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shadow also

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How are you?

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Hi, Amy.

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Learn by hand. He will be he wants to give a warm understanding when everything relating to Ireland and surely unforeseen I will see it I'm Melina, normally I really love

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worship Allah Allahu Allah worker will actually color. Why should what in the morning one but there

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are so long. I mean, what's it mean to attend the 17

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an hour long,

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Warfighter heavy are in an army and

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Ruben will follow from a magazine called imaginator. Magic

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Hour to hear what he said it

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wasn't about me while he was having while engineering minister maybe soon let him walk down the ethylene laomi team. And my bad for sequel when I see it up online in Thailand, for a number

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of reasons due to a lot alone, and he will seek aid and assistance. And to him we tremble from repentance and for forgiveness, truly yo was our violent guy drunkenness lead, and he will allow us to go straight into his level of combat. And I've always said there's nothing worthy of worship save a lot low. And then what happens a lot where I mean, you send them this will just serve it. And his message.

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One of the earliest revelations in beforehand was sort of the shot. The surah was revealed. At a time when our profits in the long run he was sending them was experiencing severe persecution from

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when his own family and tribe had abandoned him. And he endured we insults and the anger and the wrath of the very people. When he saw he was on a log where it was sort of expected that they would support him that they would be on the side as he tried to bring this message of Islam to the world. Rather, they ended up being the ones causing the most amount of grief to him. So the log weapon he was and our product some other reason and began to think certain thoughts, the type of thoughts that many of us tend to have in our lives, like for thoughts, if Allah subhanaw taala loves me, if I am born upon the truth, then why am I going through such difficulties? Why am I going through such

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hardship? Surely, if Allah loves you, when things should be easier for you, if Allah loves you, the things in your life should be smooth. If Allah loves you, you shouldn't be facing these hardships when these difficulties and these barriers and these obstacles and this persecution that you are facing. And realize this is one of the earliest revelations that came to our Prophet. So the moment is, because the profit is going through the transformation of profits. He is learning this lesson early, and this lesson is going to suit our profits a little while and do something down the road. As the persecution gets worse, in other years, we see the profit for one reason having more and more

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optimism and more strength. But these early lessons are what prepare our topics a little longer and even send them for this situation. So one of the shots one of the opinions is that it was revealed with the same purpose that sort of Abrahamic was revealed. And in fact, some of the Sahaba recited that as one surah the recited insight as being one surah all of the verses in one chapter rather than two. And so the Doha was revealed when the revelation was interrupted

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to profit from for profit. So a lot of it was said that he was ready to be receiving jewelry and

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then all of a sudden he stopped receiving God and started receiving revelation. And the Prophet was feeling feelings of perhaps Allah has abandoned me. No one no longer loves me. And someone who are women of color is one of them in particular Centaur profits in the long run. Are you sending quality

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now upon foreign countries and oh, Mohammed, why is it I see that your shape one, your demo hasn't been the what she meant by this is

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that she's saying that the angel has left you you're not receiving your revelations anymore. And the Prophet felt even more grief when he heard this woman saying this. And so these verses came in this context. Whether it has to do with simply the feeling of being weak, the feeling of being persecuted, or the feeling of abandonment from our province and Allah, Allah revealed these two sutras. So let's go ahead and sort of the Shara to our Prophet, someone loved one of us. And today we'll talk a little bit about the message into the shot. Allah Subhana Allah brings a message to our Prophet. So we're welcome at least with three rhetorical questions. These are three rhetorical

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questions that are lost, how does brings our profits to the low learners and to think about? And these three questions are questions that we also should think about. The first question Allah says, and unless right let us did we not open your chest? Did we not expand your chest, opening up the chest shoni of song, it is an expression in Arabic. And it means bringing comfort and ease that you are showing us somebody it means that you feel comfort and ease in the matter or in the situation that you are handling. Allah is telling the Prophet did I bring you comfort? And he is in relief? What does Allah mean by this? Allah penalty? It means didn't I guide you to the snam? Did I bring

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you the guidance of the snapper? And subhana wa justice sprays makes you realize that if a person did not have the guidance of Islam, if they didn't know their Lord, if they didn't know their Deen, if you didn't know your purpose in this world, you would live your life with a sense of unease and discomfort, you wouldn't know why you're here. What is your purpose in life? Without understanding these existential questions? A person lives a very difficult life. And so Allah Subhana, Allah tells the Prophet, Allah Nash, why

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did we not open your chest? Did we not allow you to see the truth as truth, then we don't allow you to see falsehood as false. And then we allow you to see the understanding of the true reality, then we give you guidance in life, Allah tells us to our profits in the long run, and Allah mentioned something in many different verses in the Quran, FM I'm sure.

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Islam, but

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I was heard that roses is not the one for Allah has expanded or just has opened their chest to Islam. And so they are upon the lights from your board. This is what we attained from having comfort in Islam short, a solid is not only that, you know, is that as real as true? It's not only that, you know that it was real. And I said, it's true, but that you feel comfort in peace and relief in following Islam following the truth. This is such a subject, and it's critically important for every believer to have and it should be part of our gland. Moosa is an element of brand, color and visually, somebody, he says, Oh, my Lord, expand my chest, it gives me comfort and relief in

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following what is true. And so Allah subhanaw taala is asking this rhetorical question, didn't we expand your just didn't we give you this light and this guidance that you didn't know before malcontent? 70 of the time when it was done that we were meant to be human?

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A lot of times tells the Prophet you do not know what the Kitab what the scripture was, you didn't know what he know what he was, but we are the ones who made it Alliance to guide who that's who will for our servants, that Allah Subhana Allah says, well, Lord, that was the second question. And then we remove your wisdom, your burden, and levy on that which we turned down your back. Wisdom means a burden. In Arabic we say he was he was he is the one advisor and he was the one who was at the aid of the kingdom. Why is the king as many burdens many responsibilities, he gives some of those responsibilities to his museum. So as he is carrying the wizard, the responsibility some of them are

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belonging to the king. So what is the burden that has been mentioned here? The burden being mentioned here is your sins a loss kind of data saying to our Prophet didn't I forgive your sins, they have your local metal underneath them big format, a lot towards the profit and another verse that God will forgive what has proceeded of your sins and what will come afterwards

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We all have a sense of our profits in the long run. So I've been forgiven. And this is, you know, a powerful phrase for us to think about when a lot of talks about sins, He calls it a burden. The I knew I was out on Kameelah 10, yo nothing and Allah says another verse, they will carry their burdens in full on the Day of Judgment. And so you can just think of this imagery. Think of this description. On the day of judgment, people will be carrying literally on their backs the weight of their sins, and some of them will fall from the straw into the hellfire. Why? Because they're carrying the burden of the sin, they cannot pass the laws, they cannot pass this bridges crossing

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with all of these sins that are weighing them down. But even in the dunya, even in this world, even in our lives, our sins represent burdens. When I was physically carrying these sins, but we are emotionally carrying them, we are psychologically carrying them. This says that we are committed to evil wrongs that we have done, sometimes make it difficult for a person to sleep, to find rest. Why? Because our consciousness is weighed down by the sins that we have committed. There's a beautiful long quote of scannability Records was one of the greatest scholars in our, in our tradition in our history. And he said, just

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as I sat down and began to count my my students, he said, so I counted 20,000.

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But he literally sat down and began to understand that this, this, this mistake, he did this he counted as since he's I counted 21,000, since he said, project two, I stuck with them the number is that I began to seek forgiveness of a lot. One sin after the other sin by Sidney asked him was forgiveness. And again, it's a long quote of his, he said, when I stood up, come to how people I stood opinion lightened. How about the sins that we do weigh us down, keep us feeling a sense of depression, a sense of grief. And when you make us the hardcore loss,

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and you truly try to make amends for the sins that you don't, it's like you're throwing away these burdens that you're carrying otherwise. And so it's an incredibly powerful phrase that Allah subhanaw taala uses

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in this chapter for us to think about. And so on the retriever Some of us have piloti that is that he forgives our sins, but the doors of telephone are open. But he has taught us drive and picking and before and the sun net, which we can turn to to attain His forgiveness. Noah says the third question in these rhetorical questions. What about a man? And do we not waste? Hi, you're mentioned? Did we not exalt your reputation? Didn't we raise your status? And we can talk about how our profits will rub? Why do you send them is revered and how people name their children after grandmas will lower and more numbers than anyone else. But there is a spiritual exaltation of our promise.

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says look in the numbers I mentioned that the profits in the long run isn't as much as wildly Allah will also obey God and His Messenger. Right? The profits in the long time gpgpu came to me. And he asked me, my Lord, and your Lord is asking you this question.

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That Allah is asking you old Prophet, how did I raise your mentioned? So our Prophet, someone even said himself a level and Allah knows best. So the angel responded to our prophets a lot where they sent him on a

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look at the money when I am Remember, you are remembered alongside me? What does this mean? When you see the shadow? shadow Allah, Allah,

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no shadow in the morning, Mohammed also, we justified our belief in a lot and are giving them a promise a lot longer. So when you say then, when do you only testify in a lot of demo, you testify in the promise of a long way. So these three questions are posed at the beginning of the surah. Do you guys then we forgive your sins? Didn't we raise your status? This is a rhetorical question, what is the point of a rhetorical question? It is a question to make you realize something you already know. You already have the knowledge of it. But the question is asked to make you understand or to realize to underline the importance of information that you already have with you. So Allah is

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telling you the profits are low. You didn't pay attention to the information in relation to these three questions. How can you think no one is not loving? When he guided you to a sound? How can you think that allies abandon you when it wasn't how God has forgiven your sins? How can you think I must have had with either disagrees with you or doesn't care for you and he is exalted you're mentioned now something for each of us.

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So we're not the profit some of it was and yes, we're not the profit. But everything, the profit or loss of habitat again, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is also true for us. Every gift, the loss of how God had gifted our profits in the long run it is a gift also for us. And so we should be thinking about these questions as well. What do we mean by that? Think about how am I logged in has already favored you how he has already helped you. Have you how he has already hated you. doesn't tell a lot of times the profit look to the bigger picture, you need to do the same. Yes braces providing difficulty and hardship in your life when looking at what was already given you. Examine

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the blessings Allah has given you don't only focus on the hardship, will focusing on the gifts that was given. Allah tells the Prophet Didn't we guide you the guidance, gift it

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is a gift for every single one of us. Because of the gift of guidance, the prophet we have guidance and probably the purpose

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because of the gift of guidance received,

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he can read the message each and every one of us

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did not forgive you.

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Because of the forgiveness about lugging the profits on the Lord isn't even our belief in the law. Some of us will take the intercession of the prophecy alone, and our sins will be forgiven. When we follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam our sins we have forgiven

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because of our exalted orientation of the prophets, and

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when we follow the prophets will love the prophets and the lower will be raised on the Day of Judgment alongside the prophets.

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So every gift is indirectly in distress. And this is a reminder when we've gone through hardship and difficulty, we've lost money or a family member is ill or there's difficulty with our children. And these negative thoughts come to us know think of these rhetorical questions. That wasn't handled data assets, the profit, think of how alive already fingered you, and already held to medical losses for eating them. 100 rescues a deed with hardship there is ease fact you're expected to be meaning because of everything that has been said earlier. Now know this, right? Because of these three questions, and you've reflected over them, anyway, will find the answer that now you should know

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this piece of information, fell in

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love with hardship, there will be ease and support a lot. You know,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala does not negate the hardship. He does not see the hardship is not a big deal. He does not say there's no hardship. He does. He does not say forget about that. Just know what the hardship exists. There is the there exists. Allah subhanaw taala mentions it. But what almost apologia is saying for you is to know that even though you're going through this hardship, there is ease coming with it. In American rescues, law repeats it again is repeating it to emphasize attention pay attention to this. This is a difficulty you are facing, which an ally acknowledges.

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But with the problem there is

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and now means with Allah mentions in another verse say edge.

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Allah mentioned in another verse, Allah will remain

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after every hardship needs. But in this verse, Allah says, with our shippers, meaning when during the hardship Thursday's, we don't always think about that. If you have an illness, we lose our health, we focus on the problem. The problem is I lost my illness, we don't realize that he is that is happening around. Maybe because of your illness, your family's coming together, is feeling closer together, maybe your family's worshipping a lot better. Maybe you are worshiping a lot deeper, with more desperation, because of the hardship that you faced in your illness. Your child is being difficult, or going through difficulty, you feel bad, you're focused on the problem. You don't

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realize maybe because of this difficulty, they will have a much more successful life because of the lessons they learned in this difficulty in this time in their life. simultaneously with the hardship there is ease. But we don't really realize that because we're so focused on the hardship. And what's beautiful hope is is the others is restricted. V artisan, meaning the specific hardship, meaning the singular hardship, and use his neck er is plural, unrestricted, unrestricted levels of ease, that cannot be singular must be plural and to an unrestricted level. And so a lot is saying when we worship, there is multiple forms of needs. And this came in the heavy as well but the prophets of

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Allah when I sent him, one of his verse was revealed, sent to the companions of the shoe

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Reality wire

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has come to you. And one hardship cannot defeat to ease because our minimum, this verse is saying, at minimum, there's two forms of ease for every hardship. But there could be an infinite number of ease for one, singular hardship. And this is the console, the heart of our profits have a lot of us in them, and us with the hardships that we face in our lives, that Allah says for either

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when you are finished, stand up. What does this mean? There's actually 2030 explanations of irrelevant, but what this particular verse means, one of them is that when you finish your work, your downline, your business, you're taking care of your children for themselves, then, meaning they drive to a loss of how to how to hold up your hand, ask a lot, and so on. The other opinion of their opinion is fun sub standard total means that

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when you finish your work during the day, you finish your activities during the day, even your downline profit spending all day giving power to people, when you finish your day. Now do what's standing for praise 100 at night, bring to the worship colossal panel dialog. Another important meeting that we can take from this is known as a loss of cattle data does not specifically tell our Prophet what to do about the hardship. He doesn't say go talk to this person anymore. I used to go into me with this person that would go do this noting that he doesn't give the Prophet a specific roadmap of how to deal with this problem of persecution. But what does he tell

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them, when you become free? Do something else. For him, even our show where the brief, you know, relatively modern scholars of our era, he says this verse means to keep your life productive, to keep working. When you try one thing and it didn't work, try doing something else. People can deceive themselves, they reflect on the first few verses is a moment. Allah loves us, He forgives us, he helps us. Does that mean that wants you to sit around and do nothing about the problem in your life? The law will take care of it. No, he says

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it when you are finished working as hard as you can to solve this problem. And your work, then do anything, do something else. Stand up and do another thing. This was the interpretation of applied and remain positive, remain productive, and all the work that we do.

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And another understanding of this really is to not only focus on the dunya you have a problem in the dunya Yes, that's a problem work on it. But don't forget turning to Allah subhanaw taala and doing really bad and ask him why soldier. And then the last panel diamond says what you know what, what you know, pick up and direct your longing and your hope to Allah Subhana Allah? May Allah subhanaw taala your ultimate goal. And the lesson here is that if Allah is the goal, purely a Lord, who cares about everything else? Who cares about the hardship? Who cares about the problem? It's quite insulting. Who cares about any of that? Because Allah is your role? May Allah Subhana Allah, please

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review church or wealth account, because that's more important than all of the hardships in this dunya it's a parable, the lessons of this come to our profit. So we'll look at how do you send them, and then the beginning of his profit from the persecution was not that severe as it would be later on. Because that will apply to is there protecting the profits on the wall, we're going to send them the Muslims are being ridiculed, but they're not being physically attacked for physical attacks come towards the end of the time of Mecca. And so the persecution becomes more difficult later on, is, you know, being attacked by the people five comes later on the agenda for the general public

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complaints on the issues that happened in India that come later on and are more difficult.

00:23:52--> 00:24:14

It feels more hardship here. When Allah sends him these verses, you find his hopefulness is stronger later on, that he is stronger, against more difficulty, it becomes more optimistic, some of the love were already using them because he learned the lessons of these verses. And that's why it's so important for us as well to learn the lessons of these powerful versus the worst.

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In the whole of

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the Los Altos cinema, so the night he was, he was the woman was

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in alone without getting a solo record in the Dei, whether it be an animal sanctuary or something with zero loss and he was in the corner saying, you know, whatever, you know, where have you been? I'm almost like you're either

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abroad, or Saudi Arabia. You ever been in my dorm school? Sunday. I mean, Robin, I still have to sit down and lay out with you while he was having a meal planning.

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meeting where I'm at right now.

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Solidarity alone without the government if people want me to have their

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will and met in the Forge, what are the beliefs? What do you want me to think? What

00:25:11--> 00:25:13

will happen to them and I wanted you to do

00:25:14--> 00:25:15

either one of the themes so now

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we have some time

00:25:19--> 00:25:35

alone words into this than one was the whitening report that you're having with it. Hopefully we'll do a lot more I haven't even the name of the night was even people who what happened before fukutoshin agenda no rachamim immobilier roadmap will accelerate ever while having a flashlight

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with which will buy a commercial and me as a political buyer for a while we are on the other side.

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Long, long I fell in love