Conflict Resolution – The Line Between Justice and Peace

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We begin by praising Allah subhana wa Tada, but bearing witness none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his his final lessons are we asked a lot to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and his companions that served alongside of him. And those that follow in there, bless that example. Until the day of judgment, we asked a lot to make us amongst them along I mean, their brothers and sisters, as you look throughout history, and you look to those that were able to change the course of history and to influence change. A lot

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of times you look at the hero upfront, or you look at the villain upfront, but you don't pay much attention to all of the elements that work behind the scenes. And sometimes, those elements behind the scenes are intensely good, and sometimes they're intensely evil. But nonetheless, they have the ability to change the course of history, for good or for bad. And a lot as Odell has put in us, as human beings, the potential to bring about enormous change, be it for good or be it for evil. And it's very powerful that when Adam and Eve is Salaam, the prophets lie some described to us that moment when other mightiest lambs descendants were put in front of him, and he noticed that bright

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shining light and that would be his salon, that one man that that just shown that stood out to him and undermining his salon saw the benefit that he would bring not just his worship, but that David that would need his salon would bring in terms of establishing on this earth that which was righteous and institutionalizing clay of institutionalizing good with the kingdom that Allah subhanaw taala would give him an atom is not even dedicating or donating a few decades of his life to that with his Salaam, because he was so touched, and so inspired by what would come out of his descendants that that one person shown.

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And then there's also the capacity of one person to influence in an evil way. Sometimes that person is representative of an evil current in society that's going untreated. So sometimes that person is a manifestation of an untreated sickness in society. Right and that could be the president that can be an influential spokesperson. For some, you know, for some political lobby or organization or group that can be an influencer in sports and culture, but that they are representatives of something that is far more evil in society.

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And that sickness has to get treated.

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But one thing is for sure. What we learn in the narration, is that one person can light a community on fire, or to allow could allow that community to become torchbearers. For communities that are around it and communities that will follow it can often be just that one person on one hand, and fits naturally. Not an alarm and a cada fitna is always asleep in a community, the possibility of disunity the possibility of deception. The possibility of things erupting is always a risk, that even the community of the Prophet peace be upon him the most ideal community that ever existed, had to deal with in their situation. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had to deal with the love

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and obey even salute one man who could embroil the community of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in controversy, and could hinder the ability of that prophetic community to move forward if you were to look at the progress that was made from the community of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam during Hadith that's when if during the the the slander of Allah and the things that have to live in obedience, the Lord put push for started a trend started the current with in society, then surely a community that was so important, not just to its own world, but to the world after it as well. Surely that community would be paralyzed and struck.

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Because of that one pfitzner inside that stopped it from being able to give to the world as a loss of Hannah, what's Allah tasked to do? took one person, one person starts to say some things one person starts to pass the current and the entire community is paralyzed of faith, paralyzed of its goodness. That's why I'd even be thought about a lot of time. I'm gonna say the I'm gonna

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Amalfi cycling fitness dashboard. He said all the time with that in a man a person who slanders an amoeba is of two types. The Mima is slander. But the meme was also quoting people's words to each other. forwarding an email

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saying that you know this person said this about you and this person said this about you and that person said this about you forwarding one email forwarding a text, passing words during dispute with the truth with the truth, but with the intention of falsehood with the truth. They're not telling any lies. They're truthful when they go and say this person said this about you. That person said this about you. They're not lying. But it embroils the community I need all the law enema said that in one hour, they cause a fitna that takes months to put out takes one tongue one person to do all sorts of damage to a community. And then you've got the voices for goodness and the voices of faith.

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Now, I want you to imagine this image to think of this image, when you have two parties fighting or you've got all sorts of controversy going on, and you've got people going at it with one another, you know, just think about the just the visual of the person that's in between trying to stop the fight, or getting stepped on, they're getting hit from both sides.

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One side accuses them of being, you know, too soft. On the other side, the other side says that you are actually you know, part of that element because you're not willing to, to act with the same level of severity as our side, they just get caught in between and are completely under appreciated, uncelebrated. And usually that person that plays the role of Islam, the person of reconciling between the people is never celebrated because they're neither fully hero, nor are they fully villain.

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They're just in between there.

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And as history moves forward, their role in bringing things together

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is usually completely unrecognized. The cement between the bricks when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described described our community, California and you should want to hold on that it's like a building. And each part of it reinforces the other. The cement that holds the bricks together is not seen is not recognized.

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And it takes one person sometimes to quell all of those elements to play that role.

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Now, here's where the discussion gets a little tricky.

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There's the peacemaker. And then there's the voice of justice. Often the peacemaker in his desire for peace at any cost, allows for the truth to be obscured. And in wanting to avoid all sorts of conflict avoids even necessary conflict. Because at the end of the day, they have conflated peace with the absence of tension, that as long as we can remove tension

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from the public space, then that's what we need to have. And in that process, the truth is obscured. Then you have another person who considers themselves a voice for justice. You know, when you look through the seat of the profit slice on everyone wants to be the alone time. Everybody everyone wants to carry the stick of armor, but no one wants to play the piano.

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Everyone wants to make wrongdoers cry the way that almost all the time homemade transgressors and oppressor shake in their boots. But no one wants to shake and cry the way that Obama did at the thought of his own transgressions, and his own possible in justices. But everyone looks this, he says, I'm going to be that guy. I'm going to be the one that's going to make sure the truth is established,

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and conflates the call for justice with the call for perpetual conflict brings in conflict even when it's unnecessary. And when trying to fight one injustice actually brings more injustice, when one can live with it or be one CO and evil is not changed by evil. It becomes always this fight. And we've got always be in controversy because the truth must prevail.

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But in reality, that is not about a cause. It's about an ego. It's about a person.

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It's not about the cause that's being articulated. It's about the voice that's articulating the cause. And a person gets too comfortable in that role. And in the process takes the community on a ride.

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So where do you find the balance between the voice for justice and truth

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and the voice for peace and civility? How do you find that? Well, first of all, it's important for us to recognize that along has given us all very unique personalities.

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Very unique capacities, very unique inclinations were a collection of our experiences, the things that we went through in life shape how we view life today. And as long as you can channel those experiences and those inclinations in a way, that you are the most productive to your community, the most pleasing to Allah, and making that quality most in accordance with the synonyms Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you're doing well, the prophets lie. Some of them did not turn a bucket into Alma, nor did he attempt to turn on water into a bucket, he made up a bucket while the low end with the best possible aboubaker he can meet. And then on the low end with the best possible Ahmed,

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he can be an earth man, the best possible Earth man, he can be an alien, the best possible and he can be, you take that personality. And you are very conscious and aware of the pitfalls of well meaning well intended courses of action that you could take based upon those personality traits that you have. So yes, some people are going to inherently be more devoted to the justice of the of the situation than the peace of it. And some people will be more devoted to the peace rather than the element of justice and actually solving the underlying causes of a situation. But at the same time, the way that those to make sure that they don't fall out of bounds

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is by ensuring that the truth is never lost in what they do.

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The truth is not lost in the loudness of the voice for justice, and the truth is not lost in the quiet of that voice for peace. The truth does not get obscured. And if you look at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and how he was able to walk that fine line, it's beautiful to incidents, before he received prophet but not even Salatu was set up. He knew when to employ both the profits line salon was the youngest member to participate in health and football in the in the coalition of virtue that would ensure that no person is taken advantage of on the basis of having a lower status in society.

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It was the injustice of one man to another man that didn't belong to the tribe of the profit slice alum that drove the profit size some and others to take a pledge to take a PAC. Now, that was a good tension that was forced. That was a good tension that was forced, because status quo was unacceptable, because the weak we're constantly exploited, those that did not belong to the more powerful tribes were, you know, had no protection whatsoever. So when that one man raised his voice, and wrote a poem about Mecca, and embarrassed and humiliated those tribes that were masquerading as, as as noble tribes for the way that they were failing to protect the weak amongst them, it forced

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the societal change, and the profit slice on responded to that call. And he said that if I was to be called to it, even after becoming a prophet, I would still respond to that call, I would always come to that table. If it's going to protect one elements of the vulnerable, I will come to that table, even if it's believers, not believers, whoever it is, even as the Prophet of Allah, I will come to that table for that specific cause.

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But you know what, there's another element. So the prophets lie, some there responded to the tension,

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and participated in a productive way, and making sure that that healthy conflict led to a healthy resolution,

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we're not going to brush our problems under the rug, again, we're going to come up with healthy solutions to this healthy conflict, because if we don't, then the problems will only perpetuate. So we've got to do something about the profit slice and move forward. In another situation, the situation of the placing of the black stone and hedge funds

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in the place of the Kaaba, where it was in the calendar, I want you to understand all the dimensions of this because it's profound.

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You have a bunch of tribes and they're hesitant as to who will put the black stone in the corner of the Kava, which at that time is occupied by idols inside out hundreds of idols.

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And one element of that idolatry is the self worship that those tribes not that Well, which one of us is going to be the one that's going to put the stone forward. It's silly, it represents. It represents something lower about that society. But that's even a thing that I can't even trust

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the other tribe to pick up the stone and put it in the corner of the cabinet, because that's going to somehow give them leverage over my tribe.

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So they made the decision that whoever walks through the door next, that's the person that's going to do

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The prophets lie some walked in. They said Ameen, Lena, the trustworthy one has come out Alina, we are satisfied when they said the prophets lie some of the trustworthy one has come. What were they implicitly admitting about each other? That they knew that none of them could trust one another, that none of them felt safe with one another, that they knew that every one of them had the agenda of superiority of tribes. So actually some of the amount of CLSA that's the first time the Prophet slicin was called, I mean, the first time they actually use that nickname of the trustworthy. I mean, Rob Lena, we're all pleased with him, because we know he has no agenda. his agenda is the

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goodness of our community, the goodness of our society. That's a beautiful testimony of those people to the prophets lie some of them. The irony is that one day the prophets lie, some will walk in that cabin and break stones.

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One day he will take down all their idols.

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But what is the moment call to the prophets lie some wants to address a specific ill they say Ameen. Molina, what's the solution of the Prophet seisen he takes his own cloak, puts it on the ground, says put the stone on the ground, and let a representative of each tribe carry that cloak. And then place the stone together.

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The hikma the wisdom

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of the Prophet slice them in that moment. Now, usually when you come to a peace agreement or a peace treaty, no side is really satisfied.

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Because internally, some people were hoping that the prophets lie Selim was closer to them, and that maybe he would say, well, this group of tribes, this tribe has been here longer, they do more fit than most of the people more service to the people that come. But they knew the prophets lie. Selim had the best interests of the community on heart. Now the prophets lie, some could have taken that moment to say what's wrong with you people in the first place, fighting over who's gonna put the stone but he recognized the moment that at that moment, the best thing to do was

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was to bring people together was to show people that it was possible to compromise amongst their tribes. And continue continue. What he was really moving towards of tow, Hades of monotheism and its implications, which would be the eventual fall of all of those other 360 stones that were in and out the counter. There was a moment there, it took one men to solve a potential conflict that would have embroiled the Arabs for decades, that hikma of the Prophet slice on that wisdom of the Prophet slicin in those moments.

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Now, when the prophets lie, some did that

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there probably would have been some younger people within some of those tribes that were looking at the profit slice. I'm like, I can't believe he did that. Why couldn't he have done this? And why couldn't he have done that, but eventually, it was their voices that became irrelevant. At those moments, the voices would have been the loudest, eventually their voices became irrelevant, and the profits license spared the Arabs of a major, major conflict. Let's get to that personality trait for a moment. The person who is always looking for the interests of the community, and is trying to build wants to be that cements. When people fall apart. People know that's a person of Islam, that's

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a person who will reconcile between people, that's a person that will come together that will put his own feelings, his own agendas on the side, his own interests on the side, his own name on the side. And we'll do what they can to sit people together and to move forward without losing the cause. Because that's the pitfall of that personality as well. In the law, your head would look something when a law talks about a situation arising amongst the community. And a lot of talks about everyone coming together against a clear transgressor and trying to bring people together allies, as I mentioned at the end, that Allah subhanaw taala loves those people that reconcile that uphold

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justice and defend a top Bharani. The prophet SAW some call that global solocom the greatest charity to a community is a slot is to reconcile between people is to bring people together. And even after the prophets lie, some call us global ibadah the greatest of worship is to bring the people together to build amongst the people to let that community experience its full productivity, even though you won't be celebrated for it.

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Because it's not about you.

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It's about something greater than you and greater than the two parties that are fighting as well. It's not about you. And you immediately should think in that capacity. When things go down. How do I fix the situation? without losing the core of it? without losing the underlying issue? How do I move this community forward in the most productive way? So I want to give you all an example by the when we look through the history, the prophet SAW a lot whining was one of the

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called Hassan Al Hussein, may Allah be pleased with them and their father and their mother and their grandfather. prophets like Selim and their grandmother, the prophets I seldom called them see the Shabaab as an agenda the chiefs, the masters of the youth of paradise. When we enter into agenda May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst them. I mean, when you enter into Jelena the chiefs, the leaders of the youth of Paradise will be at hesson with her saying, may Allah be pleased with them. Now and her saying, well, the Allahu taala. And we know his sacrifice. We know the call for justice the out the way that her saying only a long time who was driven to be a voice for truth,

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in the face of a situation where there were clear in justices and oppression, and the Sahaba, that did not want to disable the law and want to go forward, did not disagree with his cause, admired his passion. But we're worried about him. And we're worried about whether or not the single the low end would have the necessary support, as he was calling out that injustice as he saw it. And if he would be able to achieve his goals, no one could question that man's heart, his passion, what the blood of the prophets lie Selim in him, and that capacity that drove him to fight against London, and he should be acknowledged and respected and celebrated in love for them.

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We don't diminish as the same all the time. But do you hear about it, Hassan will be a long time as well. Not really, what he did is not as celebrated is not. And again, I'm gonna say this, again, do not diminish the same of the alignment with what I'm about to say about some of the lavon it has on the other of the two masters of the people agenda, the youth agenda, you think of it has some of the law on history, most people cannot name the remarkable incidents of some of the alarm or what he contributed to Islamic history, and what he was able to do for society. But the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was giving

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in Juma

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and it has some of the a long time who walked in. And the prophets lie some in the midst of his heart, but he looked at the people that he looked at a house and then he looked at the people that he looked at it has son again.

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And he said about a testimony alone.

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This son of mine is a master, he's a leader, this son of mine is a leader. Well, Allah, Allah and you'll be happy he phiaton alima attain, you know, the Muslim mean, it may be that through him, a lot will reconcile to great armies from amongst the Muslims. Allah will bring people together through this son of mine, this descendant of mine, this leader, that has some of the local talent,

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what it has some do, and has some of the alongside

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when the killer of La called the Allahu anhu, transferred to him, and hasn't

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made peace

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and hessen, about the Allahu taala and make peace between those two armies, the army of God, which was left over in the army of more Alia.

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And in the process of going to the table, yes, it hasn't had what the level and the followers that loved him and that did not want him to do them.

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That like those who told them her same of the law, I know that we will be behind you and we will fight till that has some of the law and if you decide to fight, we will fight behind you. But he saw the interest of the community difference. And he had the most to lose by doing so he is the halifa giving up his khilafah giving up his leadership choosing to go anonymous, instead, politically anonymous instead and has some of the alarm going became politically anonymous after that moment when he hands over the heat

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as part of a bigger treaty, and you know what that ushered in the years of the golden age of the oma the Muslim Ummah was able to focus on growth, because it wasn't embroiled in fitna. Now most people, when we look back will see a slot and we'll see what you know it has some of the law and who will not get the praise of the law. And what happened was the hand of peace for saying was the voice of justice, may Allah be pleased with them both. They both had a crucial role to play, but the Prophet sallallahu wasallam one to the community to particularly take note, in that moment, of what it has some of the alongside on who would do he didn't obscure the truth in the process. In fact, he tried

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to protect this. He did what he thought would protect it best. He moved the community forward in the way he thought best and he was driven by the same thing that drove it per se, which was Alon His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the benefit and the continuity of the community. They're both driven by the same motive, not by ego, not by themselves as the same of the law and who did not want the praise of the people. has some of the law

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did not want the money of the people to give up to seemingly give up and compromise.

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But the Prophet sallallahu wasallam wanted us to take note when it has some will be alone and who did to courage Make no mistake about it that took courage. That took a lot to swallow to go to that table and for the sake of the unknown, so you know what, how do we move this community for you? How do we do what's best for the oma at this point of Rasulullah sallallahu I knew he was someone I want to end with this thought and they'll tell you and Rahim Allah has a narration from Isa and is one of the acquired the scenes of Islam Jesus peace be upon them, the sayings of Jesus peace be upon them come through what happened whenever the middle pythium and Abdullah Mubarak and Allah knows it's not

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through the rigorous Synod of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam but these beautiful sayings that existed amongst the oma and we're in our books of test capital, play him a lot quotes and esigning his Salaam, said toolbar in the Hina baneasa for dunya. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah or there's a value of gentlemen guaranteed for the Muslim hain for those that reconcile that bring people together that play that role of cement in communities in this dunya people who occupy humble reconcile those people who will occupy pulpits close to Allah, you know who else has that according to the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam people of justice will be on Managua,

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pulpits of light on the Day of Judgment, more vocal more out there doing what they do. But those two acted out of the same importance out of the same motive. Out of the same agenda of pushing forth the community a little sort of lump sum a lot more to suddenly ask Allah Subhana Rosada to guide us to that which is the best for us and in guiding us to that which is best for us to utilize that for what is best for the community to utilize that for what is best for the oma to utilize not for what is best for humanity. And more than all of that to utilize that for that which is best for our athlete or for our here after an hour reckoning and standing in front of a loss of Hannah Montana on

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the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhanaw taala guide us to those pathways of play and avoid or remove us from those pathways of evil along I mean, stuff like you recommend is almost an infrastructure.