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The transcript describes a group of people discussing a situation where a man was shot by a Prophet and a woman was walking away. They discuss the importance of prophets in helping the prophets and the interruption of a tour due to a strike. The transcript describes a group of people who fled from Thailand and later led by people who were not allowed to leave because of a strike, and they were not allowed to leave because of a strike. They were not allowed to leave because of a strike and are not allowed to leave because of a strike.

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi Bearcats everyone. Welcome back to the first Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Juan Edie he will be here, woman Voila. So last time we spoke quite a bit about selfie bent optimal poly poly a lot of Thailand. And as I mentioned, it was an outlier of sorts because Sophia polyp is not one of the first Muslims, or at least that very first batch of people that embraced Islam, but hopefully now you can really appreciate the biography of Zubaydah awam, who is in Sofia, who is the son of Sofia, or the Allahu taala. And her What are the Allahu anhu. So let's look at a zubaid awam in Sofia, or the lava Tada. And today, and let's sort of

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pick up right where we left off last time, where we were speaking about the strength of Sofia Abdulmutallab, and the type of character that she was raising him to be the type of strength that she was imparting upon as obeyed all the time and hope and hoping that he would grow up with and of course, he would grow up with that strength and exceed all of the expectations of that strength and that courage and that intelligence and that nobility. And that honor. As we mentioned, when he became Muslim, his mother argued with him. His mother did not like that, and available the alongside and who was going to be tortured by the same uncle that told Sophia that she was too rough on him

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before. And this uncle was no fun, even hated. And, you know, I believe it was a few years ago that actually give a hoot about him, because he was a fascinating character to me. Can you imagine how hurtful it was to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that the love of his life Khadija or the LA hotel and her that her brother was one of his fiercest enemies, you don't hear much about him, you don't hear the Prophet sallallahu Sallam talk much about him. But he was so fierce in his persecution of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam no philippin hoilett and the things that he would say to the Prophet, slice Allah, and then even coming forth on the day of beddit to try to kill the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam that the prophets lie slum nicknamed him and he was known as the shavon of Quraysh. And this is what I was speaking about in the Hulkbuster panel, I remember reading about nofo toilet the first time and thinking to myself, yeah, Allah, the brother of Khadija is the chiffon of grace, the brother of the law of Thailand, who did everything for the profit slice lm who sacrificed her entire life for the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam and her own brother was the one that would come forth to try to kill the Prophet sly summon it was deeply hurtful to the prophets, I send them and the Messenger of Allah seisen did not want to come face to face with him in the Battle of bed

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that he hated that the brother of Khadija would be such a fierce enemy to him because of how much he loved Khadija or the Allahu taala and so is available the Aloha and who is going to be tortured by his uncle nofal have been hoisted, which was known at the time, especially with the early converts before the open persecution of people, that people would be tortured by their own families that was an initial tactic to try to get them to renounce their faith. And that was what was known to the society at the time. Now let's talk about this inshallah Tada. As is available the a lot on how early his his his Islam, some of the scholars put him as early as the fourth or the fifth Muslim.

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Now obviously this is after Khadija and Ali and abubaker. And you know, then you have zaidan had etha and you have some of those very early convert. Some of the scholars put him right after Abu Beckett. They say that he embraced Islam right away with a bucket of Cydia called the low tide on him and he is inseparable from Pearl Harbor and obey the law or the law of Thailand who will talk about inshallah tada after a while the law of Thailand has so Zubaydah and Paul hothouses obey these two are inseparable because of their age and they're embracing Islam together at the hands of double Beckett as a vehicle of the law of autonomy. And the youth the young you know, nature there are only

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12 or 13 years old each as they're coming to embrace Islam. And they listen to the Tao of Rebecca immediately they're convinced they know the prophets lie some they're immediately convinced as bait, of course, knows the prophets lie some of them through multiple routes. He's the first cousin of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam because of his mother Sophia. And of course his father was the brother of habito while the alongside and so he doesn't need much convincing and you will have here with these two young men 13 years old

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Embracing Islam. The neighbors of the prophets lie Selim Paul Howard zubayr. Jeremiah Phil agenda. So if we, and when they're lying Tyler we pray that we make it to Jenna and we ask Allah for genitive for the dose. When we go to visit our beloved messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we will find his neighbors and agenda to be as a debate and call her. May Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with them both. And that is not something that is earned lightly, that comes with a lot Eliza gel allow us to be amongst them a lot. I mean, so how do you get to that level? Let's start off with the obvious. One, as obeyed, embraced Islam, he lost all of his friends with the exception

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of plug an alley as well, who was close to his age and also his first cousin, right because of autopilot.

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So he loses his friends, he's ridiculed by the youth, he already had the issue of having to overcome the barrier of being an orphan in society, in a society that mistreated orphans. And as we mentioned, his mother used to beat him and used to discipline him severely, before Islam after Islam now, his uncle comes and beats him. And this is a man that was called shape on race, the shape on of race for a reason. His beating of his obey was so severe, and it was very cruel. He would rap as available the low tide and hook up in a rug, and he put him in a small room, and then he would light a fire next to his face, and the smoke of that fire would suffocate as aware of the Allahu taala and

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who and he would step on him and beat him and tell him to renounce Islam, as available the law of Thailand who this 13 year old would scream so loudly every single night until he would pass out due to the suffocation. He would scream out and say law, UK for ABA de la act for ABA de la UK forever. I will never renounce Islam, I will never renounce Islam. I will never disbelieve. And he'd keep on shouting that out as his uncle would light the fire next to his face, which obviously burned, but suffocate him until he would pass out and the people would walk by the home. And they would hear the screaming of obaidul the allowance on on hold, but it wasn't the screaming of torture, it was the

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screaming of resistance, the shouting of resistance, that I will not disbelieve, I will not turn my back on this religion that I have embraced. So the courage that his mother wanted him to have, the Falcon that she wanted him to be as available the low tide and who was all that and more and insisting on his place. Let's you know, as you go on in the story of his obaidul, the alongside and who you see that he becomes a student of the Prophet slicin. Very early on, he doesn't miss his lessons and outcome. So he goes from his torture, and you would think that, you know, some of that torture would shake him up a bit, right? That would deter him a bit. It doesn't stop him at all. He

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would always be amongst the people of outcome, listening to the poor as it came down, accompanying the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, despite whatever torture, he would have to face. Him. Paul had an ally become a trio. Okay, so he's inseparable from talhah. Even in their names, dollhouses obeyed an ideal of the law of Thailand, who as well, in the in the age and in the closeness that they have. So they become a trio of sorts, but he has a unique moment, with the Prophet sallallahu USM, from the very early days of Islam. Now, notice that he's being tortured, like the others are being tortured. And to this point, especially in the early days, the Prophet slicin himself, was not

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facing physical persecution. So they did not put their hands on the Prophet slicin them just yet, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting one day, and as he is sitting as the bearer of the Allahu taala, and hold this young man who is facing the torture of his life, comes running towards the profit slice and I'm breathing heavily, and he's holding his sword. And he arrives at the profit slice on him, panting holding his sword, and then he catches his breath and the prophets lie Selim says, Malik, what's wrong with you? What's going on here? Are you coming to give me some news? What's happening here? Bala alluded to a knucklehead. He said he was to lie. I was told that

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you were attacked. I was told that you were attacked that someone attacked you. So the pseudo la sala hardy who said him, he smiled as a bait on the line when he said, I'm not going to Sanya. And then what were you going to do if I was attacked? Carla come to avaliable, who became an academic I was going to hit I was going to strike whoever, you know, attacked you with the sword. That's what I was going to do. So the prophets lie. Selim was impressed by the courage of a superior to that he wasn't thinking about his own persecution. He wasn't thinking about how all of the odds were stacked against them in Mecca. So early on. He heard that the profit slice

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was attacked and he went forth to defend the profit slice on right away, not thinking about the consequences of that the consequences of which would have surely been that he would be killed. Right. We're talking about the early early early days of Islam and so that's why as debatable the law on her earns that noble title of being the first one to draw his sword in defense of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Mecca as the persecution would start to grow of our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so he is facing his own persecution. It is severe, he's a student of outcome. He is constant in the presence of tall and early. He's constant in the presence of the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But as his persecution increases his personal persecution at the hands of his uncle, who was the shape on of Quraysh, no Philippine who aided the prophet SAW Selim gives him permission to migrate to have the chef with his cousin Jaffa or the allow tada and so Jaffa is also his first cousin, again because of his mother, Sophia and Abdulmutallab. So he goes to Abyssinia and he was not married. So most of the group of Abyssinia when you start to look at them, they were couples as of April the law of town and who was sent alone to the senior alongside Jaffa will the Allahu taala and the daughter of the prophets Allah lahardee who was a luminary

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phenomenal the Allahu anhu. And in Solomon, Abu salah and Abu Habiba Habiba and her husband are Badal love and Jackson so on so forth, he goes along with them as an individual. And what happens to him in Habesha in Abyssinia as this young single man amongst this community of believers is that he gains a closeness to an A joshy himself, and he's one of those that would help and he learned the deen as well. So we learned about Jeff Otto the alojado obviously, who played the most pivotal role in his relationship with the ruler of Abyssinia within the joshy the Allahu anhu but also with his obaidul the law and who he establishes a relationship with an A joshy himself and as obaidul the low

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tide It was one of those and this is significant, because you can imagine the sentiment to a person like azubi he was one of those that knew and he established a relationship with him and then pre janaza on him from Medina. Okay remember the the slot, that was the janazah that was done for an adjust to the allowance outline who was done in Medina, in his absence is available outside and who lined up behind the profits license in under Medina and prayed the janazah on and the joshy in the senior who he had a personal relationship with. And one of the famous incidents that we have already covered in the life of selama or the Allahu tadhana, who of course narrated the majority of what

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happened in Abyssinia when she mentioned that there was an attempted coup on an A joshy that a group of people had rebelled against him. And we were afraid that he was going to be removed as a result of it, that they met at the Nile River for a battle and obviously the Muslims had to stay out of it. And and the joshy had privately given to Jonathan and earthman and to the Muslims a ship and given them a contingency plan in case he himself was going to be killed because the protection of the Muslims was guaranteed through him, if they were going to be at the mercy of another ruler and avicennia Allah knows what would have happened to them. So they're waiting nervously on the side,

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you know, away from the two armies, and they wanted to know what was happening as obaidul, the lavon, who was the youngest, he was extremely fit he he knew how to swim. And because he had that skill, they were so anxious that whether it's not clear whether it's available, the law on who himself volunteered, or whether they asked as a bit of the law, I know but they they made something for him like a little skin for him to be able to go and to go in the Nile itself, and to check on the battle and then to come back and to report to the Muslims. What was happening so is the battle the lot of time and who goes into the Nile. He goes to where the battle is taking place. And then he

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comes back and as they see as available the alongside her swimming and the Nile to come back as a way and they're waiting for the news as available the law no chance you can imagine the scene from the Nile Allahu Akbar. And so when he shouted a lot about she mentioned that they all started to do tech via and she said that I don't think she swore by Allah subhana wa Tada. We were ever so happy and relieved. So Naja, she came back and Eliza Dell established him after destroying his enemy, and the chiefs of the Abyssinian submitted to him again. And she said we were in the best of conditions all the way until we returned to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so that was available the

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law of town who, who courageously went through the Nile to check up on

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The two battles are the battles between the two armies.

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One of course the army of the righteous and the joshy, although the Allahu Tada.

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Now, that is an important feature of him, because it plays consistently into his personality.

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As the battle the low tide on who established a close relationship to Hamza, of course, his uncle, if he was that beloved to his mother, Sophia, then obviously you can imagine the relationship between as obeyed and Hamza, and they have that same warrior type of personality. He had a deep relationship with his cousin Eileen all the time. And he also had a deep connection to his cousin Java, while they allowed Tyler and who and Abyssinia but the physical being of Zubaydah, what what is obaidul the law of town and who looked like if you saw him, there isn't much about his color or his appearance, it's mentioned that he had light beard, so he didn't have a full beard. But he's

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mentioned as being extremely tall and lean and muscular. And it said about him while the allowance Orlando that he was similar in his height to Omaha Pablo de la and when that when he sat on an animal, his feet would almost touch the ground from his horse because of how tall he was all the time. So he had a prominent height, and he was extremely lean and muscular, and as we've seen here, could do things that others could not do, and that would obviously play out in many ways. In battle is the battle the Lord Talon, who is one of those companions of the Prophet SAW Selim, whose legacy is almost entirely tied to his actions in battle, alongside the prophets lie Selim in and in taking

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on assignments that other people were not willing to take on. So this is a battle the alongside on him, when did he marry a smart? Beckett? What are they allowed to add on how he married her after Abyssinia? So he came back to Mecca prior to the migration to Medina prior to the hits of Medina and he marries a smart the daughter of a bucket and Rebecca will the law of town who wanted his daughters to be married to those that were struggling in the path of Allah subhanaw taala so I will back it knows what what's going to come out of this a smart knows what type of marriage she's getting into in the sense of his struggle his lifestyle. The you know, the riskiness of being

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married to a person like is available a lot of Thailand who who's never just an average person in the battle but who's always out front and who lives a very difficult lifestyle but that was what

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Eliza Dell had willed and that was what a while back it'll be a lot of Thailand who in a smart will be allowed to on her

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site as well to be in the path of Allah subhana wa tada in that struggle. Now a smart who will talk about who is you know, there's there's something about the quality of these three, you can imagine how much courage was in that household of a smart and as obeyed and Sophia right all together, not to then mentioned the children that would come after the smell of the lotto, and have made the hedger while she was very late in her pregnancy. And obviously, has not played a role in the history of the Prophet slice alone, which we'll talk about right she was not just tasked with traveling from Mecca to Medina. But she also plays a role in assisting the prophets lie summon double bucketlist

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illegal the law tannehill in the migration of the prophets lie some all while she was very pregnant, while the allot of time so smart and as obeyed arrived in Medina.

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And obviously, when you read about the his route to Medina, and you read about the way that the Muslims who came from Mecca felt, they felt like Medina was death, right? They complained about the new conditions, they were homesick, they missed Mecca, a lot of them got sick because they weren't used to the water of Medina, even though Medina is so much more pleasing, you know, to at least a neutral eye or someone that comes from outside right the agriculture of Medina, landscape of Medina, it's so much different, but they weren't used to the water of Medina, they weren't used to the the environment of Medina. And they had a hard time. And one of the the claims from you know, that was

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that was made in Medina, from some of the enemies of the Muslims was that there was a spell on the Muslims so that they would not be able to have anyone give birth. Okay, so you can imagine now, as they made it to Medina, they're also starting to hear this rumor that is swirling around Medina, that the Muslims are not going to be able to have any children that all of the women have the spell on them and they're not going to be able to have babies, they're going to have miscarriages. And, you know, for the first couple of months, no one actually had a child there were numerous miscarriages. And there could be many reasons for that one of them of course being the change of

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environment, the difficulties of the heads of law, and just the you know, the rate of

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Have fatalities at birth at the time. But a smile The alongside Anna and as Wade would be the first to have a child that gave birth to none other than Abdullah, obey all the Allahu taala and Homer of the loveliness obey what an amazing human being and what an amazing lineage, right? He's the son of a zubayr, the grandson of Boquete, the second cousin of the Prophet, slice Allah. He has a great lineage that comes through these two of us debate and a smart one. He was born the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam himself, took his saliva and he did the technique He mixed the saliva on in the mouth of as obaidul the allowance Allah. And he, he made do out for the profit slice alone.

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And they carried as obaidul the law of Thailand who in the street of the lameness, obaidul de la jolla and Homer in the streets of an Medina. And they chanted behind him shouting Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. So it was a victory to even have a child in that environment and that was something that came through as debate and through a smart didn't have you back at me Allah be pleased with them all. Now as Valle de la terre and who would go on to have numerous children with a smile and afterwards he would get married multiple times as available the allot of time who mentioned that the naming mechanism of his children and the naming mechanism of tollhouse children

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was was very intentional remember thought ahead and is obeyed are inseparable. So thought ha used to name his children after profits. And that's why I thought how is Abu Mohammed is the father of Muhammad he named his first child after Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam as obeyed on the other hand would name his children after warriors. Okay, so I'm de la is Abdullah Abu jash. Wonder wonder Abner urawa. The very famous erwan is obeyed who gives us so much of the Sierra is just such a crucial link in the Sierra is named after autoweb. In this route. He had Hamza Of course Hamza, say the Shahada, and is the beloved uncle and brother of his mother.

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Jaffa, he named one of his children, Jonathan, he named one of his children. Mosab obeyed in Hadith, harlot Alma, these are the names of the children's, the children of as available the alongside I know. So, you know, we talked about the importance of naming your children, with a Nia with an intention, who do you want your children to grow up to be like, this is one of those families where you see that, that they named their children in a very unique and a very special way. And as available the alojado, as we say to someone who's whose legacy is, you know, prominent in the battlefield. So he said he was tall, he was built, he was like the height of aamra, hip hop, his

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feet would touch the ground. And he wrote when he rides his horses, he could almost touch the ground. He also had the unique ability, being the only other person than harlot, who could control his horse with his legs and could carry two swords at the same time. So you can imagine in battle, the ability as a horseman, to be able to have so much strength in your legs to be able to guide the horse and direct the legs and have so much strength in both of your arms, to wheel to swords in the middle of battle and to actually fight that way. That's not easy. And the only other person that they said could do that was kind of didn't really well, the law Tada, and what do we know about his

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legacy in the battlefield, so that should give you an image of as available the allowance out, I know that he could ride in the battlefield with both of his swords, and he was extremely

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productive in battle, guiding his horse with only his legs. So every battle, every single battle that has been fighting is a day for us. And none so more special than the Battle of better. I get goosebumps when I think about this panel, because the veterans have better have a class in the sub right? The Veterans have better were those who the prophets lie. Some said we're forgiven for everything that came before and everything that came after jabril at his Salaam asked the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam who are the best amongst you. And you know how do you consider the the veterans of bed that the prophets lie Some said the veterans are better are the best amongst us.

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Gabriela de Salaam said the angels that fought on the day of better we the angels carry a special status for them, they are the best of us. So just like amongst the Sahaba the veterans of beddit are the best of the Sahaba the veterans of Bedford from the Metallica from the angels are considered the best of the angels and jabril alayhis salaam Of course came forth at the order of Allah subhanho wa Taala with his with his army of angels

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On that day of the Battle of better now, what does this have to do with as big as the battle the allowance? It

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was one of only two horsemen that day, if you remember, the Muslims were caught off guard in bed that they were not ready for a full out battle. So not only were they outnumbered, they were out armored, they didn't have horses either. They only had two horses, whereas, you know, the other side had 100 horses, 1000 people, right, they were fully armed. They were ready. They had extra horses on, you know, on demand. when needed. The Muslims had to the two that rode those horses mokdad and zubayr. So two amongst 315 Muslims had horses One of them was as bad as Roberto the allowed Thailand home. He wore this Yellow Turban for the day of that battle. And he would penetrate into the army of

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the machine and he would fight off all of the horsemen taking his two swords, he would run between the horsemen and he would, you know, we'll both have his swords, and he would knock people off of their swords right and left in the Battle of beddit. And he would suffer to serious wounds in the Battle of better which we'll talk about, and that didn't slow him down at all. Again, what does this have to do with the angels? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that on that day, when Allah subhanho wa Taala sent 3000 angels and they fought alongside the believers on the day of bedded that gibreel alayhis salam, and all of the angels were wearing the Yellow Turban of his

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rubbish, what an honor to have gibreel alayhis salaam, imitating you or emulating you and all of those angels of beddit wearing the same turban as you as they went forth, and they fought alongside the Muslims. And of course, the miracles were witnessed on the day of bedded. So I mean, I don't I don't know who else I don't there is no one else that could make that claim span a lot to have such a legacy that the Prophet slicin um, says that God is not showed up and all of the angels and they're dressed like as obaidul the law of Thailand, whoa, what an incredible honor, as we said, is available. The law of town has suffered too serious wounds, on the date, other women is obeyed, will

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be allowed and Huma urwa says that as a child, I used to, you know, there were three holes in my father's body, his whole body was covered in wounds. But there were three wounds that were so severe I could put my fingers in them and I mean, it was it was holes in his body. He said two of them were from bedded and one of them from the famous battle of yet milk. So this is a battle of the low tide on who going forth on the day of better leading not just the humans but leading the angels as well. Who were

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you know, who were emulating him including deplete it his Salaam, on that day, in the Battle of it, once again. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam comes forth

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on that day. The Prophet slice alum makes a few calls now is obviously now an even greater disadvantage in the sense that the Muslims are more outnumbered and the army on the other side is bigger. And the prophets lie Selim says, Who will take my sword is available the law and who immediately says I will you have this little law the prophets lie Selim says again who will take my sword and avail the law and who said I will you have a civil law as the battle the the prophets licenses a third time who will take my sword I will do Jana will the allowance on Andrew said I will be able to sue the law. And the prophets I some gave it to a boo boo Jana will the Allahu anhu and

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the Prophet slicin I'm set to take it with a tap to take it with. It's right that this is a heavy burden, you're going to carry the sword of the prophets of Allah how it was set up. So this is good battle the allowance and he says I was hurt in my heart when I saw that the Prophet slicin chose him instead of me. But then when I saw with the general the alarm on the battlefield, I understood exactly why the Prophet slicin chose him right I believe the jhana played a prominent role in the beginning of the battle, and throughout the battle by the side of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. But the point is that as a battle of the law, and who answered the call of the Prophet slicin them

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right, so he did, what would earn him that honor, by responding immediately when the Prophet slicin called out and said, who will answer my call, then another one comes forward. And that is that on the other side, there was a man by the name of Paul has been a bit on holiday and thought it had been a beetle. Her was a huge man from Croatia. And he also had the best horse of the machine. So he's coming forward and he is challenging the Muslims and he is the best horseman. He has the best horse amongst the mushrikeen and that's saying a lot right considering

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The worth and the value of horses at the time, he was a huge man and no one, no one wanted a piece of this guy, right? He's that person that you're looking on the other side of the battlefield and you're thinking, you're going to have to have a few people that are going to take him out, right? He's not an easy person to fight. He's someone that is boastful and arrogant, that has a reputation. So he comes out on the best horse, and he calls out and says, who's going to come forth and duel with me? All right. The only person that answers the calls is available, the a lot of data I know. And the prophets lie, Selim lets us know where to go. Now when Zubaydah goes forward, Sofia comes to

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the profit slice element, and she says Yasuda, he's going to kill my son. I mean, that's not an easy, even if you think about the strength and the size, he has the best horse. On the other side, he's more equipped than his ability also law, he's going to kill my son and the prophets lie Some said, rather as obeyed is going to kill him in sha Allah. So thought had been every thought comes forth as available the law and who goes in front of him and obviously the Muslims are nervous. This was you know, a leader in that Did you know The one with the one with the Yellow Turban and ideal the low tide? anhu describing the the heroic nature available the law and he says you have level

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kendama that he he had the anger the the burst of a tiger? Well, yes, he will with us, and he would jump out a person like a lion. So he combined the best attributes of a tiger and a lion in battle, as available, the allowance out on home goes up to him. And Paul has given every thought is stunned that has obeyed his standing on the ground and ready to fight him. So he doesn't even have a horse that's gonna go at it with him. And so they start to do within minutes. All right, as is available, the low tide on who walked up to him, he knocked his sword down. And then he, he attacks him, he knocks him off of his horse. He grabs the Sword of Heaven, Avital ha, he climbs up his his horse,

00:32:10--> 00:32:35

and then he kills him with his own sword. And then he brings the horse back to the Muslims. I mean, you don't get any more courageous than this. Alright, so this man who no one wanted a piece of who has the best horse on the other side, I mean, the best case scenario is that you get the horse to you get the armor too, but like you just want to take them out, right? I mean, like, he's not that much of a threat. On the other side, this is available the low tide and

00:32:37--> 00:32:46

kills him, brings the horse back. And now the horse the best horse on the battlefield that day was going to be on the side of the Muslims and so

00:32:47--> 00:33:28

that's when it's available the low tide and who once again showed something about himself that was so unique, right about his courage and about his his ability to move forward. Now on that day, of course, we mentioned you know, with with Sofia and Hamza, or the allowance, Allah and Jose, the Shahada that day and honestly a very hard biography to cover because of how much I love him his little the Atlanta animal, but it hurt him that obviously Hamza will the lozada and who was killed his cousin of the lumberjack, the brother of Zainab bint, Josh, may Allah be pleased with them and the lagna Jack's will be allowed tada and who was also killed, and that's very hurtful to us

00:33:28--> 00:34:08

obaidul, the law of Thailand as well because of how much he loves him. And Isabella the law of Thailand who was wounded heavily that date. And he's one of the few people that did not flee from the profit slice. I'm on the neighborhood's now, allies of Adele forgave those that fled on the day of it right. But at the same time, the honor of those that did not flee is forever preserved, right those that at the time when it looked like it was all over the profit slice almost to be killed literally put their bodies in front of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and suffered all sorts of wounds on that day is available a lot of times it's mentioned you know, in some of the the books

00:34:08--> 00:34:49

that he actually pursued Abu Sufyan, Himalayan acid where they wanted to after everything had happened to kill the profit slice um, to finish off the profit slice on and seeing is where they decided it wasn't worth it. Because of the strength of his availability a lot of time on the other Sahaba that were there that day. Isha or the Allahu taala and her She told her what? zubaid or what Ottawa the son of is obeyed. Do you know the verse that was revealed about your father and your grandfather, your father and your grandfather? Who is her who is his father as a baby? Who is his grandfather? abou Beckett is a vehicle of the law of time. Okay? Remember, these people have an

00:34:49--> 00:34:59

incredible lineage in that sense, right as a debater as your Father, as smart as your mother. abubaker is your grandfather. So I Isha, who is the aunt of

00:35:00--> 00:35:10

Ottawa says to Ottawa Do you know what verse was revealed about your father and your grandfather? And it was the verse loveliness. dejavu de la he will assume in Bergen and muscleman are

00:35:11--> 00:35:49

those that responded to the call of Allah and the messenger slice lm after that, that you know horrendous defeat after the the horrific thing that had happened to them in the battle are those that stayed around those that did not flee. Allah subhana wa tada praise them and allies have elevated them. And I shuttled the alarm on her told her what this is about your father and your grandfather, and those that were with them. Those that stuck around with the prophets lie Selim, when others had fled at that point, those that were willing to die at that moment around the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so in the Battle of boyhood, once again you have is available the law of

00:35:49--> 00:36:12

town and home, not fleeing by the side of the Prophet slice on throughout and doing as the prophet SAW Selim commands him on the date of conduct on the day of hundreds one of the greatest honors that comes to Zubair comes on the day of conduct and you might be thinking how much more honored can you possibly be than better with the angels doing you know, the you know,

00:36:13--> 00:36:57

you know, modeling themselves after you and then you know, where Eliza gel reveals about you for staying by the side of the profit slice um, how much more honored Can you be in the Battle of hunted up as the profit slice alum got news of those that were plotting on the inside, from Ben O'Hara and other tribes, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam asked the companions who will go out and who will sneak into the fortress they had a huge fortress in the Medina and it's well armed and obviously if they have truly given themselves up now to kill the profits I summon to attack the Muslim sure inside think about how dangerous it is for someone to go and try to spy on them. Okay, but the

00:36:57--> 00:37:42

prophets lie Selim calls out and he says, Who is going to go check on them and and find out their news as available the law of town and he immediately he says, Yes, a lot, I've got it, he responds right away. And the Prophet slicin asked again, and as obeyed was the only one that responded the Prophet slicin I'm asked a third time and as obey the law tada and who was excited he kept I mean, he responded every single time as the Battle of the Lord tada and he said to the Prophet, sighs salah and I also have a lot I can do it on messenger of Allah, I can do it on messenger of Allah. I can do it on messenger of Allah. Listen to what the prophets Isom says about the law of town and he

00:37:42--> 00:38:27

says the Kulina be and howry. every prophet has a disciple. Well, how are you here? Zubair, my disciple in this room is available the Lord tada I know, my disciple is as obaidul the law of town I know, within exclusiveness to write my disciple, my howery is available the low tide animal. And I want us to seize this point for a moment because it's often just brushed over as one of the virtues of as a battle the low tide on the prophets lie some called him. His disciple likened him to the disciples of a snob and how are you? And I want us to actually sit with this for a moment? What is the significance of the profit slice? I'm calling him with that specific name of being his disciple?

00:38:28--> 00:39:10

When the How are you are mentioned in the Quran? When the disciples of recyling Islam are mentioned in the Quran? What are they mentioned with specifically, they are mentioned with responding to the call of ERISA alayhis salaam, men, Ansari, in Allah, who will support me who will support me in this noble mission. Right, so Jesus peace be upon him or Esau speaking and saying, who's going to come to my aid? bottle? How are you know, onsala? And the How are you in our praise, they come forth and sit and say, we will be the helpers of a lost power, tada, we will support you in this noble mission. And so the specific virtue of the hell out of you and in the whole of the disciples in the Quran, is

00:39:10--> 00:39:57

their response to the call to support the Prophet right, that they immediately respond to the call of Allah subhanaw taala. without any hesitation, of course, there's a specific disciple that would actually volunteer himself to take the image of Islam and to even be crucified in his place. So, the How are you are praised particularly for the response, right, the quickness of the response, and what do you keep on seeing with reservado the low tide and who responds immediately, he does not think about the consequences of responding to the call of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And so that day as well, the law of Toronto goes out, and he goes to bed in Croatia, and he puts his

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

life on the line to get the news of benefit, right.

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

To find out what their plans are to attack the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that was when he came back and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam did for him what he only had done for sad little the Allahu taala and which was Gemma de Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yama is in a way he the prophets lie some combined his parents for me when he said Fie doc a be with me the prophets I seldom said to as obeyed I would sacrifice my mother and my father for you and my mother and father be sacrificed for you. The prophets lie Selim did not do that except for Saturday and then here is available the allot of time No, that is that is an incredible you know, honor that the

00:40:44--> 00:41:21

Prophet slicin them was say that to a person right and that is the highest form of praise at that time feedback a be what will me right we would say that about the Prophet slice alum. The profit slice um, says that too, as obey the law of Saudi Arabia never forgot that momentous occasion when the Prophet slicin and said that to him, and it's those types of things that made it all worth it. For us available the law of town and throughout the other battles, you find that Malik of neuros surrenders in her name. When he sees that debate is still up, you find a debate on the law Town Hall, after the Prophet sighs I'm fighting in Hebrew, but read the fighting in the battle against

00:41:21--> 00:42:05

the apostates under the khilafah of his father in law back to the Sadiq or the Allahu taala. And when you find in the Battle of Yarmouk, remember Edwin mentioned specifically the two wounds of bender. And then he mentioned a wound and the Battle of Yarmouk. Yarmouk was a difficult battle for the Muslims against the Byzantines at the time. And as a battle the law tada and who led the charge? And one of the things that is available the low tide and who did on the Battle of Yarmouk was that he climbed the wall of the fortress, okay, on the day of the Battle of jamoke. And he mounted forward going forth through the Roman army. And this is how as is available, the law of Thailand has

00:42:05--> 00:42:48

described, he drove through the entire army himself penetrating and he, you know, he was able to defeat everyone in his path. And then as the battle the low tide and hope penetrated all the way to the back of the army, he turned around, and then he fought his way all the way back to the front of the army, taking out everyone in his path, one man of the Palatine Hill, that was able to do that, before the battle even started to its full. So he went into the army penetrated all the way to the back, taking out everyone on the way and then took everyone out on the way back, making his way back to the front lines. And that was the bravery, the courage, the skill of as obeyed or the allowance.

00:42:49--> 00:42:54

And that's why I'm going to help out with the allowance man who described him as a man

00:42:55--> 00:43:39

macom elfi Rajan who's like 1000 you give me ones obeyed as available the allowance It was like having 1000 men due to his his bravery, and the way that he moved forward. He was also one of the main generals in the conquest of Egypt, Under Armour and also the alongside an Han Solo battle the law and he played an instrumental role being a general there, as well. After probably a long time, who passed away as a way of course, being one of the remaining social mobility in one of the remaining 10 promised paradise was chosen to be on the Shura of armor raha Pablo de la Tatiana, and as obaidul de la hotel and who, of course, the Shura came together and they chose they cast their

00:43:39--> 00:44:22

vote, Zubair actually cast his vote for the pileup of the Allahu taala. And who of course, was his cousin and very close to him, and so he knew his macom knew his station with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And I have to mention his death because one of the most tragic deaths that we have, and in fact some analog that is the case not just with him, but with his son. You know, how is it that a person so incredible, so amazing, would be killed in the Fitton from the inside not taken out from an enemy on the outside, but on the fitten from the inside, as available the law of Thailand when Earth man was under siege on earth model, the law of Thailand was put under siege, he sent his

00:44:22--> 00:44:28

children to defend the earth man and earth model the law and who told as to where to stand down?

00:44:29--> 00:44:59

You've got to you've got to imagine how hard it was for Isabel de la noir to practice that restraint, seeing the way that Earth model the law and who was being mistreated, but not all the time and who demanded what that no blood is going to be spilled in my car stand down so as available the law and who wanted to kill them all. He wanted to fight off all of those people under his normal the Alon who continued to say, No, you can't fight for me. Don't do it. So as a bear sends his children

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

To garden with Manuel de la and home but he's frustrated at not being able to fight those people that had held Earth man under siege. Obviously, we know what happens next. There's normally a low tide and who is murdered. And as obaidul the low tide and who is devastated by the murder of Earth man. The crisis is that as ideal the Allahu taala and who is trying to establish himself in this chaos, that ideally a lot of time and who wants to organize so that he could properly pursue the killers of earthman. He makes that promise to pursue the killers or if not all the law and who and the people that push the initial fitna, continue to push the fitna and continue to divide the oma

00:45:41--> 00:46:08

and to maintain that chaos. So zubayr is in Mecca. And it was himself and our Isha, or the law of Thailand has taught her ignore obey the law or the law Han who, who of course, were struck with the emotion demanding the blood of the killers of Earth not demanding to go after the killers of Earth man. They come forth and they meet I'd even be thought about the low tide and home before the Battle of a gentleman. And this is a you know, a very

00:46:09--> 00:46:10


00:46:11--> 00:46:43

conversation and way that he's going to die. But in brief, In brief, right, we know that our shuttle de la Honda, an ideal the low tide and who would talk they would come to terms they would go back to their camps and the idea was that there was going to be no battle that they came to an agreement that it was going to pursue the killers are worth money, right. And that things are going to move forward. The people of fitna attacked both sides at night both camps so that each one of them fought that the other side struck first and then the Battle of a gentleman takes place. Okay.

00:46:44--> 00:47:25

With his obeyed he did not even get to that point where they went back to the camps with a shuttle the Alon hunt on huddled the low on Hunan Ito, the Aloha and on the other side, going to his camp with reservado the low tide on home as they came forth to meet a little the Aloha Anwar and he said to evade, obeyed he has a very Do you remember the day that we were sitting together and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came up he saw us sitting together and sitting together as brothers. I mean, they loved each other. They grew up together, they embraced Islam together right there. They were the same age they had a history as obeyed, again voted for I need all the law I know to be the

00:47:25--> 00:47:26


00:47:27--> 00:48:12

over earth model the law, right so Earth man became the halifa before it is available, the law and his vote was for the Aloha and who even initially, and it is reminding as obeyed of an instant he says, Remember the prophet SAW some saw sitting together. And we were sitting together as brothers and the prophets lie Selim said to you to help, Wiley years, where do you love ideal, the Allahu anhu obeyed for the unknown, as it were said, Of course will lie. I love it. Also the law and the prophets lie. Some said that you will fight against him and you will be in the wrong and to evade the law. No, that was, you know, impossible. I'm gonna fight against that evil, the law? No, I mean,

00:48:12--> 00:48:47

how could that happen? Right? There was such a closeness that they had they grew up together, they loved each other. So I needed the low tide on who reminded as obeyed of that incident. And he forgot that incident. And when he reminded as of April, the low of that incident as obaidul the law and who broke down in tears, he actually gave his beta to idle the alojado. So he gave his pledge to it. And he left the battlefield. He walked away from the battlefield. So before at night, again, the two camps go and a battle breaks out the next day because each one thinks they've been attacked as obeyed, has already walked away from the battlefield. I'm not doing this right. He realizes that

00:48:47--> 00:49:04

this was a fitna that was caused and he's he remember that incident with the Prophet slice Allah, as well as walking away. People are following him, and they're saying what's wrong? And he's saying, Danny, leave me alone. I'm done. I'm not fighting. I have nothing to do with any of this battle.

00:49:05--> 00:49:07

One of the cottage

00:49:08--> 00:49:39

he follows a barrel, the lowdown on so this is the tragedy and his name was Ambrosia moves. And he goes to a debate as he's walking away and he follows him and he walks up to a debate as a waiter says, What do you want? He says at the sorbets and I just want to be with you. I just want to accompany you I want to be your companion. So there's a battle the alarm says fine All right. If it's if it's because you're you're walking away from this battle, just like me, that's fine. But this man had evil intentions.

00:49:40--> 00:49:58

When the time for Salah came, that's just as obeyed and this man he doesn't know that's I just want to be your competitor to accompany you. And you know if they fight as a beta is going to overpower him as a battle the law and who is strong even in his old age, there's no way I'm just going this man is going to be able to overpower him. So what does he do? He waits for the time of salon

00:49:59--> 00:49:59

as the

00:50:00--> 00:50:42

Badal the law of Thailand who stands up it makes the karma what makes the karma for Salah Zubaydah the law of Thailand who says Allahu Akbar to lead the salah and attacks him and starts to stab him until he kills him. And he took the sword of Zubaydah the law no so he murdered as obaidul the love of times Daniel in his salon and by the way, this is something about the death of his Aveda and his salon is available the Allahu dynasty Allah Abdullah has obeyed would die in his Salah or webinars or bed would die in his Salah. This became a sin pattern of the children of Isabella the law on how to also die in their salon. So kind of like I mean, it's it's tragic, but at the same time, you

00:50:42--> 00:50:47

know, you will be raised the way that you leave this world Shahada in salon I mean that's that's incredible, right?

00:50:48--> 00:51:30

But this is tragic the man kills is debatable. The law takes a sword and he goes to the tent of ideal the alongside an ideal the law of Thailand who is not seeing people at the moment ideal the law on who is sitting in his tent. And so this man is approaching with the sort of debate he says, I want to talk to God I need all the law no tells the guards I don't want to talk to anyone right now. So he, this man, nominal journalist thinks that it is going to celebrate the death of his obeyed. He gives the sword to the garden. He says go show him the sword. So the man walks and he waits outside to hear the reaction of the law on her thinking and he's going to be happy to hear the murder of his

00:51:30--> 00:52:09

a bit because that's what's going to be shown here right that he had come to fight you I killed him and said, I need all the law on who's sitting in his tent, and the sword of zubaid or the law of town and who comes in front of him and I needed the law of town who starts to cry and he starts to weep loudly and idle the law on Who said I heard the profit slice on the law he I heard the profit slice so let me say best Shirou Katerina Sophia to be now when you meet the murder of Eben Sophia when you see the person who kills is a bit Bashir who did not tell him he's a person of Hellfire Bashir who did not so he had heard this how they from the prophets lie Selim best pseudo cartoonist

00:52:09--> 00:52:52

Sophia to not give the give the news to the one who murders in Sofia as of April the line with that he's a person of Hellfire and he had heard it not realizing that he's going to be sitting in the tent the date that the sort of is awaited comes to him and so he starts to repeat vestito potrebno Sophia to not give the news to the one who murdered in Sofia of Hellfire um region was heard the news he quickly ran away from the tent I need all the law I know is getting up to go out and see him ninja moves quickly ran away and he committed suicide. So Pamela so he murdered is available the allot of time on hold, and then he killed himself as available the law on who goes to Agenda amongst

00:52:52--> 00:53:16

the 10 promised paradise Amylin john lewis goes to hell on the tongue of the Prophet Solaris and which is very rare that the prophets lie Selim would seal the fate of someone the way that he did that day and some hammer was available the allot of time on hold this noble man who used to make their art to a lot to die in his salon his children die in their salon all of them are given this this noble death and

00:53:17--> 00:53:23

you know there there are two incidents on there right here inshallah tada to finish this off. One of them is

00:53:24--> 00:54:03

from Abdullah bin is obaidul the Allahu taala and Omar Abdullah bin is available the Allahu anhu may said that, as the VEDA came to me on the day of his death before he would die, and he just saw the scene and he could smell death in the air. Somehow he knew something was going to happen. This is a long, hard Ethan and Bahati, by the way, it's one of the longest ahaadeeth so he called me and he stood beside me. My you know, his son and he said, Oh, my son, he said, Listen, today, someone's going to you know, a person is going to be killed either as a volume or a mother Norma is an oppressor and oppressed one and he said, I see that I'm going to be killed as a mother. I think I'm

00:54:03--> 00:54:40

going to die today as an oppressed one. I don't know why. But I've had a lot of sensing death. And this is something with the sila hain that sometimes you see that they sense death. So he's telling his son Abdullah, that Listen, I'm sensing death and Subhanallah What does he say to me? He says, My only worry is all the debts that I have. I have so many debts. Okay. Again, somehow it ties into the series that we just finished. My biggest worry is my debts. And this man is about to go as a Shaheed right? I'm about to be killed as an oppressed one. I just feel it someone's gonna kill me and shout lots out. I'll be the mother Roman novel while I'm the oppressed one and not the oppressor. So he

00:54:40--> 00:54:50

said, I'm just worried about my debts. And he said to him, oh, my son, whatever you have to do to pay off my debts, sell our property.

00:54:51--> 00:55:00

Give up whatever you can ask the people find out who I owe money to. Whatever you have to do, make sure that all of my debts are paid.

00:55:00--> 00:55:11

And he said, If you fall short when you find yourself in a bind, because you can't find a way to pay off my debts, he said, Oh, my dear son is starting to be mold I

00:55:12--> 00:55:52

seek the help of my master. Who does he mean? He means the last panel it's on. So ask Allah subhanaw taala for help stat and B mode, I seek Allah's help and paying off my debts, why it is obeyed all the time? I know so many debts Was it because he used to live a life of ease? No, it was his poverty and the fact that is available the law on any time, wealth would come to the home of his obeyed, he loaned it away, he donated away. So he was famous for not keeping any wealth in his house, no wealth would stay in his house at night. And in the process of that he accumulated a great debt. He had a great amount of debt, somehow this noble man in history who has this position with a lot His

00:55:52--> 00:56:35

Messenger sallallahu wasallam. So he told us on our stand, be moly, seek the help of my Lord. And I'm the loudness obaidul the law Tada. And Huma says, For four years, I would stand up in hajj, and I call out and I say if anyone has a debt from my father, let me know. He kept on looking for all of the people and he said anytime I would feel anxiety, I would call out to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I would say yeah, mobilizer Bay or master of azubi pay his debts on his behalf. So I call out to Allah subhanaw taala to help me to pay off his debts. And he said, you know, and this is a long Hadith he starts to go through the the period and basically what he comes to what ends up happening

00:56:36--> 00:57:12

is Pamela from the miracles of his obaidul, the Atlanta animal, there were so many more people that owed him money than money that he owed to that by the time and again, it's it's it's about a two page Hadeeth by the time, each one of these people gave back the loans that were owed to Isabel to his family as a battle the low tide and whose property was valued at over 50 million dinars. Okay, so he ends up being a millionaire that never tasted the sweetness of his millions in this life because of the way that he used to deal with his wealth. So I'm loving his affairs tells us extraordinary stories of how long the Bahati and a long Hadith about how there ended up being

00:57:12--> 00:57:43

millions of dollars, millions of the knowledge that were owed to him that he never claimed in his lifetime. No amount of the machine, or the law of time. I know. And I'll end with this, perhaps two more just quick heads normal number zero, the law actually says that we were with a needle the longtime man who in the last days of his khilafah. And we thought I'd eat all the law of Thailand who was sleeping. And so we were having a conversation amongst ourselves and enable the allowance out and who opened his eyes and said, What are you talking about?

00:57:44--> 00:58:23

And they said, Yeah, I mean, we're talking about earthman and taleghan is obeyed. We're talking about the people that died and this whole thing and I need all the allowance out and who says no um, and she it Earth man will tell her was obey I and from the supporters and lovers of riff, man and Paul Hannah's a bear. And he recited when Is that enough? He will be him in the villain if one and Allah sutra and what's been that we have taken the grudges anything from their hearts and made them brothers, facing one another on thrones. And he said that he carries man well thought how was the bear? What Anna? That is us, you know, sitting on that day facing one another on thrones with the

00:58:23--> 00:59:01

Knights on an agenda that the fitna had caused Sahaba to find themselves on opposite ends of the battlefield and ideas of the law and who was pained over that, that that way, and the nastiness of the way that as the battle the law of town and who was killed, and with one thing about the law, I know, and that is that we only have about five or six heads from him. And that is one of the most extraordinary things about his story. This man who is that close to the Prophet slicin and who lived, you know, into the time of the law of time, and whose children are a belovedness obeyed in other webinars a bit I mean, and his wife is a snap into the bucket. There are so many routes for

00:59:01--> 00:59:40

ahaadeeth to be narrated from him. And yet he did not use to narrate that I heard the prophets lie. Some say this or I heard the prophets lie. Some say that only a few of them. So I'm the loudness. obaidul the law of town Houma says, I said to my father, I don't hear from you the narrations of the laws, messenger, the way that I hear from this person and that person and is available the a lot of time and he said I was always with him. I used to always be with the Prophet slicin He said, But I heard the prophets license I'm say, then Kava Valley 32 bill, what MacArthur who, whoever supplies on my behalf and let him occupy his seat in the fire. He said, you know, basically, I was too afraid

00:59:41--> 00:59:59

to narrate ahaadeeth from the Prophet slice alone, out of fear of a lysogenic fear that I might misrepresent him and narrating from him it slots with some so that speaks to the tuck what the piety of this man on the longtown annual you know actual machine from the 10 promise paradise the disciple of the Prophet sly salon, may Allah be pleased with him. Allah subhana wa

01:00:00--> 01:00:08

Join us with him the neighbor of the prophets I saw them and generated for those a llama I mean does that come along halen or sit down? Why do you come to LA here with our cattle