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AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the importance of practicing the Prophet's holy month and not leaving anything out of it, as it can lead to behavior issues such as "weird" elements. The discussion also touches on the "weird" elements of the virus, including false accusations and rumors, and how they can affect behavior. Overall, the speakers emphasize the importance of diversifying one's divine decrees and staying ahead of the virus.
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upon him, his family and companions, the prophets and messengers that came before him. And those that follow in his blessing path and their blessings path until the day of judgment and we ask Allah to make us amongst them Allahumma Amin, your brothers and sisters, I'll keep it short. But I want you to remember the five things that I'm going to share with you in sha Allah Tada. As we look out for data to cover now, Sunday night begins the pursuit, every single one of those nights has the potential to be the most consequential night of your life and so for 10 Nights, Allah subhanho wa Taala will be looking out to his creation. And we ask Allah subhana wa jal that what he sees from us

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is pleasing to Him. Allah Maha Amin and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and I'm Carmelita to the other Iman and what the Serbian will fear Allah who matter cut them in them behave whoever stands up whoever observes Laila to cuddle with faith and seeking the reward Allah will forgive them for all of their previous sins. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst them Allahumma Amin. So five things their brothers and sisters I want you to carry with you in sha Allah to Allah and to set your mind to from now as we get into these last 10 Nights. Number one as we go into the last 10 nights and as we hope that we catch Laylatul Qadr remembering that the night starts

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at Maghrib remembering that the night does not start at a shot but the night starts at McCullum and some of the stuff they mentioned that this is such an important point for us as we go into these precious nights. Because how many people at the time of their breaking of the fast will lose out their later than powder before they pray a single record of total we before they even make it to Salaat very sharp. Why? Because over if thought you might back by you might gossip you might say something you should not be saying you might do something that is not pleasing to Allah subhana wa Tada and even Kodama Rahim Allah to Allah said, and most of the people lose it in its early part of

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the night. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us most of the people lose it in the early part of its night. It could be one comment that's made at the dinner table. One comment on your way. One joke that is told that should not be told in those nights and of course should not be told at any part of the night. But it starts at Salah to the Muslim and when Allah subhanaw taala says to Jaffa, Jerusalem and Melania you have the room and the home health and well Palmyra that they forsake their beds seeking Allah subhanho Tiana's reward fighting with their sides. Imam Hassan Abbas Rahim Allah said this actually refers to the Companions praying between Muslim and Orisha. And so remember to

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include everything from the event of McRib, all the way to the event of budget as part of your labor to cover. The second thing, dear brothers and sisters, to make sure that we catch Orisha and Fajr all 10 of those nights and days within Jamara. And if that Jamara cannot be in a masjid for those that are not able to then that Jamara is formed in some other way, but to pray it in congregation, and we know that because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever prays Salah to the Orisha in congregation, Allah subhanaw taala will write down for them the first half of the night in prayer and whoever prays Salah to Fajr in congregation in Jamara Allah will write down for

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them the second half of the night and prayer and so to put that in context, just very logically to pray three hours in the night but to miss budget for example, or to miss your a shot would not be more pleasing to Allah subhanahu Utsava pray them in Jamara Sorry, didn't we'll see you all the Allahu Taala and hookah men Shahidullah Aisha and Leila Tilford further falcoda Be healthy, he minha how merciful is Allah. He said Whoever prays Salah to Marisha in congregation has taken their portion from Leila to cuddle. So keeping that and if it is your regular habit and you're unable to do so then Allah will have written it down for you anyway, but have the intention inshallah to have

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for every night and day that you can to catch a shot and to catch Fajr in Jamara. And if you're unable to at that time, or if you sleep through one of them and it overcomes you and you pray at home, do not grieve ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada writes down in accordance with the intention. So that's the second thing not to miss a shot or budget in Jamar in those nights. The third thing, what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam said authentically that whoever prays Cleon with the Imam until he finishes, Allah will write down for him the entire night and prayer. Now there might differ as to what the quantity of that is. Does that mean for example, that if the Imam comes at three o'clock AM

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or two

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clock em and prays for an hour, let's say from three to 345. And you pray with that single gem and that single group of people that single imam for that entire time, that counts as the entire night in prayer does that mean if you pray the first aid, or if you pray, you know, a group of rock out with one Imam, that that counts. And in the night Allah, we take the opinion in sha Allah to Allah that yes, to pray with any mom, when there is an established prayer, from the beginning of their TM until the end of their pm counts as the entire night of prayer. So try to be very careful to catch it. And if you can catch both of the prayers, then do so but to at least pray one block of the night

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between nahi Tana behind an imam throughout their entire portion of what they are to read that night. And if you can catch what's in with them, then do so Bismillahi Tiana, that is the third thing. Now we'll get to the ones that get a little bit more interesting and that require a little bit more thought than Atana. We started off this month by talking about what the best ethika What the best forms of remembrance in Ramadan are. What is the best DUA and later to cada we all know the answer to that. But I want to, I want to build on that just a little bit in Charlottetown. This number four means keeping yourself busy Endura and particularly the short drives. I'm going to

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mention the reason why

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most people in here if not everyone already memorizes Allahumma Inaka 412 hibel Alpha Farfan ni, O Allah, you are the partner you love to pardon. So pardon me, most of us memorize that. We have been taught it at a very young age at Hamdulillah. When I show the Allah Allah asked the prophets lie Selim, what do actually make the prophets lie some did not give her a page that we would all be fumbling to try to find it and try to repeat it and get through the Arabic of it or No, anyone can memorize this there and anyone can learn its meaning very quickly. That in and of itself is a Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala however, they're intimate say, build on that concept of the short,

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comprehensive duras as you move around on Leila, to cover even Subhanallah even they said if you're on your way to relieve yourself and come back, keep the short drags on your tongue. Why? Because the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a habit a habit in Allah Maha. The most Beloved, if you're asked to Allah, the Most Beloved of supplications to Allah are the ones that are the most comprehensive. What do you say in the loft between a rock and Yamani and 100 s word? The last round of time off, you just keep repeating what Robyn Tina for dunya Hassan waffleh Hirata Hasina worked in either but now, as you're moving around, whatever you're doing, as you're trying to think of what

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you want to do next, as you're immersed in, you're doing is sandwiched in between your personal drops, use the short comprehensive drops you memorize from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and let them engage you throughout the entire night. The short ethika The short forms of remembrance, and the short comprehensive drops from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Finally your brothers and sisters number five. This is the most comprehensive way to understand later to codon and it's very important. The narration about the prophets of Allah or anyone was salam either Dhaka ash Rocha, Zara. We're here Lila who were a father Allahu sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam that when the last 10 Nights would come in, the prophets line salaam would tighten up his waist belt, and he would give life to the Knights. He would enliven the night the whole night was alive. What a beautiful expression. The night of the prophesy son was alive and he would wake up his family he would make sure that his family also was participating in it. Well so Allah say salaam when he said do not turn your homes into graveyards, assign a share of your Salah to your homes, don't turn them into graves. Why? Because Vicodin gives life to the heart and it gives life to any space that we are in mama Shafi or hang on hold on to Allah He has a very important reflection on

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this hadith. He says that when you look at the companions of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa salam, some of them prefer to spend the night and praying. Some of them prefer to spend the night in karate and Quran and the recitation of the Quran. Some of them prefer to spend the night in the euro. Some of them prefer to spend the night distributing their Salah cots, each one of them had a regimen and they weren't all the same. Because the prophets lie sometimes description in this regard was simply give life to the night, all of the deeds that would give life to the night. And so every single Muslim is included in this category that you

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You have something to give life to every portion of the night. And within that you diversify your good deeds and an easy way to remember this dear brothers and sisters, is that all of the good deeds that are preferred in Ramadan are even more preferred in the last two nights of Ramadan and make sure there's a portion of each one of them in the last 10 Nights. This is what Imam and now we get to him Allah to Allah said he said that guy let us have honor. He said that our our scholars said what did you do Mr Hepburn Mr hubco fishery Ramadan well financial Allah theory of model aqidah and be Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the son of while he and the whole shahada on Sharif

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fell Hassan atrophy of Lalo Marathi, he said what the Allahu Taala Anwar Rahim Allah that our scholars said that to be generous in Ramadan is highly recommended, as we know from the Prophets lie Selim Jude, the most broad definition of generosity, and he said specifically during the last 10 Nights, because the best time to emulate the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is in the last two nights of Ramadan. So every description you have of the prophets lie Selim at that to follow the prophets lie some in those last 10 Nights is the best way to worship Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, as it is to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala at any time, and the month is honored as a whole. And

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these last 10 nights are the most honored 10 nights of the month. And subhanAllah we find a connection between particularly in that regard do and charity do and sadaqa to an other to decree. Why, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there are two things that affect your divine decree, he mentioned that nothing changes the Divine Decree except for supplication except for Dora. And he mentioned SallAllahu and even some that nothing extends the life of a person, except for a sadaqa except for charity that would actually form an extension change the decree and extend a person's life. So you can find what then on later to cover what then on the Night of

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Decree, right, to bring these types of deeds into our lives as well. So as you are there in sha Allah, tada as you are thinking about how do I fill these hours, diversify, keep going between these things and know that you are following the setup in some way. One of the companions has a night that resembles the one that you do, or you hope that your night resembles one of the Sahaba in the portions that you are assigning, because they were all different in that regard. But all of them were exerting themselves all 10 nights of Ramadan, giving life to the night in obedience to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in seeking the pleasure of Allah. Lastly, the most simple

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form of advice. What is the point of clarity Caf? If you're still connected to everybody and everything in Arabic, if a person could be sitting in the masjid all night long would have their phone and still be checking groups and still be going on different apps, and still talking to people. And they are in less arity Caf than a person who's sitting in their bedroom, but has put their phone to the side. I'm not talking about the technical specs of it, I'm talking about the meaningful part of it. The whole point is seclusion. So even if you can't do anti cough, and you know, obviously, we have restrictions this year, in regards to how we would do air to cough, even if

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you can't physically do Errante cough, do not leave room for yourself to get lost in something during the last 10 Nights. So if I could take an oath and Jumar I would from each and every single one of you. No social media, no WhatsApp, no text messages, no nothing except of course if you're texting someone from your family, or something just to get something done. None of that during the last two nights when the time of McNab comes in, put it aside, I'm not going to check anything. I'm not going to go to anything because Allah knows Allah knows that that one minute turns quickly into 30 minutes and then that one conversation quickly turns into 10 Say 10 cents. Be careful. Cut it all

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off in the last two nights Rasul Allah sigh Salem went in complete arity calf in the last 10 Nights. Let's try to cut it all off inshallah and only maintain what is necessary so that we are able to communicate with our family but in the nahi town or communicate in ways that need to be communicated in sha Allah to Allah, but cut it all off and don't leave even an inch of it to corrupt any one of those precious 10 Nights. Remember Subhanallah later to cuddle the night of later to Qatar was lost because the prophets lie some came out and he saw two companions that were arguing and ALLAH SubhanA wa Jana, Rafa, Allah azza wa jal lifted it from the prophets like some of the companions because of

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two people that were arguing. Do not be that person Subhanallah where the angels are on their way to you and then you quickly do something and they leave you don't do that man

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Allah subhanaw taala allow us to isolate our hearts seclude our hearts, our thoughts, our bodies, our tongues, everything from that which is displeasing to Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to engage in that which is pleasing to Allah Subhana Allah Dear Brothers and Sisters, just like with hedge, Rafa who super dodgy data and hedge it's don't do anything to mess it up. Don't do anything to mess up our offer. The same thing is true don't do anything to mess up your data to other May Allah protect us from doing so. And may Allah allow us to exert ourselves and connect with him in a way that gives us a lifetime of good deeds and gives us a lifetime of consciousness and Taqwa of

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Allah subhana wa Tada so that we rise to the level of exon rise to the level of excellence and be amongst his most pleasing servants Allah whom I mean, you probably heard that was stuff to Bollywood icon when he started Muslimeen for stuff we don't know who it offered working

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hamdulillah Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah morning early he was so happy Manuela Allahumma Mininova me nuts well Misty meanwhile Muslim max min Hamid and what in excess me or I'm sorry, when would you be there what Allah Muhammad Allah and our Hamner wa for an hour or two I live in in hiragana Columna and fusina or inlanta for Nana Otto Hamner, Nana corn in the middle ha serene La ilaha illa Anta Subhana Allah in Hakuna immunoblot Amin Allah in the careful and Karim when to Hibbeler for fire for Ana, Allah Allah 30 yt Dena Wilbraham Houma Kamara, bonus Ihara. Robina habla nomina as right you know the reality now Kurata Aryan or Jana Dinmont Sakina II mama Allah hum also f1 and

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most of our Athena FEMA Shadrick at all the Omaha Libya, Allah Azza halfword one and min Kobina frequently McCann Allah Almighty God with lighting me and if he could do makan Allahumma adequate lighting you know with lighting meanwhile Regina with one and then beanie himself he mean rebelled and Allah Hi I'm Robin Abdullah Hassan what little portabella inherent and fascia you wouldn't want to carry with Buffy you're a little coming to handle come to the Coronavirus Corolla has got to come watch crew one and there he is. What are the cruel Allahu Akbar wala Haryana mythos in our own Welcome to Salah