Angels in Their Presence S2 #05 – A Voice in the Seas

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The transcript describes a man who came tobs greatly before the Prophet's wedding to embrace Islam. The man became a companionship and became a man who recites the Quran. The transcript describes a woman who became a woman who recites the Qaran and is rewarded for fasting on a hot day.

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So we covered one chief from a man that came to Medina to embrace Islam did he live in Abu Dhabi a long time. The most famous companion arguably though from Yemen is Abu Musa Ashanti while the alone time and his name was actually Abdullah bin face all the allotted time

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this was a man who came to the Prophet slice I'm early on before I'm gonna go forward before the year of the delegation to embrace Islam and went back to his people and brought a bunch of them back to Medina with him and accompanies the Prophet slice and um, and becomes not only a beloved companions em, but distinguishes himself in his filk meaning his scholarship and his knowledge so becomes a person who is looked to by the companions of the Prophet slice on for his film becomes distinguished in his eloquence, becomes distinguished in his ability in battle, so he was a Mujahid FISA Beulah and that's something that he would carry forward and he was also a diplomat to general

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and also becomes distinguished for his recitation of the Quran. The prophets lie some praised the recitation of Abu Musab al the longtime man who in many different ways, said to him he has been given this award of dough that he has set up. So he is someone who the prophets lie some loves deeply, and who excels in recitation, excels in remembrance and excels in knowledge and in so many different ways. The story of Abu Musab of the alonside and hotel when it comes to an angel is a story that he narrates about himself in a group of companions. And he says that we were traveling by sea and they were clearly out in Jihad visa vie de la. So, this was for the sake of battle. And as

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the ship was sailing, it was going fast towards this destination. They said suddenly, there was a voice that was heard by all of us and the voice said, Yeah, hola Safina Oh, people of the ship, before Bureau can be cola and cola, Hula, hula and FC. Stop. And let me tell you of a Judgment that Allah subhanaw taala or decreed that Allah subhanaw taala has placed on himself. So he said, I looked to the right. I looked to the left. I did not find anyone. And the voice repeated the exact same thing consecutively seven times as parallel. Imagine the people on the ship or like where's this voice coming from? That let me tell you of a decree that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has decreased.

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So he said finally when I looked around, and I couldn't find where the voice was coming from. I called out and I said men and aina and who are you? Where are you? And he said, The answer came in Allahu Allah, Allah and FC he innerhalb mentor out Portia de la Heafy Yeoman, how Sarkar hula hula Yeoman outwash Paola beautiful. He said that the voice responded and said that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has decreed upon Himself that Whoever fasts for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada on a hot day, Allah subhanho wa Taala will nourish him on the day of great thirst, which is the day of judgment. So Subhanallah if a person fast for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala on a difficult day, a day where

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it is hot, a day where people will be thirsty, Allah subhanho To Allah will make sure that that person is nourished, on the Day of Judgment, a date of great thirst, have almost settled the allowance and who said ever since the day that that angel shouted that I never missed fasting on a hot day. Now, I want to contextualize this a bit because it's very interesting because you find many narrations from the Companions praising the easy fast fasting in the winter. For example, it's the spoils of the believer. Why because it's so easy to fast in the winter, right? The days are short for fasting. The nights are long for prayer. But there is a unique reward as well to fasting on a

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long hot day. Now the prophesy sunset in general min sama Yeoman visa beat Allah that Allah who was who and a naughty Sabrina Khalifa, the prophets license and whoever fast one day for the sake of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will distance that person's face from the fire, the distance of a journey of 70 years and another narration the prophets is instead of being an administrative p, but in Missouri, the distance between the East and the West and another narration the prophets lie some set, the distance being a summer you will have the distance between the heavens and the earth. So fasting one day for the sake of Allah subhanho To Allah is a great deed that brings about a great

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reward. But here you find the sweetness of struggle, the sweetness of doing the hard deeds, doing the deeds that will require a greater amount of effort, and leaving that gap of the struggle between the easy deed and the hard deed to Allah subhanaw taala and you're not encountering a deed just because it's hard. You're not encountering a deed

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because you think that you know there should be unnecessary difficulty that's placed upon yourself, but you are consistently acting upon deeds even when there will be difficulty because of the circumstances. And that is the blessing of fasting on a long hot day.