Crusaders in London – with Hamza Tzortzis.

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A historical genius namedams tells a story about a church he is attending in London to discuss the historical significance of the church's history. He explains that the church is part of the history of the church's the church is a historical genius that teaches lessons on history and how to do things, and that it inspires people to learn about history. He also shares his history and how it inspires people to learn about history.

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Salam Alaikum brothers and sisters, I am Adnan Rashid, and this is the famous

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now myself and Hamza have come to Central London, near the city of London, and we are attending a church on Sunday. It is the 17th of Jan 2021. And you will be thinking what are these two people doing in a church? Now let me explain what we're doing in the church If not, I'm gonna be doing in the church.

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Well, actually, within the office and Amnon wanted to show me this church because it has historical significance. He's going to explain what the historical significance is inshallah. inshallah, this church, where we are standing right now in front of me, you can see this church, and this area is very close to Hollywood. To be precise, what is this road called New South

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Holborn viaduct this church is called the Church of St. semicon. Okay. And it is a historic place. This is where the Crusaders left for from, to wage a crusade in the 12th century. And this place is very, very historic for that reason, okay. It even mentions a built on the site of a Saxon church, dedicated to St. Edmund the church became known as St. Edmund and the holy SAP liquor during the years 1103 to 1173 when crusades were happening, this is the time when Phil town Saladino up was fighting the Crusaders to liberate the Holy Land out quotes Jerusalem from the Crusaders. This is exactly what phulka so far in 1173 put it this way as well. cancela, Deena up was in Egypt, trying

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to take all the power from the fatimids so that he can unite the Muslims to take back the land of Jerusalem, or the land of Palestine from the Crusaders. So this is when this church was active, this very church in London in Holborn viaduct right next to start humbles office. I came to visit him today. So I asked him, do you know about this church? He said, What is it? And then I explained to him this church is very significant, historically, so 1173, when it was in the care of Augustinian canons, who were Knights of the Holy applica. So in other words, Knights had left from this very spot, to wage a crusade in the Middle East, in the Holy Land, and the Fertile Crescent in the

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Levant, as I mean, as the Crusaders put it, right. So why am I telling you this, by the way, so this teaches his brothers and sisters that my knowledge of history is quite bad. And it should, that wasn't the reasons.

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What's very important to understand is that we have to understand our history, because it teaches us in a way, the son of Allah subhanho wa Taala, how social political things happen in the past, and how what we could do to learn what can we learn from that in order to, you know, create harmony in today's present and in the future in sha Allah? So, yeah, listen, talk man. He's a historical genius, Mashallah, I am simply going to explain as to how important our history is, we need to learn our history so that we can learn lessons from it. Okay. And when you learn your history, it inspires you, it teaches you lessons, it teaches you how to do things, right, and what not to do. Because

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people who have made mistakes in the past, they obviously teach you, why not to make those mistakes, right. So this church is part of our history, whether you like it or not, is part of our history. Why? Because Because it is directly connected to the history of the crusades, and the history of the crusades, have a huge place in low Muslim history. Remember the name of Sultan Salahuddin, okay. So imagine people leaving from this church behind me

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to go and fight a crusade in the Middle East to liberate the Holy Land from the Muslims. And on the other side, the Muslims, were trying to liberate the Holy Land, I'll quotes the land of Palestine from the foreign invasion of the Crusaders. Very, very interesting history. So just wanted to share that with you. Learn your history, pay attention to it. There's a lot of this history in Britain. Britain is very much connected to the history of Islam and Muslims in many, many different ways. It's not only conflict we study in Britain, there is a lot of

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positive interaction between the British civilization and the Muslims. Okay, I have talked about that extensively in one of my lectures titled, Islam and Britain go and watch my lecture Islam and Britain you wanted to as well.

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Brothers and sisters