Ramadaan 2019 – Allah Loves – Episode 05 – Sincere Supplication

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So now Monte comm Welcome back to Allah loves. So last episode we talked about how Allah loves to be praised. Now Allah doesn't just love to be praised. Allah loves to hear your voice, even in asking him do generally is broken down into a center, we'll follow up, which is to praise him and then to ask him right now if you are dealing with someone who is unwilling or incapable or stingy. Usually when you ask someone too much, then they stopped liking you, they stopped loving you. So you might love someone as a person. But when they keep on calling you and asking you for things that actually turns you off, and you stop talking to that person or you stop answering their calls, because you no

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longer want to hear from them because you know that they're going to keep on asking you, but with a law. Not only does your praise of him bring you closer to him, you're asking of him brings you closer to him and that's really an incredible concept and it sets the divine apart from us. The Prophet sly sunset as we mentioned, the last episode in Arabic you have will hint that your Lord loves to be praised in another head definitivamente the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said subtle laham and fatherly he for inner who you humble and use. ask Allah from his bounty because Allah loves to be asked, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said we're in a bad in devata photos

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and the best form of worship is waiting for the relief to come from Allah subhana wa tada is that period of actually waiting for the relief to come from Allah subhanaw taala that you're in a state of worship in those moments, realize ensuited bacara when Allah mentions to us do an alum mentions to a sincere supplication, and he loves to be called upon. This is the way that you'll usually hear this first one is that I care about the caribou there are two there either there and that when my servant asks of me that I am close to him, I answered the call of the caller when he calls upon me So usually, this I have this verses given to you in the context of look, Allah is close to Allah

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will answer you. But if not, I was just cut short and it just said what he does, like everybody underneath any party, that if my servant asks of me, then I am close to him. That in and of itself is the biggest blessing that comes from your dad is the quarter is the closeness part that you are close to Allah, that Allah removes as every other reference in the Quran, then tell him or tell her respond on my behalf or messenger of Allah. Here, Allah does the direct response. And Allah says, For me, carried, I am close to you. And that's the greatest gift that can be given to you, as a result of you calling upon him how Allah enters that is secondary to the fact that you have a direct

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connect with Allah subhana wa Tada. And you have a Lord that loves to hear your voice a lot is shy from the hands of his servants. And Allah loves to hear the voice of his servants. And that's why Omar, may Allah be pleased with him. He says in the law, cometo hemily. java, he said, when I make sure I don't really care about the response, I do not concern myself with the response. The only thing I concern myself with is how do i is the ability to make that supplication because if Allah allowed me to make the supplication then I know that I'm in a good place, then I know that I'm in a relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada. So the ability to call upon him and knowing that Allah

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loves to hear me, despite how broken I am, despite how sinful I am despite despite how distant I am. Allah loves to hear me and there's a beautiful saying from our plot, may Allah be pleased with them. He said Mehta o'clock Allahu Li Sana could be Allah, Allah who you read in your book, that anytime Allah unshackled your tongue to allow it to ask any time Allah allows your tongue to move anytime Allah allows your tongue to request, know that Allah wants to give you something because Allah would not have allowed you to make that unless he wanted to answer that. And the greatest gift of that is that Allah loves to hear it and you get to be closer to Allah subhanaw taala as a result of it, well

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either Salah kariba, the Annie for in need corrib Wu Ji Buddha today. And so when you call upon Allah subhana wa tada he is close to you. That's the first gift. The second gift is that he answers your call in a way that is befitting to that call in a way that's in your best interest in a way that's beneficial to your world and to your hereafter and does not put you in a more detrimental situation because of your limited scope fell yesterday bully Well, you know, be on your show don't so let them answer me. And let them believe in me so that they may find guidance in their lives and both their worldly actions and more importantly in their religious affairs. So again, the Prophet

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sallallahu wasallam says son in law and father

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ask Allah from his bounty because you have a Lord that loves to be asked. May Allah Subhana Medina make us amongst those whose tongues and whose hearts are always connected to him both in praise as we mentioned in the last episode and in request, as we mentioned today, amin desert Willow Highland. See you all next time in sha Allah Salaam Alaikum.