida Islam just in our everyday language, some of the Arabic some of the Arabs, whenever they finished the food and there's the Salam aleikum, WA Malacca May the angels send their prayers upon you. Some of them would say

03:14:59--> 03:15:00


03:15:00--> 03:15:00

The show

03:15:01--> 03:15:40

except for Djibouti after the tea, right? It's like there's this recognition it's inherent inside of us that jabril is greater than the rest of the angels but you know what, what does that tell us? Yo Mehta former row Who? Well mala kettles often lie at a column on on that day and Allah puts a rule this time before the angels that even a rule jabril will be standing in his place and the angels in the rows. They don't speak unless the last panel to Allah commands, commands not to speak they do exactly as they're told. Would we meet jabril Allah His Salaam on the Day of Judgment, so they follow the Allah and who narrates and authentic? I thought that jabril is the angel that will be in

03:15:40--> 03:16:17

charge of enemies on the scales. May Allah make it easy for us on that day, the scales you would actually see jabril Ali his Salaam, on the scales on that day. What about in Jenna? Can you be with jabril? Can you actually be Would you believe telling him about the story of Julian in the class that you took? And Matt, can you talk to jabril and Jenna, can you be with him? Can you answer madmen up here with the one that you love? Not only that the prophets lysozyme says well at Jaffa I saw Jaffa the Allahu taala. And who will who will your theater Phil jannetty magma, and he was flying in general with the angels. You could get your pair of wings and you could fly with Ronnie

03:16:17--> 03:16:56

his Salaam and gentlemen, we know that that exists. We know that that place is there. But I want to end this night dear brothers and sisters with something to make it a little bit more personal now. gibreel is the Valley of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from the angels. Journalists has really? Who is your Woody from the angels? So powerful question. And what do I mean by that? The Prophet sly sunset every night before you go to sleep and angel comes down to you. And he says if the man behind if them behind him behind, and your night well, and your night well, and your night well ended with the remembrance of God. And it was an act of charity. And it was a word of kindness.

03:16:56--> 03:16:59

And it was something good and it was wicked and it was

03:17:00--> 03:17:40

you know, and it was something good because you might not wake up and well the angel prompts you and well, and the prophets lie some sort of shape on on the other hand says it can be subtle and an evil and the prophets lie. Some said if you listen to that Angel, if they're behind, and you and your night Well, the angel spends the entire night with you seeking forgiveness for you. And praying to Allah subhanho wa Taala to have mercy on you until you wake up in the morning and the angel says if that behave, if that behavior. If that behavior, start your day off, well start your day off well start your day off well. And the prophets lie Selim said if he starts his day off well, the angel

03:17:40--> 03:18:07

spends the entire day with him, seeking forgiveness for him and asking a lot Have mercy on him. That's your Willie from the angels, as Pamela is this telling standard what he recited in Salafi in lovina Bible unborn Allah from the palm tetanus Valley human Allah, Allah to hafele what he has no, wherever she loses agenda tilla tea quantum to Adam national earlier or come Phil hayata Jr.

03:18:08--> 03:18:41

The angels come down to the believer as he's passing away. The Willie you're only up from the Metallica, your guardians, your protectors, the ones who love you, and we're with you your entire life from the angels, they come to you, just as jabril came to the Prophet slicin and they say, Don't worry, don't grieve, we were your Odia in this world and in the hereafter as well come out to gentlemen, Allah has promised it to you and the prophets license that the believing soul would jump out of this body of joy, it will come out and happiness upon Allah. Whereas some people are to the opposite, where there had to be law. Now I want you to think about that for a moment, your brothers

03:18:41--> 03:19:16

and sisters, and recognize that the angels are the last thing that we see before we come into this world. And the first thing we see as we're leaving it, in fact, from the tests of this world is that it's the only time in our existence that the angels are concealed from us. Because if we saw them, none of us would act the way that we do. But we choose to surround ourselves in our daily lives with angels via gibreel, or other angels, or which they obtain we make that choice every single moment of our lives, who to surround ourselves with. And somehow in closing, I just want to you know, I want to share with you guys something very, very personal. As Pamela, when I say it's very personal. I

03:19:16--> 03:19:30

say that. I literally, it's it's actually very hard for me to say this. Do you know, Leah, you're short Roseanne? The three young people that were murdered in Chapel Hill, Allah have mercy on them.

03:19:31--> 03:19:38

Do you know that they were sitting in this class right before they died? Do you know that this was the last class that they took?

03:19:39--> 03:19:59

Here? They were sitting, listening to God, the angels, what it's like when you die, how the angels come to you. And the thoughts that maybe just maybe those same angels came to them, and that they're actually experiencing that realm right. Now, when I said Lumina Shahada, we asked a lot that they'd be granted a Shahada

03:20:00--> 03:20:14

That thought, somehow really is humbling. And in fact, I actually have someone actually tweeted to me when they passed away the Snapchat messages from useful documents a lot earlier, talking about the class.

03:20:16--> 03:20:45

And I read that and I couldn't believe what I was reading. And if I had a screen, I would actually show you a picture of that chair. And just seeing it in front of you. And she's telling a cousin of hers, that I just took this class, you've got to take it. It was amazing. I never felt so close to it, his setup. And her cousin saying, is it you know, is it going to be anywhere and she says, I think they're gonna record it for being a TV. They're based out of Dallas, she says you should look him up. And at the end of the text, he says you should look up nirmanakaya Khan to

03:20:47--> 03:21:23

I read that and I said, that's the one praise that I will actually take and I'd say hamdulillah and I hope she's testifying on her behalf right now. I hope I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that she's testifying on our behalf and that's the one person that I wouldn't mind taking that praise from right now. May Allah allow them to testify on our behalf. May Allah allow us to be joined with the melodica with the angels may last hands out allow us to be in the highest companionship with Allah subhana wa tada with the messenger slice along with the angels with the Sabine the Shahada with the righteous may last, forgive us for our shortcomings and May Allah surround us with the melodica and

03:21:23--> 03:21:30

allow us to end our lives and higher allow us to end our lives and good the resident sisters Xochimilco hightened for coming out.