Hajj Seminar 2015 #2

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To last so just for the presentation that we went over today, those of you that want it make sure we're going to collect the email addresses inshallah can one of the sisters collect email addresses inshallah those you'll take care of oh, she's there, okay.

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For brothers inshallah Tada you can you can give your email address to brother if not, brother if man is from he loved Hutch. So some of you may have so you know have corresponded with him or corresponded with his father and mother. So teletype he'll give a few instructions and charlatan and then we'll go to Salah

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I'll make this kind of short and quick, there's just four quick points. I'm gonna reread it on some of the points he made, are made physically preparing,

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make sure you're building up your immune system, you have to just start from now physically walking, walking, two, three, you know at least one or two miles every day. At one point we will be walking up to four miles in a day.

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To this we address it and they have to keep reminding when you land into Medina, you're gonna go through the customs and as soon as you pick up your bags, you're gonna walk out there's a doorway right out as soon as you walk around this corner there's these guys that will be taking your passports don't hesitate just hand over your passports and don't worry about it Bismillah and Cha This is the first big big tense full situation that you have to face for Hajj handing your passport some random person

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another thing that I want to just discuss briefly, we are arriving in Medina early on the 14th the majority of the group that's leaving from Dubai, I will be there in Sharla a little bit before you guys to receive you guys. And we'll kind of coordinate that I'll keep you guys updated what the schedules are as the day goes on.

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The last thing is that the sacrifice for Corbin near the adhere we do collect that in Medina and it's about three to 5300 per person. And that we do we do coordinate that within personal

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We do coordinate that in in Medina. So just plan it's not part of the package. Make sure you have that as cash. And if you do take cash. They'll only exchange us $100 bills No 50s No 20s They want to exchange it just to know

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Alright, any other urgent questions inshallah Sisters Brothers Yeah

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How many buyers do you want to buy?

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Now honestly, it's just just a few $100 I mean, probably

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just the qurbani and just you know probably 1000 1500 You know altogether in Charlotte I just they'll cover everything in Charlotte

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airport yeah first point of contacts the airport for

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now you get the Phenom yourself when you're there.

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backpack now that the shoe bags are better something like that you can just throw around and stuff like that not not an actual backpack just a small shoe bag and yeah

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when you go to Mina was Danica.

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So most of your luggage will be stored in Asiya in our as your building or as your building is our building from the time we arrived there till the time you leave back to the airport.

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Most of the stuff will stay that you'll take a small either a carry on or backpack, anything small to carry your stuff not necessarily backpack but a smaller bag. You won't beat no do not take your big bags with you. Everything will stay you can have a small bag, they'll stay in Mina and when we go to Ottawa, even you'll take less with you from there. Okay, so let me just inshallah for all the logistical questions, or spawns is going to be here in sha Allah Tada, by the way, so he can answer any of those questions inshallah. Yeah.

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What type of shoes is really comfortable shoes?

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yeah, I mean, people will step on your feet. So be aware of that. So it's comfort and protection.

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But you have the option. I mean, what would I'd recommend. And by the way, doing tawaf and doing sorry, would choose, there's no issue with it whatsoever, but you might get yelled at a little bit because some people think there is an issue with it. But even wearing your shoes during those times it's permissible. So just find something comfortable in Charlottesville.

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folding chairs in the Haram

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now you can buy some in Medina and Mecca like they have these little chairs that you can kind of carry with you

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yeah that's probably going to be a hassle we'll take it from there you'll find them in Medina Chela Bindo with the store has everything show alright Zachman Lafayette on so any logistical questions again please hear us man after the last panel I'm happy to get shadow data stuff required to with aqueous and I want to come back and fill out again