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Shaykh Yaser Birjas talks about the fifth ayah of Surah Al-Bayyinah. Which summarizes the whole message of Islam. He discusses what our purpose should be to fast and do other ibadaat in and out of the month of Ramadan.

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Alhamdulillah my mother when I was 31

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when I moved to Bella misura and fusina sejahtera Marina Maya de la la la la la, la la la la, la la la ilaha illallah wa de la sharika wash Rhonda Mohammed Abu or sudo yeah you're Latina mana Taka La Casa Latina Ella one two Muslim moon. Yeah you anessa Takara Bakula de holla cuckoo Minister wahida bacala communism Java seven humara Jalan kathira manisa wa taco la la de hacer una Bihar ham in Allah and Allah comparativa yeah you alladhina amanu tapa la kulu colon cereda yusaku mmamoloko filicudi Luba Kumamoto, la hora pseudo *a as opposed an AVI ma lm wherever the la sala Quran Quran Allah, Allah. Wa Harrell Howdy, howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Mashallah muramasa

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to Hakuna Matata wakulla vedantam La La La La La La La La MaMa bada bada la MADI brothers and sisters, as you know, this is a first fight that we have during the month of Ramadan right now. And we now midday of this Friday, and I can see that everybody's almost getting tired and exhausted of the heat, probably starvation, getting thirsty and exhausted again waiting for that day to come to an answer you can break or fast to shallow the water Katana. We're in the process in the process as you go through the day, every single day for the next inshallah a few weeks during the month of Ramadan. What is it that I'm going to need to get what I want again from this month of Ramadan? I

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know we have heard from the beginning of Ramadan, a lot of authors maybe you listen to a lot of advices from people telling you what to do, you should do this program and that program avoid this take this and so many things. But what is it that the Quran tells us in regard to focus in on something that is unique? That would help me in shallow dialogue go through my day in Ramadan and outside of Ramadan? through my life until I meet my Lord subhanho wa Taala see people they ask me sometimes you know, what is the message of the Quran when you talk to non Muslims? They ask you what is the message of the Quran? What does it teach? What Did it teach? Exactly? There is so much of it

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say about it. But there is one single ayah in the Quran that I believe has the entire summary of the message of Allah subhana wa tada said of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the single iron swallowtail bayona and even the name of the surah Subhanallah albena which means that clear truth, the obvious clear truth when people they ask you what does it mean exactly what is the message of the Quran? It's very clear, and it's indeed a clear truth. It's in the sort of tell begginer Allah subhana wa tada and certain billionaires summarizes the entire message, what is required from us a slave and servants of Allah subhanho wa Taala and what should we put our energy

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in the end? Carlota Baraka Allah, wa amiral in Leah Budo la McCullough Sinhala, Deena Hanukkah, where you came Salah musica was Erica Dino kajima. You see this ayah has the entire summary of the Quran and the message of Islam. So when you now start your day, every single day of Ramadan, what do I need to focus on focus in this ayah? What does it mean in translation? The Ayah means when Allah subhanaw taala says Omar O'Meara le Abdullah, and they will not command it except me they will not give any orders except for this. What is the order of the came to me that came to you that came to every single individual in this world in this life until they meet the Lord, what was that command

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in early abdollah? except to worship Allah?

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That's the first thing. Second, macula Sinhala who did being sincere to him and religion and faith being sincere. Number three, he said

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and that means inclining to the truth inclining staying away from any battle and in falsehood, and always inclining towards the truth or while you're famous salah and establish Salah were you to the car and the hips, a car, Metallica de Nakajima, and that is the correct religion, that the clear religion and the truth. So Pamela, this ayah has these five commands here in this in one single ayah Carlota Baraka Tada, Rama O'Meara ilaria Buddha law, that the order that came to them regardless whether the word is fasting during the month of Ramadan, whether it's making your Salawat whether it's given some of your money, or going to travel all the way to Mecca to do your Hajj. Whether it's

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abstaining from the Maha Rama drinking alcohol, fornication and so on. Whatever commandment that came from Allah subhanho wa Taala. What is it exactly? What's the point of it? What's the purpose of it in earlier Buddha law, that they worship Allah? So when you ask the question, when someone asks you, why do you guys find study days? You know, every every single day? Why do you have to do that? Why do you have to abstain from eating and drinking? I know we're all compelled to explain to the people the benefit of fasting You know, when you eat all year and now you're gonna have to have a break for one month and this and that we all intrigued to give them that explanation that logical

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explanation, which is

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It is interesting and it's true. But it's not the primary thing why we fasting for? I'm not fasting to lose weight.

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I'm not fasting for this purpose. I'm fasting for a higher purpose. And that is to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I'm proud as Muslim. When someone asked me why you fast the month of Ramadan I said, Because Allah said so.

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And so But why? Because Allah said, Sir, and I'm a Muslim, I submitted all of Allah Subhana Allah that Allah knows what is best for me. And if Allah asked me to fast Ramadan, and fast Ramadan, why because Allah knows best for me.

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And then anything else comes after that. But how could you guys you know, hold on from drinking water even and this and that you explain to them. Listen, I've been doing this for all these years and 100 I survived.

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I survived the short season I survive the long seasons and hamdulillah and you can tell them all about that the huge thing about you know, the, the over the manpower, the willpower that takes you to do so and the discipline that you put yourself into it, and the feeling that you have when you're fasting what the need is and those are poor and so on. You could talk all about this afterwards. But the main thing that people need to understand why you're fasting the month of Ramadan, because Allah says

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and when Allah Subhana Allah says something, I am from the Muslim Ummah, those who submit the word Allah and Allah knows best, and that's why I follow His commands with Hannah Montana. Where am I? In Lilia Buddha Allah, so worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. But what does it mean, to worship Allah azza wa jal? What does it exactly mean to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala? Because it seems that there are so many people out there making so many so many acts of worship on their own.

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We worship Allah Subhana Allah that the way he commanded, the way he ordered, because I remember how to discussion one time in a religion class on religion. And then we will we start talking about the concept of worship. And I asked those who believed in God to say, you know, what is your principle of worship? A lot of them they said, I worship God in a way that I see fit.

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That they want to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala in a way that is meaningful to them, not to Las panatela they want to worship Allah in a way that is befitting their own time, scheduled effort, mentality, Russia, whatever that is, when Allah subhanaw knows what is best for me and you. And if Allah commanded to worship five times a day, then I'll do five times a day. Why is that because there is definitely benefit in there.

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There is absolutely benefit in there. I'll go all the way to macro hedge because I know and I believe there is benefit in doing that, given part of my money to the poor. I know there is benefit in that, because Allah says upon

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waking up early in the morning to prefer or stay up late at night to play Russia, or even stay all day, thirsty and hungry until sundown, for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala there is a lot of benefit under because Allah said so so I believe that and as a Muslim I'm going to worship Allah subhana wa Taala the way he commands but what does it mean when you say a brother, a father or a mother give it many definitions. And then one of the simple definitions very bad it's an it's moon jam, it's a comprehensive meaning compressive word and title and a name. The cool in my head below elda for everything that Allah subhana wa Taala loves and pleased with Aqua level amount of robot

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Anna what are the statements or actions hidden or public? So whatever that you hide in your heart of activity by that so like what the future of Allah Subhana what are the love for Allah, Allah for the believers have said, envy and all these ill feelings and diseases of the heart. They are against what Allah subhanaw taala commands of uses are since only have love and mercy that's in the heart, that's an active very bad. And then when you speak, that's also smoothed out which is good lecture and so panelo at hamdulillah Lola hakavod that's an active Avada when you act when I act privately like fasting use probably you'd go through the entire day and no one would recognize it will be know

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that you are fasting, but Allah knows panna wattana and sometimes we go public with our actually like our Salah coming here for these gatherings. That's an activity or a public activity rather all of these Allah subhana wa their loves and he pleased with. However, when we do that, and by that it has to also follow the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on a you cannot invent an event on your own. Like these people said, I worship Allah The way I see befitting him. Know you worship Allah subhana wa COVID the way he ordered the way he commanded. In Hadith innovation Allah Allah wa sallam is good to see a sacred Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Allah azza wa jal

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says, Allah subhana wa Taala says,

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attempt to build Menagerie and whoever shows enmity to one of my Olia one of the friends of Allah subhana wa tada and the saints vilazodone. But Adam to Bill muhabba. I wage war against them. I wage war against the Mullah sponsors and he said Omar Takara Bella Abdi BA in a hub la Mata to LA, my servant would not draw himself closer

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To me in anything more than fulfilling what I've made obligatory upon him or her, that's the first thing you do. So fasting is a command from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah worship Allah Xhosa and I'll do it. There are lots of 100 Allah commands because Allah knows that's really pleasing to them. And it's best for me.

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Allah tala meclizine Allah who did most of the deen which means sincerely to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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We're doing that sincerely to Allah azza wa jal and the meaning of the last is to define your Avada as last sensitivity, that is to define the ibadah you know how many people even they come too fast the month of Ramadan, and then they announced it all over the world. They want people to know about how they eat and what they do, what they worship, how they worship, and so on. So, if it's done for the sake of Allah for the sake of the Dharma, they'll accept from you. But Allah, Allah knows how sincere we are. And that's something that's very profound and very important that a lot of our ibadah that we do we put ourselves to fatigue sometimes you get yourself exhausted, in Acts that you

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assume to be actively bad, but it was done for anything besides Allah subhana wa Tada, you wasted your time your energy.

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So make sure that whatever that you do, do it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and only for the sake of Allah.

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Allah tala kunafa. So meclizine Allahu Deen. We're doing it sincerely for Allah subhana wa Tada. And we said nothing. And the meaning of the word Kanaka which means inclining towards the truth. Obviously, if you worship Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala, and you're doing it sincerely for him. subhana wa Taala. What are you looking for? Exactly, and then what you're doing, I'm looking for the truth. So whatever that will take me away from that principle of sincerity. I'm not going to follow, I'm going to incline our

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booth. But the temptation audits are so strong and so powerful. And we'll do these temptations being around, we start making justifications for ourselves, you know, they say usually is paler, specifically when the thing is involving other people.

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people when they're rational, or when they're in good times, when they're in good times. They follow the commandments and the rules perfectly. But when there's some sort of issue, some sort of tension between them and someone around them, Chapin is very clever. Satan is extremely, extremely clever, will come and persuade you and probably will convince you and justify every wrongdoing to you. So as a believer, I'm not going to be fooled by the shaitaan making me feel that I'm doing which is wrong, that I'm doing it sincerely for Allah subhana wa Tada. No mockery sila Houdini, always inclined towards the truth, even if that truth was against me.

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Even if it was something that I would dislike, but I know it is the truth. I'm gonna have to follow. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, will you clean masala? Now the three things we mentioned First of all, worship Allah azza wa jal sincerely to him, all of the hidden to the truth. These are not Allah subhana wa Taala you're dealing with between the last origin where you came with Salah right now is to prove it.

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So if you want to worship Allah sincerely following the truth, then prove it.

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What is the bare minimum? What is the bourbon was the evidence that is the bare minimum to prove that you are indeed worshipping Allah soprano, you believe in Him and you worship sincerely to Allah subhana wa Taala and following the truth, the bare minimum is to maintain what Allah says over here why you came with Salah you see many people Ramadan Masha Allah May Allah bless them, forgive them for the shortcomings on all of us. We cannot slack a lot of our Salah we fall short until for the Salawat on daily basis on regular basis. Suddenly, when Ramadan comes, they're more inclined towards fasting than they do to Ursula and even more than this panel a lot of people would come late for

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Asia, but didn't want to they don't want to miss satara

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and they're willing to stay all night up doing tarawih which is optional, it's a burden that they missed a little fidget

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so we can our balances messed up a little bit words are messed up the hero Allah subhanho wa Taala says as a proof for you be worshiping Allah subhanaw taala sincerely following the truth. He said when you claim Salah they fulfill the Salah, so forget about you being so kind to others and given this and that that's all good, you will get reward for it the shallow Tara, but the primary thing you need to worry about is your proof to Allah, Allah azza wa jal that you are indeed among those worshipers of Allah and how do you do that? By maintaining what Allah says well, you can use Allah and he didn't say they perform such as up masala which means to establish by establishing Salamis,

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all what is related to Salah in terms of common rulings in terms of timings in terms of Sure, in terms of sanctity in terms of respect and reverence, or what is required to perform Salah perfectly. That's the meaning of loyalty masala the second to this

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says well you Zika and it gives you give this occur to the poorest due to the poor in your own money. And Subhanallah you came up Masai, kinda gives a cat didn't mention fasting.

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Why is that because Salah is your relationship between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala and the relationship between you and the fellow human beings around you.

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So our Deen commands you to do these two things, your spiritual in the way you connect with Allah subhana wa Taala individual level to your Salah, and also to your kindness to other people around you like given Zika you might say, but that's my money I earned that, you know, fair and square. No one says it's not your money. But you are required in order for you to continue earning this money to make sure that the society is at certain level that wouldn't fall all together, fall apart and then becomes into chaos, the money that you're going to lose it anyway.

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So better for you to pay back and give back to your community through Zika and also South Africa so that we all carry each other together. So that's another activity that you assist in you help other people around you. The Prophet Allah subhanaw taala mentioned fasting go by him. Because again, your claim was similar to Zika. Just examples of how we should think and focus on your meaning of being true worshiper of Allah azza wa jal Madiba sisters, this is the month of Ramadan right now and people are going to do hamdulillah a lot of schedules and a lot of planning how to benefit from the month of Ramadan the most My advice for myself and for all of you is to think of this. This as

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summarize the entire message whatever that you do, I'm not going to tell you what to do. Exactly. I'm not gonna tell you to wake up before surgery and do the money like art or do that. We have to refrigerate the money magical and after the salon. That's all that's all for you. All I'm asking is that when you say that you believe in Allah subhana wa Tada. You do it and you do it perfectly. Because that's the command of Allah azza wa jal for you learn. Educate yourself, us, how am I going to make my first Sharla perfect, how am I going to make my brother perfect? This is the time for you to start learning and when you do it, do it sincerely for the sake of Allah azza wa jal akula

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kolyada was taught through la de moda, welcome universal through keynote

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Alhamdulillah billon amin sallallahu, wasallam Baraka, anabaena, Mohammed, while early Muslim and kathira mighty brothers and sisters, one last thing I want to mention here is that when it comes to the month of Ramadan, a lot of us focus on the the quantity of the D that we're going to be performing in the month of Ramadan. So there are kind of marking that like checkmarks they have a checklist they have already prepared at home. Like how many times I attended the masjid? How many times I prayed, you know, Tara, we had domestic harmony, like I finished how many times I've done all of us focusing on the amount, which is great, because my last panda Bless you, that's the season

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for it. And the more you do show, the more reward you will get. But what what advice is that sometimes, you know, you need to also worry about the quality, whatever the quality of what you do. So spending two hours of reading, for example, crying a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes spending half an hour learning what does it mean to me, and how I could apply this into my life, that probably might be much more rewarding, because now you're not just reciting, you're learning you're doing to double Enter. And that's what the Quran was revealed for, to reflect on and understand it.

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Sometimes for me to pray to record our I cry my eyes out at home, when I really think about what I'm reciting and what I'm listening to from the citation better than coming for example with the method and spend it only just for the social for the social aspect of it. So look into the quality of what you do during the month of Ramadan, that benefits are not However, that doesn't mean to minute to to, to lessen the amount of a bad attitude you know, I want you to do more, do more than what you usually do. But when you do it make sure to do it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala in terms of quality, quantity, and also quality along Millennium and Phantom when finally my lantana in a

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control element Hakeem allama musataha Herman zecca Antonio from Allah, Allah, Allah Malika to saloon and maybe your Latina masala la casa de muchos Lima, la masala wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa Germaine de la Mancha, Rashida komamura mana Molly one, sir Sahaba judge Marino Antonia salamati. Welcome Salah.