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rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala COVID mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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operation to Allah subhanho wa Taala the Most Merciful and was gracious Shangri La ilaha illAllah of a witness that none has the right to be worshipped except the last panel data. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us in this walkthrough of Joomla to forgive us our shortcomings. Allah have mercy on us melody turn the rain to the city of ours. Allah bring back the the clouds and the rain whatever sins we have done, Allah forgive us and grant us of His mercy and kindness. We send our greetings our love of salutations so beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to his pious and pure family to his companions and all those who follow me soon until the end of time. May Allah grant us

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to always be on the sooner of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam amin Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah we continue in this series, the power of knowledge, the power of knowledge, and we begin as an oma, we always return back to knowledge. And when we say it began with equal knowledge, and this oma and this Deen is synonymous. The light of Islam is based on basura it's based on berghahn. It's based on evidence, it's based on clear guidance. That is what our oma and that's what our teachings is based on. Allah subhanho wa Taala says that we should worship Him and we should call to his Deen with evidence and with knowledge that Allah does not want blind faith. Allah wants us to be an Ummah of

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learning. And we spoke about the importance of learning and the importance of knowledge in transforming this oma, this is not just a biopic about knowledge, we heard about the importance of knowledge many, many times. Okay, so what's the point? point is when we look at the world around us, when we look at the situation of the oma and we ask ourselves, how do we fix it? How do we fix the very big problems? The the Palestine issue, the city issue, the Yemen issue? How do we fix these problems? our leadership that's ineffective, our youth that is going off the straight path? How do we fix our society? Where do we start, start with Allah began start with a prophet sallallahu Sallam

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began, he began with knowledge he began with learning. And therefore, every step that each of us takes towards learning towards education, both in the deen sense, and in the secular sense, you will find that our mobile transformed in all of us might be 200 300 of us here, if we all insha Allah, learn something new in 2018, learn a new book, we will see in sha Allah the benefits in that we will see a change in our community in our families. This visitor as we know, is even more important for most of us, our kids began school, they began the whatever grade they might go to what most some of them might have gotten started university as well. We need to remind them about the importance of

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this journey of knowledge, that is the most important part of their life is learning, that the people that they will ultimately become, and the potential will be unlocked in them only through learning, the gifts Allah has given them will only be realized, through learning through knowledge. No one starts is born, a doctor is born, an engineer, or whatever it might be, you will only become that through learning through education. Only through that and through education. And as we said, so many times, every single person here, every single one of us here is created for a reason. And for a purpose. We part of a very big puzzle, a very big picture. And each of each and every one of us is

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going to bring something to the party. Each and every one of us must play our role so that society can change and only through education, you realize what Allah has put you here, what purpose Allah has put you You're no one is put here on this dunya by mistake or by accident, Allah could create us as a grain of sand or a drop of water. No, Allah created you and me the Sangeeta queen in the best of all stature. The best of all his creation is he made in Sun with the most potential. That potential we spoke about was shown when the angels made suju to our father either Malaysia that was Salam.

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And knowledge is that is that journey that will unlock that potential. We said last week that Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, that he will raise up the people of a man of belief and the people of knowledge. It's a law. It's a promise with a law, that if you learn you will move forward. And we can see that in the secular sense. And we don't I don't like this word secular knowledge. There's no such thing as secular knowledge, but we can see that in the dunia the worldly sciences, though.

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who learn and acquire the knowledge of the dunya they will have mastery of this dunya. Similarly, if you acquire and learn the knowledge of the Acura, the Acura, you will get mastery of the Acura to be given to you. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says, If Allah wants to give you a great blessing, Allah wants to favor you. It's not about money that Allah will give you a power or whatever it might be. Allah really loves you. He will give you an understanding and in depth knowledge of the deen. And if you're on the path of learning, not the destination of knowledge, not the one who acquired knowledge. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam says the one who is in the process of

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learning, even if he goes to class and he's failing in that class, but he goes and he opens that book sincerely, then Allah will make easy for him the path to Jenna. So I'm so the link brothers, this link was Bayani about knowledge gates, I was telling you it solves your junior problems, and it will get you to Jenna insha Allah. This is where you begin to fix yourself through knowledge and through learning.

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We began the story of nebby musala salat wa salam, and the story of either la salatu salam. Every week we recite pseudepigrapha. We should resize photograph on a Friday or Thursday evening. It's part of the student of Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So one of those chapters of the Quran, which we need to be reminded of over and over and we know Sudoku calf is a prediction from the fitna the trials and tribulations of dogen. But in reality, the surah is more than that. It's, it's in summary, the surah speaks about different challenges you will face in your life challenges in your youth, is a story about the youth challenges in terms of wealth is a story of a wealthy man and a

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poor man challenges in terms of power and status and government and rulers. We have the story of incarnate and one of the challenges and in fact, one of the areas each and every one of us will have to answer for one of the specific questions on piano is going to be about knowledge. So we know on piano, we're going to be asked about Allah, specifically about how did you spend your money? And I was going to ask you, specifically Me and you, how do you answer the question of knowledge? You were given an appeal put on the dounia? You're given the ability and the capacity to learn knowledge was made available to you? Did you learn it if you learnt it? How did you did you implement it? Did you

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teach it? Those are specific questions that will be asked about on piano. It's a specific Fitness, Fitness not in Cape Town, we know fitness is the scanner. backbite fitness means a taste, it's a trial. It's one of those challenges you must pass. And one of the challenges each and every one of us individually needs to pass not just orlimar not just the Imam or the scholars, every one of us needs to pass the fitna of knowledge. So Allah gives us the example of nebby Musa and he dallisa to Salaam, how inadi Moosa was confronted with the challenge of knowledge and hamdulillah The story is along the many a hadith the prophet SAW Selim gave us even more detail to the story in the sooner he

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gave us more information about what we find in the Quran. So this so in Isaiah number 60 of sutra gaff to chapter 18. Allah begins with nabee Moosa, saying what is called a moose elevator hula Abraham, Abdullah Jamal, Bahraini jacoba Nabi Musa says to his boy servant, that the two of them are in a journey, and they've been walking long. And maybe Moosa says to his boys, a servant, the child that's with him, that I will not give up researching, searching for the place where the two oceans meet, I will not stop looking for this place, even if it means I must basically walk forever. I will search forever until I find the spot. Now eyes let me move along the coast looking for the meeting

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point why is he looking for cake points? as a point of Allah, Allah, we must. It'll be very nice if none of us actually came to Cape Town right hamdulillah but somewhere else on the earth maybe Moosa is searching for a point where two bodies of water are meeting. Why is not being used on this journey? the Hadees tells us that once the Musa was given was was teaching the bunnies while he was teaching them, and someone asked a very silly question whether deliberately or not, the bunny soil had this way of challenging him. They asked him tell us who's the smartest person or the most knowledgeable person on earth. So that we Moosa and we don't need to speak about these credentials.

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He's the man that Allah speaks to directly Allah doesn't even send gibril Allah speaks to NaVi Musa directly, soon to be Moosa. justifiably, he said, I'm the most learned I'm the most learned alum on the face of the earth. I know that I know everything. He didn't say, I know everything but he said, I'm the most learned man, if you're looking for a teacher, better than musala salatu salam, the man that Allah speaks to directly and this was not appropriate for me to say that. So Allah informed Nabi Musa Elisa to Salam on Musa, the someone more learned

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They knew in certain areas, there is someone that has knowledge that you don't have. You don't have all knowledge you have a small section of knowledge and someone else has knowledge that you don't have. And immediately Nabhi Moosa is humbled to be Moosa is humbled, and he says, oh, Allah, Grant me leave, give me a leave of absence of money, so he can't just leave his people. That's the no BS job can even you can even just take leave from his job, give me leave, to go and find this man, show me let me find him. So I can learn. I can learn. Look at the level of humility.

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The man who split the read, see, by the grace of Allah who defeated fear own who has the Torah, the man who always speaks to directly he hears that there is some alum that has some knowledge says, Yeah, Allah immediately let me go and learn, I want to learn from this man. This is how we should be no matter who you are, what PhDs or professor, whatever knowledge you have acquired, understand that there are people more knowledgeable than you in certain areas. And that you might find that you might have the highest qualifications in the junior field. But they might be someone who you might look down on might have especially the knowledge how to take we do you, can you humble yourself and

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say, I will sit at the feet of this man with this person who's maybe 50 years younger than me, because I want to acquire knowledge. I respect the knowledge that this person has. Let me massage doing that. So Allah grants him permission. And in the Hadith that we used to ask Allah Spano, dada, how would I find him? He doesn't even say, go to this address, and this place, you will find the teacher? Allah says, Go and search and look for him. Hello, how do I we just walk and you will find him? How would I find him Allah give me a sign. So Allah says, Take a fish with you. And when you find to Kenya fish, I did fish. And when you find the place where the two oceans or the two bodies

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of water meet the joining place of two bodies of water, there you will find him. Okay, that's all the information that we must ask. So he goes on this journey. But of course, as he's about to leave, he had a student, a disciple, a Sahabi, young boy, you should never use or he'll become a next prophet. This never USIA, what do we know about him? Joshua? This is the this is the the nebby of Allah that conquered Palestine for the very first time. And the son posed to him we know this from the Hadith. So this boy you should again, look at his his level. He wants to accompany Nabi Musa. Oh Rasulullah rasulillah let me come with you on this journey. I just want to be with you to learn

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you're going to learn that we've come with you. And because of that we said because he put himself in that school of learning that tarbiyah Allah MIDI manabi. Again, the the link between learning and struggling for knowledge and the fruits that will be that you will be in the future is quite clear in Eurasia. So you shall is carrying the obviously the bags and that out of his humanity always told the Navy Navy Moosa. Now I'll carry the bags. So he carried this fish. He was carrying the fish. And so they're walking along the coast and that's when they'll be messiahs, and even the ambia they are human. They feel tired. They get frustrated that the moose is getting frustrated now and we know his

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personality. He's a man that showed his frustration. He showed his frustration and he says to us, yeah, Allah we working so long, but I'll continue walking like this searching until I find the spot so I can find the man to learn knowledge. But I'm biopharma yamabe Nina. So Allah says, but once they came to that spot they were supposed to be they passed it by nesea who document below feel Buhari sarova. But when they reach the junction, the place where they were supposed to find the teacher, they forgot about the fish, which took its course through the sea in a very strange way. So what happened was they found they came to a certain place, and there was a rock, and now they took a

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nap. They rested. So they'll be mostly sleeping, you share is lying down, you put down the bags, and while maybe you should of course it wasn't gonna be at that time, the young boy Lucia, is he sitting keeping watch, and I'll be mostly sleeping. He saw the fish starting to shake in the basket. The fish came alive, and it hopped out of the basket into the sea. And it took a strange way it may this the fish swam in a way as if though it parted the sea. The sea became like a tunnel. So this is the point where the two seas were meeting this is what they were supposed to find. But usually our advisory snake doesn't wake him up. He doesn't wake them up.

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Maybe Moosa wakes up maybe an hour two hours later, and you share as it would be a law cause that you shall he believes who's who to forget to tell Nabi Musa oh he was too shy to even say to me Musa some tafsir mentions here. This entire journey with Nabi Musa is going on, is to teach NaVi Moosa how to interact with these people. These people remember the story begins, his people asked him a stupid

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But first must have frustrated frustrated him. I mean, imagine you're asked the teacher, you can use a math professor who's smarter than you in maths. I want to learn from him. And I imagine what the teacher is going to say. So, maybe Moosa is being taught by Allah, your people are going to ask you dumb questions, and you're going to be challenged as a teacher with a lesson to make him a student. Now, you should perhaps is too shy to ask a question or to say, maybe Musa I saw this fish going in the sea. He says quiet, not saying anything to us. So he keeps his mouth quiet. Maybe Moosa doesn't know the fish jumped into the sea. So now the Moosa wakes up later to sit down and they continue

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working further on another few hours, days, maybe they walking, for that measure was a Alesis. And once they passed that point, that place where they were St. And the fish had swam away, orally Fatah who attina hada Anna Lakota Latina mean suffering ohana? Saba Musashi to the USIA Bring me the fish. So I know we supposed to keep the fish but I'm hungry now and I'm tired now and I'm frustrated now. Bring me the fish we've been searching for so long. Let's eat Let's rest and we're going to eat they need click to you shall we? We must bring the fish I'm hungry. color. Now you should now says are at our inner illa sokrati for in Nina Sita, Rama and Sani who illa shaytaan and Escuela de la ville

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baja Java. So who says Do you remember when we rested on that rock? Indeed, I forgot the fish. I forgot to tell you that the fish came alive and he jumped into the water and swam in a very strange way to climb a tunnel inside the ocean inside the sea. And shaytaan caused me to forget chicken soup. I forgot to tell you about it. So now we move to the response call early kumbhakarna. That's what we've been looking for. That was what we were searching for. That was the sign for that data Athenaeum. kasamh is also mentioned here. Allah informed me most about the sign but I didn't tell you sure. Perhaps it's a therapy fob Moosa as well. So you didn't know this is what we're looking

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for. So what are we missing? That's what we were looking for. So they had to retrace the steps all the way back. The sub Narrator In the Hadith says a lot caused Nabi Musa to feel extreme fatigue once he passed that point, meaning even though he found the spot, he got to the location. The teacher wasn't the but Allah was going to teach the Moosa how much further Will you go in search of knowledge? Will you keep searching even if you know you're looking for that solution that answer to the problem and you're searching and now you're getting frustrated when you keep going? And I mean Musa What did he say I will keep doing this basically forever until I find the man that is going to

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teach me now that he found this is what we need to do. Go back and retrace your steps revision even the MBR need to make revision you past the point go back and you need to go for a second time kasasa meaning footsteps he actually there to retrace the footsteps very carefully to get to that spot so when they came back to that iraq where they were sitting on for watching the abdomen a ballerina it no matter mean andina alumna woman Luna they found a servant from the servants of Allah, Allah says they found one of my slaves certainly, Tina Rama we gave him mercy mean ended up from from us from Allah or alumna Milla, Milla Donna Ella and I gave a lot to this man exclusive knowledge knowledge

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from when Allah says mill aduna from me personally I personally taught this man.

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Now this man we know he's called the Hadith tells us his title is a huddle, huddle. huddle is green. And so he was wearing a green Juba, a green clock, right? He was wearing a green, his his his, his cloak was green. And that's why it's called alhaja. Basically the green one, the man in green, and he's sitting there at this point in this at this rock. And Allah says a lot to this men knowledge. And it's a great debate with a feature of this man is a valley of Allah and Ireland with a Navy. And the reality the fact that Allah says I taught him an exclusive knowledge. This appears to be number one Prophethood but he wasn't a V and we know they will at times they will many MB at the same time.

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For example, you have moose and Harun they have a and Allah says to every nation, they will ambia we will Meenie Miny ambia they're not mentioned by name in the Quran. Like Lucia is not mentioned by name in the Quran but Allah hints about him. So he did Elisa to Salaam was an abbey of Allah and the Hadith it's a beautiful meeting so Nabil Musa meets this man to the Nabi Musa with Lucia comes they find this man dressed in green, certainly. And Nabi Musa says to him as salaam alaikum I this this Salam we said, This greeting of a Salam alikoum The first thing, just a side note, the beautiful side note, the first thing that maybe I'm Elisa to Salaam said when he saw a group of angels now the

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item was new, newly created and he saw

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group of angels. So Allah says to nebby item, go to them and say Assalamu alaikum to them say peace be upon your upcoming peace basically, and so that the angels don't know either. They've never met him before. They're not sure what kind of condition he is. Now the item has never met an angel before. So now the item says to them, peace be upon you. And they responded, walaikum salam. So Allah said that this will be the greeting of your you and your children until Thema meaning every single nabee of Allah, even the Jews today, Shalom, Shalom, peace be upon you. And you find even in science fiction movies, when you meet aliens, I come in peace, this behind all this universal

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greeting from the time of newbie Adam, so nobody moves out. That's how he spoke. He went to the salon, and he says Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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He literally said to a Salam. He only gets part of the story. Allah told me that you have a mission to do. He never told him you're going to meet Nabi Musa, he didn't know he didn't get the memo. And he says to Nabi Musa, and we do get Assalamualaikum How do you know about a Solomonic this land we live in is a land of disbelievers no one here says I said I'm walakum How do you know about Assalamualaikum Sona be Musa says I am Lucia My name is Musa so he will says are you Musab Vanessa? Is that Musa v Musa? Meaning Phaedra knew about Musa Musa didn't know about either? So Allah told Elisa to salam, that these a prophet of mine Musa also it shows that Nabi Musa is of a higher

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caliber is Roger that there are many ambia that came and went we don't know the names that have great caliber, but the MBR which Allah mentioned in the Quran, then a B mu says and Ebrahim Felisa to a Salaam, these are of the highest caliber. So just because you don't have all the information, just because someone in your family or your organization knows more than you, your your employee might know more than you. Your son might know more than you maybe Moosa and me that would never say to a man maybe Sulaiman had wisdom that maybe they would not have doesn't take away from you stature. That lack of knowledge is not a crime, but to remain like that is a crime. So that'd be

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moose Elisa to Sam is a via daraja reader, but he did have knowledge he did not have. So now be Moosa is Sophie that asked him Are you that Moosa of bunnies are ill so Nabi Musa said yes, I am that Musa Can I join you to learn Allah has informed me of Allah told me about you and I want to learn from you.

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Cora Cora who Moosa musisi to hidden attribute aka Allah and to eliminate me, Matt, Linda, can I please follow you? Can I walk with you look at the humility of Musa Can I walk with you so that I can learn from the things which you have learned? And here's a response call in Nicoletta stratemeyer sobre. You will not be able to have patience with me. You're not going to be able to do to, you're not going to be able to move with me. You're not going to be patient. The teacher is telling me Moosa has not been you as a student. And this man is telling Musa No, no, no, I don't think you are good enough, or good enough. But I don't think you have the ability to learn from me.

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You don't have the patience required to learn from me.

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Okay, photospheric lm lm to hit b houbara. And how will you be able to be patient with something which you don't understand?

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Remember, again, Nabhi Moosa is going to go back to a people who don't have understanding a people who don't have knowledge and therefore they're going to frustrate him. So one of the learnings of Robbie Moosa is to be put in a situation where he cannot understand something, and that frustration is going to feel now the moose is going to become very frustrated, he's going to be feel out of his depth, and that, that being a student being, being unable to understand things, this is the one of the lessons he's about to learn. So Heather is telling me Moshe,

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you can come with me, but I'm telling you, you're not going to be able to be patient, and you don't have the knowledge to be patient. You don't have the knowledge unless I've given you the knowledge for you to fully understand. So for example, if I take someone high school mathematics and I put them in a Ph D, maths class, how frustrated Are you going to be you sitting there that often hours in a field like 10 years, because you're not gonna understand what's happening, either is telling me Moosa, you're not the to you're not going to be able to learn you're not going to be able to have patience.

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Maybe Moosa doesn't take no for an answer. Or he says certegy Rooney, insha, Allah sobre la la Sierra camera, that insha Allah, I will be patient. And I won't disappoint you. I'm going to listen to you. Yes, a Madonna. I'm going to listen, I'm going to obey. I'm not going to question you. I'm not going to tell you someone else's in the front fatwah. I google this in ways you Delhi. I'm going to listen to you. I'm going to follow you and I'm going to obey you. Right. Viola. the humility of NaVi Moosa for knowledge for knowledge, immediately. He puts himself this man has knowledge. I humble myself before you to learn God. So now Peter says, okay, fine, because you insist I'll let

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you come with me.

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But for interviewed attorney for that has only unshaken had the auditor like I mean, who the CRO that if you come with me, you can't ask me a single question about the stuff you see until I tell you. No questions. Now, usually, in most clauses, we encourage you should ask questions if you don't understand and part of life of the prophet SAW Selim says that two people basically lose out. One who is too arrogant to ask the question, and a person who's too shy to ask the question, you basically lose, ask the questions. If you don't know chances are, everyone else doesn't know. But there's a different situation here. Yeah. Peter is teaching me Moosa. Can you patiently wait until

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the information comes to you? Can you wait for that knowledge, some knowledge, some knowledge, some things sometimes we want to jump? Tell me about Shiism? Tell me about Salafism. How are all these we should leave those things for now. Those are juicy topics leaving we need to start with we do stingy, we need to start the I don't want to learn about that you need to learn about that. So just wait, you need to go through this process of learning you need some patience, even the MBA once again if musalla is the solemn must search and be tired and must be patient and must struggle with not knowing and having to struggle to understand what about us. So that feeling of learning is

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difficult for everyone we said that Allah will not give knowledge for free so now we Moses is fine. Okay? If that's your condition, I will not ask you anything. I will obey you won't ask questions even as a teacher Don't ask me any questions. Don't say anything basically. Until I speak to you you just follow along and I mean was fine No problem. Well, if we spoke like that to our teachers, our students no one would you know close when we teach nowadays is how do I entertain the student? How do we bribe the student to learn it's as you know, the teacher Yeah, in the times we live in the teacher basically bends over backwards to the students. Yeah, they'll be moved so much bend over

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backwards to just spend a few hours with this man, and he's willing to do it. This is a man again, a lot could have easily inspired in him the knowledge Allah says no go and learn Musa from Baraka when the two of them left this beautiful the fact that unfortunately for Lucia, he came all this way he also wants to go on the journey. This is not this is not for you. So some levels of learning is not just for the it's for the advanced senior students. Some for the beginners are not mean for them. They left newsha You must stay there. This was these patients now. You can't attend this higher level class between two ambia You must sit there and wait. I came over this way walking with us. I

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know you sit here and wait. Yes, you'll become an IV in the future. But he said they anyway fun talakad the two of them moose and FileZilla they lift and they walking now along the coast had either rocky Buffy Safina de haka. So now they came to a they came to a certain place and a group of people who are poor fishermen, they saw the two of them they said Mashallah, the stupa to mowlana ships, let them come on board, we'll give them free passage, we'll let them take them over the sea, in our boat. So they in the boat, and they are on the boat and of emotion. And while they're sitting the in the boat, while the two of them are standing in the boat, a bird flies and this is in the

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head if a bird flies onto the boat, and he dips his beak into the river and he drinks, it takes out a drop of water. And Heather says to me Musa Musa, Allah has given you knowledge he didn't give me and I was given me knowledge he didn't give you but if you combine your knowledge and my knowledge and we compare to Allah knowledge, it's less than what that bird took out of the ocean. My knowledge, your knowledge, all the knowledge compared to Allah knowledge is only a drop. So much knowledge we will never ever, ever encompass. You can search your own life and you will learn your own life and it won't be a drop of the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So they're talking and

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now they're on this boat. This boat belongs to very poor people.

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They even allow them to come freely. And then when they were alone, maybe Moses his fiddle beginning to take an axe and he's breaking the boat. In fact, he's not only breaking it, he's causing water to come into the boat. hasakah is cool is basically destroying the boat. Carla Moosa like gets a fright.

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What are you doing? Have you broken the boat too? You're gonna cause the people of the boat to drown now we mustn't say we're gonna drown the people of the boat are gonna drown they gave you a free pass and you vandalizing this boat, you're doing a sin you're committing a sin.

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Allah Allah Allah in Atlanta, Seema sobre See, this is did not tell you you are going to be patient with me. Now. Of course his job is constantly to watch when he saw him, they make mistakes guys stop what are you doing? What are you doing? And instinctively he saw a man which looked like committing a cent vandalism. So what they do with Metro trains right mala save us a lot protect us, right? This is what he was doing. So now we Moosa series this what you're doing. Are you going to drown the people so he didn't see this?

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I tell you you're not going to be patient with me bothered to hit the Navy man in order to return him in amorosa sent me Moses's Math Math. Don't don't become cross with me. Don't get upset. Don't Don't. Don't chastise me. Don't punish me. I forgot. And do not make difficult in my case. Don't be harsh with me. Don't send me away. I forgot I genuinely forgot. I'm not supposed to ask any questions and say anything. I forgot. I will do it again. Right. Right. Okay. Fantastic. So now the boat got parked on the side and the two of them exited the boat, and they walked on along the coast and are they walking along the beach from taco Hector either lucky gulaman for Katara who Allah

00:30:40--> 00:31:23

katell, Tennyson, zakia, tambourine FC, Lakota, Geeta Shea and lucra. They found a group of boys playing on the coast young boys a nonsmoker, Lafayette, and one of the boys came close. And his role is to sit down, grab the boy by the head and snapped his neck. Right so he broke the neck of a innocent boy wasn't even Caliph. Now Moosa didn't forget, but this was a serious thing. And this shows you that yes, even though you promise your teachers, I won't challenge you. I won't talk. If a teacher does something that's very out of line, very uncharacteristic something which you know, is wrong. You need to speak up. So even though Moosa knows he didn't forget with a bowtie forgot,

00:31:23--> 00:32:07

instinctively using knee jerk reaction, yeah, he knows but now he did killed somebody, how can you justify this? So he said, have you killed someone who is innocent and didn't vote for now just scores, Lakota shade, the shade and lucra you have done you have brought a huge thing. A huge mistake. You've done a major sin. How could you do this? Allah Allah Allah in Atlanta, tema, sobre la. So now Peter again looks at him, unimpressed and says, Did I tell you not gonna be able to have patience with me? So now we'll be moving to Scotland in Celtic unchained in Baghdad, Fallout 270. Tamil Nadu near Audra says fine. I if I asked you if I asked you a question of to this venue if I

00:32:07--> 00:32:51

give you permission to basically separate from me, and then I will leave in my last chance strike three. I asked you two things. I basically broke my promise twice. Last time three, three strikes from dollar car so now they continued walking had either at the acorrea District I'ma have a bow up for Houma for whatever the fee has gone up to a farmer. So they walk in and they walk in and out. I mean, how long is the Mimosa traveling Subhanallah and he was hungry, how long ago for that fish and he was good to eat that fish. So now he says like starving. And they walk in and they're both really tired. And they come upon a city a town and this town's people so they knocked on the door now looks

00:32:51--> 00:33:28

behind Allah. He will look at people and judge them by the car they drive the clothes, they wear the money in their pocket. One of the these two men, Allah speaks to them directly. One of these two main NaVi salsa lamps isn't the day of the AMA. I don't know if Moosa was resurrected before me because I will see him on the throne of Allah clinging to Allah throne. And the other man knows more knowledge than him. Two of the most pious the two holiest people on earth are the not a sin Rand in the pocket. Not even a piece of bread, too. So they're going and knocking on the door sticky boy. Maybe moussaka. Sarah, can you just give us some water something to eat something to drink. Even

00:33:28--> 00:34:07

though the town had a water communal water that like animals could use the town's who said no, get out where you go, why we don't want strangers like you. They were very rude to them. So they didn't allow them to eat anything. Get a glass of water nothing and said basically leave fun so they left the city and on the way out Phaedra sees a wall of the city about to collapse unless beautiful the words of Allah you read you onion caught the the wall want to collapse the wall when it's feeling so tired, the wall wants to collapse. It's waiting just to collapse and immediately see the stops. Now the wall of course is made of little stones put together like a puzzle feeder, stacks these bricks

00:34:07--> 00:34:23

together. Now Moosa is hungry, he's tired, he's frustrated, and he's looking at this man's taking hours stacking the bricks, and he's holding his tongue. He doesn't know I can't say anything. I can't do anything. So he says not even ask a question. He says Carlos.

00:34:24--> 00:34:38

So he sort of mumbles if you really you could have taken some wages for this. Right? Is that he didn't ask the question. He said if I asked you anything leave me but he makes like a sarcastic comment. You could have taken some wages with we need some money. So he loses his

00:34:40--> 00:35:00

job anyway. That's it strictly. This is where the two of us are going our separate ways. So we Lima lambdas de la sobre la, but I will inform you as to the things that you saw the meaning of those things. I will explain to you why I broke the boat. Why I killed the boy and why I bought

00:35:00--> 00:35:12

This, this, this wall, there's a reason for all of it. There's a wisdom behind and I'ma tell you I'm going to tell you now and in sha Allah next week we will discuss, we will discuss the wisdoms behind these things.

00:35:14--> 00:35:53

We ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us and I must mention this, we know that that's water restrictions have increased. And therefore it's more incumbent on all of us to be used water sparingly. And all of us we need to make an extra effort to make this far into our and we know that rains comes from the grace and the mercy of Allah and it's withheld through our sins. And especially one of the reasons that rain is withheld is if we do not pay soccer, if any of us have soccer that needs to be paid, pay us soccer, for the sake of the rain to come, if anyone has had our money, get rid of that money donated if anyone has taken the heck of anyone returned that this is the reasons

00:35:53--> 00:36:11

why rain is withheld and it's the foreign tober brings it back Allah Subhana Allah forgive us mela granted the rains come, may we see this period of drought in Allah grant us to be grateful when the rains do come back. We appreciate every glass of water. I mean, inshallah, just a few announcements

00:36:12--> 00:36:48

Alhamdulillah we will resume our Tuesday classes. So this Tuesday we started each other things the 23rd of January between six and seven, we will come so Al Hamdulillah we completed the seal of the biography of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam will now continue with the age of the rightly guided caliphs in sha Allah, the age of the Sahaba and this is a very important topic in the life of Sunni Shia Islam issues because this is where really the question marks arise. So you are all welcome to attend we say this free of charge six to seven please attend inshallah. Any questions or comments with [email protected] or website berhanu.org that's it exactly. Hadith Salam aleikum wa

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rahmatullah wa barakato.