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is one night worth how much is later to recover worth in the Quran? anyone tell me

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I hear murmurs. The answer might not be as simple as you think.

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How much is laid at the club worth?

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1000 months wrong. Sorry.

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I don't mean to pick on you

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more than 1000 months. This is a very important distinction in the Quran and I want to talk about inshallah Tada for a moment that the Quran does not say Laila to Padre Calfee, Shahar later to poetry is like 1000 months rather it says How you doin alopecia how it is better than 1000 months and there is something profound about that in and of itself that I want to talk about bitten a time. When we look at the prophets of Allah mining was salam and his relationship with Allah, and our blessing and good fortune of being from the ummah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there are two things that are sort of less of Allah, Allah He was salam always does on our behalf. He

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always advocates for ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to lessen our burden. And he always advocates for Allah subhanaw taala to increase our blessing. This is our messengers of Allah Almighty who was salam. While he was alive in this world. He constantly petitioned his lord to make things easier for the Ummah yet more rewardable and on the Day of Judgment Rasulullah sallallahu Miney who has said and will be walking next to the members of his OMA looking at their magazine looking at their skills, petitioning on their behalf, what a soul for your weekly cut up Bootcamp for total da and Allah will keep on giving you Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam until you are pleased. Every Nabhi every

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prophet hasn't accepted your Rasul Allah slice and I'm sorry, I have left mine until the Day of Judgment, when he would fall in sujood when he would fall in prostration and advocate for us. And when the Prophet SAW Allah Harney, he was salam went on the journey of Illustra on Mirage and we know the conversation that took place between him and Musa alayhis salaam. When Musa alayhis salaam told the prophets lie some go back and ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada for less for to fief for us. Let me ask you a question and this is very serious to this think about do you think Rasul Allah slice and I'm when he received the order for 50 salah? Do you think that the prophets lie some thought to

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himself that's too much. I mean, we know his riba already his thought was Salam 50 prayers would have basically meant that we spend our entire day in Salah that we live our lives in prayer, and that everything else figures itself out. But Musa alayhis salam said your ummah would not be able to handle it and the Prophet slicin went back to Allah subhanaw taala on behalf of us on behalf of the Ummah yeah Allah make it less yeah Allah make it less ya Allah make it less. Until when Musa Islam told Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam that five is even too much the prophets lie some said now I feel sinus. He felt too shy it his salatu salam to go back to Allah and say yeah, Allah less than

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five And subhanAllah now you can leave alone Epson Illa was Allah Allah does not burden a soul beyond its scope. We're blessed and hamdulillah five prayers is not too much and hamdulillah it is not too much. But on top of that, What did Allah subhanaw taala say to the prophets like Selim, that the reward of their five will be 15 the reward of their five will be 50. How does later to Qatar come about? Imam has an embassy Rahim Allah tells us about our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa salam. Anytime Allah gives him the Prophet slice and I'm thinking how does how does that translate into giving to the Ummah, said that Allah azza wa jal gave the Prophets lie some al Kofa Allah gave the

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Prophet slice Salam, Al Ko, abundance, that particular river and the prophets lie some wanted something for his Allah so Allah gave him the little cutter. That's one thing, abundance for the OMA as well. sallallahu alayhi wa salam. On top of that, we know some specific details about how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam particularly asked Allah subhanaw taala for a gift that we are all looking for for the last two nights. And that is the anus of nomadic Radi Allahu Taala and who said that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw some of the previous nations. He was given some of the bar or some of the news of the nations that came before.

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And the Prophet SAW Salem understood that the RMR of people the average lifespan of this nation is shorter than the average lifespan of those nations that came before and the

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prophets lie. Some said armato Almighty, the average lifespan of my OMA is what?

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Between 60 and 70 years old. That's the average lifespan of my ummah. So when the Prophet sighs some saw the, what did he think of right away? And so the Allahu Taala and who said that he was distressed sallallahu alayhi wa salam, Allah Yabloko home, Marbella, Rohan Minal Amman that they would not have the opportunity to do the same deeds that the other among the other nations had the ability to do so Allah subhanaw taala gave him a little harder as a gift to the Prophet sign sometimes Amma later to the factory Hiram and Alfie Shahar and we know that this is not a hadith they are narrations from Mujahid and others within the books of tafseer that the prophets like some

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saw a particular man who lived a whole life of doing good deeds on the Prophet slice Salam wanted his Alma to have the opportunity to reach that so Allah subhanaw taala gave him later to Qatar a lifetime at three years. However, the minimum the minimum is 1000 months, how do we interpret a hadith, a hadith about the reward of Allah subhanaw taala we get as specific as possible in regards to the deeds that we are to do in order to observe.

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But then when we interpret the reward, we interpret it in the most expensive manner possible and that isn't our personal vision and Allah subhanaw taala are good expectation of Allah. So let me be very clear here, when there is any idea or any Hadith that mentions a reward from Allah subhana wa Johna. The calculations that are done by the scholars are to see how can we fulfill the action that has been called to in that particular iron Hadith. So what does it mean to observe later to? What does it mean to observe this? What does it mean to observe that and so you'll find the rhythm that go through the pain, you know, the painful time and process of trying to derive the most specific

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recommendations possible for these types of deeds, but then when they interpret the reward, you interpret it be oh, sorry, in the most expensive manner possible because that's how we look to our Lord Subhana Allah Tada. And the prophets like Selim said that when Allah rewards a good deed, the minimum is by 10. And then Allah subhanaw taala rewards it up to 700 up to whatever ALLAH SubhanA Jota Allah wants.

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So for some people, they live to Qatar is not even 1000 months. It's 1000s of months.

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For some people, the TSB of Ramadan is not even times 1000 It's times 1000s. Up to what Allah subhanaw taala decides to reward his servants with and that comes back to each and every single one of us, calling out to Allah and Subhan Allah, you connect that height on an artificial heart better than 1000 months. Hola. Hola. In the car for one, two hip Bulava. Five one and one narration hola him in the car for one Kareem and two Hibbeler for 510 Allah, you are a fool. You are allocating you're generous. You mix the generosity or you pair the generosity with his forgiveness. What does that mean? You are generous in your forgiveness. You are generous in your forgiveness. So not only

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do you overlook and pardon, but you increase what comes after the pardon. So you are generous on top of being forgiving. And so when you're calling upon your Lord, I know there are some very cool like statistics about 1000 months equals this many years equals this many nights equals this many minutes and then if you take the night and divide it then that means each second is worth this each minute is worth that. That's great. But Allah's Mercy is even more than that.

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No infographic can encapsulate Allah's mercy. So we just do our part. And when we do our part we say Allah, now we leave it to you. And oh Allah surprise us, surprise us with the increase. Because we know on the Day of Judgment, that the believer is blown away. Subhan Allah as afraid as the believer is on the Day of Judgment, the believer is blown away by the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala once Allah subhanaw taala starts to reveal the mercy that he stored only for the Day of Judgment. How many Mercy's does Allah subhanaw taala have in total, Allah is limitless and mercy but Allah subhanho wa Taala has only given us one out of 100 of the mercy that is between us that we benefit

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from in this life and when you start to see what those other mercies look like. It's sort of like when they talk about dimensions in this life right? That we don't know what a five dimensions six dimensions seven dimension eight dimension, they talk about these galaxies in these universes that have multiple dimension

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sins that we've never heard of, we cannot even begin to comprehend the layers of Allah's mercy that starts to come out on the Day of Judgment for the one that sought it blows us away. So we ask Allah subhana wa Allahumma and McAfee when Kareem went to Buddha alpha for an Allah let us not just be amongst those that observed a little harder, but let us gain the maximum reward of later to cover ya Allah let us gain the maximum reward of data to the other. Yeah, Allah forgive us and have mercy on us and pardon us for every single sin that we bring before later. The other the ones that are public, the ones that are private, the ones that are major, the ones that are minor, the ones that

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we know and the ones that we did not even realize we committed yet Allah wipe them all out. And yeah, Allah reward us with all of the good that has been promised. All of the good that has been offered, the good that we can comprehend and the good that we cannot even comprehend. And yet Allah grant us the best gift of being with our beloved ones Allah Allah Ani was salam. O Allah as he wanted Laylat al Qadr for us as a gift and as you gave mercy and response to that yet Allah grant us the greatest gift of being his companions and Jonathan for those Allahumma Amin will start it Mr. Solomon better Carnaby Noma Muhammad Ali he was like a big marine Zack and while he don't sound when

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he confronts