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All right, everyone. So

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before I get started with the topic, I just want to announce sort of how the program is going to be going forward. Instead of the daily reminders that we would have Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, I'm just going to have a Monday reminder regularly inshallah, and then the first will be moved from Tuesday night to Wednesday night. And then of course, we have Friday, hopefully inshallah tada every week, which will be at 3:30pm. Eastern from the lawn of the Valley Ranch Islamic center. So again, Monday nights, I'll have a reminder, Wednesday nights, we'll do the first inshallah and then Friday, we'll have the whole club in the nighttime. Now, the topic that I wanted to discuss tonight is, is

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related to something that,

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you know, was very hard to watch, which was the victims of Christ Church are the families of the victims of Christ Church and the victims who survived the terrorist attack in Christ Church, sitting for the first time in a courtroom with the terrorists who wreaked havoc on their lives, and watching some of those blessed people, on my daughter, Mila, bless her and all of those victims talking about what was taken from them, and speaking directly to the killer speaking directly to the terrorist. And first and foremost, I want us to make do out for them a loss of comfort them a loss, to see them through this difficulty. You gotta understand when you're sitting in a courtroom for the first time

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with the person who committed the murder, that has defined your life since it says if this happened yesterday, right, so the trauma of sitting there for the first time and looking at the killer, is not light. And so we ask a lot to comfort them and to give them strength and steadfastness and solid and these times, and, and also, you know, those that have been through this recently, the double salhan bobcats families are three winners, the families of our three winners, you know, when when they sat in front of the men who wreaked havoc on their lives, but by taking those three beautiful souls from them. And this is something that we see constantly in courtrooms where people have to sit

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in the room with the murder of their children, or their parents or their siblings or their spouses or loved ones. And that just got me thinking about a verse about an idea about a lost courtroom. And the difference between a lot of courtroom and this courtroom, the courtrooms of this world. So while we pray for all the families of injustice, the families that have to sit in the courtrooms after these terrible tragedies unfold, I just wanted us to think about reflect a little bit on this is where lost power says a yoma to desert kulu knifes and Pima cassava, la woollen mill Leone in the last video and he's up today, every person shall have what they have earned. There will be no

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injustice today. And Verily Allah swift in his accounting. Now, this verse has multiple layers. But I want us to think about the scene of the courtroom on the day of judgment and the scene of the courtroom in this life. In this life, the best that you can get is some sort of punishment and retribution against the person that committed that murder, but you're not going to get your loved one back. And that's something that, you know, I'll never forget when Jordan Edwards was murdered here by an officer and his father said at the end of it as they gave the officer all of her 15 years who murdered his 15 year old son, so yeah, but I don't get my son back. I don't get my son back.

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Right. So what are you celebrating here? you're celebrating some some semblance of justice, but you don't get your son back or you don't get your loved one back. And often you see the families of these victims who've been victimized themselves, and in the case of Christ are survivors also. And they're trying to impress upon the murderer, the gravity of the crime that they have committed, and upon the judge and upon the public. They're trying to advocate faithfully for their loved ones, and tell their stories because their stories have been cut short by these ruthless acts. And that is a heavy burden to have. And somehow a lot a lot tells us a Yama towards that coolness and Mecca but

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the first thing Allah says is that everyone will be repaid for what they have done of reward and punishment. Now this has a broader meaning and tip See, this refers to any good deed that is done at any sin that is committed, but specifically in the capacity or in the context of volunteer of a wrongdoing.

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The judge in this world can

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Only work fairness. But the judge in the hereafter who is Allah can actually restore and give back what was lost. Right? And so you think about the oppressed standing with the oppressor, the murder and the murdered, the slander and the slandered all of these different types of oppressors and oppressed standing on the Day of Judgment. And the compensation for the one who is patient with the loss of their loved one is not just getting their loved one back, but being in the presence of the beloved sallallahu alayhi wasallam in Paradise, right? I mean, it doesn't get better than that. So Allah gives what was taken, and there is no doubt no distrust at any point or, or lack of confidence

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that Allah subhanaw taala will give you back What do you have lost what has been taken away from you and so the power of the oma Tour de Kowloon fcmb my castle, but everyone will get back what or everyone will get what they deserve a reward and punishment. And the motto of the Day of Judgment, love will be on there will be no wrongdoing today. There are no lawyers to stand in the trial. There is no access to power or privilege. In the trial in front of Allah subhana wa tada there's no better argument. There's just truth. And the judge knows all things. There's no suppressed evidence because you can't hide evidence from Allah subhana wa tada and no one, no one, no wrongdoing will be

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tolerated. No wrongdoing will go without being without without right being done by Allah subhana wa tada on the Day of Judgment. And then, lastly, in the last video hasaan Verily, Allah is swift in his accounting, and this is such a powerful ending to this first and other two meanings to number one, a Tamra laferla to start with the Day of Judgment is on its way, so don't be hasty towards it. Verily, lasr resurrection is on its way. And when we stand before a loss of Hannah Montana, this entire life would have felt like less than a day. So on that day, a day of which the standing is 50,000 years, this entire life of however many years you lived on this earth would feel like less

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than a date in its entirety. But there's another meaning of it in the last year and he said that very early on the Day of Judgment, Allah will be swift, a lot will be swift, in allotting reward and punishment. And what that means, you know, one of the meanings that we can take from that one of the one of the blessings of that is if you think about how, in this life, you know, people have to wait for the trials, and then the trials take a long time and then you have the pain of the arguments, the trauma being revisited, the evidence being presented, and you don't even know if you're going to get justice and all of these things taking place. You have all the strings being pulled, you have

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all of the uncertainty on the day of judgment in the law study, ASAP. So we ask Allah subhana wa tada to support our brothers and sisters to help them through these difficult moments. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to, to to alleviate their suffering to reward them fully for their suffering and we ask Allah subhana wa tada to protect us from oppressing or being oppressed alone. I mean, are there as are with you, dear brothers and sisters in Christ Church through these moments, just a little fade on us and I want to like a workout.