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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The loss of the military and the crisis in leadership of the military have caused people to lose their independence and lead to forgiveness. The importance of forgiveness is essential for everyone to be forgiven, and shaming is a powerful act of mercy. The speaker discusses the negative impact of shavons on shavers' parents and advises them to be proud of themselves. The speaker also addresses the negative impact of shavons on Adam and Eve's plans and encourages viewers to share their own experiences and subscribe to their channel.
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Colorado BB Exotica de la deca that Oberlander home he says I swear by your glory, Your Majesty, oh my lord, that I will lead them astray. Now when shavon is responding to Allah subhanaw taala with such arrogance Can you imagine he swearing by the glory and honor of a last panel? It's an honor that I'm going to lead them all straight. Now in one setting a lost parents Allah He responds, you know, look, if you lead them astray, then they will go to Hellfire and you will go to hellfire. It's not going to take away from the kingdom of Allah subhana wa Tada. The prophets lie Selim narrates and Hadith bootsy that Allah Subhana Allah says that, if the first view in the last view, the human

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view and the interview, were as wicked as they come, it's not going to decrease from the majesty of Allah subhanaw taala in any way whatsoever. So Allah subhanho wa Taala has no problem punishing shavon and anyone who shavon manages to lead astray, but listen to the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala one oblique challenge is a loss of Hannah Montana and says Rob, BB Exotica was the daddy killer or the learner who are the unknown a domain that I'm going to leave them all straight? And I will deceive all of them. A loss of Hannah hunter Anna says where is the tea with Jalali? Yeah, beliefs or beliefs by my glory and My majesty. So I lost pounds, I swears by the same things he swore by the

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fear and lahoma stuff. I will continue to forgive them as long as they seek forgiveness from me. So I'm not going to stop forgiving them, as long as they continue to seek forgiveness from me. And this is amazing because of how long we're seeing all of these mentions of Rama and maquila mercy and forgiveness over and over again, in the very beginning of the creation of men. It's upon Allah between Allah and Adam IE Salaam, Allah, assuring them it is Salaam that he will have the mercy of Allah, the angels praying that Allah shows mercy upon them it is set up and now Allah subhana wa tada even assuring the enemy of mankind the enemy of Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah Subhana Allah

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to Allah will continue to have mercy upon mankind and show forgiveness to them. And this is a powerful Hadith of the messenger sallallahu wasallam which really illustrates the the purpose of our creation Now obviously, we are to worship a loss of data our purpose in life is to serve him. But why would a lot creators First of all, that's none of your business right? Allah subhanaw taala makes those decisions but the Prophet sallallahu it was that um says an authentic hadith he says, lo anakim lamb techwin Macumba Nope. If you were to not have since now, is it just not to have sins at all? no lumps, icon Lacan vinoba neofeudal Hola. Hola. You don't have sins that Allah can forgive

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for you. Okay. So you're not supposed to be angels. You're not supposed to be a creation that doesn't send the prophets licenses had you not been a people that had sins that Allah Subhana hoods Allah could forgive ledger, Allah who be home in the home the pneumonia, Pharaoh Allahu Allah subhanaw taala would replace you with the people that would sin so that they could seek forgiveness from him so that he could forgive them somehow attack. So Allah loves to forgive a loss to Allah loves to show mercy. That's part of the purpose of our existence is to experience the amount of man the mercy of the Most Merciful. And this is very important as well because it believes is turning

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away from Allah, knowing how merciful Allah subhana wa tada is, which makes it so much worse. And that's why he might need someone he's speaking to his father, by the way, you know, and he's calling his father with all of these different words and all of you know all of these different, you know, methods to bring him back to a loss of Hannah Montana. Ibrahim alayhis. Salam says to his father, a laptop with a shape on don't worship the shape on him now who can edit.

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That shape on is not just disobedient to a loss of Hannah Montana, Canada harmony as Leah, he is disobedient to the Most Merciful, meaning Allah gave him no reason to disobey Him, Allah gave him no reason to want to turn away from him. Allah showed him ultimate mercy and Allah subhana wa tada bestowed upon him a magnificent reward. So it's not just you know, it's one thing to be rude and disobedient to someone that that that's not very nice to you. Right, which in and of itself is not praiseworthy. But, you know, let's even put the human elements of this if someone, let's say, your parents, if you have a parent, that's not very nice, you know, you still owe them obedience, and you

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still have to, you still have to show them respect and so on so forth, because they're your parents, but it's another level of disgrace. When you're disobedient to a loving parents, a parent that really you know, gave you no excuse to run away from them or to disobey them.

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Right, even though you technically have no excuses, the sin is even worse when you have good parents and parents that love for you and care for you. Okay? So when you're talking about Allah subhanho wa Taala, when you are disobedient to one who is merciful with you, and in fact, the one who is the most merciful, right, then you should be ashamed of yourself. And that's why I lost pants. Allah says that, you know, that the heavens would split that the Earth would would would would rip apart and their older Rahmani weleda that people dare to ascribe to our homage to the Most Merciful a son. What did Allah subhanho wa Taala do to you? How you know what, what what harmed in the last pantai

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show to you, that you would feel the the audacity that you would have the audacity to disobey Him? So shavon is disobeying him and he's turning away from Allah, despite all of the mercy that Allah has shown to him, and knowing the quality of the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you can imagine how much It's paining him how it's digging away at him, that Allah is still referencing His mercy and forgiveness in this conversation even as shavon is fuming. I mean, this shavon is in the peak of anger here. I mean, he's swearing by Allah subhanaw taala. And he's so arrogant. He's blaming a law for leading him astray. You did this to me, Allah subhanaw taala. You know, you led me

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astray Bhima away, Tony, because you did this to me, I'm going to do it to them. I mean, he's fuming. He's screaming, he's raising his voice. He's showing utter disregard for the situation. And a lot is still saying that I will forgive them so long as they continue to seek forgiveness. So shaytaan actually knows this long before he leads out of them it is Salaam astray tries to lead Adam and Howard astray. He's hoping that other mighty Salaam will not seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala and what repents because that would derail his entire plan. And that's exactly what happened and derailed everything. Because Satan knows that Adam and Eve is Salaam can still seek

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forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. And with us as well, as soon as you know, shavon comes to us before the sin and he convinces us that the sin is not that big of a deal. Go ahead and do it. It's not a big deal. You know, our last panel to Allah will forgive you a loss forgiving, he's most merciful. After you commit a sin shaitan comes to you and tries to tell you that you can never seek the forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala that How could you do that? That's the worst sin in the world. How could you commit that? So he comes to you before with wishful thinking before you commit a sin. And he comes to you afterwards with despair, because that's exactly what shape bonded,

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because he knows that no matter how bad your sin was, if you turn to a loss of hands and repentance, Allah will forgive you. So his job is not just to try to get you to commit the sin, but to try to convince you after you commit the sin, that your Lord is not going to show mercy upon you and a loss of Hannah Montana always will show mercy to the one who turns back to him.

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